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A HÜ This brief focused on re-branding a German artist named Astrid Hübbe. I decided to approach the designing process in quite a traditional and simple way. After researching into the artist’s work, I realised that she suited something that didn’t draw too much away from her work, and that wasn’t too contemporary. I chose to work with ‘A HÜ’ because I felt the umlaut was

recognisable and distinctive to her name. I also didn’t want to have too much in the logo. The business cards are double sided, however one side is purely her image, I didn’t want to interupt her work with type. The logo featured on other products such as letterheads and compliment’s slip.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Astrid Hübbe Board 1 Brief 4

I also redesigned Astrid Hübbe’s website, making it cleaner and easier to navigate. The website contains information about herself as an artist, her work categorised, and the chance to buy prints of her work online. All of it is translated into German. I also scored the page title with a brush stroke if the

viewer has clicked on it. I did this to incorporate a bit of creativity, but still keep it relatively traditional and clean.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Astrid Hübbe Board 2 Brief 4

art I considered if Astrid Hübbe was to have an exhibiton and how it would be promoted and designed. I decided to call the exhibition ‘art’. I feel it’s appropriate and simple, explaining precisely what it is. The logo developed through the combination of letters that were in her initials and the word ‘art’ itself. I chose to exhibit a specific group of her work, that featured elements

of split and separation within them. So I thought it appropriate to incorporate this also into the design and on complimentary products.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Astrid Hübbe Board 3 Brief 4

The exhibiton would be free, so instead of tickets, I have designed and produced a leaflet that explains the meanings and concepts behind this specific artwork by Astrid H端bbe. The leaflet folds in a way that relfects the work exhibited, it has a split a little off centre, which meets when the leaflet is closed. There would also be postcards and posters sold as small souvenirs

to take away. The postcards also follow in the same, split route, with the line on the back alligning with the split in the image on the front of the card. The posters would be packaged in a tube to keep them in good condition.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Astrid H端bbe Board 4 Brief 4

I also desgined elements of the exhibiton, including the walls, bags and descriptions of the paintings. The line that demonstrates the split in her work also features in some of the exhibition’s space design. The text above the identity for this exhibiton is a quote from Astrid Hübbe explaining the work’s concept and meanings.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Astrid Hübbe Board 5 Brief 4

The posters come in three colours, one is white and demonstrates some of the work that will be in the exhibiton. The line is consistent throughout both styles on poster, however on the white one it is represented by the images split and how they line up. The banners are elongated versions of the two

colours, and act more as a bold attraction therefore aren’t as informative. They would be present outside of the exhibition, as a way of landmarking it.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Astrid HĂźbbe Board 6 Brief 4