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NEWSLETTER Barcelona Meeting



Table of contents Executive Team 3 Interview with the new Executive Team 4 Interview - Wieteke Dupain, Alumni Director 6 Alumni Relations 8 Global Sustainability Team 10 Cems Club Support 12 Marketing & Communications 14 MIM Affairs 16 Interview - Igor Nishimura, Alumnus of the Year 18 Who is your Student Board representative? 20



Executive Team

Dear Reader, 2013, what a year. It marked the 25 year anniversary of the founding of the CEMS Alliance by visionaries from Bocconi, ESADE, UoC and HEC, the 20 years anniversary of the CEMS Alumni Association and the Student Board, born in 2000 had its 13th Birthday. A remarkable 2013 lies behind us and a promising 2014 full of opportunities is awaiting. Every year the Student Board is striving to have a greater influence on our community and to push everyone to get the most out of their CEMS experience. Looking back at 2013 we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a roundup of our activities and an outlook on what we have planned for the future.

From the left: Rimli das Gupta, Robin Vlaming

The CEMS Student Board is the foremost representative institution for all students in our global alliance. With our five subcommittees and Executive Team we are able to make a visible impact and provide valuable contributions throughout the entire network. The MIM affairs team is concerned with all issues revolving the curriculum of our MIM, key achievements include the FTrankings analysis performed by the Student Board and presented to the CEMS Executive Board. Our CEMS Club Support team is dedicated to improve the CEMS experience by supporting the set-up and management of local CEMS Clubs and has organized the CEMS Club Conference I Budapest. Our Globalisation and CEMS Social Responsibility team joined forces to form the Global Sustainability team, dedicated to address issues arising from the globalization of our alliance and proudly introduced the first ever CEMS Global Sustainability Day in 2013 and hired the first generation of CEMS Ambassadors for 2014. The Marketing & Communication conducted the first ever IdealAlumni survey for CEMS and is ever increasing our visibility of our activities in social media and the community.

Finally the new found Alumni Relations team is a vote of confidence of the Student Board in the growing importance and potential of the CEMS Alumni, which was formalized by a contract signing between the CAAB and Student Board during the Annual events in Barcelona. For 2014, the foremost goals of the Student Board are the continued increase in visibility and accessibility in all parts of our community, the strengthening and support of the CEMS Alumni in our network, improved management of knowledge within our organization. We would strongly like to encourage you to keep on challenging us with fresh ideas and insights throughout the year. We are here to provide the CEMS Students with a voice in the CEMS community and to create value for all of us involved. Please never hesitate to get in touch with your local Student Board Representative, our project teams or the Executive Team.

Yours CEMSerely, Rimli Das Gupta (CBS) Robin Vlaming (UCD) President Vice-President/Treasurer 3


Interview with the new Executive Team


my exchange at NOVA School of Business and Economics in Lisbon in spring 2014. I am looking forward to yet another great experience to get to know a very different culture.

Rimli: The SB meeting in Sao Paolo was my first meeting, but already then I had a great experience working with a team that is globally spread. It was fascinating for me to see how a team of dedicated students is able to deliver results while managing almost all of it virtually and balancing it with school and free time. When I then found out that the new Executive Team is to be elected in October, I realized that I would like to take up this challenge to continue working with this dedicated team. Besides, I also knew that the position of the president and reporting to the different stakeholders would be a grand step in my personal development. Apart from managing the Student Board, I am also a voting member in the Executive Board and the Academic Committee and accountable to them. Thus, I saw this challenge as an amazing opportunity for me to grow and leave an impact in the Student Board.

On a professional level, I have worked as a teacher in English and German next to studies. Apart from that I have done internships in an Austrian bank and a Danish instrument company for strategic market entry into the Germanspeaking market. Robin: Second of three brothers, born and raised in Germany of Dutch/German parents I grew up in a small town in the Northern part of the country. After high school I started working fulltime for three years before pursuing the first academic degree in my family in the Netherlands, running my first IT start-up for three years besides studying. As part of my bachelor I spent working half a year in financial services in Chile and studied one semester in Costa Rica. Graduated with honours, I kept on to start CEMS at the UCD in Dublin and will spend my semester abroad in Vienna at the WU.

Robin: We, the students can contribute tremendous value to the CEMS community and I felt the responsibility to do my best to influence it for the better. With dawning austerity measures in our Alliance and shifting ranking positions I experiences the desire to not only be a consumer of the CEMS programme but to take a look into what is going on behind the curtains. My fellow students and Student Board members rewarded my honest ambitions with their trust and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in this position.

3. WHAT ARE THE MAIN CHALLENGES IN THIS POSITION? Rimli: The different stakeholders in various countries certainly pose a big challenge when it comes to communication and information flow. Particularly, since our main focus is to strengthen the network of all stakeholders in CEMS. This year a focus is particularly put on Alumni and Corporate Relations. It is one of our biggest challenges to include them more in the network, by organizing and promoting more local chapters, alumni and student events and also improving the communication flow.

2. BACKGROUND Rimli: My parents are Indian and I was born and raised in Austria. After igh school, I did my Bachelor in Business Administration at Vienna University of Economics and Business. During my Bachelor studies, I heard of CEMS for the first time. I knew that it is a programme I wanted to do, knowing that I want to pursue an international career. I was confident that the emphasis on cultural empathy in management, importance of fluency in three languages and the international network provided by the programme will help me develop even more. Yet, I wanted to explore other countries and hence opted for a Master in Applied Economics and Finance at Copenhagen Business School. During my first semester, I applied for the CEMS programme and got elected. After having spent my first three semesters in Copenhagen I am escaping the Scandinavian winter to do

Apart from that, it is important to focus on knowledge management, as the presidents’ legacy is restricted to one year. Hence, our second focus is to ensure that information and knowledge is fully shared and also easily accessible.



Robin: Trustworthiness, reliability and an eye for numbers need to be a given for the Treasurer part of my position. With my previous professional and volunteering experience in comparable positions in other organisations I am confident to do this job to your full satisfaction. However as Vicepresident it is also very important to be a team player, to give and receive feedback and to bounce off ideas from one another. I our upcoming term we will face the challenge of coping with budget cuts while the alliance is still growing and the Student Board being involved in a growing number of projects all around the globe. Furthermore the creation and preserving of knowledge within the Student Board is one of our main challenges.

6. WITH MORE THAN 1000 STUDENTS ON 4 CONTINENTS AND REPRESENTATIVES IN 28 SCHOOLS, HOW DOES COMMUNICATION LOOK LIKE WHEN WORKING TOGETHER? Rimli: Due to the geographical distance, it is indeed a challenge to communicate. However it is one that all MNCs in today’s world face. Apart from the geographical distance, we also need to consider differences in time zones and the schedules of each of us, still being students. Physical Student Board meetings happen three times in a year on a rotary basis in various CEMS Schools. These meetings are very crucial as the close collaboration within teams is ensured when the team members actually get to meet and understand their colleagues. Throughout the year, the internal communication takes place through Skype calls and Emails and the web-based platform Podio to exchange information and files. The external communication with all students happens mostly through emails and Facebook, but also Twitter. We try to make use of Social Media as much as possible to ensure a broader global reach.

4. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ENSURE YOU CONTINUE TO GROW AND DEVELOP AS A LEADER? Above all it is important to critically reflect on one’s own performance. Also, I need to learn from my mistakes to make sure that I do not repeat the same. Thereafter, I think that by taking feedback seriously and also making sure to change my leadership style according to the team, I will grow. Apart from that, constant communication with team members and developing an empathy towards understanding team dynamics is essential. 5. HOW DO YOU HELP NEW SB REPS TO UNDERSTAND THE CULTURE OF THE STUDENT BOARD AND THE NATURE OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES? Robin: Our predecessors and we developed clear rules on the responsibilities and rights of Student Board members, making it a clear goal to manage expectations and increase the transparency and visibility of our activities in the CEMS community. As mentioned, knowledge management will be one of the key goals for 2014, with the aim to accommodate incoming Student Board representatives in their new positions and to minimise the loss due to brain drain. Ideally, new Student Board representatives have a handover meeting with their predecessor where possible, as well as an introductory call at the beginning of their term with Rimli and me to determine the wishes and aspirations of the individual, as well as detailed handover material and a welcome by their respective team leaders to blend in their team as soon as possible.




Wieteke Dupain - Executive Director CEMS Alumni Association Former CEMS roles a.o.: Student Board President 2004-2005, LC Netherlands, LC UK CEMS MIM: RSM Erasmus University & ESADE Work experience: UN World Food Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Microsoft, RSM Erasmus University, Thomson Reuters YOU STUDIED CEMS MIM AT RSM ERASMUS UNIVERSITY AND ESADE. WORKED, AMONGST OTHERS, AT THE UNITED NATIONS, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND THOMSON REUTERS IN BOLIVIA, NEW YORK AND LONDON. HOW DID YOU START WORKING FOR CEMS? In 2012 former CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) VP, Torsten Rowekamp, asked me to consider CAA Board membership. I doubted, my work and life were quite busy already, but at the end, I applied. It sounded like coming years would become an exciting period of professionalization for the CAA globally. The new governance structure proposed that all Board members would be supported by a, to be hired, full-time CAA Director. Further, the Board would increase from four to eleven Board members all focused on bringing the CAA to the next level.

HOW DO YOU EXPERIENCE WORKING FOR CEMS FULL-TIME SO FAR? When I just started I missed my former colleagues and friends at Thomson Reuters, but was very touched by the warm welcome of my new colleagues at the CEMS Head Office and CAA Board. They are all exceptional individuals and I feel very blessed to work with them. I was very amazed about how much things are going on globally within the CEMS network at any given moment in time. As a CEMS alumna and even as CAA Board member, I was really not aware of the huge activity across the world, of all achievements of our students, alumni, academics and faculty and the major amounts of coordination this takes from the small team working at the CEMS Head Office.

One of my goals is to make the CEMS events and End 2012 I was elected as one of the Board members. activities, and specifically success stories in the CEMS On a Sunday in February, I was reading through the network, more visible so they can act as advice and job application of the newly to hire Director to edit it inspiration to others. before publication. I thought, this is a fantastic job and started to wonder why I should not apply myself. Just COULD YOU HIGHLIGHT ONE OR TWO before, my partner and I had realized that for the next ACHIEVEMENTS FROM THE CAA WITHIN THE few years, my partners’ dream job would not coincide PAST FEW MONTHS? with my career at Thomson Reuters in either London or New York. I decided to inform the Board, I could One of the most important roles of the CAA is to no longer lead the search for a full-time Director, as I support the Alumni Local Committees to offer CEMS was now interested in the role myself. After a period alumni across the world a local social network, advice, of interview and selection rounds with all candidates I mentoring and support, access to career services, was very excited when the Board informed me I got the personal development opportunities, discounts and job….! events.



To support the Alumni Local Committees we published a comprehensive LC Starter Guide that explains how to set up a new LC and what to expect as newly elected LC Board members. We are currently in the process of reactivating and building new LCs and Shared Interest Groups. If you are interested to become active, let us know!

Yes. Anna Lemke and Anna Rogozina from the CEMS Student Board launched a survey in 2013 to enquire the perception and expectations of CEMS students from the CEMS Alumni Association. CEMS students can expect the CEMS Alumni Association to act upon the results of Another key achievement at the global level has been the study and the recommendations they gave. to close a partnership deal with to create together a CEMS unique online Global Advisory & The most desirable benefits students expect are the Mentoring Platform (GAMP). This initiative is part opportunity to stay connected (online platform), career of a larger effort to increase the number and quality services, access to knowledge and mentorship. In of CEMS Career Services and personal development addition, unfortunately it appeared awareness of CEMS opportunities offered to CEMS Alumni and Students. students of the CAA and LCs appeared is very low. The GAMP will enable Alumni and Students to register for advisory sessions with experienced professionals In 2014 we will work with the Alumni Relations team around the world. Services offered will be resume and lead in the Student Board, Anna Lemke, on improving cover letter critiques, general career and regional advice visibility of the CAA and LC with students. Further, we conversations and mock-interviews. The GAMP will have started to work on an improved website and online launch for Alumni in Q1’14, later in the year registration platform to connect Alumni and Students and to offer improved career services and personal development will open up for Students. opportunities.



Alumni Relations

From the left: Anna Lemke, Dominik Tartler, Philip Ky Anh Phuong

Until the meeting in Barcelona, all work related with CEMS Alumni and the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) was administered by the Marketing & Communication Team. Since the whole Student Board would like to focus more on Alumni related work in the following years, it was decided to split the Marketing & Communications Team and create an individual team solely working on Alumni related projects. This was made official during the General Assembly of the CEMS Alumni Association where an Agreement of Cooperation between the Student Board and the CAAB was signed.

Idealumni Survey

Alumni of the Quarter

The results of the survey regarding the perception of the CAA among CEMS Students was presented during the General Assembly of the CAA in Barcelona. We received very positive feedback on our results and will work together with the CAAB and the local Alumni Chapters to improve the visibility and interconnectedness of CEMS Alumni and CEMS Students.

Together with the Head Office and the CAA, we piloted the campaign Alumni of the Month which led to the election of the Alumni of the Year. This title was awarded to Igor Nishimura during the Annual Events in Barcelona. We see this campaign as a great way to increase the visibility of Alumni within the CEMS Community and create engagement across the organization. Therefore, this campaign will be continued next year, only we will change the elections to only be held once a quarter. So stay tuned for the first election round in spring!



We are working together with the CEMS Head Office and the CAAB on a online Global Alumni Mentorship Platform (GAMP).

together and profit from the incredible CEMS network. SAMP – Student Alumni Mentoring Program We are currently working on the possiblility to host a topic-based conference for Student and Alumni next We evaluated best practices across CEMS schools year. Ideas include an entrepreneurship summit or regarding the Student Alumni Mentoring Program offering Alumni specific events on one of the CEMS in order to set a common standard and ensure this regional conferences. program to be offered in a similar matter at every school in the CEMS Community. In addition, we are working Last but not least, the Alumni Relations Team is working together with the CEMS Head Office and the CAAB on together with the Marketing and Communications a online Global Alumni Mentorship Platform (GAMP). Team on extending the new Online Merchandise Store to include more products that appeal to CEMS Alumni Finally, we discussed various different other – as a first example, check out the CEMS Onezie online! opportunities for CEMS Students and Alumni to come

All the best, Dominik Tartler Philip Ky Anh Phuong Anna Lemke



Global Sustainability Team

From the left: Sergi Capdevila, Ines Jesus, Sina Vaziri, Margot Fafchamps, Emir Çetinel

The Student Board meeting in Barcelona was an essential step for the accomplishments of the Global Sustainability Team plans. With the change of purpose in the team and taking on an active role in developing responsible leaders in the CEMS Alliance, the Global Sustainability team has become more project-oriented and the Annual Event in Barcelona was key in developing these projects further. Global Value Statement This Student Board initiative aims at fostering the sense of responsible leadership, integrity in actions and global citizenship by inviting graduates at every Annual Event to sign a statement in which they show accountability for their actions and uphold the values of the CEMS Alliance. Since Barcelona was the home of this year’s graduation, the team had to ensure the graduates were aware of the statement and with this in mind we produced an introduction memo that appeared on the Graduation Event booklet, and had two previous Student Board members presenting it on stage. We hope this was as meaningful to the graduates as it was to us, and that several brave students entering the business world now are proud of wearing the CEMS sweater in the knowledge that it makes them not only good recruiting material in the academic sense, but most importantly good individuals.


CEMS STUDENT BOARD - BARCELONA NEWSLETTER New Generation Consulting The project created by CEMS students to offer pro-bono consulting services to social enterprises has officially become a CEMS Student Board project. It aims at reaching a global scale and being an integral part of the CEMS experience. During this semester two projects were developed, Nurmi and GreenRiders, with two international teams of CEMS students of seven different nationalities. Barcelona was a crucial moment since one of the founders of the project was present to assist in the official handover of this project. Also, we developed more projects, a partnership with BIP Africa, and finally we defined the strategic plan and official team that will be unleashing this project’s immense potential in the CEMS Alliance. For more information check or our Facebook page. Besides these two projects that were marked by clear achievements or changes during the Annual Events in Barcelona, all our other projects were still touched upon, and are worth mentioning. The CEMStainability Booklet is starting to be compiled with global and local initiatives relating to sustainability and social issues. If you have any initiatives worth sharing, do not forget to send us your article and showcase the best your CEMS School has to offer on this topic! The Global Sustainability Day had happened simultaneously in Ivey, CBS, WU, RSM and LSM just before the meeting, on the 22nd of November and got very positive feedback. The final reports are being developed, to be present in the CEMStainability Booklet as well, and this initiative is expected to be expanded to the entire Alliance soon. For project 2041 we worked on finalizing our sponsorship proposal for Corporate Partners, to be able to send CEMS Student Board representatives to the Inspire Antarctic Expedition 2014. Visit to learn more about the organization focused on our planet’s sustainability. Lastly, the meeting marked a big shift in the team. We sadly said goodbye to Margot and Sina who attended their last meeting. But also happily welcomed Sergi that just joined for his first meeting, and Emir who came from the CEMS Club Support team, joining the Global Sustainability team during this meeting. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about any of our projects, send us an email at: We would love to hear from you! Margot Fafchamps Emir Çetinel Ines Jesus Sergi Capdevila Sina Vaziri



CEMS Club Support

From the left: Anthony Solaire, Jakub Florkiewicz, (president) Rimli das Gupta, Philipp Sommer, Michael Raimund Dornkasch, Akshay Goel, Enno Zhang & Manfred Ortmaier

The past months have been quite intense for the CEMS Club Support team, organising CEMS Club Conference and working on CEMS Clubs' Awards, Best Practices, Corporate partner guidelines and Toolkit. The Barcelona meeting was an important milestone for the CCS team to review the finished projects and to think about the next steps to increase your social and professional activities/experiences during your CEMS year. In Barcelona, we started to translate the feedback we got from the CEMS Club presidents into action: We organised workshops to brainstorm ideas related to the involvement of Corporate partners, incentivisation of Club members, Election and handover process and Club structure. We also had to say goodbye to Philipp Sommer, Manfred Ortmaier and Jakub Florkiewicz, who unfortunately had their last meeting. Thank you for your great work, your motivation and your spirit! You will be missed. Luckily, we got support by Enno Zhang who are joining our team and are ready to take over.



The CEMS Club Awards (CCA) results have been announced during the annual event in Barcelona. CEMS Club Prague is the winner for this year award with CEMS Club Cologne ranked second and CEMS Club Dublin ranked third.

CEMS Club Conference

For the third consecutive time, the CEMS Club Conference (CCC) took place in Budapest in November 2013 with presidents and representatives from 23 CEMS Schools participating. This year’s topic was “Cross-border Communication within a Global Alliance”. Besides, the CCC also included presentations of the three selected Best Practices of each CEMS Club and a voting by all present representatives. All in all, the CCC 2013 was a successful conference that played a crucial role in addressing, discussing and solving current issues within the CEMS Clubs but also strengthened the bond between the various stakeholders within the CEMS community. CEMS Club Awards The CEMS Club Awards (CCA) results have been announced during the annual event in Barcelona. CEMS Club Prague is the winner for this year award with CEMS Club Cologne ranked second and CEMS Club Dublin ranked third. We would like to thank you for your contribution in evaluating your club and making this event a success. Furthermore, from now on, there will be 2 CCA’s in an academic year, one for each term. Upcoming projects As for the coming projects, we want to keep on promoting the use of Podio (the knowledge sharing platform), working on CCS Toolkit and CC Award and Best practices. Furthermore, we will explore the feasibility of centralised CEMS Club homepages and 2nd CEMS Club Conference. Last but not the least, the Global Ambassador Program will ensure to leverage the experiences and best practices to the new member universities. We welcome any suggestions and do contact us by sending an email to

All the best, Akshay Goel Philipp Sommer Anthony Solaire Enno Zhang Michael Raimund Dornkasch Jakub Florkiewicz Manfred Ortmaier



Marketing & Communications

From the left: Leda Rivero, Petteri Jalonen, Anna Rogozina

One of the crucial issues in the agenda for Barcelona meeting was the reorganization of the team, to be more exact split into M&C and Alumni Relation teams. Due to the increasing number of alumni projects, we decided that it would be better to establish a separate team for them. Thus, M&C will focus more on Social media, Merchandise and Printing sides now. We updated our mission statement by removing alumni aspects from it, so from now on it is as follows:


Mission To improve communication, raise awareness and promote relations within the CEMS Community by managing projects affecting all stakeholders on a global level



CEMS STUDENT BOARD - BARCELONA NEWSLETTER Merchandise During the CEMS Career Forum we successfully held merchandise distribution and over-the-counter sales. According to the quick analysis, we can say that this year the most popular items were CEMS Hoodies with the traditional design, both male and female, and business cards holders. As for the next step we already created the feedback survey, which is planned to be send to all our “customers” in January. One more sensational piece of news we want to share with you: during the Annual Events in Barcelona the new CEMS online store was officially launched. Now there is no need to wait until November, it is possible to order a piece of CEMS branded merchandise 24/7 all year round at So, please, visit the website and get surprised by the number of CEMS specialties we offer there. Social media The content, published during the week of Annual Events and Graduation Ceremony in Barcelona, made a great boom in terms of likes (655 per week) and engagement of the followers on Facebook (the total reach of people on average during 26th-30th of November amounted to 5254 people). We go on with creating new exciting campaigns and posts, sharing our latest events and news, hope you enjoy it. During the meeting in Barcelona we first tried the new platform for scheduling posts and decided on enhancing CEMS performance in other social media channels, such as YouTube and Twitter. Further on, we are leveraging the cross-team collaboration by preparing content offered by our colleagues from other SB teams, one of the good examples here is the promotion of the new project of Sustainability team - New Generation Consulting. Print The topic of the next CEMS magazine is already decided. This time it will be “Creativity is the driver of innovation”. To make the magazine really interesting we will need YOUR exciting stories. So, start thinking about what you would like to share and we will get back to you soon. Finally, we are glad that we had a possibility to meet Rebecca Rosinski, CEMS Marketing manager, in person and held a very productive workshop with her. Thus, we continue collaborating closely with CEMS Head Office.

With kind regards, Anna Rogozina Leda Rivero Petteri Jalonen Eszter Lilla Toth



MIM Affairs

From the left: Bianka Borcsiczky, Andrea Biachi, Flavio Soriano, Sofiene Marzouki, Dominik Bold

The MIM Affairs Team of the CEMS Global Student Board used the meeting at ESADE during the 25th CEMS anniversary to further develop on-going projects and to plan the prospective ones. During the Annual Event in Barcelona, three new members were welcomed into the MIM Affairs team. We are pleased to introduce Bianka Borcsiczky from WU, Sofiène Marzouki from RSM and Dominik Bold from HSG. Aiming at improving both the academic curriculum and the career related CEMS services, the MIM Affairs team is proud to present you the projects developed until now and those that will be launched from February onwards. FT MIM Ranking Analysis The MIM Affairs team has successfully concluded the CEMS FT ranking analysis. Based on the results, we will align and cooperate with Wieteke Dupain, the Alumni Director of the Head Office (HO); Igor Nishimura, Alumni of the Year; and with the Programme Managers to enhance communication to current students and to three years CEMS alumni. One of the main results of the analysis was that 52% of CEMS Alumni receiving the Financial Times survey would not fill it. Spreading the word among both students and alumni about the importance of filling such survey will be fundamental for the score CEMS will receive within the FT MIM ranking.


CEMS STUDENT BOARD - BARCELONA NEWSLETTER Corporate Partners Recruiting Benchmark Analysis Regarding the Corporate Partners Recruiting Benchmark Analysis, the MIM Affairs wanted to find out which Corporate Partners recruiting and branding strategies are more likely to succeed among CEMS students. With this goal in mind, the MIM Affairs team was able to develop a two-fold qualitative study: we created a survey questionnaire that has been distributed to more than six hundred students. A record number of 610 student responses allowed us to get many insights from which to create powerful recommendations. In addition to this we run 16 direct interviews with current students. The team has also just shared the first version of the report with the CEMS Head Office.

Survey and evaluation of the Responsible Global Leadership Seminar The project will consist of a large-scale qualitative survey, designed to collect feedbacks on expectations of relevant parties, to identify best practices of each partner school and to come up with specific recommendations for achieving further excellence. Target groups of the survey will be CEMS students and course instructors/ coordinators. The final aim of the project is to improve the existing seminar getting the best practices shown by CEMS Academic Partners this year and spreading them around the network in order to be implemented during the A.A. 2014/2015.

Global Student Board Exit Survey The MIM Affairs Team takes care of the Student Board and would like to find ways to improve it internally. This is a short term, simple but very important project. In order to capture the main feelings, pros, cons, and suggestions of Student Board Representatives, we are preparing a survey with the final aim of creating recommendations in order to give to the Executive Team.

Best regards, Bianka Borcsiczky Andrea Biachi Flavio Soriano Sofiene Marzouki Dominik Bold Francesco Malatesta




Igor Nishimura - Alumnus of the Year 2013 Mr. Igor Nishimura holds a Bachelor degree at EAESPFGV with major in Corporate Finance & International Management (2000-2004), CEMS Master in International Management at ESADE Barcelona (2005) and HEC Paris (2006), Specialization Program at HEC Paris (2006), and an Executive Education at Harvard Business School with focus in Private Equity and Venture Capital (2010). During his 10 years of his work experience, Mr. Nishimura has accumulated a broad international and diversified industry experience. He held positions in blue-chip companies such as Unilever (Brazil), L’Oreal (Spain), Ferrari-Maserati West Europe (France), BNP Paribas (France), SAP (Germany) and UBS Wealth Management and Investment Bank (Switzerland, Bahamas, UK and USA).

with Brazil chapter from HEC and St. Gallen Alumni Association, and specially with exGV (EAESP-FGV Alumni Association).

He takes pride in having an international background and brings an extensive network among High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and a reputation of achievement in Europe, in the US and internationally. During his time at UBS, he was the project director for one of the largest deals UBS executed in Brazil (Wealth Management & Strategic Equity Solutions). Currently, he is an entrepreneur, starting a multi-family office in Brazil and leading some capital raise for start-ups and middle-market projects (deal size between USD 10mm - 100mm).

What influenced you to join CEMS & continue to contribute to the organization today?

Mr. Nishimura is currently a Board Member of CEMS Alumni Association, recently nominated as its Treasurer. He was awarded as the CEMS Alumnus of the Year 2013 at CEMS Annual Event in Barcelona. Leading CAA projects as “Hiring the CEMS Alumni Executive Director”, “Creating a compliance guide looking the professionalization of CAA”, “Developing a Global Advisory Mentorship Platform for CAA”, “Job of the Future” and “Donation/Crowdsourcing”, in additional to the regular treasury-related issues. More in a regional level, he is the actual founder and president of LC Brazil, and board member at ESADE Alumni Association - Chapter Brazil. He is also collaborating

When I decided to apply for a business school, I wanted to succeed in a field completely different from my family background: medicine. I had the feeling that if I could be successful in a different industry, it would be a result mainly from my own effort. My family is obviously the basis of my whole life, but I always enjoyed a CHALLENGE. I was in my last year at EAESP-FGV (GV) when I started planning to make a 3-month trip to Europe between graduation and starting a full-time job in Brazil. At the same time, GV began advertising an innovative, yet completely unknown, pre-experience master program with the possibility of studying at two different top European business schools. The fact that I could LIVE ABROAD, STUDY AT TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS and START AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER with the support of reputable corporate & social partners sounded too good to be true.


CEMS STUDENT BOARD - BARCELONA NEWSLETTER I continue to contribute to CEMS mainly because of the STRONG IDENTIFICATION with the spirit of its community and thanks to two people at the CEMS Head Office: Roland Siegers and Mariette Lecroart (who has been working at the CEMS HO for more than 24 years and who I considered to be my "French mother”). What does the CEMS spirit mean to you? Do you have any memories from your time with CEMS that you would like to share? From my experience, the CEMS spirit is all about having an INTERNATIONAL LIFE, “WORKING hard & PLAYING hard” and being AMBITIOUS. I have amazing memories from my professional and social life in Barcelona, a unique campus experience at HEC Paris and several CEMS Annual Events (e.g.: I was also in the same graduation event in Helsinki and Stockholm. It was a memorable experience in a cruise ship with several other CEMSies). What was the most important thing that CEMS taught you? CEMS taught me to be more FLEXIBLE (receptive and respectful with other cultures and different opinions), OPEN-MINDED to accept new challenges and to be more SELF-CONFIDENT without being arrogant. Additionally, the BRAND AWARENESS of its Member Schools, Corporate & Social Partners, and the NETWORKING within CEMS community helped me a lot in my professional and personal life.

feel that there are so many new things to be learned that you will only know if you like it, if you try it. This is the reason I’ve decided to become an entrepreneur. The fact that I had an early experience in blue-chip companies, working in banking, gave me a good set of managerial skills, networking and capital to prepare myself for my current challenges. *To learn more about Mr. Nishimura’s career path, click here.* What makes a CEMS profile desirable to be an entrepreneur like yourself? CEMS students have FLEXIBILITY, MULTILANGUAGE SKILLS, MULTI-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE, INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING and an AMBITIOUS MINDSET, which help a lot in start-ups with international exposure. Sometimes an industry choice depends very much on the first job offer you can get, which isn’t necessarily your first choice. Someone with an entrepreneurial mindset might also find it difficult to adapt to processes, internal politics and the time needed to take relevant decisions in a corporate environment. Becoming an entrepreneur allows you the flexibility to choose the values of the company, the people you want to work with all in an industry that you’ve chosen and that motivates you.

What were your career steps after finishing CEMS? (Did the CEMS network contribute to your professional achievements? If so, how?) If you asked me where I would be in 10 years when I graduated, I wouldn’t have imagined the variety of companies, industries and countries in which I’ve worked. My work experience was very international and I took the opportunity to experience as much as I could in the early stages of my career to discover what I did and did NOT want to do. Having contact with so many motivated entrepreneurs and new challenges today, I 19


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