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Alpha Chi Omega celebrates their sorority sister. Photo by Elizabeth May

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Meredith is a senior studying mass communication. You may contact her at Adderall has seen a dramatic increase in universities across the countries. Pharmacies are having trouble keeping it on their shelves and filling orders it has become so popular. As college students we are under a tremendous amount of stress especially during finals week. With up to six exams and papers to complete all in a short period of time it is a no-brainer why students are looking for a little more help to complete what is being asked of them. Also as college students of this era with smart phones and a complete lack of normal sleep schedule our brains are trained to be erratic and not be able to focus. Sure if we acquired more sleep or if we weren’t constantly feeding our brain stimuli with our phones, televisions and computers then maybe we would be able to focus better but if we are being realistic with ourselves then we know we are not going to drastically change

our lifestyles, rather we are going to pop a pill or two for a week. Yes that is the method for the madness that is the adderall craze, amongst other stimulants such as vyvanse and ritalin.

that stated 95% of those that report issues with ADHD are either fake or unsubstantial. That’s a lot of people trying to acquire focus enhancement.

Personally I choose to avoid the drugs, even though I do struggle tremendously with my ability to focus. For me the issue is becoming dependent on it in order to ever get things done. I have plenty of people that I know who need these drugs in order to complete every major assignment throughout their college careers. Do I think my friends are addicted, no, but it is an issue. Yes drug companies, and pharmacies claim that the drug’s addictiveness is dangerous but almost everything we indulge in that brings us pleasure is addictive in one way or another. The word addictive does not scare a college student because we hear that about everything and for the overwhelming majority of us, we will never become addicted to any of the substances that we are constantly warned about. It’s not ignorance on our parts we just have experience with everything we are supposed to be scared of and we thus do not fear it. Most of my friends who do develop any sort of addiction whether it is a tobacco issue or in this case adderall most are well aware of it.

I think this will increase exponentially and we will start to see a major focus by universities to stop it. We have already seen campus police enter Thomas Cooper and write tickets for those not prescribed the drug. Some other universities such as UNC-Chapel Hill have declared the drug officially as a cheating method that could result in expulsion. I personally don’t have a huge problem with the drug and I know my fellow classmates will continue to use it but I am going to take a different turn then you would think. We don’t need it. We just don’t. The more I see it the more I think that people could honestly receive placebos of the drug and operate the same. I think people believing it will help them focus will automatically focus more. It's like a magic window to get all of your stuff done that the drug provides when in fact we could already complete this. We could complete it but we don’t and the drug boom is going to continue because the fact of the matter is our brains are different and most of us didn’t even get through this article without checking our phone, another website or leaving and coming back. College students' brains are different and overworked and although I will continue to avoid it myself, I don’t blame all those that want some mental help.

For most the addiction will last only in college and fade away after graduation but some may continue with their problems. I believe the adderall demand will only increase from here and this is just the beginning. I read a statistic that was quite alarming

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PIKE FIREMAN CHALLENGE Greene Street was even

more popular than usual on Friday, April 4 as fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha held their first annual Fireman Challenge to raise money for the MUSC Burned


Jordan is a sophomore studying elementary education. You may contact her at

Children’s Fund. The fund is a program that was started in 1986 by South Carolina fire fighters to ease the recovery time of children experiencing extreme burns, support their families and much more. The Fireman Challenge is an annual event for Pike chapters at multiple other schools throughout the nation such as, Virginia Commonwealth University, Boston University and Clemson University, to name a few. The Columbia Fire Department, USCPD and even President Pastides attended to support the cause and there was even a live band. The competition allowed sororities, local businesses and other university clubs to compete in a relay, in teams of eight, in hopes of winning a signed Columbia Fire Department helmet to show off for the year. The relay included two teams participating against each other where they put on a full fireman suit including jacket, pants, helmet and boots and then ran down with a bucket of water to the second station. At the second station the contestants played a game of flip cup (with water, of course) where they had to complete a successful cup flip before moving on. After this, each individual had to run to a cone at the end of the course, still holding their bucket of water, and then run back to the start to transfer their fireman gear to the next member of their team. The team with the overall best time was the winner. Phi Mu won the sorority challenge, Breakers won the business challenge and the Army ROTC was the big winner by beating the USCPD in the main event. I competed in the challenge for Alpha Chi Omega and can say it was a lot of fun. Running in fireman gear is much harder than it looks! Besides the relay challenge, Pike also had other events throughout the week, including a cookout at their house which the Columbia Fire Department attended, a percent night at Salsarita’s, event T-shirts for sale and an ongoing online donation page where anyone can help the brothers raise money for the MUSC Burned Children’s Fund. The total amount raised has not yet been released, but with the great amount of participation it can be assumed that a few thousand dollars was raised for the fund in the Challenge’s first year. According to the brothers I spoke to, they hope this event continues every year and that they have the ability to make the Challenge even larger in order to raise as much money as possible to help children experiencing these serious injuries. Overall, the Fireman Challenge was a huge success and will hopefully continue to be an event that sororities, local businesses and other organization will want to be involved in for years to come.

4 Scene on campus


Foundation, about 1,200 colleges nationwide have

are little to no people smoking cigarettes. Although

President Harris Pastides announced that our Columbia

can agree that the ban has already made our campus

gone tobacco free so far. On August 9 of this past year,

Delta Delta Delta

campus of USC would join this growing number of

Stephanie is a junior studying visual communications. You may contact her at

ban would include smoking and all tobacco products,

A huge push has been made in recent years at colleges

around the nation to implement “tobacco free” campus policies. With a study coming out from ABC News a

few years ago stating that a third of college students are

smokers, it is clear that the issue is extremely prevalent

in our age group. Ages 18-24 make up a main bracket from which cigarette companies market towards. With

this information now on the radar of college campuses everywhere, more is being done to prohibit the use of tobacco while on school grounds.

According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights

colleges and go tobacco-free starting in January. This including chewing tobacco.

Furthermore, in October USC hosted a “Tobacco Free

College and University Summit, a day long conference providing information and resources to begin to

implement the process of instating a tobacco free campus policy. Healthy Carolina hosted the summit in hopes of adding to their mission to create a healthy campus environment for all students.

Beyond this stage in implementing the process, the

university installed signs and removed any ashtrays

some people may find the new rule a bit annoying, most significantly healthier for all students.

However, one of the largest changes we have yet to see

take place will occur during football season. As a part

of the university policy, this ban on tobacco will include

areas around Williams Brice Stadium and Colonial Life

Arena. The parking lots and the former State Farmers Market are areas that are technically school grounds, meaning students will no longer be able to have a cigarette

or chew tobacco in these locations while tailgating for athletic events. At this point, large tailgating events have

not taken place under the new ban. This change will be a first for this upcoming football season.

While this change may have been noticed by some, or

around campus in December. As we are well past the

completely passed over by others, it is inevitably making

around campus. While walking to and from classed there

all students, faculty, and staff.

January start date of this new rule, changes are noticeable

our University of South Carolina campus healthier for

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TAKE A LANGUAGE Almost everyone has a

taken a foreign language at some point in their academic career. Whether you started in Pre-K or your freshman year of

able to order exactly what you want when you go out to eat and even make friends


Cassady is a sophomore studying political science & French. You may contact her at

college, there has probably been some exposure to some sort of language other than English. Most people don’t realize the importance of expanding your knowledge to other languages. Here are some reasons why you should consider taking advantage of language learning lab here at USC: 1. Career Opportunities In today’s job market, you have to be a fierce competitor in order to get the job you want. When looking over your credentials, you’re more than likely going to have another person who is equally just as qualified as you are. If you have mastered a language, that gives you an advantage in the job market because you will be considered more useful to the company due to your ability to communicate with people outside of the USA in their own language. 2. Expanding your horizons When you take a foreign language, you aren’t just learning that "bonjour" means hello and "au revoir" means good-bye; you are learning the customs and culture behind that language. There are so many dialects to the hundreds of languages there are in the world. Just by taking a class or listening to Rosetta Stone, you are bound to learn heaps of new information besides just how to communicate differently. 3. Brain Exercise Sounds weird, right? How can learning a new language exercise my brain? Well, learning Spanish or Russian (or anything in between) is basically just training your brain to memorize. The more you practice, the better you get. With your memorizing skills improving, you’ll probably see your grades in other classes improving as well! 4. Studying Abroad Okay, now let’s be honest. Most people want to study abroad for a semester while they are in college. The best time of your life, in a foreign country; imagine it being even better if you could speak the language of the country you are in. Travel is made much easier when you speak another language, and more enjoyable at that. You are

with the people native to the country. 5. Enjoyment The last reason you should learn a foreign language is because it is fun. Being able to read, write, and speak in a different language from your own is an amazing thing. It is something to be proud of and you should take enjoyment in doing. Taking a foreign language will not only improve your future experiences and opportunities, but it is fun as well. Consider taking a few more classes in that language you’ve been learning for a few years or take advantage of the Language Learning Lab and learn more about the culture and language you’ve always wanted to.

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In total my girlfriend has painted me four coolers and counting. This past mountain

sides. This was her first

kegs instead. At the time I was a little upset only to be surprised with what would

know why I found this

weekend she adamantly resisted painting another cooler and elected to paint bubba be my fourth and by far best cooler. She has a great talent for it as many other girls

here do and she loves painting. I decided to return the favor and surprise her with a cooler this Christmas. After an accumulation of four coolers I realized that she had done a lot of painting to not have one herself so I took on the challenge.

My first obstacle with the cooler was coming up with my ideas for my four

cooler and yet I do not task so difficult. I can imagine painting multiple

being that much harder. Although it is an alcohol


Collin is a junior studying business. You may contact him at baxtercd@email.

container she is not much of a drinker and beer and

liquor labels are not exactly ideal for a girls cooler so that idea that is often used was out. Also skill level knocked out a lot of ideas such as painting Steve Spurrier on a side or a detailed elephant. Fortunately she is quite the sports fan with her

favorite team being the Cincinnati Bengals so that was an easier choice. My other ideas were elephants (her favorite animal), something South Carolina related, the

Cincinnati reds and something sorority related. I elected to put the sorority crest on the front of the cooler and conveniently enough the cursive Latin in the bottom part of the emblem was right on the Coleman etching of the cooler.

My cooler choice was definitely a rookie mistake. The thing had two handles,

the above-mentioned Coleman etching, wheels and two bars on the back where the

roller handle comes up. All of these things proved difficult adversaries to a decent

looking cooler and I now know why girls choose the standard rectangle easy to paint coolers that they do. My second mistake before we get back to my side choices was the purchase of paints. I bought all the paint before I had any idea of what I was painting. This led to me going back to the store on multiple extra occasions because there is no way to mix primary colors to make neon or gold.

When finally putting my ideas together I decided to paint a sunset type scene of

elephants in the savannah and a snowman gamecock fan on the top of the cooler.

This way I could incorporate the occasion and still show some school pride since there was no chance in Hades I was painting the gamecock logo with his elaborate

feathers. I have the utmost respect for you girls that can manage this feat. I am currently still in the process of painting my sunset scene and regretting the idea by the minute but in the end I believe this will be the best cooler that anyone has

ever painted for her and I don’t care if it is because it is the only one. First place is first place.

Note to other guys that may attempt painting a cooler like myself. Cheat and get

one of her girl friend’s help. Don’t go it alone and suffer the consequences.

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Sarah is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at I will never forget the first time I truly had to stand

up for myself. I was visiting one of my sisters in Georgia

this past semester, and was excited to be introduced

to her new friends after hearing so much about them. Little did I know that they were not so excited to meet

me. The problem was that they immediately judged me for being in a sorority. Once they saw the letters

embroidered on my jacket, they assumed I was vain

and self-centered, and they were rude about it. They

it) that it wasn’t okay for him to call me that, he didn’t

clear I wasn’t laughing at their jokes, they kept at it.

man and respect women. The room stayed silent, and I

made fun of my sorority’s cheer, and even when it was Things got progressively worse throughout the night,

and it got harder for me to contain how frustrated I was

at them and the entire situation. I had driven hours to

even know me, and that he should learn how to be a walked out into the hallway, realizing how gratifying it was to stand up for myself.

Rather than being afraid to say something or create

see my sister and her new friends, and the night was

even more of a disturbance, I kept my dignity and

a few hours later during a game of Never Have I Ever

embarrassed or disrespected from a boy with such poor

turning out to be a nightmare. The tension culminated

(which really is never a good game to play), when one

of the boys called me a disrespectful name. The room went silent for a few seconds, and I realized I had a

choice- let it slide, or stand up for myself. For one of the first times in my life, I stood up for myself. I told Lemons (he was wearing a sweatshirt with lemons on

didn’t take it from Lemons. I was not going to be

taste in clothing. So if I can stress something, it’s to stand up for yourself before you graduate. I hope the

situation never arises, but if someone is mean or rude or annoying, say something. It feels so good afterwards, and hopefully you’ll teach that person a lesson. I know I taught Lemons one.

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SCHOOL SHOOTINGS On Friday, January 24,

around 1:30 p.m. a student at South Carolina State University was fatally shot outside of a dorm building. The student was 20-yearold Brandon Robinson


Alex is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

of Orangeburg, South C a ro l i n a . P o l i c e h a v e charged 19-year-old Justin Bernard Singleton with Robinson’s murder. Just two days earlier there was another campus shooting at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Engineering student Cody Cousins, 23, has been charged with the murder of fellow engineering student Andrew Boldt, also 23. These tragic events that have taken place in the past couple of days, along with the knowledge of new statistics has led me to a sad realization. Our country as a whole has an immense problem with gun violence in schools.

Since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut,

there has been about one school shooting every two weeks. In 2013 alone there were 28 school shootings in the United States, according to the gun violence prevention group Moms Demand Action. Many of these events were never reported on the news. The shooting at SC State marked the 36th school shooting since the Newtown tragedy. In the short amount of time that has passed in 2014 it seems that this problem is only getting worse. As of Saturday, January 25, there has been an average of one school shooting every other school day so far this year. Americans need to be more aware of just how prominent an issue this is. However, a solution is extremely unclear and highly debated. There is an ongoing dispute in the US in regard to gun control, specifically pertaining to school shootings. Some call for stricter gun control laws, while others feel that equipping teachers with guns will allow for self-defense. Other possible solutions call for tighter security in schools. However, this solution may be difficult for colleges and universities to accomplish due to their vast size. Another solution is reform of mental health care. Many problems faced by those who have mental health problems go untreated due to a lack of mental health services. These and many other resolutions have been proposed over the past few years. I myself cannot seem to think of one that would completely solve this ongoing problem. Though I do believe that increased bullying in schools and colleges may contribute to many of these acts of violence. With the emergence of new technologies, and the cyber world keeping us constantly connected, bullying is easier than ever. Bullying has changed from physical violence to verbal harassment, which is now inescapable when one goes home, due to cell phones and social media. Many of the shooters in these crimes would define themselves as outcasts. Though many also suffer from severe mental health issues, these problems are only made worse by feeling disconnected from society. This feeling of loneliness is usually not helped by a school environment, where many students bully and make fun of those with differences. As students, we could spare to be a little kinder to one another at times. Though we cannot prevent anyone from committing violent acts on campus firsthand, we can make a conscious effort to reduce mean comments and be just a little more understanding of differences. You never know when a few simple, kind words could make a huge impact on someone else’s life. But most importantly, it is crucial that we realize just how extreme this problem has become. School should be a safe environment in which one should not fear the attack of a shooter. This terrible aspect of our society that has become such a norm must change.

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WHERE IS THE LOVE? At the University of South

Carolina, the presence of

Greek Life is completely unavoidable. Whether it is the

hundreds of students decked out in greek letter pocket

tees on a daily basis, or the massive houses that seem to


Kayla is a freshman studying public relations. You may contact her at

make up the most awkwardly

located residential neighborhood ever, Greeks certainly know how to draw attention to themselves.

With the attention that the Greek community attracts comes a slew of criticism. In the

past few months it has been extremely evident that negative portrayals of Greek life are abundant. These depictions of Greek Life are generated by outsiders. They are writers and observers looking for a story — preferably a juicy one.

The media is obsessed with demonizing members of Greek organizations because of their

perceived exclusivity and homogeneity. Sifting through recent news articles you will discover commentary that claims Greek life is anti-feminist, racist, classist, and ultimately shallow.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all made a rude comment, thrown around stereotypes, and said

things that we would never utter outside of the walls of our own Greek Village home. However, at the end of the day, you will never catch me insulting the whole institution of fraternity and sorority life. So why do we keep being each others biggest critics?

The only defense that the Greek community has is each other. The masses would discard

Greek Life as being trivial based on media portrayals and stereotypes. But to some of us, for these four(ish) years that we consider ourselves college students, our Greek organization is

everything. It is an unavoidable and ultimately positive element of our daily lives. For this short period of time, we are happy to identify with our fraternity or sorority. While Greek Life is a joke to many, to some of us it is profound.

This is why I feel so defensive when I see the wave of negative press that Greek

Organizations receive. Call me insecure, but I am just not okay with the rest of the world thinking that the group of people most important to me are a joke, and you shouldn’t be either.

Thanks to social media, it only takes about 3.5 seconds to figure out what Greek

organization someone is a part of. The most poisonous threat to Greek Life is criticism

within our own system. Hateful comments thrown back and forth between sororities and fraternities, whether on message boards or the privacy of our own homes, are extremely counterproductive. I cannot stress enough how terrible it looks to press “share” on a story

that demeans a fellow Greek Organization. Sometimes we get so caught up in name calling

at the house down the street that we forget the rest of the world is name calling right back at us all.

When we point fingers at other fraternities and sororities we end up pointing the finger

right back at ourselves. The public doesn’t care. They don’t care WHAT letters you wear on your comfort colors T-shirt. To them we are all the same. We are a culture that is criticized as

a whole. Writers for the Huffington Post and New York Times don’t write articles about how

“sorority XYZ is vapid and repulsive.” They are referring to all of us. Critiques that appear in mainstream media point the finger at the entirety of Greek Life whenever something controversial happens. The problem is never sorority XYZ, the problem is Greek Life.

This is why it is vital for our survival that we stop pointing fingers at one another. The last

thing we need to do is inspire negative press and controversy for other Greek organizations.

After it’s all said and done, we have everything to lose when we put down other Greek

organizations. We are a community that is ultimately responsible for our actions across the party lines of our particular fraternity or sorority.

In a world where Greek Life is often the butt of a joke told by a non-member, it is so

important that we stand united to face the criticism that our community receives. If there is

anything I would like to see, it is a community that actively celebrates each other’s successes, supports each others efforts, and stands up for every house in the GV. There is a pretty good

chance that this may be one of my many idealistic delusions, but I have a hunch that we are

often our own worst enemy. No matter how successful and popular a sorority or fraternity is, our letters are quickly devalued when we attack the validity of other groups.

10 500 words on entertainment


Jordan is a sophomore studying elementary education. You may contact her at It seems an app called Tinder has taken the University of South Carolina and especially Greek Village by storm. If you don’t know, Tinder is a phone application that matches individuals profiles linked to their Facebook accounts and shares information like first name, age, mutual friends, mutual likes, a couple of pictures and a bio you can edit. Then, the application allows you to go through a list of possible suitors in your area where you can either “swipe left” to say you’re not interested or “swipe right” to say you are. Then if you do “swipe right” and the other individual does as well you will be notified and then allowed to engage in a private chat over the app. After this, the choice is yours

and the app has basically done its job.

I personally downloaded the app about two months ago when I went on a trip to visit some friends at the University of Chapel Hill. My friends there were obsessed with Tinder and eventually talked me into getting an account. Before I knew it I was on a swiping spree and had a major feeling of confidence occur every time I got a match. I personally never contacted one of my matches but I received hellos, weird compliments, and pick up lines that were hilarious such as, “If I was on dancing with the stars I’d want you as my partner.” The app at the beginning was more of game to me and then I started getting matched with people that I actually found attractive and thought I would like to meet. Many girls and guys I know have used this application to actually meet up with their matches and have used it as a real dating application. Personally, I met up with a guy a while back and have now been seeing him for a couple weeks now. It’s embarrassing every time I have to tell anyone that we met over Tinder but it’s true that had it not been for this application we most likely would have

never crossed paths. Still, with the stories of success like mine also come the stories of horror. Many people have now called Tinder an application for one night stands and have matched up with people that ended up being a little on the crazy side. So my big question is how safe is this application really? If you grew up like me in this digital world your parents probably tried to stress online safety. First of all, the app makes it clear that you are in the area by using location as the main source which in a college town isn’t as scary as somewhere more rural in my opinion. Secondly, you really have to be careful about meeting these individuals because you don’t really know anything about them. Meeting in a public place is for sure the right way to go and if they’re trying to meet up alone you should probably just stop replying. Overall, I believe Tinder is just us young adults dating in the 21st century and I think it’s absolutely fine to use but at the same time continue to be careful and remember that not everyone is what they seem over a phone or computer screen.

500 words on entertainment

"THE LAST SUPPER" With the semester winding down, many students will try to cherish all of their time left with their friends from far away. So many students at our University come from out-of-state and decide to return home for the summer. For those students splitting up and leaving Columbia for the summer, I would suggest going out to a nice dinner with some of your friends. As college students, I know that many of us don’t ever want to spend a lot of money on dinner- because frankly we do not have that money to waste. However, I think that splurging on a nice final meal, and a great last memory with some college friends is worth the cost. Some restaurants that I think students would enjoy going to are Motor Supply Company Bistro, Miyo’s, Hunter Gatherer and Liberty on the Lake.

Motor Supply Company Bistro is a popular restaurant for dates for university students. The restaurant is nicer than many typical dinner locations for students, but the menu and service is worth it. It’s open daily for lunch and dinner, and offers a large variety of meal options. Instead of focusing on a certain type of cuisine, Motor Supply Company is a blend of Italian, Asian, French and American cuisine. In the Best of Columbia 2013, Motor Supply Company won the category for best specialty drink for the restaurants innovative cocktail menu. This would be great for those students over 21 to enjoy and relax after a week of stressful finals and studying.

Miyo’s has been around Columbia since 1996, and desires to offer their guests a wide variety of food options on their menu. While it’s popular with locals around Columbia, I feel that many students overlook Miyo’s for other sushi restaurants around campus. Going to Miyo’s and trying something new towards the end of the year would be a great end of the semester celebration. What’s great about Miyo’s is their variety of food options. In fact, the restaurant prides itself on its mixture of Asian cuisine. Miyo’s offers Chinese cuisine, Korean style BBQ, Japanese sushi, and Thai and Vietnamese inspired dishes. The restaurant was named the best sushi by the Free Times 2013. Along with being named the best sushi restaurant, Free Times also rated Miyo’s as the best take out food for 2013. This makes it easy for students who don’t want to sit around and eat in the restaurant to go back to their apartment and eat their food. Miyo’s also has the same menu as M-Vista if the location suits you better. Hunter Gatherer: Located right by the end of the Horseshoe, Hunter Gatherer is a unique restaurant that I recommend trying with your friends. In addition to their menu, they also brew their own beer! Pale Ale, Wheat, and ESB Beers are all only $4.25 or you can try 4 oz. samples for just $1 each. While the menu isn't very long, they have a wide variety


KATIE CROWLEY Kappa Kappa Gamma

Katie is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at of dishes to fit anyone's interest. Some of my favorites are the Carolina Crab Cakes, Mac & Cheese (with a goldfish crust!!), and the gyros. They have pizza, burgers, salads, and even tofu for vegan needs. Every Thursday they hold jazz nights, making it a great place to go with all of your friends for some live music. Liberty on the Lake: This is a change to the classic favorite Liberty Tap Room in the Vista. Offering the same menu, Liberty on the Lake is located about 30 minutes away on Lake Murray. While you might be thinking that's too far... it is worth the drive. Call days in advance when nice weather is planned and make a reservation for the outdoor patio during sunset, you wont regret it! They offer great specials throughout the week. For example, on Monday is a burger & brew special for $9, Tuesday's special is $20 for a rack of ribs, fries & slaw, and Saturday is ladies half price martinis. Make sure to try out this beautiful restaurant before you graduate! It is also a great place to go with your family.

12 Lookbook fashion


Laura is a senior studying advertising & public relations. You may contact her at When celebrities team up with designers to launch collections, consumers have the opportunity to score celeb styles at an affordable price. Incorporate your fashion icon into your wardrobe by shopping Tommy Hilfiger and Topshop this summer. Zooey Deschanel has launched her debut collection, To Tommy From Zooey, by collaborating with fashion superstar, Tommy Hilfiger. The line incorporates Zooey's famous mod style with Tommy's traditional

American sportswear aesthetic. While many refer to

dresses in luxe fabrics to be paired with stackable

Tommy's style as nautical, the collaboration has been

bangles and clutches.

nicknamed "Modical." What better description could you want for a fresh, updated summer wardrobe? From dresses, to handbags, to jewelry, the line runs the gamut on your summer must-haves. The best part? Zooey herself stars in the lookbook.

Overall the line exudes an air of effortless summer dressing that will have you feeling both comfortable and chic. The line is currently in stores. Looking to make a statement this summer? Look for Kate Moss's collaboration with Topshop. If you're craving the

So what can you expect from Zooey's first collection?

perfect summer party dress, this line is the way to

Tried and true American, nautical colors: red, white,

go. Kate's collection keeps the cool, rebellious vibe of

and blue. However, the traditional colors have been

Topshop while adding her own glamorous touch that

tied into updated silhouettes. For day, the line features

is, as always, ahead of the curve. The line is divided

a darling pleated dress, a flirty v-neck fit and flare, and

into four segments: Tailoring Noir, Cocktail Hour,

the perfect little white dress with a surprise of color

Balearic Dressing, and Pyjama Dressing. Expect sexy

underneath. Other favorites include an updated tennis

jumpsuits, sequined biker jackets, and fringed cocktail

dress with fringe skirt, and a modern, printed wrap

frocks to be layered with luxe, beach-glam pieces. The

dress. For night, you can expect conservative cocktail

line is set to hit stores in early May.

sports talk



March Madness has

come and gone. year ’s




has been one of the

Alpha Tau Omega

most exciting in recent

Drew is a senior studying sport & entertainment management. You may contact him at


From huge

upsets, to knocking the number one seeds out, to

buzzer beaters and overtime battles. While all of this was great to watch, it’s over. Now we must wait until June 26th to see what happens to the stars of March. While there were plenty of stars in the tournament, not all of them will be entering the NBA draft. The greatest question left is to see how the young basketball players will handle entering the NBA before even being 21 years old. Let’s start with the underclassmen. There were quite a few freshmen studs this year. Andrew Wiggins of Kansas appears to be the first overall pick and is an absolute insane athlete. He has been compared to Andre Iguodala, one of the top high flyers in the NBA today. Right behind Wiggins, his Kansas teammate Joel Embiid seems to have all the qualities NBA teams look for in a big man. He’s been compared to Hakeem Olajuwon, although comparing a college freshman to an NBA hall of famer can be quite bold. Analysts haven’t worried about bold predictions when it comes to these freshman, mentioning that Duke’s Jabari Parker could be a Carmelo Anthony prototype. Even saying that Julius Randle of Kentucky could be the next Zach Randolph with their similar body builds. The freshmen phenomenons don’t end there. They are rounded out with Noah Vonleh of Indiana and Aaron Gordon of Arizona. Both are very strong power forwards that have great size and athleticism, and have much promise in the NBA. While these freshman have some great potential, they are still so young that they could easily be busts. There are some sophomores that have proven their abilities for two seasons now and have demonstrated their great skills. Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State has an immense amount of talent, but after his incident in the stands with some fans, his character could be in question. Gary Harris of Michigan State has proven he’s a leader and great scorer, and could be a great addition to some NBA teams. These sophomores are quite talented, but most people will have their eyes on North Carolina State’s top scorer T.J Warren. The whole country saw him drop 40 points in back to back games, proving he’s a deadly scorer. Nik Stauskas of Michigan appears to be the next big thing born in Canada since Steve Nash. His change from spot up

shooter last year, to the Big Ten’s player of the year this year shows his ability to adapt and grow.

All of these players will hopefully have an opportunity in the NBA, but it’s their decision to come out of college early. Unlike the following seniors who either enter the real world or try their luck in the NBA. Doug McDermott ended his career at Creighton being one of the NCAA’s most proficient scorers of all time. How he will be able to handle the NBA is yet to be determined though. Adreian Payne of Michigan State has the size and athleticism that he may succeed in the pros, as long as he can bulk up some more. Shabazz Napier from Connecticut will definitely have teams looking at him after his great performances in March. Overall, all of these players have a shot to be great, but who will take full advantage. Check out the draft in June and find out.



Drew is a senior studying sport and entertainment management. You may contact him at The NFL Combine is always a much anticipated event to get a look at the upcoming talent entering the NFL draft. Each spring, players perform to the best of their ability at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. This is the great event that saw Calvin Johnson run a 4.35 in the 40 yard dash while wearing someone else’s shoes and Chris Johnson of East Carolina ran an incredible 4.24 in the 40. These are just two recent memories of great performances at the Combine. This year, there were hopes that players would also post ridiculous numbers. There were quite a few things to take away from the Combine, but none more interesting than Jadeveon Clowney’s performance. Anyone who knows Clowney knows he is a beast. His

hit against Michigan’s Vincent Smith shows his freakish abilities. To really understand his athleticism, one needs to know he is 6’5,” weighs 266 pounds and can run a 4.53 second 40 yard dash. While a 4.53 may not blow anyone’s mind, there are some pretty fast NFL players who run slower. Pairing Clowney’s 40 against Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton wouldn’t be an event that I would have thought he’d conquer. Surprisingly, though, Kaepernick and Newton posted slower times in their combines. Not only did Jadeveon post a better time than two of the fastest quarterbacks in the NFL today. He ran a faster time than any quarterback at the Combine.

Bruce Ellington outshined himself at the combine. It never hurts to see a Gamecock post a better time or score than a Clemson Tiger. Ellington ran a 4.31 and got one last jab at the instate rivalry, beating Sammy Watkins and his 4.42 second 40. Another Gamecock got one last nod above a Clemson Tiger. Connor Shaw posted the fastest 40 time amongst all the quarterbacks at the combine. While Clowney did run faster than Shaw, Shaw’s 4.55 in the 40 obliterated Tajh Boyd and his 4.84 second 40. Looking at these few stats, it’s easy to see why its great to be a


While South Carolina did it’s part in posting impressive numbers at the combine, there were quite a few other players of interest. Sammy Watkins posted some impressive stats showing why he’ll be a force in the NFL. Johnny Manziel impressed scouts by running a 4.68 second 40, proving why his elusiveness and speed are dangerous. There were quite a few eyes on Michael Sam, the defensive end for Missouri. He was honored with defensive player of the year for the SEC. Recently, he became the first NFL prospect to publicly admit his homosexuality. All of these factors had the spotlight on Sam at the Combine. Unfortunately, the pressure may have taken it’s toll as he posted mediocre numbers, running just a 4.91 second 40 and only benching the 225 pound bench press 17 times. All in all, the NFL Scouting Combine gave fans and scouts quite a bit to watch and enjoy. Anticipation continues to grow as the NFL draft approaches on May 8. Meanwhile, everyone waits, hoping their team makes the right pick. No one can really tell how great a college player will be. We will all have to wait for the fall, and another great season of the NFL and the hunt for the Lombardi trophy.

HEARTBREAKING ENDING This 2013-2014 basketball

season has highlighted many different teams from

across the nation. Basketball followers couldn’t help but

notice the success from underdog Wichita State over the passing months,


Rachael is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

Syracuse shocked fans when

they lost two games back-to-back after going undefeated for nearly four months, and the nails of diehard rivalry fans were bitten when several games came down to the last few seconds in their perspective heated match-ups.

But perhaps one team that has been glossed over in the high-energy world of college

basketball is our very own Lady Gamecocks. While many may roll their eyes at the mention of women’s basketball, our team had an astounding amount of success this season. Calling this season’s theme “Be The Change,” the team proved that they held

the power to change their program for the better. Gamecock fans showed up to home games with an undisputed amount of pride for the team. Devotees showed support

for breast cancer and coach Nikki at the Think Pink game, displayed a neon sea of fans during Women’s Basketball Tweet Week, and poured into the Colonial Life Arena to watch the NCAA National Championship tournament Selection Show with the team. Ending the regular season as SEC champions set the team up with a #1 seed in the

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Head coach Dawn Staley was crowned SEC

Coach of the Year, guard Tiffany Mitchell was named SEC Player of the Year, and freshman Alaina Coates lived up to her potential and was deemed SEC Freshman of the Year and SEC Co-6th Woman of the Year.

With a locker room full of trophies and honored distinctions, the team headed into

the NCAA tournament carrying their “Be The Change” theme with them and a #1 next to their names. In an effort to rally Gamecock nation in support of the team while

they were away from home, Gamecock Athletics utilized social and digital media. By

creating a graphic with the picture of the team and the number of the teams left in the

tournament, the ladies encouraged fans to take a picture with the graphic and tweet, post, or email it to the team.

The team dominated Round 1 against Cal State, Northridge and again in Round 2

against Oregon State. Their display of talent and drive proved they deserved their #1 seed and would be in the tournament for a while.

Unfortunately, the graphic interaction stopped with the number 16. While the

Gamecocks proved they deserved their seed and the hype built around them, they

ended their tournament run in the Sweet Sixteen against University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The Gamecocks rode right behind the Tar Heels throughout the game, but

a strong second half was not enough to seal the Gamecocks’ ticket to the Elite Eight. The crushing ending to such an empowering season was heartbreaking.

The highly decorated program ended the season leaving Gamecock nation with so

much to cheer for and be proud of. We’ll have to see what comes next year with new recruits and new motivation to once again prove that they are the change.

Humor lol


ARE HOVERBOARDS THE NEW SKATEBOARDS? The newest rave of the technology world is an actual board that can hover over the ground, called Kappa Delta HUVr. The board is to mimic the board used in the movie Carter is a sophomore studying business. You may contact her at spencemc@email. Back to the Future II when Marty McFly used the board to fly across the river. The difference between the hoverboard 15 years ago and what developers at HUVr Tech have developed now is this board can actually be controlled by an app on your iPhone or Android. The app actually has a GPS and tracks where you are going. If you don’t think its real then ask Tony Hawk, who has himself tried and enjoyed the new board.


The website has an attribute on the team who developed the mind spinning (literally and rhetorically) HUVr. The team met each other at the MIT Physics Graduate Program in the summer of 2010. There mission statement being, ”This is clearly a new frontier for science and we're excited and honored to share this first chapter with the world.”, is definitely shown on the various videos spilled throughout the internet of people successfully trying out the HUVr themselves. The website even has all the various styles the board can be purchased in, having

the design not range very far away from the board previously designed for Back to the Future II. If you haven't heard about the board yet, then you obviously haven't been keeping up with social media very well of recent. The HUVr website has 35 thousand likes on Facebook since its release and thousands of followers and retweeters on Twitter. Ever since the manipulation of Marty using the “hoverboard” 15 years ago it’s very obviously the world is antsy to be able to hover at their own pleasure. Those who were lucky enough to demo the board have descried the experience as out of this world. Athlete Terrell Owens suggesting that he "felt like I was out of this world for a second, and I looked down, and my feet were off the ground.” The description of the few moments Terrell was off the ground is much like all the demonstrators of this product. The feeling is generally expressed as indescribable and can only be fully explained by doing it yourself. Unfortunately, hover boards aren't yet for sale at your local Target or Walmart. But these numerous videos of humans like you and I safely riding a few feet off the ground shows we are in for it soon. The answer as to an exact date is strategically avoided by the team at HOVr for a reason didn’t want to believe true. The HOVr board is a hoax. The release of numerous videos and articles was put into tact to pull a prank on the entire American population. From days of having this product publicized all over my social media for a week I figure I could share that this product is indeed ~ false. To our dismay it will be a long while before any type of flying board to be let out on our supermarkets shelves. As Ashton Kutcher would like to pride himself in saying to the entire population, You’ve just been Punk’d.

Scar summer final  
Scar summer final