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Leadership Coeur d’Alene 2016 A program of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce Statement and Purpose To identify citizens of the area who have demonstrated the potential for leadership; to provide information which will develop knowledge and understanding of our community, its complexities and its potential; to create an opportunity for participants to meet and exchange ideas with current community/area leaders; to motivate participants to pursue leadership roles in the community; and to provide participants an opportunity to network and discuss issues in an informal and learning environment.

Program of Work •

To recruit, select and graduate a quality class of future leaders.

Focus on differentiating Leadership Coeur d’Alene from all competitive Leadership programs in the region.

Focus on ensuring that Leadership Coeur d’Alene is THE premiere Leadership program in the State of Idaho.

Involve the community’s youth into the program to not only help shape and retain our future leaders but to learn from them as well.

Schedule retreat for Leadership Committee and perform S.W.O.T. analysis in order to develop a strategy for the next decade.

Redesign Mission and Vision Statement – focusing on increasing value of the program to Chamber members and the Community.

Determine what is uniquely marketable and improve awareness of the program through exposure in the media.

Actively engage past Leadership Graduates in keeping them involved with Chamber events, activities and programs.

Increase financial position of the Toni Sayler Leadership Scholarship fund.

2016 Leadership Coeur d’Alene Committee Members

Ann Thomas - Chair Leadership Coeur d’Alene


Dustin Ainsworth Jaime Arnold Laura L. Aschenbrener John Baldeck Benjamin Drake Katie Hunt Vicki Isakson Charlie Linder Alivia Metts Mike Nelson Pam Pratt Brad Rasor Heidi Rogers Craig Sumey Ann Thomas Britt Towery Mike Ward Anna Wilson Brenda Zosel

Kootenai Title Pacific Source Health Plans Witherspoon Kelley, Attorneys & Counselors” KMS Financial Services Pita Pit USA Numerica Credit Union Idaho Department of Labor Kootenai Health The Metts Group Coeur d’Alene School District Coeur d’Alene School District bankcda Northwest Council for Computer Education First Presbyterian Church Mountain West Bank Kootenai Health Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Coeur d’Alene School District Pita Pit USA

2016 Class Sessions


uring their year in Leadership Coeur d’Alene, class members attended a variety of lectures, demonstrations, tours and activities that allowed them to gain a better understanding of our community. The class met one day per month, with each day focused on a different community theme. They discussed a variety of issues with community leaders, participated in team building exercises and were introduced to businesses and organizations in Coeur d’Alene that have been key factors in our area’s history, development and daily life. Members from the Leadership Class of 2015 were in charge of planning each session, taking into consideration their personal experiences in the program. This task allows former classmates to put their skills to work and demonstrate their growth in leadership. At the end of each day, the class conducted a “Best of the Best” discussion, where they looked at the pros and cons throughout the day and provided suggestions for the future. The comments from each day were collected and used at the Class Retreat to help plan the 2017 Leadership program. The following provide a summary of each day through Leadership 2016. The Leadership Committee thanks all of the community members who have supported the Leadership program throughout the years and have made this experience possible for hundreds of future leaders. 2

Ice Breaker March 10, 2016

Session Planners: Anna Mckahan Anna Wilson Greta Gissel John Baldeck Miranda Hamilton

Advanced Benefits Coeur d’Alene School District North Idaho Centennial Trail KMS Financial Services American Family Insurance

Nicole Jacklin Nichole Smith Paul Irwin Steven Kopke

Century 21 Butler & Assoc. STCU Pita Pit Tomlinson Sotheby’s International Realty

Speakers: Gretta Gissel Steve Wilson Jim Pierce

North Idaho Centennial Trail Coeur d’Alene Chamber President/CEO Chamber Board Chair

Sandy Emerson Toni Sayler Don Callister

Emerson Valuation Toni Sayler Scholarship Coeur d’Alene School DIstrict

Purpose: To meet fellow classmates and learn about your role in Leadership Coeur d’Alene. Meeting for the first time, Leadership Class of 2016 shook hands with one another and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and wine for the Icebreaker session at Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce. After an intense round of “getting to know you Bingo” the class of 2015 introduced themselves and explained each role they held, favorite moments of the previous year and their personal thoughts on the program. We finished the day with a clever game to help everyone remember names and picked nicknames that will haunt us the next two years. Everyone left excited and eager to start this great adventure.


Setting the Stage March 24, 2016

Session Planners: John Baldeck Paul Erwin Greta Gissel Nicole Jacklin Steven Kopke

KMS Financial Services Pita Pit USA North Idaho Centennial Trail Century 21 Butler & Assoc. Tomlinson Sotheby’s International Realty

Anna McKahan Anna Wilson

Advanced Benefits Coeur d’Alene School District

Museum of North Idaho Attorney Witherspoon Kelly

Sandy Emerson Dr. Charles Buck

Emerson Valuation University of Idaho

Speakers: Robert Singletary Norm Gissel Dennis “Denny” Davis

Purpose: To acquaint the class with the history and heritage of Coeur d’Alene. Hang on tight, we aren’t slowing down for anyone! Today was an action-packed, fun-filled adventure with something for everyone. Robert Singletary, Historian and Marketing Director for the Museum of North Idaho, began the day with his presentation “Our Rich History,” outlining the highlights of Coeur d’Alene’s history since 1830. Mr. Singletary literally ‘wrote the book’ on the history of Coeur d’Alene, a French derivative loosely translating to “people with hearts as sharp as an awl.” Coeur d’Alene has been shaped by a multitude of factors, including the local native tribes, European settlers, transcontinental railroad pioneers, the American Civil War, folks with Gold Fever (followed by Silver Fever), the booming lumber industry in 1898, and too many fires to count. After the jam-packed history lesson, we all struggled to keep up with our 82-year-old tour guide, Mr. Singletary, during the Walking Tour of Fort Grounds. The tour ended at the Fort Grounds Chapel, the birthplace of “undressing the Christmas Tree,” a Christmas tradition that brought smiles to many Coeur d’Alene children. All aboard! the bus to the Museum of North Idaho leaves with or without you at 10:10 am sharp.

The first visit for most, but will not be the last. Step back on the bus for a guided tour (three guesses who the tour guide was) of downtown Coeur d’Alene and Sanders Beach, which brought “Our Rich History” to life. Pause for a brief lunch break at the Greenbriar Inn, owned and operated by Kris and Bob. The structure was built in 1908 and remained a boarding house for 20 years. Kris and Bob purchased the Inn in 1984 and, after removing tasteful exterior paint, opened in 1985 as a Bed and Breakfast, something unheard of in Coeur d’Alene at that time. Fun-tivities continued after a delicious lunch, including nominating officer positions and a personality quiz, where we all learned that the “red personality” was best (just kidding). Next, Sandy Emerson, Denny Davis, and Norm Gissel shared their perspectives of Coeur d’Alene from the 60’s to present. Key discussion points included hydroplane boat races, political tension, the Aryan Nations, rise and fall of the mining and timber industries, rural development, and academic advances. How do we influence Coeur d’Alene? Start simple, learn by doing, learn by listening, respect viewpoints, travel, enjoy what you do, and lead by example. Dr. Charles Buck shared his “Vision 2030” plan: 180 action items inspired by collective ideas of the Coeur d’Alene community. Congratulations to our elected President, “Carolina” Katie Brereton, Vice President, “Kindly” Kelsey Hubiak, Secretary, “Rockin” Ryan Lewis, Treasurer, “Tremendous” Therese Goodwin, Historian, “Just Bones” Ryan Bones, Social Coordinator, “Pistol” Pete Howard assisted by “Terrific” Tiffany Morrett and “BDA” Shane Greeenfield, Tail Twister. “World Class Wade” Jacklin, and Best-of-the-Best, “Can’t Miss Chris” Martin.


Health Care Day April 28, 2016

Session Planners: Bill Davenport Frances Huffman Nicole Jacklin Steven Kopke Sarah McCracken

Heritage Health Tesh Century 21 Beutler & Assoc. Tomlinson Sotheby’s International Realty Hospice of North Idaho

Lisa Aitken Josh Burton Whitney Fehringer Britt Towery

Kootenai Health Kootenai Health Kootenai Health Kootenai Health

Speakers: Dr. Richard McLandress Dr. Kory Wilson Jon Ness Mark Fisher Kim Anderson Mike Baker Rick Rasmussen Lisa Aitken Whitney Fehringer

MD, Kootenai Health DDS, Avondale Dental CEO Kootenai Health Advanced Benefits Kootenai Health Heritage Health CEO Northwest Specialty Hospital Kootenai Health Kootenai Health

Jason Crouse Claudia Miewald Don Robinson Dr. Joseph Abate Donald Duffy T J Bryne Gina Prindle Amanda Miller Cindy Reed

Kootenai Health Kootenai Health/Behavior Health North Idaho Crisis Center Heritage Health Panhandle Health District Heritage Health Heritage Health Hospice of North Idaho Hospice of North Idaho

Purpose: To educate the leadership class about the available healthcare resources and to make a personal commitment to health and wellness.

How is your health? Begin with a 12 hour fast, followed by a little blood work, and finish with the dreaded scale (queue groans of disbelief). What’s next? Dr. Richard McLandress, MD, learns only half of the 2016 CDA Leadership class have a primary care physician. With six new doctors enrolled in the Family Medicine CDA Residency Program, we are out of excuses. Batter up! Dr. Kory Wilson, DDS, steps up to the plate to (enthusiastically) share the state of oral health care in Idaho. Dr. Wilson has seen an increased number of hospital-owned practices and a decrease in independent, private practice. Final words of wisdom? Your smile is your logo; your personality is your business card. Mic drop. Next, Jon Ness shares the history and vision of Kootenai Health: serving Kootenai County by adapting and growing. To reach these goals, Kootenai Health has hired over 800 new employees since 2011, increased revenue by 49%, and offers several new clinical services. Transition to Mark Fisher’s presentation on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Kim Anderson with Kootenai Health, Mike Baker with Heritage Health, and Rick Rasmussen with NW Specialty Hospital discuss the topic “Access to Healthcare.” We are blessed to have three completely different (and strongly opinionated)


healthcare organizations in Kootenai County. In a nutshell, Kootenai Health is a not-for-profit organization that caters to the masses while offering superb healthcare service. Heritage Health accommodates the uninsured (approximately 40% of their patients), but their service is so good, patients with insurance keep coming back. NW Specialty Hospital is a physician-owned business (for profit), offering 5-star quality healthcare (typically elective surgeries) at competitive prices. Three completely different outlooks on healthcare; but they all agreed that hospital collaboration is the key to success. Shout out to Lisa Aitken and Kim Anderson for the fun-filled tour of Kootenai Health’s new and improved family birthing center, neonatal intensive care units, and heliport department. Get to the chopper. The results are in! (and nobody looks excited…) Whitney Fehringer and Jason Crouse explain why a high score in LDL cholesterol count doesn’t mean you win a prize. Derp. Congrats to the Jeopardy winner, Terrific Tiff, for her outstanding knowledge of Health and Wellness! Eye-opening presentation into the world of behavior and mental health illness by Claudia Miewald. Let’s all work on promoting awareness of mental illness, which results in more disability than any other group of illness.

Sponsored by:

Don Robinson’s dream to help those with mental illness became a reality with the beginning of the North Idaho Crisis Center (NICC). The NICC allows 23hour and 59-minute maximum stays to those suffering from mental illness. Dr. Joseph Abate continues the day with his presentation on Innovations in Healthcare, stating “a healthcare system isn’t a system if it only takes care of 75% of the people.” Kudos to his brainchild concept “shared medical appointments.” Puddle jump over to Panhandle Health District where Donald Duffy shares the physical health, environmental health, and health education services offered. Their motto: Prevent – Promote – Protect. Step outside for a quick tour of the Homeless Healthcare and School-Based Health Center mobile units. Final stop: Hospice of North Idaho. The Hospice was opened in 2011, and they currently serve over 800 patients per year with over 110 staffed employees. Thank you, Amanda Miller and Cindy Reed for selflessly caring for others.


Media Day May 26, 2016

Session Planners: Hannah Palmer Matt Higgins Miranda Hamilton

Centennial Distributing Idaho Trust Bank American Family Insurance

Bobby Myers John Baldeck Paul Erwin

Northwest Council for Computer Education KMS Financial Services Pita Pit USA

Coeur d’Alene Press The Spokesman Review Kootenai County EMS Parker Toyota

Eden Irgens Bill Tilson Jr. Kevin Sanders Nils Rosdahl

Range Coeur d’Alene Police Department Demand Strategies Retired Journalist and NIC Instructor

Speakers: Mike Patrick Dave Oliveria Chris Way Sal Piazza

Purpose: To better understand how an effective leader must communicate efficiently and strategically with the media. We kicked off the day right with a presentation by Mr. Nils Rosdahl, Columnist for the CDA Press. Nils explained journalism isn’t just reporting and writing, but also involves editing, photography, page design, and broadcasting. When writing a story, journalists must ask themselves, which “W” is the most important? Who, What, When, Why, and How? (How does “how” start with a W?) And remember to write for a 9th-grade reading ability… aka short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs. Use “The Boxcar Children” as a reference. Interestingly, the most commonly read stories in the newspaper are short letters to the editor, followed by obituaries. Mr. Mike Patrick, an editor for the CDA Press, followed Nils with this presentation on the role press plays in the community. Mike explained how newspapers are empowering. In his opinion, local and city papers should focus on local news rather than international news; for your international news, read the New York Times or USA Today. Next, we followed Mike to 305 2nd Street and took a walking tour of the CDA Press building. The process of creating newspapers included writing, designing, printing, bundling, and a whole room full of moving equipment, computers, and hardworking people. Highest cost of the process? Paper. Followed by wages and finally ink. Who would have thunk? Dave Oliveria and Taryn Thompson, writer for Huckleberries Online, shared their opinion on the role of the online press in the community. In a nutshell? If you publish your writing online and allow people to comment anonymously, be prepared for some serious trolling. Queue Mr. Casey Lund, a morning reporter for KXLY news channel with his presentation on “What Makes News.” Back in the Ron Burgundy days, each reporter had their own cameraman; now, reporters are quite often responsible for setting up their gear and flying solo. I’m Ron Burgundy? Not to mention


reporter’s other roles, including dealing with sales, production, promotions, legal issues, and being a social media strategist. What makes news according to Mr. Lund? Money, family, health, safety, and community. Nailed it. Let’s dive into dealing with the media: Mr. Chris Way, Chief with Kootenai County EMS offers his insight on how to deal with a communication crisis. First, define crisis. A crisis can either be a “danger” or “opportunity.” How you react during the crisis can be just as critical as the crisis itself. Keep calm, own the message, and commit to full transparency. When delivering your strategic message, keep it simple, mean what you say, and reaffirm your organization’s core values, mission, and commitments. Sal Piazza, the general manager of Parker Toyota and Eden Irgen, owner of Range, followed Mr. Way and share the impact of cause marketing in local business. From Mr. Piazza – don’t waste money on ads, donate to community organizations. From Ms. Irgen – Social purpose is the greatest deciding factor in cause marketing. What impact does social media have in our community? Mr. Bill Tilson, Sargent with the CDA Police Department explained the benefits social media services and websites have on crime reduction in CDA. And last, but definitely not least, Mr. Kevin Sanders, president of Demand Strategic explores how “trust” is the new currency in effective media communication. He divides “trust” into two categories: competence (actions) and sincerity (intensions). In the past, the media has been trusted until their trust was violated. Now, the media is considered guilty until proven innocent. Four take-home points for future media communications: 1. Be trustworthy, 2. Be transparent, 3. Be truthful, and 4. Be vigilant. And that’s all folks!

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Evironment Day Session Planners: Josh Horvath Scott McNee Laura Aschenbrener Pete Stayton

Young Construction T-O Engineers Witherspoon-Kelly JUB Engineers

Kyle Marine John Holecek Matthew Higgins

City of Coeur d’Alene Kootenai County Idaho Trust Bank

Helca Mining Idaho Forest Group Idaho Forest Group Avista Corporation Kootenai Environmental Alliance Kootenai County Solid Waste Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game

Barb Moore Denna Grangaard Ed Moreen Caj Matheson Jamie Brunner Laura Laumatia Sid Frederickson

Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game Idaho Dept. of Environmental Quality U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Restoration Partnership Idaho Dept. Environmental Quality Coeur d’Alene Tribe City of Cd’A Waste Water Treatment Plant

Speakers: Mike Clary Brian Riley Alan Harper Mac Mikkelsen Adrienne Cronebaugh Cathy Mayer Rob Ryan

Purpose: To develop knowledge and understanding of the issues facing our national, state and local land, water and other natural resource practices impacting the balance between commerce, growth, sustainability and quality of life. The early bird gets the worm! 6:45 AM start time at the Idaho Forest Group (IFG) Chilco Mill in Athol, Idaho. Kick-start the day with a presentation by Mr. Mike Clary, Senior Counsel for Hecla Mining (Hecla); Hecla has been mining gold, silver, and other metals in the Silver Valley for over 125 years. Switch gears over to the timber industry, where Mr. Mike Henley, Plant Manager for the IFG describes the history, production capacity, and wood sources (8 different tree species) of the Chilco Mill, the largest mill in Idaho. What did the lumberjack say about the mathematician who couldn’t dance? “Man, that guy needs to get some logarithm.” Ba-dum-tish. Time for the Mill Tour lead by Alan Harper, Resources Manager of the IFG’s northern operations. The mill tour was a hit: with conveyor belts, forklifts, huge saws, mountains of drying wood, and the smell of fresh cut lumber, what isn’t to like? Just keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, or risk losing a limb! Now hand back those hard hats and ear plugs, jump in your motor-carriage and head over to Post Falls for a tour of Avista’s South Channel Dam, North Channel Dam, and Powerhouse. “Where can I get some dam bait?” – Cousin Eddie. Mac Mikkelsen, Hydro Licensing & Safety Coordinator for Avista lead the three tours. Memorable features included ginormous turbines, penstocks, water gates, and a mysterious disk (spacecraft?). Pit stop for some lunch at the Falls Park and skedaddle over to the North Idaho College (NIC).


Sponsored by:

There were four main topics discussed in the NIC Student Union Driftwood Bay Room. For the “Solid Waste and Recycling” topic, Cathy Mayer with the Kootenai County Solid Waste Department, discussed the Ramsey Transfer Station, the Post Falls Station, and the Fighting Creek Landfill, serving over 600,000 customers in 2015. Troy Tymesen with the City of Coeur d’Alene explained how every person in Kootenai County creates 4.4 pounds of trash and recycles 1.15 pounds every day! Mike Ward shed light on his past experiences as the former Solid Waste Management Executive; in summary, handling garbage isn’t the gold mine one might expect. Finally, Darla Kuhman, former Mayor of Athol and leader of the CDA Glass Recycling Company searches for innovative ways to reuse and recycle glass in Kootenai County. For the “Wildlife and Fisheries” topic, Rob Ryan and Barb Moore with the Idaho Fish and Game present fishing and hunting management in Kootenai County. Most of us were surprised to learn that the primary source of mortality of deer calves is from mountain lions, not from wolves. Next, the panel of Denna Grangaard (Idaho DEQ), Ed Moreen (EPA), and Rebecca Stevens (CDA Tribe) deliberate about the Bunker Hill Superfund Site and ongoing restoration programs. And last-but-not-least, Jamie Brunner (Idaho DEQ), Laura Laumatia (CDA Tribe), and Paul Klatt (Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer Protection District) spoke about managing Lake CDA and the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. With over 150 miles of shoreline on Lake CDA and over 500,000 people depending on the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer as their water source, water preservation and restoration in Kootenai County is not something to be taken lightly. Plastic water bottle smash! Final stop at the CDA Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) for a tour by Sid Fredrickson. The City WWTP is a fully functioning advanced treatment system complete with a grit chamber, primary clarifier, aeriation chamber, secondary clarifier, and chlorination/ de-chlorination chamber. Fun for the whole family! Final joke: What did one toilet say to the other toilet? “You look flushed.”


Arts & Recreation Day Session Planners: Anna McKahan Anna Wilson Mike Walker Laura Aschenbrener

Advanced Benefits Coeur d’Alene School District Miller Stauffer Architects Witherspoon Kelley

Nichole Smith Brent Schreiber Kyle Marine

STCU Clearwater Summit Group City of Coeur d’Alene

Speakers: Jacob Rothrock Randall Butt David White Greta Gissel Susan Nipp Steve Sibulsky Bliss Lanier Tracey Vaughn Emily Boyd

NIC Outdoor Pursuits Idaho Parks & Recreation Idaho Parks & Recreation North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation Mudgy & Millie Coeur d’Alene Symphony Christian Youth Theater Coeur d’Alene Summer Theater Coeur d’Alene Downtown Association

Buddy Lee Stacy Barney Ali Shute Jennifer Drake Kristin Kilmer Teko Dumoulin Jeni Hegsted Nate Blackburn Mark Robitaille

Coeur d’Alene Art Gallery The Salvation Army Kroc Center Arts & Culture Alliance Arts Commission The Modern Theatre Emerge Idaho Parks & Recreation Silverwood Theme Park

Purpose: As a leader, it is important to expand and develop your own opportunities to create, imagine & explore

yourself through arts and recreation. Arts & Recreation day is about developing a balance in work and play that will lead to a refreshed approach to problem solving, innovation and creating a well-rounded life. Enjoy! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so it’s time for a day of well-mannered frivolity learning about some of the outdoor recreation, visual arts, and performing arts opportunities available in the Coeur d’Alene area. David White, North Regional Manager for the CDA and Farragut Parks, gets the ball rolling with his discussion on the Parks Department’s goal of promoting community vitality through the 30 statewide parks available in Idaho. Executive Director of the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation, Greta Gissel, shares the foundation’s goal, of maintaining, promoting and advocating trail systems in CDA. The most recent accomplishment of the foundation is the 4.5 mile long Prairie Trail spurring off the North Idaho Centennial Trail. So grab your tenny-runnings, peddle pushers, and high socks and hit the trails! “Mudgy and Millie all around the town!” Susan Nipp, author of Mudgy and Millie shares her success story of integrating a children’s book into the City of CDA, using real street names and attractions, and even erecting five statues of Mudgy and Millie “all around the town.” Hats off to Therese for nailing the theme song! The KROC Center is more than just a fitness center or a church: it’s a community center. Stacy Barney, director of community outreach and programming, provided some background on how the KROC Center came to fruition (Joan and Ray’s donation to the Salvation Army) and how the Kroc Center is being used as a catalyst to change people’s lives. The Kroc Center offers aquatics, activities for senior citizens (physical, emotional, and spiritual),


and a place for middle school students to feel at home. Let’s talk about art! Up first is a two person panel discussing the role of arts in the community. Ali Shute touched on Arts and Culture Alliances, an organization promoting Art From the Heart, Artwalk, Artist Studio Tour, and Arts Buzz. Jennifer Drake, chairman of the Arts Commission, shared how this organization incorporates art into public areas in an effort to improve CDA’s culture (look around CDA for painted signal boxes).

Next was a four person panel comprising Kristin Kilmer with Modern Theatre, Steve Sibulsky with the CDA Symphony, Bliss Lanier with Cristian Youth Theatre, and Tracey Vaughn with CDA Summer Theatre. These 4-panel representatives collectively described local performing arts opportunities available in CDA. No Arts & Rec day would be complete without a quick stop at Independence Point following by tours of The Coeur d’Alene Galleries and Emerge. The Coeur d’Alene Galleries (owned and managed by Buddy Le) specializes in 19th and 20th century western, wildlife, and sporting art. In contrast, Emerge (managed by Jeni Hegsted) is a modern art gallery seeking to expose upand-coming local artists. The final two stops on today’s tour include Farragut Park and Silverwood! Nate Blackburn narrated during our tour of Farragut Park, a 50-year-old park that was once a World War 2 naval training facility. Back in the hay-day, Farragut was the largest city in Idaho, with over 50,000 people! Before departing Farragut, Troy locked down his title as Disc Golf champion of the world, woot! Shuttle over to Silverwood, where Jordan Carter presented the history of Silverwood. It all started in 1988 when the owners of Silverwood beat out Walt Disney to purchase Engine #7. Years of expansion led to the current Silverwood Theme Park, which offers roller coasters, award-winning shows, water slides, and restaurants. Now go play and ride the rides at Silverwood!

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Economic Day Session Planners: Josh Horvath Nicole Jacklin Steven Kopke

Young Construction Century 21 Beutler & Associates Sotheby’s Realty

Hannah Palmer Nichole Smith

Centennial Distributing STCU

The Coeur d’Alene Resort City of Coeur d’Alene ignite cda Parkwood Business Properties Century 21 Beutler & Associates Kiemle & Hargood Company Windermere Real Estate Idaho Department of Labor M & H Economic Consultants Community First Bank

Scott Peterson Alan Wolfe Jimmy McAndrew Gyiin Gillam Nick Smoot C.J. Buck Ron Nilson Dennis Staver Tim Komberec

Academy Mortgage STCU Mountain West Bank CDA Area Economic Development Corp. Innovation Collective Buck Knives Ground Force Worldwide Esterline Empire Airlines

Speakers: Doug Burnett Jim Hammond Tony Berns Charlie Nipp John Beutler Pat Eberlin Jennifer Smock Samual Wolkenhauer John Mitchell Jerry Lyon

Purpose: To gain a better understanding of the key components of our area’s economic well-being by focusing on

specific industries and businesses that have a valuable growth impact on our local economy and are active in promoting economic growth. Breakfast: Grumpy Monkey (quiche, croissants, scones, muffins, coffee, and TLC). Let’s dive in with a 30-minute State of Tourism in KC presentation by Doug Burnett resident manager for the CDA Resort. Who is Idaho tourist? 44% male, 56% female, predominantly 25 to 44 years old with a household size of two. Tourism brings employment, education, and enjoyment. Jim Hammond with the City of CDA encourages us all to take a risk and be vulnerable. Accept who you are. We all have talents. Tony Berns works with other members of Ignite CDA to improve the economy and developments in CDA rural areas as a public benefit to the City. Coffee break. Pray tell, what IS the state of real estate in KC? Charlie Nipp, John Beutler, Pat Eberlin, and Jennifer Smock drop some knowledge. Duane Hagadone put CDA on the map in 1984 by spending $64M to build the CDA Resort. 1991-Floating Green, 2003-Blackrock, 2007-Gozer, 2013-Rock Creek put CDA on the map as a golf resort destination. Final departing message: Good leaders aren’t born, they are forged. So, let’s forge on.

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Sam Wolkenhauer, Revenue Economist for the Department of Labor and John Mitchell, Financial Forecaster, shed light on the State of the Economy in CDA. Construction, retail, and recreation industries are proportionally large in the CDA region. Personal incomes in KC are well below the U.S. average. 2016 to 2017 trend predictions? National expansion should continue, tightening labor markets, inflation pick-up, tech-sector strength, and residential markets improving. Only time will tell. A region floats on a global sea buffeted by local tides and winds. Lunch followed by a four-person Funding Source panel. Jerry Lyon – all banks live under the same rules. To differentiate, we need to take care of people and increase our service level. Scott Peterson – Banks are now dealing with compliance departments that didn’t use to exist. Alan Wolfe at STCU Credit Union focuses on consumer lending, not large commercial projects. Jimmy McAndrews – Appraisal lag time is hurting the loaning process. Entities funded on fines is counter business. Drive over to Buck Knifes for a tour. Knives, moving parts, and hard workers everywhere. Head upstairs to the conference room for a panel about Encouraging Commerce with Gynii AbracosaGilliam, President of Jobs Plus and Nick Smoot, Founder of Innovation Collective. Gynii is charged with helping create vital communities by diversifying the economy and helping businesses create jobs. Mr. Smoot serves as an advisor and consultant to small and large companies while nurturing startup communities through his organization.

Final panel: Challenges we face in Kootenai (with respect to owning a business and manufacturing). Mr. CJ Buck, President & CEO of Buck Knives states he moved his company from California to Idaho become of less red tape and the benefits of nearby WA state labor force available. Dennis Staver, Platform President of Esterline, works to design and manufacture medical equipment and parts for slot machines. Tim Komberek, President of Empire Airlines, says his company employees fly airplanes for other commercial companies. Their biggest client is FedEx. To finish the day, Mr. Ron Nilson, President & CEO of Ground Force manages two facilities in KC, manufacturing mining equipment, fuel, and lube trucks, among other products. Why CDA? Cheap power, I-90 nearby, right to work state, and close to port. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


Law & Public Safety Day Session Planners: Chris Way John Holecek Matt Higgins Anna McKahan

Kootenai County EMS System Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Idaho Trust Bank Advanced Benefits

Bobby Myers Terry Vulles Mike Walker

Northwest Council for Computer Education Schaffer’s Towing Miller Stauffer Architects

Former Undersheriff Coeur d’Alene Police Department Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Office Idaho State Police Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Office FBI Spokane Sheriff ’s Department NI Violent Crime Task Force Coeur d’Alene Fire Department

Deputy Rich Lyons Jason Shaw Shelly Allen Sandy VonBehren Craig W. Zanetti Major Kim Edmonson Captain Lee Richardson

Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Department Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Office 911 Kootenai county Sheriff ’s Office Kootenai County Office of Emergency Services Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Office Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Office

Speakers: Travis Chaney Chief Lee White Sheriff Ben Wolfinger Lieutenant Chris Schenck Lieutenant Matt Street Agent Richard Collodi Sergeant Justin Elliott Detective Pat Cwik Deputy Chief Tom Grief

Purpose: To highlight the work performed by public safety leaders in protecting and serving

citizens in our community; to explore current and future challenges in public safety and the criminal justice. Issue waivers for jail tours?!? Orange is the New Black… Inside the CDA Police Department Training Room, we began with former Undersheriff Travis Chaney’s Leading Others with Integrity presentation. Leaders show others the way, provide specific direction, and persuade others to do or believe in something. Next up: The Local Law Enforcement Issues panel with representatives from the CDA Police Department (Lee White), the Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Office (Ben Wolfinger), and the Idaho State Police (Lt. Chris Schenck). CDA’s philosophy? 1. Reach out and find the bad guys (felons), and 2. Build ties with the community. KC provides law enforcement, registers and monitors sex offenders, performs search and rescue, acts as the driver’s licenses vendor, and holds all warrants. Idaho State has labs for blood and fingertip analysis, handles probation and payroll, and provides protection for the Governor.

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The MIB? Y’all didn’t know we had FBI in CDA, eh? Agent Richard Collodi would tell you his secrets, but he’d have to kill you. The FBI deals with civil rights issues: hate crimes, human trafficking, and violent crimes against children. They’re always watching. So is the Spokane Regional Air Support Unit. Justin Elliott reports this helicopter crew is responsible for responding to calls, search and rescue, SWAT operations, fire response, and more. More badasses? Yeah, CDA has a SWAT team. “GI-Joe” Rich Lyons explains why 75% of SWAT applicants fail: 3 years of patrol, physical training, shooting test, cross fit, oral exam, and “yes” required from every SWAT team member. Can someone say weed out? And I ain’t talking Washington weed. The last presentation in the Training Room was Pat Cwik, a detective who says heroin and coke are back in north Idaho. There are 1 to 2 serious overdoses a week in KC. SWAT demonstration time. You gotta be there. Grenades, guns, and tanks (Bearcat); the end. Next, the CDA Fire Department blazed up a building and put out the fire with a fire truck operated by Tiffany and coordinated by Deputy Chief Tom Grief. The highlight of the day? Shane dressed in full fireman gear and working the fire hose. Another demonstration by GI-Joe. This time it was a Canine Deputy showing off his skills tracking down the bad guys.


Back to the Training Room for an Emergency Management and Emergency Communications panel. Shelly Allen, 911 Communications Supervisor, deals with emergencies, nonemergencies, and animal control on a daily basis. In 2015, they took over 230,000 calls, while maintaining respect, integrity, and professionalism, regardless of the emergency: if it’s an emergency to you, it’s an emergency to them too. Sandy Von Behren manages the Office of Emergency Management to address fires, flood, snow storms, and wind storms in KC. The goal? Mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Craig Zanetti, criminal defense attorney, closes the panel and states most his cases deal with the 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment (think drugs, drunks, and domestics). Tour of the KC Jail: 80% felons, 20% misdemeanors. The female population has increased. They offer three meals a day and provide medical, dental, and psychological health care. Book ‘em Danno. Que the cat calls.



Government & Transportaion Day October 27, 2016

Session Planners: Chris Way Eric Olson Matt Higgins Bill Davenport

Kootenai County EMS HMH Engineering Idaho Trust Bank Heritage Health

Pete Stayton Terry Vulles Scott McNee Miranda Hamilton

JUB Engineers Schaffer Towing T-O Engineers American Family Insurance

Speakers: Jim Hammond Ron Jacobson Steve Griffits Marc Eberlein Luke Malek Katie Brodie Karen Roetter Sid Smith Judy Morbeck Chief Allen Helo Hancock Chris Way

City of Coeur d’Alene City Administrator City of Post Falls Mayor City of Hayden Mayor Kootenai County Commissioner State of Idaho Representative Governor Otter Regional Director US Senator Crapo Regional Director US Senator Jim Risch Regional Director Senator Labrador Representative Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council Chairman Coeur d’Alene Tribe Attorney/Legal Council Kootenai County EMS Director

Marvin Fenn Glenn Miles Jody Bieze Kimberly Hobson Sara Summer Jeff Benzon John Adams Reed Chase Scott Marikis

Engineering Manager, Coeur d ‘Alene Kootenai MPO Director Kootenai County Public Transit Office Director Kootenai County Public Transit Office Program Specialist Kootenai County Public Transit Office Transit Planning Specialist Kootenai County GIS Analyst Kootenai County Airport Advisory Board Empire Aerospace Manager Empire Airlines Vice President & COO

Purpose: To acquaint the Leadership Class with aspects of local, state, and federal government and transportation issues. The day started out with City Administrator Jim Hammond. Jim had some interesting information that the roads are funded by fuel taxes, 70% of bridges in North Idaho are over 50 years old. Next was Ron Jacobson, Mayor of Post Falls and he explained why you should run for office for the right reasons. Steve Griffits Mayor of Hayden thinks the collaboration with other nearby city mayors is key. Mark Eberlin, County Commissioner thinks it is most important to learn from people around you. A leader isn’t above everyone else. Katie Brodie is the North Idaho representative for Governor Otter. The most difficult obstacle for her office is to secure funding for North Idaho roads since most representatives live near Boise. Luke Malek is our Idaho State Representative, and he explained that two-thirds of state tax dollars go to education. There is a need to improve education outcomes before we accept Federal dollars. ITD – working to keep costs low by winning awards. The Broadband in Idaho is way behind. $25M fiber investment, tax on all phones. Judy Morbeck, Representative for Senator Labrador, works on case work – help constituents that have issues with Federal agencies and make the Federal agencies follow their regulations. Sidney Smith representative for Senator Risch believes in Term limits, and it’s called the ballot box. To get the full message, subscribe to each congressman’s E-newsletter.


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Helo Hancock is the Tribal Attorney and Legislative Director. Helo explained how the tribe is funded; Tribal income 40% federal government, 60% gaming revenue. 85% of the tribal population are not tribal members. The class then participated in a Mock City Council Hearing. Some of the characters were Don – Preacher “Bankers are devils,” Dusty – Bar Manager “We just serve pop,” Bar Bouncer – “Ran the Double Deuce in Jasper, Missouri.” Church of the Appleway Apostles parishioners disrupt the proceedings during the Preacher of the Appleway Apostles (Chris Martin) speech with an outburst “AMEN! Preach it! Bones – Manager of the Big Inn brought the house down with his portrayal of a timid inn keeper with a serious North Dakota accent “It’s a nudey bar full of hooers” Does he frequent the hourly motel? “No, I need a full night.” After careful consideration, the council voted in favor of Broadsway and their Special Use Permit for Adult Entertainment. The class then drove to the Idaho Transportation Department where Marvin Fenn, Engineering Manager talked about 50% of workforce retiring in the next five years. Hire and train will lose their expertise and tricks of the trade when they retire. Glenn Miles Kootenai MPO Director spoke about our unbalanced load factor. We import more than we export. Trucks come in with a full load, but some leave empty. Need $500M to expand roads, but only got $96M to maintain what they have from the State legislature. Kim Hobson, Kootenai County Public Transit Office and City Link is testing experimental routes. Go from two to three routes. Current cost is $3.30 per fare for regular busses and $25.74 per fare for Paratransit (handicapped). City Link is free, but they are looking at charging a fare. Those communities that charge a fare typically recoup 15-20% of the expense to operate the busses. The class then drove to Kootenai County Airport where John Adams of the Airport Board explained the Airport has two runways and can handle any size aircraft. The airport has $150mm economic benefit to the community. Aircraft clubs (fly-ins) meet here, park their aircraft, and stay several days in CDA. Joe Rosetti, Resort Aviation has five hangars, FBO – Fixed Based Operator, fueling, light maintenance, hangar aircraft. Then there was a bus trip to see aircraft parked at an auxiliary hanger. Smaller aircraft, Cessna’s.

Representing Empire Airlines was Reed Chase, GM. (also present is Richard Miller, inspector). Presentation in the board room on history of Empire Airlines. Tour of hangar with several aircraft gutted, major upgrades, then rebuild. There is a pilot shortage industry wide. Government changed the qualifications by increasing the number of flight hours required to be a licensed pilot, so fewer new pilots entering the workforce. Company motto is “We can do that!” Empire also has an unmanned division. Drones. Unmanned Aerial Data Collection. Bus back to Airport Office.


Education Day November 1 7, 2016

Session Planners: Brent Schreiber Miranda Hamilton Scott McNee

Clearwater-Summit Group American Family Insurance T-O Engineers

Eric Olson Sarah McCracken

HMH Engineering Hospice of North Idaho

Coeur d ‘Alene School District 271 Coeur d’Alene School District 271 Coeur d’Alene School District Teacher of the Year 2016 Kootenai Technical Education Campus North Idaho College Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy North Idaho STEM Charter School Christian Center Academy Realtor/Home School Parent North Idaho College

Rocky Owens Lewis Clark State College Paul Amador Ph.D. University of Idaho Don Soltman Idaho Board of Education Jimmy McAndrew Founder COEUR Group Steve Roth EXEL Foundation Lisa May Coeur d ‘Alene Education Partnership Nichole Walters Piekarski North Idaho College Health Professionals Director Jaymee Paul North Idaho Boys & Girls Club Jeff Bengston Lake Magnet Middle School

Speakers: Mike Nelson Casey Morrisroe Ginny Whiteside Colby Mattila Doug Anderson Dan Nicklay Scott Thomson Julie Yetter Jillian Carlson Lita Burns Ph.D.

Purpose: To acquaint the Leadership Class with aspects of K-12 and higher education opportunities and issues. You gonna learn today! Take home message: Kootenai County educator is doing it right. The first panel of the day provided a brief overview of the K-12 education system in Kootenai County. Former beloved teacher, Mr. Mike Nelson, Ph. D, takes pride in continuing to serve the CDA School District, where the average teaching length is 24 years. Casey Morrisroe and four other CDA School District Board of Trustees members work to make policy, offer administrative oversight, and provide leadership for educators in our community. Ginny Whiteside shares her journey to becoming the “teacher of the year”; her goal is to mold happy, healthy, and hardworking kids. Well said and well deserved, Mr. Whiteside! Mr. Colby Mattila, shares a brief overview of the 5-year old Kootenai Technical Education Campus (KTEC), which offers industry training to high school juniors and seniors. Tuition is free, and success rates are high. The confidence of current students leading our guided tours of KTEC was a testament to the program’s success. KTEC courses include computer repair and networking, construction trades, diesel technology, CNA training, welding, and more! Following the KTEC tour, Mr. Doug Anderson provided a tour of the adjacent NIC Career and Technical Education (CTE) facility. The CTE facility offers post-secondary advanced training for courses offered at KTEC and more; the work force is snatching up CTE graduates like hot-cakes.


Next, we traveled south to NIC for a panel discussion on school choice, which included Dan Nicklay, Principal of Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy, Scott Thomson, Principal of North Idaho STEM Charter School, Julie Yetter, Principal of Christian Center School, and Jillian Carlson, homeschool parent. Understanding that one-size doesn’t fit all, these four schools offer an alternative to traditional public school. As Mr. Nicklay astutely pointed out, adding competition to public schools has elevated our education standards throughout Kootenai County. Capitalism at its finest! Our third panel discussed post-secondary opportunities in North Idaho, and included representatives from NIC (Lita Burns, Ph, D.), Lewis-Clark State College (Rocky Owens), the University of Idaho (Paul Amador, Ph, D.), and the Idaho State Board of Education (Don Soltman). Each school offers various degrees and extracurricular programs to attract and retain students. The State Board of Education oversees these three higher education institutions.

Sponsored by:

The final panel addressed community support for education. From COEUR Group to the EXCEL Foundation to the CDA Educational Partnership, it is clear the Kootenai County community cares about education by providing funding above and beyond tax monies to support schools, teachers, and students. We finished Education Day with a tour of the NIC Health Professions Programs, the Boys & Girls Club, and Lakes Magnet Middle School. Nichole Walters described the innovative “mockinterview” techniques NIC is implementing to train future health professionals. Ryan Davis and Jaymee Paul provided an overview of the Boys & Girls Club, which they define as a “youth development agency.” The roughly 4,000 clubs throughout the World serve 4.1 million kids every year. Mr. Jeff Bengston (principal), wraps up the day with a tour of the Lakes Magnet Middle School. This middle school’s schedule is structured to allow teachers the opportunity to teach a fun “magnet” class at the end of each day. Class dismissed.


Quality of life day December 15, 2016

Session Planners: Sarah McCracken Nichole Smith Nicole Jacklin

Hospice of North Idaho STCU Century 21

Kelli Lunceford Frances Huffman Anna Wilson

St Vincent de Paul TESH Coeur d’Alene School District 271

Community Action Partnership Family Promise TESH CAPS UGM United Way St. Vincent de Paul

KJ Torgerson Janet Davis Katie Coker Heather Osborne Ann Johnson Denna Grangaard Debbie Jeffrey

CASA Children’s Village Safe Passage Big Brothers Big Sisters Village at Orchard Ridge Hospice of North Idaho Kootenai Humane Society

Speakers: Lori Dahlke Cindy Wood Terri Johnson Nicol Barnes Ann Hammer Craig Sumey Jeff Conroy, MA

Purpose: Increase awareness of human services, the needs in our community and the organizations and volunteer opportunities that exist to help meet those needs. Every community has needs, but not every community has as many organizations and volunteer opportunities as CDA to help meet those needs. Today’s activities included tours, panels, and activities at Community United Methodist Church, Community Action Partnership (CAP), TESH, Union Gospel Mission (UGM), the HELP Center, and St. Vincent de Paul HELP Center.

Hop, skip, and a jump over to the UGM Center for Women and Children building for a tour led by the director, JoAnn Zajicek. The UGM cares for the poor, homeless, abused, and addicted; the Women and Children’s Center is specifically setup to help women and children rise above their current situation and move on to lead productive and prosperous lives in CDA.

The day began with a Poverty Simulation led by Lori Dahlke. The 2016 Leadership CDA group gained some insight with the struggles and frustrations of surviving in CDA below the poverty line. Everything from transportation, paying your bills, receiving legal assistance, and maintaining employment are extremely challenging if you are living in survival mode.

While we munched on lunch, Craig Sumey, Pastor at 1st Presbyterian Church described the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) population living between the survival budget and the federal poverty line. Why are there so many ALICE households? Four major reasons: low wage jobs dominate the local economy, the cost of living is high, jobs are not located near housing that is affordable, and public and private assistance doesn’t allow financial stability. Get online and take the SPENT challenge if you want to learn more.

Cindy Wood, Executive Director for Family Promise, explains how her organization strives to keep families together by sheltering homeless families in houses of worship for a three month period. The families spend one week at each location before being transferred to a new location. These families are offered food and hospitality, which boosts their self-confidence and helps increase their motivation. A short drive over to CAPS for a tour of the food bank led by the Nicol Barnes. CAP is a catalyst for building relationships that inspire and equip people to end poverty in our community. CAP serves the elderly and low-income families with programs like the food bank to feed hungry folks. Next, Terri Johnson enthusiastically led our tour of TESH, a private, not-for-profit organization offering child development, independent living, and employment service programs to people with disabilities of all ages seeking participation in the CDA community.


The final stop of the day was the HELP Center Tour introduced by Mr. Jeff Conroy. The HELP Center began in 1946 and offers eye care, men’s shelter, housing, and a warming center. The thrift stores generate money used to pay for these programs. The HELP Center is concerned about three things: Are you safe? Warm? and Fed? The center’s opportunities include Payee, food program, ICARE, homeless vet, volunteer, and case management services.

Bring on two panels comprising non-profit representatives. The first panel included Janet Davis with Children’s Village, Katie Coker with Safe Passage, and KJ Torgerson with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Children’s Village serves neglected and abused children. CASA volunteers watch over and advocate for abused and neglected children during (quite often lengthy) legal and social services system processes. Safe Passage (formerly the Women’s Center) offers sexual assault response services to adult and child survivors in addition to prevention education programs. The second panel had reps from the Village at Orchard Ridge (Ann Johnson), Hospice of North Idaho (Denna Grangaard), Kootenai Humane Society (Vicky Nelson), and Elder Help of North Idaho (John Corcoran). Thank you for offering housing, end of life care, and aid to our senior citizens and animal care services to our pets! We concluded the day and our final Leadership CDA session with a walking campus tour of St. Vincent de Paul followed by wrapping Christmas presents for kiddos who have less than we do. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



January 26, 201 7 Session Planners: Ann Thomas Vicki Isakson Jamie Arnold Charlie Linder Katie Hunt Mike Nelson

Mountain West Bank Department of Labor Pacific Source Health Plans Kootenai Health Numerica Credit Union Coeur d’Alene School District

Ben Drake Brenda Zosel Bookholtz Anna Wilson Miranda Hamilton John Baldeck

Pita Pit Pita Pit Coeur d’Alene School District American Family Insurance KMS Financial

Purpose: Increase awareness of human services, the needs in our community and the organizations and volunteer opportunities that exist to help meet those needs. With all ten sessions complete, it’s time to reflect, review, and evaluate the 2016 Leadership Coeur d’Alene program. Today’s activities also included assigning session planners for the class of 2017 (soon to be the new Best Class Ever!) and selecting new members to service on the Leadership CDA Committee with the Chamber of Commerce. After a hearty breakfast provided by Pita Pit, we welcomed today’s session planners and dove into the functions and responsibilities of the Leadership CDA Committee and how to prepare for committee reviews. “Just a tip, when it’s your turn, remember to wear loose clothes, no metal, and be prepared to receive several heavy doses of electric current.” – Tom Green’s Tour of Ithaca. The committee simply requests the session planners plan ahead. And always follow the 3-B rule: Binder, Brenda, and Beer. The Committee is made up of fourteen people. Moving right along, we reviewed the Pros and Cons of this years’ sessions’ Best of the Best, lead by Katie Brereton, 2016 Leadership CDA President. Not surprisingly, the topic of “food” showed up on either the “best of the day” or the “bad of the day” for all ten sessions. I want corndog! The consensus was that the sessions got better and better throughout the year, with a special shout-out to Law & Public Safety Day for getting a near perfect score. Well done planners. Or GI Joe SWAT guy. Probably both. What was next… I can’t remember. Oh yeah, the Memory Madness game! A quiz testing our ability to remember first and last names, nicknames, and companies of our classmates. Congratulations to Katie Brereton, Laszlo Suto, and Maren Maier for winning the game! And a shout out to Wade Jacklin for some of the most creative incorrect answers in the history of Leadership CDA.


Time for the meat and potatoes of planning a session, lead by Vicki Isakson, Ben Drake, and Mike Nelson. Three months out: outline goals, purpose, brainstorm new ideas, and decide upon facilities. 2 months out: outline/draft agenda presented to Leadership Committee for suggestions and direction. One month out: book facilities, contact speakers, and schedule future meeting dates. 2 weeks out: present agenda to Leadership Committee for final approval. 1 week prior: make reminder calls to speakers. Have an amazing session! One week after: send thank you notes to speakers. Aside from a few other minor details, that’s it in a nut shell. Next Therese Goodwin provided an update on fine money and total money raised for scholarships and the CDA Backpack Program. Thanks to some very diligent fundraising (special shoutout to Shane and Wade), Therese was happy to announce that we exceeded our fundraising goal! Moving on to voting for class awards: who will win Best Dressed? Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality? Or the coveted Crying Monkey Award? Only time will tell. Award winners will be revealed at the upcoming Leadership Graduation. Grab your markers and sign up for 2 to 3 sessions! Then switch gears, put on your thinking cap and running shoes, and race around to answer Leadership CDA Trivia. First team to fill up the Scavenger Hunt Passport wins! First place award goes to Team Humble (Katie Brereton & Trina Caudle). Last place award goes to Team Voldemort (Kent Green & Ryan Lewis). Last order of business was to elect this year’s Leadership Committee Members. Congrats to the elected members and alternates. Finish up the day at O’Shay’s for some delicious beer and terrible fake Irish accents!

Sponsored by:



The Class of 2016

JC Agen

Dr. Ryan Bones

Young Construction Group

Beyond Bones Chiropractic

JC’s best experience during this year’s leadership class was learning how close the Coeur d’Alene community is and how significant each individual/ business is to this area’s success. He was amazed at the passion many of the speakers had to better the Coeur d’Alene community and set a standard of giving back. JC has participated in various community programs including Running W Therapeutic Riding Charity Event, Wine Women and Shoes Event benefiting Idaho Youth Ranch, CDA Backpack Program, and the Boys and Girls Club. JC enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, boating and relaxing with family and friends. JC is married to wife Ashley.

Ryan’s best experience through Leadership CDA isn’t one moment or one specific day – it’s the relationships you build throughout the year. Ryan started out this program knowing NO ONE in this town, but afterwards he felt like he has one of the biggest (and goofiest) families around! Ryan’s involvement includes serving as Leadership CDA Board Member (Historian), Heritage Health Board Member, TEDxCDA Speaker, Innovation Collective Member, The Collective Leadership Member, Coeur d’Alene Rotary Club Member, St. Vincent De Paul Fashion Show Model, Coeur d’Alene Chamber Member, Post Falls Chamber Member, Hayden Chamber Member, Spokane Valley Chamber Member. Ryan received his Doctorate Dec ’15, opened Beyond Bones Chiropractic April ’16, was awarded “Best Chiropractic Facebook Page Fall 2016” (National Award), voted in as the youngest ever member of Heritage Health Board of Directors, second TEDx Appearance. Ryan enjoys chiropractic, speaking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, dirt biking, and basketball. Ryan’s parents are Walt and Jan Bones and he has sisters Lisa and Christi.

Courtney Beach Pita Pit Through Leadership Courtney learned that Coeur d’Alene is one of the most generous, caring communities that she has ever been a part of! Courtney is a member of International Franchise Associate, volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, IDFY and is a Coeur d’Alene and Hayden Chamber member, and volunteers for Running Shoes 4 Kids. Courtney enjoys traveling, fishing, camping, hiking and 4-wheeling. Courtney is married to husband Matt O’Dell of 5 years and together they have one son Patrick.


Troy Braga Merrill Lynch Through Leadership, Troy enjoyed touring and learning about all the programs available at KTEC and NIC during Education Day. He also gained a tremendous amount of information about the current economic vitality and future for the area during Economic Day. His best experience was the relationships gained throughout the program. In addition to Leadership CDA, Troy serves on the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery Board of Trustees, Kroc Center Advisory Board, CDA Estate Planning Council, and coaches youth sports. Troy is a 2015 Ironman CDA finisher, and passed the CFP® exam. Troy enjoys running/triathlons, mountain biking, fishing, basketball, hiking/camping. Troy is married to wife Katie and has three kids – Rylan & Kamryn (boy/girl twins), and Ethan.


The Class of 2016 Katharine Brereton

Trina Caudle Ed.D.

Lake City Law Group

Coeur d’Alene SD #271

Katharine’s best experience she had during Leadership was Quality of Life day in December. While she learned something from each session, the tours and activities on Quality of Life day really reminded her of how lucky she is and how grateful she should be for the opportunities she has had in life. That days’ session really impacted her and she thinks she walked away from that day feeling more appreciative of what she learned than any other session. Katharine is a member of the Idaho State Bar Association, Washington State Bar Association, First District Bar Association, Spokane County Bar Association, Spokane County Young Lawyers Division, and served as President of the Leadership Class of 2016. Katharine enjoys fly fishing, hiking, and traveling. Katharine is married to husband Daniel Brereton.

Trina enjoyed learning about the history of the City of Coeur d’Alene and the Fort Grounds, visiting local industries, businesses, and educational institutions such as the Chilco Mill, Buck Knives, Kootenai Medical Center, Empire Airlines and NIC. Trina is involved with Safe Passages Violence Prevention Center where she serves on the Board as President, she is also a member of Daughters of the American Revolution, Lt. George Farragut Chapter, American Association of School Administrators (AASA), Idaho Association of School Administrators (IASA), and the Association of Career and Technical Educators (ACTE). Trina enjoys running, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, camping, floating – anything out doors, traveling – local, national and abroad. Trina has children Amanda Harrington (Caudle), Jesse Caudle, & Garret Caudle, and Doral and Connie McGee are her parents.

Bridget Carter Washington Trust Bank Bridget loved getting to know the other members of the community in a fun interactive setting and the time spent together on the bus was the best! Bridget served on the Rathdrum Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Economic Development Committee and Downtown Association Board. Bridget enjoys travel, attending Cougar/Vandal football games, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends. Bridget has been married to husband Scott for over 20 years. Bridget’s son Clayton attends the University of Idaho and daughter Brynn is a student at Canfield Middle School.

Aaron Emmert Idaho Independent Bank Aaron thought each Leadership session was fantastic. Being new to the area, each session opened his eyes to how great this community is, he would have never been exposed to all these different areas without Leadership CDA. Getting to know his fellow Leadership classmates was also a great experience. The tour of KTEC and the NIC Technical Education Facility were probably his favorite. Aaron enjoys golf and fishing. Aaron is married to wife Shana and together they have two sons, Aaron and Ryan.



The Class of 2016

Therese Goodwin

Shane Greenfield

Idaho Central Credit Union

Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty

Leadership Coeur d’Alene provides a fun, informative learning experience about our community and the amazing history around North Idaho. Therese also enjoys the networking opportunities Leadership offers with our community and business leaders in the area. Therese serves on the NIBCA, Associates Council and Vice Chair NIBCA Home and Garden Show and is Committee Chair 2017 Parade of Homes, Therese also served as Leadership CDA 2016 Treasurer, Let’s Move CDA Committee Member, and Membership Outreach Committee Past Chair. Therese enjoys golf, hiking, boating, running, skiing, snowboarding, reading, and spending time with family. Therese has an amazing fiancé, Matthew Gurgel, who is a Commander and XO in the US Navy, along with her two lovely daughters, Payton and Hailey.

Kent Green

Peter J. Howard

The Village at Orchard Ridge

PayneWest Insurance, Inc.

Kent’s best part of Leadership was the comradery with class members while experiencing, and touring various businesses and organizations. Kent enjoys tennis, surfing and biking.


His favorite day in Leadership was Police and Fire day, it was really interesting and getting to know our SWAT team was a blast, but he would have to say his favorite part of Leadership was touring the water treatment plant and meeting Sid. Amazing how that system works and how advanced it is. Because of Leadership, Shane was asked to speak before the Rambling Rovers, and also was asked to be a shoe guy for the Wine Women and Shoes fundraiser supporting Idaho Youth Ranch. Shane switched firms this year, and has settled into his new home at Coldwell Banker. Besides having his best year ever, he was pretty average guy. Shane enjoys boating, being a geek, and playing football while being surrounded by his friends, his beautiful girlfriend Nicole, and their son Sylis.

Peter enjoyed every aspect of Leadership 2016, but the highlight was learning about this wonderful community! Peter is a member of the Coeur Group, member of numerous Insurance industry groups, Mason Lodge, Bagdad Shrine Temple, Sigma Chi – Beta Delta Chapter House Corp. Board Member. Peter is a Graduate of University of Montana and enjoys outdoor activities, collector vehicles, traveling, volunteering, and networking.


The Class of 2016 Wade Jacklin

Chad Krahn

Century 21 Beutler & Associates

D.A. Davidson

Wade enjoyed most learning so many new things about the town and it’s history as well as meeting so many interesting people who have made a positive impact on Coeur d’Alene. Wade is a Festival of Trees contributor and is involved with 24 Hours for Hank snow ski event for Cystinosis research. Wade was awarded Century 21 Centurion Producer, Quality of Service Award recipient for 2016, and Top 100 Producer in the country for Century 21 in closed units. Wade enjoys skiing, mountain biking, golf and family time. Wade has a 20 year old son Colton, a 1 year old daughter Kennedy, a 1 year old grandson Scott and a wonderful wife Nicole. He also has 2 mediocre dogs.

Chad’s best experience in Leadership was getting to meet and know so many great people in the class and learning so much about the community and meeting the people running various organizations and entities. Chad is involved in Kiwanis Club of Coeur d’Alene and enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, boating, riding motorcycles and Griz Football. Chad is married to wife Marci and together they have a daughter Avery.

Ryan Lewis P.E. STRATA

Maren C. Maier Idaho Trust Bank Maren was blown away by the caliber of the speakers/ presenters she was able to interact with and the overall organization and preparation put in to each day. It really was a 5 Star quality experience! Maren serves as Secretary on the Coeur d’Alene Downtown Association Board, is Treasurer of Fernan STEM Academy PTA Board, is a KCYP Member, Coeur d’Alene Chamber Member, Innovation Collective-The Collective Member, and is an active University of Idaho Alumni. Maren was awarded Top Lender – Idaho Trust 2016. She enjoys reading, traveling, volunteering in the community, exploring the outdoors and supporting her children’s extracurricular activities. Maren is married to husband Greg who is a Locomotive Engineer for BNSF Railway and together they have three children; daughter Saydie, 7 and twin boys Jax & Eli, 3, and two dogs Beddy Boo & Barney “Trouble”.

Ryan enjoyed touring the numerous community outreach organizations serving the poor, homeless, and abused men, women, and children of CDA. Ryan is an American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) member, Honduras Impact sponsor and volunteer, Orphan Outreach sponsor, Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce member, and Distinguished Young Women (DYW) of Coeur d’Alene sponsor and volunteer. Ryan began managing STRATA’s CDA branch in January 2016, was appointed to STRATA’s shareholder group in March 2016, and passed the Professional Engineering (P.E.) exam in October 2016. Ryan completed the Fundamentals of Professional Practice (FOPP) project management curriculum through the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) in March 2016. Ryan enjoys golfing, skiing, running, hiking, fishing, spearfishing, and scuba diving. Ryan is married to Erika Lewis, who is a teacher at Coeur d’Alene High School, and together they have a daughter named Stephanie and another daughter due in May 2017.



The Class of 2016

Brian Longwell

Katie Martin DDS

Ginno Construction

Avondale Dental

Through Leadership Brian learned how important networking is in our small community and how amazing our small community is with the services available to every demographic. Brian’s best class was Quality of Life, it was very eye opening. Brian is involved with Young Life Cd’A, AGC, ABC and IDFY and has an active role in the church Anthem in Hayden. Brian moved into the Vice President role with the company this year and was given the opportunity to become a majority partner which he jumped at. Brian enjoys golf, basketball, water sports, sledding & skiing, hanging out with his kids and beautiful wife. Brian has three children Halle (11), Taylor (5), and Reid (1). Brian and his wife have been married for 13 years and enjoy raising their kids in this community, they have been very blessed with their children and enjoy doing all sorts of fun activities in this area together and with their three kiddo’s.

Chris A. Martin North Idaho College Chris enjoyed serving on the Leadership Team for 2016 Leadership Class and working on the Backpack Project, and seeing the heart in our community for making our community the best it can be for all residents. Chris anticipated every month’s session – knowing that he would come away with something about Coeur d’Alene that you never knew and left him feeling proud to be part of our community. Chris serves on the Hayden Planning and Zoning Commission and enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, reading, and spending time with his family. Chris is married to wife Kelley who is a teacher at Dalton Elementary and together they have a daughter Emma who is 10.


Katie really enjoyed the first session and learning about the history of Coeur d’ Alene. Overall, her favorite day was Recreation Day (loved the Roller Coasters!) Katie is a member of the American Dental Association, Idaho State Dental Association, Idaho Panhandle Dental Association, Frank Spear Study Club and Avondale Dental was voted Best Dental Office- North Idaho Business Journal. Katie enjoys running, swimming, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and skiing. Katie is married to husband Adam and together they have Quinn (4), Finley (2), Jackson (7 months).

Don Maryon Community 1st Bank Don enjoyed the inside look at our area’s fantastic Non-Profits and being introduced to our businesses, law enforcement, schools, etc in our community, and getting to know 26 other individuals that are highly motivated and interested in keeping Coeur d’Alene and surrounding area great. Don is involved in LCHS Booster Club and enjoys golf, boating and family. Don’s wife is Tamara and together they have Zachary, Tyler, Kate and Olivia.


The Class of 2016 Derek Miller

Tiffany Morrett

Kootenai Health

Heritage Health

Derek loved the saw mill experience, seeing the efficiency of operations and integration of technology in that industry was fascinating. The visit to KTEC and the new NIC campus was also a highlight. As a professional that manages construction projects, he really appreciates the schools that build the skills that are necessary to keep things moving, develop infrastructure and make a community. Derek learned that there is a huge need for these types of jobs and this community has a place to fulfill those needs. Derek enjoys working out, running, sports, he also enjoys cooking and playing with his kids. Derek is married to wife Audrey of 17 years and together they have three children Darcy 14, Ryan 12 and McKenna 8.

Kelsey Moen Benefits Exchange Northwest Kelsey’s favorite experience during Leadership was learning about the history of the community. Kelsey has lived in Coeur d’Alene for 24 years and had no idea about where the community started. Kelsey also enjoyed the amazing classmates she met and established relationships with that will continue for a long time. Kelsey serves on the Board of Kootenai County Young Professionals and is a member of HRNNI (Human Resources Network of North Idaho). Kelsey enjoys spending time with her family, whether it is carting kids to and from football practice or having a campfire in the back yard, she truly just enjoys spending time with them. Kelsey is married to husband Kevin Moen and together they have three children Carsyn, Jaiden and Zoey with a fourth arriving any day!

Through Leadership Tiffany was able to meet some amazing people, both classmates and presenters over the year. She thought the first class of the year was so interesting since she has lived in the Cd’A area for 20 years and was able to learn so much about the history of CDA. She also enjoyed Law Enforcement Day riding in the fire truck and wearing the SWAT gear was a blast. Tiffany is involved in Women’s Gift Alliance and STING Soccer Club. Tiffany enjoys boating and surfing with her family, wood working with old barn wood and watching her kids play sports. Tiffany has two children Logan and Hailey Jo and a boyfriend Nate.

Dusty Obermayer T-O Engineers Through Leadership Dusty learned that the area has much more to offer than he thought and he grew up around here. Leadership was a great experience and he enjoyed it greatly. Dusty is a member of the Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors and serves on the Board of the Idaho Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and is a Lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Dusty was appointed by Governor Otter to the Idaho Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors in 2015. He enjoys gardening, woodworking, hunting, fishing, skiing, and hobby farming. Dusty’s fiancé is Treva Eismann and he has a son Nicholas Obermayer.



The Class of 2016

Laszlo Suto

Melissa Tosi

Inland Northwest Bank

City of Coeur d’Alene

Laszlo’s most memorable experience during Leadership CDA was the Coeur d’Alene SWAT Team simulation, he is very thankful they put their lives on the line every day to keep our area safe. Laszlo is involved in United Way of Kootenai County as a Community Impact Council Volunteer and is a member of Real Life Ministries. Laszlo enjoys skiing, cycling, fishing, camping and time with family and friends. Laszlo is married to Lindsay Suto and together they started their family this year on October 13th, welcoming Laszlo Cayman Suto into the world.

Kathleen Tillman Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty The Leadership program has been more than Kathleen could have imagined as she learned the history of the area & industries from experts. Surprisingly, one of her favorite experiences was visiting the Chilco Lumber Mill. Kathleen serves on the EXCEL Board of Directors, Idaho Youth Ranch as a Chair for Wine Women & Shoes fundraiser and works on the Hospice auction. Kathleen was awarded Coeur d’Alene Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence for production, education and community involvement; Coldwell Banker Corporates Diamond Society for production and the Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Community Service Award. Kathleen enjoys wine, food, gardening and travel. She is married to husband Al - a Wonderful Man - and has three daughters, three grandchildren and one grandson on the way!


Every leadership session Melissa learned new things about our community and made new connections. Many of the session topics she had some familiarity with but having the opportunity to listen to the various speakers in a small setting and getting tours of the different facilities was extremely valuable and definitely gave her a much better and broader understanding of the topic. Additionally, it was helpful to hear from the community leaders themselves and the areas they need volunteers to make the biggest impact in what they do. In Melissa’s position, she has the unique opportunity to be involved in all 14 city departments. With doing the recruiting and hiring for the City, she can look back at all the important recruitments she has been a part of. Each position is critical to the operations of the City and she is proud of the excellent city employees that have been hired and how they are leading their departments and making a significant impact in our community on a daily basis. The hobby that keeps Melissa the busiest is her passion for the sport of barrel racing. She has competed for many years and enjoys the competition as well as the time it takes to prepare her horse to be successful. Also, her family enjoys getting outdoors as much as possible and appreciates everything Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding areas offer. Melissa is married to husband Matthew Tosi, who is a Fire Captain with the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department and together they have two very busy boys, Gavin (age 7) and Cameron (age 3). In 2016, they added a girl to their family, her name is Violet, and she is an extremely mischievous Bernese Mountain Dog that her boys adore.

1985 - 2013 Graduates 1985

Allen Baldridge James (Michael) Boyd Skip Cole Jim Coleman Bill Cooper Phil Davies Marilyn Deutsch Elizabeth Doran Sandy Emerson Thomas Frazier Betty Kerr Robert McNabb David Oliveria Marlys Rogers Steve Schenk William Sims Gordon Wilcox Edward Wroe


Paul Anderson David Bobbitt Robert Castellaw Rod B. Colwell Dennis Connors Lora Davis Art Elliott Patricia Harris Paula Kellas John L. Mushlitz Sandy Patano Ramon Prohaska Dr. Karolynne Rogers Donald Soltman Joe Stanosch Roger Stewart Cathy Wagner Nancy Sue Wallace Stan Wood


Terry Backs Mary Cederblom Doug Cresswell Steve Delgado Stephen H. Flerchinger M. Kate Meidling Phil Kinzler Ken Johnson Kathryn Lange Alan McGinity Barbara Pleason David Patzer H. David Peters Jon Rolfe Q. Wayne Schneider Tom Snider Paul Stewart, Jr. Sue Thilo Pat Wheeler


Bob Boeh Lee Claires Knute Eie Nancy Flagan Rodney Frey Jack Hawkins Richard Henderson Dave Holloway Donald Holmberg Helen Hood

William Jennison Kim Johnson George Krug Katie Mans Kay McGruder Brian Morris Ron Ouren Janet Robnett Patrick Smyly Marcia Souther Patty Stand


Robin Bevis Ken Boni Robert B. Burton Rob Chatters Cayle M. Crane Sandra Ward-Crow Steve Handlen Faith Holt Dave Kilburg Vicki Kok Pat Krug Len Mattei Barbara McFarland Julie McPoland Bob Myklebust JeanAnn O’Brien Ronald Ringel Kris Roby Kaye Ross Ellen Schmand Robyn Smith Muriel Stamps Brent Stinnet Lila R. Truesdell Sylvia Watterson


Lucinda Ade Larry Baker Mike Bevis Mike Boatman David Bruce Vickie Parker-Clark Karen Cook Bruce Cyr Brad Dugdale Kathleen Gans Bernie Gurstein Jan Jesberger Chuck Kinsey James Lehner John Nagel Dave Newman Daniel Palmer DeeLaine Peterson Nancy Pohlman Paul Robnett Anna Rolphe Sharon Sorenson Rick Verneers Charles Walls


Mic Armon Jane I. Bright Carmen Brochu Larry Bryant Travis Chaney Sharon Culbreth David R. Daniel

Kenneth Good Michael Hague Gayle Higgins W.L. “Hap” Hilbish Len Hodge Dave Holinka Patsy Jaspers Robert Ketchum James Lien Vern Newby Sandra Palmer Janna Robnett Ben Rolphe Joann Schneider Leise Thompson Laura Umthun Alan Wolfe


Peter Anderson Hazel Bauman John Cranney Lynne Cuddy Gary Cuff Gary Day Rebecca Dielman Jim Edwards Ann Farrar Kirk Koening Ken Korczyk Frank Kronsnicki Tom Legel Marilyn Lund Mike McDowell Steve McKenna Nancy Potratz Tom Richmond Nancy Rodgers Dean Roland Betsy Russel Marc Schaffner Virginia Taft Andy Warren


Rayelle Anderson Amy Bartoo Chris Beck Carl Blanchette Chris Cheeley Laura Fulton Kristi Hagan Wendy Hague Denny Keim Ralph Kerr Allison Kratt Casey Krivor Jennifer Leui Patrick McGaughey Kiki Miller Stan Moore Richard Nyquist John Parry Julie Prafke Randy Rolphe Diana Thomas Karl Thompson Troy Tymesen Michele Wood


Diane Albrethsen Cheri Andriolo Warren Bakes Michael Bibin Roy Cook Mike Diehkans Don Dorsey Wayne Ellenbecker Robert Faschnact Cathleen Fellows Lee Fields Mike Fish Paul Franz Brenda Garcia Ann Isenberg Wayne Longo Mike McCoy Dona Miller Bryan Ogle Eric Paul Jerri Schaffner Mike Smith Shannon Votava Ben Wolfinger


Reid Ahlf Chuck Anderson Bill Britton Chad Cherry Duane Cone Ray Greene Scott Hoskins Tom Kauffman Suzanne Kaderka Nancy Klein Jennifer Kosareff Maggie Lyons Katie Marcus Ronda Maxon John Miller Vickie Morris Mark Murphy Rick Murray Jamie Olson Ralph Powell Jan Scharnweber Stan Schedler Nile Shirley Ann Walker Rick Williams Jeanne Worrell


Terri Ahlf Dan Benson Sharmon Case Steve Casey Denny Davis Greg Delevan Mischelle Fulgham Leslie Gourley Tori Gray Bob Gunning Ron Hotchkiss Cheri Howell Scott Hutchins Jan Holmes Rich Nixon Catherine Parochetti David Quinn Dennie Seymour Todd Tondee

Jim Walsh Steve Wilke Brad Enders Erna Rhinehart


Tracy Abrahamson Michelle Britton Mark Ellingsen Scott Fischer Laura Garrison Jerry Gee Toni Hackwith Scott Hague Kent Hall Larry Hill Jean Kelleher De Krapfl Rodger Lewerenz Gail McGaughey Dean Moore Scot Nass Gina Parry Lynn Peterson Jim Phelps Sally Robideaux Ron Sampert Ginger Seaman Justin Thomas Marshall Thompson Dee Dee Tondee


Bobbie Albright Mark Compton Karen Corcoran Patricia Deitch Greg Gfeller David Gibbs Brad Gilbert Jack Heath Carolyn Jorgensen Mike Kennedy Gemi Larson Matt Lyman John Martin Michelle Mitchell Jonathan Mueller Sally Nowak David Rawls Kathy Reed Krystie Robbins Rob Rollins Mara d’Sjostrom Ginny Tate Jeff Thomas Larry Tucker


Joseph Anderson Roger Banks Marty Behm Mike Black Steve Briggs Jim Brown Susan Burgeson Jonathan Coe Jim Edom Janet Flerchinger Jennifer Ford Tammy Kelly Rudy Klein Ada Loper

Shellie Loper James Martin Chris Meyer Peggy Polichio Mike Regan Jeri Riggs Shelly Servick-Frampton Ann Siebert Alan Solderling Lanny Stein Anne Walsh Shawn Woolley


Jane Baker Eve Benedict Darlene Berkshire Mary Jo Braaten Jim Burtelow Julie Clark Chris Dal Pra Keith Dixon Robin Felton Tanya Frey Samual Grubbs Joel Hazel Malcolm Johnstone Randy Krum Margaret Lightfoot Betty Ann Nelson Valetta O’Day Dale Schuman Dave Walker Mike Ward Jim Williamson John Young


Kent Absec Ed Champagne Karen Cotton Jennifer Edwards Scott Edwards Teri Farr Kevin Glynn Nelson Gourley Curtis Gregory KJ Hackworthy Sheri Knobloch Larry La Bolle John Lynn Elaine Martin Gary Nieborsky Kelly Ostrom William Panos Connie Ripatti Terry Robinson Mandy Root Dan Soumas Bryan Taylor Tom Torgerson Trevor Watkins



Tony Berns Robert Britsch Daniel Burnham Marsha R. Cayko Melissa A. Clair John Deines Daylene Dewey Curtis W. Exley Dale F. Gephart Bruce Gifford Jon Ingalls Deanna Jeffres Heather Johnson Bill Kling Connie Lovoi Renata McLeod Ken Richardson Neal Robertson Kurt Smith Joe Stringer Heather Turner Dan Whiting Cort Wilcox Kevin Zollman


Karen Alberts Harry Amend Jamie Anderson George Balback Stefany Bales Julie Buck Thomas Burke Angela Erickson Brian Goetz Steve Grourke Tami Haft Anne Hagman Mark Hampe Sherri Lionberger Linda McFaddan Rita Michalak Carrie Oja Elsie Patrick Dusty Pfennigs Victoria Roberge Shelly Romine Clay Schueman Jeffrey Smith Bill Waggoner


David R. Asher George Busch Carrie Butterfield Darrel K. Chapman Carrie Cook Jeri DeLange Dennis L. Dye Steve Griffitts Richard A. Houser Lisa Kincel Johnson Dr. Sarah Marossy Suzanne Metzger Tammie Peacock Nicci Piazza Kelly Porter Kent Propst Jason D. Salois Kevin Shute Debbi Smith Duffy Smock Russ Twardowski Edward Wagner Marilee Wallace Rodney Wright Shelly Zolman



Lisa Aitken Michelle Brandel Victoria Bruno Jeff Conroy Mary W. Cusack Stephanie Davenport Jan DeFord Jo Ann Edmiston Kim Edmondson Mark D. Fisher Diana Gifford Cyndie Hammond Chris Holloway David McDowell Darrin Murphey Ken Nichols Ryan Nipp Jim Pierce Bradley Rasor Lisa Sayler Rhonda Seagraves Brenda Smith Mary Terra-Berns Kacey L. Wall Nancy White Brenda Young


Keith Bernhart Dwight Bershaw Russell Doumas Tim Feagan Darrin Hayes Shelly Hines Vicki Isakson Peter Job Fonda Jovick Judy Kirking Tim Martin Howard Martinson Alison McArthur Eden Moreland Erika Neff Randy Oaks Stacy Oldfield Mary Lou Piazza Mark Robitaille Hilde Shetler Rick Shipman Cheryl Shippy Tim Stoddard Randy Swick Nathan Vore Al Williams


Bette Ammon Mark Butera Tom Dorr Susan Dubois Melanie Ellingson Lisa Fisher Steve Gibbs Shelly Gillis Alison Gonsalves Crystal Gorman Teri Grubbs Michael King Laura Little Dan Mattos Phil Morgan Chad Murray Brian Petersen Eric Petersen Wanda Quinn Heidi Rogers

Chris Schenek Andy Sims Jeff Voeller Sherry Wallis Donna Wemple Heidi Wilkins Higgins


Jay Baldwin Ginger Dalvini Tifany David Gordon Dobler Tom Hamilton Mark Heckel Kyle Hendricks Drew Hodgson Matt Hutchinson Caryl Johnston Tim Kastning Daniel Klocko Eric Knudtsen Ricia Lasso Sarah Lathrop Anneliese Miller Stuart Miller Allen Naugle Marian Pelsma Pam Pratt Desiree Prohaska MaryBeth Ranum Darell Raver Patty Shea Jim Valle DeeDee Wiliams


Erik Anderson Jeremy Evans Renae Fehringer Cari Fraser Sarah Garcia Matthew P. Grupp Chris Harrison Sam Henkle John Kalb John Kamprath Angela Lemmerman Victoria Mallett Elaine Mansoor Michael Pereira Bryce Ralston Michael G. Schmidt Chris Shelton Thomas Walls Matt Weaver Ben Weymouth Jared Wise Leza Wright Tanya Yost Dani Zibell-Wolfe


Dustin Ainsworth Kim Anderson Alivia Body Melissa Cleveland Judi Cronin Ninette Goucher Chris Harrison Dennis Grant Alex Harris Dustin Harris Darilyn Johnson Holly Knapp Brent Lyles Amanda Miller Charlie Miller

Rob Newman James Norvell Jennie Pipoly Tamara Poelstra Lee Richardson Steve Roth Janie Shioya Scott Sowinski Correen Stauffer Kevin Vedder Jason Wing


Chris Bosley Steve Childers Todd Christensen Brad Coughenour Sue Donaghue Paul Good Mark Haberman Matthew Handelman Kenneth Huitt Doug Jaworski Kandi Johnson Ali Johnson-Petley Chris Kastella Jeanette Laster Christy Markham Gavin Mobraten Becky Monday April Needham Sheldon Nord Michaelle Sande Mrs. Melissa Schock Mike Schock Chris Shipley Laurie Thomas Britt Towery Kory Wilson


Mark Browning Heather Carroll Andy Cleveland Katherine Coppock Brian Dagon Andy Deak Jean-Paul Dupin Taryn Erickson J.T. Jacobsen Shawn Langenderfer Charlie Linder John McMurray Colin Meehan Tom Murn Sarah Neilsen Mike O’Brien Anthony Oss Nicole Pearson Terry Pickel Jack Reiswig Laura Rumpler Kurt Sager Barbara Smalley Candice Smith Kerri Wilfong Trevor Young Brenda Zosel


Jaime Arnold Shawn Bassham Carri Berglund Sean Brady Lita Burns Ryan DeSchryver Brandy Davis

Trevor Frank Theresa Gibbons Bill Greenwood Roxanne Gunther Matt Hague J.D. Hallin Marcee Hartzell Kirk Hobson Scott Hoover Ann Johnson Ryan Luttmann Jeffrey Mahon Shawn Metts Mike Nelson Jeff Odland Brock Olson Stephanie Powers Craig M. Sumey Keith Taylor


Andrea Barlow Juli Barton Andy Boyle Josh Burton Jesse Delavan Ben Drake Katie Hunt Todd Kiesbuy Kellie Peterson Trudi Kuhn Bill McLeod Marcus Mitzel Mike Nash Marie Pengilly Angela Petersen Tom Pool Marie Price Allison Roberts Kim Roby Sarah Sears Keri Stark Ann Thomas Lea WIlliams Cindy Woods Jake Yates


Laura L. Ashenbrener John Baldeck Bill Davenport Paul Erwin Greta Gissel Miranda Hamilton Matthew Higgins John Holecek Josh Horvath Frances H. Huffman Nicole Jacklin Steven Kopke Kelli Lunceford Kyle Marine Sarah McCracken Anna McKahan Scott McNee Bobby Myers Eric Olsn Hannah Palmer Brent Schreiber Nichole Smith Pete Stayton Terry Vulles Mike Walker Chris Way Anna Wilson

The Class of 2016 JC Agen Courtney Beach Ryan Bones Tony Braga Katie Brereton Bridget Carter Trina Caudle

Aaron Emmert Therese Goodwin Kent Green Shane Greenfield Peter Howard Wade Jacklin Chad Krahn

Ryan Lewis Brian Longwell Maren Maier Chris Martin Katie Martin Don Maryon Derek Miller

Kelsey Moen Tiffany Morrett Dusty Obermayer Laszlo Suto Kathleen Tillman Melissa Tosi