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I worked collaboratively alongside Ailsa Marrs and Elliot Mckellar to design a yearbook for the Fashion and Innovation students of Leeds College of Art. We were asked to design bearing in mind the theme ‘broken glass’, a theme given to us by the course leader. The cover demonstrates this, after going through a number of designs we had all designed, we came together and

picked out elements of each design that we thought worked. We wanted to use a bold colour, clear type and keep the cover clean. I suggested a bluey colour to represent fresh. We originally wanted a spot colour, however this was unavailable, so I chose a fresh blue that I could attain within CMYK.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Fashion Yearbook - A Board 1 Brief 7

Towards the deadline, a few students had to be cut out of our yearbook which meant we had six double page spreads to fill. I decided that seeing as this particular fashion pathway speciliased in fashion branding, it would be important to include this aspect somehow. A double page spread of their business cards managed to communicate this element slightly. I didn’t want

it to be over-powering, however I felt it was a significant aspect to include. I tried a few designs of the spread, and felt the diagonal cards linked in with the dis-jointed feel, and also enabled all of the cards to fit, conveniently on the page. We also agreed on having showcase pages before each category, as an introduction to the chapter. The images were duotoned with the colour

that runs throughout the book.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Fashion Yearbook - A Board 2 Brief 7

I thought that a good way to split the yearbook up, would be in the categories that are already given within the course itself. We debated it being a problem if there were only a few students in a certain chapter, however I felt it was still a strong way to not only break the book up into chapters, but also inform readers of the different paths available whilst on the Fashion and Innovation

course. The spreads layout was discussed as a group, we all decided that it would be nice to have the name in bold, in the top right corner to help people navigate throughout the book. We also decided that a catalogue style book was appropriate for a fashion-branding lead course. Each page being individual, with a structured, yet versatile grid system, allowing images and

text to be placed wherever, but with restrictions.

Ceara Elliot OUGD303 Final Major Project Fashion Yearbook - A Board 3 Brief 7