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CEMS OFFICE WU VIENNA Proposition CEMS Worldwide Running on the occasion of the IfU Management Meile 14.06.2013

Agenda 1. Idea

2. Purpose 3. Occasion / Event

4. Organization 5. Rules 6. Tracking 7. Competitions 8. Party / Skype-Session after

Idea During the Tokyo meeting of Academic Directors, the following idea was developed by Jonas Puck, Gyula Zilahy and Edgard Barki, ADs of Vienna, Budapest and Sao Paolo: •

Organization of a CEMSational 5km run

Participation of CEMS schools worldwide

Simultaneous running (regardless of time lag)

Decentralized time-keeping and organization

Aggregation of all times via the CEMS Office Vienna

Awarding of the Best CEMS runner 2013 and best CEMS running teams 2013

Purpose Such a simultaneous sporting event would: •

Increase interaction of CEMS schools

Elevate the global CEMS Spirit

Give the alliance a sports facet

Be a great marketing event

Possibility: WU IfU-Managementmeile in Vienna on 14th June 2013

CEMS runners at the WU IfU Managementmeile in summer 2012

Occasion / Event Every year, the Institute for Strategic Management and Management Control (IfU) of the WU Vienna organizes a 5km run called „WU IfU Managementmeile“: •

14 June 2013, 18:30

Participation fee of € 7,00

All WU students, faculty and stakeholders can participate

Professional time-keeping via chip

Individual running and/or teams of 3

Awards and prizes

The IfU-Institute of WU Vienna and its head of institute have already given their approval.

Organization In the context of the Management-Mile a CEMS competition could be incorporated. •

CEMS Office Vienna + CEMS Club Vienna as main organizers

Nearby universities (St. Gallen, Budapest,…) could come to run the actual Managementmeile

CEMS Office Vienna would pay the participation fee for all CEMS runners present in Vienna

Other universities would join to run simultaneously

Time-keeping would be decentralized, then transmitted to Vienna to evaluate the winners

Rules The following is a proposition for rules (additional to the ones by the IfU-Institute) • Unlimited number of universities, unlimited number of runners • eligible: CEMS students, faculty, office personnel, alumni, CP rep‘s

• Per university set-up of teams possible • Participation as individual runner, and additionally as teams possible • Teams of 3 people, separated into 2 categories: Students & mixed • Mixed teams = min. 1 current student & 1 faculty member/staff/CP rep • 5 km track • Time-keeping via RunTastic or Nike Plus (in Vienna via chip) • Photos / pictures as proof for actual running to be provided

Tracking In Vienna there will be professional time-keeping with a running chip. For the other universities, the use of a running app would be recommendable. 1. Runtastic App / Nike+ The apps are available for all kinds of smartphone and allows you to upload tracks on the web and compare times. Other apps would also be eligible, however, then a screenshot would have to be sent. → However, preferred solution: 1 common app

2. Stopwatch For participants without a smartphone, normal stopwatch time-keeping would also be an option (predefined track necessary). The time would have to be registered and send via e-mail, together with the other times.

Competitions Besides the invidual competition there will be a team score: • 2 categories: CEMS-STUDENTS and CEMS-MIXED • 1 team = 3 people

• Mixed: min. 1 student, min. 1 faculty/office/CP • Unlimited number of teams • Teams have to be announced upfront

In addition, one could implement winners for • Best track (sights/scenery/shape) • Best outfits • Best team picture • Best university (average time of all runners)

Party / Conference Call After the times have been transmitted (via app or simply email contact) and the evaluation has taken place, a common conference call could be held to announce the winners. •

Times should be transmitted via e-mail or on the app platform immediately after the run


Prepared timesheet (Google Docs) to evaluate winners once all data have been entered


Conference call via Skype / Google Hangout to announce winners

Next steps In case that the proposition is well received by the CEMS Head Office and other CEMS universities, these would be the following next steps •

Approach IfU-Institute to check whether they approve such a competition within the Managementmeile

Set up official rules

Invite all CEMS universities and CEMS Clubs

Set up a registration form and tracks

The presentation has been made by: CEMS Club Vienna

CEMS Office Vienna

Patrick Spath Vice-President / Student Tutor 0043 688 9569 792

Prof. Dr. Jonas Puck Academic Director 0043 1 31336 4318

CEMS Global Run Proposal  
CEMS Global Run Proposal  

Proposal for the CEMS Global Run