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With the digital revolution in full swing, it’s imperative that organisations start to consider their customers’ needs in order to meet changing expectations. Customer demands are increasing rapidly, and the technology available to improve customer experience is advancing in front of our eyes.








A focus on the new technologies including AI, VR and AR driving customer engagement transformation

Transformation – Our People and Our Customers Part One

The imperative to innovate through our customer engagement strategies

The Rise of Customer Service Design

Personalisation of the Customer Experience

Robotics, AI and Customer Engagement

Transformation – Our People and Our Customers Part Two

How the changing behaviour of our customers is forcing organisations to transform their engagement strategies

The importance of bringing our people with us and linking the voice of the colleague to the voice of the customer

Customer Engagement Transformation in Financial Services

A focus on the competitive advantage gained by organisations who transform and innovate

Technology and Customer Engagement – Part One

A look at what the future holds as the expectations of our customers and our people continue to evolve

Customer Engagement Transformation in Retail

A roster of world class case studies of innovative organisations getting their customer engagement transformation strategies right

Digital Customer Engagement Transformation

Technology and Customer Engagement – Part Two





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Martin Hill-Wilson

Gerry Brown

Steve Grycuk

Nick Varney

Machaela Shepherd

Andrew Richards

Julia Barbosa

Sarah Davies

Founder Brainfood Consulting

Chief Customer Rescue Officer Customer Lifeguard

Chief Experience Officer Dow Jones

VP Customer Value and Engagement Dow Jones

Customer Experience Senior Manager BUPA

Director of Regional Retail Banking Metro Bank

Special Projects Lead Save The Children

Customer Service Manager Oliver Bonas

Toby Poulsom

Wil Lynch

Lee Dance

Rob Sheldon

Depesh Nathwani

Anna Wilcox

Mark Harrison

Sarah Metcalfe

Digitalisation Manager Hager

VP Business Value Consultancy Thunderhead

Head of Water Resources & Environment South East Water

Managing Director Accent

Director of Digital Services & Business Development DOTS

Head of Customer Experience Bupa

Ex-General Manager of Customer Excellence Shell

Head of Customer Service Sure Petcare



Jonathan James

Ross Lane

Nicholas Brice

Holly Devonald

Mark Grainger

Wally Brill

John Upton

Sally Earnshaw

Head of Customer Services Cambridge City Council

Head of Digital Contact Centre Solution DOTS

Team Brighton Lead American Express Community Stadium

Head of Home, Travel and Landlord Operations LV

VP Sales Europe Engagehub

Senior Persona Designer ADECCO at Google

Former Managing Director Leon

Managing Director Bluesky, Brightwave & G2G3

Richard Spencer

Steve Kato-Spyrou

Andrew Bryan

Peter Evia-Rhodes

Liam Page

Gerry Brown

Jyllene Miller

Stephen Green


UX Architect John Lewis

Executive Fellow and Programme Director Henley Business School

Head of Engagement, Operations and Retention News UK

Head of Marketing (Services) Whirlpool EMEA

Chief Customer Rescue Officer Customer Lifeguard

SVP of Marketing and Client Engagement Strategy Concentrix

Head of Digital Strategy Equiniti

Rumyana Miteva

Karim Sidaoui

Moritz Dinger

Martin Taylor

Claire Sporton

Joris Wigger

Head of Search Secret Escapes

Academic Researcher & Business Professional Alliance Manchester Business School

Market Director Capita Transformation

Deputy CEO Content Guru

VP Customer Experience Confirmit

PPC Manager Secret Escapes




and was responsible for developing technology products for IMS Health. In the retail sector he has experience with many well-known high street favourites including Debenhams, Halfords, Boots, Argos, Jack Wills, Timberland and Dunelm Mills. He also has start-up experience and has worked with several private equity funds.

Chair’s Opening Remarks Martin Hill Wilson, Founder, Brainfood Consulting BIOG Martin is a leading customer engagement and digital business strategist. Also an author and international keynote speaker. Working under my own brand, Brainfood Consulting, I design masterclasses and transformational change helping clients evolve their social and digital capabilities. Current topics include omni-channel design, proactive, low effort customer experience, social customer service and customer hubs. All themed around service innovation. Using customer hubs as a milestone towards full digital competency. Even service organisations that consider themselves advanced in their omni-channel capabilities face the barrier of internal silos and competing agendas. This remains a strategic weakness in terms of real time responsiveness. Digitally empowered customers have reset the bar on acceptable customer experience. Organisations that want to prosper in this new regime have to adopt a new mind-set and leadership capabilities. But how to escape the days of siloed customer engagement and the idea that the service organisation was solely responsible for customer experience. Today, market leadership means taking a fresh approach to continuous improvement and service innovation: re-energised through new partnerships with customers and employees. Customer hubs provide a low risk evolutionary path. The hubs draw together a number of competencies into a new form of working relationship. This includes the front office (sales, marketing, service), analytics, change management and collaboration. Together they become a hub of innovation, improvement and competitive responsiveness for the rest of the organisation.

Andrew has an MBA from Henley Business School and has worked with the Henley Centre for Customer Management for a number of years where he undertakes research into customer experience topics on behalf of the members. He has completed a number of reports and papers on behalf of companies exploring customer management topics. These include a white paper for BT titled “Customer Effort: Help or Hype?” and the 2014 UK Water Industry Research Report “An Alternative Service Incentive Mechanism Implementation Plan”.


Providing Game Changing CX by Mastering Social Media Jyllene Miller, SVP of Marketing and Client Engagement Strategy, Concentrix Business success is predicated on keeping up with the latest customer trends. That means delivering what customers want, when and how they want it. Whether its in-store, or online, customers want reliability across multiple markets and channels. When they don’t get it, social media is where most customers voice their frustration. Jyllene Miller, Concentrix SVP Marketing, explains how customer sentiment and emotional analysis from social media can help businesses deliver a consistently brilliant customer service experience. The results for a major European retailer were decision-ready insights that improved customer engagement and business performance.

BIOG 09:05

Jyllene Miller is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who collaborates with CEOs, executives and global business leaders to help them understand how to better connect with their customers and future-proof their business. As the SVP of Marketing and Client Engagement Strategy for Concentrix, Jyllene is the driving force behind the company’s Different by Design™ brand. Jyllene is a veteran at creating and building relationships with organisations and individuals at all levels. With her unique communication style and passion for customer engagement, Jyllene has helped grow Concentrix into a Top-5 global brand in business services.

Does Customer Engagement Drive Superior Business Performance? Andrew Bryan, Executive Fellow and Programme Director, Henley Business School With all the excitement surrounding the benefits of new technologies, digital transformation programmes promising great ROI and ever increasing customer expectations, what are the key things all organisation must get right? Based on recent research and experience gained from working with companies at Henley Business School, Andy will turn the hype into help!

BIOG Andrew Bryan is an Executive Fellow and the Programme Director for the MSc and Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Marketing Leadership at Henley Business School. He has had a successful career as a corporate executive, management consultant and business researcher. He is an experienced digital technology and strategy Director who has had senior roles with a range of blue chip companies. He also acts as a consultant to companies on customer management issues, customer centric digital transformation and digital commerce in both B2C and B2B companies. Andrew’s experience covers several sectors. His technology sector expertise includes executive leadership roles with system integrators, technology product development and technical consulting companies. In Logistics, he was responsible for delivering change programmes at Exel and DHL Logistics. His has pharmaceutical experience with GSK, Novartis and Roche


Accelerating Growth at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal by Focusing on Customer Experience, Data, and Insight Steve Grycuk, Chief Experience Officer & Nick Varney, VP Customer Value and Engagement, Dow Jones Dow Jones publishes The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch and has a suite of business information tools like Factiva. In 2015 we set an aggressive target to accelerate our growth to achieve three million subscribers. To win we knew needed to pivot to a focus on the customer, so we undertook a fundamental transformation in the way our business thinks. In just three years we restructured our global Customer Service org, built a focused experience design team, reinvigorated our marketing approach by personalising every member touchpoint and built new data platforms to underpin this new customer-focused philosophy.




business in one form or another for over thirty years in strategic, operational and logistical roles. I’ve worked with some of the best customer experience “gurus” and some of the best and worst companies, all of whom have been vibrant, creative and life changing influences. I help customer service directors, customer experiences leaders and MDs to develop actionable insights, drive value and improve profitable customer retention by focusing on Customer Inspired Thinking that will help them in:

Steve joined Dow Jones in September 2014. He currently leads the global Customer Service, Customer Operations, Experience Design, Insight & Intelligence, Analytics and Customer Data teams. Over the last 10 years, Steve has worked with a number of media, broadcasting and Financial Services businesses – including The Times of London, Sky, Deutsche Bank and the BBC. Steve has a track record of delivering large-scale complex business transformation programmes. He started his career at Deloitte Consulting. Steve holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford.

• • • • • •

BIOG Nick started his career at Deloitte’s UK consulting practice specialising in transformation and organisation design for media clients such as the BBC, South African Broadcasting Corporation, and Thomson Reuters. In 2011 he joined News UK where he led the customer technology portfolio managing subscription platforms for The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. In 2014 he moved to sister company Dow Jones where he has led customer transformation initiatives including the launch of a customer experience design function, the transformation of member engagement for The Wall Street Journal and most recently leading the Customer Value team – using data to improve revenues across Dow Jones


When a Customer Wins, Nobody Loses Gerry Brown, Chief Customer Rescue Officer, Customer Lifeguard Most companies tell us how important we are and that “Customers are at the heart of everything they do.” Unfortunately, for many of us, that remains a slick, meaningless, marketing slogan, that is rarely delivered and the outcome is a very different slogan; “They win, we lose.” But a customer winning? How does that work? Gerry Brown takes us through the key elements of customer experience and tells us why a customer “winning” is so critical in today’s connected world; and how you can adopt four simple principles that can be the difference between long term business success and ignominious failure. • • • •

Culture: Going beyond mission statements to show how organisations must have ‘customer first’ into their DNA. Commitment: Starts from the top down, demonstrating & expecting everyone to care about & ensure good CX is delivered. Community: From public visibility, to community engagement & social care benefits. Communication: Keeping the CX journey alive, so everyone can see progress & ideals.

BIOG Well seasoned, but not over cooked author, speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant with broad experience in customer service, customer experience, contact centre, & CRM, for a range of market segments in the UK, Canada, EMEA & the USA. Over that that time I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I take a unique approach that eschews the newest shiny toys as a starting point and focuses on four fundamental principles that must underpin and drive a successful customer experience strategy: Culture, Commitment, Communication and Community. As a vocal and demanding customer myself, I truly understand the frustration, anger and disappointment that characterise many customers’ experiences with businesses. I’ve been involved in the customer service


Evaluating what customers really think of them & why Quantifying how much bad service really costs them Identifying & addressing areas for improvement Engaging, involving and inspiring their employees to find their inner customer Introducing & integrating the right technology at the right time for the right reasons Measuring what matters – to customers

Coffee & Networking Break



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Chair’s Opening Remarks

With a 20 year track record working in senior positions, Sally has developed and executed sales and service transformation programmes in a wide range of operational environments. This lends a depth of understanding to all sorts of client situations with resultant gravitas to the messages she shares. She has recently published her first book. Crack the Code: Upgrade your Customer Experience, One Conversation at a Time about the human code, called conversation, that’s undergoing a revolution thanks to cutting-edge research in neuroscience. But because it’s a people, rather than a tech, thing, it’s being neglected by all but the super-smart few.

Martin Hill Wilson, Founder, Brainfood Consulting BIOG Martin is a leading customer engagement and digital business strategist. Also an author and international keynote speaker. Working under my own brand, Brainfood Consulting, I design masterclasses and transformational change helping clients evolve their social and digital capabilities. Current topics include omni-channel design, proactive, low effort customer experience, social customer service and customer hubs. All themed around service innovation. 11:40


Save the Children Case Study: How to Engage Audiences Through Happiness Julia Barbosa, Special Projects Lead, Save the Children This inspiring and practical session will share thought-provoking ways to deliver and deepen customer engagement through happiness. Focusing on case studies from around the world, from a driver who carefully decorated his tuk-tuk to a zen monk in Japan, this session shows that happiness is efficient and infectious – and is a powerful way to engage others.

Metro Bank Case Study: Ruthless Simplicity – Colleague Engagement & Customer Choice


Andrew Richards, Director of Regional Retail Banking, Metro Bank

Julia Barbosa is a marketing and business effectiveness specialist, with a consistent track-record of leading people and organisations through change, equipping others with tools and skills to thrive. She is currently Special Projects Lead at Save the Children, where she leads strategic projects, focusing on driving engagement, CRM and customer experience. Julia speaks and writes about personal development, the learning power of failure and happiness in the workplace.

Since launching in 2010, Metro Bank continues to revolutionise British banking. We currently have 56 stores open, with plans to have up to 100 by 2020. Additionally, over 1.3 million customer accounts are supported by over 3,300 colleagues. In this case study, we will discuss how Metro Bank passionately focuses on their formula: Model+Culture+FAN-atical execution.

BIOG Andrew joined Metro Bank in early 2013 to lead and manage regional store growth with a concentrated focus on Customer Experience. Andrew is passionate about retail banking and developing talent. He joined Metro Bank from TD Bank in Washington DC, where he was the Senior Vice President of Retail Banking. Andrew began his retail banking career in 1985 when he joined Commerce Bank as a drive thru cashier. Over a 23 year career with Commerce Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank, Andrew worked in a number of prominent roles culminating with expanding and building the revolutionary, service-driven model in both existing and new markets.


People Power Sally Earnshaw, Managing Director, Blue Sky Performance Improvement When you look at organisational strategy today, all we hear about is getting technology to do the work – AI, Big Data, all of those brilliant things that in the future are going to help with channel shift and personalisation. But we need to be wary of leaving behind the people element. We are always going to require people to deliver customer service. In the new world, every touch point a customer has with an organisation, across whatever channel, is an opportunity to add value and to do good for the customer. It’s having the right people with the right skills and mindsets. Today it’s about answering problems across a huge range of different channels. Wind forward to tomorrow and we’re coming to terms with the fact that the workforce is evolving (it’s not just millennials) and the human beings we are dealing with are very complex!


John Lewis Case Study Steve Kato-Spyrou, UX Manager, John Lewis This is a case study talk about using design thinking, lean and agile methodologies to define John Lewis’s gifting strategy in a collaborative way. It involved a 2 day workshop bringing all the SMEs of gifting, from all different departments within John Lewis, together. This was a greenfield effort as John Lewis has never had a holistic gifting strategy. Then using those same methodologies, moving the problem spaces defined in the strategy into a delivery vehicle which put the customer at the heart and tried to use iterative thinking born out of digital practice.

BIOG Steve is helping develop (and enabling the development of) a content strategy that will utilise John Lewis’s USP’s. He has also designed the components for the componentisation of the John Lewis and sites, in order to create a consistent customer experience and drive production efficiencies. Steve’s current passion is creating ways to facilitate leadership level workshops, in order to push things forward and not just create circular debates.





How Knowledge Plays The Leading Role in Equiniti’s Digital Transformation Project

Machaela is an established business to business sales leader with over 16 experience years at Bupa. At Bupa, Machaela initially worked within the SME sales channel, but in 2010 she turned her attention to Corporate sales where she successfulyl led a department with a portfolio of 980 clients and a net worth of 95 million. In 2017, Machaela’s passion for the customer led her to take on a new challenge and move into the newly formed customer experience team at Bupa. Machaela now uses her expertise with B2B clients and intermediaries to improve the Bupa experience for these key customers

Stephen Green, Head of Digital Strategy, Equiniti Recognising that technology has a vital role to play in delivering an improved customer experience, Equiniti set about building a business case for change. As a part of a larger digital transformation project, Equiniti was developing a new customer website. This presented the ideal opportunity to develop a more consumer-centric service where the role of Knowledge played the leading role. Hear how Equiniti has successfully delivered a consistent, intuitive experience for its customers across multiple platforms.


Lunch and Networking

BIOG Experienced Digital Strategy professional. Specialising in developing strong, positive teams that go further to grow revenues by applying focus, data and user centred design thinking. Passionate about people, system architecture and getting the most from technology to enable colleagues to deliver great customer experiences at scale. Business-minded digital leader with background in delivering £m+ digital marketing, online strategy and optimisation work streams. Specialisms include: • • • • • • •


Digital Strategy C-Level stakeholder management Change and Transformation Data, Analytics and visualisation. Conversion Optimisation / Continuous Improvement – Test/measure/learn processes Digital Marketing – Inc. Group Structuring across PPC, CRM, Email, SEO, Display and Affiliates. Business development

Bupa Case Study: Getting The Experience Right, by Design Anna Wilcox, Head of Customer Experience & Machaela Shepherd, Customer Experience Manager, Bupa Bupa UK has over 32,000 employees supporting over 5 million customers with their health, care and wellbeing needs. But how can thousands of employees deliver consistently the Bupa brand promise without a compelling vision of what, from the customers’ viewpoint, great looks like? Great customer experiences are designed close to the customer, with customers, and with colleagues who are close to customers. Anna and Machaela have recently worked with over 150 customers and employees to co-create the target experience for the treatment and renewals journeys. They will walk through a simple, practical, step by step guide of how to “get the experience right by design”.


South East Water Case Study: Water, Water Everywhere – But Will There Be? Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources, South East Water & Rob Sheldon, Managing Director, Accent The water sector is at a critical stage in its strategic development. Challenges, such as increased population and climate change, lead to concerns over long term supply resilience. But also, opportunities exist due to the growing environmental conscience of customers and stakeholders. SEW have an ongoing customer engagement programme to feed into its five-year business plan to understand and anticipate the constant sector evolution. This paper will take the audience through the extensive work programme which included a futurologist working with consumers, deliberative consumer research, market segmentation and behavioural science and machine learning to identify behaviour change. Insights/learnings include: • • •

The complexity of the potential solutions to address resilience and how each customer relates to them differently. The important role that customers could play when provided with enhanced water use information. How best to use behaviour change techniques and ‘nudge’ messages with different customer segments.



Anna is an established marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience in a wide range of sectors from the motor trade, pharmacy, and most recently within health care. Anna has worked for Bupa since 2009, initially managing the marketing activity across the 300 Bupa care homes. Then in 2013 she turned her attention to the Bupa UK Health Insurance business and over time this responsibility widened to include their Health Clinics and Dental Centres. Despite her passion for marketing, she found she really wanted to make a difference for the customer. So when the opportunity for a new challenge arose she grabbed it with both hands. She now heads up the newly formed customer experience team within Bupa. This role really lends itself to her first love – which is to lead and inspire people and teams to achieve their potential and deliver outstanding results for an organisation.

Lee Dance is Head of Water Resources, for South East Water, with 22 years of experience in managing water resources, demand management and strategic long term planning. In his role, he has recognised the important role that customer engagement can, and must, play to support the water industry’s long term planning and decision making.





Rob Sheldon is Accent’s MD. He has a postgraduate degree in econometrics and 35 years’ experience in market research. Rob is an internationally recognised expert in the field of stated preference and was instrumental in introducing the technique to the UK, for a project for British Rail in the 1970s. Since then he has developed many pioneering applications of the approach in a broad range of typically regulated sectors. He has a strong track record in utilities starting as a consultant to Midlands Electricity during development of their marketing strategy for the emerging privatised over 1MW sector. He has worked extensively in the water sector since PR99 and has been instrumental in defining the shape of this regulatory engagement programme. He performs a similar role in other regulated sectors such as energy, transport, post, finance and health. He is a Fellow of the Market Research Society.


Rumyana Miteva, Head of Search & Joris Wigger, PPC Manager, Secret Escapes Today’s empowered consumers are more demanding and impatient than ever before, and expect assistive experiences. Learn how machine learning is enabling travel businesses, such as Secret Escapes, to meet those expectations while saving time and improving performance!

BIOG As Head of Search at Secret Escapes, Rumyana has a deep understanding of the current Paid and Organic search ecosystem. With over 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing she has worked for various brands and managed a portfolio of over a billion keywords. She decided to pursue a career in Performance Marketing because it is constantly evolving, which makes it equally appealing and challenging. Rumyana is a regular conference speaker – SMX, IAB Search, Hero Conf London and a judge at the UK Biddable Awards.

Power to The People – The Challenging Evolution of Customer Management Moritz Dinger, Market Director, Capita Transformation

BIOG Joris has a degree in International Hospitality Management and he has been working in Digital Marketing for the past few years. He is currently PPC Manager at Secret Escapes and one of his main responsibilities is managing a large portfolio of campaigns across multiple markets. Joris has experience with complex data integrations such as Google Hotel Ads. His interest in Performance Marketing mainly derives from the fact that results are based on data and that the digital landscape is ever evolving, which makes it an exciting environment to work in.

Customer management strategy is currently embroiled in one of the most significant shifts of the last 30 to 40 years, which is creating substantial challenges for businesses. Traditionally, engagement between businesses and customers has been very much a one-sided affair. To put it simply, the rules of engagement were set by businesses, and customers were expected to comply. This has meant that businesses could define what kind of relationship they wanted to have with their customers. Whether it was the local supermarket or package holiday provider – products and services that customers received were designed by businesses for customers. This meant that customers were faced with little flexibility or direct influence when it came to the nature of the goods they were offered, or the relationship they wanted to have with companies. These days are no more… Moritz will outline the challenges this shifting paradigm is presenting for businesses and give an insight into how companies can get themselves organisationally ready to embrace these new relationships.

BIOG Moritz is currently Market Director at Capita Transformation, the consulting and advisory business of Capita plc. Prior to this he spent over 10 years in creative and digital agencies in London where he lead the design and delivery of innovative digital solutions and experiences. His work focusses on the optimisation of customer engagement and experience levels and the impact this has on business performance. Moritz is a highly experienced digital strategist and service design expert with significant experience in how to maximise the opportunities and benefits that digital channels and solutions can bring. A particular emphasis for his work lies in transforming organisations by combining creativity, technology and insight to deliver optimal experiences for customers and better outcomes for businesses.

Secret Escapes Case Study: Machine Learning – The Key to Digital Transformation


Look Who’s Talking: The Case for Branded Personas in Connected Devices Wally Brill, Head of Conversation Design Advocacy & Education, Google As speech enabled, connected devices like Alexa and The Google Assistant become ubiquitous and enterprises create their own “skills” and “actions”, how will they ensure brand identity and differentiation to separate themselves from their direct competitors? In this session we’ll explore how to create unique voice experiences to engage customers and reinforce brand loyalty.

BIOG Previously a music producer in the US and UK, Wally Brill’s fascination with voice interaction began in 1999 at Nuance Communications where, as Director of Persona Design and Production, he created the process for designing, testing and developing branded, humanlike personas for enterprises and governments worldwide. He co-founded the first VUI consultancy, VoicePartners in 2002 to deliver speech recognition systems designed around user needs and brand values. As Director of Global Self Service for eBay, he led a team on three continents assisting millions of eBay members daily. Now as Head of Conversation Design Advocacy & Education at Google, he’s helping to create 21st century magic with the Google Assistant.





Understanding Holistic Customer Experience and Engagement in The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Originally from an Environmental Health background, Jonathan has the unique experience of working within a cross section of public roles spanning a range of service areas and Councils, including strategy development, programme and project management, customer service and operational management. Over the past 14 years, Jonathan has successfully led significant organisational and cultural change and developing and implementation channel shift strategies over the full breadth of public services.

Karim Sidaoui, Researcher, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester With buzzwords like artificial intelligence, deep and machine learning, chat bots, and big data, companies are scrambling to maximise their understanding and utilisation of these technologies to cut down on costs, improve the bottom line, gain a competitive edge, and ultimately provide superior customer value. Customer engagement and experience are at the vanguard of these transformational cues; however, we still lack the holistic consensus of what they really are. Matters get more complicated with disparity between academic research and the professional understanding of these business constructs.


Coffee and Networking


This presentation aims at bridging this understanding with a customer-centric focus on what elements of the customer experience could be engaged using innovative technology to build decision-making support systems. This in turn would enable customer experience managers and executives to pinpoint experience related features within product and service design, marketing, customer support, servicescape and many other organisational facets.

16:30 BIOG Karim Sidaoui is currently a PhD researcher at the Alliance Manchester Business School in the Management Science & Marketing division within the University of Manchester. His educational background comprises a Bachelor in Computer Science, and a Master’s in Business Administration. His academic experience ranges between topics of customer experience and engagement, data mining and machine learning, big data analytics, and social media. He possesses multidisciplinary corporate and start-up professional experience ranging from software development and IT project management to retail category management and business development. His involvement with international brands such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Toshiba and others in multinational settings enabled rapid and successful business expansion in the MENA region. From a customer perspective, Karim has managed customer retail strategies pertaining to product design, marketing, sales, crossdepartmental liaison, and customer feedback & support in both online and brick-and-mortar settings.


The Challenges of Channel Shift, Self-Service and Process Automation Jonathan James, Head of Customer Services, Cambridge Council Cambridge, along with hundreds of other councils, is trying to drive out efficiencies and deliver improved customer services. There are simple and easy solutions that can be delivered quickly, but more complex issues require greater thought and also result in greater resistance to change. There is no simple one fit solution so Cambridge is delivering and developing a range of measures to process low value high volume transactions to release resources to enable customer service staff to deal with the high value transactions. However, there have been successes, failures and challenges along the way.

How AI Powered CX Reinvents How Customers & Colleagues Engage Martin Hill-Wilson, Founder, Brainfood Consulting Over the next 3-5 years, AI technologies will have reshaped how service outcomes are delivered. This will sharpen the focus on using person to person engagement intelligently when it matters most. Those still charged with delivering the ‘human touch’ will need to be special. This session explores the new role, profile and culture that will be needed as AI powered journeys reinvent the way customers engage with brands.

BIOG Martin is a leading customer engagement and digital business strategist. Also an author and international keynote speaker. Working under my own brand, Brainfood Consulting, I design masterclasses and transformational change helping clients evolve their social and digital capabilities. Current topics include omni-channel design, proactive, low effort customer experience, social customer service and customer hubs. All themed around service innovation. Using customer hubs as a milestone towards full digital competency. Even service organisations that consider themselves advanced in their omni-channel capabilities face the barrier of internal silos and competing agendas. This remains a strategic weakness in terms of real time responsiveness. Digitally empowered customers have reset the bar on acceptable customer experience. Organisations that want to prosper in this new regime have to adopt a new mind-set and leadership capabilities. But how to escape the days of siloed customer engagement and the idea that the service organisation was solely responsible for customer experience. Today, market leadership means taking a fresh approach to continuous improvement and service innovation: re-energised through new partnerships with customers and employees. Customer hubs provide a low risk evolutionary path. The hubs draw together a number of competencies into a new form of working relationship. This includes the front office (sales, marketing, service), analytics, change management and collaboration. Together they become a hub of innovation, improvement and competitive responsiveness for the rest of the organisation.




Sure Petcare Case Study: Enabling Frontline Staff Through Happiness at Work – Melting The Iceberg of Ignorance Sarah Metcalfe, Head of Customer Service, Sure Petcare Sarah Metcalfe is Head of Customer Services at Sure Petcare (previously SureFlap). Sure Petcare develop intelligent, connected pet products that improve the way we care for our pets. Sarah will discuss removing barriers in your business to giving great customer service by empowering your frontline agents to make meaningful changes. This will include innovative examples of how to motivate your teams, improving retention, and creating meaningful changes to engage employees in the long term. Sarah will give real life examples and take home advice for implementing a happy workplace which enables great customer service. Highlighting the benefits this has to your entire organisation.

BIOG Sarah joined Sure Petcare six years ago, taking responsibility for the company’s customer service and guiding it through an extraordinary period of expansion and growth. She now leads a talented multi-lingual team who deliver outstanding customer service and happiness to all Sure Petcare customers around the world. Sarah is passionate about happiness in the workplace, and she knows the positive impact this has on the customer experience. Through continuing to innovate and improve the customer journey, Sure Petcare now has an amazing Net Promoter Score of 95+% with an increase in customer contact of over 50% over the last 12 months. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Sarah brings a wealth of customer service experience from a background that includes charities, logistics and manufacturing. Inspired by the teachings of great customer service companies like Zappos and Happy Ltd, she wants to share her experience and the success of Sure Petcare with others, including her strategy for supporting Sure Petcare ’s new connected suite of pet products within the Future of Intelligent Pet Care


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Chair’s Opening Remarks


Nick Brice, Team Brighton Lead, Amex Community Stadium

Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO, Content Guru

BIOG Nicholas helps all levels of leaders and staff achieve success by truly living their values, with a strong focus on Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee-based development across all customer touchpoints. He is ‘Team Brighton Lead’ for the American Express Community Stadium, since 2010 helping them develop a multi-award winning fan/customer experience, team culture and record revenue increases. His programme won the first ever triple-gold National Training Journal Award for change, leadership development and learning partnership for his work for Brighton & Hove Albion FC, his home club. He has helped lead a wide array of major blue-chip customer experience, culture change and transformation programmes across 5 continents since 1983, when he adapted the British Airways ‘Putting People First’ Programme for financial services, helping American Express achieve significant increases in profits through enhanced customer experiences. He also runs a multiaward winning theatre production company. A Professional Member of the Professional Speakers’ Association and a Speaker and Masterclass Facilitator with the Academy of Chief Executives.

Join Content Guru’s co-founder, Martin Taylor, to discover how a large international insurance organisation boosted agent efficiency and streamlined customer engagement, using one of the world’s premier contact centre platforms, storm®. Financial organisations face innumerable customer engagement challenges. Increasingly, consumers expect to communicate with and make payments to companies through any channel, at any time. In turn, organisations accumulate vast amounts of data to improve customer knowledge and personalisation. This has resulted in enormous customer engagement advancement, as financial organisations replace their disparate, premise-based systems with omni-channel cloud communications solutions offering integration to WFO and CRM systems, as well as payment service providers.

BIOG Martin Taylor is Deputy CEO of multi-channel cloud communications provider Content Guru. A forerunner of communications technology since his early twenties, when he co-founded Content Guru’s sister company, Redwood Technologies, Martin’s role now centres on strategic market development and analysing the future of digital engagement. Martin is an elected member of the CBI South East Council, an Advisor to the Common Sense Collective socio-economic think-tank and a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Management at King’s College, London, where he lectures on strategy and entrepreneurship and presents the annual Content Guru Prize for Strategic Management. Martin’s charitable activities include the British Red Cross, the Berkshire Community Foundation and the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy.


LV Case Study: LV Culture and Customer Focus Holly Devonald, Head of Home, Travel & Landlord Operations, LV Through a challenging time in insurance, Holly talks about how LV continues to strive, putting their people at the heart of what they do, exceeding customer expectations and driving change for the better. LV the 3rd largest private motor insurer and the 5th largest personal insurer have experienced major transitions from system changes, to company joint ventures. Holly will focus on how people, customers and future strategy is the key focus. How LV ensures to stay ahead of the curve, making sure they evolve on meeting their customers’ changing expectations, continue to maintain their culture and focus on strengthening foundations.

BIOG Holly has been a part of the contact centre industry for the past 31 years; she is currently the Head of three products across Sales & Service – Home, Travel and Landlord at Liverpool Victoria. Holly has worked at Liverpool Victoria for 10 Years and prior to LV and previously worked at RSA for 21 years. Holly ensures world class service is achieved across two main sites and overseas the performance of a headcount for over 300 employees. She has considerable experience of achieving demanding service levels, driving efficiency within the business.

Insurance Case Study: Are You Covered? How to Guarantee Premium Customer Engagement


Stuck In The Mud Claire Sporton, SVP CX Innovation, Confirmit Moving forward requires the right approach. If you have a lovely smooth road ahead of you, hop on your racing bike and get moving. If you’ve got a more challenging route to face, you need the right tools for the job – or you face getting stuck in the mud. What does this have to do with Customer Experience in B2B, you ask? More than you think. The sheer complexity of the many-tomany relationships in B2B means that many CX programmes risk getting bogged down before they even get started. Operational silos, tangled customer journeys and the challenges in proving ROI only exacerbate the issues. In this presentation, Claire Sporton, SVP CX Innovation at Confirmit will discuss how to break down B2B complexity, define a CX programme that will help identify at-risk accounts, and inspire every member of your team to make smarter decisions and take faster actions that will benefit the entire business portfolio.

BIOG Claire has specialised in customer feedback for well over 15 years. Claire has run programmes in the Financial Services sector, and more recently supported a wide range of organisations in the development and implementation of programmes that not only drive improvement in customer experience but deliver measurable business results. Claire’s passion is to ensure that Confirmit’s clients’ programmes help to build a truly customer centric culture, breaking down the silos and empowering individuals across the organisation to do the right thing for both their customers and the business as a whole.



Bank of Ireland, MBNA, KBC, and the AA, to deliver effective solutions that enable businesses to strengthen customer engagement and operational efficiency. With an academic background in both technology and management studies, Mark has a wealth of knowledge on the technical details involved in digital transformation and, more specifically, providing mobile, data-driven customer engagement solutions to customers across retail, telecoms and financial sectors. This wisdom, coupled with his in-depth understanding around the requirements of client brands and providing engaging customer experiences, expertly positions him to deliver on expectations and produce positive results.


Fuelling Customer Experience: How Shell Puts Customers at the Centre of Everything They Do Mark Harrison, Ex-General Manager of Customer Excellence, Shell


Imagine a business that serves 25 million consumers every day and 500k B2B customers and channel partners. A business that has the world’s largest retail network across 50+ countries. A business that wasn’t regarded as being customer centric. For 5 years (through Nov/17), Mark Harrison led Customer Experience for Shell, having global accountability for the CX capabilities, technology, data and processes across the entire organisation. Mark will share how Shell’s CX transformation focussed on 1) Developing a clear, compelling and focused vision + strategy, 2) Listening to the voice of the customer, 3) Better CX governance that cut across the business lines, 4) Prioritising across customer, operational and financial KPI, 5) Embedding customer centric design, and 6) Driving a Customer 1st culture. A transformation that delivered over 500m$ for Shell, moved NPS from 20 to 60+ and Employee Engagement to 90+%. Mark will share his unique insights into how this was achieved with practical examples and take-aways.

Orinta Gaucyte, Customer Experience Manager, Back in 2014 we set on an exciting mission to improve the lives of dogs and their owners, and our Customer Experience team has always been at the heart of it all. We built it as an extension of digital and physical product that has three main functions: support, research and improve. Our strength lies in non-traditional ways of working with the rest of the business, fresh team structure and freedom to make things happen. We help launching new features, own a strong feedback loop and are loved by our customers. I’ll share my experience and tips in building an empowered team that is a true driving force in shaping your product and customer experience.



Proven ability in global business to deliver Change leadership, Customer experience, Leading diverse communities, Integrated customer operations, Value delivery and Agile technology. Keen endurance athlete undertaking a variety of long distance triathlon/ running/ cycling events for charity.


With 10 years experience in customer focused roles, from large corporate teams to early stage startups, Orinta has been leading the Customer Experience Team at since its launch in 2014. is on a mission to change the world of pet food for good by providing dogs across the country with food individually tailored to their unique nutritional needs. Part of Future Fifty, they have a long list of awards in their arsenal, including:

Best Practice: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation & Calculating ROI

Silver for Team of the Year and Customer-Centric business at CXA. Customer Experience Team at is part of their unique product offering and at the very heart of the business.

Mark Grainger, VP Sales Europe, Engage Hub We’ve all heard the saying digital or die. Headlines serve as a constant reminder that technologies and consumers are evolving at an unprecedented rate, emphasising the sheer importance of keeping up in an ever-changing, competitive environment. But when it comes to your business, how would you approach digitising your offering? With squeezed budgets and resources, digital transformation is never as straight forward as it seems. Yet, when undertaken successfully, companies can reap the rewards such as an enhanced customer experience and therefore an increased ROI. During this presentation, Mark Grainger will discuss how he’s collaborated with one of the world’s leading organisations as they embark on digitising departments by implementing the latest and most innovative technologies, as well as engaging the c-suite to manage buy-in. Throughout, he will look at the results they’ve seen so far and the key takeaways for others who hope to forge their path to digital transformation.

BIOG Mark Grainger is Vice President of sales in Europe at Engage Hub, the global technology provider of mobile, data-driven customer engagement solutions. He has a successful career in the marketing services industry, having held key decision-making roles within marketing agencies for over 12 years. As such, he is a highly qualified marketer with a particular focus on digital marketing and customer relationship management solutions. At Engage Hub, he works with some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies such as Case Study: How we Turned Customer Support Into Part of Our Product

Orinta has built the team from two people to an empowered part of the business with 20 Customer Experience Specialists coming from all walks of life. Their strengths lie in non-traditional ways of working with the rest of the business, fresh team structure and freedom to make things happen. Team help launching new features, own a strong feedback loop and are loved by their customers (reviews here). Orinta’s set to offer a truly personalised service with a human touch and do it at scale. In 2018, she’ll be driving even more growth and focusing on effective service with automations and expert knowledge in dog nutrition.


Lunch and Networking





Arkin Salih, Consulting Director, NKD Like many industries today, the global freight forwarding marketplace has been impacted by the continual erosion of margins due to customers increased expectations and their access to new market entrants able to deliver traditional products and services at reduced prices.

Do You Really Know That You’re Giving Customers What They Need?

Faced with this threat to their future, DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) embarked on a journey of radical service transformation spanning 150 countries and 850 branches. In this case study, NKD describe the journey they supported DGF along and detail some of the specific ingredients they applied to make the transformation an ongoing reality.

John Upton, Former Managing Director, LEON In this age of big data, blockchain and other innovations, surely it’s never been easier to listen to customers, give them what they need and grow your business….? Not necessarily so, it would seem… A variety of factors are increasingly getting in the way including limited resources, lack of tech know-how and a widespread over-reliance on headline metrics. And it’s not just access to resources and big data that get in the way of customers getting a better experience…. Many companies rely on their own approaches to deliver their customer experience. In a global marketplace, this creates a highly fragmented and diverse experience for customers. Some companies get it right time after time – think Disney and John Lewis. But thousands of companies don’t get it right, and that causes millions of customers to vote with their feet (or mouse) and go elsewhere with their trade. And that’s bad for business. In John’s session, building on his time with McDonald’s, LEON and most recently working with smart tech teams, he’ll explore how the fusion of Artificial Intelligence, CX nowse and learnings from Harvard, can make a real difference to both customers and business performance. And that’s good for customers, and good for business.

BIOG With extensive experience of multi-site consumer-facing retail, franchise and commercial activities, John was part of the senior leadership team at LEON, the fast growing naturally fast food chain. In his role, John divided his time between restaurants and looking for ways for LEON to accelerate its mission – to make it easier for everybody to eat and live well. Over the past 12 months, John led significant growth in LEON’s reach and scale through opening up new channels like delivery and entering into new UK & international partnerships. Before LEON, John enjoyed a broad-ranging career spanning the past 20 years, starting out professional life as an M&A lawyer in the late 1990s. Having joined McDonald’s UK in 2002 as an in-house counsel, John decided to change his career path completely so that he could get closer to customers and the restaurant teams. He began a new life in operations as a crew member in a London Drive Thru and then moved through a variety of operational, franchise and senior leadership roles. These roles included managing a region of company-owned restaurants which included P&L accountability for £100m annual sales and 3,000 crew & managers. In his last role at McDonald’s, as a Senior Director, John led the development and implementation of the major people change programme (for 100,000 employees) to support the role out of the new Experience of the Future restaurants across the UK. John is a passionate developer of people and strongly believes in the value that humility, training and positive role modelling can make to an organisation. John’s first ever job, in his school holidays, was a gardener and grave digger.

Customer Experience Transformation on a Truly Global Scale

BIOG Arkin is a Consulting Director at NKD. He has 20 years of experience working in retail, hospitality and talent development. During his time at NKD he has helped transform the customer experience for brands such as Tesco, DHL Global Freight Forwarding and The Accor Hotel Group. He was previously Head of Learning & Development at Harvey Nichols group, and Learning & Development Manager at Harrods, where he was responsible for sales and service training and developed the U.K.’s first BA (Hons.) Degree in Sales exclusively for the luxury retailer.


Oliver Bonas Case Study: Cool Head, Warm Heart Sarah Davies, Customer Service Manager, Oliver Bonas I’ll be very focused on how we approach customer service, looking at how we maintain the human element, treating each customer as unique and how we assess that and carry that through every interaction. I’ll touch on our reply times and how we manage these at busy times and peaks. I’ll look at how we keep the team motivated and encourage proactivity. And finish with a little about where we see the team moving to in the next few years.

BIOG As Customer Service Manager for Oliver Bonas, I have led the Customer Service team through exciting changes and rapid growth in the last couple of years. Before joining Oliver Bonas, I led teams providing great service in a variety of industries across private, government and charity sectors. I never stop asking questions of myself, the industry, suppliers and the teams I work with in every situation, which helps us to keep evolving to fix the problems and answer the questions we receive every day.



communication skills are excellent in all forms and I am able to interact, and influence on all levels with internal and external stakeholders.




A self- motivated, results driven individual with a track record in Sales, Operational, Project and Service management experience across a global environment. ITIL v3 accredited with proven project and service delivery of on shore and off-shore projects, on time and against budget. Possessing a high standard of written and oral communication, numerate and detail conscious with the ability to analyse and draw conclusion from a variety of numerical/ business data. Capable of using own initiative whilst working alone or as part of a team and also whilst managing others. Good strategic appreciation and vision with a logical and methodical approach to achieving objectives. Self-sufficient with a get up and go attitude, always seeking to learn and grow. With good time management, works well under pressure and to tight deadlines and has the ability to influence & motivate others. Confident and assertive with excellent interpersonal skills and a strong background in relationship building. Adaptable and enthusiastic with a strong focus on customer service.

Linguistic Modelling – A Universally Applicable Tool to Improve Engagement Toby Poulsom, ex Digitalisation Manager, Hager Experienced sales and marketing professionals will offer valuable insights into influencing customers and new technologies are clearly changing the way we communicate. But if you want to engage customers – to hold their attention as their lives get busier and busier – only one person can really reveal how and that’s the customer themselves. In this presentation, Toby will demonstrate (with audience participation) how, using simple linguistic models, you can elegantly – and even covertly – elicit the what and the how of effective communication with your customers. The information gathered gives you a platform to structure communications that better fit your customer segments. He will offer numerous examples of how linguistic modeling has been used to quickly fix engagement performance issues.


Richard Spencer, Director, Promoderation

Linguistic modeling won’t replace what you’re already doing – but it can refine your communication process and definitely complements existing and emerging technologies. Language is a universal tool, so simple linguistic models can be implemented conversationally by anyone.

A great experience is so much more than a supporter care programme, a newsletter, or a supporter journey. It’s about the entirety of every interaction a supporter has with a charity. And, crucially, it’s about how this makes your supporters feel about you. Richard will present the findings of research from the commercial and charity sectors about what makes a great experience and examples of how charities are putting these lessons into place to inspire their supporters. They will also show that creating great experiences starts with having the right goals and setting the right KPIs before sharing the results of a major new research project that measured the experience across many UK charities.

BIOG Toby started his career as a scientist but it wasn’t long before his passion for people (and the promise of a better salary) pulled him into the more engaging world of sales. He quickly established himself as a consistent top biller before starting his own consultancy and using the freedom that offered to diversify his skill set into the realm of linguistic and behavioural analysis. Over the last 12 years Toby has coached, trained and consulted for a diverse range of blue chip, SME and start-up organisations. His focus is on using the correlations between language, thinking and behaviour to develop very simple models business leaders can immediately use to enhance team performance and leverage superior engagement with customers.


BIOG Richard Spencer has been the Director of Promoderation for nearly 4 years. Our role at Promoderation is to help open-minded and progressive organisations ‘do more, with less’ by transforming their approach and putting the supporter at the heart – as opposed to focusing solely on the money or the management. Charities, public sector and social enterprises must deliver more impact and public benefit with fewer resources and increasing demand. Under these conditions, the familiarity and security of reporting tangible financial outcomes to managers is a seductive and reassuring habit. This really must change. We have 20 years of experience developing and delivering practical approaches and techniques to make the shift and put the supporter at the heart.

Becoming Customer Centric With Digital Solutions Ross Lane, Head of Digital Contact Centre Solution & Depesh Nathwani, Director of Digital Services & Business Development, DOTS In an age where a plethora of digital technologies are transforming the world around us, it’s easy to get swept away with all the hype and buzzwords. But despite all these exciting developments, the core business challenge remains the same – how can you better serve your customers’ needs with a great brand experience, in a quicker and more quantifiable way? “Pesh” and Ross will challenge some of the biggest misconceptions out there and provide thoughtprovoking insight into how best to channel the right solutions for your customers.

BIOG A highly experienced manager with a successful track record of working in digital solutions, deployments, transformation and digital optimisation strategy. I have a proven work history of working within new projects and initiatives as an operational lead, in a client services role or as a contributor to the business development opportunities. I enjoy working in a fast paced environment and utilising my analytical, strategic and interpersonal skills to effect the growth and success of the business and individuals involved. My

How to Get Your Whole Organisation Behind Delivering Great Experiences


Coffee and Networking





Whirlpool Case Study: The Role of CX in a Traditional Manufacturing Industry Liam Page, Head of Marketing (Service), Whirlpool


News UK Case Study: How we use Customer Behaviour & Data Science in Marketing to Increase Retention to Record Rates

As a traditional appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool’s initial customer experience efforts have focused on the finished product and supporting distributors (retailers) with good content and a consistent brand experience in-store, whilst the value in aftermarket offering had largely been overlooked. A recent 18 month CX improvement programme at Whirlpool’s Consumer Service division has demonstrated real business and customer value, with results exceeding expectations. The primary objective wasn’t to differentiate ourselves from the competition (at this stage), but to drive operational efficiency in order to provide a better service, improve CSAT/NPS and build loyalty (retention) as a driver of commercial value.

Peter Evia-Rhodes, Head of Engagement, Operations and Retention, News UK With 90% of the world’s data coming in the last 2 years, the challenge is how to make sense of it & use it effectively. Over recent years, we at The Times & The Sunday Times, aided by data science and machine learning, have revolutionised our customer engagement. Building an award winning lifecycle which operates at an individual level for over 450,000 subscribers. Pete will share the changes his organisation has made, their impact, and lessons learnt along the way.



Entrepreneurial and customer focussed leader with over 15 years experience in digital, ecommerce, business development, digital strategy & customer experience. Commercially minded with proven ability to drive growth across venture backed startups, SMEs and large organisations – brands include BT, Waitrose, Electrolux and Hotpoint. Effective leadership skills and a track record of setting digital strategy and direction; finding solutions to drive marketing, CRM, self-service, brand and commercial goals. Full marketing budget responsibility, conducting analysis to measure online activities and return on investment.

I pride myself on bringing together a customer centric approach, with a rounded skill set and strong stakeholder management to deliver innovative solutions. I am an Accredited Six Sigma Green Belt, a competent Spanish speaker and a London Business Angel, support several start ups & high potential young professionals.


Stop Thinking Channels and Start Thinking Journeys Wil Lynch, VP Business Value Consultancy, Thunderhead Customers don’t think in channels, businesses do. Yet many continue to focus on optimising specific channels, falling short of expectations because they focus on the needs of the brand, not the needs of the customer. Only by thinking beyond channels and using actionable journey insight can you start to truly engage with your customers and build stronger customer relationships that last a lifetime. Join Thunderhead as we uncover why current approaches are falling short and explore the concept of intent-driven customer journeys with some examples of how a few forward-thinking brands have figured it out.

BIOG Wil Lynch is VP, Business Value Consulting at Thunderhead where he leads the team responsible for client strategy, support and service. With over 15 years of online experience, he has led international marketing teams charged with driving customer acquisition and retention and headed product development teams focused on customer centric experiences. Wil engages closely with brands across many verticals helping them digitally transform their businesses to achieve greater customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention though the power of customer engagement.


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Customer Engagement Transformation Conference - Preview Guide  
Customer Engagement Transformation Conference - Preview Guide