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June 2009

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n01: Jonas Cafferty n02: Isaac Dunne n03: Judah Lutz n04: Chelsea Kardokus n05: Dalton Hawkins n06: Kevin Pfeifer n07: Molly Horn n08: Spencer Swerin n09: Jake Semones

The top nine most influential students of the class of 2009 were chosen by their peers in a Cedar Post survey.


The remarkable thing about Jonas Cafferty is not that he is our salutatorian, nor that he is an athlete who competed in a varsity sport every season this year nor that he was a member of the state Academic Decathlon team and the Math Club. The remarkable thing about Jonas is that he is all these things combined and an incredibly humble and genuinely nice guy to boot. “He is a hard-working student. He’s an athlete and scholar, which makes him even

Jonas Cafferty

more inspirational,” senior Spencer Swerin said. “He is just a really nice, genuine guy that people can look up to.” Finding a person that has anything bad to about Jonas say is no easy task. “Jonas has a lot of maturity, he’s funny and friendly,” Academic Decathlon coach Mary Bird said. “He gets along with his peers and he’s cute as a bug’s ear.” “I’ve known Jonas since elementary school.” senior Paulina Gralow said “He is

just a really smart laid-back guy.” While Jonas might seem to be a laid-back individual upon first meeting, there is much more than meets the eye. It is rare to find a topic that Jonas can’t speak at length about. From movies to music to sports to the finer points of foie gras, to the flaws of modern string theory, Jonas knows whats’ up. Jonas is attending Colorado School of Mines where he will pursue a degree in engineering

Isaac Dunne

.02 .03 .04

When searching for the words to describe Isaac Dunne the term “Renaissance man” comes to mind. A captain of the Academic Decathlon team and a four-year champion in his division, musician, Arts and Culture editor of the school paper, Key Club member, adventurer, mountain man and cook, Isaac is well-versed and wellThere is nothing typical about Judah Lutz. He is a nerd, an artist, a homecoming king, a member of Video Game Club and a riot. His senior quote in the yearbook was from an obscure Star Wars character.

Cedar Post, Student Council, National Honor Society, Beauty and the Beast, Performing Choir, Mentor, and 1st runner up for Junior Miss, Chelsea Kardokus is involved in a lot of SHS activities and has been for most of her high school life. It’s no wonder she

rounded. “What is it that, for lack of a better word, speaks to us about Isaac Dunne? You can always count on him to speak his mind and be bitingly honest in his ideologies. In fact, oftentimes his intelligence and insight will sway a group’s opinion in his favor. His appreciation of the

Judah Lutz

Based on all the high school clichés, Judah should not be liked by the general populus of SHS. But he is, even more so, he’s loved. “What’s not great about Judah?” Senior David Dishong said. “He’s just...Judah. He’s funny,

Chelsea Kardokus

was voted one of the nine most inspirational students of the class of 2009. “Chelsea is just a really motivated girl, who puts her heart into everything she does. She’s really admirable,” senior Michelle Stone said. Chelsea’s college plans include attending

deeper things in life and inclination, for the most part, to be a gentleman are also part of his appeal,” senior Rachel Kennedy said. Isaac’s plans this fall aren’t set in stone; however, he speculates that travel is a definite possibility. Space travel. definitely different, he’s just an all around good human being.” Judah’s plans after high school probably include copious amounts of World of Warcraft, and taking over the world.

Ball State University in Indiana, where she will major in journalism. She is one of SHS’s best and definitely a great role model for anyone. She surrounds herself with positive people and lives to help others.

Dalton Hawkins

What’s inside?

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12 days

Outgoing and funny, smart and talented, thoughtful and kind, Hawkins was voted an inspiration to the class of 2009. Since his years as a freshman, Hawkins has been dedicated to many activities. Perhaps the biggest part of his life has been drama. Starting out just as everyone else, he

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Who is Dalton Hawkins? A man with a brilliant mind capable of tackling any grueling math problem thrown his way, an agile hunter, a comedian that can make us laugh until we cry, a dedicated runner, a son, brother, and friend who cares about everyone no matter who they are.


now takes part in school plays, performs with the improve team, and knows every switch, light, button, microphone, and cable in the drama technical room. Dalton was accepted to the University of Idaho, he plans to study engineering.




atrons, past graduates, and students of SHS, There have been many rumors and misrepresented information regarding the senior murals at Sandpoint High School. In order to clarify the process and communicate the facts to the patrons in our community, I relay the following details regarding existing and future senior murals. No final decisions have been made and the school is still in the process of information gathering. This process was developed to gather feedback from students, staff, and patrons before the hallway renovation, funded by the voter approved Plant Facility Levy, is completed this summer. First, Sandpoint High School Administration met with Student Council, the student body’s representatives. The overview and guidelines of future senior murals proposed by the students are listed below. Second, a meeting with interested Sandpoint High School staff was held on May 19, 2009, to gather history and staff opinion. Next, patrons are welcome to give feedback via email to becky. or come to a public input meeting Tuesday, June 9, 2009, at 2 p.m. at Sandpoint High School. Senior Murals: The intention of senior murals is for the senior class to: n Represent the significant nevents that occurred at school nor school events during their nfour years of high school. n Represent the significant nevents that occurred in the nworld during their four years nof high school. n Honor all students in the nsenior class by listing each nstudent’s name on the mural nin some manner. n Be completely finished n(no partial murals will be nretained). n 8x8 mural to be displayed in nthe senior hallway across nfrom the middle section of nlockers. n Mural design must be napproved by Student Council nand administration. Mural will be moved to display in the Commons area the year after the seniors graduate once the next senior class is ready to hang up their 8 x 8 mural in the senior hallway. Four years after the senior class graduates, the mural will be taken down and given to the senior class president or other designee. The graduate will be responsible for storage. All existing murals in the senior hallway will remain as is, except for any incomplete murals. Still under discussion are the 2002 and 2004 murals in the lobby- students favor moving them into the S. hallway if possible. Thank you and feel free to email or come to the public input meeting Tuesday, June 9, 2009, at Sandpoint High School to voice your opinion. Again, no decisions have been finalized and we welcome your feedback. Becky Weller Keibert

Ben threw a water balloon at my stomach, it knocked the wind out of me and I started crying,

Volume 86, iSSue 9

-Tina Wilson

Read more about SHS’s best couples on p. 2

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Cedar Post

June 2009


Kevin Pfeifer

Kevin Pfeifer’s exceptional ability to excel in many interests and aspects of school at the same time has made him one of the most influential seniors voted by his senior peers at SHS While maintaining his 4.35 GPA, he is a cross country team captain, a long distance

runner on the track team, a member of the National Honor Society and math club, and excels at skiing and mountain biking. Pfeifer continues to excel in school, in other activities he has picked up, and in cross country.

Molly Horn

.07 .08 .09

Our peers can influence us in many ways. Some are thinkers--they always see things from a different angle, and take us with them outside of the box. Others are artists, who inspire us with their creativity to try something new. Then, there are the people who teach us the most important lesson: to have fun! One of those people is Molly Horn. Loud, bright, bubbly, occasionally oblivious, and absolutely hilarious are words that spring to mind when one thinks of this energetic girl.

“Ooooh! I’ve always wanted one of those!” she shouts as a commercial flits across a TV screen, oblivious to her comatose classmates. Never afraid to speak her mind, Horn somehow maintains her quirky sense of humor even when she’s in a bad mood. Her good moods are what we love best, though: she’ll spend an hour doodling her classmates, or brainstorming ideas for her infamous “What’s Hot, What’s Not” column in the Cedar Post. Philosophers and artist are great, but sometimes we just need to be around people who can teach us to laugh -and live- out loud.

Spencer Swerin

Spencer Swerin is well known through the halls of SHS as an athelete and a scholar. But what people most often find themselves noticing about Spencer is his complete ability to make anybody have a better day. Swerin’s quick wit and dry humor are two traits that make

Spencer a standout fellow. He has compassion for all of his peers, which he demonstrates every day when he says his hellos in the morning. A well-rounded guy, Spencer Swerin has definitely had an impact on his peers.

Jake Semones

Almost every morning, senior Jake Semones’ voice is heard by virtually every student at Sandpoint High School as he recites the Pledge of Allegience over the loudspeaker. Along with his infectious laughter and bright outlook on life, he is one of the top nine inspirational seniors.

Top two Senior High School Sweethearts

Ben.Murray & Cristina.Wilson

Tina Wilson and Ben Murray. For those of you that know them, these two names have been spoken together for many years, although they have only been officially dating for 10 months. Ben became Tina’s first Sandpoint friend in 7th grade when Tina moved into town. “The first time we met, we were having a water balloon fight at a friend’s house. Ben threw a water balloon

at my stomach, it knocked the wind out of me and I started crying,” Tina said. They quickly became friends from there, and stayed close throughout middle and high school, secretly liking each other, despite distractions and bumps along the way. As expected, the two are going to prom together, after Ben kidnapped Tina and set up a dinner at his house to ask her to the dance.

Spencer.Swerin &Danielle.McNeal Everyone has had a secret crush, but most aren’t as lucky as Danielle McNeal and Spencer Swerin. Danielle and Spencer met in their freshman English class and have been friends since. They both realized their attractions for each other sophomore year. Spencer asked Danielle out by saying, “Can I have the honor of being your first boyfriend?” They began dating April 10 of their junior year and have been dating for over a year now. Danielle and Spencer hang out nearly every day which

includes Danielle making lunch for the two of them. Each month on their anniversary, Spencer buys her flowers. For their one year anniversary Spencer created a scavenger hunt around Sandpoint including all the places important to them both. The end of the scavenger hunt took place at a lifeguard stand at City Beach where Spencer gave Danielle a ring, signifying the strength of their year-long relationship. The two are attending Boise State University where they plan on staying together.

“I like making people laugh,” he said. “It makes people feel better about their day.” Jake was a captain of the varsity football team, as well as the varsity baseball team. His teammates look up to him for his positive attitude.

Top two Senior Best Friends

Sophie.Miller & Carly.Rickard Carly Rickard and Sophie Miller have been friends since the last day of sixth grade, when they drove down to Silverwood for the elementary school graduation trip. Since then, they have become inseparable. “Sophie has been a huge support to me all throughout middle and high school,” Rickard said. “She’s just one of those people that has a never ending ability to put a smile on your face.” The “dynamic duo” choreographed both

the Moose Madness competition dance as well as the senior girl’s dance performed at prom. Sophie and Carly were president and vicepresident of Key Club as well as co-chairmen of the charity Jacey’s Race. “I think the reason that Sophie and I work so well together is because we are so different. We definitely balance each other out, which ends up being a very positive thing,” Rickard said.

Jacob.Knaggs & Sid.Winter Aristotle once said, “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Seniors Jacob Knaggs and Sid Winter are no exception. They play the same two sports: football and wrestling, and if you ask them separately what their favorite memory of their friendship is, and they will answer with almost the same

incident. “Me pushing [Winter] in a little kid’s Fourwheeler down a hill,” said Knaggs. “When we jumped a little kid’s electric fourwheeler,” said Winter. And how long have they been friends? “Since about seventh grade,” said Knaggs. “For the past four years,” said Winter.

Cedar Post

Page 3

May 2009

These are phrases Cedar Post staff members have heard from students of SHS. The views expressed in Word for Word are not necessarily shared by the Cedar Post.

• There’s no orange in California, I used to live there. • Oh my gosh! Santa Cruz just got rubbed off my rape whistle!

JAde donigAn

Letters to the Editor

•Coldplay made me gay, but Sarah Mclachlan can turn me straight.

This is where your thoughts go. Feel passionately about something? We are your public forum. Drop a letter with your thoughts and name in room E8 or e-mail

Student feels like ‘prisoner’ at Sandpoint High Throughout the years I’ve spent at SHS, I have witnessed many changes. Some for the betterment of this institution, and some where I’ve learned to just shake my head and bite my tongue. I’m done biting my tongue. As a student and a quiet observer I have witnessed the student body’s attitude toward the administration turn from flippant blandishment to aversion. I often hear students saying that they feel like a “prisoner” here at SHS. I have to admit that I feel the same. I understand the need to take precautions but there is a thin line between what is appropriately needed, and what is completely ridiculous. With policemen, the issue of eating in the hallways, new hall monitor, painting over the senior murals, and cameras galore, we are not only constantly watched but also treated as if we are children. I feel as if the administration has stopped caring about the student body’s wants, and instead focuses on the sycophantic pleasing of their superiors. Our money bank. I would acknowledge the other side of the story, but often administration acts with little to no explanations. That’s the problem. When all of the changes come students are told to obey and not question the iron fist. If the student body was informed, then maybe the criticism brought would be lessened and understanding would take its place.

Molly Horn ASB Vice President

Now, when I’m saying our “wants” are not being met, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have homework, or that we should be allowed to text in class, or that we should have a pizza party every Friday; what I am saying is that our voices need to be heard! We need to be able to state our opinions or even the truth, without risking the establishment of a new rule out of fear or even as a form of punishment. We are individuals and should be encouraged in our individuality, not praised when we act as mindless sheep following the masses. We are no longer in diapers, we are closing in on the path to adulthood. If we are treated as mischievous children we will fill that expectation. Regarding the senior murals: it is our school’s history. It’s a piece to the goodbye every senior class imparts before walking out the doors of SHS one last time as a student. It is a part of their expression and remembrance they leave; I don’t understand the logic behind erasing that, and preventing further generations from having this goodbye as well. If wall space is the issue, let’s continue the murals down every hallway, not just senior. If graffiti or defiling of the murals is the issue, well, at least you have your cameras to catch that damned culprit.

Jules Lutz Junior

JAcob Craner ASB President

Tina Wilson Senior Class President

To the Class of 2009 -Your Student CounCil-

After four years of carpet walls, endless break-ups and make-ups, and a changing administration, the “high school” era of our lives is finally coming to an end. Although we have had to endure many stresses such as having our beloved senior hall taken away from us and not being able to paint a senior mural, we have endured them together, and it has ultimately united our class. Not only this, but we’ve also been fortunate enough to have the best of the best in our class, from taking state titles to creating masterpiece artwork and productions. To all of you seniors that were involved in extracurricular school activities, thank

• The other day I ran out of ultra balls so I had to use great balls.

you for helping to define the greatness of our class. But you don’t have to be the greatest athlete or smartest kid in the grade, because let’s be honest, sports and school are not all that matters. It is combination of those aspects and one’s personal goals and motives that have shaped the young men and women we have become today. We have come this far, from discovering our first elementary school crush and counting down the minutes until recess, to cracking voices and friend cliques in middle school, to now finally discovering who we really are and what we want to do in the future. As we near the end of this step

With the year coming to an end and with it my high school sentence, I feel like my last column should be a little different from my previous ones. Plus, right now I just can’t think of anything I really need or want to complain about. I’ve been going back and forth on whether to say a tearful goodbye or a disgusted good riddance to SHS, my column and my high school experience, but when I really think about it, I guess it would have to be a combination of the two. High school has been both a prison and, well, not a prison, sorry, I don’t know any antonyms for prison, but if you know one then I guess just pretend that its there. Anyways. My relationship with SHS has been love/hate. I hate the name of my column. “Stone Cold Soliloquy,” what does that even mean? I have no particular qualm with any one of those words on their own, but put all three or even just two together and you have a recipe for stupid. Really, you should try it, you will be annoyed. I love my column. Not the part where I take up perfectly good space in our school paper or the part where I have to turn things in. I love being able to complain about things that bother me. It gives me the monthly ability to say WTF? about something that is bugging the S out of me (these letters don’t mean anything, so don’t be offended, conservative reader). I hate the attendance system. I don’t think this even needs an explanation. Deep down, even Kiebert knows it sucks. I love the attendance lady. Mrs. Prandato is the only one who can give you Saturday school and still make you smile about it. Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong so just give it up. I hate the new security measures and all around fun crushing. I’m pretty sure the only thing it has prevented is students getting along with administrators (which isn’t a statement about the righteousness of these actions merely an observation. P.S I think it should be understood that Doctor Kiebert is a great lady). I love that a general outrage over the new security measures and all around fun crushing is something that our class is actually unified by. I think I summed that up in one sentence. I hate that I won’t see so many of my friends after I graduate (this will be embarrassing if I don’t graduate). Also missing-out on the friends I might have had or the friendships that could have been stronger. I love the memories that I will have and hopefully keep pending amnesia or something unfortunate and the prospect of creating new ones at college pending I don’t get kicked out of college. So, while there are certain aspects of high school that evoke in me an urge to throw out meaningless strings of profanities, I can find an equal amount of things that I would like to give a large figurative hug. in our lives, some going to college, into the military, traveling, or going straight into work, there will be unique memories that could only happen at SHS which will always stick with us no matter what. SHS shaped who we are as individuals and in some way or another you know you can find a memory to smile about here at this school, no matter how hard you may think it will be. To the seniors of 2009. WE DID IT! Get ready for an exciting end of high school and live it up. You deserve it. We all deserve it. It’s been a great time serving as your student council leaders for the past years and we wish you all the best of luck in the future.

• I wish I was a boy in the wind. • Yeah, he was definitely a teabag. • I dreamed about you last night. -You’re welcome. • Oh, look, there’s a Mexican girl in my backpack. • If having something stuck up your ass makes you that happy, I’m interested. • I’ll take you home right after- straight to bed. • Can she kiss if she’s Mormon?

Chelsea KardoKus Editor-in-Chief

Jennifer Prandato Assistant Editor

isaaC dunne

Arts & Culture Editor

KeeGan dunn News Editor

Carly riCKard Photo Editor

Jesse Cobb

Graphics Editor

soPhie Miller

Advertising Manager

Cristina Wilson Office Manager

MiKe Gearlds Adviser

Editorial Policy The Cedar Post is governed by the same legal rights as the professional press. Under the First Amendment, we reserve the right to free expression and freedom of the press. The student newspaper of Sandpoint High School is an open public forum for the students of Sandpoint High School and the community of Sandpoint, Idaho, with its editorial board making all decisions concerning its contents; it is not subject to prior review by administration, faculty, or community members. Unsigned editorials express the views of the majority of the editorial board. Letters to the editor must be signed, although the staff may withhold the name upon request. The paper reserves the right to edit letters for grammar and clarity, and all letters are subject to law governing obscenity, libel, privacy and disruption of the school process, as are all contents for the paper. Opinions in letters are not necessarily those of the staff, nor should an opinion expressed in a public forum be construed as opinion or policy of the administration, unless so attributed.

The CP strongly encourages you to voice your opinion through the student paper. E-mail your letter or bring it by E8.

Sandpoint High School 410 South Division Sandpoint, ID 83864 (208) 263-3034 ext 244


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June, 2009

Cedar Post

Is my makeup all wrong? How does my hair look? H Is my dress pretty enough?

What if he tries to KISS me?

What if she’s wearing the same dress? Look beautiful Do these earrings match?

The night of your dreams. A night to dance i A night of romance. A night of love

prom? prom? Prom? Prom? PROM?prom? prom?


Prom goers find inventive ways to ask LIZ STONE

Staff reporter Every year, this is the question that many ask and others answer. When it comes down to it everyone that asks is trying to get to the same point; however, the ways in which students get to the point are greatly varied. A longtime method of snagging a Prom date is the classic writing on the food. Dana Evans and Bryce Liberty’s night started with entrée and ended with a dessert and a question. “He [Bryce] had Ivano’s make me a brownie that said “Prom?”” said Dana recalling the night that Bryce asked her to prom. Asking Dana to Prom by way of a delicious treat got Bryce a date; however, if you cant cook, dont want to fork out the cash, your desired dance partner is allergic to brownies, or another reason applies there are many more ways to get a date. When Landon Shadle asked Annie Vogel to prom he steered away from the food medium. “We were sitting in my

car and I was drawing stuff on my windows, I look back and on my sun roof it said “will you go to Prom with me?”” Annie said. The senior in search of a date to Prom has many viable options when searching for a way to get their date. A format that is often used but by no means over used is simply asking. Jonas Cafferty didn’t seem too enthused about the manner in which he asked his date to Prom but it worked nonetheless. “I asked Maddy Emmer, on the lifeguard stand at the beach, that’s about it,” Jonas explained. While some go to great lengthplanningoutelaborate proposals for their Prom date, there are cases where no question is needed. “It was kind of a “hmmm I guess we’re going together,” said Tanner French of his Prom situation. There are many ways to get a date to the Prom. These are just a few of the possibly infinite means for getting a Prom date. However diversified they may be, they all have the same basic core.

Ways to go to Prom

Three easy ways to obtain

a unique style for prom


Copy editor In the back of every Seventeen magazine is a couple page section called ‘Traumarama’ where girls write in with reallife embarrasing stories. In one issue, the highlighted most traumatic ‘traumarama’ was one girl’s story of how after being asked to prom by her crush and finding the perfect prom dress, she showed up wearing the exact same thing as her date’s exgirlfriend.

I’m sure guys don’t see the horror in wearing the same thing to prom as some other guy, or else they, well, wouldn’t, and I’m not sure I see it either, but for the girls who thought this story was as terrible as I thought the one about the girl who thought the urinal and disinfectant in the porta-potty were a sink and soap was, here are a few sure-fire ways to be completely unique at prom.


Go Vintage Shopping

Thrift stores and vintage shops sell a lot of dresses, and many of them would not look at all out of place at prom. They are also usually a much better deal. My prom dress from last year was a brand new prom-perfect floor length dress from Goodwill for only $30, and my sister also found her dress at a thrift store. (Sorry Vic…) Vintage dresses can also be a very good pick for prom. Many of today’s dresses are stealing the clinched waists, sweetheart necklines and mid-calf hemlines of the 1950s, and an original would only look classy and stylish.


Make it yourself

If you are at all inclined with a sewing machine or at seeking the help of someone who is, and are willing to spend the time, why not have full creative license with your dress and make it yourself? Searching through patterns at Ben Franklin can yield many more options than a dress store and you can completely personalize every detail. You will not only have the one and only dress of its kind, but the bragging rights that you actually made your own prom dress.


Make Alterations/Accessorize

Changing little details of your outfit can alter the entire look. Add a unique accessory like a scarf, sash, cardigan or jewelry. Also, and far simpler than entirely making your own dress, you can make simple alterations, such as shortening the length, adding or taking away sleeves, or making shoulder straps. Only a few stitches and some thick ribbon can turn a sleeveless dress into a halter top dress.

What not to say to your date girls


No one ever said you have to have a date to go to prom. There are endless possiblities. Here we have highlighted just a few ideas to help you find the perfect way.

Stag Couple Group Not go

Going stag can be fun. Not only do you avoid worrying about matching tux colors to dress colors, but you get to dance with pretty much any person you want. You also get to decide what you do before, during, and after prom. So you don’t have someone for picturesthat means it’s all about you! Some may say that going stag makes you look not-so-cool, but honestly, it’s way better than going with just anyone or even worse, someone you don’t know.

This is the most traditional way to go to Prom. Asking is the hard part. There are many different ways to ask a gal (or guy), and if you want a guaranteed ‘yes’, I suggest asking in the loudest, most public way possible. This makes saying ‘no’ nearly impossible considering the fact that most people don’t want to seem like jerks by publicly shutting you down. Having a date can be very beneficial; you get a human to take pictures with, to dance all the slow songs with, and to get down with.

This is like the secret way to have a date and also go with your friends. Going in a group can be really confusing but well worth it. Groups allow for all you friends to enjoy the memory of Prom together. You could rent a limo, take a hot air balloon, go by boat etc. However, the most popular thing groups do is a progressive dinner, jumping house-to-house. Whatever you do, be sure that Prom is a night you will remember forever!

Although, I think this is the lamest idea in all of ever, I guess I can understand why some people would want to avoid going to prom. But not really. Prom is a major milestone in one’s life and skippin’ out simply isn’t an option. If you aren’t going to Prom makes this night count. A few ideas: ■ Go to a movie ■ Have an anti-Prom party ■ Go bowling ■ Stay up all night and watch the sunrise

2009 Cedar Post

Page 5

June 2009

What if I canʼt dance? How does my hair look?

Should I kiss her?

What if I start sweating?

What are we going to do after? Is she checking out someone else? SEX? ? in the moonlight. A night to look beautiful. e. Are you ready for your close-up?

the MANual

Weight rooms. Hot wings. Ferraris. Football. Power Tools. Gadgets. Not listed: dances. It’s not a secret: most guys aren’t dancers, and the mother of all dances, senior prom, is just days away. But you’re taking the girl of your dreams to prom anyway. What’s a man to do? Never fear, SHS fraternity members, help is here. Through careful research and in-depth interviews with the many women of this fine educational institution, I’ve written this survival guide to bring out the gentleman in you and hopefully help you have fun May 30. If you heed its sage advice, it just might help you avoid getting slapped and left for roadkill on prom night.

1. Picking her up

3. At Prom

First off, don’t meet her; pick her up, and clean up your car before you do. Realize that after you arrive to pick her up, she’ll be at least 10 more minutes before she’s ready. Showing up 10 minutes late won’t solve this; incredibly, it still takes those 10 more minutes. So be on time, but prepared to wait. Most guys have probably met their girlfriend’s parents, but if you’re going as friends, remember that daddy is probably very sensitive about his little girl being taken away. Just be respectful; you can tell her how nice she looks, but don’t make any lewd comments. “[Her parents] would probably love to be introduced and know who their daughter is going with,” junior Emily Kuster said. It’s also expected that you bring a corsage for your date, so make sure to ask her what color her dress is so you can purchase a flower of an appropriate color. When you leave, open the house door and your car door for her, and close it for her after she gets in (note: be very, very sure there aren’t any appendages, dresses or elaborate hairdos in the path of the closing door).

2. At dinner

Prom dinner can be enjoyed many ways. “There’s a lot of different options that can be fun. Just make sure you put some thought into it, that’s the important thing,” Kuster said. Always always always be polite. Offer your date your arm, especially if she’s wearing high heels Open doors for your date. Let her walk ahead of you (ladies first, yes?). When arriving at the dinner table, help her take off her coat or jacket and pull out a chair for her. “It’s little, but it’s really sweet,” junior Valarie Hoyguard said. Also, let her order first, and don’t start eating until she starts eating. Don’t let your chivalry end with her, however; be nice to everyone. “I usually notice more when guys do something for other people as opposed to myself. I mean, it should be fairly common for a guy to be polite to his girlfriend, but it’s always to see them be nice to a stranger or a little old lady, or someone who is having trouble. Just being a gentleman,” Kuster said.

This part’s simple; just dance. But if, during a slow dance, you run into one of those awkward silences, be prepared. “You can always move in for a kiss, or think about something that interests that person, or something silly. Funny is always good to fill awkward silences,” Kuster said. “You can always sing a little song. Anything that comes to mind is better than the silence.” Silence doesn’t have to be awkward though: “When you’re comfortable with someone, you don’t even have to talk, it just feels right,” Hoyguard said.

4. After Prom Only you know what your date would have the most fun doing after prom. The ladies interviewed each had different ideas for post-prom pleasure. “Something alone, if you spent the whole night with the group would be nice, just because it’s your day together, and if you’ve been with a massive amount of people all day, then you might want to be alone with them,” Kuster said. “Have group of friends and go to their house, and have a bonfire, and just have fun,” Triplett said. “I would say go hang out with friends at a non-alcoholic party,” Hoyguard said.

the number one rule “Compliment the girl, and don’t just be like ‘You look hot!’, actually be a gentlemen. Many girls don’t see those nowadays,” Hoyguard said. Be yourself, be nice, and have fun! As long as you do that, she will too.


Guide written by Keegan Dunn, News editor

let’s talk about


Students discuss pressures of giving “it” up on Prom ISAAC DUNNE

Arts&Culture editor Nobody ever says it. It isn’t written down anywhere or passed on like a sacred oral history throughout the ages, but everyone knows. Prom is the night to lose it. “It” being one’s virginity. Whether it comes from the media or out of some sense of achieving adulthood or a need to make the last days of high school count, the pressure is on. “Kids make these pacts like, they’re want to have sex after Prom because it’s a ritual.” Senior Jerrod Meaux “It’s the cool thing

now. “I think [the pressure] comes from both tradition and the media. The media pushes people to have sexy dresses, girls have to look as sexy as possible so there is a lot of pressure for them.” Senior Autumn Wright agrees pressure exists, especially for girls, and she doesn’t like it. “I think it’s dumb. I think Prom is to have fun, not to find some guy to sleep with, I don’t think that’s the point of Prom,” Wright said. “There is definitely that pressure [to have sex], it’s ridiculous. It comes from the

media, they advertise it in movies. It’s like that or graduation is the last night you can accomplish anything.” Not all students agree that pressure is a reality “I think everybody has already lost their virginity so I don’t think anyone cares,” Senior Sarah Shearer said “Having sex on Prom is just like having sex any other day, it’s not that big of a deal any more. No one goes out and gets a hotel room any more, we just go to a party and people hook up in trucks. Some adults think teenagers need to put more consideration on the long-term

emotional issues that come with sex. “It’s a big emotional responsibility,” counselor Deb Nusbaum said. “A lot of times kids think they are ready for it and they’re not. It’s really a huge emotional commitment.” Nusbaum also stresses the importance of making sure both parties are clear about what is going to happen post Prom. if one partner isn’t interested in sex, they need to make it clear. “You really have to work on setting boundaries. Have healthy conversations before and know where you stand so you can set those boundaries.

Page 6

June 2009

Cedar Post

Senior Kevin Pfeifer named Sandpoint High School Class of 2009 Valedictorian Emily Thompson


Staff reporter

molly horn Staff reporter

classes and working on his academic profile. “I spent a lot of time studying rather than doing other things,” Cafferty said. Where some students were complaining about the amounts of homework they had; Jonas met this challenge with an attitude that even Mr. Search couldn’t kill with Latin vocab. Jonas went even further at SHS, playing not only basketball, but baseball, and football as well. He was also a key member of Math Club, and a beloved enthusiast in the schoolwide famous LOST Club. Jonas is certainly one to admire from the halls of SHS.


Jonas Cafferty, Kat Vardell SHS 2009 Co-Salutatorians

cross country and track teams each year of high school. His brilliance in the field of math will also be missed next year on the talented math club team, as well as his dedication to volunteering within the community through National Honor Society. High school isn’t the end for this genius either. Next year, Kevin will be attending the Montana State University in Bozeman, majoring in chemical engineering, much like his parents. His talent

JadE donigan Staff reporter

Every high school has its underachievers. They are the students who never finish assignments, the ones who sleep in class, ignore instructions, and generally waste everyone’s time. Kathleen “Kat” Vardell does anything but waste time. Vardell, one of this year’s co-saludatorians, not only has a stellar GPA and a schedule riddled with AP and honors courses, but is also incredibly involved in extra-curriacular activities. In fact, her before and after school schedule is just as impressive as her academic


With a strong 4.286 GPA and participation in countless extracurricular activities, it sure isn’t a surprise that Jonas Cafferty became cosalutatorian with Kathleen Vardell. Jonas took nine honors classes, 4 AP classes, and 3 Dual Enrollment classes throughout his high school career. “I just worked really hard, knowing that my hard work would have to pay off sometime,” Cafferty said. He often found himself spending up to 55 hours a week studying for various

sTEffEn spraggins

What makes a valedictorian tick? How does someone reach the top of their class, obtain the highest GPA in their school, score the highest on tests and come out alive and healthy? While this may be a mystery to all of us, to Kevin Pfeifer it’s part of an every-day routine. From his first day in Kindergarten to now, Kevin has always been a dedicated student. In high school, his

schedule was packed, each year completing multiple honors and AP classes that many of us wouldn’t dare attempt. After four years of high school, Kevin has completed 19 honors courses, for a total of 38 honors credits, all the while never once earning a B. He will end his high school career with an incredible 4.351 GPA, a role model to all future graduates of SHS. Even with Kevin’s intense and challenging schedule, he was also dedicated to the SHS

sTEffEn spraggins

and charisma, unique style and personality will be widely missed next year among his closest friends as well as those that were connected to him even just once. So while Kevin’s high school career is coming to a close, the next step in his education will begin shortly. Soon we can be expecting new math formulas, possibly the cure to cancer, and the solution to any of the world’s many problems, the Class of 2009’s dedicated and brilliant valedictorian. one: cross country, track, lacrosse, National Honors Society, Cedar Post, and Math Club are a few of the items on this year’s agenda. After graduating, Vardell has plans to join the Air Force Academy. While she is unsure of what field she will enter, she seems relaxed about her future. “I don’t know exactly what I’m going to study, but they give you a while to figure it out.” While Vardell is enthusiastic about what comes next, she has mixed feelings about graduating. “I guess I’m excited. It’s really just the end of this and I’m going on to something else.”


01. Sweet summer flings

01. Midnight summer hookups

02. Soaking up some summer sun

02. Playing video games inside

03. Getting a kitten for your girlfriend

03. Calling your girlfriend a sexy kitten

04. Saying goodbye with a few tears

04. Saying goodbye and stalking them

05. Being a senior

with Molly Horn and Sophie Miller

They’re both hot... So they’ll tell you what’s not.

05. Being an underclassmen


Class of 2009

Cedar Post

Page 7

Four years, many changes in Sandpoint

June 2009

A bank is built, a movie theatre destroyed, and a SHS hallway disappears Molly horn

in Sandpoint that everyone feared falling over. Well, thank you to the desire for more commercial space, the building was removed and now that commercial space remains. Weird how this space never gets any customer action.

Staff reporter

Sandpoint has come pretty far since the class of ‘09 entered the halls of SHS as freshman. Although these changes hit the town by surprise, they helped us become who we are, and contributed to the memories of high school. And even when we’re It had an old time style adored gone, we’ll never forget by young and old alike. the old and new places and the town where we’ve spent our last four years. HAROLDSEveryone remembers Harold’s, the old grocery store. I’ve heard stories of endless cart races in that classy local market. The building was torn down for the fabulous new Panhandle State Bank building. THE MILL- The mill was the one building

THE BYWAYWe all have heard of the “bypass”; it seems like it’s been talked about for ages. The project finally has gone underway, and construction has definitely put a halt on the flow of Long Bridge traffic. Hopefully the public sees the benefit of this project in the future. MOVIE THEATER- The old theater downtown was loved by all. Not only was it extremely accessible, being in the middle of town; it

had an old time style adored by young and old alike. This landmark was also torn down for that fabulous Panhandle State Bank, lucky us. FAST FOOD FIX- Fast food places have flooded Sandpoint, from downtown to the high school. The lonely Arby’s now has a Zips, a Jack in the Box and a Subway to compete with. What’s next? Super 1 Foods (a grocery store)! At least, that’s the latest rumor. MURALS- Poof. They’re gone! Well, not yet, but heed my words young children. These memorable documentations of Sandpoint’s students might soon be painted over due to the resurfacing of our beloved carpeted walls. SENIOR HALL- What senior hall? Exactly. This upset a lot of the senior class, but due to the mess and saftey violations accompanied with the use of the hall, it had to be closed. DANCES- Security is tight, and will be

Photo IllustratIon Carly rICKard

n no entranCe: The senior hall was closed during lunch this year, ending a proud tradition

for the rest of... ever due to the latest increase in supposed illegal activity prior to such events. But on a brighter side, there is now a safe place for your purses, etc. A beneficial compromise for all.

2009 Lost in the ‘50s Parade n above: Two old-time mobsters drive down first avenue. n far right: Vintage cars drive down Cedar Street as people line the streets to watch. n near right: Two people bike down Cedar Street, one wearing a poodle skirt.

Seniors reflect on hometown memories

Photos steffen sPraggIns

Chelsea KardoKus Editor-in-chief

Living in a small town may be boring at times - but there are those certain aspects of small town life that we will never forget. Those things that make Sandpoint what it is and give us memories to last forever. LOST IN THE 50s The third weekend in May is a highlight for all of Sandpoint. It’s a blast from the past as hundreds of oldies cars roll into town followed by some music that will make you really want to jump and jive.

SANDPOINT CITY BEACH What’s a summer in Sandpoint without the beach? From barbecues to beach volleyball to stepping in goose poop to those sweet summer nights, City Beach will always hold many memories for Sandpoint’s students. HOOT OWL Hearty biscuits and gravy. Cinnamon Rolls. Hot Chocolate. Owls everywhere. ‘Nuff said. DUB’S With the biggest and cheapest

PROM SPECIAL Make your smile SHINE with ZOOM in office whitening *Receive $50 off when you* mention this ad

ice cream cones in town, Dub’s will always be a classic staple of Sandpoint life. Although Dub’s may not be the most delicious venue in town, they will always keep us coming back for more. WAR MEMORIAL FIELD Football games, soccer games, baseball games, powderpuff, The Festival - many memories are left out on the field that we will never forget. Memorial Field has been a place of many victories and tears for SHS students. From your first high school football game to finally throwing your cap in

the air - War Memorial Field is a place of unforgettable memories and life changing moments. SCHWEITZER Living on a lake is tough enough, but having a ski resort for your backyard is nearly unbearable. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and even just going up to check out the views- the winter activities are endless. SMALL TOWN ATMOSPHERE Farmers Market, The Panida, the fountain, the people - the small town atmosphere makes Sandpoint what it is. Walking down

first street wouldn’t be the same without the unique boutiques, old buildings and some of the best restaurants in town. Living in a small town get old to us sometimes - but when you sit and back and look at it, it’s not so bad after all. DAIRY DEPOT Located just a few blocks north of the high school and middle school parking lot, Dairy Depot is one of the classic gas stations in town. It is also commonly used as a quick ice cream stop and where many newly-turned 18-year olds buy their first lottery tickets and cigars.

June 2009

Cedar Post Page 8

PE ChangEs In 2009-2010, Coach Karen Alsager will be teaching Girl’s PE and possibly Life Sports. If any girls are interested in changing their schedule to join her class, they can do so in the Counseling Office with Leura Holt.

n left: Varsity Football faces off against Post Falls during the 2008-09 homecoming game, losing 35-54. Sandpoint football was nicknamed the “Dirty Thirty” by coach Semones, a reference to the 30 members on the football team this year.

Coaches share favorite sports moments Carly riCKard

KEEgan dunn News Editor

Karen Alsager Head Volleyball Coach “I would say that my favorite sports moment would be more than onewinning the state championship here in 2006 and 2008 would be tough to beat, although I have to say that every moment I get to watch these Sandpoint volleyball players get on that court and compete is a favorite moment... they are so fun to watch! I would also say that watching Brooke DeMers on the 2007 girls track team was also memorable as well. (She is now competing for Boise State University track.)”

Mike Mitchell Head Football Coach “There are four moments that stand out to me in the last three years. 2006-We played Lewiston at home and they were favored. Our kids came out and dominated them wire to wire. We had a substantial lead with about four minutes to go and we got the ball on our own 20. We rammed it down their throats and had a great drive that took all the time off the clock as the score stood 33-21. We had Ryan Armbruster go to a knee on the six yard line to end the game. We easily could have scored and ended 40-21 but it was much more reward-

ing to drop to a knee and see that they knew we could have done that. Our kids enjoyed this dominant win very much. 2007- We went to Lewiston and beat them at their place for the first time in 26 years. It was a great win over a 5A team at their place. The score was 33-17. 2008-We went to Coeur d’Alene and beat them at their place 27-7. It was as good as one of our teams has played. We were on one of those athletic high’s where everything we did worked and we were very dominant in the win. 2008-We lost to Lake City 30-26. The last play of the game we simply dropped a long pass that would have given us a “Great Win.” Everyone in

the stadium that saw that game knew what had just happened and that we were a good football team that people would have to deal with. We went on to win the IEL Championship in 2008.”

Mike Randles Head Wrestling Coach “Watching Tri State and State Champion Garret Belgarde hold his opponent off his back so he wouldn’t pin him. Garret’s opponent weighed 65-pounds and had never won a high school wrestling match. Garret allowed the kid to take him down a few times. At one point, his opponent fell to his back, Garret caught him and pulled his shoulders away from the mat so the referee wouldn’t call the

pin. Garret’s unwillingness to pin the smaller boy could have potentially cost Sandpoint the match--but Garret and his teammates felt it was worth it. Ironically, this was the same night Sandpoint High School lost the Moose Madness sportsmanship award.”

Chris Young Head Baseball Coach “My favorite sports moment as a coach this year would have to be watching Ben Fisher stealing home in our 3-2 victory at Memorial Park against Moscow. In the last four years at the high school my favorite sports moment would be the experience of coaching the pitchers at the state championships and winning IT ALL.”

Seniors continue with their respective sports in college Emily Thompson Staff Reporter

Many still remember the elementary school days when they all planned to be doctors and police officers, teachers and professional athletes. For most, those dreams died away and were replaced with other aspirations, but for some becoming a professional athlete may just become reality. For the 2009 seniors planning on attending college, their lives will include the usual challenging courses, dorm room gatherings, and endless friendships, but for a select few, it will also include a dedication to their university’s sports team. “I’ll be going to Occidental in L.A.,” senior Ben Murray said. Murray has proved his talent and dedication to soccer throughout high school as a member of the varsity team and plans to play on his college team next year. While soccer will fill a lot of his time, focusing on school will be the priority, where he is majoring in diplomacy and foreign affairs.

“It’ll just be sort of on the side, my classes will be the main focus,” Murray said. “Plus, it’s a Division III school.” All colleges and universities are divided into three divisions. Division I characterizes the largest schools, Division II; medium schools, and Division III; the smallest schools. For other soon-to-be-college-athletes, their college career will be focused almost solely on their athletics. “It’s a Division I school,” senior Paulina Gralow said of the University of Wisconsin, where she is going on a swimming scholarship. “So it’s a big priority.” Many other seniors also plan to compete at the college level, some supported by scholarships and others simply to continue playing the sport they love. Tabitha and Tanya Fessenden will cheerlead at North Idaho College, Brittany Oakley will play soccer on a scholarship also at NIC, Tanner French, Shawnn Carlson and Spencer Swerin will continue to play soccer and Cole Tonnemacher will play baseball at Lewis and Clark State College.

phoTo CourTEsy of Cody finnEy

n Almost there: Senior Shawnn Carlson is signed to play soccer at Spokane Falls Community Coilege next fall

Page 9

Cedar Post

June 200

Top Five SHS Senior ATHleTeS oF 2009 O

Liz Stone

Staff Reporter

ver the years, SHS has boasted a considerable amount of skilled athletes. One only has to take a glance at the banners in the gymnasium to find proof of their capabilities. Of the numerous gifted athletes that are nearing the end of their high school careers, a few athletes have proven to be especially exceptional.

Paulina Gralow started her swimming caree

Megan Bartlett began running cross country

at the early age of seven. Paulina has been a member o the varsity team all four years of high school, taking th state title in the 100 breaststroke each year of her team membership along with a state championship in a relay her sophomore year. Paulina specializes in breaststrok and the individual medley. Although Paulina excels in competition, its no winning that makes swimming worthwhile. "I think a lot of it is that some of my best friends ar on swim team and they help keep it fun and interesting Also, it never gets boring because you can always do different workout," Paulina said. Paulina plans on swimming for University o Wisconsin in the fall.

when she moved from southern California to Sandpoint in the eighth grade. Megan maintained a position all four years of high school qualified each year and took fourth place as a freshman, second as a sophomore, first as a junior and second as a senior. Megan considered running cross country during college but decided against it. "I thought about it, but decided I'm just going to run for fun," said Megan.

Abby Helander has been playing competitive volleyball

since the age of 10. A three-year member of the SHS varsity team, Abby helped her team take two first-place and one second-place state titles from her sophomore to senior year as a Libero. There are certain aspects of volleyball that draw Abby to this sport over others. "It’s a fast-paced game so you’re always moving around the court," Abby explained. "I've always liked how its not timed, either, it makes it more of a race to get to the final score to win no matter how long it takes." Abby doesn't plan on continuing her competitive volleyball career past high school. "I've never been totally set on playing in college, so I figure I've had a pretty good volleyball experience and I'm satisfied and more than happy with walking away from the sport with such a perfect ending this year," Abby said.

Cole Tonnemacher began playing baseball Spencer Swerin began playing soccer in the competitively at 12 and has excelled at it ever since. Cole has been on the varsity team for almost four years, having been bumped up to varsity halfway through his freshman season. Cole fills the role of starting pitcher and starting first baseman when he isn't pitching. Cole helped take first place at state his freshman year and third as a sophomore. Cole has been recognized for his accomplishments in baseball, including placement on the All Inland Empire League Team and the Northwest Baseball Team three years in a row. Cole cited one of his favorite moments in his four years of baseball at SHS. "I had a walk-off home run when we played Lakeland when I was a junior." Cole plans on playing baseball for Lewis and Clark State College after high school.

first grade a took a liking to it right away. "I have always just loved the sport from a young age. I love the team aspect of it, working together to accomplish a goal. I also like how it’s a challenge to play because it’s physical and requires a lot of stamina and endurance," Spencer said. Spencer plays center midfield and has been a member o the varsity soccer team since freshman year. He saw his team place second his freshman year and first his sophomore and senior year. Spencer has been placed on the first team All Inland Empire League and the first team all North Idaho in recognition of his accomplishments as an athlete. Spencer plans on playing club soccer through Boise State University next fall.

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Northern Arizona University

Kapiolonai University


Washington State University

College of Idaho

Orange County College

Seniors travel near and far to attend the college of their dreams. From Hawaii to North Carolina, SHS students will be spread throughout 18 different states. After leaving the comforting carpeted hallways of SHS students will begin a journey to their new lives.

Seattle CentralCabrillo College Northwest

University of Kansas Cuesta Ball State University

Montana Tech.

Biola University

Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School

Art Institute of Seattle

Oregon Tech.

Puget Sound

Northwestern University

Boise State University

Brigham young UniversityPortland CommunityUniversity of

June 2009

Eatern Washington Colorado school of Mines University Whitworth University

Weber State University of Washington


M.S.U. The Art

estminster College

University of Hawaii - Manoa

orthwest azaene

University of Puget Sound

North Idaho College

Cottey College

Occidental University of Montana Duke University University of Idaho Florida Culinary Institute University of Wisconsin U.S. Air Force Academy Oregon State Washington Page 10 Cedar Post

June 2009 pdf  

.09 .03 .09 .02 page 4,5 REPORT What’s inside? Chelsea Kardokus THE Isaac Dunne Dalton Hawkins Judah Lutz Jonas Cafferty June 2009Volume86,i...

June 2009 pdf  

.09 .03 .09 .02 page 4,5 REPORT What’s inside? Chelsea Kardokus THE Isaac Dunne Dalton Hawkins Judah Lutz Jonas Cafferty June 2009Volume86,i...