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Supplying RAS since 1993

Norwegian technology. World-leading expertise. Optimal water quality. Ever since the company was established 25 years ago, we have

That is how we stay in the vanguard of technological developments in

delivered industry-leading technology to ensure optimal water quality.

the industry.

We have invented and introduced many of today’s industry standards, and we have been early adopters of new ideas and technologies.

The facilities we design are optimized for outstanding fish logistics and good fish health. Both the farmer and the fish will be happy in a RAS

Our staff consists of biologists, fish farmers and engineers who have

facility designed by AquaOptima.

decades of experience designing RAS facilities. With our expertise, our knowledge and our products in your facility, we guarantee that

As part of the Steinsvik Group, AquaOptima can deliver turnkey

your facility will have an optimal water environment, which promotes

projects at any size. Our close ties to the Steinsvik Group also enable

healthy fish and rapid growth.

us to deliver the latest in innovations from one of the world’s leading communities in aquaculture technology.

Our AquaOptima staff are always working on new RAS facilities, while also continuously working on research and development projects.

AquaOptima deliveries world wide

Examples of species we’ve designed RAS facilites for:

For more than 25 years we’ve delivered RAS facilities all over the world. Our technology is well proven, extensively documented and in use for a variety of species for warm and cold water, fresh and salt water, all around the world. Here are some examples: Arctic char

Salmon – Nofima RAS R&D facility, Norway World´s largest R&D system for RAS, 9 tanks 100 m3, 30 tanks 3.5 m3. Design, engineering, equipment supplies, contractor for all process related installations. In operation since 2010. Foto: Terje Aamodt © Nofima

Barramundi – PT Yapen Mandiri Sejahtera Hatchery & Fishfarming, Indonesia

Atlantic cod





Sea bass

Sea bream






Rainbow trout

Tiger puffer fish




2015-16: Barramundi RAS Hatchery, Sea cage farm for grow-out. Design, engineering, equipment supplies and supervising. Construction in 2016. 1 million fingerlings 20 g per year, Sea cage delivery winter 2017 – capacity 1,260 tons/y.

Whitefish and sturgeon – SibInvestStroy, Sibir/Russia Sturgeon-meat 10 tons/y and caviar production 2,5 tons/y. Hatchery for Whitefish 10 mill/y á 1.5g, 1 mill/y á 30g and 0,4 mill/y á 100 g. Design and engineering, equipment supply, and supervising. Construction started spring 2015, in operation from fall 2016.

Eel – Find Fresh, Portugal RAS Eel, fresh water, 500 tons/y. Design, engineering, equipment supplies and supervising. Construction started 2015, in operation from May 2016.

AquaOptima RAS - OptiFarm We build turnkey systems that ensure optimal water quality. The OptiFarm system offers effective self-cleaning tanks, optimal circulation speed and excellent water quality. This promotes thriving


fish, ideal fish production and an even distribution of fish throughout the tank volume.

Octagonal tanks which offer superior tank hydraulics

Turnkey technology •

Intake water treatment

Mechanical filter

Water treatment RAS

Removes suspended solids larger than approximately 60 µm

Fish production units

Monitoring and control

Sludge treatment

Training, startup and service

Moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) Reduces ammonia (NH3 ) and nitrite (NO2 ) to safe levels for fish, in addition to reduction of any remaining organic material

CO2 stripper Removes CO2 and potential N2 gas from the recirculating water

OptiFlow Water inlet system for self-cleaning of the tanks

Monitoring and control We deliver automated systems to monitor and control every relevant parameter in your facility:

O2 saturation system

Temperature regulation


Underwater lights

Feeding systems

Pumps, blowers and fans



Ozone production

Removes 95% of the settleable solids in just a few minutes


Oxygen is added to ensure optimal oxygen conditions for fish growth

Foam fractionator and ozone injection: Improves water quality and increases the clarity by removing fine particles, complex organic substances and dissolved organic material

In addition, the system is set up with alarms for important parameters, so that the entire facility can be controlled remotely from the control room.

Technology and solutions OptiFarm consists of several different components, including OptiTrap, OptiFlow and OptiTank. OptiFarm, our concept for a complete RAS facility, is designed for ideal fish health and growth, and every single component in the system works and contributes to these factors.





System designed to remove

OptiFlow is a water inlet system

We prefer octagonal tanks,

We use biofiltration in the form

particles from the tank. OptiTrap

for perfect mixing of water

as they offer superior tank

of a moving bed bioreactor

makes sure that large particles

and self-cleaning of the tanks.


(MBBR) to remove ammonia and

are removed from the tank

OptiFlow optimizes the speed of

almost immediately as they are

the water current to give the fish

In the OptiTank, the water


the correct swimming behavior

quality is equally good in all

The MBBR is self-purifying, so

for increased fitness.

areas of the tank - with great

you avoid having to schedule

oxygenation, optimal water flow

downtime for maintenance. In

- and healthy fish.

addition, the solution is highly

OptiTrap removes up to 95 percent of the settable particles

The OptiFlow system contributes

from the water, effectively laying

to optimal water flow throughout

the groundwork for maintaining

the whole tank.

optimal water quality in the tank at all times.

nitrites from the water.



CO2 stripping - degassing

In order to dissolve oxygen into the water, we use technology proven to be reliable and energy-efficient.

Monitoring and control

CO2 , as well as any excess

Protein skimming and ozone treatment

We deliver automated

Planning and dimensioning

saturation of nitrogen gas, is

In order to maintain optimal

systems to monitor and

We take care of the entire

removed by the degasser.

water quality, we recommend

control every relevant

process, from designing

implementing a side loop for

parameter in your facility.

the building including

protein skimming and ozone We often reccomend one


oxygen saturator per tank

production departments and The system lets you

technical rooms, establishing

regulate the oxygenation

procedures for disease

for easy regulation and

This means that approx.

of every tank, adjust the

prevention, handling fish

monitoring of dissolved

one third of the water fed

pH of the water to optimize

logistics and negotiating

oxygen levels.

through the bioreactor at

the biofiltration process

contracts with contractors.

any given time is diverted for

and control converters for

protein skimming and ozone

pumps and fans.

We make sure the entire

treatment. This process

facility is economical, efficient

removes fine particles from

and optimized for great fish

the water flow and create


clear and appealing water.

Børge Søraas CEO

Eskil Forås COO

Trond Karlsen Sales Manager

Astrid Buran Holan Senior Advisor, PhD +47 488 65 918 +47 930 11 532 +47 977 41 000 +47 916 83 316 Sjøgangen 4, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

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Supplying RAS since 1993

AquaOptima - Brochure  

Supplying RAS since 1993

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