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May June 2014

FEATURES 4-6 DJ Fix styles it up 7-9 DJ Catherine talks hair and beauty 10-13 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles 14-15 Tips to Boost Shine + Top products to use 16 Celeb Quot!s 18-21Sexy Styles 22-23 Stylist of the month 24-25 Roxy Burger wedding hair trial 26-27 Ombre revolution 28-29 Stunning hair extensions 30-31 Ways to look after your hair this winter 32-33 Quiz: What your hairstyle says about you? 34-36 Brad Pitt’s 10 hairystyles we love and hate 37 Lady Gaga’s looks over the years 38-39 From brunette to blonde 40-41 Advertise in Celeb


42-43 Hair cuts for your faceshape 44-47 Hair: Then and now 48 Your questions answered 49 Must-have hair products 50-51 Top foods to eat for shiny hair 52-53 Hair facts for all


54-55 Fun step-by-step hair ‘dos 56-57 Celebrity beauty secrets revealed 58 Latest beauty products 59-62 Lerato Kganyago’s gorgeous styles 63-66 Cover Girl: Kim Kardashian 67 Salon directory

Disclaimer: Celeb Styles publication is an independent publication which sometimes does not reflect the view or opinions of manufacturer or distributors of the products contained within. While we pride ourselves with the quality of the information we provide, APC publishers reserves the right not to be held legally responsible for any mistakes or inaccuracies’ found within the text of Celeb Styles. All trademarks are acknowledged.

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CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

Welcome to our first edition of Celeb Styles magazine. We have worked hours to bring you interesting information about hair and beauty – and because we just love celebrities we’ve added quite a few celeb looks and profiles. Looking back at some of their styles on pages 44-47 it’s hard to believe that RiRi and Victoria Beckham have changed their hairstyles so many times. There is no better feeling than leaving your hairdresser with a brand new hairdo and let’s face it, we look at celebs for inspiration – which is how Celeb Styles was born. The fabulous talented team working on Celeb Styles guarantee you an enjoyable read every two months. We were honoured enough to get local Catherine Grenfell and the gorgeous Fix, both from 5FM, to share their hair and beauty secrets with us in our first edition. Until next time.... With love from the

Celeb Styles TEAM!

Meet our contributors Angela Bekiaris

After completing a BA Journalism degree, I was ready to start doing what I loved most - writing. With broadcast journalism being my passion at the time, I was lucky enough to start working as a researcher on a top local talk show. My passion for writing and the industry in general had me looking for more, and I found where I had to be when I was hired as an entertainment journalist on one of SA’s top weekly magazines, People. As the years passed, and I made my way up to Deputy Editor, I knew that magazines was where I had to be, which is why I enjoyed an amazing 10 years with the publication. But the time came to start a family, and now I get to enjoy my passion from home…. being a freelance writer has allowed me to enjoy motherhood and the beauty of journalism. Talking about beauty… this industry has not only taught me about crazy deadlines and hot, breaking news, but about fashion, hair and beauty – and how important it is, for ourselves, to look good on the outside. Thanks to our favourite celebs, we have women who inspire us to look and feel better every day... And great magazines like Celeb Styles to showcase it. After all, the way we look on the outside plays a role on the way we feel on the inside.

Vanessa Papas

After qualifying in Journalism and Print Media, I started my career working in newspapers and magazines before heading to radio as the public relations co-ordinator for four top South African stations. I soon realised that life without writing was like Darth Vader without the mask so took the plunge five years ago and got back in the game, this time coupling my love for writing with my love for photography. My claim to fame isn’t my work ethos though, rather it’s my ability to experiment with hundreds of different hair colours throughout the years without ever needing a wig. Hubby calls me ‘the cat lady’, even though I don’t have any felines myself. I’m a staunch animal lover, determined dreamer, hopeless at parallel parking, mom, winner of World’s Best Wife Award, balloon phobic and sugar-coated idealist. I believe true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but a swig of mascara and lip gloss never hurt anyone.

Letitia Herold

I was born and raised in Durban. After moving to the city of gold, I quickly realised that life was not all about slops, bikinis and how long you surf the wave. My modeling background saw me develop a love and passion for magazines and I was lucky to be offered a great opportunity at one of the biggest media houses in the country. I have the craziest and thickest curly mop; growing up I hated it but over the years I have learnt to embrace the curl. Not many women can have va va voom Beyonce hair and a super sleek Kardashian look on the same day!!! As a result, I am more interested in the treatments for my specific hair type, not to alter the curl but to make it softer and easier to handle. I am a popcorn ADDICT, chocolate lover and coffee hater but more importantly my children are the fuel of my soul. I once read ‘You cant do the same thing for 75 years and call it life’ so live, breath and embrace change!

‘some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts’ – Jim Morrison FREQENCY: Bi-monthly MAY/JUNE 2014


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| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES




Celeb INTERVIEW By Angela Bekiaris

ix styles it up 5FM’s DJ Fix shares her hair and beauty secrets.


is the gorgeous Fix everyone is alway raving about? Best known for her work on Rob Forbes’ show on 5FM, now weekdays between 13h00-16h00, Fikile Moeti, aka Fix, is no stranger to radio or the limelight, for that matter. MC, Radio Personality, Club DJ, Voice-Over Artist, Motivational Speaker and TV personality are just some of the many things Fix specialises in. Fix started out on radio while a student at Cape Town University studying Film & Media and was picked on MTV Base by thousands of applicants to join the fast track. While she is also an avid sports lover, her love for music has paid off. She currently hosts her own dance show on 5FM called Saturday Night Fix between 22h00 and 01h00. We spoke to the star about her hair and beauty secrets, and found out how she manages to stay fab in the limelight.


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


You are in the public eye a lot. Do you feel pressurised to always look good and do you always make sure your hair and make-up is done before leaving home? Absolutely. I am not a heels girl so I do get away with casual wear, sneakers, hoodies etc. With that said you still need to look ‘somewhat’ fashionable. What is your take on beauty products vs plastic surgery and Botox? Each to their own, if plastic surgery will make you more confident then go for it. I would probably only get my breasts done after having kids, otherwise I am comfortable with my body right now.

How do you keep up with different Who is your style icon when it comes to hair and beauty? styles and trends? Well it recently has become Lupita Nyongo. #Obsessed styles your hair? I love my fashion MyWhoawesome stylist, Lawrence. apps, Pose and are your personal hair and beauty secrets which you would like to share with Pinterest. yourWhatfans? Investing in the Fix+ Spray from MAC is a must! Great finishing touch to your art.

Which products do you love to use and even swear by on your hair and body? Hair: ghd Brush: Any blow dry brush Face Products: Dermalogica & Niume Make-Up: MUD Makeup (and my Fix+ Spray from MAC)



Fix Facts

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Fix bought her first vinyl at the age of 15 and fell in love with the DJ world after signing up with Soul Candi’s DJ School. She lived in the UK and US while growing up. At age 19, and after six years in the entertainment industry, Fix decided to go back to school – she studied at both Columbia College Chicago and New York University (studying Small Business/ Entrepreneurship). Fix also enrolled at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), and consequently partnered with GIBS to give a life-changing opportunity to Africa’s next Social Entrepreneur by offering the Fix Scholarship. She is a board member for the African Leadership Academy’s (ALA) Student Programme (SEP) for 2013/2014.

CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

Catch Fix on the Fresh Show weekdays between 05h00 and 08h00.


Celeb INTERVIEW By Angela Bekiaris

DJ atherine talks hair beauty


DJ Catherine makes music stylish. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


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CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

atherine Grenfell is best known from her work on 5FM, in particular on the weekly Fresh Drive Show which was from 15h00-19h00 but has now moved to the 05h00-08h00 slot. A music lover and charity activist, Catherine loves life in the fast lane and is passionate about everything she turns her hand to, which includes her work on radio, adventure sports and helping those less fortunate than herself. Catherine, who joined 5FM in 2001 as a producer, has also earned her own show, and admits: “I am a total rock chick. My passion is music.” Catherine is also very involved in charity, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for a charity organisation called The Lonely Road Foundation, ridden the Cape Argus and swam the Midmar Mile. “I really like being able to make a difference in the lives of people,” she says. “But I also love the fact that I can help South African groups get into the lives of music fans through the (live)5 show. There is such great talent out there and that makes my job easy.” Catherine is often in the limelight which means she has to make sure she looks fabulous at all times. So how does she keep herself looking so gorgeous... yet so natural? Catherine shares her tips and secrets with Celeb Styles.... and of course, we might steal some.

How did you get into media, and 5FM and how have things changed for you since being on The Fresh Drive?

I studied lighting and sound at Tshwane Technikon and I then I moved into production management. A friend of mine was working for Mark Gillman (who was the breakfast show DJ at 5FM at the time) and she was leaving and I took over from her. I was later asked to be on air (they were looking for a female to join the show). At that stage I was involved in South African music and I was able to bring that element on-air. After working with Mark for five years I was given the opportunity to work with DJ Fresh and I haven’t looked back. He is such an awesome person to work with. Being on air on The Fresh Drive has given me such amazing opportunities and opened so many doors.

Being a radio personality also means you’re in the public eye a lot. Do you feel pressurised to always look good and do you always make sure your hair and make-up is done before leaving home? There is a certain amount of pressure, but I’m not one of those people that takes note of it. I hate wearing make-up, so I generally don’t. I put mascara on and that’s about it. I love having the natural feel of my skin without make-up.

What is your take on beauty products vs plastic surgery and Botox?

I’m a natural girl. I think that people should rather embrace getting older than fight it. I want those laugh lines to be seen. It gives me character and shows what I have experienced in life.

How do you keep up with different styles and trends?

I’ve always kept to my own style over the years. I’m a huge ‘jean’s, T-shirt/vest, sneakers and sandal’ fan, so I just blend that with anything that I do find trending that I like. I love the fact that the grunge look is coming back. It was my favourite look from when I

was growing up. When I do dress up it makes me feel super special and I enjoy that moment.

Who is your style icon when it comes to hair and beauty? Angelina Jolie. She has her signature make-up style which I love and always seems to come across as a natural beauty.

Who styles your hair?

Cindy Christodoulou from Haircraft. I met Cindy when our children went to the same school. We became friends and then I started going to her for my hair. I love the way she knows exactly what I want and she isn’t afraid to try new things with my hair.




Agadir Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner ghd

Catherine’s Style Icon

Which products do you swear by?

I use Agadir Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I also use a ghd to quickly straighten or style my hair in the mornings or when I have a function, so I make sure that I use an argin oil treatment every couple of weeks.

What are your personal hair and beauty secrets?

I love using as many natural products as possible so my beauty secret is actually making my own face products. To clean my skin, I use a mixture of olive oil and castor oil which I mix into a pump bottle. Every morning when I’m in the shower I pump some of the oil mixture into my hands and spread it on my face and neck. I then let it stay there for a couple of minutes. I take a cloth with some warm water and put it on my face for a minute or so and then gently wipe off the oil. I then use a tiny bit of coconut oil to moisturise. For an exfoliation I will use some bicarbonate of soda. I also saw on Facebook about taking rosemary leaves and pouring boiling water on them, leave it to stand overnight and use the water as a toner. I’m definitely going to try that. Another natural thing I’ve been doing is using bicarbonate of soda to wash my hair and then I mix apple cider vinegar with some water and use it as a conditioner. Works amazingly well!

Catch Catherine on 5FM’s Fresh Drive, Weekdays between 05h00 and 08h00, as well as on 5FM’s (LIVE)5, Saturdays from 17h00 to 19h00.

Would you like to share your Celebrity status with us? We want to know your style secrets. Send us your story to and we will be in touch.

Angelina Jolie Did You Know?

Catherine uses many natural products, to clean her skin, she uses a mixture of olive oil and castor oil which she mixes into a pump bottle. Every morning in the shower she pumps some of the oil mixture into her hands and spreads it onto her face and neck. Leaves on for a few minutes then rinses off.

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


16 Gorgeous

Wedding Hairstyles While it’s always wedding season, we’re in that part of the year that weddings are on everyone’s lips. Are you trying to still find that perfect hairstyle? We’re here to help! Get inspired by these gorgeous styles,which are guaranteed to leave you and your guests speechless.

Curled Updo

This style features curls in an updo for a classy look. How To Style: 1. Part hair in different pieces and smooth each piece with sealing serum. 2. Curl the pieces of the hair using a curling iron. 3. Pin each curl up as desired. 4. Use serum to add shine for the finishing touches. 5. Add small pearl or flower clips throughout.


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |


Tip A simple half-up, half-down style works wonders, especially if you are afraid of wearing an updo.

Bridal Classic Bun This style features the timeless bridal style of a curled bun How To Style: 1. Brush your hair to remove any knots that may be present. 2. Pull your hair to the nape of you neck and smooth the hair into a ponytail. 3. Curl the ponytail. 4. Pin curls as desired. 5. Use a firm hairspray to keep all pieces in place. Tip: For a fuller bun add curly extensions around the ponytail. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Tip If you are wearing an open-back dress, which is the biggest trend at the moment, then make sure you wear your hair up or on the side to show your back off.


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

Your Bridal Hair Trial Your bridal hair trial is one of the most important and exciting time during the wedding planning stage. You must make sure you meet with your stylist at least one month before your wedding. Use Celeb Styles tips to make sure your bridal hair trial goes well.  Look through magazines to get an idea of what you want.  Book your hair trial at least one month before your wedding.  Make sure you take your hair accessories with you. Your trial will cost you money, just because your stylist is doing your hair on the day doesn’t mean they will do your trial for free! Some salons will partially charge you but make sure you ask before you go back to the appointment.  If you are trying a new hair colour, do it six months before your wedding, just in case you have a dye-disaster.  Two weeks before your wedding, cut/trim your hair and touch up your hair colour.  One week before, treat your hair to a deep-conditioning treatment for softer, shinier hair.  Speak up! If you are not happy with the style, then tell your stylist at your trial. You want to be happy when you walk down the aisle.

Tip Don’t wear your hair pulled back too tightly. Your scalp may start to hurt and you will most probably end up with a killer headache.

Are you a stylist with great wedding, formal functions hair do’s to share? Send us pictures to

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES



Tips To Boost Shine

It’s been said that Kim Kardashian only washes her hair every second day as washing your hair every day dries it out and loses shine. Moroccan oil is also another hit with Kim, which makes her hair soft and shiny. For more on Kim’s style turn to pages 63 to 66.

11. If you rinse your hair with cold water it closes the hair cuticles making your hair smoother and shinier.


22. Frizz serum is affordable and you only need

a tiny amount to distribute through the hair once you have finished styling. Concentrate on the ends – you hair will be smooth and shiny.


33. Blow-drying your hair can damage your hair which will rob you of shine.


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

However, if you use heat 4. protection before blow-drying your hair you are guaranteed shine.

44. Colouring your hair too often can result in

damage, but some hair dye products actually boost your hair shine.

55. Invest in a brush made with natural bristles,

this will redistribute oils as you brush, restoring natural shine.

Top Products We LOVE... 1

ghd Style Final Shine Spray is a lightweight mist which provides instant all over shine for all hair types and helps smooth flyaway hair and control static. ghd Style Final Shine Spray: R180 Available at most salons

4 ghd Style Smooth And Finish Serum is lightweight, and giving you a defined, silky finish after styling while helping to eliminate frizz and temporarily smooth split ends – the perfect finishing touch for heat styled hair. ghd Style Smooth And Finish Serum: R180

2 Organix – Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask: R159.99 Available at Foschini stores


3 Organix – Ever Straight Brazilain Keratin Therapy Shimmering Keratin Oil: R159.99 Available at Foschini stores

Twisted Sista – Different Strokes Serum: R89.95 Available at selected Clicks stores

Available at most salons

5 Protect your hair against the damaging effects of daily blowdrying and straightening with our Protect & Shine Spray. Trevor Sorbie – Straight Protect & Shine Spray: R119.99 Available exclusively at Dis-Chem

7 Marc Anthony – Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment: R114.95 Available nationwide at Dis-Chem, selected Pick n Pay and Checkers stores.

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Famous Quotes

We Love...

1 23 “You are so lucky that your hair is still on your head.”

Ashlee Simpson

“If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair colour and high heels.” Charlize Theron

“Twenty is a good number… That way you can be creative, cut their hair off, have Barbie parties. I got them free, so I had 75.”


Jennifer Love Hewitt


“If you’re asking whether I intentionally mess up my hair, no, I don’t. And certain things, like my freckles, they’re just there. I don’t do anything consciously. I suppose I could get contact lenses. I suppose I could comb my hair more often.” Bill Gates

5 7 “I’m surprised I still have so much HAIR after all the things I’ve done with it.” David Beckham


We want your views! Send your styles to Be it a latest hair style you have done on one of your clients or new products you have launched.

 Submission doesn’t guarantee that we will use your material, but by submitting your material you confirm that you grant APC Publishers a royalty-Free licence to use it and to syndicate it to other publishers to use. * We can also use it on Facebook, Twitter and our website.  Include full credits: hairdresser, salon, location, model, photographer, make-up artist, contact name and e-mail.  We cannot return submissions


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

“Grey HAIR is Gods graffiti.” Bill Cosby

“I’m such a blonde. It just doesn’t make sense for me to have dark HAIR.” Jessica Simpson

2 1 3 Inspired


Megan Fox

Get Healthy Hair

Style Thats Suits Your Shape Face

We Are

Shiny Hair

By... 4 57 Get the latest celeb styles, hair extentions, winter looks and more.

Hair Extensions

Celeb Wackiest Hair Colours


Hair Makeover

Get The Look

Katy Perry

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES




Oh La La... Sexy Styles

Ready for a NEW LOOK this winter? We know we are.


it blonde, black, brown or a redhead, there is a style for all. Rejuvenate your look this winter. Celeb Styles has the colour and cut inspirations for you, whether you’re looking for short or long these fabulous pictures are a fab motivation for you to push the boundaries.

Good luck! 18

CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |



| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES




CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

BROWN | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Our Stylist Of The Month Our fabulous stylist Brenda Aldridge from Stardust shares her expertise and tips with us. How long have you been a hairdresser? Since the age of 16. I worked at a salon close to home in the school holidays. After school I continued there full-time doing my apprenticeship and going to college part time. Three years later I did my trade test, and hey there was no looking back... I love my job.

What or who inspired you to get into hairdressing? According to my Mommy I had been cutting my doll’s hair from a young age. I also remember cutting my cousins hair too. So I think it’s in my bones as far back as I can remember, it’s all I have ever wanted to do.

What makes a great hairdresser? A great stylist should be dedicated, creative, and not afraid to go with their gut feeling, it’s normally the right one. Always listen to your clients and make the time to really hear their needs and wants. By doing that you will have their confidence in you as a stylist and that will be the start of a great relationship.

What is the one item every client should have? Me LOL…. I would say a good shampoo and conditioner is a good place to start. Everyone has their favourite ways Liezel’s before and after styled by Brenda

and tools to cope with their hair.

Where do you see trends going this year? That’s an interesting one... If you look at what’s happening with the male hairstyles they seem to be going back to the classics, I think the ladies are going to go the same way. People are definitely getting more daring with their hair. I would say that if you as an individual are confident in yourself, then you can pull off any style as long as your stylist believes it suits you.

What shampoo and conditioner do you recommend? There are many products out there for all types of hair. I would recommend any salon products. Chat to your stylist and he or she will recommend what’s best for your hair. I am a Goldwell fan.

What styling products do you suggest? Goldwell has a huge range of styling aids that will suit you, it really depends on your hairstyle length, texture, thickness and on your desired result. Again your stylist will help you.


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

Styliest TRENDS

How has the hair industry changed since you started? Oh wow it has change big time since I started. Hairdressing has definitely become more exciting. No more doing Mrs Smith’s hair every week and doing the same style. My clients are very exciting. We experiment with colour and cutting and styling. It’s way more fun!

What one top hair tip do you swear by? Condition is the biggest tip I swear by, reason being that your hair will be more manageable and your chemical treatment will be fabulous.

What’s the one product you can’t live without? I love my conditioning blow-wave cream, it works for everyone!

Have you got any advice for anyone wanting to start in the industry? Being a hair stylist takes hard work, dedication and long hours. My advice is to always make your clients feel special and listen to them.

What is your favorite perk of the job? Besides having my hair done for free! (Laughs). My highlight is that I meet different people every day, and the rewarding smile after I have made my client feel and look pretty.

Some hairstyles created by Brenda at Stardust.

Do you have a good work/ home balance? I do I have a very supporting hubby and an amazing son. They back me all the way. When I’m home it’s just myself and the men in my life.

What do you do to relax? I read... that’s my thing. And if the mood arises I will do a bit of sewing too.

Stardust Salon is in Cavendish Glen, Monument Road, Kempton Park. To contact Brenda call (011) 972-7040.

We want to know your style secrets. Send us your story to and we will be in touch.

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES



oxy’s By Angela Bekiaris

Gorgeous Wedding Locks

Celeb Styles got a sneak peek at Roxy Burger’s hair before her big day! How and when did your fiancé propose? He proposed to me on the rooftop of the 12 Decades hotel in Maboneng. He lured me there for a fake work meeting on a Saturday morning and we had a romantic breakfast! He then took me to the Saxon spa where we stayed for the night and had dinner at 500. Amazing!

How long have you been together?

We've known each other since high school and bought a house together four and a half years ago.

When is the big day?


got to know her and love her at a very young age as a K-TV presenter on M-Net. But since her years on the popular kiddies channel, Roxy Burger has come a long way. Roxy has been in the television and film industry for 15 years, studied and graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Audiovisual Production Management from the University of Johannesburg and later got her Honours Degree in Branding. The star also spent three years at UJFM, entered the 94.7 Highveld Stereo Hot Jocks competition, which saw her place second and continue as a DJ on the station for the next two years, and in 2010 was asked to join the latest celebrity crew of castaways on Survivor South Africa Maldives. Roxy was selected as a presenter for Season 2 of SABC 3’s entertainment news show Flash a year later and in 2013 was announced as one of the newest MTV DJs on MTV South Africa for MTV Choice on DStv’s channel 130. Roxy not only hosts the channel’s flagship entertainment property, but is also the voice of the channel. But it was time to put everything aside and focus on the day every girl dreams of – her wedding day. Yes, the child we met on K-TV is all grown up and getting married – and we were there during her hair trial at Square Bubble Hair Salon in Bedfordview a week before the big day. By the time you read this, Roxy would have already said ‘I Do’... but on that day Roxy was calm, collected and getting last minute things done on her laptop while having her hair coloured and styled – just the way she would on her big day. We chatted to the star about her hair and beauty secrets, her upcoming wedding and where she’s off to honeymoon.


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

On April 19, the Easter Weekend (She’s already an old married woman now).

Where are you having the wedding and what made you choose the venue? We are getting married at Forest Hall which is a beautiful 150-year-old manor house.

Tell us about your dress... who made it and what inspired it?

My dress was made by my friend Liza Mann and went for something really modern and different – it's nude and offwhite and not very traditional.

Who or what inspired your hairstyle for the day?

I saw a picture on Pinterest that I loved for the ceremony which is kind of ‘Sofia Vegara’ inspired. And then for the reception, my usual top knot!

What are your must-have hair and beauty products? And which ones will you keep close on your big day.

I swear by Dermalogica and make sure I get regular facials. I love using Moroccan Oil on my hair and am a big believer in using vitamins to strengthen my hair and nails. I take folic acid and Bio Gen's Collagen.

Share your hair and beauty secrets with your fans.

SLEEP! Get enough of it. And ALWAYS put sunscreen on your face – the number one way to not get wrinkles!

Who is your hair and beauty icon?

I love Gwen Stefani and her famous red lips. I love wearing bright lipstick and have actually decided to do exactly that on my wedding day.

Where are you off to on honeymoon?

We are going to the Vic Falls straight after the wedding for a ‘mini-moon’ and then off to the French Riviera in June.

Roxy’s stylist, Tanya Van Vuuren, shares her hair tips for a bride before and on the big day as well as her step-by-step guide on getting Roxy’s look and the the products used. How should a bride-to-be prepare for the big day?

A month before your wedding it’s good to have a treatment done and have a trim to Roxy with her get rid of all split stylist, Tanya. ends. This will keep your hair healthy. You can also ask your hairdresser for products that will help keep your hair in a good condition before your wedding. I gave Roxy the Matrix Blonde Care and Matrix Color Care Miracle treat. It’s also important to colour your hair at least a week or even two weeks before your wedding so if any changes need to be made there will be more than enough time. Design Pulse Iron: R170

Design Pulse Hair Spray: R180

Take us through your step-by-step guide of Roxy’s hair do.

Step One I started by washing Roxy’s

hair with a volume shampoo and conditioner so that her hair wouldn’t be too heavy to style. The conditioner was only put on the ends. I sprayed her roots with a volume spray and massaged it in.

Step Two I then blow-dried her hair with mediumsized velcro rollers and left them in for five minutes to cool down while I took the velcro rollers out of her clip in extensions I only used two extensions just to add a bit of length.

Step Three

I took the rollers out of Roxy’s hair and clipped in her extensions, spraying in an iron heat protector.

Step Four I used a wand curling iron to

curl her hair starting, about five centimetres away from the roots.

Step Five

I sprayed hair spray on the curls and took a soft bristle brush to brush out all the curls, resulting in a soft wave. I also smoothed the hair together with a frizz free oil and to finish it off I sprayed hairspray and a shine spray. Amplify Wonder Boost: R160

All products are from Matrix, available at Square Bubble Hair Salon and on or

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


The Ombre Revolution By Letitia Herold

The Ombre is still one of the hottest hair colour trends. The technique is a great way to still have great colour but without the high maintenance. During winter most of us opt to change our locks to a darker more natural look but with Ombre you can still have gorgeous golden locks without having to retouch your roots. Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Khloé Kardashian, Jessica

Gafia Fredricks

Alba and Penélope Cruz have all embraced the Ombre look and opting for subtle changes, depending on the season. The Ombre look is here to stay so whether you choose caramels, platinum blonde or natural tones of brown... OWN the Ombre look!

The Ombre Makeover Dark to soft caramel Senior Stylist and owner of Fredrique Hair, Gafia Fredricks helps us get the dark chocolate to soft caramel ombre look. The ombre technique was used to give the hair a subtle lift through the mid lengths and ends. To achieve the look colour and not bleach was applied to the hair using a light vertical brushing technique, thus giving it a natural look. Foils are then placed over the hair strands, and left for approximately 20 minutes. As the hair was dry and damaged a Kerastase Nutri-Thermique shampoo, followed by a Kerastase Oleo-Fusion treatment was used — this provides the perfect protein and moisture for dry sensitised hair. The final result is soft beautiful looking hair, which naturally fades from dark to light, a look which can be worn throughout the season.


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Celeb Styles MAKEOVER

Ombre is a french term meaning ‘shaded’. In terms of hair colour, it is the slow melting effect of a darker shade of colour gradually getting lighter towards the ends. We have seen this trend in Hollywood on Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad and Khloé Kardashian and now Ombre hair colour is what every girl wants.

Before After

Pros To Doing Ombre Hair Colour

 Low maintenance look which means less frequent trips to your salon.  Ombre colour creates a sexy/edgy look thats great for both summer and winter.  Works on any skin tone from fair to dark,just choose hues accordingly.  Looks good curled, straight or beach waved.


 If not done properly, it can look as if you’ve just lazily waited too long in between colour services.  If your hair is very fine or super straight, ombre can look one tone or flat. (Works best on hair with volume or has movement.)  Having bangs(fringe) doesn’t always work with ombre hair. Bangs will be one colour whilst the rest of your hair is two tone  To achieve ultra light blonde to the ends, most hair will have to be bleached and this causes damage to the hair. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Get A New Look

With Remy Hair Extensions Hair extensions can change your look by making you feel beautiful, confident and like a celebrity. We go into some detail when it comes to how, what and where you can get some.


hair with added volume is every woman’s pride and joy and can make or break a woman’s confidence. For this reason, the demand for hair extensions has increased over the last few years. In fact, hair extensions date back to ancient Egypt, where hair extensions were used for cosmetic purposes. The demand for hair extensions by South African women has grown to match their global counterparts. Hair extensions provide an ‘instant’ solution for adding length and volume to natural hair and allows for more freedom and creativity in terms of styling of one’s hair. Hair extensions come in various forms, of which the 100 percent human remy hair is the most popular as it provides a natural look and lasts longer than synthetic hair. The term remy human hair is used for hair which has cuticles that are intact and aligned, such as our own natural hair. The term human hair refers to hair that is natural, but with cuticles that are not aligned and it can thus only be used for cheaper forms of hair extensions or wigs. Therefore the word REMY is very important when you purchase hair extensions. Hair extensions can be inserted using various methods, namely keratin bonds (keratin glue), micro rings, tape- or clip-ins. The method of installation largely

depends on the person’s preference, as well as hair texture. The tape extensions, also known as seamless extensions, are amongst the latest developments on the hair extension market. The tape extensions are perfect for people with fine hair as the weight is more spread out. These extensions are applied in the form of a sandwich method where two pieces are stuck together over a section of ones natural hair. Tape extensions are very popular in the USA and Europe due to the fact that they are easy and quick to install (+/- 30 minutes to one hour) and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately most women underestimate the importance and necessity of the correct maintenance process for hair extensions. In order for a person to increase the lifespan of their hair extensions, the right hair products and care should be applied. Hair extensions should be washed and treated with sulphate free products as they don’t get any natural oils from the hair follicles and thus have to stay hydrated. Often, women think they should not brush their hair extensions as they are of the opinion that this will damage their hair. The exact opposite is true – hair extensions should be brushed regularly so as to avoid any knots from forming close to the scalp. A boar bristle brush is perfect for this.

For more information on hair extensions, call Strands of Love, a leading supplier of remy human hair extensions to the South African market. Strands of Love will offer you a free consultation and hair analysis and will provide you with top quality hair extensions. Visit or phone Julien on 083 619 8975.


CELEB STYLES | May / June2014 |

Get A New LOOK

Stars Strutting Their Hair Extensions Hollywood stars need to look fabulous at all times — and a woman with gorgeous hair says it all.

Vanessa Hudgens


Eva Longoria

J.Lo | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Your Hair

This Winter

Redelia Govender, owner of Square Bubble Hair Salon in Bedfordview shares her tips for your winter hair... and your must-have winter hair products.

The Kloof Mall corner Kloof and Arterial East road Bedfordview, Shop No.7

Grow It Long & Strong Fast!

1. Trim off split ends, but only when necessary – go as long as possible between cuts. 2. Try to limit washing as much as possible – use corn starch as a dry shampoo to counteract oiliness. 3. Use only cool to warm water when washing hair. 4. Use conditioner to ‘wash’ hair, or use a natural shampoo without sulfates or silicones. 5. Comb hair while conditioner is in it, in the shower – always start at the bottom and work your way up. 6. Rub a drop of grape seed oil in hand and apply to ends of wet hair to condition and act as a heat protectant. 7. Use an old T-shirt to absorb excess moisture after shower, then allow to airdry – no combing, brushing or otherwise messing until completely dry. 8. Only use wooden, wide-tooth combs or boar bristle brushes and nondamaging elastics/accessories. 9. Avoid heat styling when possible. 10. Coconut oil makes for a great deep conditioner. Don’t over-condition though. If hair starts to feel brittle or heavy, use a natural, clarifying shampoo. 11. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. 12. Supplement with biotin (faster growth), silica (stronger growth), and MSM (lengthens growth cycle/shortens the fall out phases). 13. Be healthy! Eat right, get enough sleep and cut down on stress. Did You Know? Your hair is made up of three layers – the cuticle, cortex and medulla with a small amount of water lying between the cuticle and cortex.


Tips For Styling Curly Hair 1. Use a moisturising conditioner when showering. You want to get as much moisture into your hair as possible to soften the curl. 2. Look for products which contain olive oil, coconut oil and other hydrating ingredients. When you hydrate your hair, it adds weight which defines the curl, making them easier to manipulate and less likely to frizz. 3. Apply the product when your hair is wet so that the product can dry with the hair and help neutralise the curl. 4. Blow-dry your roots without a diffuser then attach a diffuser to dry the midlengths and ends so it doesn’t take hours to dry your hair.

We would love to hear about your winter hair care tips, share your ideas so we can pass them onto our readers. Write to and in the subject box put WINTER TIPS

CELEB STYLES | May / June2014 |

15 Ways To Look After Your HAIR This WINTER Your hair needs extra attention in winter. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Melu Shampoo: R199

1. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables – at least five servings a day. 2. Use a protecting and repairing shampoo and conditioner. 3. If you get split ends from your hair being dry, use a serum on the tips. 4. Wear your HAIR up (fishtail braid or a bun looks hot) in winter rather than using your straightener. 5. Using an iron damages and dries out your HAIR, try to avoid it, it’s HARD we know! 6. Treat your HAIR to a hot oil treatment at home or have a treatment at your salon. 7. Try not washing your HAIR every day as the natural oils produced by the scalp will be stripped away and your HAIR will become more prone to dryness and splitting. 8. Have regular trims to eliminate split ends. 9. Settle for a luke warm instead of a hot water shower. Hot water can leave your scalp dry, itchy and prone to dandruff. 10. Coconut milk can be used for your HAIR as it’s a natural conditioner. 11. Olive oil (yes you heard right!) is very good for a head massage in winter. 12. Use a masque (see below) 13. Use the right styling equipment (hairdryer and straighteners). Make sure you have the latest appliances which use ionic and ceramic technology as they cause less damage to the HAIR. 14. When blow-drying point the nozzle of your hairdryer downwards to flatten the hair. Hold the dryer at least 15 to 20cm away from your hair to avoid breakage. 15. Pat your HAIR dry, don’t rub – patting helps smooth down the hair shaft and encourages shine.

More Inside Hard Wax: R290

Oi All In One Milk: R275 Ingredients For Your At-home Winter Masque: Combine half a mashed avocado, one egg yolk and five tablespoons of coconut milk. Gently massage into the scalp and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse and see you hair shine.

Oi Conditioner: R265

Oi Shampoo: R230

More Inside Hairspray: R235

The Kloof Mall corner Kloof and Arterial East road, Bedfordview. Shop no 7.

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What Does Your

Hairstyle Say About You?

We are told never to judge a book by its cover, nbut people think it’s perfectly acceptable to judge a woman by her hair. How you wear your hair can say a lot about your personality. Grab a pen and write a, b or c down to see what your locks say about you. 32

CELEB STYLES | May 2014 |


1. When going out for an evening with your partner, which is the most important for you? a) Your clothes b) Your make up c) Your hair 2. Why did you chose your current hairstyle? a) It’s a hairstyle that has little maintenance b) It suited your looks c) It’s easy to maintain for different functions, day or night 3. What colour is your hair? a) My natural colour b) A box colour c) Natural with a few highlights 4. Going on holiday for a week, what hair products would you take? a) Just a few b) Just what I need, but guaranteed to buy more on holiday c) Every hair product I own 5. Who takes care of your hair? a) A stylist from a salon b) A friend c) I do my own styling 6. How often do you change your style? a) I’ve had the same style for years b) Occasionally but not too often c) New outfit, new hairstyle 7. Would you copy a celebrity’s hairstyle? a) No, you like to stick to your own hairstyle b) Only if I think it will suit me c) Yes, I always experiment with new styles 8. I got caught in a rain storm and my hair is wet, would you... a) Let your hair dry naturally b) Wash it then style it c) Towel dry 9. How would you wear your hair at work? a) In a style that looks professional b) In a neat bun c) In a simple style that doesn’t get in the way 10. My mom suggested I try a new hairstyle – would you.. a) Listen, and change your style b) Think, alright it might be time to change c) Don’t listen; I know my hair better than anyone else

How did you score? 1. a.0 b.1 c.3 3. a.1 b.3 c.2 5. a.3 b.2 c.1 7. a.1 b.2 c.3 9. a.3 b.2 c.1

2. a.1 b.2 c.3 4. a.1 b.2 c.3 6. a.0 b.1 c.3 8. a.1 b.3 c.2 10. a.3 b.2 c.1

Between 0-10 Your style shouts out that you like routine and are a reliable person. Make that radical change and experiment with styles and some highlights and maybe a little colour. Between 11-20 Your style allows others to see that you are a person who successfully adapts her hair to her circumstances. Your style is neat and sensible. If you go to a function you make the most of your locks. Between 21-30 Stop right now! Don’t neglect your hair, you do pride yourself in making your hair look its best but spending too much time on your hair gives other the impression that you are self-absorbed. Stop obsession over your looks and take more care in grooming your style. | May 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Brad’s Hair: From Disaster To Sexy? By Angela Bekiaris


Pitt is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous men Hollywood, and the world, have ever seen. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made bad hair choices over the years. We take a look at the actor’s best and worst hairstyles in the limelight. 34

CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |


Movie roles or just plain fashion statements, we don’t care – Brad Pitt should have NEVER left home looking like this. There are no words to describe this look other than a gorgeous man turning into a scary, dirty hobo. We are so glad he found his stylist, razor and soap and never left the house looking like that again!


No, no, no... Brad seems to be pulling a Jack Nicholson here. And while there’s no arguing the fact that Brad has the looks to pull it off, unlike old Jack, that style should be left with Nicholson and his sexy, yet slimy look.





OMG Bradley what were you thinking when you had this done – and more so when you left the house? Doesn’t suit the gorgeous actor, doesn’t give him credit and leaves us wanting to wash his hair and start again.

Okay, when you’re looking more like ex Gwyneth Paltrow, and less like... a man.... it’s time to have a chop. This really doesn’t do the handsome star justice – and we hope Angelina Jolie never allows him to grow it that long again!

Men shouldn’t have long hair – not even Brad Pitt! And while his smile does distract us, and while he could look worse (like he did in #7), the roots, and wavy hair blowing in the wind just doesn’t do it for us. Sorry Brad... leave ex-wife Jennifer Aniston to ‘The Rachel’.

While we wouldn’t suggest he bleach his hair again, we can’t totally hate this look. Many men wouldn’t be able to pull off this ‘do, but Brad has found a way to look sexy. Once off though Bradley.... please! | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES



Looking sleek and stylish, Brad looks like a true Hollywood leading man with this hairstyle. It matches his outfit, his slightly unshaven face, and his gorgeous eyes. We love this look.


‘I’m sexy and I know it’... that’s what he should have been singing when he walked out the door with this hair ‘do. Brad looks rugged yet handsome, leaving us blushing for more.

2. 36

Naughty, a little messy and gorgeous! The star’s plain but boy-next-door haircut has us hooked on him – and those bright blue eyes. No wonder he’s one of the sexiest men alive!

CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |


Could he get more gorgeous? Brad looks sophisticated, goodlooking and in short, like the perfect man, with this look. Natural, clean-cut and oh-so-sexy. We’re drooling...

Which celeb’s hairstyles would you like us to showcase? Male or female? E-mail us at and write ‘Celeb hairstyles’ in the subject box.


Taking A Look At

ady Gaga

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986 in Yonkers, New York. She rose to fame with her debut album, The Fame in August 2008 which was a huge success and the single Poker Face topped charts in almost every country. She has been included in The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women from 2010 to 2013 by Forbes magazine. Love her or hate her, she sure has a style to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at some of her hairstyles that’s made headlines over the years.


‘At the end of the day, you won’t be happy until you LOVE yourself ’

ady Gaga at a press confernce at the IFA in Berlin, September 7, 2009.


t Billboard's Women in Music Brunch, The Pierre Hotel, New York, October 2, 2009.


ady Gaga attends the Monster Cable party at the Tube Club in Berlin, Germany on September 7, 2009.


t the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles on September 12, 2010.



ady Gaga attends the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards at the Carnegie Hall on November 11, 2013 in New York.

t the 52nd Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on January 31, 2010.



een leaving her hotel on November 1, 2013 in London.

• She graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart high school in New York City. Nicky and Paris Hilton also attended the school. • Lady Gaga’s name was inspired by the Queen Song, Radio Gaga. • She is a fashion designer and a philanthropist. •At age four she leaned to play piano by ear and began composing her own ballads by the time she was 13. • Lady Gaga has more Facebook fans than President Obama. Currently, she has over 64-million fans and the US president has 34-million. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Step Into The


By Vanessa Papas


Done by a professional colourist, going from dark to blonde can be both dramatic and stunning. Photos supplied by Clinton Valjeaux at Jeauval Hair Salon

Want to be a blonde bombshell? Be ready for a serious commitment!

It was actress Dolly Parton who said: “I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb... and I also know that I’m not blonde.” Dolly, like millions of women across the globe stepped into the light when she started dying her ‘mousy’ locks platinum blonde. While becoming a blonde bombshell is more than just about colouring your hair (it’s also about changing your mindset), your locks are a good place to start! Going from lustrous chocolate to an icy head of blonde takes time, money and commitment but if done right, the rewards are oh so sexy!


CELEB STYLES | May / June2014 |

The Right Shade

Natalie Portman

In 2011 Jennifer Aniston shocked fans with a brassy hairdo that looked like she'd dived head first in a peroxide pot. Jen admitted she'd donned blonde to hide a clump of pesky grey that seemed to sprout overnight. Fortunately her hair stylist quickly rectified the blunder and a few days later she Jennifer Aniston was a gorgeous blonde. There are a number of different shades of blonde from platinum, light ash, sunflower and caramel blonde, to strawberry, honey, butterscotch and toffee blonde but not all shades suite all skin tones. The lighter your skin tone, the lighter you can go. For cooler skin tones, choose from platinum, to golden, strawberry or light blonde but steer away from shades that are white, ash and reddish. For darker skin tones choose honey, caramel or golden blonde but avoid platinum or light blonde shades. "If you want to look your best, your shade needs to complement your skin tone," says leading South African stylist and director at Jeauval Hair Salon Clinton Valjeaux. "When choosing the right shade, ask your colourist to see a hair colour chart (a useful tool for determining which one of the many shades to choose). Be open to what hue the colourist suggests. Remember, the ultimate shade depends on your condition, texture, and the history of your hair. If you've been colouring your hair for years with dark shades it might be a longer process to lift the colour. You might need several applications of highlights over three or four months before the perfect colour is achieved. Hair is made out of protein and bleach strips the protein and leaves holes in the hair shaft so when going light you have to use protein treatments and moisture treatments once a week - alternating the products weekly."

First Do No Harm

Going blonde is a bit like baking a cake. You can have all the right ingredients, in the right quantities, but if you leave it too long in the oven, it will burn. One of the most important lessons in hair colouring is that the final result depends as much on the ‘natural contribution’ of the hair colour as it does on the artificial dyes. There are a few steps you can take before going blonde that can ensure you hair isn’t left damaged.  Don’t dye or process your hair in the months leading up to the bleaching and allow hair to air dry as often as possible (if you have to use the blow dryer use it on a cool setting).  Don’t rush your colourist. Going blonde takes time so before you take the plunge make sure you have four to six hours free to spend at the salon.  Don’t bleach on freshly-washed hair. Your natural oils help protect your scalp.  During the bleaching process, if your scalp starts to really burn, speak up and tell your colourist as chemical burns can lead to bald spots.  After colouring, insist on a deep conditioning treatment.

Celebs Who’ve Gone From Dark To Light

 In 2008 stylish actress Natalie Portman’s hair made headlines when she went from dark to light. According to Natalie, her mother claimed that the blonde hair literally transformed her into a new person – changing not only her appearance, but her personality too.  The always stunning Jessica Biel transformed her dark hair for blonde in 2008. A poll conducted by a popular women’s magazine revealed more than 80 percent of Biel’s fans were unhappy with the colour choice, and preferred the actress as a brunette.  Trendsetter Victoria Beckham is known for her ever changing cuts, colours and love of extensions. In 2000, she stopped traffic when she donned a sleek blonde bob. She has been both light, dark and somewhere in between since.  Twilight star Kristen Stewart chose to ditch her dark locks in 2007 for a light tone of blonde but, a year later she Jessica Biel dyed her hair jet black and chopped most of it off to play Joan Jett in 2010’s The Runaways. In our opinion, Kirsten is better off a red-head.  Natural blonde, singer Katy Perry has dyed her hair black since she was 15 because she felt like her natural blond locks ‘just didn’t look right’. In 2011, she went back to her roots when she transformed her dark hair blonde.  If there’s one celeb who won’t conform to the norm, it’s Rihanna. A ‘hair chameleon’, Rihanna has changed her hair more times than we can remember but the one colour that’s really stood out is a buttery blonde hue she chose in 2012.

Ginger’s Best For Gaga

Very dark hair goes through stages of black, brown, red, red-gold, gold, yellow and pale yellow in succession before turning blonde. “When dark hair is exposed to a lightening product its black and brown pigments are the first to begin to break down or oxidise, then the red and gold pigments gradually oxidise. If you stop at this stage, you’ll likely end up with orange or ginger hair. Then comes the yellow and pale yellow stages, which are lighter versions of gold.

Talking Toners

After lightening your hair, your colourist will likely apply a toner. These are pastel colours used to cover unwanted tones (yellow, orange, red or brassy tones). “Hair toner is a wonderful tool that is great for colour correction and can also be used as a filler to even out the porosity,” explains Clinton. “When you bleach your hair not even your colourist can predict what colour it’s going to go. It could go yellow, red or orange. Sure, one of the factors that determines the colour is the length of time it’s left on the hair, but you can’t leave bleach on hair for extended period of time or you could land up with white bubblegum! The same colour toner needs to be used to equalise and correct the colour to all one tone. Some women have virgin hair and bleaching it results in white hair so toners are also used in this instance. Some colours go brassy or yellowy and some people like that but others prefer a more ash colour so a suitable toner to produce a more ash tone is then used. If you have dark and healthy hair but want to go light, rather do it over a long process and achieve better results than shock your hair. Expect about three hair appointments with a six-week break inbetween before you’ll get that perfect beautiful colour, while still keeping the condition and length.”

Tips From The Expert

Top tips on how NOT to end up with brassy, bright yellow, or frizzled fake-looking hair.  Going blonde requires maintenance. If you are going to do it, make sure you can afford the upkeep every four to 12 weeks, depending on the desired blondness and your existing natural colour.  The process from dark to light is best left in the hands of an experienced colourist. Box dyes are renowned for leaving hair orange.  Never leave the salon unhappy. If it’s not the right colour, speak up. It can take years to grow out a bad colour and there is always something your colourist can do to improve the tone and hue!  If your colourist pulls out a crochet hook and a plastic cap, reschedule with someone else.  Don’t go in the pool for a few weeks after colouring your Did You hair as the chlorine can mess up your colour. Know?  Blonde hair is more sensitive Gold is the single to sun and heat damage. Always spray on a thermal most difficult protectant before you blow dry, pigment to and again before you flat iron.  To prevent breakage, get eliminate in some anti-breakage shampoos, the hair. conditioners, treatments. CS | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Cele A beautifully designed magazine, catering for all women. The main focus is HAIR, but BEAUTY will feature. As celebrities inspire us, we bring you an upmarket celebrity HAIR & BEAUTY magazine. From short to long, dry, healthy, frizzy, extensions, new colours, sexy styles, straighteners, highlights, professional tips and top salons, this magazine will be your bible and your stylist when it comes to your HAIR. New products and what salons are up to will be featured. Hairdressers will get to have their say on trends as well as step-by-step guides on the latest styles, up or down. We will help your client understand exactly what they want as the magazine will be filled with colourful pictures of different styles which in turn will help empower the hairdresser. We want all salons to supply copy, and in return we will feature your salon’s details. If you are launching a new product or have a hairstyle you would like to share with us, now is the time to mail us to feature in our 1st edition.

Mail us


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

eb Styles Our magazine is very interactive – we want all salons to supply copy/pictures, and in return we will feature your details. If you are launching a new product or have a hairstyle you would like to share with us, now is the time to mail us to feature in our 1st edition.

We welcome your input but please remember the following;  Send your pictures 150dpi  Include full credits: hairdresser, salon, model, photographer and a contact number and email  Submission doesn’t guarantee inclusion

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Round Face Square Face Oval Face

Ideal HaIrcuts F


charlize theron Jennifer aniston

Demi Moore

Kirsten Dunst

CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

Megan Fox

angelina Jolie sandra Bullock

cameron Diaz

Kylie Jenner

For Your Face shape

reese Witherspoon


Halle Berry

salma Hayek

renĂŠe Zellweger Victoria Beckham

tyra Banks

Diamond Face Triangle Face


Heart Face

Jennifer Love Hewitt

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Celeb Hair:

Then & Now

by angela bekiaris

Hollywood’s hair ‘dos.... and hair don’ts!

While some stars have chosen the safer option of sticking with the same hairstyle over the years – dare we mention the name Jennifer Aniston, but it’s true – others have had no problem experimenting. Be it for a movie role or just for the fun of it, these celebrities have really gone all out. We take a look at just some of the ones who stood out for us...



Miley’s hair seems to have transformed with her character over the years. Whatever happened to those long, brunette locks... then again we can ask, whatever happened to that sweet, innocent young star? Today the singer/actress sports the short, blonde, harsh look, which matches her wild image... but we’re not quite sure we’re loving either.

Charlize THERON

While she hasn’t had drastic changes over the years, no one can forget what Charlize looked like in her Oscar-winning performance, The Benoniborn babe proved that hair does make a difference – however she is an exception to the rule... just look at those gorgeous features!


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

KATY Perry The pop star might have kissed a girl and liked it, but she seems to have dyed her hair and loved that too! Katy has probably dyed her hair every colour of the rainbow since hitting stardom – so we’re actually surprised she still has locks to show off. But she’s definitely not afraid of change or standing out, and we think it’s fab Katy’s so adventurous.

Angie has changed a lot over the years – and her hair seems to stick to her attitude. Gone are the rough Angelina Jolie days, with funky hair and matching outfits. Today, the more conservative and family loving star is comfortable with her plain, dark locks – both wavy and straight.

Angelina JOLIE

| May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Victoria Beckham

From long, to short, and long again, Victoria Beckham always seems to look oh-sostylish. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got the look. And while we have to say we prefer her with long hair, her short do definitely had people hitting the salons too.


Crazy is her middle name – and not just on the party scene. Rihanna has tried many different cuts and colours – and with her status, we can understand why. We love her with every style... let’s face it, she’s got what it takes to make any hairstyle look absolutely fabulous!


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

Christina AguilerA

From cute and fresh, to dark and scary, Christina Aguilera literally went Dirrrty on us. As with her yo-yoing body, the singer has really gone overboard and out of whack over the years when it’s come to her hair. We say stick with the blonde Xtina... not just because they have more fun, but because you tend to scare little children with your darker side.

Britney Spears

Britney went all out – and shaved it all off for the limelight. Definitely not a look we recommend for anyone, but luckily Britney finally found her way back to sanity and is now ensuring her locks looks fab and shiny at all times.

Whose celebrity makeover have you loved over the years? E-mail us at and write ‘celeb makeovers’ in the subject line. | May / June s 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Answered Your Questions


Struggling with your hair? Celeb Styles offers the best solutions.... MY fringe sticks up, what can I do?

The best trick is to dry it before the rest of the hair to stop it from going fluffy and sticking up.

Our tip...


Shampoo your hair correctly by massaging your scalp gently as it will release natural oils, but don’t rub too vigorously as it will make your hair greasy.

SCREAM… my curls are driving me crazy! How can I control them? Tame curls by mixing a small amount of conditioner with mousse and apply it to toweldried hair before you style.

I suffer from greasy hair and don’t have time to wash it every day, help? Try dry shampoo or hide it with a hair accessory. Hair accessories will take you from greasy to gorgeous in seconds.

Did You Know?

That old myth that if you trim your hair often it will grow quicker, is not true. Trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow faster.



My HAIR is looking lifeless, what can I do? Try a double dose of conditioner, leave it in for a few minutes, then rinse and repeat.


I have a round face, what would be the best hairstyle to suit me?

Ask your hairdresser to cut a shape in through the front to slim your cheeks. Turn to pages 42 and 43 to see what hairstyle would suit your round face shape.

Have a question or are you a stylist that would like to offer your expertise? Drop us a mail, write to in the subject box put YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED

CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

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Trichotin Hair Regenesis: R345 Good nutrition and a diet adequate in multi-nutrients encourages healthier hair and skin. It also prevents hair loss and thinning. Our modern lifestyle and a typical diet is invariably low in multi nutrients leading to vitamin deficiency – a prominent cause of hair loss. Trichotin hair benefits include: * Reduces hair loss * Stimulates healthier, stronger hair * Improves skin clarity For more information visit or call (011) 022-2853 Trichotin DHT Inhibitor: R365

To help you look your best, Vital Hair, Skin & Nails is expertly formulated with a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Omega3 fatty acids to help support and maintain healthy skin, strong nails and shining hair. Available from leading supermakets and retailers and selected pharmacies. For more information visit Vital Hair, Skin & Nails: R70

1. Hairgain Tablets – R350 (a supplement providing the essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth) 2. BIOCLENZ™ – shampoo for normal hair and scalp – R260, Antioxidant shampoo – Enhances manageability and imparts shine 3. HYDROCLENZ™ – shampoo for dry hair and scalp – R260 Moisturizing shampoo, Enhances manageability and imparts shine 4. NUMINOX™ – hair follicle & scalp stimulator – R440 Supports the reduction of excessive hair loss and actively stimulates new hair growth

1. Energizing Shower Gel 2 in 1 – R350 (hair and body cleanser) 2. Global Anti-Ageing Active Cream – R605 (mature skin facial moisturiser) 3. Eye Reviving Gel Dark Circles and Puffiness – R510 (eye moisturiser) 4. Alcohol-Free Soothing Balm – R450 (after shave product) 5. Shine Control Hydrating Emulsion – R510 (oily skin facial moisturiser) 6. Daily Exfoliating Face Gel – R435 (a gel cleanser and exfoliator in one)

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FOODS 20 FOR SHINY HAIR Transform dull hair in a matter of weeks.


diet is not only very important for your mane, but the foods you eat are great for glowing skin, bright eyes and strong nails, too. Stock up on the following foods now! You won’t be sorry.

1. Mackerel – eat plenty of oily fish, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids help prevent hair loss, hydrates the scalp and strengthen the follicles. 2. Salmon – if you are not a fan of mackerel then eat salmon. Fish has high supplies of iron and vitamin B12, both of which are good for skin and healthy hair. 3. Oysters – if you don’t like oysters, best you stock, as oysters are the most powerful beauty booster. 4. Eggs – they are rich in biotin,


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

biotin a vitamin of the B complex which is also found in liver and yeast. 5. Lean Beef – is one of the best sources of protein available which contains many of the vital minerals needed for healthy hair. 6. Lean Turkey or Chicken – grill your chicken or turkey, it’s not only a low fat source of protein but essential for hair strength. 7. Walnuts – nuts are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals.


Walnuts contain a potent blend of omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, protein, vitamin and copper. 8. Brazil Nuts – just like walnuts they contain vitamins and minerals to add shine and help to enhance natural colour. 9. Pumpkin Seeds – sprinkle some pumpkin seeds over your morning yoghurt to boost your hair. 10. Dark Chocolate – it contains protein, iron and B-vitamin, all fabulous for your hair. 11. Brown Rice – wholegrain contains lots of zinc, a hormone regulating mineral, which directly affects the thickness and growth of your hair. 12. Sweet Potato – the orange root vegetables are packed with betacarotene, which converts to vitamin A which promotes hair grown. 13. Green Tea – not only is a cup of green tea great to drink but you can also wash your hair with it. By applying it directly to the scalp, it can also help with dandruff and add shine. Top foods to prevent hair loss  Fish, Eggs and Beans

14. Carrots – carrots contain vitamin A which helps produce sebum oil, an important fluid that provides natural hydration to dull hair. 15. Spinach – spinach provides an excellent source of vitamin A, C and folic acid. 16. Broccoli – it’s full of essential vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, zinc and calcium which is an important nutrient for growth and strength. 17. Cottage Cheese – it has a hair and nail strengthening protein and calcium and is also low in fat – add a spoonful of cottage cheese to your diet for a quick beauty boost. 18. Blueberries – blueberries are great for everything especially hair thanks to concentrated sources of antioxidants, particularly vitamin C. 19. Greek Yoghurt – it’s full of strengthening protein, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B5. 20.Tomatoes – they come with an added lycopene boost, and if you get enough in your diet it could help prevent hair loss.  Raisins  Bean Sprouts

 Seafood  Potatoes

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tHe facts

Blondes, Redheads & Brunettes... There are so many jokes out there about blondes, redheads and brunettes - but what are the facts? We take a look.....

‘Everyone loves a BRUNETTE’ BRUNETTES:

Jennifer Garner

Kate Middleton


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

 On average brunettes have around 140 000 strands of hair.  Brown and black hair are the most dense and toughest varieties of follicles.  Brown hair is the second most common human hair colour after black hair.  Brunettes are perceived upon first meeting to be more intelligent.  Celebs we love with brunette hair are Jennifer Garner, Kate Middleton and Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes

Christina Hendricks


 In ancient Egypt, red hair was seen as unlucky and red-haired girls were burnt alive.  Throughout history red heads were viewed as untrustworthy, mischievous, temperamental and lustful.  According to Greek myths, redheads turn into vampires when they die.  The Romans kept redheaded slaves at a higher price as they were thought to be strong and determined.  Russia means ‘Land of Reds’.  Redheads get called ‘ginger’ and ‘carrot top’.  Natural red hair is harder to dye than any other shades.  Redheads have less hair and on average have 90 000 strands of hair, but natural ginger hair is much thicker.  Redheads don’t go grey – red hair simply fades with age, through a glorious spectrum of faded copper to rosyblonde then to silvery-white.  Celebs with red hair are...... Christina Lindsay Hendricks, Lindsay Lohan and Julianna Moore. Lohan

‘If you want trouble find yourself a REDHEAD’


Paris Hilton

Taylor Swift

‘I’m BLONDE, what’s your excuse’

 On average blondes have around 110 000 strands of hair.  Just two percent of the world’s population is naturally blonde.  In Ancient Rome, it’s been said that women tried to dye their hair blonde with pigeon dung.  In Renaissance Venice, they used horse urine to dye their hair blonde.  Marilyn Monroe refused to let blonde actresses work with her on set, as she was not a natural blonde, her hair was brown.  In Greece blonde hair was associated with prostitution.  German blondes were taken captive during the Roman era. Their hair was cut off and made into wigs.  Barbie is the most popular blonde in the world.  France came up with the term ‘blonde’.  Margaret Thatcher’s hair became blonder as she became more powerful.  Celebs with blondes hair......Dolly Parton, Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES



Braid Into Bun

Be creative with a pair of socks, and get a cute, stylist hairstyle done in no time.



Tip: All you need is a pair of socks to use for your sock bun hair style.








10 11


CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |


Braid Heart Braid 1









Make your hair stand out with funky hairstyles. It’s easy and gorgeous. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


10 Celeb Beauty Secrets Revealed Kristin Davis

“I’ve done a lot of damage to my skin in the past, which makes me appreciate a great sunscreen now.”

There’s no better beauty tip than from Hollywood itself.


Emma Watson

“Make-up artist Linda Cantello taught me this tip: If you make a mistake with your mascara, dip a cotton ball into some foundation to remove it and conceal at the same time.”

they have stylists and trainers on hand, and always look good in the limelight, but the stars of Hollywood have some beauty secrets of their own too which keep them looking fab at all times. We dug into the Hollywood files and found some must-have beauty secrets revealed by the stars themselves, to help us look just as fabulous as them! And you’ll be shocked by some of them...

CatE BlanChEtt “Olive and macadamia oils are really good for your complexion. Put one of them on in the shower and they make your skin zing,” she says, adding “I incorporate them into a homemade scrub with grapefruit juice and sea salt – a beauty trick taught to me by a friend of mine.”

taylor sWift

“There are tricks I’ve learned from make-up artists on shoots. They put on the red lipstick, then blot it with a tissue, then they put powder over the tissue and sort of press it onto your lips. Then re-apply. It turns it into a stain that lasts much longer.”


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By Angela Bekiaris

Halle Berry

Miranda Kerr

“I think the quality of your skin is genetic, but if you eat right and exercise, that helps keep the elasticity in your skin and that youthful, healthy glow.”

The Victoria’s Secret model says she uses household utensils for beauty products. “You can curl your eyelashes with a spoon if you don’t have an eyelash curler.”

Kate Hudson

“My mother was a hippie and very health conscious, so growing up, she always encouraged my sisters and I to be as natural as possible. Once a year, we all still get together and put mayonnaise in our hair for old times’ sake.”

The 33-year-old actress says she dunks her face in an ice bath to revive her glow. How long does she keep her face submerged in the freezing water? “It depends how badly I want it,” she says.

eMMa stone

“Not to brag, but I have a lot of allergies. I’m seriously allergic to everything. So I just use natural grapeseed oil from the grocery store on my face as a moisturizer. After the shower, I pat it on, and then I’ll use it throughout the day and at night. I pretty much smell like grape all the time.”

Zoe saldana

sandra BullocK

How does the 48-year-old star gets her skin so smooth? “Putting butt cream under my eyes is one of my best beauty secrets, and stops me from getting lines,” she reveals. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


Beauty ALERT On March 3, 2014, Olivia Wilde who is Revlon’s Global Brand Ambassador, attended the 86th Annual Academy Awards, wearing a Valentino gown. Olivia was inspired by the ‘60s celebrity make-up artist, Melanie Inglessis, who created a classic French look with a sharp cat eye and dewy skin. “We wanted the look to be simple and classic”, says Inglessiss “I created a very precise eye that makes a statement but still works well with her fresh skin and light peach lips.” Revlon suggests the following products to capture Olivia’s look…


Revlon PhotoReady Makeup in Nude: R245

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer: R199 Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator: R189

Create Eyes: the cat EyE like Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black: R155

Olivia WildE


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Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner In Black: R140

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara: R149

Magnifying the Brand’s Positive Beauty Message With her relatability Carrie Underwood, the new Almay Global Brand Amassador Carrie Underwood is joining almay as a Global Brand ambassador. Multiplatinum recording artist and performer Carrie is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry with 18 number one hit singles, six Grammys and countless award wins. however, she is known as much for her values and accessibility as she is for her accomplishments. like almay, she believes in enhancing women’s natural beauty and appreciates that all of the products are made with the highest quality standards making them safe for women with sensitive skin and eyes. Underwood will represent the full range of almay products, including the newest 2014 launches. as the face and voice of almay, she will appear in global, multimedia campaigns spanning television, print, in-store, digital and social platforms. “Carrie embraces almay’s approach to beauty and products. Despite her enormous success, she is still a real girl from Oklahoma at the core and a selfprofessed makeup junkie who likes to try out new makeup looks in her spare time. almay makes it easy to play with makeup and helps women look their most beautiful which is why we could not be more excited for her to join the brand,” said Julia Goldin, Global Chief Marketing Officer, revlon, inc. Underwood stated: “honestly, i could never be associated with a company i didn’t believe in. i love almay’s positive approach to beauty because it’s so important to celebrate our natural beauty and enhance what makes us unique. i’m also really impressed by their products, which i use in my daily life and when i’m working. there’s really something for everyone and every occasion – whether you want to get that perfect ‘no-make-up make-up look’ or create a fun, amped up ‘datenight’ smoky eye.” exclusive behindthe-scenes content from Underwood’s campaigns will be available on and almay’s social media channels throughout Underwood’s partnership with almay.



The Gorgeous

erato Shares Her Style


Kganyago is deemed to be the future of talk shows in SA, and exudes passion, intelligence, beauty, and talent from every fibre of her being. So it is really unsurprising that Lerato Kganyago has become a media darling, and a household name. We chat to Lerato to find out her favourite hair and beauty products...

Larato’s stylist says:

“These are bangs with volumised buns. To create the volume at the back you can either add hair pieces or curl the hair, tease it then shape it to create buns,” says her stylist.

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“For this style you have to blow-dry the hair using thermasmooth guard planted serum then use a veau-dry and curling wand to achieve the loose curl then pin the side fringe.� CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

What is the one hair product you can’t live without? Dark & Lovely weave and braids products Do you have a good work/life balance? Yes – and it’s very important for me to maintain that balance What do you do to relax? I normally stay at home and go online to see the latest fashion trends What one top hair tip do you swear by? Wash and treat your weaves – they will last longer. What’s your favourite beauty product? Oil Of Olay.

Who’s your all-time favourite stylist? A guy called Tshepo Moroba!! He has styled many celebrities in the country

What is your favourite perk of the job? Lol. The travelling and goody bags. You dress so beautifully, do you style yourself? Yes I style myself most of the time.



Lerato Facts

1. 2. 3. 4.

“It’s just curls. You can achieve it using different types of tools, in this case we used curling on the hair. We sprayed the hair for long lasting bouncy curls then applied mizani shine spray for shimmer.”

Lerato was crowned Miss Soweto in 2005 Her first big break occurred at the age of 14 when she was cast as the daughter of Tim Robbins’ character in the 2006 film Catch A Fire. She was chosen as the face of the popular lifestyle entertainment show The Link on SABC 1. She also owns an events management company called Black Angel. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES


“The weave itself must either be short or a wig must be beehive short. Use a foam wrap moose to maximise the volume and a flat iron or tong to curl. Put hairspray and comb out the curl, styling according to your face shape.” says Lerato’s stylist.


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Cover STORY By Vanessa Papas


Living Life Beautifully If there’s one thing bootylicious brunette Kim Kardashian has maxed, it’s her ability to always look polished, preened, poised and pouty.


she’s attending a red-carpet do, or just snapped jogging in a pair of sneakers and tracksuit pants, Kim Kardashian always takes centre stage. While we all know Kim won’t be caught dead leaving the house without concealer, her insanely long fake lashes, and shimmering locks, there are a few beauty secretes you didn’t know about the sexy 33-year-old starlet. According to Kim’s besties, she’s been going to bed at night wearing a corset to get her waist as teeny tiny as possible ahead of her wedding to Kanya West. “Kim wants her figure to look absolutely perfect on her wedding day,” said a source. “Wearing a corset at night is extremely uncomfortable but has a proven record of results, and with just weeks to go, Kim is up for anything.” Kim’s massive mane is courtesy of high quality hair extensions, which she only ditches when she absolutely has to give her hair a break. | May / June 2014 | CELEB STYLES



CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |

A photo leaked of Kim in high school (1997) caused a furore when tabloids dissected the pics and claimed Kim had definitely had her lips and nose done. She says, not. Kim’s sisters Khloé and Kourtney have nicknamed their sis ‘Fancy Nancy’ because she’s ‘such high maintenance’ when it comes to her appearance. “Fancy Nancy always dresses extravagantly, wearing boas, tutus, ruby slippers, fairy wings, and fuzzy slippers,” says Khloé. “Nancy loves using big fancy words such as ‘iridescent’, ‘ecstatic’, and ‘extraordinary’ and anything in French – so the nickname suites Kim down to a T.” Kim’s secret to gorgeous glowing skin that looks and feels so good in the summer? Of course, she’d punt her own beauty product – the ‘amazing’ Kardashian Glow Lotion to boost bronze colour. Kim caused a stink with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) when she pointed out on her blog that she’s never given up on wearing fur. “Recently I have seen all of these blogs and magazine articles saying that I have given up fur. I definitely commend people who have taken that step to give it up, but to just be honest I have not. Khloe did the new ad for PETA and that completely makes sense for her – she hasn’t eaten red meat in over 10 years and it’s a because that’s close to her heart. I haven’t bought any new furs since Khloé’s PETA ad but I definitely will not look like a hypocrite when I wear fur and people put up these fake stories about me turning over a new leaf and giving up fur!”. Kim normally sports, long, layered centre-parted waves that reach to her chest, but this year has seen Kimmy shake things up a bit - opting for a choppier cut. “Everyone wants bangs, but you get frustrated during the growing-out process,” she admits. “I love bangs – I think it’s a good way to mix things up.” Kim’s eyebrows are always groomed. Her make-up artist Joyce Bonelli uses Smashbox’s eyebrow styling pencil, and then fills it in. Kim prefers a more round at the peak rather than pointed shape. One of Kim’s trademarks is her unbelievably big booty, which she maintains was a gift from Mother Nature. Despite rumours, she claims she hasn’t gotten butt implants, but new reports claim the reality star has spent more than $20 000 on butt injections. “Kim’s been focusing on her bum a lot lately – it’s becoming almost obsessive,” said a source. “She says the bigger it is, the sexier she feels. But Kim’s obsession is starting to worry her friends – they’re concerned she’ll take things too far. Kim says she wants an eye-popping booty that everyone notices. It’s part of her brand.” In her teens Kim would always match her eye shadow to every outfit until she saw pictures of herself and realised she was making the biggest mistakes in the beauty book. In January 2014, pics did the rounds of Kim sporting bald spots on the back of her scalp. The images showed Kim with her hair tied up in a high bun while out in

Los Angeles. It looked as though she was attempting to cover up her hair loss with weaves and hair extensions. According to hair extension expert Tatiana Karelina, it could have been Kim’s rapid weight loss or the birth of her baby that triggered her hair loss. Kim is not shy about using Botox. She’s spoken openly about having the procedure and even told of how she decided to brave it and have the injections without numbing cream, saying that she had a high tolerance for pain. When asked what the one thing she’d take to a desert island with her, Kim said sunscreen. “I would never go anywhere without it. I learnt this the hard way when I got severely sunburnt during a holiday to Mexico in 2009.” Kim admits her nose is her biggest insecurity and has always wanted a nose job. “I went to a doctor, I had them take the pictures, he showed me what it would look like and it just didn’t – I wouldn’t look the

same.” Kim makes a conservative effort to flaunt her best features. She always puts her chin down in pictures and it makes your face look a little skinnier. Although long talons may be the thing, Kim prefers to keep her nails short and neatly groomed. She likes them perfectly squared and carries a nail file with her wherever she goes.

Kim normally sports, long, layered centre-parted waves that reach her chest, but this year has seen Kimmy shake things up a bit opting for a choppier cut.

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We Love

Kim’s Styles While

Kim has sported light locks, she warns others thinking of doing the same that blonde hair changes one’s whole dynamic. When Kim went blonde she had to get spray tans all the time and stopped the smoky eye and started with white eyeliner. Kim is known for her love for falsies and her lashes always look ultra long. While long eyelashes do run in the Kardashian family, Kim is a big fan of false lashes, especially for shoots and big events. Her favourites are Lancome Hypnose and MAC Zoom Lash. Kim believes ‘contour is so important’ and always has a light shimmer strip down her nose and above her lip to brighten up her face. “I put on all my foundation first,” she said. “I powder my face, then I put on concealer, and blend it with a pink egg-like sponge. Then I contour all here – think of a three (draws an invisible three

While Kim has sported light locks, she warns others thinking of doing the same that blonde hair changes one’s whole dynamic. on the side of her face). I go cheekbones, under chin, then the top.” Earlier this year Kim announced that her and her sisters have teamed up with Lipsy – a young British fashion brand founded in the heart of London – to launch a brand new Kardashian Kollection for the brand. “We always want to keep things fresh and exciting for our fans across the world and I know you guys are going to love the new pieces. There are some really stylish blazers for the fall, sexy evening dresses and statement pieces like this incredible full feather coat and sequin jacket. I can’t wait for you to see. Kim’s top beauty tip: Never go to bed with make-up. “My most essential product has got to be Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes in Night Calming,” Kim once said. “I need a make-up wipe at all times. Going to bed with a clean face is necessary in order to let your skin breathe. Otherwise, your pores become clogged with product, causing reactions.” To keep her skin from looking ‘shiny’ on photo shoots, Kim uses a matte bronzer rather than one that has shimmer in it. During her pregnancy Kim never let a day go by without using BioOil. She swears by the product to keep her stretch mark free, and even uses it around her eyes to prevent wrinkles. Blush can be a girl’s best friend, or worst enemy – depending on how it’s applied. Kim has mastered the art by using two different toned blushes. With a small contour brush she applies the darkest colour to the hollows of the cheeks then using a blush brush she applies the lighter colour to the top of the cheekbone for a more sculpted look.


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