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Galia Lahav VERA WANG latet colection Old Holywood I n s p i r a t i o n p l u s PEARLS at your WEDDING






It’s a new year which means new weddings!! What’s in: Destination weddings, 3D florals (for cakes & dresses), statement aisles, lots of color (as Pantone says, Viva Magenta is the color of the year!), and totally fun welcome parties. And for us, this year is all about glamour! Cue the song “Diamond’s are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Being glamorous doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Think outside the box and get creative, imagine: pearls, champagne towers, sketches of your wedding guests from an illustrator (total keepsake!), a 3-day affair (yup, we’re talking wedding weekends), and the dress, Galia Lahav’s latest collection literally has a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress drawn up based on the beautiful and iconic celebrity herself. (Oh, and btw everything we just mentioned is in the pages of this issue, you’ll certainly want to keep perusing.) Glamour is in the eye of the beholder, but for us it’s the glitz, the sparkles that shine as bright as the rock on your finger (oh, and your love ;)). Nothing is too extravagant for your wedding day, after all it’s the start of the rest of your life, your marriage!

Classic, timeless, and iconic is in and with that all the glamour you can handle, so shine bright like a diamond at an affair that’s meant for you and your S.O. Plus, think about all of the photo ops!


Things we love . . .

Speaking of photos, a huge shout-out to As fi s Photography, the photographer behind the cover photo. Taken in Greece, this photo is the perfect start of the new year for the magazine. More beauty awaits you inside!

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As always, with each upcoming issue we will strive to bring you much of the same (while also bringing you so much more!). Happy reading, and we hope you enjoy the pages to come!

As always, with each upcoming issue we will strive to bring you much of the same (while also bringing you so much more!). Happy reading, and we hope you enjoy the pages to come!

Best wishes! xo


Asfis Photography is a wedding and editorial photographer based in Greece but available worldwide. With a guarantee to look and feel flawless on your wedding day, the photographer is all about capturing beautiful moments.

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Photo courtesy of Pronovias
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Bridesmaids, Mothers of the Bride, and Wedding Guests

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“ICONIC” — The Golden Age Is Now, Galia Lahav’s Fall 2023 Couture Collection

“We are all stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” -Marilyn

Iconic, the latest couture collection from Galia Lahav, was designed for the glamorous bride-to-be dreaming of her moment in the spotlight. Modeled by Daphne Groeneveld, a recent Galia Lahav bride, this season's collection of sparkling, sexy, showstopping wedding dresses redefine what it means to make a statement. Inspired by Hollywood legends, from Dorothy Dandridge to Rita Hayworth to Marilyn Monroe, the Iconic collection is a celebration of authentic beauty and pure confidence—with a refreshing, glistening twist.

“This collection summons Couture grandeur and Hollywood Glam,” say leading designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever. Highlighted by feminine silhouettes a la Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot, the Iconic collection features an array of red carpet-worthy looks. Details include daring drop waistlines, sumptuous cinched bodices, skillfully tailored corsets, bejeweled embroideries, contouring cutouts, and low, open backs.

Nostalgic florals, geometric patterns, and one-of-a-kind fabrics bring this Iconic palette of soft pearly whites and dusted airy blush tones to life. Brides getting married in 2023 are in for an Iconic treat - Galia Lahav knows you need a wedding dress that sparkles as much as you do. Experience what Galia Lahav, House of Couture is all about - making you the star of your big day.

Iconic is available exclusively at selected GL retailers worldwide.

Credits: Photographer, Director, and Videographer: Benjo Arwas Studio | Model: Daphne Groeneveld | Hair: Rolando Beauchamp | Makeup: Touch this Skin Producer: Lindsay Nelson

Photos courtesy of Galia Lahav Style: Monroe Style: Scarlett Style: Zendaya

Style: Blonde

Styled Shoot


Photographed by Zoe Life Photography

Find Endless Wedding Inspiration

Ever wonder the type of flowers you saw online? How about the vendor that made something possible? Find that out and more for every touch of inspiration.

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Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then what about pearls? Perhaps we can say pearls are a bride’s best friend. Hailing from organic origins with their lustrous sheen and varying colors, pearls are nature’s most elegant and stylish treasure. They are classic, a timeless tradition; they are versatile and a perfect fit for many brides and their weddings. Who better to share some insights on incorporating pearls into your wedding than Sarah Faulkner, Founder & Designer of Milk Velvet Pearls?!

“Pearls have been worn for thousands of years by the noblest of women. They are the oldest gem in history, and the only one born of a living creature. They go beautifully with all skin tones, and photograph well,” according to Faulkner.

“Strapless dresses look gorgeous with a pearl strand necklace. Dresses with a high neckline look best with statement earrings. A pretty cuff bracelet will call special attention to the bridal bouquet.

“From statement pieces, to the simple and romantic. Pearls offer endless choices for timeless style. They can be worn on the wedding day, every day thereafter, and passed down for generations.”

If that’s not enough, pearls can also be incorporated into hairstyles. Depending on the chosen style and the dress, “pearls can be worn to highlight the bride’s natural beauty without detracting from the dress.”

The most popular way pearls are included in weddings are with simple stud earrings, Faulkner tells us. “They are popular for women of all ages, from flower girls to great-grandmothers.”

In fact, she suggests there are a variety of ways pearls can be incorporated into a wedding. “The bride can wear pearl jewelry, or hair accessories. The groom can wear a pearl tie tack or lapel pin. Bridesmaids dresses can be tied together with a matching piece of jewelry, which also makes a great gift for them. The mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom look gorgeous in pearls as well.

One of the biggest advantages to wearing pearls is their versatility. She explains, “Pearls can be as casual or as extravagant as the woman who wears them. [They’re] as appropriate for a casual wedding as they are for a casual day at home. They can be worn with wedding dresses or tee shirts. . . . The etiquette for wearing pearls has changed. With greater accessibility to freshwater pearls, and new, modern, wearable designs; pearls are no longer reserved for stuff y, formal occasions. I see women wearing pearls daily and casually all over the world. Men are too!

“I think couples should choose pearls for their wedding day for a multitude of reasons. They are soft, feminine, lustrous and gorgeous — and illuminate like candlelight. Also, and most importantly in my opinion, they represent beauty born from struggle, and wisdom gained through experience. When I look at a pearl, I see faith,


perseverance and triumph. All of which you need for marriage!!”

And if you’re still not sure you can have pearls at your wedding, then consider their affordability. Faulkner notes, “Greater availability of freshwater pearls has brought prices down in recent years making them an affordable option for many. Prices range depending on size, type, quality and number of pearls. . . . Akoya, Tahitian and South Seas pearls exude a deeper essence and are more expensive. Single pearls can cost several hundred dollars each. Necklaces can get into several thousands of dollars.” For example, at Milk Velvet Pearls, freshwater pearl earrings start at $22 and necklaces go up to $800.

SPRING 2023 20
Photos courtesy of Milk Velvet Pearls Photographed by Loveridge Photography Karina & Johnny

This summer wedding was styled afer country chic with a western flair for a fun twist on the theme because the groom’s family is known for their good humor and dress-up parties. The color palette was focused on neutral tones — copper, blush pink, natural

The Catholic ceremony was very special for the couple; in fact, the bride’s parents were married at this same church over 28 years ago!

for me considering how nervous I am speaking in front of crowds. When I was up there I felt so at peace looking at my soon-to-be husband that all my fear just went away.”

The flowers consisted of garden roses, eucalyptus, and white snapdragons.

“The reception entrance song was an inside joke. The groom had been apart of a music video his brother created for a film class in college. The video was a hit and has since been played over and over by all friends and family.” -The Bride

Advice from the bride: “Planning a wedding can be stressful. My biggest suggestion would be to get big details booked in advance. A year before the wedding I was able to book things such as the venue, catering, DJ, florist, etc. At the time of booking, I did not have to make any major decisions. This gave me the freedom to create a vision for what I wanted the wedding to be while also having vendors booked. My biggest piece of advice for couples would also be to enjoy the day. The day of your wedding goes by so fast. It is so important to stop throughout the day with your significant other and just take in every detail around you. And remember, it is like any other day. Things can go wrong! Don’t forget the most important thing is the official unity of you and your soulmate, everything else is insignificant. Don’t sweat the little things!”

Ceremony Song: Canon in D | Reception Entrance Song: Kylie by Akcent | First Dance Song: Unchained Melody by The Glee Cast Videographer: Patrick Ang Photography | Day-of coordinator: Mady Bell Events | Florist: Lori Boe Floral Design | DJ: DJ Bob | Caterer: Phil’s Catering | Dessert: Sugar Lips | Beverages: Tap Truck | Gowns: Shona Joy (ceremony); Martina Liana | Hair stylist: Buttercup Beauty | Makeup artist: Megan Navongsy
The barn at oleander Beautiful and rustic wedding venue Wedding planner organizer Wedding planning organizer The essential wedding planner organizer Wedding planning book All-in-one comprehensive organizer that takes you through the entire planning process. Choose from 8 cover designs. Order Your Copy Today!
Photos courtesy of Pronovias
Styles from right to left: Rosy, Sonia, Zircon, Citrine, Lizette

Style: Neptuna

Style: Zuri

Style: Zandra

Style: Altair

Planning a Wedding Weekend

The wedding day is special for so many reasons, some of which include the time spent with family and friends from near or far, so what if it wasn’t a single day celebration, but a multi-day affair? That’s where wedding weekends come into play! We consulted with Leigha Vinson, wedding planner behind EXL Events Co. to get some advice for you on wedding weekends, which have become increasingly popular, because as Vinson puts it, “weddings with your favorite people are just fun! It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of, and who doesn’t enjoy dancing the night (or three) away!?”

A standard itinerary for a 3-day wedding weekend includes the rehearsal dinner (or welcome dinner) on Friday, the wedding on Saturday, and a farewell brunch on Sunday before escaping on your honeymoon. Although, Vinson reminds us that this is only the standard and you can do plenty of other things.

But before you get planning, let’s look at the peaks and pitfalls of wedding weekends, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

According to Vinson, “I think one of the more obvious pros are getting to spend more than one day with your favorite people. In a lot of other cultures, a multi-day wedding is the standard and I think it’s just a wonderful way to cherish this time of your life with the people you love most. “The biggest con that comes to mind instantly is cost. There are so many ways to make a 3-day wedding happen without breaking the bank, but typically, these weddings cost the most for obvious reasons. There’s a lot more back planning that needs to happen, there’s three days of staff for the majority of vendors, three days worth of decor and florals, etc. It’s beautiful, but it’s a lot!”

So it can get expensive, but you may be wondering just how much we’re talking here. She notes, it all depends on the details, especially your guest count. However, it all can be adjusted. Vinson suggests asking yourself some of these hard questions: “Do you want to cater all three days, or just your wedding day? Do you want to rent a space for all three days, or have the welcome dinner and farewell brunch at a families estate? What about decor for each day?”

If you’re sold, knowing all of this, then now is the time to have some fun with the planning. You could make it a themed weekend or play it cool and casual with an anything-goes vibe. You could plan a jam-packed schedule or offer more leisure time for guests. Vinson weighs in on each, because, after all, it’s all about what you want and what re



Some fun theme ideas include the ‘20s, disco, casino, masquerade, carnival, and anything in between, she reminds us. “It’s totally up to the couple. [But] I do think something that would be fun for a 3-day wedding specifically, is having each days’ decor have its own look, but still very cohesive with the overall vision. This can include themes (or not), guests’ dress code, colors, florals — the opportunities are endless!”

Scheduling & Itinerary

When it comes to schedules for the wedding weekend, Vinson explains, “Usually, the guests are pretty free to do as they please for the welcome dinner and farewell brunch. The wedding day itself, though, is a bit more punctual. Personally, I like keeping the physical invitation minimal, and having more details on the wedding website. On the bottom of the invitation, I’d say: ‘Please explore our wedding website for our event details!’ (And include a link.) Then on the website itself, you could say something like: ‘We understand that taking time off work and other commitments may not be achievable for the entirety of our event. Please join us if you can, but we will gladly accept warm wishes from afar!’

“Or you could add a details card to your invitation set and say the same thing there.”

Communicating Hotel Room Accommodations

There are a few ways to tell your guests, especially those traveling, about hotel room accommodations. She tells us it’s all about “putting it in [the] details section of your website; [perhaps] say ‘We have a number of room accommodations for our guests. Please click this link (with the hotel block linked) for our group reservation information!’

“Or [you] could add a details card to [your] invitation set and share the information that way. “Or [you] could do both! There are always a few grandparents and guests that aren’t as tech savvy!”

SPRING 2023 34
Photos courtesy of Vanessa Joy Photography (lef), Danielle Love Photography (right top)
VERI PERI Styled Shoot
Photographed by Elise van der Lee Photography

Venue: BellaCosa Lakeside | Concept designer, planner, & photographer: Elise van der Lee Photography | Videographer: Cona Studios | Assistant: Portraits by Bouquet | Florist: Bluegrass Chic | Arch: EVP Rental | HMUA: Bella Balanced & Awe Glammed Up & Doll Haus Glam | Gown: Definition

Bridal | Jeweler: Milk Velvet Pearls | Suits: Leonardo Fifh Avenue | Picnic: Hippie Teepee Picnic | Linens: Olivia Jade Event Linens | Charcuterie: Sigrid Savoury Platters | Cake: Daisy Delight Events | Stationer: A Handful of Letters | Styling mats & ribbons: Evermore Styled | Flower risers: The Savvy Rabbit | Ring box: The Mrs Box | Sponsor free canvas: Pro Prints

Destination Weddings are Trending! And finding a destination spot depends on so many factors, but of course, we have our favorites — and one of our favorite spots to consider in Europe is Greece.

It’s got beautiful coastal spots, historic locations, and is the very definition of luxe. It’s an experience unlike any other. Culture, food, scenery, and so much more!

As you consider Greece for your destination wedding or honeymoon, we’ve rounded up some fabulous venues for you to check out.

Photo courtesy of Aman Due to Covid-19 and seasonal closures, reopening times and scheduling varies, please contact individual venues for details; safe travels.


This luxury beach resort overlooks Greece’s pristine beach — Peloponnese, near Porto Heli. It boasts a 360-degree view that beautifully showcases the everything at the heart of the Mediterranean — from olive groves to the Aegean Sea.

Photos courtesy of Aman


This Mykonos island destination evokes feelings of ancient and modern Greece. Overlooking the breathtaking panorama of the Aegean Sea, it is a blend of discreet elegance and sheer glamour.

Photos courtesy of Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts


This idyllic Santorini island destination maintains luxurious but chic resort vibes. It is located “just far enough away from the bustle of the city, yet strategically positioned within easy reach of the capital, Fira and the

Photos courtesy of Rocabella Santorini


This Luxury Hotel on the volcanic cliff of Oia, Santorini is a boutique hotel that overlooks the Caldera and offers three amazing wedding venues in three different locations.

Photos courtesy of Canaves Oia Photo courtesy of Canaves Oia
Inspired by LA DOLCE VITA
Photos courtesy of Monique Lhuillier
For more visit the blog
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Wedding Gown Preservation

The importance of the wedding gown is unmatched. It may be the single most important article of clothing a bride wears in her lifetime. It also may be the single most important item she keeps for future generations, who may want to wear the gown as-is or use elements from the gown to craft their own. Wedding gowns are special, they are beautiful, and above all, they become heirlooms. However, for them to fulfill their destiny as heirlooms, they require proper handling and care. As to the level of care, think of it as museum-quality. We’ve connected with industry expert Sally Lorensen Conant, Ph.D., the Executive Director of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, that specializes in museum-quality cleaning, preservation, and restoration for all the details so you can cherish your gown for a lifetime and get that heirloom you’re so longing for. Because the best part is, she tells us that if a gown’s preservation is effective, future generations will simply need to have the gown “pressed and stored in a breathable bag until it is time to wear it.” And what could be better than that?!

What is Gown Preservation?

Let’s start with the basics — “fabric has a shelf life of 200 years, if it is treated nicely,” according to Conant. And treating it nicely many times equates to preservation. So what is gown preservation? It is when a completely cleaned gown is “carefully packed with acid-free tissue in a museum-quality wedding chest that is also completely acid-free [to] protect your gown from the air and light that cause unprotected gowns to yellow.”

One common misconception is that vacuum sealing a wedding gown is a preservation method, but we learned from Conant that it indeed is not. “Vacuum-sealing can trap moisture and cause

mildew. Also, the moisture and the electrostatic charge from the plastic combine to set wrinkles in the gown that no amount of pressing can remove.” Likewise, “plastic containers, even if the plastic is chemically inert and does not cause yellowing, can present the same problems.”

Deciding to Preserve Your Gown

It all begins with the decision to preserve your wedding gown, and the sooner the better. Conant tells us, “Studies show that the chances of removing a stain are nearly 100% if the stain is treated within 24 hours, but decrease over time. However, unless it is blood or red wine on a silk gown, a [Preservation] Specialist should have very little trouble even weeks later.

“Many brides have their dresses cleaned because they plan to wear them again or sell them, but if they do not take the next step and have dresses preserved, they will yellow—especially if they are left in a plastic bag. Good news: whether the wedding gown has been left to yellow or was never even cleaned, there is a process called restoration which will return it to the true color.”

As you decide, especially if it is after your wedding, the key will be to keep the gown in good condition. Avoid exposing it to air and light, which causes it to oxidize and turns fabric yellow.

“If the wedding gown has been properly cleaned or if it has not be cleaned at all, it can be wrapped in a freshly-washed sheet to protect it from air and light. Do not use ordinary paper or paperboard, [which] are acidic, and the acid will scorch the gown much the same as a scorch from a hot iron. If the gown is wrapped in fabric, such as a sheet, the fabric will act as a barrier against the acid, but the wedding gown should be checked periodically. If the fabric wrapped


around the gown begins to yellow, wash it to remove the effect of the acid and begin again.”

The Gown Preservation Process

Step 1: Dry Cleaning Your Gown

Conant stresses the importance of having a clean gown before preserving it. She explains, “probably 90% of a successful preservation is a truly clean gown. Very often dry cleaners do not know that unseen, latent stains, such as champagne or white wine that contain sugar are not removed during the dry cleaning process. They require special treatment, otherwise the sugar content caramelizes and becomes an ugly brown stain.”

Any risk to the gown during the process is most likely to occur during the cleaning stage, and can be discussed with the cleaner, Conant explains.

Step 2: Preserving Your Gown

According to Conant, “preservation is more about packing than process. Once a wedding gown is clean, there are several types of packaging that claim to prevent yellowing. The most reliable includes an acid-free paperboard container because fabric likes to ‘breathe’ with changes in heat and humidity. Very few homes offer the stable atmospheric environment found in a museum, and the micron-size openings in paperboard allow fabric to expand and contract as changes occur in the home.”

One thing to note is that while styles, fabrics, and designers vary widely, they have little bearing on the preservation process, but more so the cleaning stage. Although, Conant reminds, “[while] the fabric is serviceable, the designer or manufacturer may have added decorations such as sequins, metal mounts for crystals, and silver embroidery that withstand cleaning but deteriorate or discolor over time. For example, sequins may yellow, metal may tarnish, and silver may oxidize. There is no way to predict whether these components will need to be replaced.” Similarly, “most cleaners offer a guarantee that the preservation will prevent the gown from yellowing, but the length of time it is guaranteed varies.”

A final tip from Conant for handling preserved gowns: “Improper handling of a preserved gown may cause damage. If your gown is handled excessively or soiled it should be cleaned and preserved again.”

SPRING 2023 54

The Cost of Gown Preservation

Many elements and decisions in the wedding planning process depend on cost and budgeting. The same is true for gown preservation. So we asked Conant to estimate the average cost, and she says, “The cost of cleaning and preservation varies greatly. The national average is probably about $250, but cost depends upon the market area and often on the fabric and the designer as well. For example, in New York, the price may begin at $800, but in the Midwest the charges will be much different.

“And it is very likely the cleaner will charge one price for an $1,100 wedding gown and another for an $11,000 wedding gown. That’s because the more expensive gown not only requires more careful attention but also more insurance coverage, etc.”

Preserving Other Items

Conant tells us the best news — other items may be preserved with your gown. “Such things as a headpiece and veil, petticoat, gloves, garter, and handkerchief. . . .[Although] there is an additional charge for storing the gown and veil separately. Shoes should not be stored with the gown because fumes from the leather and glue may cause damage.”


The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists Presents:


• Always . . . hang your wedding gown by the loops found inside your wedding gown that are connected to the sturdy side seams; never hang it by the fragile shoulder seams that can stretch or sag under the weight of your gown.

• Always . . . avoid storing your wedding gown in a plastic bag (even a clean sheet is better than a plastic bag) or in a vacuum-sealed, plastic-wrapped container because plastic bags emit fumes that can yellow your wedding gown and shrink-wrapped containers trap moisture that can mildew your wedding gown. Also, the static electricity from the plastic plus the trapped moisture combine to set wrinkles that cannot be pressed out of your gown.

• Always . . . ask what precautions your Preservation Specialist takes to protect delicate trims and decorations on your wedding gown and how the cleaner guards against latent stains on your wedding gown.

• Always . . . choose a Preservation Specialist who will process your wedding gown in the Specialist’s own facility, never one who sends your wedding gown away to be cleaned.

• Always . . . ask to inspect your wedding gown personally before it is put into the container, which should be a completely acid-free, archival-quality wedding chest lined with fabric or acid-free tissue.

• Always . . . ask who is going to honor the guarantee, whether today or thirty-five years or more from today.

• Always . . . avoid storing your wedding gown in the attic or basement where there are extreme changes in temperature or humidity; and if a pipe breaks, it is a law that the water will find the wedding gown.

SPRING 2023 56
for a downloadable copy of these tips!
Photographed by Hannah Hardaway Photography

This autumn wedding was a long time coming for this sweet couple. It embodied all things modern mountain chic with a color palette of frosty blue, navy blue, chocolate brown, champagne, and rose quartz.

avored white cake with raspberry jam filling; and the bottom tier was carrot cake with brown butter cream frosting. Interestingly, the bride notes it was “the best carrot cake I’ve ever had!” ered their guests a donut bar with his and hers donuts (hers: tiramisu and his: strawberry with strawberry glaze. This fun

When asked what her favorite memory from the day was, the bride recalled, “This is a long story... Everyone kept talking about a first look. I was like, I have been with this guy over a decade, we have three kids, he knows what I look like.... That is when they found his best friend from grade school till now (even went to college together out of state) informed us he and his wife would not be at the wedding. Their destination wedding coincided with the best friend’s wife's brother's wedding (which was also a destination wedding). I found out through talking to my fiancé’s best friend’s wife that the wedding was in Salt Lake City, only about 4 hours from ours in Jackson Hole. The best friend really wanted to be there for my fiancé and since our wedding was on Friday and the wedding the best friend had to be at was on Saturday they carefully hatched a plan...(unbeknownst to my soon-to-be husband). The best friend flew in to Jackson Hole Airport from SLC, hopped in a rental, and met me in Teton Village. (Don't worry, my hair and makeup were already done, haha.) I drove him back to our rental and he waited in the car for some 25 minutes. (Beer in tow — we are from the midwest, it happens.) When it came time to the first look, the best friend was my go to guy to surprise my man, who still had no idea his best friend was even in JH, WY. When he turned around and saw his best friend, it brought tears to everyone's eyes. (We were all watching from a window in the condo.… They both teared up, too.) I can honestly say it was one of the sweetest moments I have ever witnessed. Immediately afer the ceremony, my fiancé’s best friend hopped in his rental and drove back to SLC so he could stand up in his brotherin-law’s wedding the next day. Talk about an amazing friend and a truly great memory.”

Videographer: Taylor Mountain Films Weddings | DJ: Steady Jake DJ | Florist: Briar Rose Flowers | Cake: Absaroka Cake Company | Donuts:

Provisions Home | Gown: WONÁ Concept | Bride’s shoes: Bagley Mischka | HMUA: Hair & Makeup By Tanya | Groom’s shoes: Rancourt & Co. |

Rings: Katrina Vrakas | Linens: Amazon | Chair Rental: Jackson Hole’s Canvas Unlimited & Jackson Hole Event Rentals

Ceremony venue: Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa | Reception venue: Hotel Terra | Wedding planner/coordinator: Alison Kyle Event Planning |

P l a n Y o u r W a y

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Just visit us online and start matching with vendors that are right for you!

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Venue Planner Photographer Baker

Greetings, Julie! First off, I totally get where you’re coming from, my S.O. had a lot of opinions and ideas as well when we got hitched, and it was up to me (and good ol’ mom!) to figure out how neither of our ideas were left out. The good news is that your fiancé chose a neutral (or two) to serve as the accent colors to your more vivid choices! The wedding parties can don both — for example, you can have turquoise bridesmaid dresses with ivory accessories, while your fiancé’s groomsmen can wear a lighter, more neutral color with turquoise boutonnières. The florals can pick up the bright colors you’re looking for, and you can incorporate both in the centerpieces and sweetheart table. If you’re having a flower arch, you can capture even more color there. And lastly, if he likes neutrals, maybe he prefers to get married outdoors. If that’s an option for you,


Hi! I’m Angel. I’m a wife, mother (and dog mom), and I love all things weddings! I am here to answer all your wedding planning questions. You’ll get candid, practical advice, I promise! If I don’t have the answer, I’ll get with an expert vendor who does. Simply pose your question on IG, tag us @CelebrateWeddings, and use the #AskAngel. Your question might just be answered in our next issue. ;)

then definitely make sure you do lots of photos outside, because neutral colors are all over in most outdoor settings. The good news is that

then definitely make sure you do lots of photos outside, because neutral colors are all over in most outdoor settings. The good news is that this is totally doable — nearly every color palette I’ve seen (and you’ll see on the pages of this magazine) encompass both colors and neutrals. As with food, wine, and people, there’s lots to be said about the right pairings and the same is true for your color palette!

Q: “I want lots of color at my wedding, but my fiancé is fixated on muted tones. He wants neutrals… He has all these ideas about slate grey or beiges. It’s just not what I had in mind… how can we get the best of both worlds?”
Photos courtesy of Maggie Sottero Designs Style: Saratoga Styles from top to bottom and left to right: Cameron, Saige, Hillary, Bernadette, and Glenrowan Style: Grace
Style: Edison
Style: Fairbanks

A Unique Keepsake: Wedding Illustrations

Wedding entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes — from a group performance to music, but also artists. We’ve talked about live event painters before, but now we’re talking wedding illustrators. Wedding illustrations have grown into a real trend in the industry for couples looking for a unique keepsake for themselves or their guests. One big reason this is true is because “it’s something that is super unique and custom for the couple and/or the guests. It's like a favor and experience all in one!” according to Samantha Shammas, owner of SamiaLynn Illustration & Design.

The true beauty in these illustrations is that each artist has a di ff erent style, using di ff erent mediums or techniques — some even offer digital illustrations. For traditional illustration paper designs, options include markers, pens, and colored pencils. “It’s just personal preference from the couple,” Shammas explains. “With paper, you have the whole ‘art’ set up, plus guests are physically handed an illustration, which many couples like. With digital, there's almost zero set up (since I'm just drawing from an iPad) and sketches are emailed to each guest. It's a great option for those that don't want guests to have to carry around something all night or are more ecoconscious.”

In terms of the final product, it all depends. Shammas tells us, “Couples have to choose whether they want just one big illustration day-of or if they want me to sketch guests. . . . For live illustration, most couples want the experience for their guests. If they want to commission an illustration before or after the wedding it’s either just them together or they want to add in a background from the wedding day just as a memento.”

When it comes to sketching guests, of course, each illustrator’s quantities will vary. For example, Shammas can sketch a certain number of people by the end of the wedding, with guests coming to pick them up as they are completed. On the other hand, she notes, “If the couple decides they want more people to be able to get an illustration then I can finish them postwedding and they get shipped to one address.” Likewise, pricing varies, and typically depends on the total number of hours, with a minimum. At SamiaLynn Illustrations & Design, for a local wedding, the average price for an evening is about $1,600; and most couples request services for three to five hours.

If you’re considering having a wedding illustrator at your wedding, of course, you should know what to ask. So we got advice from Shammas on what you should ask your illustrator before hiring them. She tells us questions should include: How many guests can be completed is definitely a big one, I always suggest hiring two illustrators if your wedding is over 75 people. Making sure that overtime terms are clearly laid out, and most of all, make sure you like the artist’s style! Each person draws differently, so ensuring you like their aesthetic is key.” We also suggest asking what their minimum number of hours is, and to see examples from past weddings — both digital and paper, so you can make informed decisions on what you want.

draws differently, so ensuring you like their aesthetic is key.” also suggest asking what their minimum number of hours is, and to see examples from past weddings — both digital and paper, so you can make informed decisions on what you want.

Photos courtesy of SamiaLynn Illustration & Design
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Get Advice From Real Couples

They walked down the aisle. They have been there. Now learn from them — get advice from every real wedding couple.

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Photographed by Bala Pham Photography Maly & Calvin
, inspired by #LovefortheNguyen

Florals consisted of endless hanging pure white wisteria vines, intertwined arbor branches of snow-white blooms, and wild and lush floral arrangements with a dash of white rose petals.

There were two cakes — a two-tier classic vanilla cake with vanilla custard and strawberry filling, and a three-tier chocolate cake with orange zest and chocolate ganache filling to incorporate a more modern and woodier feel.

The couple song selection for the ceremony was Yellow by Coldplay (cello and piano) from Brooklyn Duo; they entered the reception to U Move I Move by Usher f Jhene Aiko, and they shared a first dance to Biblical by Calum Scott.

Advice from the bride: “At the end of the day, it is about you and your loved one and your special day. No one’s opinion matters. Do what makes the both of you happy.”

The bride’s favorite memory: “The best part of that day was seeing my future husband down the aisle. His look and his emotions were everything. At that moment I knew I was going to be safe, loved, and taken care of for the rest of my life.”

Venue: The Castle at Wildwood Gardens | Wedding Planner | Designer | Florist: Sheng Ly Events | Photographer: Bala Pham Photography |

Videographer: Sam Visual | Cater: Nothing Like It Events | Charcuterie Board: Charcuterie Chick | Baker: Maider’s Macarons | DJ: Bravo Jay Events |

Makeup Artist: Kristy Xiong | Bridal Jewelry: Christina Clay Creations

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Outside the Box: Unusual, Glamorous and Over-the-Top Wedding Cakes

Webster’s Dictionary defines “unique” as being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. It further defines the word “glamorous” as attractive or appealing in an exotic or exciting way. I believe that all wedding cakes are both. Whether it is a rustic, naked wedding cake or a traditional, white on white wedding cake; the mere fact that it is a “wedding cake” dictates that it is going to be a beautiful addition to the wedding.

However, what about those unique cakes that are “outside the box”? Cakes that are not traditional can be just as beautiful and glamorous as the traditional. Such as cakes that incorporate bold colors or, half and half cakes where the theme on one side is more traditional and then the opposite side is something more unique.

I recently created a spectacular wedding cake that had handmade Leggo flowers, made by the groom. On the creative side, these cakes are so much fun to make. On the practical side, unique can be daunting to design. These types of cakes have to take so many things into consideration. So, if you are considering having a unique but still glamorous design for your wedding cake here are a few recommendations.

1. Decide how many servings you need. This may dictate what the final design could look like. For example, you can do a lot more on a fourtier cake than you can on a two-tier cake.

2. Decide on color. Keep in mind that dark colors, such as red, navy, green and purple could create a problem for picture-taking. You wouldn’t want everyone to have a brightly colored smile. Black cakes are stunning, but

don’t expect it to be a buttercream cake. At our bakery, super bright colors and very dark colors are always recommended to be fondant. Choosing pastels or softer hues of the same color would be a good compromise if you prefer buttercream.

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3. Decide what types of decor or theme you want. Personally, I’ve done cakes with fondant sharks teeth instead of flowers, dried lavender, dried fruit and multiple themes on one cake. I even had a cake with a semi-truck crashing through it and it was gorgeous.

4. Trust your cake artist. Choose wisely. Make sure that the work your cake artist has done in the past will hold up to your expectations. Communication is the key. Make sure you get your vision across.

Don’t be afraid to have a bit of yourselves represented in your cake. It is your day and it should reflect who you are. Your friends and family will walk away from your cake table saying, yep that was definitely your cake!

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Photos courtesy of The Cake Lady Custom Cakes
Styled Shoot
The Bertrands

Host: Styled Shoots Across America | Concept/planning: Heather Benge Events & Alexia Woolum | Venue: The White Magnolia | Florist: Root Floral

Design | HMUA: Wildflower Hair and Makeup | Baker: Sweet Stirrings | Stationary: Elephant Limbo | Rentals: Jolie Rentals | Linens: Nuage Designs Inc. | Gown: I Do Bridal Couture | Colorful Gown: Styled Gowns | Ring boxes: Lovely Ring Boxes | Styling mats: The Flat Lays Styler | Models: Brittany Gisclair Maes, Dusty Maes, Deja Peters

For Information, Deals, or to Book, Visit: sandals.com
Photos courtesy of Guillermo Pharis Bridal


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Champagne Towers at Your Wedding Reception with Madyson

Champagne towers are the epitome of glamour, they add a certain level of sophistication to a wedding reception that is unmatched. They have become increasingly popular in the past year, but are still underutilized, in our opinion. Wedding planner Madyson Bell of Mady Bell Events has 10 tips about champagne towers that could change your opinion on this rare element at wedding receptions and give your wedding an unmatched WOW-factor.

No. 1

Champagne towers can be worked into your grand entrance, cake cutting, or right after toasts to kick off dancing!

No. 2

They should be avoided as centerpieces for tables, unless you want to put it on the escort table or cake table.

No. 3

Check with your venue before planning to have a champagne tower because some venues might have certain areas where they would prefer you to not do this due to the possibility of spillage.

No. 4

You can make it as small as you'd like but there does come a point where it is too large because you have to be able to reach the top glass to pour the champagne. The magic number is five glasses high. You start with a 5x5 group at the bottom, then go 4x4 on top of that, etc. until you have one glass at the top.

No. 5

Coupe champagne glasses are the best option. Regular champagne glasses have too small of an

opening and aren't stackable. You can either use plastic or rented coupe glasses, but if you are renting, make sure to ask your rental company if they are all the same brand. Some rental companies have varying brands of glasses which are slightly different heights. This doesn't matter if they are just being used behind the bar or on guest tables, but when stacking they all need to be the exact same height.

No. 6

If you’re nervous about the glass breaking, choose shatterproof glasses or plasticware. However, if it’s an outdoor wedding on a windy day, then real glassware will work best. You can also plan on bringing trays that match your wedding theme of varying sizes that you can place between the layers. This will give your tower some added stability. If this is still not enough, you can hire your photographer for an additional hour and stage the champagne tower at an indoor space after your wedding.

No. 7

Let your planner or bartender build the tower — it takes time, patience, and steady hands.

No. 8

You will need at least six bottles for an averagesized tower.

No. 9

When selecting your beverage, sparkling rosé is very popular. For another colorful option, you may decide to pour pre-made aperol spritz!

No. 10

If you want to add a pop of color, then you can have pre-placed berries in each glass which will float to the top as they fill with champagne.

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Photo courtesy of Galia Lahav Photographed by Lily Laidlaw Photography Haley & Jordan

This early fall wedding went for a rustic theme with modern touches for the mountains, picking up a deep color palette of navy and burgundy.

The wedding cake was vanilla as cheesecake was served to the guests; they also had mini donuts and cookies beside the cake for the guests to enjoy.

The flowers were a variety of Ranunculus, Roses, Eucalyptus, Dahlias, Curly Willow, Boxwood and Ruscus.

Bride’s Favorite Memory: “Just being able to finally marry my best friend with our family and friends present as well as have the location in Banff with the scenery of the mountains.”

Venue: Banff Park Lodge | Ceremony venue: St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church | Day-of coordinator: Captivating Occasions | Florist: Poppy Flower Works | HMUA: Emily Joy Beauty | Baker: Minime Cakery and Bakery

offers several wedding packages including intimate traditional ceremonies in the West Chapel or themed weddings aboard the Song Ship within Sirens' Cove. Couples can enjoy a stress-free experience with a wedding coordinator and multiple customizable options. The indoor West Chapel, elegantly designed in champagne tones, can accommodate up to 65 guests, and ballrooms are available for larger indoor weddings.

Just feet from the famed Las Vegas Strip, ceremonies on the Song Ship within Sirens’ Cove will take place at sunset or after sundown, and include personalized music, exquisite bouquets and matching boutonnieres, unique ring delivery from a pirate and more. Two guests can join the couple on the Song Ship, and a private, VIP viewing area is available for additional guests.

For more information and to request a quote, visit treasureisland.com/weddings or call (702) 894-7700.

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r e a s u r e I s
Photos courtesy of Pnina Tornai

Creating an Energy that Keeps Guests Dancing All Night

Weddings represent so much. They are meaningful and special in their own right. However, they also stand for fun — wedding receptions are the very epitome of fun. They are the ultimate party, celebrating you and your new spouse. And everyone loves a good party, which is why when it comes to wedding entertainment, it is one element that quickly becomes so important. You want to enjoy yourselves, you want your guests to enjoy themselves — it makes sense. So we are talking about creating an energy that keeps the fun alive, that keeps your guests dancing all night, and who better to hear from than a musician and the manager for Royal Dukes Band? Yes, that’s right, we’ve talked with Evan Weiss from Royal Dukes Band for all the details.

According to Weiss, one of the single most important elements at a wedding that keeps the energy alive and the guests dancing long into the night is a high-energy performance. “We love reading a room and playing songs that we know will get guests up on the dance floor and the crowd will love. Sing-a-longs like like Mr. Brightside or I Wanna Dance with Somebody are especially popular. Even non-dancers will want to participate in singing along to their favorite songs!”

And that’s not all, as newlyweds, you can help too. He explains, “We’ve performed at some weddings where couples bring in a surprise act, whether it’s a special dance, live entertainers (including us, of course), and even break dancers!”

To help things along, you might have your band take the lead. “Interacting with the crowd, making announcements and hyping [the guests] up will de fi nitely keep people alert and interested. Our horn players often like to take a solo opportunity to mingle with guests on the dance floor. That always creates a fun moment for everyone!” Weiss tells us.

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Now, you might be wondering about music, your playlists, and overall song selection. The good news is that while you may have to put a lot of effort into picking your first dance song, for example, making sure energy stays high won’t be that difficult, because it’s all about recognizable songs. Weiss notes, “Music and song selection is crucial for guest entertainment! Guests love to dance to songs they know, especially ones that are upbeat and will get them up and grooving. It’s important to play recognizable songs and we want to play songs for every generation so the grandparents will have as much fun as the bridal party!” Indeed, some genres are more recognizable than others, like Motown or Oldies, or even Top 40/Pop, Weiss says. “We find that these genres are what people know most and will sing their hearts out to on the dance floor, but a good mix of genres will help appeal to every guest.”

And the bottom line, according to Weiss, is that “as long as the couple is having fun, the guests will too!” So don’t be afraid to get out there and dance as much (or as erratically) as you want, simply feel it, have fun, and dance the night away.

Photos courtesy of Royal Dukes Band


Styled Shoot
Photographed by Danielle Peterson Photography


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