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november 2016


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@msckups This special issue for Effuse made us realise how much we are in love with African designers and the stories behind their passion for fashion. This particular issue focuses on the ups and downs of the fashion industry and how many designers and fashion models have overcome the negative energy to make them quit. Our hearts where filled with warmth, whilst compiling the stories for this special issue. We are a calling it a special issue because there are stories featured which have transformed our thoughts on how fashion is interpreted in different ways and most importantly the way it has changed lives across the world especially in the African community. When people think of someone as a fashion designer not

many people value the designers career especially in an African household, but with this issue it will enlighten our readers to believe in what their children want to do in life. Our front cover also features a young model called Alishia Musungo, and being Zimbabwean born she has managed to break barriers and the stereo type of a model coming from an African house. Alishia deserved being on the front cover not only is she beautiful but he life tells a story of how it is important for parents to believe in their children’s passion and career path. We hope you enjoy reading this amazing special issue of Effuse and make sure you read all the stories as they have a particular message in them.

Until next time, happy reading! Cecilia Kupera

Moe Makaya

THE HUMAN MANNEQUIN. The truth behind being a fashion model accepting living with Alopecia Areata.

4. Effuse


oe Makaya, 23 from Oxford, is in great state of mind as she takes a few steps of accepting having Alopecia Areata. Makaya, Zimbabwean born, was recently diagnosed with Alopecia Areata after constantly fighting it 5 years ago without aware. She described living with the condition as tough and once humiliating to tell other. Alopecia Areata refers to the loss of hair from the body or head and it is considered to be an auto immune disorder with the body’s immune system. Since she was a child Ms. Makaya always had a weak hairline, one of the signs she nwoticed of Alopecia Areata. “I have always had Alopecia but just did not know until about 5 years ago… For many years I always thought it was just having tight hairstyles, which have contributed to me losing my hair so fast,” Makaya says. Makaya felt to have been hiding herself away using wigs and weaves. Her dream was always to show and let her natural hair out just like any other young woman would. “Sometimes I felt like I was hiding but then I thought every girl wears wigs these days. I felt more trapped and limited. I missed sitting down with my hair out.” “The hard part is explaining why I constantly wear wigs and talking about Alopecia, as I hate when people feel sorry for me,” she says. Makaya suffering from Alopecia Areata did not stop her from reaching her goals. She has received plenty of several bookings ever since she disclosed suffering from Alopecia Areata. Her story has inspired young black women suffering from Alopecia to be able to embrace it and not hide their beauty underneath weaves and wigs. “People smell fear and weakness from a mile off and will pick at that. If you show confidence in your ‘imperfection’ the world will feed of that positive energy. “I thought I would get laughed at but I didn’t care. Humans will not be the judge of you but God will.” Ms. Makaya recently cut her hair and uploaded a video explaining why she had to cut her and expressing her new unique bald look. She now embraces her flaws, bringing more awareness about Alopecia. “I feel a lot freer with my hair cut and I also don’t feel like I have to worry or rely on weave. I am me 100%.” Makaya said, “I think there should be more awareness about Alopecia especially in the black community.” “With more awareness it can enable doctors to try and figure out a prescription that can help our immune to deal with Alopecia.”

“I think that was the best decision I ever made in my entire life because I have never looked back ever since,”


harles MacCarthy-Crabbe’s life is an inspiring one that tells a tale of how going with your gut or what comes naturally could be one of the best ideas. The founder and CEO of M and C fashion label did not grow up with a passion for fashion that overshadowed other passions, in fact his premier passion was to fly the starry skies of the world for a living, a passion he shared with his father. Through middle and high school, he selected subjects like Triple Science and Math to aid in his desired career path of becoming a pilot. It was only after getting accepted into the Oxford Aviation Academy and realizing the financial burden that would impose on himself and his family, he decided with full support from his father to go with a career path that came more naturally to him, and that was his love and passion for fashion. Since then he has placed full focus on strengthening his brand and staying unique with no regrets as he disclosed “I think that was the best decision I ever made in my entire life because I have never looked back ever since,” he explains. Charles enjoys his work very much. He is especially dazzled by the whole process his mind goes through, from the imagination of a concept unique and never before tried to the execution and creation of this somewhat crazy

6. Effuse

idea, and finally the joy and sense of fulfilment on seeing said idea as a completed project. As he said, “seeing the idea you imagined come to life after you have done all the hard work is the best feeling you ever get”. Unlike most fashion designers who tend to spend most of their time in material shops or online going through different fabrics as part of their process, Charles is not one for online browsing and ordering of fabrics or even visiting material shops for that matter. This is because he has a knack for knowing what materials he wants to use whilst he imagines up a collection. “As soon as I imagine a collection and how it looks on the runway, the fabrics and equipment I was to use is written down on paper and I know where to get it from”. In a sense he completes his designs and then collects his materials for them. He also has a habit of sometimes using materials he finds around in his studio and producing wonderful collections from them. In addition, Charles is a willing and eager learner, he constantly challenges himself to learn how to use and incorporate different materials into his fashion. “A lot of the time I do my research before purchasing materials I have not used before so I can build up my knowledge. In life you are always learning something new”. Like a lot of professionals Charles

has role models he looks up to for inspiration. Alexander McQueen’s ability to tell a story through his collections is one of Charles’s main inspirations. However, this was not always the case as he once had no one he looked up to. This was because in looking up to and taking inspiration from the work of other designers he subconsciously fell victim of somewhat plagiarizing the work they did, a problem not uncommon among young upcoming designers. “I started designing garments like the ones I had seen before, so I kind of moved away from looking up to the work of others”. But as he came into his own as a designer he began to allow himself learn from other more experienced designers again. Charles officially started M and C Line at the age of 13 with his father and has faced many challenges along the line, but the biggest challenge not only as an entrepreneur but as a person as well, was the loss of his biggest fan, supporter, advisor and role model, his father. Last year was a very hard year for M and C Line and Charles as losing his father derailed him for almost 6 months’ win which he completely shut down M and C. His father had been the reason behind his success and his

success and his counsellor and confidant, so losing the man who believed in him from the age of 13 and had built something big with him, led to the crash of what they had built together. “Something I started with him when I was only 13 years old and was only getting bigger and stronger suddenly crashed, although we are back even bigger and better, it was the most challenging thing to bring back M and C without him here”. However, he is of the belief that everything happens for a reason and he is thankful to God every day for blessing him with a father that was supportive and an outstanding role model. “Thomas Herbert Crabbe was and amazing and supportive father, He will never be forgotten”. For a fashion designer, Charles does not seem to like to experiment on himself. He does not see himself as one of his models and has a very visible love for the colour

black. He dresses simple and when in doubt he will always go black. However, once in a while he will use some of his designs and fabrics at events jut to show off his style. He is also not too picky about who he can and cannot work with, when asked he just responded; “At this point I really don’t know, I’m thinking about it but I really, really, really don’t know. I guess anybody who’s really into my work”. Everyone has problems and challenges they face from time to time, Charles likes to keep an optimistic and positive attitude in life. He likes to dish out life lessons and advice at any opportunity he gets. He loves telling people to follow their hearts and to do things at their own pace. He even has a little mantra he repeats to himself during hard times “God is my Strength,” and he believes if everyone truly believes that we can all accomplish what we desire.



Inspired by a grandmothers touch and love for sewing.


ashion designer and mother Nothando Nyathi, 24, from Northampton, launches a new fashion collection inspired by her grandmothers love for sewing. Ms. Nyathi described her new collection as fun and elegant for young woman to wear for a night out or dinners. She briefly discussed the upcoming new fashion collection as the work of her determination with a touch of her grandmothers loves. The name FAINA, is inspired by her grandmother’s name. she describes the first collection as the perfect solution for young woman who likes to wine, dine and party. FAINA Collection has a hint of fun but elegant and sophisticated pieces. “When I get an idea I draw it out on paper, then go to my mannequin and see if the idea works,” she explained. Nyathi explained how her collection is suitable for every size and comfortable for every woman to feel good in. The pieces in FAINA Collection are all handmade and stitched by Ncube. “Designers tend to look for perfection in everything but sometimes you just need to start because you will never stop learning and perfecting your art,” Nyathi explained describing her collection. Although the fashion and design industry having many obstacles, there has never been a day Ncube’s light of inspiration was dimed. Ncube describes self-belief and having goof people around her, as a great source to help her overcome obstacles. Nyathi stated, the FAINA collection is a stepping stone for her in order to showcase her love for fashion and determination. “Looking at the pieces in my collection just bring me so much pride and admiration for my determination to remain in this career path,” she explains. “But there are days when I wanted to choose other career paths but my love for fashion and design has always remained and grown.” A successful project like FAINA has challenged Ncube to take control of the responsibilities coming her way and leading her team to success. Ms. Nyathi said her designs are unique and beautiful for every woman to feel comfortable wearing, and be proud. “It is scary though because I now have a team working with me on this brand and we need to meet targets and deadlines and its quite a huge responsibility knowing I’m leading a group of people and I need to make sure they get paid for the effort they are putting in,” she explains. For the young woman who are into dressing up and looking good, FAINA Collection offers a range and variety of style suitable for every shape and size. Nyathi said, “I am very proud of this project and I cannot wait for everyone to see it.”

8. Effuse

“I am very proud of this project and I cannot wait for everyone to see it.”





lishia Musungo born in Zimbabwe spent most of her childhood between her home city of Harare and Cape Town, South Africa before mvoing to the UK at the age of 8. She completed her A-levels at the age of 18 which she majored in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths. Alishia is part time model and has been crowned Face of the Globe Zimbabwe UK Queen, in July 2013. She has represented Zimbabwe on an international level in terms of beauty pageants. Alishia was featured in Zen Magazine as one of the Exquisite Face of the Universe representing Zimbabwe. Her passion includes helping children in orphanagess and making sure she is able to give as much of her helping hand as possible. Alishia as a christian, she believes that God put her on earth in order to help others and better the lives of other people around her.

“I trust that you are making something beautiful out of me.�


10. Effuse

AJE Film Works brings yet another music industrial worthy, music video to the visual lovers after directing MAMA for Kiss Daniel. We see a different side of the representation of Kiss Daniel and the fashion savvy that the talented artist he is. Africa’s latest music industry superstar; Kiss Daniel’s absolutely exceptional album New Era has begun to generate music videos that suit the album’s blend of cultural and new age tones. After his recent touch on his usual romantic an overly sensitive side in “Mama”, we have now been treated to a video that shows his more fashionable side and sense of culture, with a comedic undertone that touches home with everyone. The 190 seconds music video, we see a serene backdrop at first and the sort of rhythmic tune that has become tell-tale signs of his work. In this scene Kiss Daniel is face to face with his supposed lover Amaka who is with child and informing him of this. She is draped in a proper traditional Yoruba Ankara gown with a head tie to match and is bringing a sort of yin to his yang in this scene, as he is providing the new age fashion balance for the scene, wearing jean overalls and a fedora. The scene then shifts focus to the backup dancers who like his pregnant girl are all in traditional women attire with all four of them wearing a different take on the classic skirt and blouse not specific to any one tribe in Nigeria. The song continues with the common traditional sense that in order to have a child with his lover he would have to meet her parents and ask their consent for marriage. In the following scene his first attempt at an introduction ensues. He has now added a traditional feature to his look though

12. Effuse

still very much the new age long t-shirt and slim fit jeans wearing man, he added a male traditional scarf to complete his look. Amaka is however still flaunting her sense of culture, now sporting a skirt and blouse Ankara, still with the head tie, traditional beads and accessories to match. The scene however shows Kiss Daniel being frightened of by the sight of her father who appears to be a hardened man that will not be easy to win over. The further into the video we get the more Amaka’s sense of culture style begins to rub off on Kiss Daniel, as in the next scene he goes almost full Yoruba boy wearing an Agbada made from guinea fabric and traditional coral beads, however, he is yet to let go of his new age young boy dressing as underneath the Agbada he appears to be wearing long sleeve black shirt with black jeans and a pair of Gucci high tops to complete the outfit. The scene then shifts to his second attempt at an Introduction this time with Amaka’s mother. Kiss Daniel continues to add a piece of traditional flavour to a regular new age look, by placing a traditional cap as the icing on the cake that is his outfit. He is once again however unable to go through with the introduction as Amaka’s mum seems to be just as frightening as her father. In the final scene he summons up the courage and decides to finally go full on Yoruba boy for the viewers as he dawns a blue Ankara Buba and Sokoto (Shirt and Trousers). Overall the video directed by AJE Film Works is deemed to be one of the funniest videos in the AfroBeats music industry and a great representation of the Yoruba culture.



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