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Attachment showcase 2019 AL L I ED CONS T RUC T IO N PRO DUC T S , LLC Allied Hydraulic Attachments Provide Performance Under Pressure

Since 1942, Allied Construction Products has been a source of dependable and productive hydraulic breakers and vibratory compactor/drivers. All products have met the challenges of contractors and municipalities who require stronger equipment with more reliability and operating efficiency. Our Rammer® hydraulic hammers and our Ho-Pac® and SkidPac® compactors are designed to actually verify and improve your carrier ROI decisions. The concept of the high-performance boom-mounted hydraulic hammer was pioneered by Allied Construction Products in 1968. As the industry leader, Allied’s boom-mounted hydraulic breakers combine performance, efficiency and reliability. Allied Rammer® brand hydraulic breakers are designed for the hardest of jobs using advanced hydraulics and the latest technology. Rammer hydraulic hammers are powerful, durable and cost-effective. Ideal for breaking oversize ALLIEDCP.COM | 800-321-1046 boulders, slag removal, tunneling, open pit mining, secondary breaking and trenching, Rammer has a hammer to fit your carrier, from compact to large, with working weights as high as 15,430 lbs. Ho-Pac® and Skid-Pac® compactor/drivers save time and money and increase your job productivity by expanding the versatility of your equipment and eliminating the need for special-purpose machines, such as walkbehind plate compactors or ride-on rollers. Not only can you use the attachment to compact soil on the job site, but, depending on model, it can also be used to drive pilings, aluminum sea walls, wood and steel sheeting, beams, pipe and posts. Allied Construction Products pioneered Faced with a tough job, only the toughest tools will the concept of a boommounted vibratory do. Allied’s line of Rammer® and Hy-Ram® hydraulic c o m p a c t o r /driver breakers and Ho-Pac® and Skid-Pac® compactor with the invention of drivers deliver heavy-duty features and rugged the Ho-Pac® in 1965. functionality. Each is backed by Allied’s 77 years of Initially conceived as impact in the industry. You get greater production, a backhoe-mounted longer working life, and robust performance. Get attachment, today’s Ho-Pac line is the toughest tools with proven advantages. comprised of many models designed to be mounted on a variety of carriers including miniexcavators, rubber-tired backhoes, excavators and even trenchers with a backhoe attachment. Allied Skid-Pac® models mount on a skid steer and use the same technology as the Ho-Pac line.

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Attachment showcase 2019 AMI ATTACHMENTS INC . The AMI Graptor Bucket for Excavators and Loader Backhoes

The AMI Attachments Graptor Bucket is the only integrated thumb bucket powered by a helical actuator, producing up to 54,000 foot-pounds of torque at 3000 psi. Holding strength like this maintains constant grip on the load throughout the bucket’s entire rotation. This makes the Graptor Bucket perfect for handling large, heavy objects or grabbing bucketfuls of debris. Since the thumb is part of the attachment, the Graptor keeps its grip throughout the entire rotation. Just clamp and roll – it’s that easy. Starting with AMI’s heavy duty digging bucket made with Hardox and Strenx structural steel, aggressive serrated sidebars are added, or choose optional bolt-on side cutters. The Graptor Bucket is available for most sizes of excavator and comes with AMI Attachments’ two-year limited warranty. AMI Attachments Inc. is an industry-leading North American manufacturer of high-quality, reliable attachments for excavators, backhoes, wheel loaders and other heavy construction equipment. With a head office and manufacturing facility in Ontario, west of Toronto in the Region of Waterloo, AMI Attachments serves the heavy equipment attachment market across Canada and the United States. For more information about the Graptor Bucket, visit

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Attachment showcase 2019 A NTRAQUIP C O RPO RAT IO N Antraquip continues to lead the North American market with its full line of excavator attachments focused on mechanized cutting of rock, concrete and asphalt. Antraquip’s attachment division, which manufactures exclusively at its Maryland facility, includes drum cutters, patch planers, diamond saws, carbide rock wheels (saws), and customized soil mixers that are available in models to fit onto excavators ranging from 1 to 125 ton. Primary applications include the following: Trenching, Scaling, Rock Excavation, Mining, Tunneling, Demolition, Soil Mixing, Underwater Rock and Concrete Excavation, Scarifying One of the main developments in the Antraquip drum cutter line (also known as grinders, hydraulic cutters, roadheaders, etc.) has been the continued and growing success of its utilization in hard rock applications. After careful consultation with Antraquip’s experienced sales force and engineers, AQ cutters have been used for large pipelines (trenching), tunneling, and foundation excavation projects, all in hard rock exceeding compressive strength of 20,000 psi. The AQ-6, for example, is the largest and most powerful drum cutter worldwide, with peak power output of 540 hp and torque of up to 99,600 ft. lbs. Power alone, however, does not enable long-term successful utilization. The biggest difference between AQ cutters and those of the competitors is the rugged gearbox design and robust drums (heads), all manufactured in-house, which maximize the production rate but also withstand the most brutal conditions encountered in the diverse rock formations of the U.S. and Canada. This high level of engineering is integrated into all Antraquip attachments, whether for an AQ-1 to fit a mini excavator, or a massive AQ-6 going on a 100-ton carrier. Please contact Antraquip today at +1-301-665-1165 or email Additional information, including videos and job stories, is available on the website: EXPERIENCED, INNOVATIVE & RELIABLE

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Attachment showcase 2019 AUGER T O RQUE US A Whether you’re tackling overgrown ditches, low-level vegetation or whole tree removal, Auger Torque’s variable mulcher attachments offer the ideal solution with perfect results. Suitable for excavators and skid steer loaders, the variable mulcher provides working widths of 40 or 60 inches and has the unique feature of being able to change the whole tooth drum in addition to individual teeth, saving a lot of time in the process. Additional features include a hinged cover to contain debris and allow easy access to the tooth drum, a low-profile design for ultimate visibility, a robust motor, and a gearbox concealing gears and bearings to prevent dust and dirt ingress. With solid steel construction, it’s capable of tackling the most rigorous mulching jobs. The variable mulcher is part of the Auger Torque landscaping range of attachments that includes stump planers, log splitters, hedge trimmers, sweeper brooms and more. At Auger Torque we do things a bit differently – which is a good thing. When you partner with us, you’ll get exceptional quality products at competitive prices delivered on time and backed by an industry-leading warranty. To start your Auger Torque experience and learn more, visit

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Attachment showcase 2019 BREAK ER T ECHNO LO GY, IN C. ( BT I) At Breaker Technology (BTI) we believe a winning team is built through honesty, loyalty and teamwork. Our extensive breaker and demolition product line, dedicated support, and profit program ensure you’re winning more deals to grow your business. We are the rock-breaking expert in the construction, demolition, quarrying and mining industries throughout North America. We offer 15 different hydraulic breaker models in three size classifications: small, mid-size and large, and a full line of hydraulic demolition attachments as well as hydraulic plate compactors. For nearly 60 years, we’ve been helping companies power their productivity and break into profitability. Experience has taught us that information and partnerships, combined with highquality equipment, provide great results. BTI works with you to fine-tune selections, ensuring you’re getting the right equipment for the job. Visit for our full line of available attachments.

CRAI G M ANUFAC T URIN G LT D. Craig Manufacturing, a leading North American manufacturer of heavy construction equipment attachments, has attachments in stock at four locations across North America! Visit to review our complete online listing of attachments we have available for quick turn-around. Contact the Craig Customer Support Center today at 1-800-565-5007 to place your order now and get the attachments you need faster.

EPIRO C The Epiroc CC 3100 Combi Cutter is a robust, multi-purpose machine offering low noise, low vibration operation for practically any kind of primary demolition work. Epiroc Combi Cutters increase efficiency due to the multiple jaw sets that can be kept on-site and changed in 30 minutes or less. Combi Cutters are optimal for demolition sites with multiple different material types to be crushed, cut or pulverized. Optional jaw sets include: • Universal Version (U) for crushing concrete. This jaw set has blades in the back of the jaw for cutting rebar. • Steel cutting version (S) set for cutting structural steel. • Pulverizer version (P) for crushing and separating concrete and masonry from steel. Designed for carriers in the 20-30 ton (44,000 – 66,000 lbs) and 25-40 ton (55,000 – 88,000 lbs) operating weight classes respectively, the CC 2300 and CC 3100 offer a productive combination of short cycle times, easy handling and simple maintenance. For more information, visit

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Attachment showcase 2019 CO N N ECT WO RK T O O LS Connect Work Tools Attachments

Connect Work Tools in Superior, Wisconsin, offers premium hydraulic attachments for the demolition industry. With 90,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, along with sales, service, manufacturing, and engineering teams, we are prepared to support the products we sell. A history of exceptional service, plus experience in engineering and manufacturing, has customers raving about Connect Work Tools. The CH Series is a line of breakers for every market. The CH Small Series are productive tools that handle extreme projects in the utility and municipal markets. The robust structure and optimized power-to-weight ratio of the CH Medium Series make them an excellent choice for trenching and excavation projects in non-residential areas, as well as rock quarry production. The CH Large Series are engineered for demolition projects, primary excavation and quarry, tunneling, and underwater applications. Compared to conventional blasting techniques, the CH large series allow for more accurate and controlled breaking and demolition. Parts and rebuild services are available, for the Allied AR Series breakers as well. The CC Compactor Series comes in five sizes with specially designed rubber isolators and a hydraulic motor case drain that requires no additional return line or hose. The CRG Grapple Series comes in four different sizes with 360 hydraulic rotation and bolt-on/reversible cutting edges. The CWP Pulverizers have a crushing tooth plate which can quickly switch the crushing teeth, reducing downtime and the need for parent material buildup and hard surfacing. All models include a rotation kit that can change the pulverizer from non-rotating to rotating in the service shop, eliminating the need to purchase several different units. Do our attachments complement your current lines? For more information or to learn about dealer opportunities, please visit or call us at 920-238-6657.

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to get jobs done crg series

cWP series cc series cH series

hydraulic attachments for the demolition industry Contact us for dealer opportunities CED - Construction Equipment Distrbution AED 2019.indd 1

PH: 920-238-6657

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Attachment showcase 2019 DI GGA N O RT H AM ERICA Digga manufactures a wide range of construction-grade machinery attachments such as auger drives, trenchers, auger bits, sweepers and pallet forks for skid steer loaders, tractors, excavators, mini loaders and telehandlers – all supported by its North American facility in Dyersville, Iowa. Headquartered in Australia, with another facility in the UK, as well as 38 years of manufacturing experience, in-house engineering, production and the latest manufacturing equipment, Digga’s products excel in their quality, durability and performance. In January, Digga North America launched new sweeper attachments in two variations: angle broom and bucket broom. They have been designed and manufactured for industrial, municipal or road construction purposes. They are easy to attach and ideal for sweeping job sites of dirt and debris as well as snow. Both brooms feature a direct motor drive and an easy-change brush core, allowing for simple operation and maintenance. The units were specifically designed to provide a quick return on investment for the rental industry due to high product reliability, fast shipment and easy maintenance. The Digga Sweeper Angle Broom features 72”, 84” and 96” widths with a poly or poly-wire brush system and manual or hydraulic 30-degree right and left angles. The floating design allows for ease of use in undulating conditions, with an optional heavy-duty front caster for better brush wear control. The Digga Sweeper Bucket Broom features 60”, 72” and 84” widths with a poly or poly-wire brush system. A replaceable cutting edge helps cut loose caked-on mud, while the sweeper’s bristles deposit dirt and debris over the brush inside the container, which can be dumped when full. The broom is typically used while driving forward for increased operational safety and comes with an optional side gutter broom and water spray system for dust mitigation. ESCO excavator buckets can be ordered with a matched thumb in either hydraulic or rigid style. Our thumbs are precision-made with premium grade T-1 plate in all critical components to provide excellent performance and durability. All ESCO hydraulic thumbs come with full hardware kits for installation. The advanced PosiGrab® hydraulic coupler was developed to increase productivity and optimize site safety. Our coupler is a top choice for construction professionals. Precision-manufactured to exacting standards, our coupler is engineered to reduce stress points for improved machine performance. The PosiGrab coupler will pick up attachments in the same machine weight class for increased machine versatility. The unique coupler design features mechanically engaged locks in both the front and rear of the coupler that remain locked independently through the full working cycle. The natural position is locked; it only opens using forced hydraulic pressure. All attachment pick-up and release actions are done without leaving the safety of the cab, including visual confirmation that the front and rear locking mechanisms are properly engaged. For more information on ESCO Attachments, please contact us at 800-446-3726.

Contact: Doug Amerman,

ES CO C O RPO RAT IO N ESCO Attachments – Top Choice for Tough Applications ESCO delivers a full line of excavator attachments developed to meet the demanding needs of contractors, rental customers and quarry operators – especially in the toughest applications. In addition to offering a complete line of valueadded construction attachments, ESCO’s dedicated staff will ensure your equipment operates efficiently while achieving maximum productivity and profitability. The comprehensive bucket offering ranges from standard-duty ditch and clean-out buckets to heavy-duty options to extreme-duty buckets with full wear protection for severe abrasion and impact conditions. All tooth-style buckets come standard with ESCO’s market-leading Ultralok® tooth system for exceptional performance. ESCO excavator buckets can be ordered with a matched thumb in either hydraulic or rigid style. Our thumbs are precision-made with premium grade T-1 plate in all critical components to provide excellent performance and durability. All ESCO hydraulic thumbs come with full hardware kits for installation. The advanced PosiGrab® hydraulic coupler was developed to increase productivity and optimize site safety. Our coupler is a top choice for construction professionals. Precision-manufactured to exacting standards, our coupler is engineered to reduce stress points for improved machine performance. The PosiGrab coupler will pick up attachments in the same machine weight class for increased machine versatility. The unique coupler design features mechanically engaged locks in both the front and rear of the coupler that remain locked independently through the full working cycle. The natural position is locked; it only opens using forced hydraulic pressure. All attachment pick-up and release actions are done without leaving the safety of the cab, including visual confirmation that the front and rear locking mechanisms are properly engaged. For more information on ESCO Attachments, please contact us at 800-446-3726.

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Attachment showcase 2019 FAE US A, IN C. The RC series, rock-grinding attachments are for all types of excavators and are unstoppable. Tested in the most challenging environments and praised by our customers, these fixed-tooth hydraulic rock-crushing machines are capable of cutting through hard rock quickly and efficiently. This equipment is widely used in road construction, underground utility work, tunneling, trenching, mining, quarrying, the oil & gas industry, and much more. High-productivity combined with minimal noise and vibrations, make RC series a must-have rock grinding attachment for various applications.

Contact: Giorgio Carerar,

GEIT H Geith heavy-duty digging buckets have a robust design with a deep profile to increase overall capacity. By maximizing material handling capacity with each lift cycle, Geith buckets give operators a big productivity advantage. These buckets have a number of features that provide a uniquely high level of durability and reliability for demanding work. Some features of Geith buckets include the following: • A reinforced diamond-folded top section for greater strength • Reduced weight with high-quality, abrasion-resistant material • Standard high-strength side wear plates and bottom wear straps • Mounting brackets that meet or exceed OEM specifications Geith heavy-duty digging buckets have a dual radius design to ensure less resistance while digging. The dual radius also reduces wear and tear on the bucket and extends its overall lifespan. Another critical feature of Geith heavy-duty digging buckets is the overlapping plate. This overlap provides critical strength to areas that endure the most stress during challenging digging and material handling. By reducing the overall stress on the bucket, operators can expect high performance in all digging conditions and long bucket life. For a bucket to work at an optimal level, it needs to precisely match its excavator – Geith buckets do just that. They are available for 11- to 85-ton excavators, with a variety of widths, capacities and tooth options to match every customer need. These heavy-duty digging buckets are also available with a bolt-on cutting edge. Made stronger, designed to work harder, and engineered to fit perfectly on your excavator. There are buckets, and there are Geith buckets. Find your heavy-duty digging bucket at

Contact: Jane Wu,

30 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | July 2019


ON EARTH. Geith attachments are made stronger, designed to work harder, and engineered to fit perfectly on your excavator. There are buckets, and then there are Geith buckets. See what we are made of at 2905 Shawnee Industrial Way, Suwanee, GA 30024 T. 866-563-5890 E. Geith and the Geith logo are trademarks of Geith International Limited.

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ENGINEERED fluid power


PERFORMANCE Contact HKX to learn more about increasing your machine’s capabilities.  Standard kits for a wide variety of attachments  Upgradeable designs for scalable solutions  Latest in attachment control technology  Conversion and Add- on kits  Custom design and specialty applications  Fast shipping - standard kits within a week!

1 800.493.5487 Ad_template.indd 2 6/18/2018 8:41:15 AM

Attachment showcase 2019 HKX, INC . HKX, Inc. is the leader in aftermarket hydraulic kit solutions for excavators sized from 5-150 metric tons. HKX offers a wide range of kits to fit nearly any application on nearly any excavator. From a basic hydraulic thumb kit to full tool carrier machine conversions, HKX kits provide support for a wide range of attachments including demolition applications, forestry tools, steel shears, concrete crushers, hydraulic hammers, plate compactors, pile drivers, material handling equipment and nearly any other excavator mounted tool available. HKX kits are engineered to install quickly, work seamlessly with existing OEM machine systems and monitors and perform better than competing OEM or other aftermarket products. Contact HKX today and learn how our products can add value and versatility to your excavators. Phone: 1(800)493-5487 or

Contact: Robert Burnett,

I NDEC O N O RT H AM ERICA The new IMH Series of hydraulically-driven, boom-mounted mulching heads from Indeco North America are specifically designed for a broad range of land clearing, site preparation, invasive vegetation species management, storm damage removal and clean-up applications. Tailored to fit a wide range of carriers from 5 to 45 tons, the IMH series is available in eight direct-drive and belt-driven highperformance models and features HARDOX® components and bodies for optimal service life and lasting reliability. Achieving greater productivity and cost-efficiency than a dedicated crew of workers with chainsaws and chippers, Indeco mulching heads fully leverage your existing equipment investments. Features/Benefits: Fits a wide range of carriers | Direct drive and belt-driven models available | Single piece shaft and severe duty bearings for maximum reliability | Unique tooth design for optimal cutting | Interchangeable mounting brackets for any excavator application | Environmentally-Friendly Process | Single Man/Machine Operation for Reduced Processing Costs | Can be Used on Multiple Machines

K-T EC EART HM O V ERS IN C Using a contractor’s existing 500+HP tractor as the power unit, K-Tec offers two effective attachments, combined into the Earthmoving Support Tractor (EST); the K-Tec Ox Block, and K-Tec Tricerabox. On the front of the EST, the K-Tec Ox Block is a pusher block designed for efficiently push-loading scrapers for increased capacity to improve productivity. The Ox Block has automatic cushion-push technology to reduce strain on operators and equipment. The tractor is quicker to return to the cut in time to push the next scraper, compared to crawler dozers. The K-Tec Tricerabox is a 14’ wide box blade that is mounted to the 3-point hitch on the rear of the EST, engineered to engage the ground and manipulate soil. The three functions of the Tricerabox include the leveling blade pulling material forwards, ripper teeth sinking down into the soil, and blade backwards for pushing dozing material. For more information, visit July 2019 | Construction Equipment Distribution | | 33

Attachment showcase 2019 L EA DI NG EDGE AT TAC HM EN T S , INC . The Leading Edge Attachments Inc.® patented Multi-Ripper family of excavator and backhoe ripper buckets and tools, offered specifically for rip and load applications, can replace hammers, blasting, and rock trenchers at a fraction of the cost. Manufactured in the USA and constructed of Hardox® 400 Swedish alloy steel, the Multi-Ripper family of tools includes the Multi-Ripper, the Multi-Ripper Bucket, the Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket, the Talon BucketTM, the Multi-DigNRipTM Bucket and the V-Raptor BucketTM. These products utilize the SHARC (SHanks on an ARC) technology designed so that high-strength ripping teeth rip the rock one tooth at a time, so that when the bucket is rolled, the result is like that of a trencher. These tools are easy on the machine because the forces move evenly from one tooth to the next. The back of the bucket is shaped to conform to the arc of the rippers, preventing premature bottom wear.

eading dge ttachments, Inc. ®

Contact: Lee Horton,

Multiply Your Money!

with the award winning excavator rock ripping


Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket ®

Multi-DigNRip Bucket (sequential frontshanks on back)

Rips the sides and bottom of the trench flat with no depth limitation Increases the ripping ability of a machine by two class sizes

also see our “Talon Bucket” our “V-Raptor Bucket” and our “Stag Bucket”

6 to 9 times the force of a standard bucket



4 times faster than a hammer


“SHanks on an ARC" technology

Hardox 400 construction - Available for all excavators and backhoes - Made in USA

eading dge

"Leader in Excavator Rock Ripping Attachments"

ttachments, ® Inc. 508-829-4855

Operators Claim: "the best attachment I ever bought!"

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M3 METALMECCANICAMODERNA SRL The GRADERBLADE is able to transform your Skid Steer Loader in a perfect grading machine, keeping the full ability to use its blade as a DOZER. Thanks to the possibility to rise the front wheels you can instantaneously operate as a DOZER whenever you need to move more material or you need all the POWER of an oversized blade. Keeping the self-floating wheels on the ground and operating the attachment with its laser, you can obtain the maximum PRECISION of a GRADER. A real dual use attachment, able to make you work better in total safety, saving money and time.

Attachment showcase 2019 MAGN UM AT TAC HM EN T S , INC . Magnum Attachments Inc. is a progressive and leading distributor of hydraulic attachments in North America, and we are proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary. At the core of our business are our hydraulic hammers and plate compactors. All hammers offer a conditional three-year warranty and have a fully enclosed box design, minimizing hammer maintenance and reducing noise. Our largest hammer, the Magnum 395, has an operating weight of 22,200 lbs. and a chisel diameter of 9.65 inches, and is well suited for an approximately 90-ton carrier. Fourteen different hammer models are available to accommodate all sizes of carriers. The Magnum plate compactors come in five different sizes; the smallest is the RHP 15, which is ideal for narrow trench work mounted on a 3-7 ton mini excavator. The largest in the compactor product range is the RHP 60, a unit that has been specifically designed for the 30-ton carrier class and delivers an incredible 38,140 lbs. of impulse force. In addition to hammers and plate compactors, Magnum offers processing buckets, shears, sorting grapples and pulverizers. For more information, please contact us at www. or call 1-877-640-2862.

Contact: Doug O’Malley,



STANLEY Infrastructure is proud to offer a world class selection of attachment tools. With industry leading brands like JRB, LaBounty, Sweepster, Pengo, STANLEY and more we are constantly pursuing new opportunities for innovation, and are committed to delivering the quality and performance our users expect and deserve. Visit our website for more information on any of our brands or products or contact us at 1800-549-0517

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Attachment showcase 2019 MB CRUS HERS AM ERIC A The first bucket crusher in the world was produced and patented by MB in 2001. Today, it continues to be the most popular model for medium- to large-sized companies. It is designed to eliminate material friction in the loading phase and to resist even the most difficult on-site conditions. The BF90.3 is extremely compact and versatile. It has been improved and enhanced over the years to accommodate all crushing operations. Even in the harshest scenarios, the BF90.3 maintains its high level of performance, working with any type of inert material. Renewed and improved over the years, the BF90.3 is suitable for excavators of more than 46,000 pounds in weight. It is compact and versatile, great for road work, pipelines, demolition, and excavation. Despite its size and weight compared to the larger models, it achieves a productivity rate of 53.6 cycles per hour.

Contact: Max Ravazzolo,

36 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | July 2019

Attachment showcase 2019 M BW INC . MBW Inc.’s MVW11 is an 11-inch vibratory wheel attachment for mini-excavators. It offers contractors two important advantages: versatility and increased productivity. The MVW11 vibratory wheel functions well in 12-inch and wider trenches, keeps operators out of the trench, is ruggedly built and will attach to any mini-excavator in the 7,000- to 14,000-pound weight range with the appropriate adapter.

Contact: Andy Multerer,





MBW.COM 03/19 Copyright © MBW Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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Attachment showcase 2019 M O NTABERT With a tool diameter of almost 7.5 inches and a breaker operating weight of over 12,000 pounds, the V65 hydraulic rock breaker can take apart any job it takes on. It can carry between 45 and 75 tons and can reach up to 950 bpm in frequency. Like all Montabert hydraulic rock breakers, the V65 has a standard automated greasing system and up to 15 frequency speeds. Some features of Montabert premium hydraulic rock breakers: • Automatic frequency adjustment that changes based on the ground’s hardness, ensuring a perfect blow every time. • An energy recovery system that captures the recoil for the next blow. It converts each piston bounceback into speed, allowing for more productivity on the job site. • A super-heavy-duty housing that keeps the power cell in a fully suspended and soundproofed cradle. It prevents cracks on the excavator boom and breaker housing and allows low sound levels. It’s made of high-resistant steel with rock-dragging teeth. • Blank firing protection to help prevent damage to critical internal components and increase the overall breaker performance. • •

Secured hydraulic connections that increase machine lifespan and reduce the breakage of HP and BP hoses connected to the breaker. Optimal greasing systems that are available for each job and configuration. These greasing solutions guarantee the breaker will never run out of grease. These operator-friendly attachments are made to work and ready to deliver perfect results with less of your precious time. Montabert uses only world-class processes, high-quality raw materials, and the best steels to offer maximum quality and reliability. Breakers also include a full set of inspection tools that help you perform all essential checks. With 120 Montabert dealers across the nation, demanding operators can find a powerful hydraulic breaker for breakthrough productivity. Find your Montabert breaker at 

NPK CONS T RUC T IO N EQUIPM ENT IN C. NPK material processors are some the most versatile demolition attachments in the industry. With three interchangeable jaw sets available, they’re an efficient solution for concrete, steel and rebar processing, building and bridge demolition, and recycling. On-the-job processing reduces material volume, cutting down the number of trips required to haul material away. Additionally, using interchangeable jaws is far more economical than purchasing separate attachments for each application. • G Jaw – Concrete pulverizer with bolt-on replaceable tooth plates • K Jaw – Demolition shears with replaceable piercing tips • S Jaw – Concrete cracker NPK’s exclusive integral hydraulic intensifier system boosts power and reduces cycle time, thus increasing the power-to-weight ratio. The powerful crushing forces increase when jaws meet resistance as the intensifier converts flow to pressure. Competitive cylinder systems need larger cylinders to equal the force developed by the more compact NPK intensifier system. A rugged design leads to a trouble-free, extended life for NPK material processors. • Manufactured from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel • Reinforced shields protect cylinder rods • Full 360° power rotation NPK offers four models of varying sizes that pair with carriers ranging from 20 to 55 tons. Dedicated mounting kits, designed in-house, ensure that units match up exactly to the measurements of your carrier’s make and model. Use the “Attachment Wizard” page at to determine which model best suits your carrier. With over 350 professionally staffed distributor outlets conveniently located to serve your needs, it is no wonder NPK is a leader in excavatormounted hydraulic attachments. Visit the “Find a Dealer” page to locate the dealer nearest to you.

Contact: Jessica Tyrrell, 38 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | July 2019


Montabert breakers sense the hardness of material, adapting their power and strike frequency to deliver just the right amount of energy. You get the best possible performance every time, without all the wear and tear.

See our attachments in action!

Follow us on social media for regular updates from Montabert! 40 Pennwood Place Warrendale, PA 15086 866-588-8690

Engineering Innovation since 1921

Montabert and the Montabert logo are registered trademarks of Montabert S.A.S. in the United States and various countries around the world.

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Attachment showcase 2019 OKADA AM ERIC A, INC . Okada America’s trommel bucket separates C&D debris out of soil and sand, gravel and aggregates out of soil, nonflammable material from ashes and incinerators, and stones out of excavated material. Okada trommel buckets are the result of decades of field experience and a long-standing record of leadership in the industry. Four trommel buckets (Models TMB30, TMB50, TMB70 and TMB120), ranging in operating weight from 1,325 to 6,174 pounds, provide a broad range of padding, screening and reclaiming solutions for your carrier. The four models vary from .7 cubic yards to 3.2 cubic yards. Key features: • Unique built-in flow-control valve provides smooth operation • Reduced noise and vibration • Lightweight but heavy-duty frame structure • Screened debris includes soil, garbage and various objects • Front support for heavy loads The compact design and tough frame structure of the Okada trommel bucket (TMB) make this attachment lightweight and easy to operate. A built-in control valve regulates flow and pressure to the TMB, eliminating the need for costly plumbing on the carrier excavator. A double-acting single pump flow kit used to run a thumb, crusher or shear is all that is needed to achieve two-way rotation. The in-body control valves allow the drum rotation speed to be fine-tuned for smooth operation in a variety of applications. Okada America Inc. is a leader in innovative construction product technology. Through more than 200 U.S. and Canadian distributors, Okada offers a complete line of excavator, loader/backhoe, skid-steer, track loader and mini-excavator mounted attachments including screening buckets, breakers (TOP Series and ORV Series), crushers, demolition shears, pulverizers, processors, grapples and compactors (OAC Series).

Contact: James Brown,

OKADA. ON THE JOB. DOING THE JOB. Carriers prefer demolition attachments made by Okada America, Inc. Okada’s demolition attachments expand the versatility of the excavator, mini-excavator, loader/ backhoe, skid-steer and track loader carriers. Okada has a wide variety of attachments. Breakers. Demolition Shears. Crushers. Pulverizers. Processors. Grapples. Compactors. Screening Buckets. These attachments are precision-engineered, productive and dependable. For the name of the Okada Distributor nearest you, call 1-800-270-0600. Okada. On the job. Doing the job.

12950 SE Highway 212 Clackamas, Oregon 97015

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Attachment showcase 2019 RO AD WIDENER, LLC Road Widener LLC is a Wisconsin manufacturer of one-of-a-kind road maintenance attachments for road widening, shoulder rehabilitation, asphalt, and backfilling. The FH-R laydown attachment has recently been awarded as a “Top 30 Asphalt Paving Product” by an industry leading publication. The company recently launched the safest compaction roller on the market with the Offset Vibe Roller, which allows operators to keep their wheels on the ground while compacting off to the side. Both attachments have changed the way contractors, municipalities and DOT’s maintain surfaces. Road Widener LLC has a complete dealer network throughout North America and Australia. Please visit them at:

RO CKLAN D M ANUFAC T URIN G Turn concrete and rebar into recyclable, profitable materials with the new Rockland Concrete Pulverizer. It’s simple, it’s powerful, and available for both pin-on and coupler configurations! Installation is easy. Pin it on in place of a bucket and utilize your excavator’s curl cylinder to generate crushing power. No additional hydraulics or valves make it an effective alternative to hammers, wrecking balls, and other traditional demolition tools. The open frame design minimizes material impaction and allows crushed material to fall through. AR400 and AR500 plate jaws pivot on a heavy duty, heat-treated pivot pin supported by heavy-duty bushings. Specify a 3 over 4 jaw configuration for greater crushing force on thicker material, or a 4 over 5 jaw for finer material output. Additional hard facing, four position ripper shank, and other options are available. For more information on any of Rockland’s 185 products, please call 800-458-3773, e-mail, or visit

RO T O T ILT INC . Thirty years ago in Sweden, a product was born that would change an entire industry. Rototilt® now celebrates a decade since the establishment of our own dedicated North American company based in Ontario, Canada. “It has been an incredible journey to promote a product that totally transforms excavators and how they work,” says Gerry Mallory, general manager at Rototilt. Although the tiltrotator concept is still relatively new to many in North America, contractors in the Nordic countries consider it standard equipment. 1. “When we introduced Rototilt® in North America in the late ’90s, many people thought it was a product only for special applications or light-duty work. We worked hard to convince contractors of the tremendous time and labor savings with a Rototilt® machine and why it was standard equipment in Northern Europe – but it wasn’t easy,” says Mallory. Interest and sales grew, and in 2007 a decision was made to have a dedicated North American Rototilt daughter company to service and support the Canadian and U.S. markets. Rototilt Inc. was established in May 2018 in Brantford, Ontario, and now has an extensive inventory of tiltrotators, accessory attachments, and spare parts. 2. One of the challenges was to get our customers to tell others about how the tiltrotator changed their way of working and made their operations so much more efficient. It was such a big advantage against their competitors that they were very hesitant to share! The past 30 years have been characterized by innovation. Not just with the tiltrotator and its peripheral systems, but with how it can develop new opportunities for the construction industry. Rototilt’s vision is “One Rototilt® on each excavator.” With our world-leading product quality and durability and our proven product support in North America, we are well positioned for the growing demand.

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Transform Your Excavator Into an Efficient, Multi-Functional Tool Carrier

DISCOVER WHAT ROTOTILT® CAN DO FOR YOU Backed by over 30 years of experience, Rototilt® transforms your excavator and backhoe, old or new, into a job site moneymaker. With 400 tilt and 3600 rotation, you can expedite more jobs efficiently, work within confined spaces and increase safety on the job site with reduced manpower. Rototilt® grows your business. From general excavating to back filling, grading and anything you can think of... Rototilt® does it all, generating tremendous time and labour savings with increased profitability. See Rototilt® at work, and listen to what our customers say at or go to Contact us at: (519) 754-2195

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Attachment showcase 2019 SEPPI USA Many years ago, SEPPI M. launched its series of universal mulchers and forestry tillers, to let a single device perform several tasks. The relatively new model, Midisoil dt, is one of the smallest of its kind and is meant for 100 to 170 hp tractors. Due to key functional enhancements, this model eases the workload and lets many customers economize. This versatile forestry tiller and stone crusher is available in several working widths, ranging from 69 to 98 inches (175 to 250 cm). It has a new drive system, which makes work even simpler and more efficient. It tills the soil to a depth of 10 inches (25 cm), crushes stones and grinds wood. The working speed, depending on the application, ranges from 0 to 1.2 mph. A tractor with CVT/ IVT transmission is recommended. The Midisoil dt differs from classical wood mulchers or stone crushers in that it has a new gearbox with two-speed transmission. This makes it possible to use a higher rotor speed for wood and a slower speed for rocks and soil. This provides more torque and ensures better work with a lesser consumption of power, whether mulching wood (at a higher speed) or crushing stones and soil (at a lower speed), according to the manufacturer. Further features include: • Lightweight construction – housing with replaceable Hardox wearplates • High performance with minimal power consumption, due to lightweight construction • Hydraulically adjustable hood • Adjustable blow bar and crushing grid for determining the degree of crushing • ISO three-point rear linkage category 2, central fixed • Hydraulic compacting roller The Midisoil dt can be an efficient tool for many applications: tilling wasteland and rocky farmland, renewing forest roads and ski slopes, renewing farmland and other green areas, cleaning the forest after harvesting, maintaining right-of-ways, preparing building sites and much more.

Patented rotor with tungsten carbide tipped hammers for long lasting durability. ■ Mulches wood up to 10” Watch it run!

■ For excavators up to 30 metric ton

We at SEPPI M. USA believe in: ■ Dealers, know customers best ■ Providing unique products ■ Providing higher margins ■ Superior product support Get the facts! Become a Seppi dealer! Call +1 513-443-6339 ■

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Attachment showcase 2019 S IM EX S RL Designed for separating different-sized materials on the work site, Simex VSE screening buckets are unique for their easy loading, very simple operation and high productivity. The exclusive Simex patent allows rapid adjustment of output size of the screened material in only seconds via a control in the operator cabin. Effective with wet material, easily replaceable screening tools.

SO O S AN US A, IN C. For over 35 years, Soosan has been recognized as a world leader in the design, manufacture and after-sales support of hydraulic hammers. Soosan offers a complete range of hydraulic breakers for skid and track loaders, mini-excavators and full-size excavators ranging from 250 to 16,000 ft-lb classes. All hammers are built with reliability and performance and are supported by a strong team of industry professionals based in Chicago. Soosan also manufactures surface blast hole drills designed to drill holes from 2.5 to 4.5 inches in diameter. Featuring a powerful and reliable drifter, Soosan drills offer a high penetration rate and reliable performance for both quarry and construction applications. For more information, please view our website:

S T EELWRIS T, INC . Steelwrist is today the fastest growing manufacturer of tiltrotators and quick couplers in the world. A determined focus on robust and modern products, combined with fast service has been appreciated by an increasing number of customers. The core of the Steelwrist product offering includes quick couplers and tiltrotators. Regardless if you need a safe and robust quick coupler or the most efficient tiltrotator we have the solution for you. Did you know that you can increase your productivity by up to 35% using a tiltrotator on your excavator? A tiltrotator eliminates the need to re-position the excavator leading to increased productivity as well as a safer job site. The improved productivity also has a direct impact on your return on investment, and time savings can quickly pay for the initial investment of the tiltrotator.

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Attachment showcase 2019 SU RES T RIKE INT ERN AT IO N AL, INC . Surestrike mechanical breakers are the simple, low-cost and dependable solution for breaking materials such as oversize rock, slag, concrete and in-ground rock. The Surestrike team of experienced industry professionals, including owners and operators, have developed a line of mechanical impact hammers that effectively break material without the use of drop balls or high-frequency hydraulic hammers. Surestrike impact breakers have been successfully used to break the hardest rocks, such as granite, iron ore, basalt and fieldstone, for over two decades. Softer rocks, such as gypsum and limestone, are easily broken without the tools becoming stuck. Surestrike impact hammers have the power to effectively break slag and steel. Concrete is easily demolished, and the high single-blow impact energy causes the rebar or reinforcement wire to be separated from the concrete, eliminating costly secondary steps.





The SS Series single blow high impact energy is more economical, without the high frequency vibrations, minimizing damage to the: Excavator pins, Excavator bushings and Excavator stick. Models ranging from 25,000 foot-pounds striking force all the way up to 150,000 foot-pounds of striking force.

Contact: Jock Voetzke Aggregate


Steel & Industrial



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Attachment showcase 2019 TERAN IN DUS T RIES , INC . Featuring model BKT39091HDX SEVERE DUTY BUCKET with HARDOX Steel for Caterpillar® 390 mass excavation with “JC” linkage, designed with reinforcement plates, side wear plates, heel shrouds, lip protectors, four side protectors, and J800 tips with a more robust design than that of heavy duty buckets. Our series of buckets for mining are designed to provide the best possible performance in the most severe operating environments. Teran Industries offers the widest range and most complete inventory of attachments, from 1-ton mini excavators to 90-ton massive excavators, in addition to wheel loaders and backhoe machines. We have the capability to custom-build any attachment for any machine. “THE RIGHT ATTACHMENT FOR THE RIGHT JOB AT THE RIGHT PRICE”®

Contact: Carlos Teran,

TO KU AM ERICA, IN C. Striker hydraulic breakers by Toku America Inc. are exceptional hydraulic attachments that produce industry-leading impact energy, while also increasing overall productivity. Models from 100 to 12,000 all have patented, accumulator-free technology. This exclusive built-in system removes pressure spikes and allows the breaker to have significantly fewer parts, less downtime, and less overall operation cost. Models from 100 to 1,000 can be interchanged between multiple machines with an easy-to-use pin



Compacto rs Breakers, , and Compacti on Wheels.

and bushing kit system. This system allows one hammer to be used in an abundant number of applications and allows the breaker to be almost universal based on machine class. The larger model striker breakers, 1,500 to 12,000, come standard in silenced box housings, which reduces overall decibels on-site. Housings also reduce overall vibration and help reduce wear on the machine. To learn more, visit

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Midwest Location

8693 NW 70th St, Miami, FL 33166

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PH (305) 594 - 4700

Fax (786) 749 - 2682 Exclusive manufacturers of














The Right Attachment for the Right Job at the Right Price® The names and logos Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, John Deere®, Volvo® or any other original equipment manufacturers are registered trademarks of the respective original equipment manufacturers. All descriptions, numbers and symbols are used for reference purposes only. Teran Industries, Inc. is not affiliated with the brand mentioned above.

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Attachment showcase 2019 VERGA AT TACHM ENT S PV T. LT D. Verga is specialized in designing and building innovative Custom Built Attachments. Verga offers a wide range of attachments across several industries including construction, mining, forestry, agriculture & landscaping. We are continuously developing advanced technologies to help make your machine more productive and efficient. We make attachments with your logo and brand. Lowest prices which you cannot believe. Verga has installed advance CNC machines for in-house manufacturing of Machine components. With Installed capacity of 1000 tons per month, Verga can offer you any attachments you are looking for. Be it Excavator, back hoe loader, Wheeled Loader, skid steers or Mini loaders. Verga even designs attachments based on the customer requirements and inputs, making it the most customer focused and quality conscious company.


D-LOCK | The simple, easily serviceable design of the D-Lock combined with world-leading safety features makes the D-Lock the safest coupler on the market today! The D-Lock coupler is dual locking, meaning attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force. A compact design of only seven parts (fewest in the industry), requiring only two hoses, no greasing and no complicated operating sequences to follow are just a few of the features that put the D-Lock at the forefront of coupler performance worldwide. Key Features: • Patented slide lock design • Automatic front lock; locks the front pin in the event the rear pin is not secured • 100% manufactured in North America • Multi-pin center (and pin diameter); picks up most attachments in the same weight class with the same corresponding pin diameter • Highly visible front lock indicator Best used when • Registered Trademark One of the most compact designs in the industry, improving machine performance and can not be visible breakout force • Contains the fewest number of parts in the industry (7) • No greasing or lubrication required • Available for all machines from 1.5 to 120 tons • Safety system does not rely on gravity • Simple yet safe unlock procedure eliminates accidental releases • Fully complies to AS4772-2008 and EN474 standards and expected forthcoming ISO international standards MORE INFO: D-Lock Coupler, when SAFETY is paramount

Best used when ext can not be visible, or on apparel

Contact: Dale DeWeese,

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Attachment showcase 2019 WOODS EQUIPM EN T CO M PANY The CF® General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket is rugged, versatile and readily available from authorized Woods Construction dealers. A quick turn-around is advantageous for construction crews, rental stores, and other customers who need to finish projects on time, or early. It’s designed for durability and a long life -- made with US grade 50 KSI yield steel, and 100 KSI yield in high-wear areas. Replaceable, bolt-on skid shoes and cutting edges make maintenance much easier and help extend the work life. The bucket is available in a range of sizes for Class 2 through Class 6 wheel loaders. It’s compatible with popular JRB® style couplers and customers can choose a three-piece or fourpiece OEM style bolt-on cutting edge. A new slope bottom design features a 5% raised dump angle and better roll and fill, for increased performance. Watch it perform at or the Woods Equipment channel on YouTube®.

Tough Jobs Demand Tough Attachments. Demand D-Lock Coupler. ®

WheN sAfety is PArAmOuNt

Intelligent design combined with world-leading safety features makes the D-Lock the safest coupler on the market. It’s seven parts (the fewest in the industry) means easy serviceability and compact size. There is no complicated operating sequence, and the D-Lock is available for all machines from 1.5 to 120 tons.

Dual pin lock Automatic front lock Patented slide lock design* No greasing or lubricating Only two hydraulic lines

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