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Summary Student Board Meeting & CEMS Club Conference

Dublin, April 2nd – 5th, 2014

Executive Team On behalf of all 25 Student Board Representatives, the Executive Team is very happy to have welcomed 19 participants to the first joint CEMS Club Conference and Student Board meeting, in beautiful Dublin. Promoting communication between CCs, SB Members and the CEMS Head-office was at the centre of enhancing the CEMS community spirit globally. Future planning and content creation for the Academic Directors meeting in St Petersburg at the end of April and the Program Managers meeting in June were two important pillars of the event. It was a pleasure to present our results on the student feedback study for the newly introduced RGL seminar, the local CEMS governance structure, our SAMP best practices guide, and more. This has been one of our largest and most result-orientated meetings to date, and we are looking forward to replicating this in September in vibrant Istanbul.

CEMS Club Support The Dublin meeting was a very important one for the team, held in tandem with the CEMS Club Conference (CCC) - a great platform to raise and discuss common challenges with the CC Presidents. During the two days, many significant issues were brought up regarding knowledge transfer, managing alumni and corporate relations and best practices. Following up on the CCC, our team will manage the cooperation between the Student Board, Head Office and the CEMS Clubs in order to find the best solutions to our challenges.

Global Sustainability The meeting in Dublin allowed the team to define a more strategic approach towards sustainability within CEMS and as a team in the Student Board. The current focus, New Generation Consulting ( will continue to grow in the near future as the number of projects and students involved increase. In the mid-term, the team plans to escalate the Global Sustainability Day initiative, expanding the number of participating schools until it becomes truly CEMS global. Last but not least, the team will assess the viability of two new projects: CEMS Forest and CEMS Carbon Footprint.


MIM Affairs The team completed the FT Ranking completed the FT Ranking analysis and handed in the Corporate Benchmarking Report, which describes and evaluates  22 different activities  Corporate Partners can implement to attract CEMS students. MIM Affairs used the opportunity to drive the evaluation of the Responsible Global Leadership Seminar, thereby reaching an increase in response rate of 75% during the SB meeting. Moreover, a focus group session for this project was conducted. A preliminary report will be delivered at the Academic Director Meeting, St. Petersburg. In addition MIM Affairs outlined projects regarding Virtual Engagement of Corporate Partners and Students and the analysis of the Schools Quality Ranking. The third project is the development of a CEMS App (in a cross-team collaboration) including an assessment of feasibility of implementation and financing. The responsible project leaders will deliver results during both the Istanbul meetings and the Annual Events in Brussels.

Marketing and Communications Perhaps the most exciting project from the M&C Team is the imminent launch of the CEMS Happy video movement. Furthermore, the team will focus on leveraging information about the Student Board and its activities via various social media channels to bolster community engagement. To boost the sales of CEMS products we are going to encourage the “ordering in bulk” system for schools on a regular basis and will work on the proposal of changing the online store strategy with the Head Office. Don´t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Alumni Relations The team has been busy concluding the SAMP (Student-Alumni Mentorship Program) Best Practice project, and had the opportunity to present it to the CEMS Club presidents. Together with the CAA (CEMS Alumni Association) we are also close to launching a virtual mentoring platform… stay tuned! Furthermore, we discussed the idea of Alumni Ambassadors within companies and worked together with the CAA on projects to further improve the visibility of alumni among the CEMS network, which includes for example the Alumni of the Quarter elections. We defined our action plan in lead up to the next Student Board Meeting and are excited about our close cooperation with the CAA.


Team Members Executive Team Rimli Das Gupta – CBS Robin Vlamin – UCD

MIM Affairs Dominik Bold – HSG Andrea Bianchi – UB Romain Martignier – FGV Sofiene Marzouki – RSM Ilker Sarialioglu – LSE Konrad Semsch – SGH Bianka Borcsickzy - WU

Alumni Relations Anna Lemke - VSE Dominik Tartler - UCD Phuong Ky – NUS Carla Külby -USYD

Marketing & Communication Leda Rivero – NHH Anna Rogozina – GSOM Sara Montonen - Aalto

CEMS Club Support Nelli Gyöngyösi - CUB Akshay Goel – IIMC Anthony Solaire – HEC Enno Zhang – TSEM Antoinette de Hennin – LSM Clara Nordlander – SSE Michael Dornkasch - HKUST

Global Sustainability Sergi Capdevila – ESADE Ines Jesus – NOVA Emir Cetinel – KOÇ Omar Itani – IVEY Philip Kettelhodt - UoC

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More information on each Team and other news will be published in May in the Student Board Newsletter

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