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WHAT IT WAS REALLY LIKE TO BE A PART OF MISS LSU 2014 First, to be clear, I’ve never done anything like this. Nothing. I thought Delta Zeta my one dance class I took Editor-In-Chief when I was four would be Malena is a junior studying public relations and mass communications. adequate preparation... You may contact her at mmore16@ yea, not quite. I had practices once a week, walks to learn, and a big dance routine. On a regular basis, I don’t wear make up. I eat mostly what I want. I only work out because I like it, not because I want to be ridiculously fit. Before Miss LSU, I hated formal gowns. I hated hair and makeup. I especially hated dieting.


Enter late January, and our first practice. I found myself surrounded by beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, women. I was intimidated and wanted to run out the room, send an email saying I had changed my mind and forget that I had ever signed up for this. However as we went around the room to introduce ourselves, I realized I knew a few of the contestants already, everyone else seemed nice and not too hard to look at directly on (I mean it when I say these girls are gorgeous). After introductions, we began to learn the dance routine. Just a hint: choreographed dancing is never the friend of someone who likes to pop lock and drop it. This dance

was no exception, and I was happy when our Golden Girl instructor put me in the back. Anywho, the first practice ended and I thought to myself this is ok, it’s not so bad, and I think I can do this. The practices kept coming and I got to know the girls really well. They were intelligent, witty, and genuinely kind all the way through. I needed so much help with knowing what to wear, how to do my hair, how to walk and especially the dance, oh the dance. I wouldn’t have felt prepared without them and by the end of it I began to feel like I had 20 new friends. They actually appreciated my honesty and when I had questions everyone was happy to help and was extremely understanding about my pageant experience or lack there of. Finally, the big day came and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. I’m never nervous. I’ve always been more than comfortable at center stage, especially involving humor. Since the whole time I had the feeling I was just doing it to challenge myself and try something new, it had never dawned on me until the day of that I’d actually have to come across as graceful and poised in front of hundreds of people. All day I dreaded being on stage. I had my make up done for the first time and my hair curled and teased. I still didn’t feel ready. When we walked on stage for the opening number, I was nervous as hell. Then the next thing you know, the dance routine came and went, and I didn’t fall! I managed

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WHAT IT WAS REALLY LIKE TO BE A PART OF MISS LSU 2014, CONT’D to hit almost every move, HUGE moment for me. We changed into swimsuits, and I finally felt confident. You’d think you’d be the most nervous about being half naked in front of strangers, but we all felt extremely good about it. I strutted my stuff and could hear my family, friends and DZ sisters cheering, so I must have been doing something right! At last, we performed the evening gown portion and I walked slowly and surely. To be honest, I had always relied on my humor and personality to feel like a strong, beautiful person. I’ve never truly felt beautiful in my appearance or confident in that aspect. It’s always easier being the funny one. That night, in that moment, I felt really and truly beautiful. I felt proud of my life, my accomplishments and my dreams for the future. Somehow my inside and outside finally combined into the person I am. As they began to do awards, I was looking happy. Happy to have been here, challenged myself, and to have a completely new sense of confidence that I never thought I would have. Two minutes later of not listening at all and being just content in the moment, I heard the announcer call my name for Miss Congeniality. I freaked

out because this is the only award I could have dreamed of. I didn’t expect it. I was touched to know these women who I initially thought I was so different from, felt close to me after our journey together. Later, my friend Deandra would go on to be our 2014 Miss LSU-USA. All of us couldn’t have been happier, as we all thought she was very deserving. An amazing individual, she came across exactly how she is: gorgeous, calm and eloquent. So what did I learn from this experience? I learned that pageants are most definitely not about trained toy poodles standing and smiling in spots on a stage. Being Miss LSU-USA and competing in this pageant means you have to be a strong, confident woman. Pageants combine who you are as a person and how you can carry that out into your appearance. It’s a true talent to know yourself so well, that you can feel confident with who you are. This for me was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was not only my sorority’s philanthropy, but also an opportunity to gain 20 new friends that I will forever share this journey with. I will never think about pageants the same, and I will always be grateful for being able to learn so much about who I am.

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Caroline is a sophomore studying mass communications. You may contact her at chudso7@tigers.lsu. edu. Everyone searches for a sense of belonging, whether it’s with a sports teams, academic groups or other extracurricular activities. Many people, however, find that they belong in a Greek setting. By joining a sorority or fraternity, there is an automatic sense of becoming something bigger than just you and that is what belonging is all about. Sisterhood has been described in many different ways. For instance, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, sisterhood is the “close relationship among women based

on shared experience, concerns, etc.” The sense of belonging comes from the feeling that everyone shares a common goal, experience, concern and you work together to fix it, share it, etc. Sisterhood is also commonly paired with the idea that it is a bond between two people that will last forever. For some that may be true, but just the thought of being involved in something that could potentially bring you happiness the rest of your life is what draws you closer together. You strive to make greater friendships in hopes that they will be sisters for life. Within a sorority, “sisterhood” is probably the most wellknown word. A strong and unbreakable sisterhood is what most sororities strive to accomplish and grow throughout their time on campus. Without it, the sorority would not have a strong connection between members and it would probably fall apart. Therefore, sisterhood is one of the most important things for a sorority to focus on when looking to expand their chapter. If a sorority has a close-knit sisterhood, everything else

follows. At the end of the day, a sorority is meant to give you sisters who will stick with you no matter what you are going through because there is that connection and bond that is unbreakable. Personally, sisterhood can be seen in everything we do. Sisterhood is when you walk in a big group to the bus stop in front of the LSU Press Building just because you don’t want to walk alone. Sisterhood is staying up until 4 a.m. in the morning, eating ice cream, helping a sister get over a breakup. Sisterhood is lending a helping hand when a sister gets a flat tire and you may be late to a meeting, but because you selflessly helped you get there on time. Sisterhood is also the smaller things. Having 250 plus girls who will hug you when you’re down, encourage you when you are confused and get just as excited as you when you accomplish something incredible. Being in a sisterhood provides women with amazing experiences. You are a part of something bigger than yourself, therefore, you are never alone in anything you do.

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SORORITY RUSH: THE SOPHOMORE EXPERIENCE I was quiet in high school. I wasn’t extremely social and I didn’t really enjoy talking to people that I didn’t know. That’s not to say that I didn’t have friends. I had a very closeknit group of girls that I stuck with through all four years at our small high school.


Hayley is a sophomore studying English and Spanish. You may contact her at hayleynicolich@live. com.

So senior year, when said friends started talking about going through rush at LSU, I was not on board with the idea. The thought of having to endure small talk with girls I’d never met was terrifying. When freshman year of college rolled around, I watched my friends sweat through the arduous Lilly Pulitzer-fest that is rush. All I could think was, “Why would I ever want to walk up and down sorority row in heels in 100 degree heat just to be judged by people?” However, on bid day, I saw the appeal of Greek life for the first time. My friends looked so happy in their Facebook pictures, smiling and hugging each other and their new sisters. As the year went on, I helped them get ready for events, liked their instagrams and met their new friends, all the while, secretly regretting my decision to not go Greek. I can’t remember the exact moment when I decided to rush as a sophomore. It was something that I struggled with. I didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite for participating in something that I was once so against, but something about rush drew me in. I knew that, despite what people might think of me, I had to give it a chance. Over the summer after freshman year, I got my recs together. I planned all of my outfits for each round and I tried valiantly, without success, to not be terrified. It’s a pretty well known fact that sophomores have a harder time rushing, especially at a school with an extremely well established Greek system like LSU. I went into ice water knowing full well that there was a chance that I wouldn’t receive a bid from any sorority, let alone from one of my favorite ones. As you’ve probably ascertained by now, I survived rush. Yes, it was an intimidating, physically and emotionally exhausting week, but I have not regretted it once. The idea of throwing yourself into something and completely putting yourself out there is scary, but it’s the only way to ever experience anything new. I realized this when I made friends in my rush group, before I even got into a house. At that point, I knew that no matter the outcome of rush, I was going to benefit from the experience of rush week. I ended up receiving a bid from my favorite house and feeling fully relieved, although somewhat awkward, on bid day. Since my rush experience, I’ve grown as a person. I’ve realized that Greek life is about so much more than parties, boys and cute t-shirts (I’m not going to lie, the t-shirts were a big selling point for me). It’s about developing as an individual. It’s about making connections with people that will last not only for your time as a college student, but for a lifetime. Being Greek presents you with opportunities and experiences that you would otherwise never have. And that’s why, if you happen to be reading this and you’re considering rushing at a time that is considered unconventional, I say go for it. Don’t let what people say about rushing during the spring, as sophomore, or whatever your case may be, keep you from experiencing something so great. Honestly, they’re probably wrong, anyway.

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THE WHEELS ON THE BUS... March is a weird month. It’s too cold for spring, too warm for winter, but it’s just the right temperature for a well-destined bus trip.


Will is a freshmen studying marketing and English. You may Spring break is still weeks contact him at down the line and your impending midterms may be snapping hungrily at your feet. However that doesn’t mean you can’t spare a weekend to put some sand between your toes or heavily chug in an unfamiliar bar. Before you ride off into the inebriation sunset on one of Hotard’s finest charter busses, there are several important considerations that could make or break your bus trip. Your main consideration should be bringing the right girl as your date. The hard part shouldn’t be finding a date (I mean who doesn’t want to go on bus trip?), but rather picking the best one. It’s about to be a long ride and an even longer weekend. At some point, you’re going to have to do some talking. Bring the girl you actually enjoy hanging out with, not just hooking up with. Another option is the random date. Seriously, don’t overlook this as a possibility. Despite what you were told growing up, talking to strangers can be fun. A bus trip can be the perfect opportunity to get to know someone new. Keep in mind however, that you can get stuck with a dud. No matter how much you might hit it off with another guy’s date, homegirl is staying in your hotel room. Choose wisely.

bus trip info,” he might say something along the lines of, “busses will leave, not load, precisely at 4.” They don’t. Charter busses are proud creatures, they don’t play by our rules. They are never early, nor are they late, they arrive precisely when they mean to.

By the time the metal monsters do arrive, everyone waiting in the parking lot will be drunk, sunburned and slightly aggravated. So be quick about it– feed the beast your bags, carry on your cooler, claim some seats and initiate binge drinking. In 15 minutes, you’re rolling along the interstate only to discover that your bus driving buddy, Harlin, has a serious appetite for adult contemporary. “We need some Spotify up in this b*tch!” someone shouts from the back. A simple enough request, just plug up with an auxiliary chord, right? Surely somebody brought one of those. No? Looks like four hours of the Chuck Mangione box set is coming at you. Another thing best not forgotten is snacks. Your date will get hungry. If you don’t feed her, she’ll likely either eat you or annoy everyone until she’s fed. You may think it’s hilarious when she finally convinces her boy Harlin to stop through Chick-Fil-A, but if you throw off the schedule, be ready to weather your exasperated social chair’s two-minute tirade. He got over it, and she got chicken. I have no regrets. Bus trip is one of the best events of the year. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and shed a weekend’s worth of responsibility before knocking out the rest of the semester. This trip will no doubt test your patience and push your buttons. However with the proper date and an ample amount of alcohol, you’re sure to have the best weekend of the semester.

Now it’s time to pack up. First thing’s first, grab a backpack. Throw the following crap in there: sunglasses (x2), earbuds, hat(s), charger(s), sunscreen, and as many throwaway beer koozies as you can stuff in the bag. The latter two, however, are really the only important items. Koozies are currency, trade them wisely. And seriously– wear sunscreen. Without it, you’re pretty much guaranteed to both look like a lobster and peel like a snake. Stick to the bare necessities, you’ve got a cooler to carry; think light. He who packs least, parties most. This brings us to the all-important bus trip cooler, the party-cups’ more useful cousin. Girls, this should be your only responsibility. Don’t let us down. The paintjob doesn’t have to be perfect...or even good for that matter. The paint should, however, be dry. We do have to carry those coolers, and it’d be really cool if our clothes weren’t ruined in the process. Here’s a tip: sanding down the plastic before applying paint will help it stick better. After it’s dry, a clear coat will really help the color last. It might be her job to bring the ice-chest, but it’s certainly your job to fill it. Of course you asked, but chances are she was lying about “not being picky,” and, “down to drink whatever.” So unfortunately, beer and bourbon alone won’t cut it. Grab her a bottle of something clear and an unhealthy amount of blue electrolytes to mix it with. Even if she drinks Jack or Jim B, at some point, she’ll be glad you brought something soft. Another tip: don’t overlook your other vices. bring cigarettes and dip with you, buying tobacco in other states can be more difficult or expensive. Smokers, It’s a long ride, and “cigs on the bus,” is not a thing– no matter how many times you yell it. For the health and sanity of your fellow greeks, buy an e-cig, take a dip or just chew on your tongue until we get there. There will be no smoke breaks as long as your social chair has a schedule to keep and air in his lungs. Bus trips are your social chair’s own personal logistic hell. He is not only responsible for safely packing hundreds of drunk kids into a handful of metal tubes, but also delivering them expediently across state lines and back. He’s responsible for making sure everyone knows where to be at what time, and as such, he will totally lie to you. In his email, “Re:


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LUCY HARRISON Kappa Kappa Kappa

Lucy is a sophomore studying mass communications. You may contact her at In college? Living in a pet-friendly house or apartment? Looking to improve your quality of life? If so, I have the perfect suggestion for you: a pet. Be it a dog, a cat, or even a goldfish, here are seven reasons why every college student should, at some point, own a pet. 1. General Responsibility: At a certain point, we’ll all (somehow) be forced to grow up and become responsible adults. So why not get a head start on learning to be a fully functioning adult with pet care? You can’t stay out partying until the wee hours of the morning when you have a poor dog who needs to be taken out relieve itself, or a thirsty kitten whose water bowl needs refilling. It is your duty to ensure that your pet receives proper medical care and nourishment. Even a pet as low-maintenance as a fish requires some degree of responsibility. The way I see it, you might as well learn how to be responsible the fun way: by caring for an adorable puppy, cuddly kitten, or, hey, even a scaly little fish. 2. Companionship: For the most part, we all have roommates in college and a pretty solid group of friends that we enjoy spending time with. But roommates go home for the weekend, friends get busy with schoolwork, and relationships with significant others may not work out, which can leave us feeling pretty lonely at times. A loyal, adoring pet is the only thing that can provide us college students with truly constant companionship. Just think about it: you can’t get in a petty argument with your dog. Your cat can’t cheat on you or break up with you. Even your fish can’t blow you off. Friendships and romantic relationships may come and go, but the relationship you form with your pet will last a lifetime. 3. Safety: Let’s revisit the whole “roommate going home for the weekend” tragedy. Sleeping at home completely alone can be intimidating, even downright scary for those who live in Baton Rouge’s more questionable areas. So wouldn’t you sleep much more soundly with a dog at your feet, ready to bark incessantly at the sound of footsteps in the yard or the jiggling of your doorknob? Although cats are not nearly as loud or intimidating as dogs in the face of danger, they are still a comforting presence in an eerily empty house or apartment. 4. Active Lifestyle: Okay, so this may not apply to you fish owners, but for the most part having a pet encourages a more active lifestyle than that of non-pet owners. We’re all guilty of indulging in what I like to call Netflix syndrome, laying in bed for so long that before you know it, you’ve watched ten 55 minute episodes of Dexter in one sitting. However, you can easily combat the plight of Netflix syndrome by walking or running with your dog, or even just chasing your kitten around your room. When you have a pet that requires attention, it’s simply impossible to sleep or lay around all day. 5. Saving Money: Yes you read that right: in college, pets can actually be huge money savers. While purchasing and caring for any pet obviously requires financial investment, such as purchasing food and medical fees, in the long run pets can actually save college students money. If you don’t want to lock your dog up in a kennel or confine your cat to your bathroom while you blow money at Bogie’s, chances are you’re going to spend a lot less time in Tigerland and

a lot more time at home with your pet. Just imagine the copious amounts of cover fees you’ll save thanks to your pet. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get some studying done with all of this newfound time spent at home. 6. Cleanliness: I know what you’re thinking: how can a hairy, slobbery dog or a shedding cat that relieves itself INSIDE the house possibly promote cleanliness? But stop and think about it: if you have a cat or dog wandering around your apartment, you can’t leave uneaten food or half-empty boxes of pizza laying around for them to munch on. Speaking of munching, dogs, particularly puppies, will chew on anything they can get their teeth on, which means you cannot leave your shoes, clothes, and electronic devices scattered everywhere. And yes, cats and dog will likely shed their fur throughout your living space; but hey, would you break out the muchneeded vacuum otherwise? 7. Self-Improvement: When it comes down to it, having any sort of pet will ultimately make you a better person. Pets teach you patience; ask anyone who has ever had to housebreak a puppy or kitten how true this statement is. Pets teach you selflessness and sacrifice when you choose to stay in and provide them with company instead of partying with your friends, or decide to spend your paycheck on quality pet toys instead of new clothes. If you adopt a pet from a local shelter, you’re actually saving the life of a living creature who may not have been so lucky otherwise. And honestly, what could possibly be more rewarding than that? There is no denying that owning a pet can be trying for a college student, what with the financial and time commitment pet ownership entails added to the already hectic aspect of college life. So yes, there may be some cons to getting a pet in college. But consider all of these incredible pros and try to convince me you’re not trying to determine the quickest route to a local animal shelter.


Self health & fitness



Mary Morgan is a freshmen studying mass communications. You may contact her at mkell62@

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Down in the Bayou the good times continue rolling…rolling…and rolling… literally…all the way through April. The parades start trickling through all parts of Louisiana during Mardi Gras and continue rolling all the way through Saint Patty’s Day. The month long celebration includes late night eating (especially the 3 finger combo from Canes), all of the Mike’s 360’s in addition to the calories from the previous night’s drinks, and late night studies. Overall, the calories consumed have been at an all time high, sleep at a minimum, and over-run bodies to the max. But the party doesn’t seem to stop in Baton Rouge! ‘Tis the season for working out to get those spring break bodies….and a weekly intake of 3lbs of crawfish. Not only is it crawfish season but also… 1. SELFIE season! Yep, duck face and all. Everyone can agree that us gals like nothing more than being tan, having fun with friends and then capturing it all in a picture for everyone to see (and fighting over who Instagrams it). Between the laughing pics (staged or candid), and the everybody-pretend-you-love-eachother pictures, there are always some selfies thrown in. Who doesn’t love a good selfie?! They’re quick, usually half awkward/hilarious, and sometimes are the best pictures of the night. So grab a camera, iPhone, or my

personal favorite- the disposable camera (I know, so 90’s but they take some great looking shots that always make it look like you’re having more fun then you probably are!) and hit the bars or party and selfie it UP!

won’t kill you! Every girl can agree that there’s nothing better than that 3am Hungry Howies delivery. Don’t stress and balance out the extra calories with a walk around the LSU lakes or a trip to your local Yogalates.

2. Bikini season. One of the most feared and scary things about spring and summer approaching is the thought of that bikini body…you have to look good to impress the cute boys you meet on the beach, but mainly to impress the other girls. Hit the gym or skip the late night Yogurtland. There’s nothing worse then getting to the beach and thinking, “I wish I had worked out more”. But, everyone gets self-conscious so own your body and fake it ‘till ya make it. Confidence is KEY. Regardless if you accomplished your goal of having a six pack, work what your mama gave you! Everyone loves a healthy and happy girl.

4. Bright colors with wedges season. Hallelujah, aqua has become the new black! We’re finally out of the season of oversized sweaters, hot chocolate, and Uggs. Splurge! It’s spring and you’ve worked hard! Check out Rodeo, Hemline, Love, or any other adorable boutiques in Baton Rouge and grab a new, fun top! The season of shorter hems and beach hair is finally here. Can I get an AMEN?!

3. “Will this bag of Cheetos really hurt my bikini body?” season. No. I repeat, one bag of Cheetos will not hurt the body that you’ve been working towards. Indulge every once in a while. Enjoy the cookie or extra scoop of ice cream. We all need a little happiness! While I wouldn’t recommend eating a bag of Cheetos everyday, a little indulgences every once in a while

5. The season of Fake ‘n Bake. Yep, Sun Tan City reaches its goal revenue for the year throughout the months of March-October. If you’re going to go to the tanning bed, be safe! Wear the lotion and rub a little sunscreen on that nose. Being tan is great! Just don’t fake it so much it looks unnatural. But a little glow never hurt nobody… SPRING HAS ARRIVED! So go get outside, get active, and enjoy the warm air! There’s nothing better than a tan, happy, and confident girl. Spring is back and here to stay. Goodbye ice storms and hello crawfish boils.

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With the first day of spring only a few weeks behind us, the time of year we all have a love/ hate relationship with is making its first arrival – swimsuit season. If you are comfortable no matter how little clothing you have on, good for you! We need to all be like that.

But if the thought of exposing your half-naked bod to a group of people makes you wanna hide under the covers all day, fear not, because there is still some time to grow to love yourself! We all know the old saying, “You are what you eat.” If you eat a BigMac and large fries every day, then your body will look like it. Sure, it’s okay to have that every now and then, but just know the consequences of putting those things into your body. As college students, a big issue of eating healthy is time. Sometimes, you only have 10 minutes to run into the Student Union, grab McDonald’s and jet off to your next class. However, with so many other options available right on campus, there really is no excuse to only eat “the bad stuff” for lunch every day.


Let’s take the oh-so-popular Chick-Fil-A, for example. Sure a 12-piece with fries and a coke sounds amazing, but think about how that’ll look in a swimsuit. Instead , try getting a chargrilled chicken sandwich and fruit. Of course, it’s not the same, but even just doing it once a week will save you about 300 calories and a whole lotta fat.

ANNA ROY Chi Omega

Anna is a freshman studying mass communications and public relations. You may contact her at

Another Union favorite, Einstein Bagels has healthier options as well. The typical caramel macchiato and blueberry bagel with whipped cream cheese contains more sugar than you should ever consume in one meal, causing you to quickly crash and crave even more food. Instead, try ordering a honey wheat bagel with peanut butter on the side, a fruit cup and a plain coffee. If plain coffee isn’t your thing and you need something a little sweeter, try a small cappuccino, sugar free, or a plain latte, all only costing you about 100 calories. Last, but not least, let’s look at Jamba Juice. You feel healthy just ordering a smoothie and think to yourself, “Why not make it a large? More fruit is better for me anyways.” In one way, you’re right; the large will contain more fruit, which is definitely better for you. On the other hand, their smoothies also contain large amounts of sugar from the fruit juice added into the smoothie. Your best bet is to stick to a small and ask them to make it light. This removes 1/3 of the calories and sugar. If you really want to amp it up, add protein or chia seeds to keep you full longer, vitamin boosts, or kale to get more veggies in (I promise you won’t taste any of it!) Whatever your summer goals may be, stay positive and be happy in your swimsuit no matter what. Swimsuit season means summer is here and who couldn’t be happy about that? Nurture your body with good things and you’ll feel good!


Ellie is a freshmen studying business. You may contact her at A dystopian society confined to Chicago, the city within the walls, five distinct groups, called factions, who live and work separately based on their virtues, people deemed dangerous and divergent because they cannot be categorized by one faction: this is the new world in an exciting film and even more exciting novel. Neil Burger’s Divergent, the film based on the first book in the trilogy by Veronica Roth, pales in comparison to the novel. However it is extremely entertaining and definitely worth watching. One girl discovers she is divergent and must choose a faction, concealing her true identity as someone who cannot be controlled or confined to one lifestyle. The rigidly organized society soon becomes engulfed in internal conflict that could very well endanger life as they know it. In her new faction, Tris, the divergent heroine, soon meets Four, her mysterious, courageous, and handsome superior. As a team, Four and Tris boldly rebel against the leadership and ideals of their society in an action-charged romantic adventure. In what turns into a fight for their lives, the pair must defend themselves and the ones they love, without a safe haven to escape to in their single city. With much more to come, the

film leaves off in the height of excitement in anticipation of the remaining installments. Though the film is no Oscar winner, the intricate plot and fitting actors make all two hours and twenty minutes sensational. The changes between the novel and film can be bothersome if you like to go by the book, but the overall storyline is carried out well. The largest complaints about the movie Divergent are the sometimes-cheesy romantic scenes and lack of character development. Neither are present in Roth’s novel, so do not let it discourage you. Tris and Four’s whirlwind romance seems even hastier in the film, which seems to be unrealistic. These minor flaws could be eliminated with more refined directing. The sequel, to be released in 2015, has a different director who will be put to the test. With any luck, he will not disappoint! In attempt to save the story for viewing or reading, the synopsis is brief, but hopefully peaks your interest. This is the most endearing series since The Hunger Games, and, in a way, they parallel each other. Both have daring teenage heroes in dystopian societies who fight for their freedom against the evil leaders who rise to power. Beat the crowd by watching and reading Divergent as soon as you can, because it is worth it! If you do not have time to read during school, this trilogy should be your first summer read; you will not be able to put it down. Also, don’t let the movie discourage you if you are not an admirer, because the book captivates in ways the film cannot, as it goes with all respectable series. In theaters and bookstores today, you are strongly encouraged to check it out. As the Divergent tagline says, “One choice can transform you.”

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Dominik is a junior studying information systems and decisions sciences. Technology today has evolved to become both the best and worst thing to have in college. I love apps like Tinder, Snapchat and the Facebook app, they make socializing incredibly easy and hilarious. Being able to keep in constant contact with my friends and loved ones is amazing, and I’m incredibly glad that I have the opportunity to do so on a daily basis. However technology is so widely relied on now that it can be frustrating and bothersome to deal with. Over my college career here at LSU and at SELU, I’ve had many online teaching aids for homework, specifically for math courses and my business classes. I hate the idea of homework online. That just puts me one step closer to opening Facebook or Reddit to read about useless, but infinitely more interesting

information, and set my homework on the back burner. Until I finish reading about random people of the internet doing crazy stuff, I won’t ever be able to sit down at a computer and doing work.

The procrastination is even worse when I’m in class. All I have to do is whip out my phone, hit up Tinder, nitpick on how people look, and swipe them hoping to find someone in my class. Once Tinder is empty of new people to judge, I just hit up Reddit for an interesting article (or seven). After going through the first 50 pages or so, I’ll still not have heard a word from my lecture. Because I no longer have to fear my teacher taking my phone away, I’ll never stop, and that’s the problem. Technology has crippled me. I can’t even concentrate on the boring lecture happening directly in front of me because I have the world at my finger tips. There’s a new Justin Timberlake song on Spotify that I should probably listen to right this second during my accounting teachers explanation of debits and credits (or whatever she was talking about). I have a short attention span, do I have A.D.D? Probably, but it’s not diagnosed so who cares. I love technology for giving me the ability to find out if that girl in my English class is single, or letting me know my friends

went bowling without me because they owe me a beer from the last time I beat them. It expedites the social lifestyle to a quick and easy tap or two, but it’s freaking killing my school life! I’m sure that me preferring to read an article on the masturbatory habits of animals says loads about my character, but it’s just so damn interesting I can’t possibly save it for later (if you’re wondering, dolphins are the worst). But this article is about technology, and how it’s both amazing and awful. For all that time I wasted in class, I’ve learned new things I wouldn’t ever learn otherwise. Sure, I can always look it up later, but I never had a reason to. I’m basically forced to attend my lectures so I know what’s going on and I can pass my tests. I don’t love those classes, the knowledge I learn is simply a means to an end. The knowledge I learn online and during those long Tuesday and Thursday lectures is pure interest for interest’s sake. I read the articles because they prove time and time again to teach me facts, or provide me with a quiet laugh in class (or on the toilet noticing far too late that my legs are asleep). In the end, there is no real argument. Even though I hate classes with online homework, I’d rather carry my laptop around than a giant book with 50 pages of worksheets to do.

14 Humor lol @totalfratmove: Informing the police officer that you’re a Criminal Justice major and everything is under control. #TFM @itsWillyFerrell: A cop stopped me and said “license please” so I offered him a donut and said “I donut have one” and we laughed and laughed and I’m arrested. @totalsratmove: Saying “hashtag” out loud. #TSM @CollegeTownLife: If someday we all end up in jail for downloading music illegally, I can only hope they split us up by genre. @tbhjuststop: here’s to all the kids who

have never found their name on anything in a souvenir store

woke up like this. (Anxious, grumpy and vaguely hungry)

@CollegeTownLife: I hope I did better on my midterms than I did on my bracket

@MileyCyrus: Stank you. Smelly much.

@ p ie r r e m o n te z 9 2 : L e f t m y win d o w s halfway down before class, and I get back to my car to see that I have a ticket and someone stole my decal @om_srat: How to potentially kill a sorority girl: Insult her cooler. @CollegeTownLife: I think my liver just put in it’s two weeks notice @SororityProblem: I woke up like this, I

@UberFacts: In the Harry Potter movie, Ron’s Patronus is a Jack Russell terrier, which have been known to chase otters Hermoine’s Patronus is an otter @_ShitNobodySays: I don’t know let’s Yahoo it. @BarackObama: “We’ve got to make sure that every woman has the opportunities that she deserves. When a woman succeeds, America succeeds.” —President Obama


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