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2 Editor's note


After a year of working BLAIZE STEWART for a Greek life newspaper, I Alpha Sigma Phi have really gotten to see how Editor-in-Chief wonderful being a part of this community can be. It’s Blaize is a senior studying broadcast really hard to explain what journalism. You may contact him at being a part of a fraternity or sorority means unless you have experienced it yourself. Try as we might to explain the benefits, like philanthropy, camaraderie and other pros of being affiliated with a chapter, unaffiliated people continue to make generalizations and assumptions about everyone in the Greek system.

Generally, if a member doesn’t meet those standards they are not allowed to attend social events until they raise their grades. So all of those people you see for Greek events have met their house standard. It might also surprise some that the average undergrad Greek GPA is higher than the unaffiliated undergrad GPA.

It’s by no means a perfect system. Just check out the cons below. However, just as with every organization on campus, there are incredible pros as well.

Love going out? Want to be involved in student government? Enjoy volunteering? Have a blast a philanthropy events? Want to make a group of friends who will become the closest people in your life? Then give Greek life a chance. If you don’t like it because of one bad event, give it another try with a different chapter.

Cons People assume you fit the stereotype. Fraternity: “Yeah, bro, I just chased my protein shake with some brews. Lemme put on my frattire and I’ll be at TRL to get blacked.” Sorority: “OMG. I can’t even, right now. I’ve had like three vodka water limes and am so schwaysty pantsed, but like I can’t get drunk food cause I’m on a juice cleanse. My life is tha woooorst.” Are there people who act like that? The answer is, an unfortunate, yes. However, they do not represent the majority of people in the Greek system. Basing your opinion on an entire community from a few is pretty ignorant but, for some reason, people tend to forget that when talking about Greek students. You’re called elitist and judgmental Is there a process to get into a fraternity or sorority? Of course. Rush is a major part of any chapter because it dictates who the new members will be and how they will represent your house once you are graduated. It’s not an easy thing to go through, being evaluated and, in some cases, rejected. Just because Greek life has a selection process, it doesn’t make it elitist or judgmental. How many organizations have an application process on this campus? I can tell you it’s more than just the Greek system. I always find it ironic that people are so judgmental of Greek life without having any experience with it. It’s pretty hypocritical. The rush process is not in place to be mean. It is there to help recruits find the right house for them. If a person goes through the process and takes it seriously, they will find a place. It might not be the one they originally thought but, more often than not, the process leads recruits to the perfect house for them. Just because you go out a lot people assume you are failing One of the major perks of being in Greek life is having a great social calendar. However, I often hear unaffiliated members saying Greek students are dumb or in easy majors because they are out so much. Something they might not know is that every house has set standards for academics.

Pros I could list enough pros to fill several pages. Philanthropy, social events, brotherhood and sisterhood, a sense of community and so much more are part of the experience. I could list all the positive things that have made my time in a fraternity great, but the experience is so different for everyone that one has to experience to figure out the best parts for them.

Our school has over 50 chapters, which means there is a house out there for everyone. If not, start your own with values you want to live by. Just don’t pass up the chance for a Greek life experience. You won’t know how great it can be unless you give it a try.

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IN THE SISTERHOOD Because of sisterhood,

I made friends. I love to meet new people and try

new things, so when I went through recruitment,

I actually liked it. I loved having conversations with the girls in houses and girls


Abby is a freshman studying human development and family studies. You may contact her at afmurin@

in my rush group and girls

on my floor who were going through it, as well. I made my forever friends in my sorority. I met the girls whom I know will be at

my wedding and will be there when I land my first big job and for the birth of my

future kiddos. I made an entire chapter ’s worth of friends on bid day but, not only that, I made friends who ended up joining other houses or not joining a chapter

at all. If I hadn’t gone through recruitment, I wouldn’t have met some of the best people in my life who I know will be my friends all through college and beyond.

Because of sisterhood, I became philanthropic. When I was going on college visits

in high school, my dad would always joke with me about how the sororities will pitch to us all about their philanthropy when going through recruitment, and I

did not believe his descriptions of how big of a deal it is. Being in a sorority is so much fun for a ton of different reasons and philanthropy is definitely one of them.

I enjoy giving back and raising money for a cause. I was a co-chair for our most recent philanthropy event – a pancake brunch – and it was hard work, but I loved

every second of it. I loved the feeling of knowing that you were making a difference. Joining a sorority opened my eyes to so many more opportunities to support other causes and have fun doing it.

Because of sisterhood, I have gained life experience. Since joining my chapter less

than a year ago, I have learned so much about the real world. I have had the chance

to be both a leader and a follower through philanthropy, sisterhood and Panhellenic events. I have learned social skills in situations from exchanges to job interviews.

Through the support of my sisters, I have learned how to handle myself when my world seems to be falling apart around me. I have learned the value of trying new things and going new places and getting involved with my school and I don’t think

I would have gotten anywhere near the level of encouragement I get if I hadn’t joined my sorority.

Because of sisterhood, I found home away from home. I am not a homebody,

whatsoever. I love being away from home and I love to travel and vacation, and all

that jazz. However, I was not expecting to miss home as much as I did. I became so homesick when I realized I hardly knew anyone at this school and the work load of

first semester came down on my shoulders. My sisterhood made me feel instantly at home – the greatest support system I could ever ask for. I have also learned to be

that support system for others. Isn’t that what this is all about? Sisterhood is family and family is home and I found my home here in my chapter.

I am o lucky to be a part of a sisterhood in college and I think that every sorority

girl can agree with me that it has given me more than I ever expected. I can’t wait to be a part of this chapter, not just for the rest of my college career but forever.

4 Scene on campus

FOUR YEARS OF MEMORIES, LIFELONG LESSONS Kams sober, ever. Or that Maize is the hidden gem of Green Street meals. No one has a larger repertoire of information than a senior.


Stephanie is a sophomore studying economics. You may contact her at When April rolls around, warm weather takes over, school work takes a backseat to tanning on the roof and you can’t help but feeling a little sentimental as you watch all the seniors get ready to graduate. It’s inevitable; every year your house’s oldest pledge class departs. They move on to becoming alumni who roll around on big holidays each year, like Unofficial and Homecoming. But other than that, they are gone. But why is it so hard to say goodbye to these seniors? Why does it seem like nothing will ever be the same without them? Everyone has that story of the senior who rushed them, that made them join the house. As a naïve freshman, seniors are the coolest. No one knows better that you don’t go into

Seniors equal senior house. That means that every sisterhood and brotherhood event has a convening location. A place where every pledge class can come together to prepare for wild nights out. Plus, the seniors always have an unexpected night ahead of you, even if it sometimes includes a stop at the Illini Inn. A senior’s advice doesn’t compare to anyone else’s. No one else has spent nearly four years on this campus. Whether it’s boys, school or friends, seniors have priceless pieces of information. While you’ll listen to their advice, you’ll probably end up finding out these lessons the hard way – like $0.25 drinks at C-Street are always a dangerous idea. Seniors, magically, know everyone on campus. If you say someone’s name anywhere near a senior in the house, they’ll know every detail of their life. It’s just one of those perks of being a senior. They’ve been to every pregame, every exchange and have dabbled in class with thousands of people. They are like walking encyclopedias of campus life. At least one senior in your house has taken every class

and seems to know everything about everything. They have compiled lists of practice questions, stacks of notecards, and notebooks upon notebooks of class notes. They also will sit down and tutor you in anything you need, although it usually turns into a long gossip session. You see yourself in the seniors. You can’t help but tearing up when they cry, reminiscing about old memories from their four years here. From falling down the entire flight of stairs down to Kams basement to the time your best friend’s mom died, they were there for each other. You can’t help but admire how much they love each other and be a little jealous of how much four years can bring you together. Finally, seeing the senior’s graduate means one more year until you graduate. You’re one step closer to being done with the best four years of your life. So, let the seniors who graduate this year serve as a reminder to take advantage of every moment. Skip out on an hour of studying for that 10 point quiz to go to wine night. Train for a 10K with your friends even if you’ve never run before. Join October Lovers Club even if it is just for the t-shirt. But, most importantly, remind your friends how much you love them and how there will never be anyone better than your graduating class.

STAYING INVOLVED AS A SENIOR We have all seen it –

seniors in the Greek system

entering that final year of college and becoming

overwhelmed with the new stressors of growing up.

They might stop coming to


Stephanie is a junior studying communications. You may contact her at

events, some don’t attend exchanges and they find it

hard to motivate themselves to make time for the house and the events that come with it.

This is not on purpose. It is a product of the countless job interviews, applications,

standardized tests and job fairs seniors need to attend in order to succeed after graduation. We have all seen it, but I do not believe it has to be this way.

When I went through informal recruitment, the current seniors in my house served

as role models and are the reason I joined Sigma Kappa. I am so happy to call so many of them my friends and I do not believe I would still be in the sorority if it were not for some of them. Being a senior is an extremely influential position in any Greek house. Next year, I will be a senior and I am going to make it my goal to combat this habit.

There is so much that can be learned from seniors and the experiences they have been through in the house and I am excited to pass my legacy on to the younger members.

Incoming seniors should also take into consideration how much their lives will

change once they graduate. It will no longer be acceptable to dance on the tables, or

poles, at Joe’s or double fist blue guys at Kams on a Tuesday. This is only acceptable for four years. Why not live it up while we can?

We have one more year to get all the free drinks we can from frat guys. One more

year to go out on a Wednesday night and still be able to function the next morning.

One more year of barn dances, formals and semi-formals and one more year of late night drunk food runs to Fat Sandwich. I plan on taking full advantage.

It is completely understandable that seniors are extremely busy, but I simply cannot

imagine cutting back on my involvement with my house. Seniors are some of the most fun people in a fraternity or sorority and younger members shouldn’t shy away from making connections with them.

I also believe that seniors should work to keep up their involvement and set a

positive example for younger members. The passion and love for the house I have

noticed from our current seniors is something that keeps me going and keeps me positive about the house. Why shouldn’t every senior strive to make younger members feel this way?

As I sit here and prepare myself for my final year at U of I, I cannot help but think

about the kind of legacy I want to leave my chapter. I do not want to become that

senior who drops off the face of the earth, leaving their friends behind. Instead, I believe all seniors should strive to stay extremely involved in their houses and set

great examples for the younger members. The free drinks don’t hurt, either. So, live it up. You only get four years.

Scene on campus


After months of waiting, the time has finally come for internships to begin. Whether you’re excited, or not, and whether you’re getting paid, or not, it is important to leave a good lasting impression on your employer – even if they’re as rude as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. You never know what connections they have and who they might refer you to. This being said, here are 30 ways to succeed in your internship this summer. 1. Don’t chew gum while you’re working. Just don’t. 2. Never ask to leave early.

3. Always volunteer to help out.

4. Unless you’re on your deathbed, don’t call in sick.

5. Don’t hookup with another intern. Don’t forget, you need to see their face eight hours a day, everyday, for three months. 6. Never take the shortcut when you’re given an assignment. It will backfire. 7. Never show up late.

8. Don’t complain when you’re asked to get coffee, or alphabetize. 9. Don’t complain at all.

10. Don’t dress inappropriately. Crop tops and frat tanks are only okay on campus.


11. Smile.

Tatiana is a sophomore studying marketing and international business. You may contact her at

12. Don’t cry in the office. You will look pathetic. If you have to cry, go outside.

13. Constructive criticism is just that – constructive. Don’t think your boss hates you because they gave you constructive criticism. Instead, thank them. 14. Don’t show up hung-over. This isn’t college.

15. Every intern is just as qualified or more qualified than you are. Don’t look down on them because they seem awkward or incompetent. They probably know something you don’t. 16. Be positive in the office. No one enjoys being surrounded by someone cynical. 17. Be respectful.

18. Don’t talk about your personal life at the office. It’s just that, personal. And, chances are, no one cares. This isn’t The Hills. 19. Befriend the other interns. You never know if they’ll be able to help you in the future. 20. Do not use your cellphone at work. 21. Don’t go on Facebook at work. 22. Don’t swear.

23. Don’t use slang or college expressions. “Dude”, “Sorry



not sorry” and “I can’t even” aren’t used in real life. You’re working for a professional business, not TFM or TSM. it.

24. Know Excel like the back of your hand. You will be using

25. Don’t eat garlic for breakfast or lunch. Your coworkers will want to kill you.

26. Wear deodorant. Nothing is worse than a person who smells like they just ran a marathon. 27. Go into work with basic knowledge about the company. It shows you’re interested in more than just adding a couple of lines to your resume.

28. Don’t be a tattletale. No one will like you and it’s not your job to make sure everyone is showing up to work on time and doing his or her job. 29. Don’t talk about all the illicit things you do in college. Unlike some classmates, your employer will not be impressed that you can finish off a fifth of Fireball by yourself. 30. Have fun! Internships shouldn’t be a drag.

DANA HILGERS Alpha Epsilon Phi

Summer is finally upon us. After nine months of writing papers and studying for tests, it is time to pack up and go home. Relaxation is what we need. Although college students crave lazy days spent serial netflixing or tanning in the 80 degrees of sunshine, reality hits and we realize that with summer will just come more work. Whether it’s a part time job or an internship, most of us will be too busy to get much time for ourselves.

FInally read that book you’ve been wanting to read for the past two years.

On a day when you’re feeling lucky, buy some scratch off lottery tickets for you and your friends. See who wins more money.

Make the most of your day off. Here’s a bucket list of things to do to make your summer feel packed with activities while you’re still making money or gaining job experience.

Go to a zoo. Take selfies with the animals. Pay special attention to your sorority’s animal. Go to a museum that you haven’t visited since you were a kid, pretend like you’re still said kid. (Science and Industry or Shedd Aquarium are great).

Pretend like you’re a 13 year old and have a slumber party with your old high school friends. Catch up on each other’s lives.

Go to a drive in movie. If you’re feeling adventurous, dress up like Sandy and Danny. Spend a rainy day at an arcade. Buy a roll of quarters first. If you’re over 21 go to a casino, but remember to only bring the money you’re okay with losing. Hit up your local beach or public pool. Or just play in a sandbox. Go camping. While you at it, you can go hiking and fishing and become one with nature Go to the city. It’s cliché, but who doesn’t want more pics in front of the bean. Explore the boutiques and shops in your hometown that you’ve never been into before. Experiment with recipes from Pinterest. Experiment with DIY ideas from Pinterest.

Go to a flea market, buy something cool that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Hit up the Dells, or Six Flags, for a day trip or a weekend getaway. Get dressed up with your friends and go to a fancy restaurant. Try a sport you’ve never attempted before, whether it’s golfing or water skiing. Spend an entire day hanging out with your grandparents or someone else’s. Write snail mail to a friend who lives out of state. Take an art or workout class that you’ve always kind of wanted to take. Try a type of food that you’ve never eaten before. Go to a music Festival. Check out Natalie’s article for some good ideas. Have a picnic in a forest preserve.

Dana is a freshman studying advertising. You may contact her at

Go to everybreakfast place in your town. Find the perfect omelet. Be an extra in a film. Check online or in newspapers to see if any movies are being filmed in your area this summer. Run a race. The Rock and Roll marathon and half-marathon are in Chicago, this June, but there are always lots of local 5Ks that are inexpensive. Go to a midnight movie premiere. Drink lots of energy drinks beforehand. Treat yourself to something expensive that you’ve worked hard for. Go to a 24 hour diner at 2 a.m. just because you can. Go to a race track, grab a drink, watch the horses and see if you win any races. Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it and have a wonderful summer!

6 Adventure music festivals

TURN UP (THE MUSIC) Throughout the summer season, there are endless Alpha Epsilon Phi opportunities to enjoy music outdoors. One of the greatest ways to Natalie is a sophomore studying enjoy the weather and urban planning. You may contact see an array of bands her at or DJs is at a music festival. There are countless festivals to go to this summer and, regardless what genre of music you prefer, music festivals provide something for everyone.


While there are several fantastic music festivals in Chicago this summer, if you’re willing to travel a bit, there are numerous festivals in nearby states that are definitely worth the trip. Dillo Day: Every year, Northwestern hosts an all-day concert on the lake in Evanston, Illinois (my hometown!) that is free to all college students with a valid ID. This year’s festival takes place on May 31 and the headliners are usually announced shortly before. So far, Chance the Rapper has been confirmed as the daytime headliner. Jordan Crawford, of Sigma Alpha Mu, said, “Being from Evanston, it’s nice to have a concert that combines the college, high school and Evanston cultures into one place where everyone can enjoy great music and a great time together – more so than a major festival since it’s a small venue and only one day.” If you want to experience a free concert and you live near Chicago, attending Dillo Day is the ideal opportunity. Summer Camp: Shortly after school lets out, this festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, only a few hours away from Champaign-Urbana, will be happening from May 23 to 25. Summer Camp Music Festival features a wide variety of artists, from DJs to reggae to funk and more. Headliners include Umphrey’s McGee, Bassnectar, Slightly Stoopid, Girl Talk, Zac Brown Band, Gramatik and many more. Tickets are around $215 for three days of bands and camping. Bonnaroo: Another festival that involves on-site camping is a bit further away, located in Manchester, Tenn.. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival takes place from June 12 through 15 and it truly offers something for all lovers of music (and comedy). The lineup features many mainstream artists including Elton John, Kanye West, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and hundreds more. If you have a car or a way of getting there, it is certainly worth the trip. Spring Awakening: If you’re more of an EDM person, then this festival will be right up your alley. Taking place in Chicago at the same time as Bonnaroo, June 13 through 15, Spring Awakening features three days of electronic artists. Headliners include Pretty Lights, Diplo, Big Gigantic, Knife Party, Kaskade, Flux Pavilion,and countless other electronic artists. Pitchfork: If you’re looking for a more laid-back, Indie music festival, Pitchfork is the place for you. Located in Chicago’s Union Park, it is a very laid-back, smaller venue with only a few stages and a very eclectic lineup. Some headliners include Beck, Kendrick Lamar, Neutral Milk Hotel, Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q. Because it’s a smaller festival, tickets are pretty reasonable, at around $60 for a one-day pass and $120 for a three-day pass. Country Thunder: For all of you country fans out there, this festival is the ideal experience. Country Thunder is happening in Twin Lakes, Wis. from July 24 to July 27. The festival involves camping and features headliners such as Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Eli Young Band, Sawyer Brown and many more. Lollapalooza: As one of Chicago’s oldest and most famous festivals, Lollapalooza is celebrating its 23rd anniversary Aug. 1 to Aug. 3. Blair Parkinson of Phi Sigma Sigma said, “It’s a great experience to see so many bands you like all in one day in such a cool location. I keep going back every year because I think you get a lot more out of it than individual concerts.” The festival features an assortment of different genres of music, with headliners including Eminem, Outkast, Cage the Elephant, Calvin Harris, Childish Gambino, Zedd and numerous others. You won’t want to miss out. Regardless of which music festivals you choose to attend, everyone should attempt to visit one this summer, or at some point in their lives. They are a fantastic way to see numerous bands, enjoy the summer weather and discover new music. They can be a bit exhausting, but they are completely worth it.

Adventure traveling



Shannon is a freshman studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at smkelly4@illinois. edu. The University of Illinois has an amazing study abroad selection with over 400 programs in more than 60 countries. There are programs of varying lengths, from 10 days to a full academic year. Studying abroad is rewarding and can lead to countless opportunities. If studying abroad for an entire semester seems too daunting, check out one of the summer programs! Studying abroad in the summer is a unique experience that everyone should look into. Here’s why. Less of a time commitment: Not ready to spend a semester away from U of I? No worries! There are a number of summer programs during the summer that range from ten days to two months. You can still have that experience of going abroad but without committing four

months of the year to the trip. You don’t need to worry about falling behind in your major, since you will still be on campus during the fall and spring semester when the majority of required classes are offered.

Faculty Led Programs: Nervous about going to a foreign country by yourself? Look into faculty led trips! There are many short term options in which a professor will take a group of students to a country and facilitate the trip. I went on a three-week faculty led tour to South Africa, through the College of Aces, and it was great! There is normally a pre- departure course that meets for the second eight weeks of the semester so students can learn about the country they will be going to and what they will be doing during their time abroad. Normally these programs are worth three credit hours; two for the classroom component and one for the activities while abroad. It is also convenient because for most faculty led trips the study abroad office coordinates the group flight. No one wants to sit on a plane for eight hours by themselves and it is reassuring to have people travel with you. Make new friends: The people you meet on your study abroad trip will probably be some of your best friends


for life. When you go to a different country, you will be out of your comfort zone and you will have to test your boundaries. It will be an experience of a lifetime, and no one will understand how you are feeling except for the people who are right beside you experiencing it with you. When I went to South Africa, we stayed in a hostel, so I roomed with four other people who came on the trip. We were all shy in our pre-departure class so, when the trip started, we were practically strangers. But when our three week trip ended it was like we’d known each other forever, and we will all be bonded by that trip for the rest of our lives. You will meet fellow Illinois students who go on the trip with you, but be prepared to meet people who are local to the neighborhood in which you stay. Bonding with people in different cultures is such a unique experience and one that you can learn so much from. Not only will you take something new back home with you, but you will leave part of your culture with them. Traveling in the summer does have its advantages. Head to the study abroad website and see where your next adventure will be.

8 Self health & fitness


Their challenge was to find one thing a day that made you happy and post it online via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram When I saw this, I thought it was a pretty easy thing to do. Some of the celebrities I followed on Instagram were even doing the challenge. So I figured, “Sure, I can find one thing a day.” It might even be a morale boost.

What made you happy today? Was it a nice text that you got from a friend or significant other? Was it the nice weather on your walk to class? Or was it simple, such as a nice smile from a stranger or an extra fortune cookie you got from Panda Express? If you take a moment to think about it, there could be an endless list of things that made you happy at some point during your day. This was a realization someone had and, in response, created an online challenge called The 100 Happy Days Challenge, at The website claims that we live in busy times and when busy schedules are the norm, we are living less in the moment. To all you college students out there, sound about right?

The challengers warned that 71 percent of the people who start this challenge do not complete it, with “lack of time” their reason. They stated that people were just too busy to be happy. They ask, are you one of these people? I figured, if I took the initiative to challenge myself to remind myself of what makes me happy and thankful, I could literally change my outlook and start being more optimistic. So, I started I posting away with things that made me happy, such as having a good workout or a delicious meal I enjoyed that day – random things. However, as I got further into the challenge, I started forgetting to post on some days. As the days progressed, and school and life kept getting more hectic than it already was, I became one of those people who “was just too busy” and stopped posting. But there is always a chance at redemption, right? I did a little contemplation and realized that the heart of the


Amelia is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at mugaver2@illinois. edu. challenge is to remind you to stop to smell the roses every once in a while and to make you realize how blessed we all are. This summer, I am starting fresh, challenging myself and everyone who reads this to take on the #100HappyDays Challenge. All you have to do is go to, sign up and you are all set to go! Happiness is in the eyes of the beholder, so you are free to post anything and everything that makes you happy each day. It can be a simple smile, good weather or, heck, even a delicious plate of food could suffice. You even get a book sent to you at the end of the challenge, which contains all the pictures you posted of things that made you happy. In the words of Pharell Williams, do you feel like a room without a roof? Are you willing to take on the challenge to be happy? Yes? Then get ready, get set and let’s go be happy!

Ideas debate & discuss



Kristine is a freshman. You may contact her at kristinecircenis@ Some may argue that the two and a half months off from school for summer break is not long enough. These 32 weeks of fun are also filled with exams, homework and general stress in regards to facing life in the real world. So it’s safe to assume that the majority of college students look forward to summer beginning around week 12. However, I know firsthand that it is incredibly easy to get bored when the only things on your daily agenda include sleeping, eating and, maybe, going outside. Here are some ways that you can remain productive during the summer so that when the school year comes around again in early September you don’t find yourself in productivity-shock. Develop a hobby. The hardest thing about developing a hobby is probably the time commitment. Good thing you don’t have a lot on your summertime agenda! Summer is the perfect

time to take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to do. Whether you’ve been curious about the impressive craft ideas on Pinterest or you’re intrigued by the idea of creating a blog, pick an activity and stick to it. No habit or hobby can develop overnight. They take practice and dedication, which both require ample time.

Embark on a road trip. Suffer from wanderlust? Curious about what the rest of the country looks like? Grab a few friends and a map and hop in a car to embark on a cross-country adventure. Summer is two months long, which is plenty of time for a road trip or two. Head out west and see the Grand Canyon and Vegas. Or head to the east coast and take a tour of Boston, New York City and D.C. Don’t want to be in the car for upwards of 10 hours? See your own state. Whether you’re from Illinois or a different state, take the summer to see the things you haven’t had time to explore. If you are from Illinois take a day trip down to Springfield and explore the natural beauty that Southern Illinois has to offer. There are plenty of things to see right in your own backyard. Volunteer. I don’t know about you, but warm weather pulls me to the outdoors. Why not do good deeds while enjoying the great outdoors? Half of the battle of becoming an active volunteer is finding a place that interests you. Research a charity or a cause that interests you and find a way to get involved locally. If you don’t feel up to doing research, head to the closest

animal shelter, forest preserve or park and ask an employee or a volunteer how you can get involved. If all else fails, ask around. Ask your parents or friends who volunteer, or have in the past, about where they have experience. Not only is there a good chance that you’ll be interested in volunteering at the same place, but you can also put them down as a referral contact in case they ask for a reference.

While summer is a time to relax and take a break from school, don’t let it go to waste. Pick an activity of interest and that you’ll enjoy doing. Because if you’re not having fun during the summer, what good is summer?

10 Scene on campus


Kate Woodruff: I’m excited to start my full time nannying job with

Justin Pang: I’ll be in Champaign

hopefully, return to campus as a

also be taking a couple classes.

Kristine Circenis: I’m excited to

have a summer internship with a

as a new employee of Firehaus. I’ll

some tutoring on the side and,

management firm in downtown

Chicago! But I’m more excited for the beach. I love the beach.

bronze goddess.

Katie Coyle: I’m happy to be

returning to my job at Mo’s Chinese Kitchen, which means I’ll

be eating Chinese twice a week for free. Aside from that, I’ll be taking a few classes and enjoying a stressfree summer.

Tatiana Stevenin: I’m beyond excited to spend my summer in New York City interning in the

fashion department for Seventeen Magazine! I also can’t wait to come

back for Greek Reunion and see all my favorite Greeks in July.

Kendall Stoller: I’m excited to continue my wedding server job

(yes, it’s exactly like being Amanda Bynes in What A Girl Wants) and

soaking up the sun in my kayak in

Angelica Michelis: I’m excited to spend my summer at home. I plan on taking summer school, going on a road trip with my cousin and working as a camp counselor! And I can’t wait to be visiting UIUC in the summer, especially for Greek Reunion!

break from Champaign living to

go intern at the Yelp headquarters

baton twirling national competition

in San Francisco where I expect

as well as doing a news internship.

to binge eat sushi and have a

Of course, I’ll soak up the sun and

severe case of fomo during Greek

eating tex-mex every chance I get!

Tribune this summer and for my

and every day at the ARC pool

Suzannah Sparks: I’ll be taking a

back home to Dallas to train for

York City working for!

spend the summer in Champaign

internship is nice too.

Amelia Mugavero: I will be going

Megan Vasiliadis: I’m so excited

Brooke Helpley: I’m excited to

see Beyonce in concert again. The

northern Vermont!

Blaize Stewart: I’m excited to be spending my first summer in New

Lillie Kase: I’m most excited to

to be interning at The Chicago family trip to Branson, MO.


Jeremy Kritt: I’ll be enjoying my first summer at home in 10 years taking classes and working at a sports camp.

Sara Martinez: I’ll be working

Emily Christine: I’ll be staying in

at Ravinia Music Festival as an

Champaign to rage on the daily,

usher and I’m so excited to be

while (hopefully) working with

able to see One Republic live and

CU Special Recreation.

Rebecca Kapolnek: I am so excited to be the public relations and event planning Intern at St. Joseph’s Hospital this summer. I will also be returning to Sonic Drive-In for my third summer. I plan on getting my tan on in the Dominican Republic during my family trip in June!

a lot of other free concerts.

Bentley Stewart: I’ll be spending my summer in good ole Jacksonville

while working at Lenz Baseball

Fields. On my days off I’ll be going boating and four wheeling shenanigans all day.

Scene on campus

STAFF SUMMER PLANS Stephanie Weber: This summer I will be a finance intern at AbbVie. I’ll be working on the budgeting task for various departments of the pharmaceutical company and the aviation department. I’ll be spending my weekends laying out at the beach across the street from my house! Kelsey Schattnik: This summer is really up in the air for me! I am going to be job hunting, and visiting friends all over the U.S. before I have to start work. If everything works out, I may be headed to Europe for a vacation and graduation present!

Dana Hilgers: I will be getting Victoria Potasz: I am interning for

hella tan, reading all those books

spending some time sailing in Door

and hanging out with my cat. And

my sister’s company and possibly

I haven’t read since high school


probably working tons of hours in

Shana Axelrod: I’m interning at CJE: SeniorLife at the Weinberg Center this summer as a social work intern.

Natalie Hoke: This summer I’ll be staying in Champaign working at the University of Illinois Foundation and interning with

the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission!

a less then desirable part time job.

Abby Murin: I’m working at a

summer camp! So excited to spend

a summa in the sun and havin’ fun.

Katie Coleman: I’m interning at Crist|Kolder Associates this

summer and am excited to be back

in the states with my family and friends after a semester abroad!

GREEK CRUSH OF THE WEEK Emma Pool, 19, '17, Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Derrick Mathy, 20, '16, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Where is your hometown?

Where is your hometown?

Chicago, Ill. neighborhood).



What is your go-to-drink? Any smoothie! What is your favorite spot on campus? The Courtyard Café on Mondays at 7 p.m. for my improv show! What’s the biggest turnoff in a man or woman?

Clifton, Ill. What is your go-to-drink? Whiskey coke. What is your favorite spot on campus? Flattop. I am a server there and we recently attained Upper Middle Tier status in the Champaign area. We are very proud. What’s the biggest turnoff in a woman?

Six fingers on one hand.

People who turn down drinks when I buy them.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

How would you describe yourself in three words?

A riot, confident, fierce.

Optimistic, selfless, guacamole.

What is your favorite pick up line?

What is your favorite pick up line?

Excuse me, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

I'll buy you pizza from Second Story.

What are you looking forward to the most about next year? Living in the Kappa house with all of my sisters.


What are you looking forward to the most about next year? Working as an EMT, doing research and having a much easier schedule.

Stephen Zarate: I’ll be working

for us on The Odyssey’s Sales Executive Team in Champaign

this summer! I’ll also be taking two classes.



Brooke is a junior studying philosophy. You may contact her at We are all somewhat aware that Hollywood tends to distort reality. The average college-aged film depicts epic parties, social stereotyping and maturity doused with a little extra movie magic. What I expected coming to college wasn’t exactly what reality handed me. The following list includes some of the biggest distortions Hollywood produces about college life. 1. Fraternities are full of intellectual men who wear a lot of Polo and drink a lot of beer. Plenty of the fine fraternity men on campus are geniuses and more than a few wear Polo, but these stereotypes aren’t applicable to all. Instead of the well-mannered, social elitist or the stinky,

tank-wearing dude with a six pack, you’re more likely to encounter average guys. It does ring true, however, that frat guys (more times than not) enjoy their beer.

likely going to meet someone at a party or out at the bar and, chances are, you’ll be too drunk for it to be anything like it is in the movies.

2. Sorority girls are like secret cults whose members are conniving, preppy and poised. Popular TV shows, like Greek, or movies like Legally Blonde, portray sorority girls wearing a lot of pink and always coming up with plans to sabotage their enemies. This is one of the biggest distortions Hollywood makes. Sororities in truth are filled with normal girls and operate like any other organization. You don’t have to wear pink, have blonde hair or cheat your way into a house by blackmailing all the other girls.

4. Finals week will consist of expensive coffee, prestigious libraries coated in books and lots of stress. While I have had my fair share of stress every finals week the past three years, the library scene isn’t at all what I expected. Most of the libraries on campus, like the infamous UGL, are a lot more casual than what the movies convey. Everyone is talking to their neighbor, the tables aren’t made out of solid wood and most people are drinking cheap coffee they made at home.

3. You will meet the perfect boy or girl in your freshmen dorm and after months of admiration from afar will have an unbearably awkward run-in and an amazing relationship will emerge. Unfortunate as it is, this isn’t likely to happen. Almost all romantic films make love seem easy, but you can’t just wait for something to happen, especially at college. And when something does happen, don’t expect it to be like it is in the movies. You’re most

5. The usual party will have plenty keg stands, naked girls and you’ll probably find people having sex in the bathroom. Though I’ve had my fair share of keg stands, I can’t say that the typical Hollywood depiction of college parties is totally accurate. People can get pretty wild, and every now and then you’ll hear about something absolutely crazy happening but, mostly, it’s just really crowded rooms, very loud music and cheap alcohol.

PREDICTIONS FOR UIUC: 2014/15 After surviving two semesters at this frozen tundra of a school, we can all look forward to finals being done and starting a new academic year in a few short months.


Suzannah is a sophomore studying political science. You may contact her at

Here’s what we might expect our next school year to look like. Greek Reunion summer 2014. Sorority girl falls off tables at Red Lion breaking collarbone. Red Lion has to remove tables and girls resort to wall twerking; men do not object. Drunk students deface alma mater with graffiti. Sent to be restored for another 2 years. Tiny Tim and Birdman get into brawl. Champaign’s shortest townie duo ceases to exist. Last year’s blow darts become this years paint ball guns. Blue guys are legally named Champaign-Urbana’s drink.

McDonald’s finally opens on campus. The sound of popped buttons is heard in every sorority house. Joe’s makes a comeback. Snow day 2014? Not a chance. Compositegate 2014. Fraternities finally crack down on kleptomaniac sorority girls and take back many years worth of stolen fraternity memorabilia. Another celebrity comes to campus. No one actually gets to meet them. Mass groups of girls go to McKinley due to unknown disease. Causes them to “can’t even”. Freshman girl falls and gets stuck to Kam’s dance floor. Must be removed by medics. A couple actually finds love at Red Lion. They get married on stage and have reception in beer garden (predictions for this author in 2020). The kitchen at Chipotle catches on fire. Causes a two-week burrito bowl hiatus. Nightly vigils occur until it re-opens.

Red Lion’s staff bar crawl leads to 15 arrests and 3 trips to the hospital. Written in Champaign’s history books.

Champaign County finally declares Unofficial to be an illegal holiday. Festivities continue to break record numbers.

Winter hits in early September. decides to rage until April. Student dies of frostbite on way to class, but classes still aren’t canceled.

Due to economic decline, Loretta stops serving chex mix at barn dance. Forces everyone to rethink their life choices.

Multiple groups of fathers caught publicly urinating all across campus. Administrators begin to rethink Dads’ weekend.

The Hawks win the Cup again. UIUC is named number one school for celebrating hockey.

Humor lol



Lillie is a sophomore studying advertising. You may contact her at After you experience the horror that is the dorm, TaftVan Doren, you are bonded for life. So, every semester, my closer girlfriends from my floor make a habit of getting together at least once for a reunion drunk brunch, because, like, what else would we do. It was so great to catch up as we all hashed out our funniest and most embarrassing stories from the year. Right around my eighth pancake, one of my friends brought up how her house recently had a less than impressive pregame with a certain fraternity. I was so confused to hear this because my house is flawless so every event we have is a freaking blast. I felt sorry for her. So, to save all other Greek stars from a similar fate of a horrible pregame, I compiled 10 ways to guarantee your house will become the hit of the social season.

1. Don’t attend. There is no better way to impress a house of girls when there are no guys at the pregame. It’s like playing hard to get and we love the chase. Likewise, if no girls show up the pressure for the guys to look good and entertain is removed. It’s a win-win!

2. Show up blacked out. If you must attend, make sure you pregame the pregame. Everyone knows the perfect time for a hot mess is at 9:30 p.m. The extra confidence will allow you to approach everyone and strike up a conversation. Who cares if you’re slurring your words and might be throwing up by 11 p.m.? At least you know you’re a good time! 3. Don’t mingle with anyone of the opposite sex. Girls love to get dressed up to walk all the way over to a frat just to be ignored while they play beer pong with their brothers. We love hard to get, so continue to not include us.

an upperclassman; he’ll be so into it.

6. Leave early. We go to a highly respectable and top ranked academic institution. Everyone has a lot of schoolwork to do so leaving early and skipping the bars is probably a good idea. It really shows you value their education. 7. Talk about other houses. Talking about events you have with other fraternities will totally make this fraternity jealous. They’ll work that much harder to impress you, trust me. Nothing like a little competition to get the ball rolling. 8. Steal stuff. Fraternities have so many composite photos and paddles; they’ll appreciate you taking it off their hands. Just remember, ladies, the older the photo the more impressed they’ll be.

4. Wander the house. Guys will be so impressed if you know the layout of their house better than they do – it shows you really put the effort into getting to know them.

9. Be the bartender. Guys love confident girls. Go behind their bar and just start pouring out all of their alcohol as if you’re a pro. It’s not like they spent a lot of money on the booze, anyway.

5. Pretend like you don’t know how to play drinking games. Isn’t it just the cutest when a guy teaches you how to do something he’s super into? Well, all fraternity men are into drinking, right? Just pretend like you have no idea how to play the generic pregame drinking games…even if you’re

10. Document the event. Make sure you go on Greek Rank and write a post about how amazing events are with your house. When other houses see this, they’ll get the memo that you’re social climbing. Greek Rank is always, always accurate, so everyone will take it seriously.

14 Humor lol @rickygervais: Same sex marriage isn’t gay privilege, it’s equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes. Like churches don’t. @edbergz: Studying was going well until I started watching Who’s Line Is It Anyway reruns. @NealOmar: This guy sat next to me on the bus when there were a lot of seats and I was mad but he smells really good so I’m not mad anymore. The end. @ronnyvidri4: Pretty sure my wrists broken and dignities perished. @antijokeapple: Yo momma’s so fat, that when she jumps in a pool she displaces a slightly larger volume of water than people with less body mass do.



@TweetLikeAGirl: do u ever leave ur phone for like an hour and expect to come back to like 60 texts but u get none yeah same.

@BeeDevon: Reasons to date me: We’d eat pizza and listen to good music together. @christinekurt: You know you’re at a strange place in your life when you don’t know whether to get caprisun or sangria at a family party. @sorrynotsorryy: Women are the only ones that can go out broke and come back drunk. @katcabreraa: Opened a tab at the bar last night.... not the best idea ever #IHave10BucksLeft. @kaylalee33: I’ve been at U of I for 3 years now and my dad still refers to my sorority as ACDC because he still doesn’t know what it is yet. @itsBroStinson: I don’t trust penguins, I know you can secretly fly, you sneaky bastards. @RealConorWierus: My fingers are probably going to catch on fire when I put them in the Holy Water tray

when I get into Church. @adamkotsko: We ask 18-year-olds to make huge decisions about their career and financial future, when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom. @sorrynotsorryy: Kinda wanna look good in a bikini kinda wanna eat three burritos from chipotle kinda pissed I have to pick one. @JudgmentalGay: I wish my life were in Valencia filter. @howlilwayneraps: Keeping an eye on my girl at the beach, call that baewatch. @CollegeStudent: Exams are coming up... time to learn a whole semester in one week. @DrScienceCat: My favorite bible verse is the one about how you have to share every Christian picture on Facebook to get into Heaven.


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Illinois 5 8 14 proof1