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• Located in northern Maine’s Aroostook County • Fully renovated historic facility • More than 100 years of tradition


s the field becomes more crowded and wildlife habitat dwindles across the United States, many sportsmen are looking north to Maine, the Northeast’s last frontier. With seemingly endless wilderness and abundant big game, Oxbow Lodge has become the destination for the sportsman seeking the ultimate in traditional hunting experiences. Since its founding in 1903 by Will Atkins, the Oxbow Lodge has been providing unique hunting excursions for the avid sportsman wanting a little more from a hunting trip. We believe in continuing that tradition and are guided by following our core values: Quality Enjoyment Integrity Respect These combined values, along with an abundance of game, a staff that is among the best in the industry, and our newly renovated historic facility provide a hunting experience second to none. We welcome you to visit us this hunting season and experience the Maine tradition. Join us in our unique historic facility where nostalgic memorabilia adorn the walls and time proven-hunting methods create a truly memorable hunting adventure that will last a lifetime. We hope to see you soon.

Tom & Tracey Aasbo Oxbow Lodge 1208 Oxbow Road Oxbow, ME 04764 (207) 435-6140

Oxbow Lodge founder Will Atkins during the turn of the century

• Access to one of the best bear hunting areas in the country • High success rate year after year • Five-star accommodations

Bear Hunts


a record high and ith the bear population at great opportunities steadily climbing, there are vest the elusive black bear. for the hunter wishing to har e d over active baits. Each on Our bear hunts are conducte arm fire to ded to, and caters of our stands is carefully ten in bow Lodge takes great pride or archery hunters. The Ox le bear sites. We have multip selecting and maintaining . ins beg son sea ll before the bears coming to each site we t bai ive act and an abundance of With a huge hunting area d pressure, you will be assure sites with limited hunting out the season. productive hunting through up in key locations with All stands and blinds are set uld and hunter. Bowhunters sho ample cover for both bear n 20 yards, and most gun expect shots no farther tha 60 yards. stands are set within 40 to

Highest bear density in the lower 48

Consistent success on trophy animals

a number of factors. We attribute our success to t vailing wind play a major par Hunter concealment and pre ds with our time-proven metho in our stand locations along of baiting. nclude: Oxbow Lodge bear hunts i en nights lodging with all sev • Six days of hunting and meals and linens es • Daily housekeeping servic paration for hunting • All baiting, stands and pre site location , to hunting area • Transportation, if needed and recovery of your bear • Full guide service, tracking ing, luding field dressing, skinn • All game preparation inc ng of meat cutting, wrapping and freezi • Registration of game

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Deer Hunting


• 50% of bucks harvested are 41/2 years or older • No food plots, no feeders, no fences.... • A true wilderness hunt where antlers still grow for their intended purpose

stand well before dayf you have ever reached your deer t with an army of light only to share the morning ligh to rs your stand just to orange clad hunters, or driven hou spot, Oxbow, Maine is find someone else occupying your r that occupy the area the place for you. The whitetail dee of trophy class. With good around Oxbow are nothing short re, many bucks reach genetics and limited hunting pres-su y Buck”. Bucks reaching maturity and become that “Troph ommon, with a few over 200 pounds dressed are not unc incredible 300 pounds. bucks in the state reaching over an r hunting experience For the hunter who looking for a dee t a little harder to harvest rich in tradition and is willing to hun Lodge welcomes you. that well earned trophy, the Oxbow Oxbow Lodge deer hunt includes: g with all meals • Six days hunting 7 nights lodgin and linens. • Daily housekeeping services. ting area. • Transportation to and from hun • Stands set up in key locations. • Full guide service. • Tracking and recovery of game. • Registration of game. • Care of game.

is one of orth Woods buck The legendary N g in nt ards in hu the greatest rew

e industry d guides in th te ec sp re st o m Some of the

A place where perseve rance can be handsomely rewarded

• Hunter/animal interaction at its finest • Unmatched success on trophy animals • The hunt of a lifetime

Moose Hunting


of Maine’s northern o animal is more symbolic ge bull may be as tall forests than the moose. A lar weigh 3/4 ton. Maine has as 7 ft. at the shoulder and le than anywhere else in more moose per square mi North America. conducted in a tradiOur guided moose hunts are tting and stalking. We tional manner by calling, spo trophy-class animals. Our take pride in the pursuit of t summer scouting bulls tha guides spend much of the n er hunting with moder we will be pursuing. Wheth dgun or archery equipment day rifle, muzzleloader, han oe or calling from the while floating a river in a can s of a close encounter with edge of a bog, the memorie will last a lifetime. these monarchs of the North

Unparalleled professional excellence fo ism and com r an unequal mitment to led moose h unting exper ience

High number of recor d book animals harvested annually

s include: Oxbow Lodge moose hunt en nights lodging with all • Six days of hunting and sev meals and linens es • Daily housekeeping servic and recovery of game • Full guide service, tracking recovery of game • All equipment needed for • Registration of game d dressing, skinning and • All game preparation – fiel quartering obtained by a Maine’s moose licenses are lottery drawing. ned from I.F.&W. Applications may be obtai Moose Application 284 State St., Station 41 Augusta, ME 04333 Highest Moose densities in N orth America


in Upland Bird Hunt


• Hunt over national championship pointers • High number of flushes per day • A true New England wild bird challenge

many things, but orthern Maine is known for resources has to be one of the most underrated th grouse and woodcock the upland bird hunting. Bo ern Maine. With miles of thrive in the covers of North ed farmland as well as old old logging roads, abandon und Oxbow Lodge boasts apple orchards, the area aro nting in the country. River some of the best grouse hu ld an ample woodcock popbottoms and alder flats ho ured to have many flushes ulation as well. You are ass over our champion bloodper day. Whether hunting n dogs, our professional line pointers or with your ow s untouched cover offers guides and seemingly endles llenge to the most dedicata world class wild bird cha ed upland wing shooters.

The thundering flush of a ruffed grouse over a champion pointing dog will excite the most seasoned of upland gun ners

m the best Elhew Our English Pointers are fro tedly some of the best bloodlines and are undispu Lodge has teamed with dogs in the country. Oxbow of Indian Creek Kennels. dog trainer Gary Malzone ll as his own, which gives us Gary trains our dogs as we hard to beat. a team of bird dogs that is hunts include: Oxbow Lodge upland bird • Full guide service • All meals m hunting areas • Transportation to and fro ly housekeeping • All lodging, linens and dai • Kennels for your dogs • Care of game

bandoned from old, a rs e v co f o ety s and the Hunt a vari er bottom v ri r e ld a farmsteads, woods” famed “big

Preserve h unts also a vailable

Oxbow Lodge brochure and marketing  
Oxbow Lodge brochure and marketing  

brochure for Oxbow lodge in Oxbow, Maine