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Leadership Coeur d’Alene 2019 A program of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce

Statement and Purpose To identify citizens of the area who have demonstrated the potential for leadership; leaders who are involved in the community to make a difference; to provide information which will develop knowledge and understanding of our community, its complexities, and its potential; to create an opportunity for participants to meet and exchange ideas with current community/area leaders; to motivate and provide participants to pursue leadership roles in the community and an opportunity to network and discuss issues in an informal and learning environment.

Program of Work • • • • • • • • • •

To recruit, select, and graduate a quality class of future leaders.

Focus on differentiating Leadership Coeur d’Alene from all competitive Leadership Programs in the region.

Focus on ensuring that Leadership Coeur d’Alene is THE premiere Leadership Program in the State of Idaho. Involve the community’s youth into the program to not only help shape and retain our future leaders, but to learn from them as well. Redesign Mission and Vision Statement – focusing on increasing the value of the program to Chamber members and the community. Determine what is uniquely marketable and improve awareness of the program through exposure in the media. Actively engage past Leadership Graduates in keeping them involved with Chamber events, activities, and programs. Increase the financial position of the Toni Sayler Leadership Scholarship fund. Continue the Advanced Leadership Program. Coordinate March UpBeat Breakfast.

During their year in Leadership Coeur d’Alene, class members attended a variety of lectures, demonstrations, tours, and activities that allowed them to gain a better understanding of our community. The class met one day per month, with each day focused on a different community theme. They discussed a variety of issues with community leaders, participated in team-building exercises, and were introduced to businesses and organizations in Coeur d’Alene that have been key factors in our area’s history, development, and daily life. Members from the Leadership Class of 2018 were in charge of planning each session, taking into consideration their personal experiences in the program. This task allows former classmates to put their skills to work and demonstrate their growth in leadership. The following provides a summary of each day through Leadership 2019. The Leadership Committee thanks all the community members who have supported the Leadership program throughout the years and have made this experience possible for hundreds of future leaders.


2019 Leadership Coeur d’Alene Committee Members

Miranda Hamilton - Chair Leadership Coeur d’Alene

Dustin Ainsworth Lindsay Allen Jaime Arnold Brenda Bookholtz Benjamin Drake Shane Greenfield Miranda Hamilton Katie Hunt Vicki Isakson Heather Keen Ryan Lewis Charlie Linder Kelsey Moen Mike Nelson Marvin Sears Ann Thomas Kathleen Tillman Mike Ward Ashley Yates Eric Titus Doug Elliott

Kootenai Title Northwest Realty Group Pacific Source Health Plans Intermax Crown & Thistle Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Insurance Northwest Express Employment Professionals North Idaho College Marimn Health STRATA Kootenai Health Benefits Exchange Northwest Coeur d’Alene School District Willamette Valley Bank Mountain West Bank Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Columbia Bank Numerica Credit Union Kootenai Electric Cooperative

Class Officers Randee Goodwin Caiti Bobbitt Hale Fields Josh Wise Ali Marienau

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Best of the Best

Erica Clark Jolleen Severns Matt Robinson Delena Hamrick

Social Social Tail Twister Tail Twister


Icebreaker March 14, 2019

Session Planners: Ashley Yates (Chair) Eric Titus Mark Wild Kim Stearns

Columbia Bank Numerica Credit Union Insurance Northwest Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty

Speakers: Miranda Hamilton (Leadership Chair) Insurance Northwest Toni Saylor Toni Saylor Scholarship Don Callister Coeur d’Alene High School Leadership Instructor Steve Wilson Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce CEO Brent Lyles Coeur d’Alene Chamber Chairman of the Board

Purpose: To meet classmates and learn about Leadership CDA. Meeting for the first time, Leadership Class of 2019 shook hands with one another and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and wine for the Icebreaker session at the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce. After an intense round of “Getting to Know You Bingo,” the class of 2018 introduced themselves and explained each role they held, their favorite moments of the previous year, and their thoughts on the program. We finished the day with a clever game to help everyone remember names and picked nicknames that will haunt us for the next two years. Everyone left excited and eager to start this great adventure.

The class tours the Powder Magazine building on the North Idaho Campus with Robert Singletary.


Setting the Stage March 28, 2019

Session Planners: Eric Titus (Chair) Ashley Yates Carlos Lima Darla Gunning Todd Trengrove Amy Butler

Numerica Credit Union Columbia Bank Clearwater Summit Group Coeur d’Alene Library Network Fortress Business Solutions STCU

Speakers: Robert Singletary Museum of North Idaho Norm Gissel Attorney Sandy Emerson Emerson Valuation Denny Davis Witherspoon Kelley, Attorneys & Counselors

Purpose: To acquaint the class with the history and heritage of Coeur d’Alene.

Coeur d’Alene Tribe

Peter Mahone presented on the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. Starting with how the tribe refers to themselves Schitsu’umsh, meaning “those who were found here” in their native language. We learned of the cunning of the coyote against the Gobbler Monster and the Rock Monster resulting in the creation of the CDA Tribe and the blue color of Coeur d’Alene Lake. Key areas of discussion included Pre-Colonial Life, Importance of the Lake and Waterways, Farming, Establishment of the Reservation, Tribal Leadership, Conservation, and Challenges. The tribe originally had 400 members at the time of its establishment. The Coeur d’Alene Tribe now has 2400 members and employs over 1000


Setting the Stage continued . . . March 28, 2019 Community Panel Sandy Emerson, Denny Davis, and Norm Gissel shared some experiences of Coeur d’Alene. While each has had individual roles in the community ranging from chamber president, elected official, and attorneys, the stories blend and are supported by the others to help create the narrative of our community. Work to foster connections in our circles and become involved to address local challenges so that we may continue the story. Highlights from each speaker are included below.

Sandy Emerson

Sandy grew up in Coeur d’Alene, with his mom being Miss Rathdrum and his dad, a floatplane pilot. As a kid, he would play in Lake Coeur d’Alene and be covered in grease and grime from the business and industry that was right on the lake. His father, Tom Emerson, wrote three books about floatplane culture and history. Books are available at the museum if people would like to read them. Coeur d’Alene had the first municipally owned airport. In the 60s, we were on the national circuit for hydroplane races causing large fluxes in the population that the city could not handle. When Emerson became the chamber president in 1980, things were grim. The Chamber was struggling financially,


there were high vacancy rates, natural resource industries were decreasing, youth were leaving the area, and the business community was stagnant. Upbeat Breakfast was started as a way of instilling hope. The Chamber lobbied for Urban Renewal Districts (URD) in 1986 to allow for tax increment financing to help revitalize the area.

Robert Singletary

Robert gave us a glimpse into the early history of Coeur d’Alene with a walking tour around the Fort Sherman Grounds and images of early buildings. Mr. Singletary reminds us that the future is made up of the past. To understand and appreciate where we are, we must know where we have been. Some of the highlights of Coeur d’Alene’s history are listed below.

Denny Davis

Since the 1980s, several initiatives were established that helped the community become what it is today. The Coeur d’Alene Resort was built (additional height was allowed by increased greenspace), Jobs Plus was started, Urban Renewal Districts were established, allowing increased tax revenue for programs like the Kroc Center and McEuen Park. Many of these decisions were quite controversial at the time but have ultimately improved the quality of life.

The city has its origins because of the battle of Little Bighorn. General Sherman saw a need for a military fort in the area and developed one at the NIC Campus.

Three buildings remain of the original Fort Sherman, the Officers Quarters, the Chapel, and the Powder Room, which the Leadership Class was able to tour.

The first steamboat on Lake Coeur d’Alene was the Amelia Wheaton used for hauling hay and potatoes for the military and also hauled passengers to the mines illegally, and by 1890 had become a tourist activity.

In 1893, the railroad went around town and caused the population to decrease. The population was 507. By 1900, the city experienced a boom from that time. Coeur d’Alene was voted the county seat in 1908 and had a population of over 8,000 by 1910.

In 1915, they had dredged the lake to expand the town; and after filling in the lake, they dredged it again in the 30s and 40s.

This is a very condensed history, but there is a presentation by the museum and library every month where we can learn more about the history of the area.

Norm Gissel

The most important thing in a case is the narrative Coeur d’Alene has a rich heritage build on connections. Norm has always advocated for equality and helped to integrate the fraternity at the University of Idaho. In 1998 Norm sued Nazis in North Idaho. The Aryan Nations had a compound north of town, a car was driving by, and guards from the compound shot at the vehicle and pulled the passengers out and beat them with the butts of the rifles and kicked them in a ditch. Norm represented the family and, in 2000, was awarded a judgment for $6.3 million in a 12-0 decision. The unanimous decision showed strong support against the Aryan Nations and helped to drive the group out of the area.

Mr. Singletary reminds us that the future is made up of the past... 7

Health Care Day April 25, 2019

Session Planners: Kelley Griffith (Chair) Mark Wild Eric Titus Karen Hubbard Mark Wilson

Kootenai Health Insurance Northwest Numerica North Idaho College The Children’s Village

Speakers: Jeremy Evans Mike Baker Kelsey Moen Captain John Kempf Una Alderman Sarah McCracken Rick Rasmussen

Kootenai Health Heritage Health Benefits Exchange Northwest Idaho State Police North Idaho Advanced Care Hospital Hospice of North Idaho Northwest Specialty Hospital

Jessica Bonar Lisa Bunker Don Robinson Dr. Ryan Bones

Advanced Benefits Kootenai Health North Idaho Crisis Center, Kootenai Health Beyond Bones Chiropractic

Purpose: To educate the Leadership Class about the available healthcare resources and to make a personal commitment to health and wellness.

Jeremy expressed the history of Kootenai Health from its origins at the Fort Sherman Hospital in 1880-1901 to the hospital’s current relocation in the 1960s. He even described how they arrived at its size and impact of today. Currently, the hospital has 330 beds with 14,000 patient admissions per year - 300,000 outpatient visits. This generates $551M in revenues and supports 3,300 employees, of which 400 are physicians. Kootenai Health is the 3rd largest hospital in Idaho and the busiest E.R. department in Idaho. In addition, the Leadership Class toured the hospital in 5 separate groups to see the blood lab, the Heli-pad, imaging services, sterilization room, and the pharmacy.


The community essentially owns the hospital, which is structured as a district hospital and is governed by a local board of directors - not corporate-owned like other regional hospitals. Kootenai Clinic, a division of Kootenai Health, offers 220 providers with 20 specialties. They offer an integrated network—the Kootenai Care Network, which has 482 providers, of which 2/3 are independent practitioners looking to benefit from the economies of scale that Kootenai Health can provide and 1/3 belong to Kootenai Clinic. The hospital has struggled as recently as 2008 and has since revamped its employee engagement and focus. Its revenue has grown by 95% since 2011 and has added 1,500 employees during that time. Kootenai Health is the only Mayoaffiliated hospital in the Northwest and allows them to tap into the best practices and resources of the Mayo Clinic. To improve patient housing, the hospital opened the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Walden House later in 2019.


Jaime Arnold, Kelsey Moen, and Jessica Bonar explained health insurance benefits, concepts, and challenges. They


stressed getting to know what your insurance coverage benefits are, knowing who is in your network, and taking advantage of your preventative services—FREE STUFF! They also informed us of the Cost Estimator tool online to price medical services/procedures in our community.

Opioid Panel

Don Robinson spoke on the background of the North Idaho Crisis Center and how they serve the local community for anyone who is suicidal or suffering from severe mental illness and needs immediate attention. They are one of six centers in the state. They receive their funding from the state and offer short-term help only; no person can stay longer than 24 hours. They try to provide safety to those who come in, and from there, refer them to other medical/psychiatric services if needed. Don mentions

...They serve the local community... that the suicide rate in North Idaho is twice the national average. Lisa Bunker, who is the Chemical Dependency Manager at Kootenai Health, spoke about how they treat those suffering from substance abuse. Psychiatrists oversee the center, and patients are paired with a therapist. They attempt to provide patients with new coping skills for managing stress and not turning back to substance abuse. Captain Kempf, with Idaho State Patrol, discussed the challenges facing the community and law enforcement with the growing opioid epidemic. Fentanyl use has been exploding over the country and now is showing up locally. Much of the drug trafficking passes through our community along I-90 going west and east. These drugs and others are flooding in the country from Mexico, and the cartels are getting very creative in smuggling them into the U.S.

Northwest Specialty Hospital

The CEO of Northwest Specialty Hospital Rick Rasmussen talked about the hospital and its role in the community. Northwest Specialty Hospital is a physician-owned for-profit hospital that focusses on elective surgeries with patients who are stable and have predictable outcomes. Rick grew up in the community and serves on numerous boards and looks to hire locally to continue to give back. Rick’s background is in finance and believes in increased transparency in healthcare costs and surrounding oneself with the right people to make informed decisions. Northwest Specialty Hospital opened in February 2002, had 22 physician owners and 32 inpatient beds. It receives 60,000 patient visits a year and has multiple surgical services (Bariatrics, ENT, Hand, Neurosurgery & Spine, Ortho, Plastic, Urology). It expanded in 2010, which was an essential expansion because it was right before the passage of the Affordable Care Act that made it illegal for physicians to own hospitals. The hospital was grandfathered in and capped at the newly expanded number of beds. Often, they have the lowest cost for MRIs in the area, ranging from $400-$500, causing significant growth in the imaging over the past several years. From back to back years, they have received a CMS 5-Star Ratings, which less than 5% of hospitals receive.

that works for them. However, it is essential to try and shift care from E.R. visits to lower the cost services when applicable. There are 13 locations in the community, each serving 30,000 patients a year. Ten percent of funding is by a federal grant from the government; the rest is generated from operations. They partner with the Kroc Center and utilize their services to help improve health.

Heritage Health

Mike Baker, CEO of Heritage Health, spoke to the Leadership Class about the importance of preventative measures and resources to live healthily. The example he gave was that a patient who goes from pre-diabetic to diabetic on average loses five years of life expectancy, but lifestyle can often prevent that change. His goal in healthcare is to create a climate where hospitals are no longer needed. Heritage Health serves those who may not have access to healthcare or may struggle financially; they work with each patient to find a plan


Healthcare for the Homeless Strong Community Outreach.


Health Care Day...continued April 25, 2019

North Idaho Advanced Care Hospital/ Rehab Hospital of the Northwest

Una Alderman, Erik Kenner, and Ashley Bertagnol presented at North Idaho Advanced Care Hospital and the Rehab Hospital of the Northwest. These are two separate facilities. They focus on patients who need long-term medical care.


Located in Post Falls since 2006, patients need a greater level of care, post-acute health care, long-term acute care hospital (LTAC). Specialize in respiratory failure and weaning patients off oxygen. Joint Commission recognized them as the top respiratory provider and have only a 4% re-admission rate.

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Northwest

This 30-bed inpatient rehab hospital treated its first patient in 2013. To be eligible, patients need to be medically stable, less acute and benefit from 3 hours of rehab a day. Many patients are from more rural communities.

Hospice of North Idaho

Sarah McCracken, the Director of Finance at Hospice of North Idaho, spoke to the Leadership Class on the hospice facility and the resources available for the community. Hospice provides services for those that have a life expectancy of fewer than six months. The Leadership Class also toured the new facility for Hospice and the Schneidmiller Building. The hospice building has community space that can accommodate as many as 300 people, and the Schneidmiller House provides an atmosphere that resembles a home. They are the only hospice house in the state that is accredited as a hospital. It is the community’s only non-profit hospice and has been in the community since 1981. Services include hospice, inpatient care, bereavement counseling, and the only place in town that has kids bereavement counseling. It offers 120 community sessions on various topics a year. There are 120 employees (112 nurses ) with an 85% occupancy at all times.

Avondale Dental

Kory Wilson DDS at Avondale Dental presented to the Leadership Class on changes in dentistry in recent years. Avondale Dental has seen substantial growth in recent years but always wants to preserve the small practice feel, which is important for patient satisfaction. To improve the patient experience, he started the first dental insurance company ever in Idaho, and they currently have over 1,000 members. One of the biggest challenges facing the dental industry is the large dental corporations as they try to compete with their resources; more and more technology is allowing services to be directed to the consumer at a lower cost. The best example of this is that companies like Smile Direct, allowing customers to mail-order braces. However, these services lack the personal engagement and expertise that a local dentist can provide. Kory reminded the Leadership Class of the importance of a smile and to always smile to advance their careers.


Well-Being Panel

To get a full picture of healthcare in the community, the Leadership Class has listened to a panel on more alternative medical practices. One of the main challenges each of the panelists expressed was the nexus between insurance and their work and often moving away from insurance to better serve their clients rather than answering to the will of insurance providers. The essential thing to remember is that the body is meant to be healthy, and these are all tools to facilitate well-being.


Lakeside Pediatrics was started in 2002 by Dr. Prince, beginning with only two employees, and has since grown. Now, it has 7 Physicians and 3 Nurse Practitioners. Dr. Prince is passionate about protecting kids serving as a vaccination advocate and being one of 2 people in North Idaho who works with sexual abuse victims. North Idaho has a low vaccination rate for children, and she stressed the need for protection as highlighted by the recent measles outbreak across the U.S. Dr. Prince encouraged the Leadership Class to become involved and knowledgeable about the science behind vaccines to act as an advocate in the community.

Ryan Bones, Chiropractor at Beyond Bones Opened Beyond Bones 3 years ago, helps people enhance neurological function through specific adjustments, very technological approach to Chiropractic and has the most technologically advanced office in North Idaho. Carly Williams, founder of Carly’s Compass Provides clinical consultations on nutrition and an overall better lifestyle, develops specific plans tailored to each individual, works a lot with business professionals who want accountability, not just one visit. Dr. Pamela Langenderfer, owner of Lakeside Holistic Health She has been in practice for 17 years and has offices in Coeur d’Alene and Liberty Lake. Dr. Langenderfer practices Naturopathic Medicine, functional medicine, and is an acupuncturist; the focus is on hormone imbalance in women can range from thyroid issues or menopause.


Media Day May 23, 2019

Session Planners: Nicole Hammons Caitlin Kling Melissa Newcomer Todd Trengove Jessica Adams

Kootenai County Boys & Girls Club Hawley Troxell Kootenai Electric Fortress Business Solutions Coeur Realty

Speakers: Nils Rosdahl Mike Patrick John Baechler Kristina Brown Jaimee Cox Hannah Hill

Coeur d’Alene Press Coeur d’Alene Press Hanna & Associates Nana Macs Pure Barre CD’A Pure Barre CD’A

Shelley Webb Maureen Dolan Derek Deis Laura Rumpler

Social Web Social Media Marketing Agency North Idaho College KXLY North Idaho College

Purpose: To better understand how an effective leader can communicate with their stakeholders using a variety of mediums and communication tools.

Jaimee Cox and Hannah Hill are the local owners of the national brand Pure Barre. Their challenge is how to give a national brand a localized feel and speak to your brand at every level, meaning everyone in the company needs to engage with the brand on social media with posts that are fun, real, and relatable. Instagram stories are better than posts; they capture FOMO with raw, unedited, living-in-the-moment images; they use localized hashtags and have an authentic following; not having purchased followers is the most important. People want real and relatable.

Build a relationship with people... Social Media

Kristina Brown, Jaimee Cox, Hannah Hill, and Shelley Webb shared their social media best practices for various platforms, how to represent a brand, and growing followers and influence. Kristina Brown from Nana Macs online clothing store staffed the company with models who are brand influencers and focus heavily on 1-on-1 engagement. They use Facebook Live as a “QVC” and have drastically grown their brand. Shelley Webb started her business Social Webb in 2008 by heavily utilizing Twitter and began a blog about caring for her father with dementia. Writing about her experience made her a subject matter expert. It grew the requests she would get to speak or promote, eventually leading her to be an influencer for Oprah’s Magazine.


Nils Rosdahl, a journalism instructor at North Idaho College, spoke on what he looks for in a business story. He mentions that the top of a story includes the meat: “who, what, when, where, why, and how.” Then, he says, “always include these in the press release.” He even provided a handout “what I need when writing about business.”

How to Pitch a Story

Maureen Dolans, Community Relations Coordinator for Communications and Marketing at North Idaho College, formerly City Editor of the CD’A Press, talked to the Leadership Class on pitching story ideas or announcements. She stressed the importance of building relationships. One area of particular importance is to simplify the time it would take to edit the story to include relevant information, write grammatically correct text, and source information. Be a good friend to the media, and they will look to you for stories in the future.

Maureen suggested creating an email list of local reporters. Create templets for story ideas and announcements. The best press releases include the 5 “W’s” in bullet form-then a brief written description at the bottom - ‘Why’ is often the most crucial element when pitching a story idea. Keep it short and sweet and follow the AP stylebook guidelines (available online). The Leadership Class toured the CD’A Press to learn the ins and outs of putting a newspaper together from writing, printing, and distribution. During the tour, Mike Patrick, Editor at the CD’A Press, spoke to the Leadership Class about the importance of local newspapers. Over 1,000 newspaper companies have gone out of business in the last ten years, and in areas that have lost a local paper - crime has increased, government officials go unchecked. The population becomes less informed and uneducated on what’s happening in the community. Derek Deis, an Anchor at KXLY, talked about 20 years in the tv news media and how he came to be responsible for the Made in America series. He said he wanted to show news media instead of talk about it and showed North Idaho 3-4 clips from the series, including Continuous Composites and Safeguard Equipment. He explained how these 1:30 second stories are very long for a tv news story – most are .10, .15, .30. Josh shared info about the Aerospace Conferences and Tyler from Continuous Composites, keynote speaker on kickoff night reception.

Laura Rumpler is the Crisis Management Communications Director for North Idaho College. She asked what a crisis meant to the group – pointing out ties to work, home, and volunteer positions, and outlining external and internal crisis triggers. In emergencies, it is common for leaders to want to stick their heads in the sand and wait for the crisis to pass. Stay calm, ask for help from experts/partners, channel core crisis leaderships skills, be empathetic, credible, and know all eyes are watching.

Does your place of business or board of directors have a crisis communications plan? Work your plan, think ahead, list all your stakeholders, and communicate with your partners. There is no perfect plan; be ready to adapt. Be prepared to act during the critical hour and manage the multi-headed media monster (traditional media, social media, stalker troll, your very own media platforms). Final tips, remember the rule of three: see opportunity in difficulty, develop a culture of openness to avoid a crisis.

...engage with the viewer, have an emotional connection and be memorable. What are the elements of a successful advertising campaign? John Baechler, half-owner of Hanna & Associates, talked about his Coeur d’Alene office and their work. Advertising with three simple measures to be a good investment: engage with the viewer, have an emotional connection – and be memorable. He showed a series of Hanna’s Northern Quest Casino videos, walked us through the decisions made in that campaign and why it worked. John talked about the importance of simplicity in advertising and the importance of knowing your target markets.


Environment Day June 27, 2019

Session Planners: Mark Botterbusch (Chair) Carlos Lima Joel Bowlby Josh Sattler Stuart Malley

Speakers: David Gabrielsen Mike Henley Mac Mikkelsen Steve Petroni Val Wade Ed Moreen Mike Anderson Rebecca Stevens Gary Stevens Kathy Reed Johnson

Washington Trust Bank Clearwater Summit Group D.A. Davidson Renew Aesthetics and IV Hydration Bar Central Pre-Mix

Hancock Forest Management Idaho Forest Group Avista Corporation Hecla Silver Valley, Inc. Panhandle Health District U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Waste Water Treatment Plant Coeur d’Alene Tribe Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Aquifer Protection

Kiiro Siitari Jamie Brunner Cathy Mayer Doug Elliott

Idaho Department of Fish & Game DEQ Kootenai County Solid Waste Kootenai Electric Cooperative

Purpose: To develop knowledge and understanding of the issues facing our national state, local land, water, and other natural resource practices impacting the balance between commerce, growth, sustainability and quality of life.

Natural Resources

David Gabrielsen and Mike Henley talked with the Leadership Class on the utilization of natural resources, including timber and water. Along with the discussion, the Class was able to experience these companies firsthand with tours at the Chilco Mill and Post Falls Dam. Historically, timber companies were vertically integrated with timber, manufacturing, and distribution. Vertical integration was broken up to allow for greater specialization in individual components. Actual timberlands are owned by investors but are managed by the Timber Investment Management Organization (TIMO). Hancock Forest Management is an example of a TIMO. Lands are carefully managed to maximize revenue, preserve resources, and allow access. Idaho Forest Group has seven facilities with over 1,000 employees and 2500 contractors. They have the capacity to produce over 1 billion board-feet a year! Lowes and Home Depot are the biggest consumers. Mac Mikkelsen, Avista - Mac led us on a tour of the Post Falls Dam that has generated power since 1906. The dam controls the water level of Coeur d’Alene Lake; in winter, it draws the lake down 8 feet to make room for spring runoff and hinder aquatic growth. Maintaining lake levels helps to preserve recreation and property. During the drawdown, the lake mustn’t drop any more than 4 inches an hour.


Protecting Local Resources

Kiira Siitari, Regional Communications Manager, Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), presented information about the protection of wildlife and habitat. Kristy Reed Johnson discussed the importance of the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. Both presenters stressed the importance of building knowledge in the community. IDFG funding comes from licenses, mitigation payments, and federal taxes. With 589k total permits sold in 2018, anglers alone represented $20M in spending in our community. They work collaboratively with local tribes to protect resources. Issues include encroachment, as evidenced by a recent bear in town, protecting spawning routes of native cutthroat trout, and preventing disease. The scariest problem right now is Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) found in elk, which is 100% fatal - no cases yet in ID. Kristy Reed Johnson, Aquifer Protection District Board Education and Outreach Chair - The Aquifer Protective District (APD) is funded by the uniform parcel fund. It is a selfimposed tax to protect the drinking water of more than 500,000 people. The APD conducts well testing, audits, environmental clean-up, and education works closely with the Panhandle Health District for protection, whether it is from septic systems or storage of toxins. 17M gallons of liquids and 7.5M pounds of solids are stored above the aquifer. Waste would be sent in the sewer systems to one of the two treatment plants in Coeur d’Alene or Post Falls. Interestingly, the system where

our water flows goes into Washington, but we are at the head of the aquifer. We do not sell our water rights to other states. Also, do not flush your pharmaceuticals. Remember, if you pour it on the ground, you are going to drink it.


The Leadership Class toured the Wastewater Treatment Plant led by our member, Mike Anderson, and learned what happens to our waste, whether it is thrown or flushed away. Improvements in processing and alternative use help to manage the impact of the waste we generate. Cathy Mayer, Director, Kootenai County Solid Waste Department - The department employs 62 people. Idaho and Kootenai County residents pay $93/residence for this service, and you can dump up to 2k pounds of garbage per load free of charge. It is unique for a community of our size to have a landfill. Recycling is a hot topic because China no longer accepts U.S. shipments of recyclable materials. One saving factor for the Solid Waste Department is that recycling is sorted so that more places will take it. Doug Elliott, General Manager/CEO – Kootenai Electric Cooperative - Doug presented the methane gas to energy project with Kootenai County Solid Waste Department. KEC built a plant at the Fighting Creek Landfill to produce power for KEC via the methane created from the landfill. That plant produces enough power for 1500 homes.

Mining Implications

Various speakers presented on the historical mining in the Silver Valley and the implications today - including the remediation of contaminations, health effects, protecting natural resources, and the current state of mining. Rebecca Stevens, Program Manager/Restoration Coordinator Coeur d’Alene Tribe - Rebecca presented the CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, aka Superfund) and described the history of the Bunker Hill Mine or the Superfund site in the Silver Valley. Mining tailings contaminated the central and south forks of the Cd’A River, thus polluting Lake Cd’A. She discussed the restoration efforts and how to prove an “injured natural resource.” The latest case is the dying migratory tundra swans that feed on the water potatoes. The award for restoring the area affected by the Bunker Hill Mine was $140M. $127M was left to spend. She completed an open forum to capture ideas for restoration projects. Signup for an email list at restorationpartnership.org. Jamie Brunner, Lake Management Plan Supervisor – DEQ Coeur d’Alene Regional Office - Jamie presented information on the Coeur d’Alene Lake Management Plan. Studies have shown that 3,800 miles of the land would drain into the lake. They are trying to manage the lake’s bottom, which is where the Cd’A River - and its tributaries - dump in lots of mining tailings (that may have settled at the bottom). Val Wade, Environmental Health Specialist – Panhandle Health District - Val discussed the history of mining in the Silver Valley and the efforts now to protect citizens. Ed Moreen, Project Manager – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Ed presented the successes that have been achieved around the Bunker Hill Mine. These include forests increasing, lining water collection sites, lead

testing, remediation of topsoil for the majority of homes, removal of contaminants in streams and banks, water treatment plants, and increased public awareness. Steve Petroni, General Manager – Hecla Silver Valley, Inc. - Steve presented a history of Hecla Mining operations - the present and the future in mining excavation. He stated that mines are no longer the polluters like was historically seen in the area. Hecla operates seven mines in 3 countries. In the Kellogg region, they have a shaft that is over 10,000 feet below the surface level, one of the deepest mines in the country utilizing technology to improve safety and increase yields. Initially, silver was mined to support both World Wars and now is supporting technology, i.e., computers, phones, solar panels. In 2018, Hecla Mines had the highest revenue earned in company history.


Arts & Recreation Day July 25, 2019

Session Planners: Nicole Hammons (Chair) Kootenai County Boys & Girls Club Ashley Yates Columbia Bank Missy Budge Numerica Jessica Adams Coeur Realty Darla Gunning Community Library Foundation

Speakers: David White Tabitha Kraack Susan Nipp Stacy Barney Ali Shute Jennifer Drake Marlo Faulkner Stu Cabe Jessica Belisle

Idaho Parks & Recreation North Idaho Centennial Trail Mudgy & Millie The Salvation Army Kroc Center Arts & Culture Alliance Coeur d’Alene Arts Commission Coeur d’Alene Symphony Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre Christian Youth Theater-North Idaho

Blair Williams Randall Butt Jordan Carter

The Art Spirit Gallery Idaho Parks & Recreation Silverwood Theme Park

Purpose: To learn about & experience some recreational opportunities, visual & performing arts in the Coeur

d’Alene area. Arts & Recreation Day is about developing a balance in work and play that will lead to a refreshed approach to problem-solving, innovation, and creating a well-rounded life.

Recreation David White and Tabitha Kraack talked with the Leadership Class on recreational opportunities available locally and the economic impact that there is on our community from recreation. Along with the discussion, the Leadership Class was able to better understand the recreational opportunities available by touring the Kroc Center, visiting Farragut State Park, and Silverwood Theme Park. David White, Idaho Parks & Recreation Department The goal is to improve life in Idaho and promote community vitality through recreation. Idaho State Parks and Recreation is funded through motorized trails program, boating, and recreation grants. The agency has a 34 million dollar budget, with 90% internally funded. All recreational activities in Idaho represent over a billion dollars in funds. Resources to better use the recreational services include a mobile app showing all motorized trails, and buying the Idaho Passport for $10 provides a day pass at all state parks. Local parks include Hayburn, Farragut, Old Mission, Trails of CDA, Round Lake, and CDA Parkway. Tabitha Kraack, Executive Director, North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation - The centennial trail runs from Higgens Point to the Stateline and then from the Stateline to 9 Mile Falls, of which 23 miles are paved. The foundation was created as a partnership with the community to provide funds to maintain the trail. An estimated 400,000 people use the trail outside of events every year. Estimates show that over $4 million in revenue is generated for the community through events and visitors using the path. Tabitha encouraged the Leadership Class to become involved in the trail either through


usage, helping to maintain, and increasing education in the community. More information is available on their website www. NICTF.org. The Salvation Army Kroc Center - Joan Kroc left $1.7 billion to the Salvation Army to build Kroc Centers throughout the United States and subsidize member costs. Our community was fortunate to get this center as the search was throughout the northwest, and they thought our community was too small for a membership base. However, we quickly exceeded all membership projections and now lead the marketing efforts in the Kroc Center system. The Kroc Center develops programming that is specific to needs in the community without duplicating efforts. Programs include swim lessons (Idaho has second-highest drowning rate), mobile Kroc to provide recess activities to reduce discipline issues, and community health programs at the facility. Randall Butt, Idaho Parks & Recreation Park Manager, Farragut State Park - This state park started as a naval training facility in World War II. Farragut was chosen because of its proximity to the Pacific Theater, and the fact that it was inland, away from Japanese attacks. The park was the second-largest Naval Training Facility at the time. Today, there are over 40 miles of trails to explore in this North Idaho State gem. Jordan Carter, Silverwood Theme Park - Silverwood takes a two-pronged plan to market the park, local and regional, or national. The message is similar, allowing adults to become kids again, but the audience changes. Beyond audience targeting, they look at where their dollars are being spent and analyze the

data to find the best bang for the buck.

The Arts

The class heard from a variety of speakers representing the arts in the community, including theater, music, sculpting, and paintings. The arts are essential in this community, and the Leadership Class was encouraged to participate and support the arts efforts in our region. Susan Nipp, Author, Mudgy & Millie - Susan Nipp wanted to create sculptures similar to the ducks in Boston that would bring attention to the local community and various local icons. She decided to do this through a children’s book to help inspire them and get them involved or engaged early on. The book characters are designed so that the statues could be a presence in the community. There are six statues located around the downtown Coeur d’Alene. They are created to be more interactive so that kids can climb and touch, helping to make art more approachable. Ali Shute, Arts and Culture Alliance - The Arts and Culture Alliance started as a committee in the CDA Chamber. Now it is a private nonprofit organization and rents an office in the chamber building. The alliance sponsors and hosts various events to promote art and culture in the community, including art walk, music walk, studio tours, music for the wise, kids draw architecture, arts buzz, and the Riverstone summer concert series. It is an excellent network for local artists, and new members of the community to get involved. Jennifer Drake, Arts Commission Chairman - The Arts Commission is a Coeur d’Alene city entity for public art. In the 90s, the city realized the need for public art and created the first funded art commission in Idaho. Funding is provided by a city ordinance where any large capital improvement projects in the city a percentage of the total project is set aside for public art and through the sale of art pieces in the community. Because of this program, the art around town (over $100 million in art) is all publicly owned. Examples of public art include the feathers on Northwest Boulevard, the vinyl wrap on electrical boxes, murals in the community, and bike racks. The Arts Commission is always striving to put art in unexpected places that are open and accessible to the general population. Marlo Faulkner, Coeur d’Alene Symphony - The Coeur d’Alene Symphony started as a class at North Idaho College 41 years ago and has since grown significantly. Initially, it was a volunteer symphony until last year when everyone was paid. Schuler Performing Arts Center will have its grand opening on September 14, where Garrison Keillor will be performing with the symphony. Stu Cabe, Artistic Director, Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre The Cd’A Summer Theatre is a professional theater where all of the actors are paid. As a fun fact, many people have made the jump from Coeur d’Alene to Broadway. Blair Williams, Art Spirit Gallery - Art Spirit Gallery has existed in some form for 22 years and is considered a place for professional artists, meaning people who make art for a living. They can represent up to 60 artists at one time in the gallery with sales that total $25k-$45k per month. They are willing to work with various entities, including opening the gallery to nonprofits for fundraising events.


Economic Day August 22, 2019

Session Planners: Melissa Newcomer (Chair) Kootenai Electric Kat Arrand Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Josh Sattler Renew Aesthetics and IV Hydration Bar Nikki Droll Kootenai Title Mark Wild Insurance Northwest

Speakers: Troy Tymesen Hilary Anderson Tony Berns Brent Lyles Charlie Nipp John Beutler Kris Pereira Gynii Gilliam Wally Jacobson Ryan Arnold Warren Mueller Samuel Wolkenhauer Dr. John Mitchell CJ Buck Jessica Bauman Tim Treto Tyler Alvarado

City of Coeur d’Alene City of Coeur d’Alene Ignite CDA Elk Point Enterprises, Chairman of the Cd’A Chamber Parkwood Business Properties Century 21 Beutler & Associates GINNO Construction CDA Area EDC Panhandle Area Council North Idaho College North Idaho College Small Business Development Council Idaho Department of Labor M & H Economics Buck Knives Express Employment Professionals Tedder Industries Continuous Composites

Purpose: To understand how our area leaders improve our standard of living through the creation of jobs, the support of innovation, and new ideas, you will be introduced to businesses and industries that have a significant economic impact locally to help further understand the key elements of our area’s economic health.

The City of Coeur d’Alene presented economic information about a variety of opportunities and challenges facing our community. We learned about the Atlas Waterfront Project and Envision Coeur d’Alene, which is focused on improvements to East Sherman. The housing challenges within our community were discussed, and we learned about the “Missing Middle” component for different kinds of multi-family housing that could be applied to our housing shortages in Coeur d’Alene. Ignite CDA is our city’s urban renewal agency. We heard from their Executive Director, Tony Berns, about the many projects that Ignite CDA has funded and how tax increment financing works. Some of the projects include Riverstone, the Kroc Center, Downtown Parking Garage, McEuen Park, and the Atlas Mill Site. A new hospital district has just been formed so that Kootenai Health can have a bigger campus and transportation issues

within the district are being addressed. There is also a study that is looking at options for a new performing arts building. Brent Lyles, Chair for the CDA Chamber of Commerce, told us about the activities and initiatives that the Chamber is undertaking to improve the local economy. Some of these activities include networking, lobbying at the state, subcommittee meetings, and marketing with CdAEDC (Jobs Plus). The Leadership Class was presented with a panel of speakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing real estate locally. Areas of expertise included residential, commercial, and construction. These are leaders who have been in the business for numerous years and have helped make the community what it is today. They encouraged us to continue the progression with things such as the Innovation Den to allow for new space and new ideas to happen.

We as an industry must step up and help fill the skill gap. We are a global economy now – what happens across the world does affect us in more ways than we think.


Commercial real estate is an economic driver in our community. Charlie Nipp, Parkwood Properties spoke about this company’s philosophy for long term investments - have patience, don’t build and sell, but develop, lease, and rent. John Beutler from Century 21 Real Estate told us he has not seen housing prices coming down, even in a recession – may be stabilizing, but not going down. Also, the land value is going to remain high. Our wages will not keep pace with construction costs. Renting is not a cheaper option in the long term; overall, you need to be educated in how things pencil out for you in the long run. Kris Pereira, with Ginno Construction, said CDA does not have the subcontractor base to build the number of homes and buildings that we need.

Various resources in the community for business development were presented to the class. The CDA EDC works on attracting new businesses to the area as well as assisting existing companies. The CDA EDC partners with many organizations to bring new companies to our region. Organizations like the Panhandle Area Council (PAC), the Small Business Development Center, and the North Idaho College Venture Center all play a role in developing business activities in Kootenai County. Sam Wolkenhauer, Economist for the Idaho Department of Labor and Dr. John Mitchell, Economist and retired professor from Boise State University, provided a look at the economy both at the local and national level. These are unprecedented times with no easy and direct answers, but looking at the numbers can give a more unbiased picture.


Law & Public Safety Day September 26, 2019

Session Planners: Kat Arrand (Chair) Nicole Hammons Amy Butler Carlos Lima Missy Budge

Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County STCU Clearwater Summit Group, Inc Numerica

Speakers: Chief Lee White Coeur d’Alene Police Department Undersheriff Dan Mattos Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Cpt. John Kempf Idaho State Police Deputy Travis Fanciullo Spokane County Air One, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dan Knight Spokane County Air One, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Stu Miller Kootenai County Joint Agency SWAT, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Christian Parker FBI Sergeant Mark Ellis North Idaho Violent Crime Task Force, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Bill Deruyter City of Coeur d’Alene Fire Department Jim Dooley K-9 Patrol Deputy, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Beverly Crawford Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Tiffany Westbrook Office of Emergency Management JT Taylor Juvenile Detention Director, Kootenai County Cpt. John Holecek Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Kyle Hutchison Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office

Purpose: To highlight the work performed by public safety leaders in protecting and serving citizens in our

community; to explore current and future challenges in public safety and the criminal justice system.

The Leadership Class was presented with an overview of the law enforcement activities happening in the area, which included speakers from the city, county, and state police.

Sergeant Mark Ellis described activities the task force is involved in often tries to get those accused to act as an informant to help dismantle the entire organization.

The day started with an overview of the CDA Police Department from Chief Lee White, Captain John Kempf from the Idaho State Police, and Undersheriff Dan Mattos. A central point they touched on is how they handle the population and crime increase during the summer months. Deputy Dan Knight, Air Marshall, relayed that Spokane County’s Air Support Unit is one of the busiest call out units with over 90 calls a year that are primarily missing persons but also apprehension and rescues. Lt. Stu Miller, Special Weapons/Tactics, is the person who makes the call on whether the SWAT team is deployed and tactics to use. The unit has 26 operators and ten negotiators and two medics from CDA Police Department, Kootenai Sheriff’s office, and CDA Fire Department with the majority in their mid-20s but covers all ages.

Next, we heard from Bill Deruyter, Deputy Chief of Coeur d’Alene Fire Department, who let us know of the demands that are placed on firefighters. The specialty equipment needed and insurance has pushed more and more communities, including Coeur d’Alene, to eliminate volunteer positions. CDA Fire Department has partnered with NIC to create a curriculum for those interested in firefighting, as well as with the high schools offering seniors the opportunity to be involved.

Other law enforcement agencies we heard from were the FBI, the North Idaho Violent Crimes Task Force. Christian Parker is a regional director for the FBI operating out of Spokane. Mr. Parker stated that the FBI has a straightforward mission to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.


Beverly Crawford represented Kootenai County 911 dispatch. In 2018 they responded to 246,000 calls. Tiffany Westbrook is the Preparedness Coordinator in the Office of Emergency Management. Tiffany tries to connect with as many organizations as possible so that systems and relationships can be in place for an emergency. There are many opportunities to volunteer and serve with emergency management. JT Taylor is the Director at the Juvenile Detention Center. The center is primarily for Kootenai County youth that will be held

under a year, but the average length of stay is 10-11 days. They have 31 employees, including a full-time nurse and two teachers. JT informed the Leadership Class that often these individuals are experiencing mental health issues, and that is often coupled with substance and physical abuse or households where a parent has been incarcerated. To more fully understand local law enforcement and public safety, the Leadership Class received a demonstration from SWAT, K9 Unit, and fire suppression. Also, the Leadership Class got to tour the mobile command station, the SWAT vehicle, and the Kootenai County Jail.


Government & Transportation October 24, 2019

Session Planners: Caitlin Kling (Chair) Mark Botterbusch Eric Titus Ashley Yates Joel Bowlby Stuart Malley

Hawley Troxell Washington Trust Numerica Credit Union Columbia Bank D.A. Davidson Central Premix

Speakers: Chris Bosley Mayor Ron Jacobson Chris Fillios Rich Houser Paul Amador Jim Addis Karen Roetter

City of Coeur d’Alene City of Post Falls Kootenai County Commissioner Kootenai County Assessor Idaho State Representative, District 4 Idaho State Representative, District 4 US Senator Mike Crapo

Tyrel Stevenson Chris Way Jim Coleman Steve Kjergaard Scott Marikis Reed Chase

Coeur d’Alene Tribe Kootenai County EMS ITD State Board Coeur d’Alene Airport Empire Airlines Empire Aerospace

Purpose: To acquaint the Leadership Class with aspects of local, state, and federal government as well as transportation topics and issues.

City Governments The Leadership Class was presented with information on the cities of Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, and Hayden. All of these communities have been seeing large amounts of population growth and addressed how they are managing the concerns that come with expansion. To help experience the challenges that face local governments, the Leadership Class participated in a mock city council hearing. Chris Bosley, an engineer for the City of Coeur d’Alene, talked about how CDA is relatively landlocked; much of the focus has been on redevelopment and reuse in existing areas. Ron Jacobson, Mayor of Post Falls, relayed that his city has some of the highest growth projections out of all the communities. Some estimates predict Post Falls could double in size by 2040. Brett Boyer, Hayden City Administrator, stated that Hayden is looking at a supplemental levy that would allow 24-hour law enforcement. Growth areas to the North and West will be facilitated by a new water tower and a water/sewer expansion partnership with a local home developer. County Rich Houser, Kootenai County Assessor, and his team determine the value of all real and personal property in the county for tax purposes. Chris Fillios, County Commissioners (BOCC) for Kootenai County, encouraged the Leadership Class to do their research on any issues they want to get involved. The county works to increase transparency with performance indicators on kcgov.us. State Government Paul Amador, Idaho State House of Representative, has represented District 4 since 2016. Idaho has a very interesting relationship with the federal government, as 63% of Idaho is owned by the federal government. One item that has been


getting much attention here is the proposed reentry center in North Idaho. Paul stated that 99% of people that go to prison would get out, and of those that get out, 70% will return to prison. The reentry is already happening, and the released individuals are entering our community. This would help with the transition. Mary Souza, Idaho State Senator, said Idaho has a perception of being near the bottom for education. In the last five years, Idaho has increased the education budget by almost $100 million, and it is one of the largest budget categories in the state. Federal Government Karen Roetter, along with Juli Smith, Deputy Regional Director, represented Senator Crapo and told us about the workings of the federal government. Senator Crapo serves on the Finance Banking and Judiciary Committee and is appointed as the Chairman of the Committee of Committees. Rumors often float around politics, so make sure to do your research, especially when you can go right to the source versus the media channels. Tribal Government Tyrel Stevenson is the Attorney & Legislative Director for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. Tribes are their own sovereign nations under various federal Indian laws. Tribal members are citizens granted by Congress in 1924. Tribes can’t be sued and may or may not pay state taxes, but they do pay federal tax. Transportation Glenn Miles and Jim Coleman discussed planned highway projects and the criteria for road projects. Our transportation infrastructure is mostly from the 70s, so we need to focus on updating our systems and planning for future growth as it is estimated by 2040 there could be 307,000 people in Kootenai County.

Here are the major projects planned, or needed, over the next 40 years, and costs associated with them are listed below:

• • • • •

I-90 six-lane $425 million Huetter corridor $300 million I-90 port of entry $35 million regional traffic management center $5 million Widen US 95 bridge $23 million

Chad Ingle is with the public transit system with Citylink. Public transportation is essential for a community and nationally has shown a return of 4 to 1 for every dollar invested. Last year, 139K riders

rode for free on their fixed routes. For long term success, we need to develop a funding mechanism because there are also no state funds for public transit. A major accomplishment for CityLink is the recently opened Riverstone Transit Center. Steven Kjergaard, Director of the Coeur d’Alene Airport, told us about the history and capabilities and gave us a tour of the airport. Scott Marikis, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Empire Airlines, told us that Empire flies for FedEx and

Hawaiian Airlines as well as doing maintenance repairs and modifications on large turboprop aircraft. The company has 60 air crafts, 16 outstations in 5 different time zones, and 400 employees in 14 states. IUAV has become a significant segment of its operation with uses in agriculture, construction, timber, utility inspection. The Leadership Class then received a tour of their maintenance and repair hanger. Scott encouraged them to promote aviation and skilled trades for the next future generations.


Education Day November 14, 2019

Session Planners: Karen Hubbard (Co-Chair) North Idaho College Kim Stearns (Co-Chair) Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Missy Budge Numerica Kelley Griffith Kootenai Health

Speakers: Sarah Bradbury CDA Backpack Program Vicki Isakson North Idaho College Colby Mattila KTEC Doug Anderson North Idaho College Danielle Quade Hawley Troxel Steve Casey CEP – Coeur d’Alene Education Partnership Barbara Mueller GIZMO Myles Larson North Idaho College Chris Martin North Idaho College Rocky Owens Lewis-Clark State College CDA Paul Amador Idaho State Representative, Legislative District 4 Sherri Bullock CDA Backpack Program Dr. Steve Cook Coeur d’Alene Public Schools Mary Lee Ruch Hope on the Homefront, Coeur d’Alene Public Schools Bette Price Hope on the Homefront, Coeur d’Alene Public Schools

Purpose: To acquaint the Leadership CDA class with aspects of K-12 and higher education opportunities and issues. Community Support for Education The Leadership Class was presented with information on ways that citizens can get involved to support kids and the local schools. There are many opportunities to create a positive impact, whether through time and input or financially. Mary Lee Ruch and Bette Price - Hope on the Homefront: Hope on the Homefront builds bridges to connect families with needed resources and supportive services when the demands of society are too much. Sarah Bradbury, the CDA Backpack Program - The program provides school-age children with a nondescript bag filled with non-perishable, child-friendly, nutritious food. The program is for children whose families may be experiencing financial hardship and do not have a dependable food source during the weekends or holiday vacations. Danielle Quade, the EXCEL Foundation Coeur d’Alene The EXCEL Foundations allows for extra funds for creativity items in classrooms through a grant process that teachers in District 271 can apply for. Funding is meant to improve the learning experience of students and encourage teachers with creative approaches to education. Steve Casey, the Coeur d’Alene Education Partnership The CDA Education Partnership was started in 2012 to unite, inform, and promote excellence in public schools. This is not a fundraising or service group but rather a gathering of individuals with visions and desires for our school system.


Danielle and Steve shared information about the two parentteacher organizations. The PTA and PTO are organizations geared at improving the schools. PTAs are under a state umbrella for liability insurance, and PTOs are independent nonprofits usually used when there is a large amount of funds being raised.

Current State of Education Vicki Isakson, NIC Workforce Training Center - The Workforce Training Center is the noncredit portion of NIC that allows individuals to pursue specific industry certifications and training or explore hobbies and activities to become a local expert. Dr. Steven Cook, Superintendent of Schools or District 271 - Dr. Cook is relatively new to the school district but has been extremely impressed with the involvement and support of the community. The school district is continuously monitoring areas like safety, facilities, community growth, new teaching practices, classroom involvement, mental illness, and extracurricular activities to ensure that students receive the best education. Rocky Owens, Lewis Clark State College - LCSC has been in CDA since 1982 and is the leader in bachelor’s degrees locally. LCSC prides itself on being the most affordable four-year institution in the state. Chris Martin, North Idaho College - Chris stressed the importance of NIC in the community. We are all stakeholders in the college via taxes, and we need to share it in its direction. NIC is the most affordable option in CDA; it is providing hope and opportunity for this community at an individual level. Sherri Bullock, University of Idaho - The University of Idaho is the state’s landgrant and primary research university. While its main campus is in Moscow, it is fully dedicated to CDA. Paul Amador, Idaho State Representative House Education Committee The Idaho State Board of Education has a unique model that receives guidance from K-PhD. In Idaho, there are four state universities, one state college, and four state community colleges that ultimately must answer to legislation.

Tours and Experiences Kootenai Technical Education Campus (KTEC) - KTEC is a partnership between business and industry leaders, local school districts, and local manufacturers. Parker Technical Education Center (PTEC) - PTEC, a joint community, education, and business programs developed in response to business technical workforce needs. Gizmo-CDA - Coeur d’ Alene’s nonprofit Makerspace is a place where art, design, technology, and tools are connected by the hands and minds of the people of this community. Health Science Simulation Center - This state-of-the-art center has two fully equipped, video-capable patient care rooms that utilize state-of-the-art, highfidelity manikins.


Quality of Life Day December 19, 2019

Session Planners: Nicole Hammons (Chair) Josh Sattler Missy Budge Mark Wilson Jessica Adams

Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County Renew Aesthetics and IV Hydration Bar Mountain West Bank The Children’s Village The Lady d’Alenes

Speakers: Craig Sumey 1st Presbyterian Church Mark Tucker United Way of Kootenai County Keri Stark United Way of Kootenai County Cindy Wood Family Promise Chauntelle Lieske Safe Passage Violence Prevention Ctr. Janet Pace Safe Passage Children’s Advocacy Ctr. KJ Brant CASA Linda Cook Union Gospel Mission Ryan Davis Kootenai County Boys & Girls Club Darrell Rickard Community Action Partnership Frances Huffman TESH, Inc. Terri Johnson TESH, Inc.

Larry Riley Barb Smalley Kelli Lunceford Amy Evans Mark Wilson Lindsay Patterson

St. Vincent de Paul St. Vincent de Paul St. Vincent de Paul Idaho Youth Ranch The Children’s Village Specialized Needs Recreation

Purpose: To acquaint the Leadership CDA class with aspects of K-12 and higher education opportunities and issues.


The Leadership Class was presented information on ways that groups and organizations are supporting all individuals in Kootenai County. There are many opportunities to create a positive impact, whether through time and input, or financially. Keri Stark, United Way, ALICE Program - ALICE stands for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed. These individuals are often one unexpected expense away from being in a serious financial situation. There are many stigmas associated with the ALICE population, including that they should be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, meaning they have a mental illness or are just lazy. The truth is that ALICE is everywhere. 70% of jobs pay less than $20,000 a year, and even jobs such as CNA could be part of the ALICE population and face a high cost of living, particularly with housing, childcare, and low wages. Looking at housing and childcare costs more closely, the survival budget in Kootenai County factors rent at $700 and childcare at $900 a month that would be a 21% or 27% increase from 2010 to 2016 compared to the inflation rate of 9%. ALICE population data is available by texting IdahoALICE to 50503 or just googling ALICE Data. Cindy Wood, Family Promise of North Idaho - Family Promise keeps families together during the crisis of homelessness. This was the first program in Idaho, and in 2018 they answered 544 calls for help. 50% of all the people they serve are kids that are preschool age or younger.


Chauntelle Lieske, Safe Passage - Safe Passage provides support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. All of their services are completely free and confidential, and survivorcentered. Their work is centered around three themes: safety for individuals, resiliency for families, and empowerment in the community. Safe Passage operates a 24-hour hotline and has items like car seats, food, and bedding so people can immediately leave or not return to a location of abuse. KJ Brant, Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) CASA supports trained advocates for just under 500 child abuse and neglect victims in North Idaho. Advocates investigate child protection cases, represent the child’s best interest in court, and help find them a safe home with a forever family. Last year they served 496 children and had been seeing an increase of 20% more per year. CASA is funded by a $100,000 legislator initiative and local donations. Their goal is that every child within 48 hours of removal by child protected services has a CASA advocate reviewing their case. Linda Cook, Union Gospel Mission (UGM) - The UGM Center for Women and Children in Coeur d’Alene offers a safe and healing environment for those experiencing the devastating impact of poverty, homelessness, abuse, addiction, and domestic violence. Broken does not mean helpless, so they focus on empowering women than giving. Staff focusses on avoiding judgment and connecting with individuals before correcting.

Saint Vincent de Paul Help Center and Campus - Saint Vincent de Paul is the largest social service agency helping over 5,000 unduplicated individuals annually. Since 1946 they have served the community by offering a Men’s Emergency Shelter (15 beds), Woman & Children’s Shelter (17 beds), over 300 units of affordable housing, Trinity Group Homes, and a winter warming center. Also, they operate a one-stop-shop HELP Center that provides 19 essential social service programs ranging from parenting, veteran services, career counseling, and housing. Ryan Davis, Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai - The club provides services for 3,000+ children annually between the ages of 6-18. There are two clubs in Kootenai County, the Jordan Johnson Clubhouse in Post Falls and the Lola and Duane Hagadone Club in Coeur d’Alene. Their mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. In our community, there is a 53% poverty level of children based on free and reduced lunches. Donna Euler, Idaho Youth Ranch - Idaho Youth Ranch is primarily known for its thrift stores; there are 20 stores statewide. They also offer emergency shelter, residential care, youth and family therapy, job readiness training, adoption services, and more. There is an equine-assisted therapy with 40 horses available, and they are working to build a facility where the horses are kept. Idaho Youth Ranch has been providing adoptive maternity counseling since 1986. Mark Wilson, The Children’s Village - The Children’s Village is an independent nonprofit where children can stay as long as needed; siblings stay together and stay in school. They are the only crisis nursery and facility for severe behavioral challenges. They are working to provide residential care for teen boys because there is currently no other option. Lindsay Patterson, Specialized Needs Recreation SNR is a nonprofit organization that provides recreational opportunities for youth and adults who have developmental and physical disabilities. We strive to teach our participants appropriate behavior and socialization skills through a variety of recreational opportunities. Janet Pace, Safe Passage Children’s Advocacy Center CAC is a community-based center where staff serves as first responders in allegations of all types of child abuse. They provide hope and healing to neglected and abused children and their families through treatment, advocacy, and investigation services. In 2019 they conducted 294 forensic interviews. Community Action Partnership (CAP) - The CAP food banks provide a clearinghouse program where perishable food items such as bread, deli items, salads, milk, and other dairy products, pastries, fruits, vegetables, and fresh produce may be available once per week. This facility is designed to help preserve the integrity of the individual by running their program more like a grocery store where participants can choose what they are getting. Tesh, Inc. - Tesh is a private, nonprofit organization whose core purpose is to provide choices and opportunities to people with disabilities of all ages seeking more significant opportunities, self-sufficiency, and participation in their community. There are approximately 460 individuals they serve all in various stages of working in the community. Last year they also assisted 40 high schoolers in getting their first job in part through their summer work program.



January 23, 2019

Session Planners: Ben Drake (Chair) Katie Hunt Lindsay Allen Miranda Hamilton Shane Greenfield Marvin Sears Ashley Yates Kathleen Tillman

Crown & Thistle Express Employment Professionals Northwest Realty Group Insurance Northwest Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Willamette Valley Bank Home Loan Center Columbia Bank Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty

Purpose: To review and evaluate the 2019 Leadership Coeur d’Alene Program, assign session planners for the class of 2020, and to choose members to serve on the Leadership Coeur d’Alene Committee with the Chamber of Commerce.

What Goes into a Session As a recap to a wonderful year, the Leadership Class learned the inner workings on what is required to have successful sessions. Thank you, Class of 2018, for all your hard work and accommodations of food and coffee to help us have the best year possible.

CdA Leadership Committee The Leadership Committee is designed to support the ongoing efforts of the program and provide continuity and guidance. There will be two people chosen to be on the committee from our Leadership Class, one of which will be the President. The Class is a multi-year commitment that meets once a month on the 2nd Thursday at 12:30 for approximately an hour.

Review of Sessions The Leadership Class discussed what they remembered about each day in the program to help determine key takeaways and best practices to enact for the next year. Many of their comments were largely similar to those that were made in the “best of the best.” They are available in the packet that was distributed at the meeting. Some areas of emphasis were on Social Media Day and making that more applicable to nonprofits and providing specific training or real-world applications. We wanted to make sure that speakers, especially those associated with nonprofits, have some call to action for future Leadership Classes while maintaining the balance of them being told not to pitch to the group. The committee recommended that it is possible to schedule bonus tours just by mentioning that you are with the leadership program.

How to Plan a Day - The following is a list of best practices for planning a day

• • • • • • • • • • • •


Reach out to prior years chair Use the best of the best but also learn the why Begin working 3-4 months out and build schedule Wait until committee review before confirming any new speaker Try to find as many sponsors as possible (sponsors are also recognized in the yearbook) Ask venues about outside food and beverage Each class has a different response to their request - but don’t take offense Be diligent with the follow up on speakers Provide questions ahead of time Collect PowerPoints and additional items ahead and have backup options Pick up material for the class a couple of days early Feedback is not a personal attack

Distribution of Fine Money

As treasurer Hale Fields let by example and had the highest dollar amount of fines. Hale confirmed that our class raised enough funds to provide for the scholarship.

Memory Madness

Ali Marienau wowed the class by scoring the highest on the written quiz for names, nicknames, and employment and verbally reciting the entire class nicknames. Kyle Mai and Josh Wise also did well on the quiz!

Class Bingo

The Leadership Class got to see how well they were paying attention to all the little components of the sessions by playing Blackout Bingo with the squares being trivia pieces for each day. Ryan Arnold and Josh Wise excelled at the recall, only having a slight issue on Media Day partially due to the class feeling that the answer was inaccurate for the reading level.

Social at Crown and Thistle

Ben Drake hosted the Leadership Class at the Crown and Thistle, where there were great drinks, sausages, and conversations amongst the Best Class Ever.





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CLASS OF 2019 Mike Anderson

City of Coeur d’Alene

Mike Anderson is the Wastewater Superintendent with the City of Coeur d’Alene. Mike is a relatively new transplant to the area; it was his sincere pleasure to learn the history of our City and what makes it “tick.” This was tackled almost monthly, but not more so than our first outing together at the Fort Grounds. Mike serves on the Water Reuse Committee and is a graduate of the 2019 Water Leadership Institute through the Water Environment Federation - the facility was recognized for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship in 2019 in the NW region. Mike enjoys hiking, biking, and travel. Mike and his wife live in Post Falls. Having a house allows them the opportunity to have family over for extended periods; Mike and his wife love showing them all the surprises in North Idaho.

Jason Ayers Keller Williams Real Estate Jason Ayers is the Director of Sales with TJB Real Estate Counselors at Keller Williams Real Estate CDA. Jason enjoyed meeting everyone in the class and learning more in-depth about all the different businesses in the area. Jason serves on the Idaho Real Estate Commission Education Council as Vice-Chair, enjoys golf, and Harley riding. He has two fantastic grown sons.

Trevor Bober Kootenai Health

Trevor Bober is the Director of Supply Chain Operations at Kootenai Health. Trevor’s best experience through Leadership Coeur d’Alene was getting to meet and know the class members & learning about the great organizations in our community and how to get involved. Trevor is a member of Trout Unlimited-Spokane Chapter and volunteers for the CdA Backpack Program and enjoys fly fishing, fly tying, and home brewing. Trevor is married to wife Meghan and has two daughters, Fern & Gwen, our two dogs, Filson & Morsel, and our three cats, Melby, Popcorn & Paws.


Ryan Arnold

North Idaho College

Ryan Arnold is the Director of Regional Entrepreneurial Strategy with North Idaho College. Through Leadership, Ryan enjoyed meeting a whole group of people in various industries and professions that he doesn’t typically get to interact within my day-to-day work, that and Darrin’s laugh. Ryan is involved with Northwest Entrepreneur Competition (Co-Manager), WSU Center for Innovation/IGNITE NW (Governance Committee), Gonzaga University (Entrepreneurship Advisory Board), GIZMO-CDA (Advisory Board), Envision CDA (Advisory Committee), and International Economic Development Council Future Forum (Host Committee). Ryan was awarded NACCE Entrepreneurial College of the Year (2018) – On Behalf of North Idaho College, 30 Under 30 (2018) – Kootenai County Young Professionals Award, 30 Under 40 (2016) – North Idaho Business Journal Award, and 30 Under 30 (2010) – Ecover National Environmental Leader Award. Ryan enjoys skiing/snowboarding, rock climbing, reading & library perusing, community organization participation, coffee consumption, dry humor, travel, writing, hiking, long emails, indiscriminate beer, and tequila tasting. Ryan is married to his wife, Jaime, and together they have their son, Jackson, and two dogs, Crouton and Keno.

Caiti Bobbit Kootenai Health

Caiti Bobbitt is the Public Affairs Strategist for Kootenai Health. Through Leadership, Caiti loved getting to know her class as a whole. Forming those lifelong relationships will be her most significant takeaway. Caiti also loved learning about all the many different sectors that make up our business community. It’s clear to her we have a lot of passionate and hardworking people doing amazing things in our small town. Caiti is a member of the Joint Chamber Public Policy Committee and was awarded KCYP 30 Under 40 in 2019. Caiti loves binging Dateline reruns with her husband, and in the summer, you can find her floating on an inner tube on Priest Lake. She is already preparing for retirement by perfecting her cross-stitching, felting and crocheting. Caiti is married to David Bobbitt with their first child on the way!

Sheena Christman Lukins & Annis, P.S.

Sheena M. Christman is an Associate with Lukins & Annis, P.S. Sheena is relatively new to the Coeur d’Alene area, so the best part about Leadership CDA was the opportunity to learn about her community and its incredible history. Sheena loved the tour of the sawmill at Chilco and the trip to Avista’s dam in Post Falls for Environment & Natural Resources Day. Visiting KTEC on Education Day was also a highlight. What an incredible program for high school students! Sheena is a Board Member for CDA 2030, Member of the Idaho State Bar Association, First District Bar Association, Washington State Bar Association, and is a Middlebury College Alumni Admissions Volunteer. Sheena enjoys international travel and has spent time in Egypt, Iraq, Tanzania, Zanzibar, India, and several European countries. Other hobbies include gardening, reading, and Pure Barre.

Jennifer Fletcher Coeur d’Alene Tribe

Jennifer L. Fletcher is the Public Relations Director with the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. Jennifer’s favorite experience through Leadership was getting to see the behind the scenes of how the region operates and meeting the key people who make everything happen and work. Jennifer is involved with Innovia Foundation Leadership Committee. Jennifer enjoys reading, beading, spending time with family and friends, visiting new areas of the Pacific Northwest Region, dancing in my kitchen, and singing badly. Jennifer has two boys: Jaxson, age 9, and Jareth, age 5.

Tucker Forbush Morgan Stanley

Tucker Forbush is a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Through Leadership, Tucker enjoyed the relationships he made with his classmates; it was easily the best experience of Leadership. He looked forward to each session and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the industries and organizations in our great community. Outside of Leadership, Tucker serves on the Board of Directors of KCYP and is the Business Development Committee chair. Tucker also volunteers his time as an 8th-grade football coach through CDA Jr. Tackle. Born and raised in North Idaho, Tucker spends his free time with family enjoying all things outdoors. Tucker does not waste an opportunity to enjoy his favorite activities; outside of the office, you can usually find him on the lake or in the mountains. Tucker is married to his beautiful wife, Dani, and together they have a 2.5-year-old son, Jaxon, and are expecting their newest son, Levi, in April.

Erica Clark

Hart Capital Management, Inc.

Erica Clark is a Portfolio Trader with Hart Capital Management, Inc. Leadership has been an enjoyable experience where she has developed close friendships and feels more connected to the CDA community by learning about all of the opportunities and initiatives our community offers! Erica is a member and Treasurer for the Lady d’Alene’s, President of an Investment Club, and enjoys skiing, golf, swimming, biking, and running. Erica is married to James Clark, and together they have a 7-month-old son Connor.

Hale Fields Harris CPAs

Hale Fields is the Director with Harris CPAs. The best thing about Leadership CDA was being able to build new friendships and connections with people from so many different industries in the community. It was amazing to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the key employers and hear from many of the business leaders in our community. Hale serves as the Treasurer for the Coeur d’Alene Education Partnership and have spoken at events for the Idaho Nonprofit Center and other nonprofit organizations; he also tries to stay involved with nonprofits in our community and with the school district. Hale’s most recent accomplishment is opening a CdA office for the Boise based firm that he works for. Hale loves to ski in the winter, go camping, rafting, and spend time on the lake in the summer, and he tries to take advantage of all the outdoor activities that North Idaho has to offer. Hale is married to wife, Shawnna, and has two wonderful kids, Liam and Kit.

Randee Goodwin

The Golf Club at Black Rock

Randee Goodwin is the Director of Member Services at The Golf Club at Black Rock. Through Leadership, Randee loved learning about how many services and programs our community truly offers. The best experience was walking away with an incredible sense of pride in our community. The Kootenai Health tour was amazing, as well as learning all about the different specialties of our police force (SWAT and K9 units). Randee is a member of The Lady d’Alenes, #OneHanger, NIC Culinary Arts Curriculum Committee, The Mica Foundation, and Komen of North Idaho. Randee was awarded 2019 Lady d’Alenes Officer of the Year and 2019 KCYP Top 30 under 40. Randee enjoys cooking, anything outside in beautiful North Idaho, hiking, biking, kayaking, taking her dogs out, volunteering in our community, running and triathlon, as well as reading books and geeking out over wine. Randee has a partner David, 2 Dogs, Dexter and Olive and is a proud Auntie and Godmother.


CLASS OF 2019 Denna Grangaard Hospice of North idaho Denna Grangaard is the Director of Communication at Hospice of North Idaho. Through Leadership, Denna’s favorite experience was when the members took time to get to know each other, have genuine conversations, and make each Leadership Day fun. Denna served as Historian for her class. Denna enjoys trivia games, even though she is hilariously terrible at them, nature, historicalwhimsical novels, and daydreaming about big ideas. Denna loves to learn and to experience new things and treasures deep friendships with lovely, interesting people. Denna’s family is her most important endeavor and most important relationship. Denna and her husband have been married for nearly 20 years. Their 15-year-old boy is well over 6 feet tall, eats for three, and keeps them laughing. Denna is a second mom to their 19-year-old daughter, who lives in Post Falls.

Delena Hamrick STCU

Delena Hamrick is the Branch Manager with STCU in Post Falls. Through Leadership, Delena really enjoyed developing deeper relationships with her classmates in Leadership CDA as well as getting a firsthand view of the community and local businesses that have helped build our community into what we see today. The fascinating history surrounding this beautiful town was something that she found so inspiring she couldn’t wait to learn more. Visiting Farragut State Park was such a surreal moment for her, and she jumped at the chance to learn more about its deep-rooted history. Delena served on the Design Committee for Coeurfest, is a Board Member on the Idaho Chapter for the North West Credit Union Association. Delena is married to her husband, Jace, and they have been together for 15 years and married for 12 of those. They have two beautiful daughters, Hailey (9) and Brielle (3).

Karrie Jerauld

Darrin Halliday Pioneer Title Darrin Halliday is a Coeur d’Alene native and the Marketing Director for Northern Idaho with Pioneer Title Company. Darrin’s most powerful take away from Leadership was the connection and comradery that was developed between himself and his classmates. It was through the speakers and experiences in Leadership that Darrin feels empowered, more than ever, to make a difference in this community and to affect real and positive changes. Darrin is the Vice President of Kootenai County Young Professionals, Sergeant at Arms for Rotary of Coeur d’Alene Evening, Board Member with Young Professional Network for Coeur d’Alene Association of Realtors, Chair of Young Professionals of North Idaho Building Contractors Association, a member of the IMPACT Club, Committee Member for Early Childhood Education with the ALICE Task Force, Member of the CDA Chamber, Hayden Chamber, Post Falls Chamber, and Sandpoint Chamber. Darrin is the recipient of the 2019 Top 30 Under 40 Award for Excellence in the Community and enjoys archery hunting, fly fishing, snow sports, water sports, and triathlons. Darrin is a proud husband to the beautiful Brenda Halliday and proud father to twin boys, Colton, and Kailer born May 30, 2018.

Jesse Herndon

HMH Engineering, LLC Jesse Herndon is a Project Manager at HMH Engineering. The Quality of Life Day was the most eye-opening for Jesse; he had no idea that our community does so much for so many. Jesse is the current President for the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers and enjoys backpacking, camping, fishing, and hunting. Jesse is married to wife Julie and has two daughters Bradley (12) and Maddie (5).

Umpqua Bank

Karrie Jerauld is the Avp Branch Manager with Umpqua Bank Karrie’s. Her best experience was meeting all the other leadership individuals and getting to know them. She looked forward to the day spent behind the scenes in the community, seeing and learning the many new and exciting things each session. Some favorite things Karrie learned was during the Health Care Day, Law & Public Safety Day and Quality of Life Day, she took away so much and having a better understanding of this community we live in. Karrie is the past Historic Silver Valley Chamber President, Secretary/Treasurer, 1910 Fire Committee Secretary/Treasurer; she has served on the Shoshone Medical Center Foundation Board and the Kiwanis board. She has volunteered as a soccer and baseball coach for the Parks and Recreation in Hayden. Karrie has received many awards through her banking career, but her special accomplishments are her two children. Karrie loves to travel every chance she gets out of the country, and across the USA. Other hobbies are snowmobiling, boating, camping, shooting, hunting, and hiking. Karrie is married to husband, Jason, of 23 years and has her two kids, McKenzie (15) and son, Kaleb (8).


Chauntelle Lieske Safe Passage

Chauntelle Lieske is the Executive Director with Safe Passage. Chauntelle enjoyed meeting and getting to know her classmates and also enjoyed learning about industries outside of her own. It’s very easy to get lost in what you do day-to-day, and it was so nice to learn so much about the community and those who care so much about it. Chauntelle is a member of CDA Rotary, CDA Soroptimist, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Chauntelle enjoys camping, boating, hiking, running, and snowboarding. Chauntelle is married to husband Ray Lieske USAF and has a son: Ray Lieske (6) and daughter: Macie Lieske (5).

Ali Marienau

Kyle Mai Wells Fargo Bank Kyle Mai is a Relationship Management Associate with Wells Fargo Bank. After Kyle recently moved to Coeur d’Alene, this program helped serve as an introduction to many leaders within the community. It allowed for exclusive access into the many businesses and organizations that help make Coeur d’ Alene a great place to live and work. Kyle began the year, not knowing anybody in the 2019 Leadership Class, and left the program making lifelong friends. Kyle is involved in Coeur d’ Alene Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer for the United Way Day of Caring, and Holiday Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army. In his free time, Kyle enjoys golfing, skiing, and the lake! Kyle is married to his wonderful wife, Kayla, and together have a French Bulldog named Gus.


Ali Marienau is the Transportation Planner with the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO). Ali’s favorite thing from leadership was getting a detailed look at the interworkings of local organizations and businesses. She especially loved seeing the collaborations occurring between industries to create working solutions and opportunities in our region. Ali also enjoyed building relationships with and learning from a fantastic group of classmates. Ali serves on the City of Coeur d’Alene’s Historic Preservation Commission as a Commission member. Outside of work, Ali can most often be found chasing a toddler. However, in her free time, she enjoys experiencing all North Idaho has to offer with friends and family – hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, camping, boating, skiing, and gardening. She also so enjoys drinking (warm) coffee, reading, baking, and home renovation projects. Ali is married to her husband, Paul, and together they have one son, Conrad (1.5), two labs and two cats.

Ross Morton

Victoria Michael North Idaho College

Victoria Michael is the Marketing & Events Coordinator at North Idaho College. Victoria loves learning about the people and initiatives that Kootenai County was built upon and spending time with the fantastic people in her Leadership Class. While Environmental Day was her favorite, as a new(er) member of our community, she was continually impressed to see firsthand the themes of quality and innovation in our region’s organizations and infrastructures. Victoria is a Board Member and Development Chair for the Safe Passage Violence Prevention Center. She is also a Regional Wish Granter for Make-A-Wish Idaho, volunteer for Kootenai County’s Office of Emergency Management, Business Mentor for Project SEARCH, and a new member of the Chamber Leadership Coeur d’Alene Committee. Victoria likes to paint, has two funny teenagers, Quinn (14) and Fiona (13), and one very talented husband, Brandon Michael.

Mountain West Bank

Ross Morton is a Commercial Lender at Mountain West Bank. Through Leadership, Ross’s favorite experience was building relationships with his classmates, receiving a broad and valuable education of the local community, and how people make our community so great. Rob is involved in leading Financial Literacy Classes & providing financial counseling, serves as a Male Advocate at Open Arms Pregnancy Crisis Center, and is a member of Trinity Church. Ross enjoys hunting, camping, traveling, water skiing, BBQing, sports, and lawn games. Ross is married to wife Taylor and has a daughter Bristol.

Holly Munoz

Numerica Credit Union

Holly Munoz is a Lending Solutions Representative with Numerica Credit Union. Through Leadership, Holly really enjoyed meeting new people in the community and getting to know her classmates. Her favorite part of the Leadership Class was learning about all of the great organizations and programs in our community. Holly volunteers for United Way - Financial Stability Council member, and Alice Task Force member. Holly likes to spend time with her family, read, and go to the movies. Holly is married to her husband James, and they have two daughters together: Mia and Isabella.


CLASS OF 2019 Matt Robinson St. Vincent de Paul Matthew Robinson is the Maintenance Foreman / Reentry Program Manager with St. Vincent de Paul. Matt loved being able to tour behind the scenes at some of our communities’ biggest companies and organizations; his favorite experience was the bonding with my classmates. Matt is a member of Elks Lodge 1254, F.E.M.A. Emergency food and shelter program, SVdP Housing Board, Veterans Stand Down Executive Committee, and Returning Citizens Committee Chairman. Matt enjoys the 49ers, camping, and any outdoor activities and video games. Matt is married to wife Lacy and has two sons: Gabe and Noah and two daughters: Ava, Olivia, and a Pitbull named Thor.

Amy Voeller

Innovia Foundation

Amy Voeller is the Opening Books, Opening Doors Program Manager under Innovia Foundation. Through Leadership, Amy has enjoyed the opportunity to hear and learn from former community leaders who have shared the work they’ve accomplished and the lessons they have learned and the visions and passion they still hold for the future of our community. Now they have ‘passed the baton’ to new and emerging leaders. She appreciates that her classmates have become an expanded network and as a group of friends whom she will see at events and in and around our community. Amy is the Chair of the Coeur d’Alene Education Partnership, Member of the Chamber Education Committee and A+ Award Subcommittee, Participant in the City of Coeur d’Alene / CDA 2030 education group for Envision CDA, Member of United Way of North Idaho’s Education Council, Member of the Superintendent and Parent Advisory and Resource Council for the CDA School District, and Member of the Idaho Business for Education’s Schoolhouse Group. Amy launched a community action campaign called “This Book” to encourage wide-spread community urgency and ownership for childhood reading success. Amy enjoys water skiing, wake surfing, snow skiing, camping, hiking, backpacking, and kayaking in the “North Idaho Playground.” Amy is married to husband Jeff Voeller (Leadership Class of ’08), and they have two children, Jaron and Jace Voeller.


Jolleen Severns Architects West, Inc.

Jolleen Severns is an Architect with Architects West. Through Leadership Jolleen’s favorite experience was the relationships/friendships made with the other 2019 Leadership Classmates, Learning the history of Coeur d’Alene, the tours of the historic buildings, and the Quality of Life Day. She discovered how extraordinary and inspiring our community truly is. She really enjoyed learning about all of the businesses, organizations, and community members, and how they help make our town a great place. The Quality of Life day stood out because of all the non-profit organizations and things they do locally as well as for each other. Jolleen is a Den Leader for the local Cub Scout hapter P8003, a Spirit of Spokane Chorus Member, and is the Social Chair for the Leadership Class. Jolleen enjoys painting, singing, hiking, biking, camping, and has a general love of the outdoors. She has been married to her husband, Patrick, for 20 years (and counting), and they have 3 Boys; Macalister, Jacob, and Joseph.

Josh Wise

Coeur d’Alene Area Economic Development Corp.

Josh Wise is the Economic Development Specialist with Coeur d’Alene Area Economic Development Corp. Josh’s favorite thing about the Leadership Cd’A program is the inside look that we were allowed to see in this wonderful community. In addition to meeting amazing individuals in his class, he had the opportunity to be introduced to community leaders, who support the program. They shared their insights to us from their places of business, which is not generally available to the public, and offered a conduit to expand his network. Josh is involved with Envision Cd’A subcommittee, International Economic Development Council, Idaho Economic Development Association, St. Pius the X Catholic Church, and Kootenai County Young Professionals. Josh has achieved his Masters of Business Administration degree and enjoys beer brewing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, running, biking, and cooking. Josh is blessed to be married to an Idaho native Lauren whom he met in Oregon while attending college, and together they have two daughters Quincie and Izabell that are born 17 months apart.


The Coeur d’Alene Chamber’s Advanced Leadership Program’s first-class session began in January 2017. Advanced Leadership is open to previous graduates of Leadership CDA and provides a focus on education and the principles of leadership. The program consists of a half-day session once a month for five months. Topics covered include Leadership 101- Principles of Leadership, Community Leadership/Servant Leadership, Discovering Your Purpose/Passion, Values-Based Leadership, and Communication and Leadership in Crisis.

2019 Graduates Lindsay Allen Joseph R. Anderson Melissa Cleveland Nicci Cushman Shane Greenfield Sara Hartman Heidi Higgins Brent Lyles Chris Martin Melissa Schock Justin Schorzman Ali Taylor Lea Williams Tanya Yost

Northwest Realty Group Bank of America/Merrill Lynch City of Hayden PayneWest Insurance Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Elias Research Associates, LLC doTERRA Wellness Advocate Higgins Clinic NW Stella’s On The Hill, Elk Point North Idaho College Silver Lake Mall Hagadone Hospitality Co. Coeur d’Alene Association of Realtors Tomlinson Sotheby’s International Realty STCU


1985 - 2018 Graduates 1985

Allen Baldridge James (Michael) Boyd Skip Cole Jim Coleman Bill Cooper Phil Davies Marilyn Deutsch Elizabeth Doran Sandy Emerson Thomas Frazier Betty Kerr Robert McNabb David Oliveria Marlys Rogers Steve Schenk William Sims Gordon Wilcox Edward Wroe


Paul Anderson David Bobbitt Robert Castellaw Rod B. Colwell Dennis Connors Lora Davis Art Elliott Patricia Harris Paula Kellas John L. Mushlitz Sandy Patano Ramon Prohaska Dr. Karolynne Rogers Donald Soltman Joe Stanosch Roger Stewart Cathy Wagner Nancy Sue Wallace Stan Wood


Terry Backs Mary Cederblom Doug Cresswell Steve Delgado Stephen H. Flerchinger M. Kate Meidling Phil Kinzler Ken Johnson Kathryn Lange Alan McGinity Barbara Pleason David Patzer H. David Peters Jon Rolfe Q. Wayne Schneider Tom Snider Paul Stewart, Jr. Sue Thilo Pat Wheeler


Bob Boeh Lee Claires Knute Eie Nancy Flagan Rodney Frey Jack Hawkins Richard Henderson Dave Holloway Donald Holmberg Helen Hood William Jennison Kim Johnson George Krug Katie Mans Kay McGruder Brian Morris Ron Ouren Janet Robnett Patrick Smyly Marcia Souther Patty Stand






Robin Bevis Ken Boni Robert B. Burton Rob Chatters Cayle M. Crane Sandra Ward-Crow Steve Handlen Faith Holt Dave Kilburg Vicki Kok Pat Krug Len Mattei Barbara McFarland Julie McPoland Bob Myklebust JeanAnn O’Brien Ronald Ringel Kris Roby Kaye Ross Ellen Schmand Robyn Smith Muriel Stamps Brent Stinnet Lila R. Truesdell Sylvia Watterson Lucinda Ade Larry Baker Mike Bevis Mike Boatman David Bruce Vickie Parker-Clark Karen Cook Bruce Cyr Brad Dugdale Kathleen Gans Bernie Gurstein Jan Jesberger Chuck Kinsey James Lehner John Nagel Dave Newman Daniel Palmer DeeLaine Peterson Nancy Pohlman Paul Robnett Anna Rolphe Sharon Sorenson Rick Verneers Charles Walls


Mic Armon Jane I. Bright Carmen Brochu Larry Bryant Travis Chaney Sharon Culbreth David R. Daniel Kenneth Good Michael Hague Gayle Higgins W.L. “Hap” Hilbish Len Hodge Dave Holinka Patsy Jaspers Robert Ketchum James Lien Vern Newby Sandra Palmer Janna Robnett Ben Rolphe Joann Schneider Leise Thompson Laura Umthun Alan Wolfe

Peter Anderson Hazel Bauman John Cranney Lynne Cuddy Gary Cuff Gary Day Rebecca Dielman Jim Edwards Ann Farrar Kirk Koening Ken Korczyk Frank Kronsnicki Tom Legel Marilyn Lund Mike McDowell Steve McKenna Nancy Potratz Tom Richmond Nancy Rodgers Dean Roland Betsy Russel Marc Schaffner Virginia Taft Andy Warren Rayelle Anderson Amy Bartoo Chris Beck Carl Blanchette Chris Cheeley Laura Fulton Kristi Hagan Wendy Hague Denny Keim Ralph Kerr Allison Kratt Casey Krivor Jennifer Leui Patrick McGaughey Kiki Miller Stan Moore Richard Nyquist John Parry Julie Prafke Randy Rolphe Diana Thomas Karl Thompson Troy Tymesen Michele Wood


Diane Albrethsen Cheri Andriolo Warren Bakes Michael Bibin Roy Cook Mike Diehkans Don Dorsey Wayne Ellenbecker Robert Faschnact Cathleen Fellows Lee Fields Mike Fish Paul Franz Brenda Garcia Ann Isenberg Wayne Longo Mike McCoy Dona Miller Bryan Ogle Eric Paul Jerri Schaffner Mike Smith Shannon Votava Ben Wolfinger


Reid Ahlf Chuck Anderson Bill Britton Chad Cherry Duane Cone Ray Greene Scott Hoskins Tom Kauffman Suzanne Kaderka Nancy Klein Jennifer Kosareff Maggie Lyons Katie Marcus Ronda Maxon John Miller Vickie Morris Mark Murphy Rick Murray Jamie Olson Ralph Powell Jan Scharnweber Stan Schedler Nile Shirley Ann Walker Rick Williams Jeanne Worrell


Terri Ahlf Dan Benson Sharmon Case Steve Casey Denny Davis Greg Delevan Mischelle Fulgham Leslie Gourley Tori Gray Bob Gunning Ron Hotchkiss Cheri Howell Scott Hutchins Jan Holmes Rich Nixon Catherine Parochetti David Quinn Dennie Seymour Todd Tondee Jim Walsh Steve Wilke Brad Enders Erna Rhinehart


Tracy Abrahamson Michelle Britton Mark Ellingsen Scott Fischer Laura Garrison Jerry Gee Toni Hackwith Scott Hague Kent Hall Larry Hill Jean Kelleher De Krapfl Rodger Lewerenz Gail McGaughey Dean Moore Scot Nass Gina Parry Lynn Peterson Jim Phelps Sally Robideaux Ron Sampert Ginger Seaman Justin Thomas Marshall Thompson Dee Dee Tondee





Bobbie Albright Mark Compton Karen Corcoran Patricia Deitch Greg Gfeller David Gibbs Brad Gilbert Jack Heath Carolyn Jorgensen Mike Kennedy Gemi Larson Matt Lyman John Martin Michelle Mitchell Jonathan Mueller Sally Nowak David Rawls Kathy Reed Krystie Robbins Rob Rollins Mara d’Sjostrom Ginny Tate Jeff Thomas Larry Tucker Joseph Anderson Roger Banks Marty Behm Mike Black Steve Briggs Jim Brown Susan Burgeson Jonathan Coe Jim Edom Janet Flerchinger Jennifer Ford Tammy Kelly Rudy Klein Ada Loper Shellie Loper James Martin Chris Meyer Peggy Polichio Mike Regan Jeri Riggs Shelly Servick-Frampton Ann Siebert Alan Solderling Lanny Stein Anne Walsh Shawn Woolley


Jane Baker Eve Benedict Darlene Berkshire Mary Jo Braaten Jim Burtelow Julie Clark Chris Dal Pra Keith Dixon Robin Felton Tanya Frey Samual Grubbs Joel Hazel Malcolm Johnstone Randy Krum Margaret Lightfoot Betty Ann Nelson Valetta O’Day Dale Schuman Dave Walker Mike Ward Jim Williamson John Young

Kent Absec Ed Champagne Karen Cotton Jennifer Edwards Scott Edwards Teri Farr Kevin Glynn Nelson Gourley Curtis Gregory KJ Hackworthy Sheri Knobloch Larry La Bolle John Lynn Elaine Martin Gary Nieborsky Kelly Ostrom William Panos Connie Ripatti Terry Robinson Mandy Root Dan Soumas Bryan Taylor Tom Torgerson Trevor Watkins Tony Berns Robert Britsch Daniel Burnham Marsha R. Cayko Melissa A. Clair John Deines Daylene Dewey Curtis W. Exley Dale F. Gephart Bruce Gifford Jon Ingalls Deanna Jeffres Heather Johnson Bill Kling Connie Lovoi Renata McLeod Ken Richardson Neal Robertson Kurt Smith Joe Stringer Heather Turner Dan Whiting Cort Wilcox Kevin Zollman


Karen Alberts Harry Amend Jamie Anderson George Balback Stefany Bales Julie Buck Thomas Burke Angela Erickson Brian Goetz Steve Grourke Tami Haft Anne Hagman Mark Hampe Sherri Lionberger Linda McFaddan Rita Michalak Carrie Oja Elsie Patrick Dusty Pfennigs Victoria Roberge Shelly Romine Clay Schueman Jeffrey Smith Bill Waggoner










David R. Asher George Busch Carrie Butterfield Darrel K. Chapman Carrie Cook Jeri DeLange Dennis L. Dye Steve Griffitts Richard A. Houser Lisa Kincel Johnson Dr. Sarah Marossy Suzanne Metzger Tammie Peacock Nicci Piazza Kelly Porter Kent Propst Jason D. Salois Kevin Shute Debbi Smith Duffy Smock Russ Twardowski Edward Wagner Marilee Wallace Rodney Wright Shelly Zolman Lisa Aitken Michelle Brandel Victoria Bruno Jeff Conroy Mary W. Cusack Stephanie Davenport Jan DeFord Jo Ann Edmiston Kim Edmondson Mark D. Fisher Diana Gifford Cyndie Hammond Chris Holloway David McDowell Darrin Murphey Ken Nichols Ryan Nipp Jim Pierce Bradley Rasor Lisa Sayler Rhonda Seagraves Brenda Smith Mary Terra-Berns Kacey L. Wall Nancy White Brenda Young


Keith Bernhart Dwight Bershaw Russell Doumas Tim Feagan Darrin Hayes Shelly Hines Vicki Isakson Peter Job Fonda Jovick Judy Kirking Tim Martin Howard Martinson Alison McArthur Eden Moreland Erika Neff Randy Oaks Stacy Oldfield Mary Lou Piazza Mark Robitaille Hilde Shetler Rick Shipman Cheryl Shippy

Tim Stoddard Randy Swick Nathan Vore Al Williams

Bette Ammon Mark Butera Tom Dorr Susan Dubois Melanie Ellingson Lisa Fisher Steve Gibbs Shelly Gillis Alison Gonsalves Crystal Gorman Teri Grubbs Michael King Laura Little Dan Mattos Phil Morgan Chad Murray Brian Petersen Eric Petersen Wanda Quinn Heidi Rogers Chris Schenek Andy Sims Jeff Voeller Sherry Wallis Donna Wemple Heidi Wilkins Higgins Jay Baldwin Ginger Dalvini Tifany David Gordon Dobler Tom Hamilton Mark Heckel Kyle Hendricks Drew Hodgson Matt Hutchinson Caryl Johnston Tim Kastning Daniel Klocko Eric Knudtsen Ricia Lasso Sarah Lathrop Anneliese Miller Stuart Miller Allen Naugle Marian Pelsma Pam Pratt Desiree Prohaska MaryBeth Ranum Darell Raver Patty Shea Jim Valle DeeDee Wiliams


Erik Anderson Jeremy Evans Renae Fehringer Cari Fraser Sarah Garcia Matthew P. Grupp Chris Harrison Sam Henkle John Kalb John Kamprath Angela Lemmerman Victoria Mallett Elaine Mansoor Michael Pereira Bryce Ralston Michael G. Schmidt Chris Shelton Thomas Walls Matt Weaver Ben Weymouth Jared Wise Leza Wright Tanya Yost Dani Zibell-Wolfe

Dustin Ainsworth Kim Anderson Alivia Body Melissa Cleveland Judi Cronin Ninette Goucher Chris Harrison Dennis Grant Alex Harris Dustin Harris Darilyn Johnson Holly Knapp Brent Lyles Amanda Miller Charlie Miller Rob Newman James Norvell Jennie Pipoly Tamara Poelstra Lee Richardson Steve Roth Janie Shioya Scott Sowinski Correen Stauffer Kevin Vedder Jason Wing Chris Bosley Steve Childers Todd Christensen Brad Coughenour Sue Donaghue Paul Good Mark Haberman Matthew Handelman Kenneth Huitt Doug Jaworski Kandi Johnson Ali Johnson-Petley Chris Kastella Jeanette Laster Christy Markham Gavin Mobraten Becky Monday April Needham Sheldon Nord Michaelle Sande Mrs. Melissa Schock Mike Schock Chris Shipley Laurie Thomas Britt Towery Kory Wilson


Mark Browning Heather Carroll Andy Cleveland Katherine Coppock Brian Dagon Andy Deak Jean-Paul Dupin Taryn Erickson J.T. Jacobsen Shawn Langenderfer Charlie Linder John McMurray Colin Meehan Tom Murn Sarah Neilsen Mike O’Brien Anthony Oss Nicole Pearson Terry Pickel Jack Reiswig Laura Rumpler Kurt Sager Barbara Smalley Candice Smith Kerri Wilfong

Trevor Young Brenda Zosel

Jaime Arnold Shawn Bassham Carri Berglund Sean Brady Lita Burns Ryan DeSchryver Brandy Davis Trevor Frank Theresa Gibbons Bill Greenwood Roxanne Gunther Matt Hague J.D. Hallin Marcee Hartzell Kirk Hobson Scott Hoover Ann Johnson Ryan Luttmann Jeffrey Mahon Shawn Metts Mike Nelson Jeff Odland Brock Olson Stephanie Powers Craig M. Sumey Keith Taylor Andrea Barlow Juli Barton Andy Boyle Josh Burton Jesse Delavan Ben Drake Katie Hunt Todd Kiesbuy Kellie Peterson Trudi Kuhn Bill McLeod Marcus Mitzel Mike Nash Marie Pengilly Angela Petersen Tom Pool Marie Price Allison Roberts Kim Roby Sarah Sears Keri Stark Ann Thomas Lea WIlliams Cindy Woods Jake Yates


Laura L. Ashenbrener John Baldeck Bill Davenport Paul Erwin Greta Gissel Miranda Hamilton Matthew Higgins John Holecek Josh Horvath Frances H. Huffman Nicole Jacklin Steven Kopke Kelli Lunceford Kyle Marine Sarah McCracken Anna McKahan Scott McNee Bobby Myers Eric Olsn Hannah Palmer Brent Schreiber Nichole Smith Pete Stayton Terry Vulles Mike Walker Chris Way

Anna Wilson

JC Agen Courtney Beach Ryan Bones Tony Braga Katie Brereton Bridget Carter Trina Caudle Aaron Emmert Therese Goodwin Kent Green Shane Greenfield Peter Howard Wade Jacklin Chad Krahn Ryan Lewis Brian Longwell Maren Maier Chris Martin Katie Martin Don Maryon Derek Miller Kelsey Moen Tiffany Morrett Dusty Obermayer Laszlo Suto Kathleen Tillman Melissa Tosi Lindsay Allen Julie Amador Brad Blodnick David V. Bobbitt Johanna Brown Doug Elliott Emily Haas Sara Hartman Terri Johnson Michelle Johnson Heather Keen Dan McCracken Mike McFarland Jamie Miller Kristine Miller James Perkinson Peter Riggs Demoree’ Sanders Justin Schorzman Marvin Sears Nick Shriner Kassie Silvas Kim Sitton Sidney Smith Jill Swoboda Nick Young


Jessica Adams Kathryn Arrand Mark Botterbusch Joel Bowlby Missy Budge Amy Butler Nikki Droll Kelley Giffith Darla Gunning Nicole Hammons Karen Hubbard Joe Hurlocker Caitlin Kling Carlos Lima Stuart Malley Melissa Newcomer Doug Reifschneider Nathan Rogers Josh Sattler Kim Stearns Eric Titus Todd Trengove Mark Wild Mark Wilson




Ashley Yates


‘19 OF commerce


Leadership Coeur d’Alene is a program of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce. 208.664.3194 • 105 N. 1st St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814