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ELEVATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME "We believe in the positive impact that connected and responsible leaders have on their community."

Transforming - Leadership

Founders' Vision To build future leaders from all walks of life who can reimagine a stronger Waikato from a social, environmental, cultural and economic perspective. These leaders take charge of their lives while influencing others positively, resulting in a significant contribution to Waikato communities, society, and New Zealand as a whole. David Irving, Bernie Crosby, and Peter Sun

Our flagship leadership development programme is a unique 8-week experience, spread over 8-months. It brings together established leaders from across multiple organisations and sectors to increase the elevation and social impact of all participants and their communities.

Programme Details

Our Sponsorship Model

8 Months Sponsored Organisation


Sponsoring Organisation

18 Total Days

Sponsoring organisations invest

22 Max. Class Size

$25,000+GST into their leader of choice to participate in the programme. This investment also provides sponsorship for a leader from a for-purpose organisation. 2

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Transforming - Leadership

Programme Delivery Our priority is to create a highly practical learning environment. Our programme includes pragmatic and action-oriented sessions delivered by subject matter experts. The learning is enhanced by interaction with industry and sector leaders in their own environments. This provides context and relevance where conversation and perspective sharing builds knowledge and connections.

Programme Core Elements Your experience, learning and growth are paramount. Our aim is to make the programme as accessible and supported as possible. As part of your participation in the Elevate Leadership Programme, we ensure these are pre-organised and included in the costs. All course delivery cost All accommodation costs All transport Access to additional short courses Access to subject matter experts Field trips Online community and information hub 360 leadership evaluation O

Strength finder assessment

Sector Impact

Civic 8.6% Education 3.4%

In 6 years, the CELF Elevate Leadership Programme has lifted the leadership capability and connections of 115 Waikato Leaders.

For Purpose Sector 42.2%


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Sport 4.3%

Social Enterprise 2%

For Profit Sector 39.7%

Transforming - Leadership

PROGRAMME DNA How do we create a powerfully unique environment for our participants?

By Building Relationships We create space for participants to increase social capital by building new relationships and forging partnerships within a diverse group of business and community leaders.

By Increasing Capability We create the opportunity for participants to increase their business and community impact through education, reflection and conversation.

By Supporting Community We facilitate the foundational conversations and perspectives needed for participants to have an increasingly positive impact on their organisations and their community.


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Transforming - Organisations

ARE YOU OUR NEXT Sponsoring Organisation? If you are interested in: Playing an active part in growing leadership capability in the Waikato Having a positive impact on your community Investing in your own leadership or in a member of your executive team

CELF sponsors not only (elect) a leader from within their organisation to take part in the Elevate Leadership Programme, Rachel Karalus I K’aute Pasifika Trust

they also have the opportunity and privilege to sponsor a leader from a

The CELF experience was transformational. The communion between the Commercial

for-purpose organisation.

and For Purpose sectors within the cohort was truly ‘collabor-active’. I learnt as much

Sponsoring organisations

from my cohort as from the external

invest $25,000+GST into the

leaders and visits to other businesses/

leader of their choice. The

entities across the Waikato Region and

investment also provides

beyond. This has affirmed for me, the very real and living nature of the key message from a Samoan proverb: “O le ala I le pule o le tautua” The pathway to leadership is through service.


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sponsorship for a leader from a for-purpose organisation.

Transforming - Communities

BECOME A Sponsored Leader If you’re a Waikato leader interested in: Actively upskilling while maintaining work commitments Better connecting with and understanding the Waikato community Exercising a genuine interest in civic engagement and social impact Finding greater alignment with your strengths, purpose and your signature leadership style

This is how you can participate: Be nominated by your organisation as a registered CELF Programme Partner Be selected by a CELF Programme Partner as a community leader

We have met some incredible leaders, worked through some interesting and challenging frameworks. I have learned so much about myself as a leader and how to continue my leadership journey to be both influential and results-driven. I have developed a few new concepts for the organisation, including our new Wellbeing plan, sustainability practices, redefining how we look at our customer journeys, and how we approach and work with one another. Kate Rawnsley I Chiefs Rugby Club

This is just a few of the leadership practises I am utilising but this course has changed my day to day habits, approach to situations and continues to challenge me.


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Transforming - Communities


APPLY SPONSORING ORGANISATION Please email us at: hello@celf.org.nz Use the headline: Sponsor Information

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