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Issue #42


issue 42

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30 Style Icon: Grazia Horwitz by Sophia Harlow 46 Holiday by Elysium Eilde

editor’s note Happy Holidays from all of us at Second Style!

The best of Second Life clothing, hair, skins, accessories, and more

Issue #42 Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Senior Layout Designer HeatherDawn Cohen Managing Editor Advertising Director Felicity Blumenthal Senior Staff Writers James Schwarz Gabby Panacek Staff Writers Rylan Carling Elysium Eilde Jennaa Loire Alicia Chenaux Sophia Harlow Fayne Khandr Makenzie Irling Founder Josie Hamilton


For this, our forty second issue we are celebrating the season. Don’t worry though, we’ve not coated every page in red and green, nor have we gone over-kill with the reindeer and glitter. However, we do have some very clever home and clothing tips, for decorating and wrapping yourself up in cheer. Jennaa Loire’s Fashionable Furnishings gives you a wide array of ideas not only for your interior decorating but also some great ideas to literally spruce up your space. In this month’s issue James Schwarz is inspiring us to wear our best, even while keeping warm in his photo-spread, but meanwhile keeping it casual with his bleeding edge piece. Sophia Harlow has managed to get the well know, and ever fantastic Grazia Horwitz to sit down for a one on one as our Style Icon, you won’t want to miss a word of this interview. Fayne Khandr has also grabby up an interview for our Fresh Faces piece, sitting down the designer behind The Secret Closet. Of course the issue wouldn’t be complete with out some very clever ideas on what to wear for your big night out this New Year’s, so Gabby Panacek has graciously accommodated in her To Top It off looks. Speaking of what to wear, we all need a few good sweaters, right? Alicia Chenaux’s Mini-Guide provides 4 staples for your winter sweater wardrobe. Our newer addition Makenzie Irling is back again with her Take two, that will go from holiday party to snow ready! I haven’t forgotten to give you my picks for accessories either, and you have a great selection of some warm pieces to toss on when you head out. Of course the perfect accessory is the one you will be kissing under the mistletoe, so Rylan Carling has given us just The Look you will be wanting to wear for that occasion. And of course Elysium Eilde has her festive holiday vacation twist on the season’s festivities, which you won’t want to miss. We do hope you enjoy this really well rounded issue, and wanted to take the time to let you know that Second Style will not be publishing an issue for the month of January. HeatherDawn and I are taking a MUCH needed break (as well as giving our terrific staff a bit of a breather), we’ve been rolling out the monthly issues for at least the last year and a half! We will be back refreshed and ready to help you fill up your closets again in February, so keep an eye out and until then... We wish you a very Happy New Year!

~Felicity 6 | Second Style Magazine

Fresh Faces | The Secret Store by Fayne Khandr

A fog rises from the pond and I look across over the single floating fish and trio of blue butterflies and smile at Maylee Oh. She is sitting cross-legged on an old armchair, gesturing in an animated fashion as she speaks. I sit myself down in a similar chair beside a plate full of cupcakes and resist the urge to tuck in as I unfold my jotter. Maylee owns The Secret Store, which has been trading for about three months now. It’s a veritable treasure trove of clothing and accessories, and although currently quite small the shop offers a mix of styles with something to suit every taste. Maylee starts by warning me about her English - which is significantly better than my French - and then goes on to tell me more about herself. “I discovered SL about 3 years ago with a friend. She told me that I should try to design clothes in here. So I tried a bit. I liked it but i was a bit too young. I started with a store called Candy Cream selling kawaii clothing… too many colours and ribbons everywhere, and i was unable to do sculpties so I finally stopped.” She pauses a minute and then continues. “Between this first time and now I did Art School. It really, really changed my mind and my tastes, and I think I’ve grown a lot.” There are many things about Maylee Oh that interest me, not least the naming of her store. When I ask she smiles and says: “When i came back to design here 3 month ago, it was with the same friend who introduced me to SL. We wanted to create a new brand and at the beginning we still called it Candy Cream, but she didn’t like it and we searched for something new. It became “Secret Store” because nobody came to our store at the very beginning, we were way too secret.” She laughs. “I decided to put “The” to claim that we were the one and unique secret store.” We both agree there’s less secrecy now, with sales growing as more people discover the boutique. The setting for the shop plays on the covert image, the front shrouded in darkness to further contrast the bright and intriguing displays within; there is also the extension of the fantastic garden in which we both sit, arguably making this a destination for photographers and sightseers as well as shoppers. Maylee describes her stock as ‘colourful, innocent and ingenious’. Much like the lady herself, it seems. She corrects me when I mention a specific collection, telling me she tries to think of new and different things every time she starts to design. We talk briefly of her business

partner, but she confirms she runs The Secret Store alone now. “Elisabeth doesn’t have time to work here with me anymore, but she’s my best friend in real life as well so we still see each other.” At the time of writing, Maylee was still in the process of creating her avant-garde jacket which is now for sale in the store. She literally buzzes with excitement when talking about this, and her attitude is really rather infectious. “I draw inspiration from fashion magazines, books and websites that I follow. I’m greedy for images! Then I draw some ideas in a notebook, but my designs really evolve during their creation and my final cloth always looks very different to my first drawing.” “I love everything about what I do, from the first drawing to the sales. i’m really pleased to be able to design my own clothes (even virtually) and to have many customers who like them too. Creation is wonderful.” When she’s not working, Maylee enjoys taking the opportunity to travel around the grid and spend time with her friends. She enjoys shopping at Starlust and also mentions sitting at the Artilleri sim, enjoying the vintage mood and the music. She describes herself as “a crazy person who likes broccoli” elaborating while I snort with laughter at this rather unusual revelation. “I call myself ‘The Annoyer’ because I really enjoy annoying my friends and being a plague when I’m not working.” Noting my continued amusement she tilts her head and smiles. “Yeah, that’s one of my talents, I’ve made people laugh since I was a child.” The future looks promising for The Secret Store and when I ask what we can expect to see I am told with a grin “Probably some unexpected things.” Maylee continues “Maybe a bit more of ‘couture’ clothing. I’m playing - like a child - so I just can’t tell what i’m gonna do next.”

IN BRIEF What is your personal style: “Maylish” If I weren’t talking to you right now I’d be: working on the new jacket! My piece in the store at the moment is: the back wall. Haha, no: my last puffy dresses I guess. A phrase I use too often: “Leave me alone, I’m working” (while disturbing my friends). I’m good at: making people laugh. I’m not so good at: being organised. The temptation I can’t resist: clothes, cute random stuff, and melted cheese. My most treasured virtual possession is: not a possession, but something I couldn’t live my Second Life without: Kaya Tutti. My best SL friend. If I wasn’t a fashion designer, I might have been…: nothing, I wouldn’t be here.

Second Style Magazine | 13

Fashionable Furnishings | Winter by Jennaa Liore Christmas is truly a wondrous time of the year and decorating your home to capture the spirit of the season is as satisfying and joyous as home décor can be. Whether you want to be extravagant and adorn your home with Christmas wonder, or simply rely on the power of winter color to set the scene, decorating your home for the holidays can be a gratifying form of self expression and a terrific way of “getting in the spirit”. Decorating for winter is a fun part of bringing in the holiday season and the cold weather lends itself to a number of interior decorating ideas. From Christmas decorations to simple winter décor, there are many ways to get a house looking ready for the cold in no time at all. Whether it’s snowing outside or not, there are so many ways to make a house comfortable and stylish for the winter season. Red and green are the most common colors associated with Christmas decorations. However, it’s simple to change the tradition and make a house feel welcoming and beautiful for Christmas without using these colors. Choose colors that complement the interior décor and still bring winter to mind. Combine the colors of your house with wintry colors like blue and white, or other complementary colors. Use décor items like artwork, photographs and lanterns that contribute to the color scheme – using household items to enhance color will tie the room together. 16 | Second Style Magazine

Seasonal decorating should bring cold weather to mind while keeping guests and family members warm. Decorate the mantle of a fireplace with candles, snow globes and a pine garland while sitting around the warmth of the fire. Place a few blankets throughout the house that match the winter décor, so that people can warm up after a day of sledding and building snowmen. Despite all the efforts that you might put into your home decorating this year, remember that one of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly!

Trees: Botanical - T2C - Sugar Maple. Winter Version. (Kriss Lehmann) Grass: Zigana [ Winter grass ]. Nalena Fairey Deer: {creamshop} Multi pose deer . (SAZAE yoshikawa) Lanterns: Turnip’s Snowflake Lanterns string of 3. (Turnip Sorbet) Sled: [what next} Snow Day Sled (pose ). (Winter Thorn) Stump: Trompe Loeil - Wintertime Tree Stump. (Cory Edo) Skybox: Snowy Forest Skybox. ( Anara Aeon)

House: Reek-Snowy Cottage. (Riq Graves) Wreath: MB) Christmas Wreath “RED CANDLE” V2 with wall shadow. (Minke Bailey) Trees: *New Trails- lighted fir tree nr.5. (vitrial Illios) Snowman: {what next} Parson Brown - Snowman. (Winter Thorn) Sled: [what next} Snow Day Sled (pose ). (Winter Thorn) Reindeer: (MB) Sculpted Reindeer Boy “CHRISTMAS SEASON” with anim. pose. (Minke Bailey) Ice: New Trails - Ice floor. (vitrial Illios) Snow: Realistic Snow Weather Machine v1.1. (Jarn Meili) Skybox: Snowy Forest Skybox. ( Anara Aeon)

Dining Set: The Loft - Klee Dining Set. (Colleen Desmoulins) Art On Wall: The Loft - Klee Pics. (Colleen Desmoulins) Rug: The Loft -Klee Rug. (Colleen Desmoulins) Christmas Branches: The Loft - Klee Christmas Branches. (Colleen Desmoulins) Fireplace: {what next} Automme Fireplace (with warming animation). (Winter Thorn) White Wine & Glasses On Fireplace: {what next} Decorative White Wine & Glasses. (Winter Thorn) Red Wine & glasses On Fireplace: [ARIA] Siena wine bottle with glasses. (Yelo Uriza) Garland: New Trails - Goldenshadow garland. (vitrial Illios) Presents: Fancy Gift Boxes (various colors). (Pandora Popstar) Beagle: Beagle laying. (Jon Haskell)

Second Style Magazine | 17

Sofas: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Sofa (three seater & two seather) - First Frost. (Winter Thorn) Ottoman: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Ottoman. (Winter Thorn) Serving Tray With Mugs: {what next} Snowflake Mugs & Tray. (Winter Thorn) Rug: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Rug. (Winter Thorn) Curtains: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Drapes. (Winter Thorn) Christmas Tree: {what next} Winter White Christmas Tree. (Winter Thorn) Presents Under Trees: Fancy Gift Boxes (various colors). (Pandora Popstar) Gift Bag Under Tree: {what next} Winter White Christmas Tree (boxed). (Winter Thorn) Lamp & Picture: (Winter Thorn)

Fireplace: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Fireplace with stockings. (Winter Thorn) Presents: The Loft - Gift Boxes blue. (Colleen Desmoulins) Log Baskets: {what next} Laurel Log Basket. ( Winter Thorn) Snowglobe: C&D Designs - “Winter Magic” SnowGlobe - Holiday Gifts (2/50). (Cherelle Capra) Decor Balls: The Loft - Noel Decor I & II (blue). (Colleen Desmoulins) Bonsai Tree: New Year Bonsai (XS) - The Golden Fleece. (AnyKey Munster) Plate Of Cookies/Note/Milk: * nonino * Ginger cookies. (noon Troncon) Acorn Candles: {what next} Pine Cone Candles. (Winter Thorn) Curtains: {what next} Winter White Christmas Tree. (Winter Thorn)

30 | Second Style Magazine

Style Icon Grazia Horwitz by Sophia Harlow

Photography by Grazia Horwitz

I am just going to put it out there...I have a crush on Grazia Horwitz. She is charming, beautiful, intelligent, elegant and naughty. Who can blame a girl, right? Grazia is the epitome of grace, she handles herself in a way that makes you pay attention. When I asked her to be the Icon for our December issue she was surprised, which is so modest it is nearly painful. Ms. Horwitz has been blogging longer than many have been on the sim. Her style is next to none, her taste impeccable and she makes blogging look easy. I have about 5 blogs on my Google Reader and hers is one of them, it is a not to be missed blog for me. I know that if I see something on her site that she stands behind the quality on it, she is honest and straightforward. There is no bs when it comes to her, and trust me...I know this because there have been SEVERAL times that she has called me out on something and each time....she was right. Yeah, I have a crush. Read on to learn a bit more about Grazia and remember, I called dibs on her first.

Continued on page 32 >

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Style Icon | Grazia Horwitz < continued from page 31

SH: Tell us who Grazia Horwitz is. How different is she from the woman behind the keyboard. You are forbidden to use the word boring by the way, because I know that on one of your profiles that is what you call yourself and you…are so far from boring. GH: And hello to you, too, Ms. Harlow. Giving me an easy start, right? Not! To be honest, I don’t think there is a whole lot of difference between my online and offline personality. After all, we share a set of brains. Throughout the years, we’ve also become closer. The line between both worlds gets thinner over time. Maybe Grazia is a bit more outgoing than my RL me, but that’s about it. Oh and Grazia is the goodlooking one, of course, with not so much junk in her trunk, and boobs not showing any sign of ageing, and no hormonal outbreaks ever and oh well.. laughs .. you get it, right? SH: What do you consider your greatest SL achievement? On the same note, what is your greatest SL passion? GH: When 4 years ago I hit publish for the first time on Second Style blog, I could have never foreseen that I’d still be around as a blogger these days. Despite what some people may think, it actually takes effort and stamina to keep a blog for so long. There have been times that I was less active, but I’ve never been completely on hiatus. Frankly it’s something I am pretty proud of. The other thing that still makes me smile with pride, even now is that back in 2007 our SLRFL team Shopaholics for a Cure was the first team ever to pull a one night event that raised more than 1,000,000 $L for the cause. That was just a pretty awesome. As far as passion goes, I think it’d have to be beta testing. Little gets me so excited as trying on a skin which is still in development and being able to contribute to the final product with my feedback. SH: I know you do much more than only blog, what else are you up to? GH: I plot world dominance while pretending to be idling on my platform or I bully Hunain in ghostwriting my posts and make him worship me in his own posts. I shoot guns for fun after a busy RL workday and throw male genitalia over IM to one of my dear friends who keeps saying she’ll make me cockies but still has to deliver... but I have a feeling this was not in mind when you asked me what I’m up to.... so consider the previous off the record, ok? I make poses for my shop GEEZ, which I would like to do more often, but I’m lazy. Also I create shapes, which I think are well balanced, pretty and do have a certain amount of character due to an occasional mini32 | Second Style Magazine

mal flaw. A mouth which is just one or 2 points shift can be so very cute, for instance. I love taking pictures and I’m spending way too much time in Photoshop. But it pays off, because when I look back to older work, I see the progress I’ve been making. People think I’m some massive shopaholic, but that is such a misconception. Honestly I’m not. I’m more of a blitz shopper. TP, rez, click, outta here... Shopping doesn’t take up much of my time. Fatpacks are even faster. No need to wait for all the colors to rez. chuckles SH: Let’s say you have the power to bring back three now defunct stores; which are they and why? GH: Providing said shop owners would have developed their skills over time and still be up to par with the current standards for content... I’d love to still have Dazzle around. Not Last Call, but Dazzle. I discovered that shop when Ginny was having the closing sale, now 4 years ago, but OMG... it really made me squee with fashion glee. Dazzle for me is a trip down memory lane, and I still have most of the collection stored in my inventory. Yes. On occasion I unpack some of it, and still look pretty! Miriel is also a shop which I’d love to have back. She made some of the prettiest eyes ever and her jewelry... I still wear it and it’s not dated, although some of it is even pre-sculpty. She was a classic. Also I miss her sim. It was hauntingly beautiful. I recently heard a rumor that mesh might make her venture back into SL... I so hope that is true!! There have been so many awesome shops which have closed over time... do I really need to name a third? It seems unfair to all the shops which also deserve a mention. Ok.... I miss Luminosity. Sol Columbia’s shop. I discovered her stuff on one of my first shopping trips when she still had a little in-store at Nyte ‘n Day, and I fell a bit in love with it. Besides Sol was a total sweetheart and when she bought her own sim and she and het partner Lur made this awesome log cabin, it was one of my favorite hang outs in SL. SH: Describe your style and how it has evolved over the years. GH: I’m pretty styleless, really. I’ll wear whatever I want at any given time. It’s depending a lot from the mood that I am in. When I started blogging, I had in mind to cover a wide range of stuff, from mainstream to goth and cyborg to lolita, but face it, that’s just not me. Also, since I buy most of the things which I wear and chose to cover on the blog, I rather spend my L$ on items that are Continued on page 35 >

Second Style Magazine | 33

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Style Icon | Grazia Horwitz < continued from page 32

not only well made, but which I also like to wear. Usually though you’ll see me around in some casual jeans and a shirt from my “quick fix” folder, although with the new outfit save option, I actually have a bunch of outfits saved. Usually stuff I still need the credits for on the blog. If I really have to put a label on my current style, I think “laid back chic” describes it best. But tomorrow’s might be “Marie Antoinette has eaten too much cake and lost her head”. SH: Before we became friends, I would read your blog and thought of you as very calm, cool and collected. I still think that but I also know for a fact that you are a naughty little minx with a subtle but quick sense of humor.   Any other surprises up your sleeve? What would you like us to know about you? GH: I am calm, cool and collected... at least, that’s how I come across. It’s also what I like people to think I am. Minus the misconception that I’m some uppety bitch. I’m just shy and when I see you in world, I’m likely to go out of my way to go out of your way and not disturb you. I’m getting better though. I actually have randomly IM’d people from my friendlist lately! Seriously though, I am learning to speak my mind more often, because when I decide to, I find that people appreciate it and especially on the blog, there are some actual discussions, without people turning them into some bashful dramafest. I refuse to admit being a naughty little minx, though. You’re totally wroooooong there! SH: Do you keep your SL separate from your RL? GH: There is a natural line between RL and SL, but over time I have noticed that I’m more likely to share RL stuff with my SL friends, than the other way around. Like I said before, my online and offline persona are pretty much the same, and I don’t see why I wouldn’t share things that are important to me in RL with the people who have come to be important to me in SL. Also I’m part of this little group of Dutch designers who will meet up for sushi in RL on occasion and that is always too much fun. Imagine a bunch of awesome people, using SL and RL names at will, laughing over the last silly drama and people at the other table thinking we’re crazy when we’re discussing the annoyance of failed teleports or attachments ending up up your arse. The other way around is different. My SL is no secret, but my friends aren’t interested in it, they don’t understand my fascination with this world and frankly, I can’t be bothered to explain it (again). My RL sister and my RL partner are on SL every now and then but they quickly get bored again with the lag and other divatudes SL has at times.

SH: Pick one store to share with us that you feel is completely underappreciated…come on, sell us on them. Why should we shop there? GH: Oh dear... it’s easier to state the ones I think are over appreciated. But in the under appreciated range, there are a number of them and in various categories. First and foremost there are the older brands, which are still actively contributing to the grid. SL is very fast, new is hip, and older gets easily overlooked in the flood of new initiatives. Then there are the little shops, often on mainland sims, with only a couple of items in store. They are so easily overlooked in the flooding of content that hits the feeds day after day. You should ask yourself though; if it is still under appreciation if a creator in the current market isn’t able to put themselves in the spotlight. It’s too easy to point to the bloggers and say that the lack of recognition is due to the fact that they don’t blog your brand. SL content creating, in a way, has gotten more “real”. It’s the product mix that determines the success of a brand. A quality product, fair price, marketing, steady releases and a wee bit of luck are more important now than 4 years ago. I’m rambling! Anyway, I can still recommend anyone to random TP to the Japanese shops and enjoy the treasures you will find there, whether it’s adorable posed props, or fashion, vehicles or furniture, it usually rocks.  SH: You take gorgeous pictures for your blog and I know you do ads for several SL stores…how did you learn your technique? Trial and error? Give those of us who could use a few tips on blog pictures a secret or two. GH: I’m not that good with photoshop, although I am making progress. Still, I think that a picture is “made” in world. Setting up your scene is important. Check anisotropic filtering and antaliasing under the hardware tab of your graphics settings to start with. It’s more important than having your settings up to ultra! Take some time to fiddle with light settings to make your subject look its best. Also, take pics as large as you can. If your system can handle 5000x5000 and save as bitmap you have a lot of quality to gain when you resize and crop your photo. If you work with a simple studio background, try to add 0.01 of glow to it, it will smoothen the edges of your avatar even more. Too much will turn into a glow disaster, though. Oh well... bottom line is, play, have fun and don’t be frustrated if you have to start over a couple of times. SH: When is the last time you laughed so hard that you cried? Those are my favorite moments, when you feel like you may get a stomachache from laughing so hard and I am 100% convinced Continued on page 36 > Second Style Magazine | 35

Style Icon | Grazia Horwitz < continued from page 35

that we all need as many of those as possible. Care to share with us what was so funny? GH: That must have been when I was on my way to see my parents with my sister the other week. I always have the best times with her. She really is my best friend. When we were both studying, we used to live in the same town and travel home on Fridays together. That was always hilarious, and now, about 15 years later, whenever we’re together, it’s still happening at some point that we just end up crying from laughing. It’s such a welcome change of being a responsible adult. SH: One of my favorite questions that I always ask…. music for me personally is a huge part of my life. So many songs bring back amazing and some bittersweet memories. I believe with all my heart that we all have a life song…maybe more than one. What is yours? Share a lyric or two? GH: Silly as can be, whenever I hear “I like Chopin” from Gazebo it brings back sweet memories of childhood vacations, floating on the gentle waves of the Adriatic. I sometimes make myself hum it when I’m down to try to change my mood. One of my all time favorites is “That Old Feeling”, yes, I love jazz, and more SL related, there is this song of Dutch singer Roel van Velzen “Unwind” which has an intro that feels like flying in SL, I still love that! SH: You are a long time blogger, one of the originals I would say. There are new and wonderful fashion bloggers popping up on a daily basis, speak to them for a moment and give them some advice from someone who has been around a long time. GH: You make it sound like I’m old! But there is no science to it, other than try to keep having fun at it. When it starts to feel like a job, you better make sure you get paid for it as well. Personally I go through phases that I just put in my profile that people better not send me their stuff if they want to have it blogged. It may sound rude, and sometimes I do get an IM from someone who is intimidated by it, but to be honest, I rather have them intimidated by my profile, than me being intimidated by the pressure that I feel when people send me stuff (especially if I really don’t feel the items!) Other tips... provide attractive photography, take some time to learn the basics. There are good tutorials out there; Vint Falken, and more recently Strawberry Singh, have done some very helpful ones. Also, and that goes for many people these days, including yours truly, if English isn’t your native language, maybe you should just try to keep your texts short and simple. When you credit stuff, please mention the real name of the shop, not the abbreviations the creator puts in front of their outfit names. It’s easier to find Naughty Designs than [N], and in case of small shops, the 36 | Second Style Magazine

name of the creator could be so useful for your readers to find the shop if you are not providing Slurls, especially since search is, uhm, kinda flakey.. SH: If you had the ability to unite all of SL for one cause…for one reason…what would it be? GH: Kick cancer in the butt and make it disappear once and for all. With all the drama and bickering around, world peace might be too ambitious, right?  SH: If you could change one thing in SL, not necessarily make it obsolete but just change how something is done/run or even thought of, what would that be? GH: In SL... lag... and yes, can I make it just obsolete? SL related, I wish Linden Lab would be communicating better. People always complain that LL should set their priorities straight, but I think what they mean is that they’d wish that their priorities would be shared by LL. Personally I think that a lot of business decisions and operational stuff could be way better digested by the users if communications would be handled better. For a moment I also was thinking about LL dealing differently with content theft because it’s driving everyone insane. But honestly, If I were an ISP, I wouldn’t want to go any further than what the DMCA tells me to do either because of possible liability issues. It’s time that governments start taking digital IP rights seriously and provide good legislation  SH: Alright, now it is time to play hardball with you… you are only allowed to either ever shop for more hair or more skins. Which one would you pick? GH: I think I hate you a little now..... That is possibly the meanest question you could ask me and I’m not sure I can answer you. Fortunately I do have a couple of friends who generously share their skin and hair creations with me. That doesn’t count as shopping, right? In that case I think I’d rather continue to shop for skins, because I could be happily wearing just one brand of hair for the rest of my SL. SH: If you thought that was tough, now I am going to ask you to narrow down your three favorite skins. Which are they? GH: That is actually not too hard to answer. PXL Creations and Dutch Touch are too close to call on no. 1 and 2. I know both creators well and they are just all kinds of awesome, hard working and madly skilled people who deliver a product that is worth every cent of their price. Tuli would be the 3rd of my favorites. For the very same reason as I love PXL and DT. But there are so much more people who deserve credit for their work. The skin I currently wear most is Continued on page 39 >

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38 | Second Style Magazine

Style Icon | Grazia Horwitz < continued from page 36

not of any of aforementioned creators to be honest. I’m a skin addict, seriously, I am. SH: Every single one of us has our own signature style/quirks or whatever you want to call it that makes us unique and beautiful; what do you think are yours? GH: Questions like this make me go silent. I don’t know. I’m just me, I suppose. I don’t know if I’m unique. Well, I am... just like anybody else.  SH: Any SL regrets? GH: Hmmmm... nope. I think if I had some real regrets, I wouldn’t be here anymore.  SH: Now Ms. Horwitz you love to tease me about my preference of not wearing pants so I am going to just go right ahead and ask….do you ever blog while you are rl naked? If the answer is yes… you know I would be not be me if I didn’t ask for proof! GH: I plead the 5th and will call my SLawyer for advice. Hahaha! No, seriously though, you do not want to know those kind of things from me. However, I will share though that my favorite place to be when I log on to SL is in the comfort of my bed. SH: If you could give every person in SL one item that you cannot slive without…what would it be? GH: A Mystitool SH: Final question, this is going to be our Christmas issue; what do you hope is under your tree this year? What is your Christmas wish? GH: At the risk of sounding like a total cliché. I don’t have a wishlist. Seriously. I’m a disaster to buy gifts for. And I have my birthday a week before Christmas so that’s pretty much a double disaster. However, We’ll be spending Christmas Eve with my parents and sister and her BF and this year more than ever I feel blessed to have such a warm and close family. The only thing I can wish for is being able to spend Christmas together again for many more years. I also hope that everyone who reads this will be in good company of friends and loved ones during the holidays, and for the New Year, I wish everyone good health and prosperity, and enough self reflection to not take oneself too seriously all the time. SH: The lady is a class act.  Thanks, Grazia for sharing so much with us and taking the time to answer all my questions. Wishing you and yours the very best of the holiday season. Second Style Magazine | 39

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THE LOOK by Rylan Carling

Turtlenecks and scarves, fireplaces and cuddles, decorations and hanging mistletoe...it’s the holiday season! Good cheer is in the air, and it’s time to share with those we hold dear. A great way to express these sentiments is through poses. This one, by IsabellaGrace Baroque, of Olive Juice, is too sweet and precious to pass up and there’s a whole collection of them at her store. May this season bring you peace and joy; Happy Holidays to All. <3

POSE: Olive Juice - Mistletoe Cuties On Ry: Sweater: fri. - Vneck Sweater (Sapphire) Shoes: [Gos] Platform Pump - Just Black Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Time Goes By Necklace Scarf: MIEL LIA SCARF - flor Skirt: Berries Inc. marla skirt black Stockings: ..::DARE::.. Lace Stocking Long- Black Hair: >TRUTH< Kitty - espresso On siXX: Pants: [W&B] Boyd Dress Trousers OUTER SPACE Shoes: [hoorenbeek] Allen 2.0 w/Buckle - Burgundy Skin: Belleza Shawn Shirt: *Muism* LST/White Candy Cane: Sanu Interactive Candy-cane Classic Glasses: /artilleri/ buddy glasses Mitle Toe: Olive Juice-Mistletoe (boy wear) Hair: [Uw.7r] Nick Hair Hat: ~wth~ Santa Hat 44 | Second Style Magazine

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Cozy Up To Sweaters By Alicia Chenaux

Brrr! The weather outside might be frightful, but you’ll feel absolutely delightful in some of the amazing sweaters found on the grid. If you don’t live in a wintery sim, you just might consider moving after checking out four of my favorite sweaters for this month! From vintage inspired Ingenue comes the pretty Edie sweater. With the billowing upper sleeves and thick waist, this little number looks amazing whether you’re wearing it with jeans and boots or a slim pencil skirt and heels. $125L If you’re looking for something a little more suitable for the holidays, the Marius sweater from Artilleri is a great choice! The nice Nordic print and optional torso attachment makes this perfect for the winter months. The great thing about this sweater is that it is unisex, so you and your whole family can wear matching sweaters for your holiday photos. $150L Looking for something with a little more edge? The Cary sweater from WoE is one that should be in your inventory. This sweater is off the shoulder to show off some skin, and the tone on tone stripes are just perfect for whatever look you’re going for. Included in your package are a sweater and a longer sweater dress, so you definitely have options with this one! $225L And finally from COCO, the fun and fluffy Frilly Blouse & Sweater. This sweater really is just precious. It reminds me of cold winter mornings when you just throw something cozy on so you can run down to get your hot cup of coffee. Lovely! $300L

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To Top it Off by Gabby Panacek

The holiday season is upon us and regardless which winter celebration you observe, there will be parties aplenty to prepare for. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve selected three themes to showcase the festive accessories that will complete your holiday look.

White Hot | Black Tie

58 | Second Style Magazine

Dress: Tram Drape Dress Gloves: 5th & Oxford Leather Shoes: Maitreya Gold Esprit Ring: Paper Couture Leather Blossom Necklace: Tram Leather Frilled Ring: Mood Siddean Onyx Bracelet: Mood Mirage Tea Rose Glam Earrings: Nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;soul Feather Hair: Elikatira Details Skin & Eyes: Exodi

Dress: Tee*fy Orelle Shoes: Djinn & Tonic Plaid Bootie Necklace: Carolineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jewelry Carlotta Bracelet: Sissi Squarish Light Bracelet: Mood Dare Eclipse Ebony Handbag: ORTA Blake Clutch Earrings: Mandala Monica Ring: Paper Couture Leather Blossom Eyeshadow Layer: Junkie Copper Penny Hair: Boon PUN448 Skin & Eyes: Exodi

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Jolly Jewel Tones

60 | Second Style Magazine

Dress: Tram Narcissus Dress Gloves: Addict Doubs Glove Night Shoes: Maitreya Gold Hana Headpiece: Mood Diamante Raven Handbag: Meghindoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s SJP Purse Earrings: Donna Flora Tanya Eyeshadow Layer: Junkie Night Creeper Hair: Bliss Juliet Skin & Eyes: Exodi

Dress: Hucci Ivana Dress Belt: M*A*ii*K*I High Waisted Shoes: Purrfect 10 Amara Heels Necklace: Morantique Lu Lush Bracelet: Shade Throne Lovalot Ring: Periquita Fierce Balls Ring: Carolineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jewelry Carlotta Hair: Boon SIP082 Skin: LeLutka Eyes: Exodi

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Merry Metallics

62 | Second Style Magazine

Dress: L’Abel Cadize Bronze Shoes: Pixel Mode Baby T’s Necklace: Atelier AM Black Pearl Lariat Bracelet: Je Suis Une Princesse Earrings: Morantique Lush Lu Handbag: Tram Gamaguchi Hair: Truth Leighton Eyeshadow Layer: Junkie Copper Penny Skin & Eyes: Exodi

Dress: R.icielli Ballone Dress Gloves: 5th & Oxford Leather Shoes: Pixel Mode Jori Earrings: LaGyo for OneEleven Baba Ring: Paper Couture Moon Ring Hair: Boon XFE275 Lipstick Layer: Exodi Isolde Skin & Eyes: Exodi

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Second Style Issue #42  

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