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Corporate I D E N T I T Y

Within this corporate identity charter guide you will find the new CEMS logo and its baseline in a variety of applications. In addition to the new corporate logo, new logos have also been designed for the CEMS Master’s in International Management, the Student Board, the Alumni Association, and the many CEMS Clubs. Each of these you will find in a number of variations. The graphic charter is designed to help you pass on the message through your various forms of communication that CEMS can well and truly be regarded as the global alliance in Management education.

Corporate Identity Charter: a statement of intent

a statement of intent

As we embark on a new chapter in the history of CEMS that sees schools from all around the world join the alliance, the need to reflect this new direction in our logo and baseline is essential. The initial mission of creating a Pan-European model of Management education has been achieved with great success and will continue to be a fundamental aspect of the alliance. However, the world of education and the world at large have changed markedly since the creation of CEMS in 1988. As we welcome students, schools and companies from all continents, it is important that the message goes out beyond the CEMS community that we have well and truly gone global. The new CEMS logo and baseline are the expression of this fact.

Monogram The two “Cs� represent various facets of the CEMS alliance: the meeting of two worlds (academic and corporate) as one and in fraternity, the creation of a global alliance, and the promotion of friendship beyond borders. The rounded shape of the symbol creates movement, dynamism and animation (in keeping with the energy of the alliance and its members) as well as a balance with the rectangular shape of the CEMS name. The choice of symbol also conveys classicism, prestige and sophistication, mirroring the exclusivity of the CEMS alliance and the excellence of the graduates it produces and the schools and companies that it welcomes.

Logotype The CEMS name is spelt out in capital letters in order to retain the prestigious, institutional nature of the organisation as a whole. The characters have been spaced out in order to convey the dynamism and open-mindedness that CEMS embodies. The letters have been finished off with serifs in order to bring across a certain class and exclusivity, balanced with a rounded shape designed to translate movement within.

Colours A deeper blue has been chosen in order to emphasise the seriousness and prestige of the CEMS alliance and its members.

Pantone 275

Pantone 143

A yellow with a tint of orange has been used in order to convey the youth and dynamism that characterise the alliance. The combination of colours provides a balance of sobriety, nobility, calm, rigour and seriousness, with warmth, conviviality, vitality, brilliance and intelligence.

CEMS Logo The CEMS logotype is made up of two inseparable elements: the monogram composed of the two “Cs“ as well as a typography for the name “CEMS“. For any reproduction of the logotype, it is necessary to use the files available on the CD-ROM enclosed and to follow the guidelines presented in the Graphic Charter.

Logo and Baseline The baseline conveys the principle values and mission of CEMS: the mission of providing a top-class Management education that will prepare students of the CEMS MIM for a global managerial career, and this in close partnership with academic and corporate institutions from around the world.

CEMS and member Logo The CEMS logo and the logo of academic partners are to be set to scale. Both logotypes are to be aligned so either their midpoint or their letters [if applicable] sit on the same baseline.

Typeface Rotis Serif The choice of font is designed to mirror the values and characteristics of CEMS: the fine letters with serif embody excellence, intelligence and subtlety, whilst the straight, upright capital letters convey prestige, status and rigour. Space between the letters reinforces the institutional nature of the font.

Typo The version without serif adds a modern, contemporary feel to the visual identity, reflecting the youth, dynamism and commitment of the students, alumni, schools and companies that comprise the CEMS alliance.

Rotis sans Serif

Rotis Serif 55

Rotis sans Serif 55

ABCDEFGHIJKMN OPQRSTVWXYZ abcdefghijk mnopqrstvwxyz 123456789

A BCD E F G H I J K L M NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

Rotis Serif 65

Rotis sans Serif 65

ABCDEFGHIJKMN OPQRSTVWXYZ abcdefghijkmn opqrstvwxyz 123456789

ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

Rotis Serif 56 Italic

Rotis sans Serif 56 Italic

ABCDEFGHIJKMN OPQRSTVWXYZ abcdefghijk mnopqrstvwxyz 123456789

A BCD E F G H I J K L M NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 123456789


CEMS MIM Logo The logo is assembled by adding the “MIM” acronym to the main CEMS logo. Together the letters form a single brand name, CEMS MIM. The “MIM” extension of the CEMS logo, highlighted in yellow, conveys the idea that the program emanates from the overall organisation and carries with it the same values: excellence, exclusivity and fraternity.

Student Board Logo The logo derives from the main CEMS logo, with “Student Board� positioned underneath the CEMS name. The Student Board is a part of the overall organisation and, as such, is displayed in the same dominant blue colour.

Alumni Association Logo The logo derives from the main CEMS logo, with “Alumni Association� positioned underneath the CEMS name. The Alumni Association is a part of the alliance and is, therefore, displayed in the same dominant blue colour.

CEMS Club Logo The logo derives from the main CEMS logo, with “Club” and the city name positioned underneath “CEMS”. CEMS Clubs are a part of the global alliance, and therefore their logos display the dominant blue colour, while their city name is highlighted by the use of lower case letters.

Logo design: Frédéric de Bonnechose and François Buch NOIR SUR BLANC international communications agency

CEMS Corporate Identity