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Issue #37

The best of Second Life clothing, hair, skins, accessories and more






issue 37

Main Features Bleeding Edge 12 To Top it Off 32

by James Schwarz

Mini-Guide - Elf Ears 35

40 Style Icon: Aradia Dielli by Sophia Harlow

Fashion Furnishings 36

50 Pure Imagination

Reality Check 48 Editor’s Pick 49 The Look 58

6 | Second Style Magazine

18 Goddess

by Elysium Eilde

editor’s note The best of Second Life clothing, hair, skins, accessories, and more

Issue #37 Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Senior Layout Designer HeatherDawn Cohen Managing Editor Felicity Blumenthal Senior Staff Writers James Schwarz Gabby Panacek Staff Writers Tenshi Vielle Rylan Carling Elysium Eilde Jennaa Loire Alicia Chenaux Sophia Harlow Founder Josie Hamilton

10 | Second Style Magazine

July’s issue of Second Style is full of extravagant mystical characters, unrestrained and inspiring ideas on ways to make all of your fantasies come true. We opted to forgo the typical swimwear issue, and are looking forward to sharing with you all of the ways we’ve stretched our imaginations. Elysium Elide’s pulls together a beautiful spread of woodland creatures, and Rylan Carling dives down under the surface of the ocean with The Look. However, if you are looking for better ways to decorate, Jennaa Loire’s Fashionable furnishings is packed with fanciful décor. James Schwarz’s breathtaking spread of Goddesses is contrasted with Bleeding Edge’s much darker tastes for fantasy. To Top It off’s Gabby Panacek will help you completely accessorize yourself as always, and Alicia Chenaux’s helping the first timers with a selection of prim elf ears in this issue’s Mini Guide. We’ve not kept it all fantasy and frolic, Tenshi Vielle discusses the major changes taking place with Linden Lab. Plus, we are thrilled to welcome Sophia Harlow to the team, and her Style Icon this month is the always amazing Aradia Dielli. Andddd… I’ve also managed to give you a couple of quality editor’s picks. Finally, to tease you a bit, next month is our very special 4th Anniversary Edition, which if you are a faithful reader, you know includes the Stylies awards! So keep an eye out on the blog for the nominations, and be sure to vote!


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By James Schwarz

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Summer ‘92

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TO TOP IT OFF | Flora, Fauna a by Gabby Panacek

A woodland nymph, an innocent fawn or a futuristic cyborg, when choosing the character your avatar will play, accessories play an important role in completing your look. This month we look at some of the designs - from skins to jewelry - you’ll need to transform your avatar into your fantasy.

32 | Second Style Magazine

Etherial Fey Ears - Balderdash & Schadenfreude Necklace & Crown of Twigs - Balderdash Tendril Wings - Fancy Fairy Rose Wreath Set - un Jour Birds - The Plastik Jolie Prim Feet - Slink Lyric Dress - Evie’s Closet LionHeart Story Skin - The Plastik Who Knew Hair - Exile

and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Faun Legs - Titania’s Court Kinder Horns - Schadenfreude Shy Fawn Skin - Pink Fuel Floral Reborn Tattoos - HUZ TATS Sophia Fleur Jewelry - alaMood Rhapsody Top - Boom Sculpted Nails v2 - Pixel Mode Sarina Hair - Junwave

Second Style Magazine | 33

Android Avatar - Neurolab Metal Leg - Cyber Bunker Mirror C14 Hair - Cyber Bunker Rings of Saturn Jewelry - Gems & Kisses CyberGurlz Boots - Paradox NAU Combat Belt - The Abyss

34 | Second Style Magazine

Elf Ears By Alicia Chenaux

You really can’t go anywhere in Second Life anymore without running across an elf. These aren’t Santa’s elves, that’s for sure. These elves are fashionable and they are everywhere. If you want to make the jump into elf-hood, you’ll have to start out with a great pair of ears! After all, the ears do make the elf! For those just starting out, the Elfin Ears by Illusions are a great match. They are easily customizable for different skins, and include presets for some of the more popular skins. The Elfin Ears are also a great bargain at just $125L for a set. If you want ears with more decoration, The Plastik has some wonderful ears with many many options. The ears shown here are the Animalistic Elven Ears in Frozen. They have some simply adorable little crystal earrings on them! The ears can be recolored either through the clickable menu, or edited and the color chosen through the regular Build Menu color picker. These Elven Ears are $249L. You may know SLink for their amazing shoes, but they also have a great deal on ears! The Sachara elf ears [shown here in the Outy size in Frogs & Beads] come with 4 different sized ears in the package. If you are familiar with SLink’s fabulous OmniHuds, you will have no problem at all getting the perfect tint. You’re also able to change the bead and metal colors through the HUD. The Sachara ears are a great deal at $350L for the set of 4. And finally, the gorgeous Etherial Fey ears, a collaboration piece by Schadenfreude and Balderdash. These ears have some stunning and quite delicate silver filigree metal work, along with a small earlobe gauge. The ears can be tinted with a HUD. These beautiful ears can be yours for $375L.

Fashionable Furnishings | Fantasy by Jennaa Loire Unlike reality, the Second Life experience is restricted only by one’s imagination. It has few restrictions and while our existence and appearance as homo-sapiens is generally limited only to superficial changes, SL avatars can markedly “stretch” the rules. SL can be an escape from the mandate of real life and people can step into a fantasy world where your creative power is your main limitation. You can be whoever or whatever you wish….a mermaid, a fairy, an elf or even a centaur. While SL has the ability for you to create a fantasy avatar, fantasy home and décor is not often publicized and is considered a ‘niche’ market. To find fantasy décor items you need to search laterally and break the rules of traditional home and garden, considering of course, fantasy beings do not live in “normal” homes. Escaping to an enchanted forest bedroom has a certain magic about it that makes you forget about the pressure of real life and regress into a calming, tranquil and peaceful place. It is this feeling of elusion and freedom that heightens the sense of fantasy.

36 | Second Style Magazine

The brilliant fantasy writers like J.R.R.Tolkien (The Lord Of The Rings) created Worlds so real that they are considered classics that so many others are based. They achieved this with incredible description and intricate attention to detail. Creating your SL fantasy home should be no different. Small details and items such as moon lamps, the style of grass, unusual flowers and rainbow beams are the key to making your fantasy seem as real as possible. It is often said that ‘Magic is the key to Fantasy’. When creating your fantasy habitat you need to make sure that you generate a sense of magic that connects with your avatar. Achieve this, and you are sure to enjoy your escape from reality.

Second Style Magazine | 37

Mushroom Homes: TommyTom Jun. Trees: TommyTom Jun. Flowers: Fallingwater Cellardoor. Lamps Outside Doors: TommyTom Jun. Path: Elzbiet Meili. Rabbit: Sasaya Kayo. Grass: Research Project. Rainbow Beam: TommyTom Jun. Bed: Jade Winthorpe. Mushrooms: vitrail Illios Chest Of Drawers: Jade Winthorpe. Plant On Chest Of Drawers: Jade Winthorpe. Tress Stump: Sasaya Kayo. Moon Lamp: Sasaya Kayo. Leaf Seat: Jade Winthorpe. Skybox Taken In: TommyTom Jun. Scroll Box: Seraphim Rhode. Plant On Scroll Box: Winter Thorn. Bird On Scroll Box: Albert Beerbaum. Potions On Floor: Alchemylmmortalis Cyannis. Scrolls: Seraphim Rhode. Crystals: Wyld Magic. Bowl With Leaves: Alchemy Cyannis. Books On Floor: Miwako Cheney. Mortar & Pestle: Ashade Sinister. Water Garden: jemma Flora. Treasure Chest: Grey Kurka. White Clam Shell: Cynthia Benelli. Big Clam Shell Bed: Sala Snook. Little Gold Clam Shell: Lear Lamington. Perfume Bottle: Kee Llewellyn. Necklace: London Armidi. Starfish: EmeraldEver Clin. Bubbles: Sasaya Kayo. Mermaid Tail: Ameshin Yossarian.

38 | Second Style Magazine

Table With Plant & Books: Alchemy Cyannis. Gas Lamp: Ashade Sinister. Gnarled Branch Light: Ashade Sinister. Shelf: Miwako Cheney. Owls: Albert Beerbaum. Mandrake Potion: Jazzmonkey Voom. Books On Shelf: Albert Beerbaum. Incense Box: Alchemylmmortalis Cyannis.

photography by Aradia Dielli 40 | Second Style Magazine

Style Icon Aradia Dielli by Sophia Harlow Aradia Dielli is a mixture of beauty, brains, sweetness, and an amazing fashion sense, but she can also be tough as steel with determination to match. Ara, as most of her friends call her, has to be all of those things and more in her main role as partner with the LeLutka brand. LeLutka, one of Second Life’s© largest fashion houses is amongst Ara’s most important passions, in addition to one source of her real life income. While she is constantly busy, juggling the many customer and business issues, she handles herself with a grace that seems to come effortlessly. Ara’s fashion style is flawless and unique, as she just seems to exude good taste.  I can remember before we ever met, I was scrolling through her Flickr and looking at her pictures, when I paused and thought; Wow! Since then, I have gotten to know her on a more personal level, and have realized my first perception was correct…Ara is all sorts of WOW in just about every aspect.

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Style Icon | Aradia Dielli < continued from page 41

I should warn you not to be fooled, as soon as you start to assume that Ara is only an immaculately well dressed - all business kind of woman, she will say something hysterical and cause you to shriek with laughter. Her profile shows her serious business side, her deep love for her friends and an issue close to her heart which tells more about who she is than anything else she has in her profile. Her personality is as multi faceted as her wardrobe. I have personally seen her as a blonde, brunette, tall, short, curvy, very petite, casual, formal and everything in between. Ara is ethereal in every life and I am so very pleased that she agreed to be interviewed. Describe yourself to me: Someone once said I was like “Abby Richter” the character in the 2009 film, “The Ugly Truth”... (haha) while I see some similarities, eh I do not fully agree. So here we go, I am picky, beautiful inside and outside, amazing, know what I want and know how to get it... (I am really not all that perfect ;)) I am shy, a procrastinator, a neat freak, a lover, not usually a fighter (though I can fight a few people), loyal to fault, I believe in happily ever after, I love my cats, and friends. I am just your typical girl, who has a kind heart... but loves to put up a fight, and build up those walls till she gets to know people better. I told you I was not perfect, and now that we got that out of the way, want to describe yourself to me? Lol Oh no, lol. This is all about you! Plus I am way too boring! LeLutka Partner, what does that mean exactly? What is your role and how does it carry into your real life? It means I get to spank Minnu and Thora and not get fired for it? (haha) On a more serious note though, I have been with the girls since the very start, and I have slowly climbed the ladder with them, they felt I had earned the right to be a partner, so they offered me the role, and of course I accepted. Everyone who knows me knows LeLutka is probably one of the most important things to me in Second Life; it is my pride and joy. I have learned so much from working with the company and having Minnu and Thora in my life. Being a partner really is no different than what I have already been doing for years. It simply just means I am an equal to them... I am one of the owners, a partner; we have the same goals and vision for the company. While Thora racks her brain coming up with creative ideas for our collections, Minnu racks hers with marketing ideas and how to best present the brand to the community of Second Life. I deal with the public, designers, advertising, finances and anything you do not get to see, we are really the dream team, we have our days and fight like sisters, but I am blessed and thankful. As for real life, I use to work with my aunt as the Marketing and Public Relations director for her clothing label, I use to do a lot of what I do now, so it really is no different. Tell me about one SL fashion fad you wish you could put an end to right now. I really cannot think of anything at the moment. Second life has grown so much, it really is hard to look and be different. I appreciate all the creative ways people think of when it comes down to looking unique, fashion is art, and art is beautiful-there is artistic merit to it all, so therefore, I cannot truly critique art. Okay, I have been growing tired of my shape and I know how good you are at making an avatar look unique. Give me one tip about something I should change on my avatar. Be brutal, it’s okay.

42 | Second Style Magazine

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photography by Jordan Giant Second Style Magazine | 43

44 | Second Style Magazine

Style Icon | Aradia Dielli < continued from page 42

Plato the philosopher and scholar once stated... “Remember how in that communion only, beholding beauty with the eye of the mind, he will be enabled to bring forth, not images of beauty, but realities (for he has hold not of an image but of a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the friend of God and be immortal, if mortal man may.” -- Which is a paraphrase for “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty is relative Sophia, if you think you are beautiful... then who am I to dispute that? So to answer your question, I would not change a thing. If you like who you are, then I love you as you are, besides... you are a beautiful person inside, and while your pixels may one day vanish... the person you are inside will not. And that is whom I care to know, and cherish. Do you kiss on the first date? I do not date much to be honest, I have had two relationships in SL and both have been long term. Now that I am single again, I am simply taking time to be alone and have a little fun. However, I do not recall kissing either of my ex partners on our first date. I guess I am somewhat of a prude, maybe even a little old fashion-but I believe in getting to know someone first before getting involved in anything romantic. So the answer is no Sophia; I will ‘not’ smother you with love and kisses today! Perhaps tomorrow? ;) <3 Playing hard to get, I like it! Tell me about your average day in SL. What is the percentage of fun vs. work? Do you honestly want to hear about my day? I assure you, it is not exciting at all! Well ok... maybe some days, it is. I come online and I only know my start time, but I never know when it ends. I start by sorting through my offlines and note cards, I spend a good couple of hours replying to them, and then I deal with other things that require my attention. There really is so much that goes into it, I could go on forever, plus... I would hate to bore you with it all. My percentage of work vs. fun is something like, 95% work and 5% fun. I do not have much time for anything exciting. Once my work is done for the day, I am generally beat... my mind is drained, and usually I just log out. Aside from LeLutka, what labels do you always wear? This is a tough question; I have a huge inventory and wear so many different brands. However, I will share some of my favorites with you- Maitreya, Coco, Aoharu and Ce Cubic Effect are the brands I turn to when I am in the mood for high quality sculpted items. When I want cute and casual, I usually go for Decoy, Boom, Ohmai, Nayar, anuenue and MichaMi just to name a few. I also hear MUISM is making a comeback soon, they are an old favorite and I cannot wait to see what they come up with. As for hair, and shoes, Truth Hawks owns my heart with hair, and Maitreya leaves me breathless with their selection of shoes. Who is your fashion icon? Honestly? I do not have one, I love and admire many fashion designers in real life, but I do not idolize any of them. I do whatever makes me feel best, I enjoy being unique and different. There is a William Ernest Henley poem that I learned in literature class, Invictus-- and it ends like so “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” and that is exactly how I feel about this question. I am the master of my imagination, and the captain of my closet? hehe ;) I truly believe everyone has a “life” song...what is yours? I have never been into rap, till recently that is... and I honestly love it! I can relate to so many of the songs, they speak of things we are faced with in everyday life. photography by Zoe Demar Second Style Magazine | 45

Style Icon | Aradia Dielli < continued from page 45

But there is one in particular that stuck with me, and I listen to it often; that song is “Live Your Life” by T.I-- if you have not listened to it, you should. It reminds us that we should be happy with what we have, and though it is ok to strive for better, and more... money and fame are not everything. And sometimes, these two are the root of all evil, and what comes from it, is far worse than what we ever imagined. I am faced with fake people every single day, I love what I do here... but sometimes I wish I was a perfect nobody. There are days, I sit and think I was a lot happier then, but I am happy to have found many genuine people as well. What would be your perfect day in SL? It has a lot to do with the previous question, I would love to come online and just be myself. It would be amazing to log on and have no offlines, no requests or demands, just a quiet day with friends and those whom I love. Maybe explore, talk, play greedy (I love that game, though I suck at it lol,) anything really, so long as it is not business related. How different is Ara’s style from the woman behind the avatar? Other than I do not wear ears, a tail, or horns (haha) -- it really is no different. I love being a faun in SL at times, and God do I wish I could be one in the real world, I think they are just precious. I normally just dress for the occasion, but I am generally a very casual person. I love feathers in my hair, cute little pins, belts... and a lot of that reflects in my SL. If you know of any great places that sell accessories with feathers, please do IM me, I simply love them. What is your passion? In both lives. My passion in both lives would have to be animals! I love them, and I try my hardest to make people aware of the horrible things some endure. I am all for animal rights, I support PETA and anyone who stands up, and speaks on behalf of all living creatures. They are no different than us, they simply lack a voice. Thankfully, there are people who will speak on their behalf, and I am happy to be one of those people. I will not sit here and tell you I am a vegetarian, or that I do not enjoy eating a steak... however, there is no reason to torture and abuse an animal under any circumstances. Tell me how one should drink a margarita. I knew you would never allow me to live this down!!! I still have the recording to remind me of that night. Well, this is an easy answer. You ready? You grab a straw, put it in your mouth... and you “SLURP” it all in! :D I will never let you forget that!! When Aradia first sent me her replies, I was quick to log in to read them. After I did so, I sent her a text message and told her that everyone was going to fall in love with her. She replied with a laugh and assured me that only I would. Too late, I was in love before the article. Thank you, Ara for taking the time to answer my questions and putting so much thought, consideration and of yourself into them.

46 | Second Style Magazine

photography by Aradia Dielli

Second Style Magazine | 47

Reality Check

by Tenshi Vielle I’m sure the story will come out in the end. However, for now, we have some positive things to focus on to continue our fantasy lives. We have SL 2.0, we have a Marketplace that is now meshed with our in-world accounts to make shopping easier (every fashionista’s dream) and we do have an improved mesh to look forward to. However, as always - take your Lab news with a grain of salt.

Despite the theme of this issue, maybe it’s a good time to dip our toes into reality and take a look at the State of Second Life as it stands. This past month has introduced some insane changes at the Lab, the least being a freakish fluctuation of the in-world L$ worth (June 19th, 2010), and over 30 Linden Lab employees were suddenly and unexplainedly laid off at the end of this past May. The month previous, the mentor program was axed. (No more LL-backed help for n00bs.) The third surprise, however, is the sleight of hand from Philip Linden and M Linden. M Linden, promoted to his current position in late (April 2008), has stepped down to allow Philip Linden, fresh off of his Love Machine startup, the position of CEO of Linden Lab once again. This is quite possibly more turmoil than the game (excuse me, virtual world) has seen in the past four years that I have been in-world. Residents in the past few months have become increasingly more dissatisfied; Linden Lab has attempted several projects, including Brown Bag meetings to assist with eliminating content theft (what happened with those, anyway?) that just plain old fizzled out. Some residents are exhibiting a sense of positivity about Philip Linden coming back - they seem to believe that Philip will fix M’s wrongs and bring back the old regime, fun, and frivolity. However, the pessimistic residents are wondering if M was simply brought in to be the executor of the dirty work Phil did not want to sully his hands with. 48 | Second Style Magazine

Second Style Magazine | 49

Pure Imagination by Elysium Eilde

Feles costume: Evie’s Closet Faery hair: Amelia 2 skin: Belleza Alyson pale 5 jewelry: Miel Cue bracelet, Evie’s Closet Ariel anklets, Mandala Takara Oriental Forest nails/rings feet: SLink Jolie Pied Mexx costume: Evie’s Closet OMG Boy! Faery hair: Uw.7R Robin Evening Sun skin: Belleza Jonas SK jewelry: Solstice-Wood Bracelets feet: SLink Jolie Pied Elysiana costume: Evie’s Closet Faery hair: Marie skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Vixen-Limon jewelry: Mariposa - Jaded; SLink Beady Ankle Bracelets feet: SLink Jolie Pied set: dandelions and shrroms: New Trails; tree stump: Trompe L’oeil; trees: Lilith Heart pose set *xoxo ania*

Elysiana costume: Bare Rose Dryad (includes pose and tree) hair: I Love Olive - Blow skin: GP: Bean [Light] June-Grass 2 Tuli gem eyes :: emerald; Exile Lashes: All that Glitters2

Elysiana costume: Titaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Court Faun; Solange Traction skirt & Petalwing top (tinted) hair: Truth Sylvia skin: Pink Fuel - Shy Fawn accessories: Burroughs Sunara Necklace, Shanti bracelets Feles costume: Titaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Court Faun; Solange Traction skirt, Maitreya Sarong Top hair: Truth Marnie skin: Pink Fuel - Swee Fawn accessories: Panda Express Oh Deer Tribal Antlers and Tribal Ears; Baubles single wood cream night bangles set: trees and grass: New Trails poses *xoxo ania* with panpipes by Delora Starbrook

Feles costume: Haven Designs Attica hair: Exile Leslie skin: YS&YS Myst accessories: Tekeli-li Melange II set; Candy Nail color change; Plastik Common Elven Ears; Miamai NoAlpha Lashes 10 feet: SLink Jolie Pied Elysium costume: Haven Designs Attica hair: Exile Maren (tinted) skin: YS&YS Terra accessories: Tekeli-li Melange II set; Candy Nail basic; Plastik Animalistic Elven Ears; Exile All that Glitters2 Lashes feet: SLink Jolie Pied Elysiana costume: Haven Designs Attica hair: Exile Kylie skin: Tuli Jade (tone 1/) 07b accessories: Tekeli-li Melange II set; Illusions Elfin Ear: Naturals; Exile All that Glitters2 Lashes feet: SLink Jolie Pied set: trees and grass: New Trails; hanging lights: Botanical props: staff & daggers: Tekeli-li; bow: Ookami Creations pose set *xoxo ania*

Elysium costume: *Solange!* Petalwing hair: I Love Olive - Bliss skin: :GP: Petal Beach-Osprey (limited) accessories: Material Squirrel Isolde Wings; Burroughs - Eva Jewelry Set; Candy Nail basic purple; **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs eyes: Poetic Color - summer storm Feles costume: *Solange!* Petalwing hair: I Love Olive - Isa skin: :GP: Petal Petal Breeze Mermaid accessories: Material Squirrel Isolde Wings; Burroughs - Eva Jewelry Set; Candy Nail long color change pastel; SiSSi Lashes 01 eyes: Poetic Color - Spanish Moss Elysiana costume: *Solange!* Petalwing hair: I Love Olive - Blow skin: :GP: Petal Sunny-Anemone accessories: Material Squirrel Isolde Wings; Burroughs - Butterfly Jewelry Set; Candy Nail basic pink; Exile All that Glitters2 Lashes eyes: Poetic Color - lavender field poses: Exposeur

THE LOOK | Mermaid by Rylan Carling Remember movies such as Splash or Little Mermaid? There has always been a fascination of merpeople, through legends and fantastical stories, because of their beauty and mystery. Of course, in SL, there exist many mer roleplaying communities. Generally, roleplayers take time to set up stunning sims and intriguing storylines, with merpeople, it’s no different. Opal Lei, the creator of Mer Betta, was kind enough to help me through this journey. Her designs are exquisite and the outfits are used to enhance the beautiful curves of the mermaid body. The ensemble is so well embellished that there is really very little else you need to add to it. I wanted a little something around the neck, so I added Zaara’s Suvarana kundan set because of how well the golds complimented those in the fins. Something important to remember when becoming a merperson, is that you need an AO specifically made for merpeople. There are many out there, choose one you like best and you’re ready to swim away into the ocean blue! 58 | Second Style Magazine

Skin - Belleza - Elle BR SK4 Hair - TRUTH - Michelle - espresso Eyes - EXODI - Vetro Eyes (BLUE) Lashes - Cake - Flutter Lashes Mermaid outfit - Mer Betta - Sangarios Earrings/Necklace - Zaara - Suvarana Kundan Exodi - Autumn Set

Second Style Magazine | 59

Second Style #37  

Fantasy Themed

Second Style #37  

Fantasy Themed