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NEWSLETTER Sao Paulo Meeting October 2013



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Executive Team

Welcome to another issue of the Student Board Newsletter. As you know, this year CEMS is celebrating its 25th anniversary during the CEMS Annual Events 2013 in Barcelona hosted by ESADE. The year has proved to be very special for the Student Board history too. With this issue of our Newsletter you will learn about the first Student Board Meeting outside of Europe which was hosted by FGV-EAESP in Sao Paulo. The Student Board has tried to organize a meeting overseas for several years now, yet only this year did we succeed in doing so, thus reflecting a global spirit of the CEMS community and taking the time to promote CEMS to Corporate Partners on site. The five teams within the Student Board have set specific goals for our meeting. With our projects we aim at meeting the strategic objectives of our Global Alliance by granting support directed towards promotion of sustainable business principles, corporate engagement in MIM curriculum and defending the FT ranking.

From the left: Pavol Dzurjanin, Karol Górnowicz

MIM Affairs started working on the analysis of drivers of the change in the FT Ranking, which will be used as an input for the new Excellence Strategy prepared by the CEMS Head Office. The other big project focuses on mapping and matching of Corporate Partners practices and recruitment preferences of students.

with an awesome piece of news regarding the revolutionized CEMS Online Store. Besides the intensive group work, we had an opportunity to spend an afternoon at the ATKearney office in Sao Paulo, thanks to the strength of the CEMS Alumni network. Moreover, we have met a brand new CEMS Corporate Partner – Integration Management Consulting, whose representatives shared the company’s global ambitions with us and organized a challenging case study for us.

The Global Sustainability Team came up with a partnership model for an exciting 2041 initiative as well as worked on the development of New Generation Consulting, which will improve the social awareness of students and redefine the way CEMS students think about and embrace social responsibility and sustainability.

Should you have any questions or ideas share with us, please do not hesitate to We would opinion on how to make our common even better.

CEMS Club Support and Globalisation teams joined forces temporarily to focus on successful implementation of the Ambassador Program aimed at the creation of greenfield-like CEMS Clubs outside of Europe. The teams also cooperated on the creation and distribution of the tools needed to improve existing CEMS Club operations.

you would like to drop us a line on love to hear your CEMS experience

We wish you a very pleasant reading and look forward to hearing from you.

Marketing & Communications have presented ideas for the improvement of the Alumni relations management and started a close cooperation with the CEMS Alumni Association Board aimed at leveraging the synergies through our projects. Moreover, the Student Board was presented

Your CEMSerely, Karol Górnowicz Pavol Dzurjanin President Vice President/Treasurer



Registration is open until November 18 - act now!



Corporate Partner Interaction

During our fruitful time in Sao Paulo we had a nice chance to have a talk with representatives of two CEMS Corporate Partners, A.T.Kearney and Integration, Brazilian management consulting company, and participate in workshops, kindly organized by each of the firms.

We spent an afternoon at the A.T.Kearney office in Sao Paulo, where Gabriel de l’Escaille, a CEMS Alumni from Louvain School of Management, gave us a masterclass on making a brilliant presentation. He shared with us the idea of Pyramid thinking, suggested to start with Situation-Complication-Question introduction and gave valuable tips on holding audience attention.

Integration Management Consulting welcomed us at their corporate room in FGV and challenged us with a case study about Natura, Brazilian Beauty and Personal Care Company. Roberta Vasconcelos, company representative, presented Integration’s approach to portfolio management and offered us the real-business situation to practice.

born with a clear objective from the beginning - to innovate in its positioning, in its work methods, in the way it relates to clients, and in the development of a clear mission to serve, applied through professionals aligned with this culture. With more than two hundred consultants, Integration has quickly become one of the market leaders in Brazil with 5 offices spread across the continent, Latin America. Integration continues to expand internationally and opened a London office in 2010 to lead European operations.

It is worth mentioning, that Integration is the brand new CEMS Corporate partner, which plays an important role for FGV. Founded in 1995 in Sao Paulo, the company offers a different method of consulting; to be a strategy, If you want to get more information about Integration management, and process consultancy that implements Management Consulting, please, refer to http://www. its recommendations. Set up by experienced professionals from global top tier consultancies, Integration was



MIM Affairs Team

From the left: Francesco Malatesta, Flavio Soriano, Andrea Bianchi

The MIM Affairs team had a memorable time in Brazil. Working from outside Europe for the first time in the history of the Student Board was a genuine international experience – what CEMS is all about. Business Communications Skill Seminar

Future Projects

During the meeting, we presented the final output of the Business Communication Skill Seminar (BCSS) Survey, a project that culminated in many high level recommendations for the Academic Directors to improve the seminar. Among those recommendations were to increase the quantity and quality of oral and written feedback to students, involve Corporate Partners and alumni, and use business cases to increase the attractiveness of the seminar to students.

We also presented our next project proposals concerning Corporate Partners Recruiting Benchmark and CEMS FT Ranking Performance. The meeting was critical to get opinions of other representatives and of the Head Office in order to define the scope of the new projects.



During the meeting, we presented the final output of the Business Communication Skill Seminar (BCSS) Survey, a project that culminated in many high level recommendations for the Academic Directors to improve the seminar.

Corporate Partner Recruiting Benchmark

CEMS FT Ranking Performance

Regarding the Corporate Partners Recruiting Benchmark, it was agreed that the MIM Affairs team would produce a report to the CEMS Head Office to show what Corporate Partner recruiting and branding strategies are more likely to succeed among CEMS students. With this goal in mind, the MIM Affairs team was able to advance in the creation of a survey questionnaire to be distributed among CEMS students and alumni, aiming at understanding what recruiting channels are the most effective and what can Corporate Partners do to catch CEMSies’ attention in terms of job application.

Regarding the CEMS Financial Times Ranking performance, the MIM Affairs team will produce a report to share with CEMS Head Office and the executive board providing insightful recommendations to enhance CEMS performance aiming at improving our position in the FT Master in Management ranking in the next years. Now it’s time to give full throttle and deliver the most powerful recommendations of the history of the Student Board!

Sincerely yours, Andrea Bianchi Francesco Malatesta Flavio Soriano



Global Sustainability Team The Student Board meeting in Sao Paulo was a pivotal one for the Global Sustainability Team. As some of you may know, we changed the team name from Corporate Social Responsibility to Global Sustainability. This change stems from our two prong vision to: • Bring students closer to society by creating a sense of responsibility about the world's environmental, cultural, economic and social challenges that they will face as future global business leaders • Foster the development of sustainable solutions and responsible actions, supporting ideas and organizations that are creating a positive social impact in the community. From the left: Jakub Florkiewicz, Margot Fafchamps, Sina Vaziri

In light of this new vision, we’d like to briefly introduce you to four projects we’re working on: New Generation Consulting, CEMS Global Sustainability Day, 2041 Antarctica Expedition, and the CEMstainability Booklet.


NGC is a consulting project set up by CEMS students from Budapest and Helsinki. NGC creates international, virtual teams of CEMS students who act as consultants giving advice to social enterprises to overcome a business-related problem. The pilot project last year with the Finnish eco design company Remake was very successful. This semester, students from Milan, Helsinki, Paris, Cologne and Rotterdam will work together to help the companies Green Riders and Nurmi. Willing to take part in the NGC adventure? Please check and our facebook page for more information!


The vision for the CEMS Global Sustainability Day is to create a day dedicated to sustainable and socially responsible initiatives across the CEMS network. The first phase of the project is taking place on Nov 22nd and preparations are currently underway with 5 participating schools: Ivey, CBS, WU, RSM, and LSM. In the next phases we’re going to expand to the entire CEMS network, so stay tuned for that!




2041 is an organization dedicated to educating leaders of today and tomorrow about sustainability of our planet. They organize an annual expedition where a limited number of students and corporate leaders join experts to explore the Antarctic Peninsula, gain firsthand knowledge on climate change, and debate the issues facing the planet. This year the Global Sustainability team has been granted a spot on the expedition with the commitment to share the learning’s and experiences gained with the CEMS community. Please visit for more information and check out the Youth Ambassador Program if you’d like to apply to be part of the expedition!


CEMStainability is a booklet that our team publishes everywhere highlighting sustainability and social responsibility activities from CEMS students around the world. In the last edition, we had 14 articles from various schools and individual students with over 3000 download (found on http://www. If you would like to highlight an initiative please send us an article (with pictures) by December 15th. The next issue will be published in February. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about any of our projects, send us an email at:

We would love to hear from you! Margot Fafchamps Jakub Florkiewicz Ines Jesus Sina Vaziri



CEMS Club Support & Globalization

From the left: Top row: Jose Ramirez, Anthony Solaire, Philipp Sommer, Akshay Goel Bottom row: Michael Raimund Dornkasch, Jana Kaminski, Rimli Das Gupta, Emir Cetinel

On the top of our to do list for the Sao Paulo was the reorganization of the CCS and the Globalization team as most of our projects had significant overlaps and synergies were not yet fully exploited. In the end we decided to merge the two teams, so we ended up with quite a large team and even more interesting projects. Ending projects

CEMS Club Conference

The two leaving teammates Jose and Jana are about to finish the projects they have been working on for the last weeks and months. Jose finalizes guidelines about how CEMS clubs should engage corporate partners as sponsors for their activities, especially for funding regional events. Jana rethought in a joint effort with the executive team the role of the student board members. A corresponding role description will be published soon. One of the major outcomes is that the student board representatives will assume more responsibility for their schools’ CEMS clubs.

The main time and effort is currently devoted to organizing the CEMS Club Conference that will be held in Budapest prior to the Career Forum (you can read more about it in this newsletter on page 14). In Sao Paulo we discussed the final schedule of the conference to provide the most possible value add to our target clients – the club presidents. On that conference, we will not only discuss most of our own projects but also connect the presidents with the CEMS head office contacts and gather ideas for new initiatives that our team will then bring forward. 10


CEMS Club Websites

In Sao Paulo, our team held a workshop for the club toolkit, which is supposed to become the number one reference point for new and established CEMS Clubs. In there, we will collect all necessary information that help establish and run a CEMS Club, including amongst others guidelines for the setting up a structure, communication, and involving corporate partners. In Budapest we will hold two more workshops with the club presidents to use their experience for that toolkit.

Another issue that was frequently brought up by CEMS Clubs is the development and hosting of a standardized club homepage. We have developed a concept on how this could work within the current environment. In Budapest we will present the concept and estimated costs to the presidents and hope for positive feedback. If we can convince a sufficiently high number of clubs to take part in that project we will go ahead with them on an individual level.

CEMS Club Best Practice

Ambassador Program

Also, in the conference the presidents will elect the CEMS Club Best Practice. In Sao Paulo we finalized the concept on how to, for the first time, include the submission of CEMS club best practices in the CEMS Club Award. Right after the Sao Paulo we asked all presidents to submit their best practice of 2013, which will collect and publish later. The three most inspiring events are selected by our team and the corresponding presidents will be given the chance to pitch their practice in Budapest. The other presidents will then vote and according to their ranking bonus points will be awarded to the clubs that counts towards the Club Award 2013.

The ambassador program is now as well part of the CCS team. In Sao Paulo we conducted a handover to the next generation of student board members. Moreover, a final list of prospective ambassadors was created. These prospects are currently contacted and asked whether they would be interested in helping to set up CEMS Clubs in schools where today there is none. Podio remains the knowledge sharing platform of the student board and the CCS team takes care that information is properly being stored there as well as introducing the platforms’ functions to new members of the student board.

All the best, Jose Ramirez

Anthony Solaire Philipp Sommer Akshay Goel Michael Raimund Dornkasch Jana Kaminski Rimli Das Gupta Emir Cetinel



Marketing & Communications

From the left: Phuong Ky, Anna Rogozina, Jo Holmsen, Petteri Jalonen, Anna Lemke, Robin Vlaming

The S達o Paulo meeting was an important milestone for the M&C team: due to a great internal team organization, we were able to focus on the elaboration of current projects and development of new ones. Furthermore, we welcomed two new highly motivated team members, Philip and Robin, to our team and are excited to see our activity plan through to the next meeting in Barcelona! Merchandize

Social Media

We are all set for the sale of merchandise in Budapest and Barcelona and are already working on a feedback survey to find out about reception of the products and possible improvements. This year, we will also be offering sale over-the-counter in Budapest. Also, further work has been done in terms of a new CEMS merchandize platform for the future.

Regarding the social media presence of CEMS, we have made incredible progress this year with a great number of CEMSies being engaged via Facebook. In order to keep this up, we created exciting content to be posted in the upcoming months and also worked on social media guidelines for all stakeholders in order to ensure a coherent online presence. Additionally, we will work on consolidating the CEMS presence on youtube as well as a video on how to improve your personal Linked-In profile. 12


Regarding the social media presence of CEMS, we have made incredible progress this year with a great number of CEMSies being engaged via Facebook.

Alumni Affairs A big focus of the São Paulo meeting were Alumnirelated projects and a lot has happened in this area. We presented best-practices from other (non-CEMS) Alumni Associations in order to get some fresh ideas for new projects. During a workshop, in which we discussed the results of the recent Idealumni survey distributed among all current CEMS students, we talked about possibilities to improve the visibility of the CAA (CEMS Alumni Association) as this was one major learning we got from the analysis of the survey results. As a first step, we will come up with a proposal to align the presence of local CEMS Alumni Chapters on Facebook in order to make them easier accessible for everybody.

A great outcome of the meeting was also that we established a tight cooperation with Wieteke Dupain, the Executive Director of the CAA, as well as the CAAB (CEMS Alumni Association Board) and will closely work together with them from now on. Joint projects include the SAMP (Student Alumni Mentoring Program) and a clean-up of the CEMS Linked-In group. The Alumni of the Month project, for which we are currently revising the format, will be continued next year. Publications Additionally, we have contributed to the CEMS Magazine which was just published and will also be involved in the next issue. Last but not least, we published this newsletter for you – we hope you enjoyed it!

Best regards, Jo Holmsen Petteri Jalonen Anna Lemke Anna Rogozina Robin Vlaming Ky Anh Phuong



CEMS Club Conference

For the fourth consecutive year, the Student Board is honoured to organize the CEMS Club Conference in Budapest on 14.–15.11.2013, just before the Career Forum. The CEMS Club Conference (CCC) is our flagship event where we gather CEMS Club Presidents from all CEMS Academic Partner universities to meet up, connect, and share their experiences and best practices. The event offers the possibility for representatives from all CEMS Schools worldwide to engage in topics that are important for every stakeholder within the CEMS community. The event’s main goal is improving the CEMSational experience of every single CEMS Student. Furthermore it is an opportunity to meet people with a similar mindset, interested in internationalism, development and sustainability. Given the international focus of CEMS and its growth into different countries on various continents, this year’s theme will be “Cross-Border Communication within a Global Alliance”. The aim is to draw the attention on how we can improve communication within the global CEMS alliance to establish and strengthen relations across borders between the different CEMS Clubs, the Student Board, Alumni, Corporate Partners and other Social Partners of CEMS.

The CEMS Club Conference also provides a platform for different stakeholders to meet the local CEMS Clubs and their respective presidents. Hence, we are more than glad to have representatives from the Head Office in France involved in the conference. Furthermore, the interest of Corporate Partners was also overwhelming with Skoda Auto and Daymon Worldwide being part of the conference and giving company presentations and explaining their practical approach to “Cross-Border Communication within a Global Alliance”. In friendly collaboration with Corvinus University in Budapest, the CCC takes place on campus in the beautiful buildings of the university, which are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It will also be a cultural and culinary delight to try out the Hungarian rich cuisine and see the Danube and Elisabeth Bridge in its fluorescent lights during night. Hence, we also look forward to learn more about the Hungarian culture during these days. The CEMS Club Support (CCS) Team, representing the entire Student Board is currently fully involved in the preparations for the conference and we look forward to a productive, yet interesting and delightful conference.



Photos from the Meeting



Who is your Student Board representative? AALTO


Petteri Jalonen

Rimli Das Gupta



Eszter T贸th

Flavio Soriano



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Anthony Solaire

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Michael Dornkasch michael.raimund.dornkasch@

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Sina Vaziri

Emir Cetinel




Francesco Malatesta francesco.malatesta@cemsmail. org

Margot Fafchamps



Leda Rivero Melendez

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Ky Anh Phuong

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Jakub Florkiewicz

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Andrea Bianchi andrea.renato.stefano.bianchi@

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Philipp Sommer

Jose Ramirez jose.carlos.ramirez.gomez



Anna Lemke

Bianka Borcsiczky




2013 Sao Paulo Student Board Newsletter  

Newsletter of the CEMS Student Board Sao Paulo meeting, October 2013