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CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

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Pasquale Hair Salon

Pages 16 to 17

Matric Dance Styles

Find The Perfect Blonde Shade For Your Skin Tone

Gorgeous Wigs Pages 20 to 23

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Celeb Styles

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Keratin All You Need To Know

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Fabulous Flat Irons

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Marvin, our favourite stylist Pages 42 to 43

We have some fabulous treats for you in this edition.

Kelly Osbourne Page 41

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Maintain Your Little Ones Mane

Hair Products

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Get Your Hair Summer Ready Pages 54 to 57

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Super Salons

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Jen Su Pages 60 to 62

De Stress Tips Pages 58 to 59

Rolene Strauss

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| September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES




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Pages 16 and 17.

ghd’s stunning new limited edition Bird Of Paradise collection:


Stylish products on page 37.

Vanessa Papas chatted to Miss SA, Rolene Strauss. Turn to pages 63 to 66 to read her interview.

Get organised with Deluxe Collection:

Dumb Blonde Range:

Pages 34 and 35.

Pages 18 and 19.

LETTER’S TO EDITOR Dear CS, Please let me know what the latest trends for Summer are? Hanna from Joburg

Dear Hanna, We chatted to Marvin from Jeauval Hair Salon, Hyde Park on the latest summer trends. “Fringes are quite prominent and they can be worn up high or solid across a forehead... The colour is typical spring summer, platinum with some colour splashes.” says Marvin. Turn to pages 42 and 43 to see what else he has to say. Enjoy! CS Team

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Dear CS, Love the new mag! Will you be doing fashion any time soon? Terry from PE

Dear Terry,

For this year we are just focusing on hair and beauty. But who knows going forward for 2015 we might start adding fashion. CS Team

Dear CS, I’m proud of you guys! To start a magazine in today’s times takes a lot of guts. Thank you for visiting our salon. I will definitely support your magazine. Good luck going forward. Ledisi from Soweto Dear Ledisi, It was fab spending the morning with you and your team. Thank you for the support. CS Team

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Fabulous styles from Pasquale Hair Salon:

CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

EDITOR’S LETTER We have over 150 Hair Styles for you to see! Oh what a fabulous time we are having at Celeb Styles office! As the magazine gains more attention, the happier we are, as we love reading your mail. In our 3rd edition we have some real treats for you. Our Favourite stories are…  Summer is just around the corner so let’s get our hair summer ready. Angela shares some fabulous tips on pages 54 to 57.  Thinking about going blonde this summer? If so, you need to find the perfect blonde shade for your skin tone, turn to pages 18 and 19 for some fabulous tips.  Pasquale Hairstylists very kindly shared some fabulous hair styles with us on pages 16 and 17 and they also made our ‘Super Salon’ pages on 52 and 53.  With Breast Cancer Awareness month kicking off on October 1, we take a look at the disease and some gorgeous wigs to help you feel and look amazing on pages 20 to 23. Celeb Styles is a magazine for you! We want all salons, hairdressers to share their experiences with us. If you have done a fabulous style, or if you feel your hair salon deserves recognition or you have a fabulous stylist, that always does the extra’s with their clients, we want to know. Drop us a mail at Until next time

With love the CS TEAM!


GOES LIVE OCTOBER 31, 2014 In the next issue...

1. 2. Hair accessories: 3. The ultimate guide. 4. 5. Natural remedies that improve hair quality.

Be a celeb copy cat — new haircut and colour for Christmas.

How to boost your blow dry. Truth or myth? Hair colourants and the cancer connection. AND SO MUCH MORE...!

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We asked Vanessa and Angela...

What are your top tips for preparing your locks for summer?

VANESSA PAPAS Every summer, hundreds of heads of hair flock to the salon in the quest of going blonde(r). While blondes are said to have fun, there is no hue under the sun that can beat healthy looking locks. My top hair tip for summer? Stop worrying about following the highlight trend everyone lusts after as soon as the weather warms ups and instead focus on getting your locks in top tip condition, no matter your colour. Splurge on deep conditioning treatments and moisturising sprays. Play with funky accessories and remember that a sunhat not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays, but your hair too!

ANGELA BEKIARIS With summer around the corner I usually make my hair a little lighter and make sure I get a treatment done as my hair feels dry and lifeless after the cold winter months. I also get a bit of a chop (more than the usual split ends) as my hair grows so fast and I want to keep it looking and feeling healthy from the start. And the best part about summer is that if I want to I can leave my hair wet after washing it or with a bit of mousse in, looking more natural with a slight wave — less blow-drying the better.

Have a question or are you a stylist that would like to offer your expertise? Drop us a mail, write to in the subject box put YOUR Q&A All rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher.

| September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


“I believe that life is a balance of mind, body, and soul.”


one of the hottest women in the world, which is why we’re revealing some awesome Jennifer Lopez tips. From beauty, to fashion and how she stays in shape, we have a whole bunch of J.Lo secrets you’ll want to know, and use. 6

CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014



By Angela Bekiaris

J.LO’s Jennifer

Lopez might have a successful career and a bank account we could all only dream about, but the actress/singer was blessed with great features too. But while being beautiful is one thing, keeping it up and looking after yourself is another. The star, who is currently judging American Idol again this year — and who is recently single too after splitting from toyboy boyfriend Casper Smart — is famous for her glow. Says J.Lo: “Beauty comes from inside. It’s been said many times, but I believe it’s the truth.” But let’s not lie, she has great make-up artists too. When asked recently about her beauty secrets, the star revealed that you should take time for yourself, surround yourself with people who make you laugh and take to your bed. “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you are a better person and parent,” said J.Lo, who added that it doesn’t mean hitting a spa. “I just breathe and clear my mind. Sometimes we just have to do nothing, just breathe.” She also added: “When I am with my girlfriends, sisters, and cousins, we just say and do ridiculous and silly things. We are Puerto Ricans with a lot of energy. Sometimes it gets loud!” The star, who believes in a good night’s rest says: “Sleep! I think sometimes we get caught up in what we need to do next and forget about what are the very essential and important things in life. I treasure my time to sleep. It’s just as important as eating or exercise.” J.Lo adds: “I believe that life is a balance of mind, body, and soul. As I journey through my life experience, I have a better understanding of how true this really is. When your life is balanced, you are happy and excel in everything.” Taking a look at Jen it’s hard to see that she’s aged much over the years. What’s her secret? Says the mom-of-two: “I’m a big believer in the basics. Less is more. I get my cleanser from my dermatologist. I need a great cleanser because I’ve had to wear a lot of makeup for so many years.


I use a very mild makeup remover and a very basic sunscreen-moisturizer combo, and I try to get lots of sleep.” But she does swear by one fancy cream. Sources say her favourite skincare product is Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream, a rich daily moisturizer that promises to protect against dryness and irritation, all while soothing skin from weather damage. The product features avocado oil, as well as extracts from rose petal and rosehip to keep skin smooth, supple, and blemish-free. Jen is also obsessive about sunscreen and is an exfoliating queen. “I always wear sunscreen. My favourite for body is L’Oréal Paris Sublime SPF 50+, and I use it on my little coconuts, too,” she revealed in an interview. (The coconuts she is talking about are her adorable twins, in case you were wondering.) The star also adds: “I don’t wear a lot of makeup to the beach, but I do always keep a nude lip gloss in every bag,” adding “I wear fragrance every day.” And as for her hair? “Hair is my treasure, that I am saving and counting every day,” she says about her gorgeous locks which she takes really good care of. Insiders say Jen thoroughly chooses hair masks, takes vitamins, and has head massages – she’s even admitted to uses beer to make her hair so shiny.

“When you feel good, you are a better person and parent.”

September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES



FASHION “In terms of style, I encourage other women to first be comfortable but have fun. Life is meant to be fun!” explains J.Lo about fashion. And there’s no secret that she’s one styling woman. Turning heads and making headlines for her outfits, both on the red carpet and on stage, J.Lo has a fab stylist — and good taste too. While some call her a fashion expert, others feel like she has gone back in style — back to her old Jenny From The Block look — and they love it. She’s back in tight pants, bodycon dresses and velour suits these days. She’s definitely into more hugging pieces and bright colours these days and is having fun with her wardrobe. And when it comes to American Idol, the star knows how to grab attention — and keep it. Some say if all things fail with her career, she will make it as a celebrity stylist. Don’t think she has to worry about that though....


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014


J.Lo’s menu is based on fish, meat, season fruits and veggies. And while sweets, pizzas and hotdogs are allowed, it just means that the next day it’s just fruits and salads.


Diet & Fitness

got a body most woman would die for. Athletic, curvaceous and just dropdead gorgeous. So how does she stay in shape? Like most Hollywood stars, J.Lo mainly has celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson to thank. According to Anderson, J.Lo exercises for an hour a day and cannot go two days without working out. “Thirty minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular structure,” explains Anderson on Lopez’s routine. The star also adds that she maintains her figure with latino dancing. J.Lo feels that it is the perfect workout for the whole body and is more efficient than any other fitness sessions. The star says dancing makes your body more slim, flexible and sexier – but you have to dance for two hours, a minimum of three times a week. J.Lo also jogs every morning for about 30 minutes, giving her energy for the new day. Not a fan of diets, Jen feels that you should take food the way it works best for you, decide what amount is ideal, and always stick to that regimen – do eat more! J.Lo’s menu is based on fish, meat, season fruits and veggies. And while sweets, pizzas and hotdogs are allowed, it just means that the next day it’s just fruits and salads. J.Lo also includes cardio like biking, running, boxing and stair master in her routine and believes that losing weight beyond a particular limit is a waste of energy. She also believes in programming your body and mind to the workouts and letting them know the routine you are going through. The American Idol judge also doesn’t believe in starving yourself, adding that she also eats the right things at the right time, although her diet primarily consists of lots of proteins and plenty water.

Which star’s secrets would you like revealed? E-mail us at and we will investigate. September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES



CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |



| September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES





CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |






CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014


FASHION FRINGE | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES




CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |



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Pasquale Hair Salon, Woodbridge Square Shopping Centre, Monument Road, Kempton Park. Tel: (011) 391-3105/6

Turn to page 52 to read more about Pasquale. | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


TOP BLONDE BEAUTIES Find the perfect blonde shade for your skin tone. Tip

Use coconut oil on the end of your locks before shampooing. Nicole Kidman


is definitely in the air, so it’s time to re-evaluate your shade to see what tone you’d like for the coming months. Find the perfect blonde shade for your skin tone and your face will come alive! Here are our favourite blonde celebrities.

Blake Lively


Gwyneth Paltrow

CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

January Jones

Kate Hudson

Gwen Stefani

Diane Kruger

Tip: Keep dreaded yellow hues at bay with a violet shampoo now and then.


Absolute SPEED BLONDE The YELLOW illuminator! Hydrate and revitalise the natural hair colour. Corrects the hair toning and avoids decolouration providing intense glow, flexibility and softness. For more information visit or call (012) 686-7067

SO Blonde Shampoo:


SO Blonde Conditioner:

SOS Blonde Toning Treatment: Dumb Blonde® Smoothing Stuff Smart stuff for Dumb Blondes! Shine, defrizz and add the perfect finishing touch. Created by blondes for blondes and all the colours in between!

golden glow

Bring your hair back into balance with a cool, reflective ash blonde, created with the perfect mix of highlights and lowlights.




balanced blonde

Warm up your haircolor with honey blonde highlights, precisely placed to flatter your haircut and face shape.

Stay cool with a beautiful light blonde, featuring multi-tonal highlights and a high-shine color glaze.

baby blonde

highlight heaven

Go light, lighter, lightest with an ultra-cool platinum blonde. Amazing on short cuts!

Get back the light blonde you used to have, with even more shine. Perfect for blondes who need a color boost.

Make your hair shimmer with all-over highlights. Glamorous light blonde pieces create maximum dimension.



vip platinum

blonde transformation

Make a dramatic change by taking your base color from black or dark brown to a modern neutral blonde.

All rights reserved. 2014

gilded glamour Treat yourself to 24K style with a brighter base color and soft golden blonde highlights. Ideal for brunettes who want to lighten up.

Make a bold statement with stunning silver blonde. Ask your stylist about additional shade options, including pastels!

Colour CombatTM Leave-In Conditioner Do Dumb Blondes have more fun? Um, yeah because this lightweight leavein does all the work! It’s packed full of defending ingredients to boost the strength that bleached and over processed hair lacks and our colour lock down technology helps secure hues to increase the vibrancy of your gorgeous tones. And bonus… this formula protects from the common, ho-hum dull hair that UV damage can cause.


touch of gold

Express service! Glam up your look with quick face-framing highlights for a subtle, naturally sun-kissed look.




cool chic







Ask your stylist what Blonde Idol haircare regimen will give your blonde the custom care it deserves!

Dumb Blonde Reconstructor For Chemically Treated Hair. All Dumb Blonde products available in most professional salons. | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES





By Angela Bekiaris

With Breast Cancer Awareness month kicking off on October 1, we take a look at the disease, the brilliant campaign and some gorgeous wigs to help you feel and look amazing.


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |



Kim Kardashian


Cher any type of

cancer is not easy, and having to deal with losing your hair can make the process harder. But with beautiful wigs on the market, you can look and feel like yourself even when you are not feeling your best. Celebrities wear wigs and extensions to make them look more glamorous, so why not take this opportunity to change your look — and feel fabulous too! Stars like Beyoncé Knowles, Kim Kardashian, Cher, Taylor Swift, Fergie, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are just a few of the famous faces which are made more beautiful with extensions and hairpieces. Mike & Liz Hairpieces has a wide range of hairpieces to make you feel like a star. Established in 1968, they specialise in hairpieces, offering each client a private consultation with a qualified stylist in a tranquil home setting. According to Mike & Liz Hairpieces: “Our staff work together to offer the best service and technical advice. Our factory manufactures quality custom made, human hair wigs, extensions and hairpieces.” Mike & Liz consider’s each client’s individual needs. They offer highlights and additional colours, alterations and repairs to all wigs and hairpieces.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month starts on October 1. This is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the

Fergie disease. According to, Cancer begins in the cells which are basic building blocks that make up tissue. Tissue is found in the breast and other parts of the body. Sometimes the process of cell growth goes wrong and new cells form when the body doesn’t need them and old or damaged cells do not die as they should. When this occurs, a build up of cells often forms a mass of tissue called a lump, growth, or tumour. Breast cancer occurs when malignant tumours develop in the breast. These cells can spread by breaking away from the original tumour and entering blood vessels or lymph vessels, which branch into tissues throughout the body. When cancer cells travel to other parts of the body and begin damaging other tissues and organs, the process is called metastasis. While everyone knows about cancer, breast cancer awareness month has been created to remind people to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage people to take the necessary steps.

Taylor Swift

Risk Factors

There are a number of risk factors when it comes to breast cancer — these include obesity, lack of physical activity, drinking alcohol, hormone replacement therapy during menopause, ionizing radiation, early age at first menstruation and having children late or not at all. About 5 to 10 percent of breast cancer cases are due to genes inherited from a person’s parents.

Mike & Liz Hairpieces Tel: (011) 782-3907

Beyoncé | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES



The diagnosis of breast cancer is confirmed by taking a biopsy of the concerning lump. Once diagnosis has been made, further tests are done to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the breast and which treatments it may respond to. Most types of breast cancer are easy to diagnose with a biopsy of the affected area of the breast, but there are, however, rarer types of breast cancer that require specialised lab exams. The two most commonly used screening methods, physical examination of the breasts by a healthcare provider and mammography, can offer an approximate likelihood that a lump is cancer, and may also detect some other lesions, such as a simple cyst.


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

Signs And Symptoms

The first noticeable symptom is typically a lump on the breast that feels different from the rest of the breast tissue. More than 80 percent of breast cancer cases are discovered when the woman feels a lump. Early breast cancer is also detected by a mammogram. And lumps found in lymph nodes located in the armpits can also indicate breast cancer. Other signs or symptoms include thickening different from the other breast tissue, one breast becoming larger or lower, a nipple changing position or shape or becoming inverted, skin puckering or dimpling, a rash on or around a nipple, discharge from nipple/s, constant pain in part of the breast or armpit, and swelling beneath the armpit or around the collarbone.



Angelina Jolie: The actress shocked

and touched the world with her frank admission that she had undergone an elective double mastectomy because she carries a ‘faulty’ gene, BRCA1, that took her mother at age 56. “I hope that other women can benefit from my experience,” she said.

Christina Applegate The star had both breasts removed in a preventative procedure after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008. Like Jolie, she carries the BRCA1 gene. Talking to Good Morning America, she called the choice ‘tough’ but the ‘most logical’ possibility.

Giuliana Rancic E! host Giuliana underwent a double mastectomy in 2012. She says after reading the news about Angelina Jolie, she “smiled and let out a sigh of relief. Relief that more and more women are getting the courage to share their stories for the most selfless reason of help other women.”

Olivia Newton-John The Grease star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 and underwent a mastectomy. The disease led her to become an outspoken advocate for breast cancer awareness. In 2008, Newton-John raised funds to help build the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Sharon Osbourne

The Talk co-host chose a preventive double mastectomy in 2012, like Angelina Jolie did, because she too carries the cancer-causing gene. The star, who had colon cancer a decade prior, wasn’t taking any chances. “As soon as I found out I had the breast cancer gene, I thought: ‘The odds are not in my favour’,” she revealed. “I’ve had cancer before and I didn’t want to live under that cloud: I decided to just take everything off, and had a double mastectomy. I didn’t even think of my breasts in a nostalgic way, I just wanted to be able to live my life without that fear all the time.” | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


When There’s A Kink In Your Keratin

Keratin may be technically ‘dead’ yet it’s the lifeline of lovely locks. By Vanessa Papas


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

Before and after photos by Tonsorial Hair Design


actress Melanie Griffith taught us? You can’t mend a broken heart or a split end. Having just given husband Antonio Banderas the boot after 18 years of marriage, Griffith's is looking more washed out and haggard than ever before, and we haven't even started talking about her frizzled hair yet! According to experts, she, and thousands of others, is lacking keratin, which causes locks to become dull, weak and break. Think of keratin as the stuff legends are made of — the thing that gave Biblical Samson his power. A fibrous protein, keratin is the main compound that gives strength and elasticity to the inner and outer hair structure. Thanks to this innovative compound our hair is built to withstand (or at least tolerate for a while) the hot rays of the summer sun and bitter winter cold, as well as the heat of styling aids. "While it's true that your hair is actually made up of 'dead' keratin (even though it's attached to the body, it doesn't have blood vessels flowing through it) it's vital that the keratin is nourished as it's the secret to healthy, shiny, smooth hair," says senior stylist Taurique Behardien of Tonsorial Hair Design. "One strand of hair is made up of 80 percent keratin (a breakdown of protein). When hair is exposed to mechanical damage (hair dryers, curling tongs, flat irons), chemical damage (bleach, relaxers, tints, straighteners) and natural damage (sun, wind, sea, pool water) the keratin is weakened, resulting in split ends and breakage. While keratin is present in all hair types some heads of hair do have less than others and those with low levels of keratin are more at risk of having frizzy, dry and 'thirsty looking' locks."

R210 to R250

| September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Fortunately, Taurique says there are immediate solutions that instantly transforms lifeless hair, other than a pair of scissors. “I don’t recommend over-the-counter products as the technology and research behind them is completely different to some of those in the salon. Products worth every penny, in my opinion, include Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturising Shampoo (Sulphate Free), Keratin Cream Rinse (Conditioner) and Keratin Intensive Treatment. All are proven to reduce breakage, prevent frizz, reduce colour fade and leave hair soft, silky and easier to manage.” It’s important to note that even with the best products on the market there is no ‘permanent fix’ for damaged keratin and prevention is still better than cure. “Hydrolysed keratin found in some salon products is keratin that has been broken down into smaller pieces and because it’s microscopic it is able to penetrate even deeper into the hair and treat all three layers of the hair (cuticle, cortex and medulla),” explains stylist Yvette Duurland from Snippets Hair And Nail Salon in Claremont, Western Cape. “Because hydrolysed keratin reaches right down to the medulla (inner most layer), you get much better , deeper and longer lasting results, but these results are still not permanent. Imagine that the inside of your hair is made out of brick stones and every time you blowdry, flatiron, colour or even spend the day in the sun at the beach, the bricks get beaten down with a hammer. In reality, the brick stones are keratin fibres. Every time you use hydrolysed keratin in your hair care products you will maintain the strength in your hair by ‘filling’ the ‘gaps’ caused by either chemical or environmental damage. Because the keratin has been applied to the hair from the outside it will eventually wash out. Those with fine hair also need to be careful of over depositing product into the hair, which will weigh it down and make it greasy.” A popular and ‘longer lasting’ option, says Yvette, is a keratin hair straightening treatment, which is a salon procedure where heat is applied on top of the treatment. It can be quite a lengthy process but it will leave your hair much stronger. Depending on which treatment you’ve had it will also smoothen out your curls and eliminate frizz. “A lot of research has been done on keratin treatment. Snippets recommends Inoar, which was the first enterprise to bring out a keratin treatment and has been successful all over the world ever since. We have

seen great results over and over again first hand. It has a wide range of different types of keratin treatments to accommodate straight, fine hair to wild curly Afro hair,” says Yvette. “While hairdressers don’t need to obtain a specific ‘qualification’ to apply the treatment, they do need training so it’s imperative that you go to a professional salon where you can trust the stylist knows how to properly and safely apply the treatment. You may have heard about formaldehyde in salon keratin products and may be wondering what exactly formaldehyde is. It’s the ingredient that makes the treatment work so well. It’s better described as a ‘sticking agent’, and it is what gives the treatment the effect. We can only speak on what we have experienced with Inoar when it comes to safety of keratin products. We know two of their products contain low levels of formaldehyde (it’s indicated that the formaldehyde measures less than 0.03 percent way below the allowed 0,2% - and that they are FDA registered and IOS-certified).”

Caring For Your Keratin

 Use products containing thermal protection before using hair dryers, flat irons and curling tongs. Opt for one with UV protection as the sun is as damaging to your hair as it is to your skin all year round.  Switch your chemical treatment to one less damaging. There are colour treatments available on the market with the least amount of ammonia and full grey coverage.  For daily use, opt for Argan Oil at its purest form with no preservatives. Used daily it will prevent dry frizzy hair.  Avoid split ends and have hair trimmed regularly.  Restore hair’s natural condition with monthly treatments.

SNIPPETS Tel: (021) 683-5878 E-mail:

Yvette Duurland of Snippets Hair And Nail Salon

Tel 021 4626042 The Avalon Building Cnr Hope St and Mill st (Mill st Entrance) Gardens Cape Town South Africa


CELEB STYES | September / October 2014 |

Tonsorial Hair Design Tel: (021) 462-6042

‘Oh No, I HAVE DANDRUFF!’ Dandruff doens’t have to be your worst nightmare.


white flakes appear on your collar, and you start panicking – dandruff can be your worst nightmare! Dandruff is generally the shedding of dead skin cells. It is not surprising for breakouts during this time of the year. Dandruff is known to be seasonal and common during the dryer, winter months. Alternatively, it can also be caused by a fungus that strips away the scalps natural oils, leaving the scalp dry and prone to the condition. This irritating scalp condition affects many people, but it’s not a train smash and there are numerous solutions available to control and prevent this condition.

Treat Dandruff  Use a medicated shampoo

Products to try…

designed to treat dandruff.  Be patient! Some anti-dandruff shampoos can take a week or two to work.  If your problem persists after a couple of weeks of treatment, and you don’t see a difference, then see your doctor who will prescribe steroid creams that may help.  Tea tree oil can reduce dandruff.  Baking soda helps fight the fungus that often causes dandruff.  Apple cider vinegar helps to correct PH imbalances on your scalp which can cause dandruff.  Dandruff thrives in oily hair, so when you spot those white flakes, wash your hair regularly.  Coconut oil helps to moisturise a dry flaky scalp.

 Some styling hair products may contribute to dandruff in some people.  A healthy, balanced diet may ward off the flakes.  Stress! Stress causes all sorts of ailments, including dandruff, relax!  A nutritional supplement, such as Selenium is considered an oral anti-fungal product and very good in allowing the body to defend itself against infections.

label.m Peppermint Treatment:


Justine Tissue Oil Treatment Hair Mask:


Avon Advance Techniques 2 in 1 Anti-dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner:


label.m Peppermint Treatment with scalp-stimulating peppermint to increase blood supply to the hair follicle. Refreshing and lightweight to Invigorate both hair and scalp. The innovative Enviroshield Complex, exclusive to label.m, shields hair against heat styling and UV rays. Apply to freshly shampooed hair, combing through from roots to ends. For extra conditioning benefits, leave in hair for one minute before rinsing out. | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


From cornrows, locks, braiding, mohawks, frohawks, faux hawks, Afros, African hair has influenced stylist Patrick Ngoyi of Le Looks people of Gauteng — for his t Halle Berry with her short sleek hairstyle.

By Vanessa Papas

A long braid as worn on model Nobukhosi Nkomo.



CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

, manicured dreadlocks and hair twists, to s, short cropped looks, long manes and big d trends worldwide. We chat to expert hair s — a landmark destination for the beautiful take on black beauty trends this season. Pixies And Elves

Academy award-winning actress and former fashion model Halle Berry is famous for both her acting skills and her gorgeous locks. Whether worn short and sleek, or long and dreamy, Halle’s hair stylist always hits the red carpet mark when it comes to hair trends. This year, Halle stole the limelight for her role in the movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past and everyone raved about her super sexy short hair. “While uber short has always been a huge hit among black African women, the current trends worldwide are pixie cuts and bob-cuts in a mohawk style,” says Patrick, head stylist at Le Looks Group (situated in five major shopping malls — Sandton, Eastgate, The Glen, Alberton City and Maponya Mall). “A short style oozes confidence and is easy to style. When Jennifer Hudson cut her mane into an elfin crop she literally

Weaving Magic

Hair weaves have been around for decades and every season sees an improvement on their texture and fit of weaves with the option of synthetic weaves and real hair weaves. “Hair weaving is when human or synthetic hair is woven or braided into existing natural hair. It is also known as’ Hair Integration’. This is a traditional method of attaching hair extensions,” says Patrick. “When looking for a weave, look for one that serves your purpose and spend according to that purpose. Just remember, the longer you want the weave for, the more money you will spend on the type of weave. Most human hair used for weaves is derived from Asia. While more expensive, human hair is far more versatile than synthetic hair because it can be coloured, relaxed, or curled with heating appliances just as one would do with his or her own hair. You want the hair to match the texture of your real hair in its present condition (relaxed, curly, or straight), so choose the right type of weave texture.

Patrick Ngoyi

UT OF transformed the shape of her face and her eyes and cheek bones were dramatically accentuated.” If you’re wondering whether to go pixie or elfin this season, Patrick warns there are no short cuts, so to speak! “Pixie haircuts aren’t flattering on long face shapes and are best worn on women with heartshaped faces or oval faces. If you have a long face rather go for a longer ‘short’ style, like a chin-length bob or shag cut. Keep it wavy instead of sleek. Some easy laid-back styles women can try this summer would also be a push-back ponytail, braided afro mohawk or wash and wrap styling.”

The best ways to maintain a weave is to shampoo and condition the weave every two weeks, and to blow it out at least once a week because heat application will prevent the weave from freezing. Hair weaving generally lasts four to eight weeks before a retightening is needed. I recommend going back to your salon for some maintenance once your hair has grown about 2 inches. Since the tracks have also grown, they must be redone and the extensions re-attached. The biggest mistake women make is pushing a weave past its expiry date. Never a good look!” | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Colour Your World

When news spread that musician Rihanna was rocking bold, bright and fiery red hair hundreds of women flocked to their hair stylists demanding RiRi’s hue. Natural Afro hair comes in one shade only but that’s not to say you can’t go blonder, browner or redder. “While purples, rubies and reds were in high fashion last year, this year has seen a revival of different shades of blondes. Another top trend is ombre, with many clients asking for their natural hair colour at their roots and lighter locks as the hair falls. Ironically, silvers and greys are very in at the moment, especially among younger women (grey is the new black!). Nicole Richie pulled this look off when she was photographed at the Costume Institute Gala (better known as Met Ball) with bright silver-grey hair and singer Kelis also went ‘ice grey’ and she looked fab!”

Nicole Richie

Rihanna 30

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POPULAR STYLES OF LE LOOKS CLIENTS Tip Tip Condition Whether you decide to cut your locks, or change your hair colour always keep your condition top of mind. “Due to its texture, with Afro hair you always have to find creative and unique ways to style the hair,” says Patrick. “It is difficult to manage because of its curly texture and it does not react well to getting wet (like rain). My advice is to wash your hair as often as possible with the right products, as well as doing a treatment once a week and keeping it moisturised daily with H20 based products.” Patrick’s advice with regard to relaxing would be NOT to do it. “Relaxing your hair permanently damages your hair, no matter what you are told. Relaxing versus texturising? The difference, says Patrick, is the application. “Most times the same product is being used to relax or texturise, but when you relax, you leave the product on longer to get the hair straighter, when you texturise, you leave the product on for a short time just to soften the hair, or sometimes to straighten it but still maintain a little bit of curls. The most common mistake women make is weighing the hair down with lots of oil to keep it moisturised, which closes the pores and does not allow the scalp to breathe, therefore creating scalp problems, among other things. You can fix this by washing your hair every second to third day, and using light or H2O based leave-in conditioners daily.” | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Did You Know?

With regard to structure, all human hair has the same basic chemical composition in terms of keratin protein content but Black hair differs in the distribution of lipids throughout the hair shaft. The average density of Afro-textured hair is about 190 hairs per square centimetre, which is significantly lower than that of Caucasian hair, which, on average, has about 227 hairs per square centimetre.

Golden Nuggets Of Advice

If you are trying to grow your hair rather don’t be too creative with colouring or relaxing it. Instead, invest in some pretty head wraps, beanies, bandanas and flower clips, which are incredibly fashionable hair accessories for afro hair. When times are tough, my tip would be to keep the hair natural, exploring natural hair styles (such as Afros) and buying home aftercare products, in order to avoid going into the salon for treatments and washes. Every women should have a suitable shampoo and conditioner, leave-in conditioner for daily use, hair blow dryer, a hair brush and a styling comb...these are essential. A women’s hair should tell the world about the type of person she is, it gives you a small insight into their personality. It also tells you about how proud they are to display the crown which makes them the queens that they are.”


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RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS Patrick’s favourite products for Afro hair are...

Mizani Thermastrength Style Serum

Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle

Mizani Rose H20 Conditioner

Ladine Scalp Treatment

Le Looks Beauty And Hair, Sandton City, Shop M41, Level 5, Entrance 19.

Tel: (011) 883-2222 E-mail:

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It’s main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which is extremely hydrating. It’s a pre treatment toner which smoothes, hydrates and restores the skin’s pH balance in order to prepare the skin for further treatment. It is suitable for all skin types.

Hyaluronic Performance Toner:


Caviar Black Eye Gel:

R1 200

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City Of light — Street A Peel A fresh and milky fluid that will expose the skin’s softness, instantly brighten and unify your complexion, rejuvenate your face, awaken your face’s sleeping beauty and make you irresistible in the eyes of others. Street A Peel has the power to reveal your skin’s natural glow.

Sampar Street A Peel:


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This luxurious cream targets all visible signs of aging — poor texture, age spots, loss of firmness and wrinkles — and replenishes optimal hydration levels, providing undeniable comfort. Natural Moisturizing Factor, restoring deep reservoirs of youthful plumping moisture. Skin is strengthened, The main ingredients are Marine Collagen — feels noticeably cushioned, less susceptible to dryness. this is for strengthen, A triple firming complex of patented Caviar — this is Bionic, NeoGlucosamine® and to regenerate and Matrixyl® Peptides boosts collagen's Firmactiv Complex — for firming and toning. surrounding support matrix*, helping plump and fill skin so it It’s a prestigious black caviar gel that enhances appears lifted, firmer. Plus, potent the skin’s flexibility and antioxidants help prevent damage from daily environmental stressors. firmness.

Exuviance Age Reverse:


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HELLO S OPI Releases Six New Neon Nail Lacquers With Accompanying White Base Coat To Boost Bright Colour:


There’s a new member of the Ordinary Skincare Co family, the new Extra Ordinary Eye Gel! It is a delicate moisturiser for the sensitive skin around eyes. It is fragrance free and is suitable for the most sensitive among us, and for those with dry skin.

Oridinary Eye Gel:


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BEAUTY ALERT! The Ultimate Shaving Experience For Real Men! Designed by a real life Blue Beard who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike. The Bluebeards Revenge is a premium range of quality shaving and skincare products designed to actually reduce hair growth. The range of The Bluebeards Revenge shaving products was designed and engineered to tackle the toughest of beards whilst reducing razor rash, burn, cuts, nicks and ingrowing hairs. If you have ultra-tough stubble, suffer from shaving irritation, then this is the shaving range for you.

Lamella Correctives RA Cream:


IMAN Bronzer Afterglow:


IMAN Lip Shine Lavish:


IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Posh Duo:

IMAN Perfect Lip Pencil Kinky Pink:


Introducing Correctives RA Cream, from Lamelle Research Laboratories, a pioneering age correction home care treatment designed to treat the concerns of ageing including uneven skin texture, dull complexion, fine lines, sagging and elastosis.


IMAN Luxury Moisturising Lipstick — Kinky Pink:


Deluxe Collection Large Clear Drawer multi-size drawers. Perfect to to keep your make-up in.

Deluxe Collection:

R1 060

Call Dapple Cosmetics for different sizes on 079 745 5676.

All IMAN products are available at Stuttafords.

Pro Illuminating Tweezers with Lipstick Case available in pink and black:


IMAN Perfect Mascara:


La-tweez, founded in 2004, is a privately held company with offices in the United States, Middle East and China. It is in the Middle East where the design, development and international marketing of new and innovative cosmetic products are managed. Operating globally, La-tweez has the sole ownership of the original patents associated with the La-tweez brand, including the world renowned Illuminating Tweezers. La-tweez has OEM programs with major retailers around the globe including Sephora, Marks & Spenser, Kohls, and many more. La-tweez is merchandised with 4 unique assortments for Travel Related, Salons & Spas, Chain and Mass Merchants. Pro Illuminating Tweezer • Crafted from the finest stainless steel wit perfectly aligned tips. • Made with Crystalized Swarovski Elements. • Ultra bright LED light for great visibility. • Chic carrying case with built-in magnifying mirror.

Would you like your products featured? Drop us a mail, to in the subject box put NEW PRODUCT.

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Famous Quotes

We Love...

1 24 ‘I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms... my entire body is hairless.’ Kim Kardashian


‘Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be.’ Avril Lavigne ‘I’ve often told the story of Tish Hooker, a pretty woman who visited my church while she was campaigning for her husband, who was running for governor. I was 8. She stopped and told me I was pretty as a speckled pup. I never forgot it, and I make it a point to tell every other little girl I see who may not know her own beauty the same thing.’ Oprah Winfrey

‘My life is my life. I don’t live in the past. I live in the present.’ Naomi Campbell


‘I think big is beautiful and I don’t think there should be a limitation of what is considered sexy and cute.’ Khloé Kardashian

‘Style – is a way to define who I am out in the world versus the character I am playing.’ Olivia Pope ‘I think I am at my best when my hair is short. It’s easier to take care of and more of who I am. Women are conditioned to think we need long hair.’ Halle Berry


We want your views! Send your styles to Be it a latest hair style you have done on one of your clients or new products you have launched.


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

 Submission doesn’t guarantee that we will use your material, but by submitting your material you confirm that you grant APC Publishers a royalty-Free licence to use it and to syndicate it to other publishers to use. * We can also use it on Facebook, Twitter and our website.  Include full credits: hairdresser, salon, location, model, photographer, make-up artist, contact name and e-mail.  We cannot return submissions

Pictures supplied by ghd


FLAT IRONS The Babyliss Pro Must Iron (SED189)  XTP 24mm x 90mm extended technology plates  Digital Temperature display and temperature control  10 variable settings )up to 230  Unique programmable memory function for easy ‘1 touch’ temperature selection  Silicone heat mat

The BabylissPro Miracurl (SED199C)  An Italian Product, one of the biggest brands in Europe.  3 settings temperature control (190/210/230) for all hair types – long lasting  Ceramic Curl Chamber for smooth curl creation  Minimum Weight  Long Life  Precison  Electronically controlled

Products available at

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Sleek Wet and Dry (SED197)  38mm x 120mm exceptional size of plates  5 setting temperature control (up to 230)  Eco-responsible: only 60W are necessary to reach such a level of performance  Comes with heat resistant mat and storage pouch  Exclusive ventilation for use on damp hair.

R2 380

The ghd Bird Of Paradise Take a flight of fancy – with ghd’s stunning new limited edition bird off paradise collection. Exotic graduated colour and phosphorescent brights give the ghd V gold classic styler and its coordinating heat-resistant mat a beautiful look that captures the essence of this latest runway colour. The limited edition collection ensures a salon style at home, featuring:  Ceramic heat technology for enhanced shine and versatile style  Smooth, contoured, floating pates with a gloss finish for salon shine and snag free styling  Rounder body to create perfect curls and waves, promising a good hair day, everyday The ghd bird of paradise collection will be available to purchase from ghd approved salons and or call 0860 109 366.

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Contrary to what your mama may have told you, the flat iron is not just a one trick pony. It can do all sorts of nifty things aside from straightening hair, but first, do no harm!


arguably the most important hair tool of the 21st century and if you're not crimping, straightening or curling your locks with a flat iron, you're missing out! Celebs from Kate Hudson, Leighton Meester, Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker and even The Duchess of Cambridge have been known to use flat irons to create those famous soft gorgeous curls. Lovers of poker-straight tresses such as Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and Cameron Diaz owe their sleek do’s to the flat iron. But before you head off to your favourite salon and buy yourself your own 'pony' there are a few things you need to know. "A hair iron changes the structure of the hair using heat. Generally, there are three kinds of irons — curling, straightening and crimping, but most of the top line irons achieve all three looks in one tool. While you can achieve a great look at home, if not used properly a flat iron can cause extensive damage to your hair," says Jacky Butcher, owner of Facial Art & Hair Creations, an upmarket hair and beauty boutique in Randparkridge, Gauteng. When choosing an iron Jacky recommends a professional-grade ceramic iron as they distribute heat evenly. "Ceramic irons produce infrared rays and negative ions that seal the hair cuticles, lock in natural moisture, reduce frizz


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

and help hold a style together. Many flat irons are not 'pure ceramic' but instead are aluminum with a coating of ceramic on the top. While this makes them more affordable, you should use them with caution and always check the plates before using. The coating can chip or peel, exposing the inferior metal below. Look for words like 'solid ceramic' and 'pure ceramic'. Other types of irons include titanium and tourmaline irons. Titanium irons have the same benefits as ceramic but work much faster and deposit more negative ions and infrared heat, but if not used correctly can damage hair, while tourmaline coating eventually chips. My personal favourites are the ghd and Cloud Nine irons. They gently glide through the hair without any pulling and smooth even the most unruly locks in just one or two strokes." A flat iron should never be used without heat protection. "They are extremely hot — ceramics can reach temperatures of up to 200°C while titanium can reach 230°C so it's important to use the correct heat protecting agents," explains Jacky. "I recommend Wella SP Luxe Oil Elixir or Wella Thermal Image Heat Protecting Spray. When using an iron, don't go over the same strand of hair too many times and be extra careful when 'ironing' the finer hair around your hairline."

Get The Look

 The biggest secret to perfectly straight hair is small sections! Don’t make your sections bigger than two inches. Go over unruly parts twice. For very curly hair, first straighten the roots of each section twice or three times (rapidly) and then do the midlengths and ends.  If you want to create curls, take small sections and twist each section at (the base) a full 180 degrees with the iron, and then pull the iron through the rest of the strand — like you would do with ribbon and scissors. Pay extra attention to the ends and make sure they glide all the way through the iron to prevent frizzy ends. The smaller your sections, the tighter the curl. Use a big iron for soft waves and a smaller iron for ringlets. Direct your hair away from your face when curling it, to give that soft, old Hollywood look.  If you want to crimp your hair, the non ‘80s way, take one inch sections at a time. Hold the section of hair at the roots with the blades in between it. Begin twisting your wrist back and forth, slowly, as you glide the iron all the way down to your ends.

Wella Thermal Image:

Wella Luxeoil:



Facial Art & Hair Creations, Tel: (011) 794-7203, E-mail or log onto

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Celeb Styles

A beautifully designed magazine, catering for all women. The main focus is HAIR, but BEAUTY will feature. As celebrities inspire us, we bring you an upmarket celebrity HAIR & BEAUTY magazine. From short to long, dry, healthy, frizzy, extensions, new colours, sexy styles, straighteners, highlights, professional tips and top salons, this magazine will be your bible and your stylist when it comes to your HAIR. New products and what salons are up to will be featured. Hairdressers will get to have their say on trends as well

as step-by-step guides on the latest styles, up or down. We will help your client understand exactly what they want as the magazine will be filled with colourful pictures of different styles which in turn will help empower the hairdresser. We want all salons to supply copy, and in return we will feature your salon’s details. If you are launching a new product or have a hairstyle you would like to share with us, now is the time to mail us to feature in our 4th edition.

Our magazine is very interactive – we want all salons to supply copy/pictures, and in return we will feature your details. If you are launching a new product or have a hairstyle you would like to share with us, now is the time to mail us to feature in our 4th edition.

To advertise in Celeb Styles mail Advertise for as little as R150 in the next edition’s classifieds section. Mail us NOW for more info. 40

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Kelly Osbourne’s

DIFFERENT SHADES Over the years Kelly Osbourne has definitely delighted us with her different hair colours. We have matched up Kelly’s colours as best as we could to the colour chart below. Kelly at the MTV Movie Awards, on January, 6, 2002 with her lavender hair.

Kelly at the 15th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, January 8, 2013.

Kelly at The Queen’s Birthday Ball for Perez Hilton, March 23, 2007.

She was spotted out at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 22, 2013.

Kelly was spotted out at the Do Something Awards at Baker Hanger on August 19, 2012, sporting purple hair.

At the 85th Annual Academy Awards on February 24, 2013 and she rocked her violet hairstyle.

At the premiere of The Rookie on March 26, 2002.

Kelly at the Stand Up To Cancer event, September 10, 2010. | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


MEET OUR FAVOURITE STYLIST Marvin Lopez from Jeauval Hair Salon in Hyde Park Corner is known by clients as the man with ‘magic hands’. We get to know him a little better.

How long have you been a hairdresser? I have been a hairdresser for just under 6 years now.

What or who inspired you to get into hairdressing?

My mom had been encouraging me for a few years and then my best friend who is a hairdresser finally convinced me to give it a try.


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

What makes a great hairdresser?

Me, lol. I believe it would be someone who is not afraid of hard work, someone who has a creative flair with a good eye for colour and balance and has good people skills.

What is the one item every client should have? A salon quality hairdryer.

What are the trends for Spring/Summer 2014?

Short messy cuts, beach style curls and volume. This year we see lots of blinds as usual, but colours have more depths and tones golds, beiges and platinum. Ombré/balayage has made a slight turn in that root colours, in funkier techniques, are completely different shades... purple roots with platinum mids and lengths...

STYLIST TRENDS WE WANT TO KNOW YOUR STYLE SECRETS. Send us your story to and we will be in touch.

What shampoo and conditioner do you recommend?

This pertains to each and every individual’s hair condition, mostly for colour treated hair a good balance of protein and moisture. For clients with mechanically distressed hair, anything with a built in heat protector.

What styling products do you suggest?

A moulding paste for gents and hairspray for ladies.

How has the hair industry changed since you started?

Stylists tend to have more natural hair, meaning hair colours aren’t as extreme and it’s more on having beautifully conditioned and healthy hair as opposed to completely shocking styles and colours. Colour technology has evolved and improved, and products are more specified.

What one top hair tip do you swear by?

People should cut their hair

regularly, complimentary colours (colours that suit your skin tone) and regular treatments.

What’s the one product you can’t live without? Hairspray

Have you got any advice for anyone wanting to start in the industry?

Do not allow salon politics to affect you or your clients. Don’t be afraid to experiment, all mistakes are a learning opportunity!

What is your favorite perk of the job? It’s a constant adrenaline rush.

What do you do to relax?

A good glass of wine is never too far, cooking and a good movie.

What the best style you have ever done? The first was a colour and up style, and the second my gents cut with what I call a zero blend, both are my strong points.

Jeauval Hair Salon in Hyde Park Corner, Jan Smuts Ave, Sandton. Tel: (011) 325-5045.

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INCORPORATING Classic Hairstyles Into Modern Times

A fabulous little guide on how to get those classic looks in a modern way!


are plenty of classic hairstyles that have lasted through the ages due to its beauty and ability to be tweaked to fit the modern era. Being able to incorporate classic hairstyles into modern times can either be that classic hairstyle making its

The Bob

A great example of a classic style that first became popular in the 1920s. It’s great for all ages and can easily be modified without losing its essence. The bob also makes for a chic and sophisticated look and it’s also quite an easy look to style. If you’re looking for a style that looks fabulous but is still manageable, this is perfect for you. 1. Whether you already have a bob or you’d like to have one, there are different lengths to choose from and ways in which to style your look. Short, long, medium length or wavy, curly or straight, they all look amazing. A good first step would be to decide which length you would like to

comeback in the present or taking that classic style and using it as an influence for a modern one or adding a modern twist to it.

You can get creative with it!

Here are a few classic hairstyles that we love and a howto on styling them in a trendy way.

have it and get it done by your hairstylist. 2. If you’re cutting it, try a textured fringe and parting it at an angle. This adds a modern touch to the look. 3. Now for the easier part, styling it at home. If it’s after you’ve just washed it, use a round brush and some smoothing serum or a heat protectant to blow it out with and a little bit of hairspray when you’re done to hold the look in place. 4. You can also allow it to air dry if you’d like a more natural look or even go over it with a flat iron or curling tongs for that extra bit of styling.

Do you think your Salon has what it takes to share with Celeb Styles? Drop us a mail, write to in the subject box put Super Salon and tell us about your salon. All rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher.


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

The Veronica Lake

This style is also referred to as ‘Hollywood waves’. This is a look that originated in the 1940’s but that’s been adapted to modern times. It is both beautiful to look at and also adds that little touch of femininity. There are different variations to this style (length can be a bit longer or shorter, the partings can a bit different or the waves can be tighter or more loose) which creates a lot of versatility. A great look for capturing some of that red carpet glam. 1. Fingerwaves and rollers can still be used to achieve this look but a faster, more modern way would be to use curling irons and rollers. 2. You can use products to smooth and hold the hair and an

awesome product to use before putting rollers in (if you’re using rollers), is applying mousse to the hair. 3. If you’re using curling tongs, separate your into sections and clip whatever section you’re not using. Once you’ve curled that particular section, use clip/pins to secure it and spray with hairspray to hold. 4. Repeat until your entire head has been curled and secured. Spray your whole head with some hairspray and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Take out the rolls starting from the bottom. You can spray some hairspray on your comb and carefully smooth out the curls and you can pin the hair on one side and finish with some hairspray.

A gorgeous classic and a flattering style on any woman, this look is a sure way to achieve glamour fast. It was a common up-do style that is usually done quite tightly but has been adapted in several ways to make it quite trendy and even a little bit sexy. Awesome for a formal do but great for a day at work or a cocktail party too. 1. The basic way to achieve this style is by gathering a ponytail at the bottom of the head. 2. Twist the unsecured ponytail upwards and turn it inwards towards your head and secure it with clips.

3. You can choose to have more of a straight look or to curl the hair for a softer one. 4. The hair can be messier for a more laid back version and you can put it up in the front, leave a loose piece, part it to the side (like if you have a side fringe) and you can even leave a few strands of the hair out at the back if you would like some of the curls to hang loose. 5. Finish off with some hairspray to hold the look or add a bit of volume.

The French Twist

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Looking for that perfect cut for your little one? We’ve got it here as well as thanks to Abina’s Hair Salon who supplied us these tips to make your little ones mane more manageable.


How to tame tangled hair…

 Wet the hair, spray Mizani detangler and apply lots of conditioner (wet hair is easier to deal with compared to dry hair).  Comb the hair from the tips working your way to the roots, a section at a time; try not to yank the hair as this worsens the tangles.  Rinse the hair with cool to warm water to make it sleek and reduce fizz. When washing the hair do not rub the hair because it ties the hair in knots, use your finger tips and the Mizani MoisturFuse conditioner: palm of your hand instead. R138  Apply Mizani moisture conditioner.  Use a wide toothed comb to comb the hair before drying it.  Blow-dry the hair on low as too much heat causes fizz.

Mizani Miz D’tangle:



Pre-teen styles


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 | Prices differ from salon to salon.



How to handle curly hair…

Mizani True Textures:


Mizani True Textures Cleansing Cond:

 Do not use products R138 meant for straight hair because they make curls limp.  Use products meant for curly, dry and fizzy hair i.e. Mizani true texture curl balance shampoo and true textures cleansing conditioner.  To trap in the moisture and give you thick, moisturerich curls apply product Mizani True Textures Curl while hair is still wet. Balance  Apply Mizani true texture Shampoo: curl replenish for 5 minutes, R138 then liberally apply after careand distribute evenly through hair.


Should I shave my one-year-old sons hair?

The decision lies solely in the parents hands. In most African traditions babies’ hair is cut as part of custom. Parents may also feel that cutting baby’s hair will make it grow thicker? Cutting the hair allows it to grow back evenly and healthier.


How do I keep my child still while having a haircut?

 Play with words, instead of cut, use the word trim instead because most people associate the word cut with pain.  Have a distraction! Set aside video games or toys to distract him and he will hardly notice he’s having a haircut.  Reward clients for good behaviour with discounts to free toys. Abina’s New Look Salon Shop U44, Cnr Rivonia And Outspan Road, Morningside, Gauteng Tel: 087 940 3805

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Vanessa Hudgens

Kim Kardashian

Katy Perry

#helfie W #selfie

e all love taking #selfies/#helfies of ourselves. We caught Kate, Kim and Vanessa taking shots. Brenda Aldridge sent us her salon #selfies/#helfies below.

Brenda Aldridge from Stardust sent us these #helfies and #selfies.

Tweet your favourite #helfie to @celebstylesmag, so we can see your hairstyle.


Stardust Salon

CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

Cavendish Glen, Monument Road, Kempton park. Tel: (011) 972-7040

Answered Your Questions

Struggling with your hair? Redelia Govender from Square Bubble Hairdressing answers your questions...



How do I blow-dry the back of my hair?

How can I get rid of dandruff?

Part it through the middle and bring to either side for more control.

How do I tame a cowlick?

By keeping your scalp moisturised, use the correct shampoo and rinse conditioner off the scalp properly.


Do I have to get my split ends cut?


Blow-dry from wet to dry forward then part to which ever side suited.


How do I deal with a bossy stylist? Make sure your idea is heard or find a new stylist!

Yes it is very important to get split ends cut as they tend to go higher if not cut ASAP and will cause more damage to the cuticle of your hair.

Square Bubble Hair Salon The Kloof Mall, cnr Kloof And Arterial Eas Road, Bedfordview, Shop no 7 Tel: (011) 455-1626 Have a question or are you a stylist that would like to offer your expertise? Drop us a mail, write to in the subject box put YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED

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HAIR Must-Haves

After-Party Smoothing Cream For Silky, Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair!


Available at most professional salons.

The hair products on our hit list...

Davines Alchemic Red Conditioner:


Davines NaturalTech Replumping Conditioner:


Davines More Inside Curl Moisturising Mousse:


Headrush Shine Adrenaline With A Superfine Mist:


Available at most professional salons.

Matte Separation Workable Wax:


Available at most professional salons.


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Davines South Africa Tel: (011) 791-3385


Davines NaturalTech Replumping Filler Superactive:

HAIR PRODUCTS Davines Hair Refresher:



SPRING TRENDS When opting for a new hue, don’t forget your eyebrows.

Low ponytails are back! Up-dos are so ultrarelaxed, tie your hair up and let loose strands fall around your face for a feminine feel. GPHC Colour Rescue Shampoo:


GPHC Repai'n Shine Hair Serum:


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Davines NaturalTech Replumping Shampoo:


Create loose waves by creating two large braids (one on each side) before bed. Accessories are a must! From floral garlands to pretty headbands and scarves.

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SUPER SALO Book your appointment with all the confidence in the world as we feature top salons. Matis Institute Rosebank

Matis institute Rosebank is a health and skin care clinic situated in the heart of the FIRS Rosebank. Matis is a well established health and skin care clinic that has recently celebrated its 19th birthday in February this year. Matis is the perfect sanctuary in the midst of a very busy and sometimes disruptive concrete jungle. Matis is all about providing our clients with the best service in the time that they have with us, it is not just a treatment it is an experience. We specialise in facial, body, laser, massage as well as manicure and pedicure treatments. Our internationally qualified therapists go the extra mile in stimulating one’s sense i.e. touch, sight, smell and sound which leave one relaxed and rejuvenated. Matis has a friendly and tranquil environment that allows one to develop a personal relationship not only with the staff, but with oneself, receiving the most professional skin care, body and product advice. This is what makes Matis Rosebank, extraordinary! Matis Institute Rosebank, Shop 2, The Firs Tel: (011) 447-5055/5075


Do you think your Salon has what it takes to share with Celeb Styles? Drop us a mail, write to in the subject box put ‘Super Salon’ and tell us about your salon. CELEB STYES | September / October t2014 |


Pasquale Hairstylists is a great success story and has been one of the top salons in the hairstyling industry for 41 years and is still winning many industry competitions with the high fashion work presented by our creative team. It is the largest salon in South Africa with 15 fully Qualified Stylists to fulfil your every hairstyling need from colour techniques to the latest cuts and beautiful Matric Farewell hairstyles. There is always a very friendly and professional atmosphere in the salon and we pride ourselves on exceptional service and have a huge range of home care products available for our clients. Our staff have the knowledge to recommend the correct products for your hair to keep your hair healthy and manageable. The salon is open until 20h00 every Tuesday evening to accommodate the working woman who wants to spend Saturdays with her family. Our academy which is about 2km from the salon is one of the best academies in the country and assures us of always having highly skilled hairstylists on our staff. We have a separate Calm Zone where our guests can relax in an aroma therapy area with rainbow ceiling lights and calming classical music while having a relaxing scalp massage. If you want to feel beautiful and pampered then Pasquale Hairstylists is the place to go.

Pasquale Hairstylists, Woodbridge Square Shopping Centre, Monument Road, Kempton Park. Tel: (011) 391-3105/6


Hair, people and fashion is where our passion descends from.Since inception a culture of nurturing care and professional service towards our clients and inner circle have been cultivated. The Foil team boasts a compliment of energetic gifted and qualified professionals. At Foil we offer you a peaceful, sanctuary and a highly professional operation that will devote itself to you and your hair. Our mission is to be known internationally and locally as a boutique hair salon of excellence. We are committed to develop and empower a team of highly motivated staff members to express their gifts and excel in their service to our clients.


Foil Styling, no 1&2 Grayston Shopping Centre, cnr Grayston drive and Helen Street Sandton. Tel: (011) 884-3383/083 456 2116 Fax: 086 248 0836 Facebook: foilstyling Twitter: @infostyling

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SUMMER Spring is here, so you know what that means.... By Angela Bekiaris


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |


is just around the corner. And the big question is... are you summer ready? While we all can’t wait to get back into our shorts and dresses, and dare we even say bikinis, we might have some work to do before that happens. It’s time to get hot — and not just because the temperatures are rising, but because your body deserves it. Kiss winter goodbye by getting your hair and body summer ready....

Start Eating Healthy And Getting Some Exercise Have you been eating a little more of the bad stuff this winter? Have you piled on some extra kilos? Missed some gym sessions? You’re not alone. But it’s time to cut down, get healthy and look fabulous by summer! No one’s telling you to start starving yourself, but cutting down on some carbohydrates and adding more fruit and veg to your diet won’t hurt. Remember to start your day with a healthy breakfast, to boost your metabolism, and stay healthy throughout — snacking is fine, but make sure it’s not on chocolates or those yummy flavoured lattes. Getting lean means lots of discipline. Be vigilant about your diet and consistent, and add exercise to maximise calorie burn, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. Yes, we know... it sounds easier than it is, but you can do it. We share some tips to help you on your way... and right into that sexy bikini. 1. Practice long, slow eating — there’s no race to finish your meal. Chew slowly, digest well and you won’t overeat or feel bloated after. 2. Do it yourself — make yourself healthy meals, at home or for work. And remember the portion sizes! 3. Plan ahead — have healthy snacks on hand, and make sure you’ve made a healthy lunch for work. Also have your gym bag packed and ready — going home only means hitting the couch before hitting the treadmill. 4. Don’t be tempted by office snacks — enjoy the company, but munch on your goodies instead. 5. Eat often — small meals, every few hours is the best to keep your metabolism in tow. 6. Stay away from sugar — don’t eat it and don’t drink it. 7. Veg and fruit up — they’re healthy, they’re full of fibre and they’ll help you shed the kilos.

Book That Wax

8. Count your calories — it’s the only way to know if you’re eating right. 9. Make fibre your friend — there’s a reason it’s linked to weight loss. 10. Stay away from packaged food — the more real, the more healthy. 11. Stay away from sauces and salad dressings. 12. Eat off side-plates. 13. Eat when hungry — and don’t confuse thirst for hunger. 14. Get back to gym or book a yoga or Pilates class. 15. Start exercising daily — take the stairs, walk to work if you can, or go for run in the early morning. 16. Start a new sport — if you love it, you’ll work hard at it. 17. Get a fitness buddy. You’ll be more inspired — and who knows, maybe even competitive. 18. Set goals and treat yourself when you achieve them. 19. Listen to your body. Stick to exercises you enjoy and can physically handle. 20. Start gardening or taking the dogs for a walk. 21. Get moving under the sheets — not only will your mind de-stress but the calories will burn off too.

“Every woman should try a Brazilian wax once. And then the sex they have afterwards will make them keep coming back!” Eva Longoria

Have you forgotten your beautician’s number? While we hope you stayed hairless over winter, we know the appointments were probably further and further apart as the colder months passed, and that your poor legs, underarms and bikini area are in desperate need of tender loving care. Get your body ready for that bikini by getting all the necessary areas waxed, shaven or tweezed — yes that means those eyebrows which have taken strain over the last few months, too. Remember to get yourself a good moisturizer as well, and use it after shaving or waxing, ensuring a smooth and happy body.

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Get A Manicure And Pedicure ASAP!

Just like your poor hair (on your body that is), we bet your hands and feet are looking a little scary too. While you should continue all treatments all year round, we know the manicures and pedicures take a backseat during winter. Book now and keep booking throughout summer. Your hands need to look their best at all times, and your toes (and feet in general) should be in tip-top shape as you flaunt them in gorgeous sandals and stilettos. Choose some bright, fun colours for hands and feet as the months get hotter, and kiss the dark colours and french manicures goodbye. You want to stand out, feel good and just love looking at your hands and feet — that means treatment every three to four weeks. No excuses!

“Apparently, I get facials and manicures all the time. I read this and think, ‘Oh, I wish I did that!’ I don’t think I’ve had a facial since I was 19. When I shave my legs, I use my child’s shampoo and a razor — if I can find one. If I did everything they said I did, I would never see Lily.” Kate Beckinsale 56

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Get Your Hair Treated

Many of us go darker in winter and skip treatments and colour sessions. Book yourself an appointment today — you need to touch up your roots, cut off those split ends and start getting your hair into gorgeous summer shape. It’s no good showing off your gorgeous body if everyone’s going to be staring at your horrible hair. Check out some new styles and colours and chat to your stylist about a change — it’s as good as a holiday they say, and you want to look fab on yours. And remember a treatment is probably needed after winter left your hair dry and lifeless. “Ask your stylist to weave in the finest natural highlights, and consider leaving the underside of your hair its natural colour as the sun wouldn’t normally reach it,”suggest Redelia Govender, owner of Squarebubble Hairdressing.

A New Wardobe Now that you’re looking hot, you need a few new items in your cupboard. While we’re sure many of last year’s items are just fabulous, and we don’t expect you to be broke by November, we suggest a little shopping spree to make you feel and look great. After all, what’s the point of slimming down, waxing off, and manicuring up, if you’re not going to flaunt it? Strut it baby.... strut it!

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Did You Know?

While stress will sometimes cause the hair loss directly, other times, the stress makes an existing condition worse. For example, for many the hair loss will cause the stress, rather than the other way around.


Stress affects everything from your hair to your health. We suggest you start de-stressing for the last (and most stressful) quarter of the year. 58

CELEB STYES | September / October t2014 |

we enter the last quarter of the year, more stress, worries and depression enter our lives, too. With daily stress taking its toll for the past nine crazy months, deadlines to meet, exams around the corner, and Christmas vacations and gifts to save and plan for, everyone is feeling the tension which sets in at this time of year — every year. So why not take a step back, breathe and don’t let it all get to you this year. Start de-stressing now — not only will you save your health, your hair and your skin, but you’ll save your sanity, too!


Not only are you entering spring with some rather dry and lifeless locks as it is after winter, but by stressing for what’s to come could mean you’re entering it with less hair too. Physical and emotional stress can lead to hair loss. Due to the length of the hair growth cycle, people often only begin losing their hair weeks or months after the stressful event has occurred, and the hair loss can continue for several months afterwards. And while luckily, hair will usually grow back on its own once the source of stress has been removed, you don’t want to be left in that position. Stress and anxiety can also contribute to a disorder medically known as trichotillomania, in which people have a hard-to-resist urge to pull out the hair from their own scalp. So stop and think about what’s ahead and prioritise – looking good in your bikini and reaching work targets is great, but doing them bald, won’t be as satisfying. But while we know it’s easier said than done, destressing can be hard, which is why we share some fab tips on preventing hair loss while anxious.


1. Getting enough sleep 2. Following a healthy diet 3. Exercising more 4. Seeing a therapist if the stress seems to be getting worse 5. Check your meds as there are many medications which lead to hair loss


Chronic stress can have negative effects on your skin. Stress can cause itchy, ugly rashes on your body which can lead to psoriasis and eczema. More severe acne can appear too, and in worse cases deadly skin cancers. In a study completed at Yale University, people with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, were more likely to have gone through stressful life events during the years leading up to their diagnosis than people who did not have skin cancer. Stress can also cause severe dermatitis, making you more susceptible to allergens, as well as give you cold sores — when stress affects your immune system it can cause flare-ups of immunity-related skin conditions such as cold sores or fever blisters, along with shingles and viral warts. Being anxious can also leave you with frown lines, dry skin and a dullness. So stop worrying and be happy about the end of year and what you have planned or need to accomplish. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water and keep your skin in tip-top shape!


Not only can too much stress make you pile on the kilos, but it can make you shed them too — and while this sounds great for some, for many it could be a serious problem. As spring sets in and summer is a breath away, we all tend to freak out — how will we fit into those costumes for our summer holiday, how will we get through the workload we have before we take our leave, and how will we afford the many Christmas presents we need to pass around this year? You’re not alone. But before heading to the closest drive-through for a double burger and supersize fries, think about what you have to achieve, be realistic and set some goals. Many panic at this time of year — too much too be done, too little time. Stress can lead to overeating or undereating, leading to serious health problems, lack of energy and a complete mood change. Studies have linked cortisol, a hormone released during times of stress, to cravings for sugar and fat. Scientists believe the hormone binds to receptors in the brain that control food intake. And if you already have a high body mass index, you may be even more susceptible. How to control it? Know your triggers and be ready when deadlines arrive. Stock up on healthy snacks, stay away from the vending machines at the office and when you feel those extra emotional days coming on, make sure you’re surrounded by a healthy fridge and drawers — and a date with your closest gym.


You know that when you’re stressed you’re not yourself. You feeling a little tired or under the weather. But do you realise how much stress can really affect your health? Whether it’s a short-term frustration like a traffic jam or a major life event like divorce or job loss, psychological stress can affect our bodies. According to reports, about 70 percent of doctor visits and 80 percent of serious illnesses may be exacerbated or linked to stress? We share just five ways stress can affect the body — so read well, and start de-stressing today by eating healthy, exercising daily and meditating when you can. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid the health problems below: 1. Stress On Your Heart: According to a recent study of 200 000 employees in Europe, people who have stressful jobs and little decision-making power at work are 23 percent more likely to have a first heart attack than people with less jobrelated stress. 2. Insomnia: Stress can cause hyperarousal, a biological state in which people just don’t feel sleepy. Long-term exposure to chronic stress can also disrupt sleep and contribute to sleep disorders. 3. Headaches: Lack of sleep can cause vascular changes that leave you with a tension headache or migraine, either during the stress or in the ‘let-down’ period afterwards. Stress also makes your muscles tense, which can make the pain of a migraine worse. 4. Memory Loss: Too much of the stress hormone cortisol can interfere with the brain’s ability to form new memories, and can also make it hard to think straight or retrieve memories. 5. Digestion: Heartburn, stomach cramping, and diarrhea can all be caused by or worsened by stress. | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES




Discussing The Feathers In

en Su’s Hat


JEN SU, model, actress, presenter & socialite chats to Celeb Styles.

CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |


Jen Su

By Rasheed from Trichotin

has taken the South African scene by storm. Rasheed catches up with her as she talks about her career, style and life experience.

‘David Gillson of Carlton Hair does amazing styles for me.’ Hi Jen, lovely to chat to you… I, as many South African’s have been following your career and we’re interested to learn a little bit more about you. Thank you for your time. Thanks Rasheed! So nice to meet you and thank you for inviting me, it’s an honour. You’ve grown tremendously in popularity, not only in South Africa but globally. Did you ever predict this? Wow, thanks – I’m blushing a bit (laughs). I must say, I still think about those early days when I first arrived in SA and when I didn’t know a single person. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to meet some incredible people in this country and abroad – but I still feel like I have a lot to learn and work towards. Your work entails presenting, emceeing, promoting, and guest appearances. As a celebrity what do you demand in your dressing room? (Bursts out laughing) I guess I should be demanding a super king-sized water bed, endless numbers of candelabras and strawberry encrusted fancy champagne – but I usually just have a glass of warm water and coffee and change in the bathroom! I’m so busy rehearsing or going over logistics that I don’t have a lot of time to be a diva about what I need in the dressing room. Having said that, I have had some incredible arrangements on occasion – from a super duper luxury penthouse suite as my dressing room in Hong Kong – to an out-of-this-world Hollywoodstyle exquisite trailer on a set of a TV series I was filming. How did you get discovered and break into media in South Africa? I was presenting news in Hong Kong on the Star TV Network, which is an affiliate of Fox News and Sky News. When I moved to Johannesburg, I met with the Sky News affiliate network, Summit TV (now Business Day TV) and started to anchor on their network for the prime-time business news and on Sky News’ ‘The African Business Report’. At the same time, an acquaintance introduced me to Gareth Cliff’s manager, Rina Broomberg. I proposed the idea of the ‘Hollywood Report’ and the next day I was at the SABC, in the 5FM studio bantering celebs with Gareth Cliff.

We’ve been together nearly 7 years now, and I’m still with Gareth at his new network, – as well as Sky News and BDTV, and doing additional commentary for SABC3 Expresso, as well as acting on the popular drama series, Isibaya. From time to time, we look back and envision the different roads we could have explored in life. What would you be if you were not ‘famous’ and presenting? I definitely would have been a doctor or a dentist. I come from a family of doctors, and used to read medical journals when I was a kid – I would hang around the hospital with my father all the time so I felt very comfortable in hospitals. I had braces on my teeth at age 12 and I was fascinated by orthodontics, so I think I would have either been a surgeon or an orthodontist had things turned out differently. Dr Jen Su, what is your definition of success? Success is achieving your own personal goals in life and being able to manage a fulfilling career, while being surrounded by loved ones and those who mean most to you in life. How much of a part does luck play in career success? Luck is extremely important – being in the right place at the right time -- and timing is essential too. But in the end, no amount of luck is going to help you if you can’t deliver the goods, so to say. | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Arianna Huffington mentioned You that at times, she worked 18 write an hours a day, 7 days a week. autobiography. How do you balance your schedule? What would you work-life It is seriously demanding title it? and sometimes impossible Starting Over: – but time management is key. Work, raising two Diary Of A children, managing daily Travelista life, paying bills, and flying all over the world takes a great deal of organising at all times. I am very blessed to be able to have a strong number of extremely competent staff to assist me. I am by far, not the only one who has to balance work and home – and I am very grateful that I am in excellent health and able to handle that balance as best as I can. You’ve travelled extensively, where was the restaurant where you enjoyed the best meal of your life or, one of the best meals? Ooh wow, there so many amazing meals (looks at her stomach). When I was a pop singer in Taiwan, I performed in a dance troupe for the King of Tonga when we were on tour – and it was like a 28 course meal! I was wined and dined by a famous Thailand socialite at a restaurant that was in all 24-karat décor. And before presenting a show in Mongolia, we went to a restaurant that was completely made of ice and was absolutely delicious! It certainly is the Land of Smiles… As a style icon, do you travel light or with many bags in tow? People think I have so many outfits that I must have tons of luggage. What I’ve learned in all my years of travelling is that less is more! I carry a little suitcase and laptop bag for my electronics, and I’m brilliant at folding my clothes and taking along tiny travel sized toiletries. What advice would you give to people who look up to you as their style inspiration? Don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks and develop a signature piece (a cool accessory, for instance) that you always wear when you go out which becomes your trademark and a talking point for reporters and others who see you on the social scene. And most important, don’t worry about what other people think. Be unique and stand out and be proud to look fabulous. I like that. Do you have a stylist or do you prefer to dress yourself? I do have a stylist for various photo shoots and TV appearances – but most of the time, due to severe time


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

constraints – I usually dress myself. When I’m in Joburg, David Gillson of Carlton Hair does amazing styles for me – but for instance, when I’m in L.A., I’m often just flying in, with about an hour to get ready and be on standby at the red carpet – so there’s just barely enough time to blow-dry my own hair and quickly put my makeup on – and iron my gown too. I will sometimes fly to China for work, where I’ll land and have an hour to get on stage for full dress rehearsal – and an on-set stylist will just give me the once-over to make sure I look good from head to toe, and front to back! So it depends. When invited to a star studded event, such as the BET awards which you recently attended, how long does it take you to get you fully glammed up? If I am styled for a major red carpet event by a team of stylists, with them doing my hair, makeup, dress and coordinating everything – it can take around 4 hours. Unfortunately, unless it is a huge commercial endorsement or a major international event – like the Cannes Film Festival or filming a TV commercial – I just don’t have the luxury of that much time. Believe it or not, with my hectic schedule and the traffic – I usually do my hair and makeup in the car, while my driver drives and then do a final spot check of my outfit in the bathroom. From start to finish, maximum 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes I have 3 or 4 events in one evening so I need to carefully plan out how much time I spend at each event and getting ready has to be as quick as possible. I usually carry three dresses, two jackets, two pairs of shoes, and a hat or two in the boot of my car, in case I want to change for different events that evening.

‘I own 200+ hats’

You’re known for a distinct style and dress. What is Jen Su’s signature trait? For most of my life, it definitely is my hat. In Asia, I was the ‘Hat Lady’ and the ‘Mad Hatter’ everywhere. These days I still love hats – and still am proud of my 200 plus hat collection – but I’m not wearing them as much as I used to – as I’m saving them more for the daytime and Ascot-style events. Celebrity lifestyle undoubtedly dictates wearing many hats, both literally and figuratively. If you could go back and relive any moment, what would it be? I met Madiba (Nelson Mandela) in Thailand when I was a junior anchor at a TV station there. The senior anchor fell ill and the TV station sent me to the press conference, where I met him to do an interview. Madiba was on a tour of Asia, and spoke beautifully. He was incredibly warm and engaging, and our interview went for quite some time. Unfortunately I did not take a camera with me as that day was all very rushed, and I never got a copy of the broadcast. It was many years later in my life, that I moved to South Africa, again completely unexpectedly – and then I had wished I could have relived that moment.

Twitter: @jennifer_su Facebook: CarltonTel: (011) 646-2420




As a little girl Rolene Strauss always had two dreams – to study medicine and to become Miss South Africa – and she’s achieved both.

| September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES



type of woman defines true beauty? “A woman who knows what she wants in life and the role she wants to play in the lives of others. A woman who leaves behind a unique essence wherever she goes and is appreciative of the people and experiences in her life. A woman who knows that the substance of her book tells a much greater story than her cover, but she makes sure that the cover makes people want to read the book.” So says Miss SA Rolene Strauss. We caught up with this local beauty to find out her fashion, hair and beauty secrets. How would you describe your personal style? I always say that your style should tell a story. My story is feminine, stylish, classy and princess-like. My style icon is Kate Middleton. You’re a size eight shoe. How hard is it finding the perfect heels and what pair in your cupboard can you not live without and why? The best thing about being a size 8 is that whenever I get a shoe that fits, I have to buy it. I have black ankle boots from Call It Spring which I can’t live without. Call It Spring is amazing as they have size 9 as well (especially for winter when you want to wear stockings underneath).

Anything caught your eye for the upcoming season? Definitely high wasted skirts with crop tops. What are some of the heroes of your wardrobe? For winter, I have the most amazing coats from Jenni Button and Hilton Weiner. A coat is something that you can put over anything and it will look great. Jewellery will always be a winner in summer, you can basically create different looks with a few key pieces. I have a rose gold and diamond flower ring I received for my birthday from Jack Friedman Jewellers and also a very special tennis bracelet I wore on the night I was crowned. Best hair and beauty advice? Everything starts with healthy hair and skin. When your hair is healthy, your hairstyle will look amazing and the same goes for your skin.


CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

Are you trend-oriented at all? Do you pay attention to what’s happening on the runway? I love fashion and will always try to keep my eyes open for new trends, but my main focus is to wear something that I feel beautiful in and that tells my story. Tell me a little bit about your thoughts on your modelling career right now. Are you just taking projects you’re really passionate about? What has your approach been? I was privileged to travel abroad for modelling when I was sixteen years old and that was when I decided that I don’t want to become a model. I want to become a role model. I prefer to do modelling jobs if I can make a positive impact through them. Everyone differs, and that is my opinion. What is your beauty secret when you fly, to keep your skin in a great condition and you want to prevent it from moisture loss and breakouts? It is very important to drink a lot on water of the plane and to not keep the air-conditioning on above you. I recently received the most amazing tip for flying and that is to keep Smashbox’s hydrating primer in your hand luggage and pat some on every now and then. How do you find that balance between your personal life and your career? As a Miss South Africa it is quite difficult to spend the time that I would like to spend with my loved ones, but if something is important there will always be a way. I am really blessed with an amazing family and support system, they often go out of their way to come to me if I can’t go to them. They are the ones who recharge me when I have an off day. I heard you love your cow-print onesie and your ‘pantoffels’. If you were a designer and could make an improvement on the onesie what would it be? A onesie is definitely one of the most comfortable things to be in. If I could improve something it would probably be a hot water bottle holder for in the winter, almost like a kangaroo’s pouch. What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? One of my first shoots as Miss South Africa was for Sun International’s Prive Magazine. We went on a road trip to different Sun International Hotels to do the shoot, it was so much fun. What’s in your bag? What’s not in my bag? You can find everything from technology (two cell phones, tablet), styling gadgets (Smashbox Make-up, hair brush, hair spray, sunglasses etc), stationary (my Miss SA cards and pens to write on it) and my Miss SA sash. What is the brand of your sunglasses? I currently have beautiful Prada Sunglasses. It was a gift from my mom when I entered Miss SA and I only wore it since after I won.


top beauty secrets  You look beautiful when you feel happy in your own skin (do what you have to do to feel beautiful).  Exfoliate your lips and hands with a sugar and butter mix.  Comfort above everything else (even though it is sometimes difficult to get a hold of very comfy, extremely high heels).  Choose a day of the week to do things like; put on a face mask, treat your hair, exfoliate your skin.  Never sleep with make-up. | September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Signature fragrance? I use Hugo Boss for Women at the moment. It is feminine and soft and makes me think of flowers. Do you have a hair care routine? I try to treat my hair every week (Gary Rom Replenish Treatment) and also go for in-salon treatments every once in a while. In order for me to not wash my hair too often, I try to be clever when it comes to styling. Day one – blow-dry, day two – curls with curling iron, day three – pony or straighten, day four – high bun, day five – wash. Who is your hairdresser and why do you like going to them for your hair? How long have you been going to them? My hairdresser is Freya from Gary Rom Hairdressers; they know exactly how to look after your hair as if it is their own. It is all about healthy hair and what works best with you (your length, skin tone, face shape and style). I have been going there for about 3 years now. What is one of your craziest, most ridiculous hair memories? I went on a very special sushi date at a famous restaurant once. While trying to do everything perfectly and look beautiful, I ended up leaning into a candle and my hair caught fire! Any crazy hair urges? I have always had quite long hair and think it looks best as I have never gone short before. I have this crazy urge to do an afro...just once!.




Rolene can’t live without...

1. My family and loved ones 2. Hartenbos holidays 3. Watermelon 4. Popcorn 5. Inspiration and hope

CELEB STYLES | September / October 2014 |

What is your natural hair colour? What colours have you tried before and which colour do you believe suites you best? My natural hair colour is light brown with golden streaks as I love being in the sun. I have tried dark brown, gold and red (not on purpose though). I’ve never tried blond, but think the mixture of brown and golden streaks suit me well. What about hair accessories? Hair accessories can sometimes get too over the top. When you are young it is beautiful to wear ribbons and different hair pins, but I don’t think it goes too well with an adult woman. There is nothing wrong with a subtle head band or small pin. My favourite hair accessory is the doughnut to make a big beautiful bun. What’s your motto or life advice that you live by? Giving is receiving. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I will have a successful year as Miss SA, my medical studies and an MBA behind me. I will be happily married and have a beautiful family where love and happiness are in abundance. Positive thinking right?

Salon Directory A Ashé Hair Design Tel: 082 857 2461 or (012) 667–6539 Address: 108 Sonja Street, Doringkloof, Centurion E-mail:

D Derma Therapeutics Dermatology, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic Tel: (021) 762-4477 Address: Lone Palm Court – 31b, Constantia Road, Cape Town E Escape Beauty Studio E-mail: Address: 42 St. Andrews street, Durban North Tel: (031) 563-6247 Essence Body And Skin Care E-mail: Address: The Fire Station Unit 13, Cnr, Baker and Bath Steet, Rosebank Tel: (011)788-9956 F FOIL Shop no: 1&2 Grayston shopping centre cnr. Grayston drive & Helen Street, Sandton Tel: (011) 884-3383 Mobile: +27 83 456 2116 Website: E-mail: Friedz E-mail: Address: C/o Wetton & Rosmead road, Kenilwoth, Cape Town Tel: (021) 791-0580 H House Of Freya E-mail: Address: 420 Main Road, Murdoch Valley, Simon’s Town, Cape Town Tel: (021)786-1030 Hair Extension Supplier: Strands Of Love Tel: Julien 083 619 8975 or Emma on 082 992 3503 Address: Brampton Road, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria E-mail: Hair Options Address: 165 Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth Tel: (041) 583-5625, (041) 373-0204 PCFax: 086 666 5618 E-mail:

I Isabeau Velsorg E-mail: hildegarde@ Address: C/o Paul Kruger street, Robertson Tel: (023) 626-6594 J Just Hair (Hair Extension Distributor) Address: 241 Robin Road, Rynfield, Benoni Tel: 082 561 7689 Website: E-Mail: Jennifer Eales E-mail: Address: 15 tenth avenue, Greyville, Durban Tel: (031) 309-2276

L Lis Spa E-mail: Address: 17 Wolf Street, Chelsea Village, Wynberg Tel: (021) 761-0759, (021)761-3393 M Matis Institute Rosebank Address: Shop 2, The Firs, Rosebank Tel: (011) 447-5055 / 5075 Website: E-Mail: MODZ Skin Studio E-Mail: Address: 245 Charles street, Brooklyn, Pretoria Tel: (012) 346-7213 Matis Institute Rosebank E-mail: Address: The Firs shop 32, Rosebank Tel: (011) 447-5055 Makaranga Spa E-mail: Address: 1A Igwababa Rd, Kloof, Durban Tel: (031) 764-9434 Muse Hair And Beauty Tel: (021) 424-4249 Address: Shop 3, 1st Floor, Lifestyles On Kloof Centre, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town N Natural Image Hair and Beauty Salon 142 Buitenkant Street, Gardens, Cape Town Tel: (021) 461-3610

P Pasquale Academy Address: 233 Monument Road, Glen Marais, Kempton Park Tel: (011) 391-6421 Website: E-Mail:

Sensasia E-mail: Address: 24 Dundalk Ave, Morningside, Parkview Tel: (011) 646-4831 Skin And Body Sense E-mail: Address: cnr 8th and Wessels road, Rivonia Tel: (011) 807-6281

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Shy Body And Beauty E-mail: Address: 174C Windermere road, Durban Tel: (031) 303-8647

Pako Style 27 Coubrough Road, Noordwyk, Midrand Tel: (011) 074-6263 082 921 7325 E-mail: Palladium Hair Company Pretoria Shop #3, Club Avenue, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria (Tshwane) Tel: (012) 460-2242/3, 083 572 1782 E-mail: Cape Town Shop 128, 1st Floor, New Cape Quarter ExtensionSomerset Road, De Waterkant. Tel: (021) 418-2242/3 E-mail: R Robins Nest Day Spa – Just Hair (Hair Extension Distributor) Address: 241 Robin Road, Rynfield Benoni Tel: (011) 849–6009 Website: E-Mail: S Shabby Chick Salon Carl Cronje Drive, Shop no. 1, Tyger Waterfront, Bellville, Cape Town Tel: (021) 914-2430 or (021) 914-8602 CUSTOMER CARE LINE: 0849836365 Sandton Spa E-mail: Address: 1 Fredman drive, Sandton – RMB building Tel: (011) 039-0674

Square Bubble The Kloof Mall Cnr Kloof and Arterial East Road Bedfordveiw Shop No 7 Tel: (011) 455-1626 T The Colisseum Health Hydro Address: 87 Boeing Road East, Bedfordview Tel: (011) 454-1890/024-3878 Website: E-Mail: The Skin Aesthetics Clinic Tel: (021) 794-4858 Address: Shop 12, High Constantia Shopping Centre, Constantia Main Road Tzing Hair Shop 1, Dunvegan Boulevard, 46 Dunvegan Road, Edenvale Tel: (011) 453-6631 X Xpertease Salon Tel: (011) 646-5169 Address: Shop 4, Village Green Shopping Centre, 127 Greenway Road, Greenside 2193 E-mail: Z Z Hair Design & Nails Tel: (011) 391-3616 24 SEVEN 259 Monument Road Kempton Park Tel: (011) 391-3665

Savasana Day Spa E-mail: Address: 222 Orchard road, Pomona, Kempton park Tel: (011) 979–5271

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| September / October 2014 | CELEB STYLES


September/October, 2014  

Get your hair summer ready, plus find that perfect blonde shade, feel like a star with gorgeous WIGS and see over 150 hairstyles... plaits,...

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