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BA (Hons) Fashion


Leeds College of Art


Fashon And Innovation



As creative graduates ourselves its ironic that we spend our college days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our college days! Those days spent making friends and forging relationships that will be with you for a long time. The skills developed, the lessons learnt will help you carve out your future. The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do, and remember that when your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you’ve got plenty to watch. After three years of exciting and memorable times at LCA you will be bidding farewell to your friends and tutors. As you move on and enter the creative world I would like to say that it’s been great interacting and knowing each one of you and I am looking forward seeing how you will all embrace the challenge of starting this new phase in your career. All the very best for your future.

Susan Dillon

Course philosophy

The Fashion Concepts & Communication pathway offers you the opportunity to design fashion concepts with an emphasis on originality, inventiveness and creativity, using your vision to communicate and promote your work through a variety of 2D and 3D means. The pathway is interdisciplinary in its nature and includes experiential design projects, the acquisition of traditional and conceptual visualisation techniques is developed through various hard (mac and pc) and software packages. You will explore conceptual approaches to fashion design, develop ideas for the communication and promotion of these concepts through emerging technology, traditional techniques, digital media and moving image, enabling you to pursue fashion roles in design, public relations, styling, visual merchandising, brand management and promotion.

The Fashion Innovation students were asked to research at the start of the project to consider where their product ranges would be sold. They have worked across several market level categories. This helps them focus on their final major project with a clear direction.

Indepenent Designer 14 -15 16 -17 18 -19 20 -21 22 -23 24 -25 26 -27 28 -29 30 -31 32 -33

Charlotte Denton Zoe Dolan Becky Child Sally Dewhirst Hannah Jones Rachael Lorraine Iles Sinead O’Herlihy Poppy Reynolds Sophie Postma Scarlet Stewart

Abigail Johnson Lucie Graham Beth Arfield Jeni Spence

Fashion and Innovation

Urban Street 38 -38 40 -41 42 -43 44 -44



Avante Garde 50 -51 52 -53 54 -55

Hannah Gower Keely Dewhirst Charlotte Wallace

High Fashion 60 -61 62 -63 64 -65 66 -67

Kelly Burgess Nat Griffths Anna Piper Jess Sadler

68-69 70-71

Visiting Professional Acknowledgements

06 07

Fashion and Innovation

10 11


Independent Designer


Charlotte Denton Zoe Dolan Becky Child Sally Dewhirst Hannah Jones Rachael Lorraine Iles Sinead O’Herlihy Poppy Reynolds Sophie Postma Scarlet Stewart


Charlotte Denton

Contact 077945512685 As a designer, I believe there is a juxtaposition between science and the artistry of fashion. The collection 'CdSO4' was inspired by the artist Roger Hiorns and his Copper Sulphate installation 'Seizure'. The developmental process lead me to grown my own Copper Sulphate Crystals and collaborating with various science departments enabled the substance to be photographed beneath a microscope. The resolution provided vibrant/ intense digital prints, which were integrated throughout the collection. Elements within the periodic table were also referenced throughout in order to provide angular silhouettes, which follow the contours of the body.

14 15

Zoe Dolan

Contact 07540447268

My collection of handcrafted leather bags has been inspired by my travels around various parts of Mexico over the summer of 2011. I wanted to create something that strongly reflected the colourful and exciting personality of the country yet at the same time deliver to my consumer a unique, exciting and long lasting product

16 17

Becky Child

Contact 07984464740

Developed on the concept of Structured Identity a collection with the theme of fashion and accessories used as a visual language to show others your identity. Creating an identity through the combination of two types of product being worn together as one.

18 19

Sally Dewhirst

Contact 07776132019

“Maedate” is a brand creating wearable art pieces using hand crafted knit a nd macramé. These range of accessories are individually crafted and are used to change the identity of an outfit.

20 21

Hannah Jones

Contact 07813666764 A multifunctional collection inspired by travel. Amio, the Maori word for ‘to roam around’ uses sustainable, durable fabrics such as bamboo jersey, linen and leather to create a wearable travel collection.

22 23

Rachael Lorraine Iles

Contact 07766222354 Sp/Su 2012 Womenswear For the Young Professional. An Avante-Guard collection based on inspiration taken from sound vibrations. Featuring bold blocks of black and white contrasted with stitch detailing, emphasising scratchy, jagged linear line. The significant contrast of light and dark and the choice of fabrics represent the properties of different sounds. Each sound creates its own individual markings through sound waves and vibrations, therefor to reflect this, each individual piece will be handmade and unique.

24 25

Sinead O’Herlihy

Contact 07951616520 My final collection is inspired by architectural elements of French colonial buildings in India, and the bright colours of the Holi Festival. The floorlength dresses are constructed in delicate silk chiffons and digitally printed crepe de chines. The atmosphere of the Holi Festival is filled with excitement, fun and joy, and my collection reflects this through the prints and colours of the garments. My collection has been featured in Manchester Fashion Week, where I have also completed an internship, alongside other work placements at Fashion TV and More! Magazine

26 27

Poppy Reynolds

Contact 07814239699

Alias is an independent, unisex collection. Inspired by genderisation the collection aspires to cultivate a ‘newgender’ as a future movement towards a homogenous society. Consisting of structured tailoring, combined with leather knit and detailing, the collection focuses upon non-gender tones and shapes to create a new fashion culture.

28 29

Sophie Postma

Contact 07745281177 The brand ‘Reclaim’ was born from the need for an innovative idea and uses recycled rubber inner tubes. The concept behind the brand is to produce a sustainable range of handbags that are new and unique, that will test the limits of re-use and will change people’s perceptions of recycled products.

30 31

Scarlet Stewart

Contact 07745281177

The brand ‘Reclaim’ was born from the need for an innovative idea and uses recycled rubber inner tubes. The concept behind the brand is to produce a sustainable range of handbags that are new and unique, that will test the limits of re-use and will change people’s perceptions of recycled products.

32 33

Fashion and Innovation

34 35


Urban Street


Abigail Johnson Lucie Graham Beth Arfield Jeni Spence


Abigail Johnsen

Contact 07729882664

For this collection I have been focusing on fashion forward sportswear. Re-using African wax print fabric and jersey to create new, exciting casual wear and focus on ethical production rather than mass produced products to change the face of sportswear today.Â

38 39

Lucie Graham

Contact 07970347553 481 is an urban designer menswear brand, inspired by nomadic people constantly moving around the city. These transportable products are lined with a phase change material called Outlast 速 regulating your body at a comfortable and constant temperature. 481 has other recognisable features consisting of transparent zips and a bold colour palette.

40 41

Elizabeth Arfield

Contact 07884260101

Everyday Agenda ‘Everyday Agenda’ is a fun designer independent/ urban streetwear fusion, created through inspiration from my hometown of Sheffield and youth subcultures. It experiments with the notions of acceptance in street culture with its contrast of council flats imagery with sheer silk fabrics in colours inspired by northern lights, with a hand-crafted appearance.

42 43

Jeni Spence

Contact 07943371645 Young Reckless Hearts is a fresh new women’s street wear brand specialising in creating handmade stand out pieces of unique urban street influenced garments and accessories.Each piece is lovingly designed and handmade making each piece slightly unique and limited.

44 45

Fashion and Innovation

46 47


Avant Garde


Hannah Gower Keely Dewhirst Charlotte Wallace


Hannah Gower

Contact 07542201290 WAI(T) - (WEI)GHT a conceptual collection designed to physically slow the wearer down, to challenge the way consumers think about and value fashion at present and for the future. Visual body garments show clearly the deceleration and anchoring of the wearer as the entire body is held to an elongated shape, a complete stop. A fully handcrafted, UK sourced collection created from waste, seconds and unwanted fabrics to inspire and stimulate individual thinking, creating a mindful and imaginative consumer.

50 51

Keely Dewhirst

Contact 07557147562

My brand and final collection stemmed from a desire to make fetishism more accessible to a wider audience, reflected through my use of materials and bondage-style fastenings. It explores the way in which garments can be used to both exaggerate the silhouette and also restrict.

52 53

Charlotte Wallace

Contact 07784384393 My collection is an eclectic range of garments inspired by the individuality of street style. Using this idea, I have looked at simple shapes using good quality fabrics. The purpose of my collection is to supply stylists with products for music videos and photoshoots.

54 55

Fashion and Innovation

56 57


High Fashion


Kelly Burgess Nat Griffths Anna Piper Jess Sadler


Kelly Burgess

Contact 07801332735

As inspiration for my final collection I have incorporated my love for detail and colour to create a range of animal friendly handbags which combine the beauty of Islamic art and the use of faux animal skins.

60 61

Nat Griffths

Contact 07714014444

62 63

Anna Piper

Contact 07714014444

My work originates from androgyny in fashion and dilapidated urban architecture. Through drawing and research into manipulating fabric, I created shapes displaying my interpretation of the subject. Folds in the fabric represent structures taken from urban characteristics, exhibited on the shapeless garments, which intend to hide the natural shape of the body.

64 65

Jess Sadler

Contact 07713584502

Cultivate in which to bring culture to a person or a society. My inspirational influences are cultures from around the world, looking at strong women from different continents such as Africa, Asia and Europe. Researching the fashion and creating an individual colour/styled garment. Making an individual necklace per garment.

66 67

Mauro Di vito

“ Working with students is something we encourage and have been involved with for many years and going forward hope to do so over and over again. I found the class very responsive and alert and they asked some great questions. The college looked impressive and I loved some of the design/fashion work hanging on the walls. I look forward to being invited up again to work with the Fashion Innovation students.”

Visiting Professional

Mauro Di vito – Creative Director, Antler Ltd. 68 69


Book Design


Elliot McKellar Phone: 07794520951 email:

Paul Luke Nichola Knight Caroline Riches Gemma Moran James Beighton Susan Dillon Technical Staff Adrian Thornton Janne Beresford Lynne Bennett Andrew Bradley Visiting Professionals Mauro Di vito - Antler ltd Paul Young Republilc

Leeds College of Art, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AQ 0113 202 8000

Ailsa Marrs Phone: 07788573491 email: Ceara Elliot Phone: 07954582838 email:

BA (Hons) Fashion Leeds College of Art Fashon & Innovation

2009 2012

Alice Binns Becky Child Charlotte Denton Sally Dewhirst Zoe Dolan Rainy Isles Hannah Jones Yasmin Kazemi Sophie Postma Poppy Reynolds Scarlet Stewart Jeni Spence Lucie Graham Abigail Johnson Beth Arfield Keely Dewhirst Hannah Gower Charlotte Wallace Kelly Burgess Nat Griffths Anna Piper Jess Sadler


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