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Film Posters


Brief Design and print a range of film posters for specific films. The range will consist of a photographic, illustrative and typographic poster for each film. Considerations -Photographic film posters need to be created from high resolution photographs -Will there be colour restrictions for the illustrative/typographic posters? Deliverables A range of film posters Devlopment demonstrated on blog

Astrid Hubbe


Brief Develop an identity and brand for the German artist Astrid Hϋbbe. Considerations -I need to consider how the identity will be appropriate for the style of the artist -What can I apply the identity to so it can be effective and useful for the artist - Language problem? Deliverables A range of products that support the artist’s branding and identity. Contact cards, promotional piece, website, compliments slip, letterheads, exhibition design?

Poetry Publication


Brief Produce a publication containing my poetry that is explored through experimentative and unique forms of typography and type and layout.

Considerations -I will need to consider how it can be printed professionally -Whether the creative type and layout designs work well enough to communicate effectively. Background I want the readers of the poetry to read it differently, in a way that helps explore the poem itself through how it is typographically presented.

Fashion Yearbook


Brief Collaborating with Ailsa Marrs and Elliot Mckellar, design the yearbook for BA (hons.) Fashion, Pathway A Considerations -Designing alongisde the requirements of the Fashion department -Meeting deadlines considering our designs and concepts for the yearbook - Designing to restrictions and specific content, regarding the fashion students, the fashion tutors, printers, format and our concepts behind the design itself. Deliverables A yearbook for pathway A, and possible material that works alongside it, e.g fashion week promotional material

Book Covers


Brief Taken from the Penguin brief, design a book cover and complimentary products for the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Considerations -What are the guidelines given by Penguin, e.g templates, logo positioning, blurb etc... -The cover needs to be eye catching and also communicate the novel - Concept driven Deliverables Book cover and complimentary products, e.g book mark?



Brief Develop and design a new photography magazine that features a variety of photographer’s photography inside each issue. Considerations -What will remain consistant throughout the design, and what will change adjusting to each cover design -What considerations need to be considered due to readability on each issue? - What photographers should be featured on the cover? Deliverables 12 photography magazine covers


boards for crit

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