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Class of 2014

A quality class of future leaders.

Leadership Coeur d’Alene 2014 A program of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce

Statement and Purpose To identify citizens of the area who have demonstrated the potential for leadership; to provide information which will develop knowledge and understanding of our community, its complexities and its potential; to create an opportunity for participants to meet and exchange ideas with current community/area leaders; to motivate participants to pursue leadership roles in the community; and to provide participants an opportunity to network and discuss issues in an informal and learning environment.

Program of Work •

To recruit, select and graduate a quality class of future leaders.

Focus on differentiating Leadership Coeur d’Alene from all competitive Leadership programs in the region.

Focus on ensuring that Leadership Coeur d’Alene is THE premiere Leadership program in the State of Idaho.

Involve the community’s youth into the program to not only help shape and retain our future leaders, but to learn from them as well.

Schedule retreat for Leadership Committee and perform S.W.O.T. analysis in order to develop a strategy for the next decade.

Redesign Mission and Vision Statement – focusing on increasing value of the program to Chamber members and the community.

Determine what is uniquely marketable and improve awareness of the program through exposure in the media.

Actively engage past Leadership graduates in keeping them involved with Chamber events, activities and programs.

Increase financial position of the Toni Sayler Leadership Scholarship fund.

2014 Leadership Coeur d’Alene Committee Members

Brenda Zosel - Chair Leadership Coeur d’Alene


Alivia Metts Pam Pratt Vicki Isakson Heidi Rogers Brad Rasor Dustin Ainsworth Marian Pelsma Michael Pereira Mike Ward Doug Jaworski Chris Shipley Charlie Linder Britt Towery Brenda Zosel Mike Nelson Jamie Arnold Craig Sumey

Idaho Department of Labor Retired, Coeur d’Alene School District Idaho Department of Labor Northwest Council for Computer Education bankcda Kootenai Title U.S. Bank Umpqua Bank Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Real Estate Consultant Magnuson, McHugh & Co., PA Pita Pit USA Northwest Council for Computer Education Pita Pit USA Cd’A SChool District Pacific Source First Presbyterian Church Cd’A

2014 Class Sessions D

uring their year in Leadership Coeur d’Alene, class members attended a variety of lectures, demonstrations, tours and activities that allowed them to gain a better understanding of our community. The class met one day per month, with each day focused on a different community theme. They discussed a variety of issues with community leaders, participated in team building exercises, and were introduced to businesses and organizations in Coeur d’Alene that have been key factors in our area’s history, development and daily life. Members from the Leadership Class of 2013 were in charge of planning each session, taking into consideration their personal experiences in the program. This task allows former classmates to put their skills to work and demonstrate their growth in leadership. At the end of each day, the class conducted a “Best of the Best” discussion, where they looked at the pros and cons throughout the day and provided suggestions for the future. The comments from each day were collected and used at the Class Retreat to help plan the 2015 Leadership program. The following provide a summary of each day through Leadership 2014. The Leadership Committee thanks all of the community members who have supported the Leadership program throughout the years and have made this experience possible for hundreds of future leaders.

ICEBREAKER - MARCH 13, 2014 PURPOSE: To meet your fellow classmates and learn about your role in Leadership Coeur d’Alene.


Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Craig Sumey John McMurray Roxanne Gunther Keith Taylor Mike Nelson Ann Johnson Shawn Bassham Carri Berglund Jaime Arnold Jeff Odland Kirk Hobson Stephanie Powers

First Presbyterian Church Pioneer Title Kootenai Title City of Coeur d’Alene Coeur d’Alene School District Coeur d’Alene Homes Kootenai Health Foundation Northwest Tile & Floor Pacific Source Health Plans Frontier Communications Time Warner Pita Pit


Heather Wichman Steve Wilson Sandy Emerson Toni Saylor

Coeur d’Alene Chamber Board Chair, Pioneer Title President/CEO Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce Emerson Valuation Toni Saylor Scholarship

ed by the previous leadership board and featuring a delicious spread of hors d’oeuvres and libations, the icebreaker brought the fresh and eager class of 2014 together for the first time at the Chamber building. They learned about the different roles in the program, created goals for the year, and played games to get acquainted with each other. Through the “word association” game they created class nicknames.


SETTING THE STAGE - MARCH 27, 2014 PURPOSE: To acquaint the class with the history and heritage of Coeur d’Alene.

Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Craig Sumey Roxanne Gunther Keith Taylor Mike Nelson Ann Johnson Shawn Bassham

First Presbyterian Church Kootenai Title City of Coeur d’Alene Coeur d’Alene School District Coeur d’Alene Homes Kootenai Health Foundation


Robert Singletary Scott Reed Sandy Emerson

Museum of North Idaho Attorney Emerson Valuation


ur first official session began at the NIC Student Union Building with a light breakfast and socializing with our classmates. Local history expert Robert Singletary regaled the class with stories of the area from prehistory to present, complete with photos and interesting anecdotes. We walked the Fort Grounds and boarded a driving tour that took us through historic neighborhoods and important sites in downtown Coeur d’Alene. Our next stop was the elegant Clark House on Hayden Lake for a tour and an impressive three-course lunch. Community heavyweights Sandy Emerson and Scott Reed guided us through the last 60 years of local politics and social movements to give us perspective on where we are today. We finished off the day with a lively getting-to-know-you game and officer elections.



PURPOSE: To educate the leadership class about the health resources

available and to make a personal commitment to health and well-being.

Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Shawn Bassham Mike Nelson Lita Burns Brock Olson Trevor Frank

Kootenai Health Foundation Coeur d’Alene School District North Idaho College Mountain West Bank Paine Hamblen


John Ness Dr. Richard McLandress Mark Fisher Dale Peck Mike Baker Claudia Miewald John Bronsell Dr. Kory Wilson Lisa Rough Dave Cox Charlene Godec Linda Murphy

Kootenai Health, CEO Family Medicine of Cd’A Advanced Benefits, CEO Panhandle Health District Heritage Health, CEO Kootenai Behavioral Health Medicine Man Pharmacy Avondale Dental Center Homeopathy, DHM, CNHP Rehabilitation Hospital of the Northwest, CEO Rehabilitation hospital of the Northwest, RN Rehabilitation Hospital of the Northwest, RN




he class started the day with blood draws and analysis for voluntary health assessments offered by the staff at Kootenai Health. After breakfast, Kootenai Health CEO John Ness set the momentum with his presentation on the history, vision, and expansion of the medical center and its technologies. Dr. Richard McLandress—a 20-year veteran speaker for Leadership—shared his knowledge of medical ethics and the unique residency program Kootenai Health offers to up-and-coming medical professionals. Mark Fisher, founder of Advanced Benefits, gave an energetic talk on the changes in healthcare law and how new regulations affect us. Next, a panel of key players in the health industry: Dale Peck with Panhandle Health District, Mike Baker with Heritage Health, and Claudia Miewald at Kootenai Behavioral Health. These experts gave brief overviews of their work and granted a questionand-answer session with the class. For a perspective on naturopathy and preventative medicine, homeopathic practitioner Lisa Rough shared important information about alternative healthcare choices in Coeur d’Alene. Over lunch—provided by Kootenai Health—the class received their Health Assessment results, and got practical tips from the Wellness coaches for achieving our health and fitness goals. The group then split up for tours of some of the Kootenai Health facilities, including the state-of-the-art Cancer Center, the ER, heliport, and the Heart Center complete with an ultrasound of our classmate’s heart! John Brosell, Pharm.D covered the field of pharmacology, and Kory Wilson gave a passionate lecture about his love of dentistry and the importance of a great smile. To round out the day, we met at the new Rehabilitation Hospital of the Northwest in Post Falls where we toured the facilities and learned about the excellent in-patient therapy and supportive atmosphere offered there.

MEDIA - MAY 22, 2014

PURPOSE: To understand how an effective leader must communicate efficiently and strategically.


Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Kirk Hobson Matt Hague Marcee Hartzell Ann Johnson Jeff Mahon Stephanie Powers

Time Warner Cable PayneWest Insurance University of Idaho Coeur d’Alene Homes US Bank Pita Pit


Nils Rosdahl Mike Patrick Gary Allen Jerry Post Stacy Hudson Laura Rumpler Sai Piazza Stephanie Powers Ann Johnson Bill Tilson Jr. Aaron Krall Kevin Sanders

Retired, NIC Instructior, Journalist Coeur d’Alene Press KXLY Broadcast Group KXLY Broadcast Group North Idaho College Coeur d’Alene School District Parker Toyota Pita Pit Coeur d’Alene Homes Coeur d’Alene Police Department Cliq Marketing Pita Pit


ur Media day was set at the Pita Pit training center in downtown Coeur d’Alene. Nils Rosdahl, longtime journalism professor and columnist for the Cd’A Press, set the scene with some basics about journalism, like how to write a good, eye-catching story. Did you know the most read column of a newspaper is the obituaries? Mike Patrick, managing editor of the Coeur d’Alene Press, described the importance of a local paper within a community and fielded some tough questions about his work. The group split to tour the places that generate the news—the bustling newspaper warehouse and offices, the KXLY-TV newsroom with Jerry Post, and the Rock 94 ½ sound booth with local DJ Joe Paisley. Back at the classroom, North Idaho College communications director Stacy Hudson and Cd’A School District communications director Laura Rumpler illustrated how vital crisis communications proficiency is to a company. Through an exciting, interactive simulation we all got to practice on-the-spot public relations and interviewing. A company that cares about its community is a company that keeps its customers, as we learned from Sal Piazza at Parker Toyota and Stephanie Powers with Pita Pit—both companies with a track record of corporate sponsorships and charitable giving. Ann Johnson, from Coeur d’Alene Senior Living, shared tips on cause marketing and non-profit promotion from her 15 years of marketing experience. Sgt. Bill Tilson brought a fascinating perspective on the role that social media plays in fighting crime and engaging the community with the Coeur d’Alene Police Department. Aaron Krall, Cliq Marketing, described a number of platforms and social media strategies available to help a business attract and sustain growth. Finally, Kevin Sanders, Vice President of Marketing at Pita Pit, ended the day with a spirited and powerful talk on trust and authenticity—what it is, how to build it, and why it is the currency of the 21st century business world.


ENVIRONMENT - JUNE 26, 2014 PURPOSE: To develop knowledge and understanding of the issues

facing our national, state, and local land, water, and other natural resource practices impacting the balance between commerce, growth, sustainability, and quality of life.

LEADERSHIP: As a leader, develop your own accountability for how you

provide a positive impact at your place of business and in your personal life in making conscious choices for being a steward of our region’s future environmental health.



Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Roxanne Gunther Marcee Hartzell Sean Brady J.D. Hallin Brock Olson Ryan Luttman

Kootenai Title University of Idaho All West Testing Lukins & Annis, PA Mountain West Bank JUB Engineers


Alan Harper Steve Petroni Eric Besaw Scott Atkinson Steve Roberge Peter Anderson Steve Silkworth Denna Grangaard Ed Moreen, P.E. Rebecca Stevens Bill Greenwood Wayne Wakkinen Jim Fredericks Janet Torline Sid Fredrickson

Idaho Forest Group Hecla Mining Company Idaho Department of Lands Idaho Forest Group, President Waste Management of Idaho Anderson Consulting Avista Utilities Idaho Department of Environment Quality Environmental Protection Agency Coeur d’Alene Tribe City of Coeur d’Alene Parks Department Idaho Department of Fish & Game Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Community Roots Waste Water Treatment Plant


nvironment day began with an awe-inspiring tour of the Idaho Forest Group Mill in Athol. Through safety goggles we saw the route of a sawed tree from the logging truck to getting stacked and wrapped for shipment. The mill boasts impressive efficiency through its adoption of technology in all aspects of processing. Returning to the mill offices, we learned about forest health and how the timber industry adapts over time and responds to social and economic changes from Eric Besaw and Scott Atkinson. From Steve Petroni representing Hecla Mining, we heard a little of the Silver Valley mining history, saw some incredibly deep mining shafts, and learned about the many demands for silver and other minerals in our industrial lives. Next, we drove ourselves to the Coeur d’Alene Resort, where the focus shifted to sustainability and environmental protection. From Steve Roberge, District Manager at Waste Management, we finally learned why we can’t recycle glass in Coeur d’Alene. Peter Anderson described the many ways the architecture, design, and construction industry is evolving to reflect the demand for “green,” sustainably-built homes and other structures. Avista Utilities, represented by contract manager Steve Silkworth, provides energy to thousands of households in the area. Silkworth discussed the challenges and triumphs of providing renewable energy to North Idaho, and we took away a few tips to be more energyconscious in our own homes. The following panel trio, representing Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection Agency, and Lake Coeur d’Alene’s Restoration Partnership, shed light on the dark legacy of mining in the region, specifically the heavy metal contamination of soils and waterways from the Bunker Hill Superfund site downstream to the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene. Fortunately, the state, federal, and tribal agencies have been working together tirelessly for several years to restore and protect the precious land we call home. Next we walked over to the new McEuen Park and learned about the design, development, and features of this new community park from Bill Greenwood of the City of Coeur d’Alene Parks and Recreation. McEuen park is an ADA approved park complete with splash pads, osprey nests, and a special area for the dogs! After touring the park, we sat at the pavilion and heard from Wayne Wakkinen and Jim Fredricks of Idaho Fish and Game. They spoke to us about various populations of species important to our area, such as Elk and Cutthroat trout and what they do in order to support the wildlife in our area. We then drove to the Gathering Garden which is located on the NIC campus. There we spoke with Janet Torline, who told us about this non-profit community garden organized by the Kootenai Environmental Alliance. Finally, we toured the Waste Water Treatment Plant, guided by Sid Frederickson. He walked us through all of the various stages of water treatment, and included a great sense of humor too! 8

ARTS & RECREATION - JULY 24, 2014 PURPOSE: To learn about and experience some of the recreational

opportunities in the Coeur d’Alene area to include performance, visual arts, and outdoor recreation.

LEADERSHIP: As a leader, expand and develop your own opportunities

to create, imagine and explore yourself through arts and recreation. Develop a balance of work and play that will lead to a refreshed approach to problem solving, innovation and creating a well-rounded life. THANK YOU PITA PIT FOR SPONSORING LUNCH


Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Theresa Gibbons Carri Berglund Lita Burns Jaime Arnold Ryan Deschryver Stephanie Powers

Bankcda Northwest Tile & Floor North Idaho College Pacific Source Health Networks Home Street Bank Pita Pit


Jon Totten Randall Butt John Bruning Bill Davenport Laura Little Hannah Patton Roberta Larsen Aaron Nicholson Buddy Le Susan Nipp Mark Robitaille

North Idaho College Outdoor Pursuits Idaho Parks & Recreation North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation Salvation Army Kroc Center Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre Lake City Playhouse Art & Culture Alliance Opera Coeur d’Alene Coeur d’Alene Galleries Mudgy & Millie Silverwood Theme Park


he Best Class Ever started Arts and Recreation day with breakfast provided on location at the Kroc Center. John Totten set a lively tone for the day with information about the many opportunities there are to play outdoors with a little help from NIC Outdoor Pursuits. Randall Butts with Idaho Parks and Recreation followed up with details about some of the many state parks in our area, focusing especially on Farragut. The North Idaho Centennial Trail, presented by John Bruning, provides a scenic walk/bike path stretching from Higgins Point to Spokane with plans to connect to northern areas; the 501(c)3 foundation that supports the trail hosts exciting events each year, including Ales for the Trail, Coeur d’Fondo, and the Coeur d’Alene Marathon. The class then moved to the Kroc Center theatre—an incredible performing space without a bad seat in the house. We heard from a performing arts panel representing Lake City Playhouse (Hanna Paton), the Arts and Culture Alliance (Roberta Larsen), Opera CdA (Aaron Nicholson), and CdA Summer Theatre (Laura Little). We got an inside look backstage CSTs props, costumes, and sets of its current professional show My Fair Lady. Next we headed downtown to Coeur d’Alene Galleries which has garnered national acclaim for its western, wildlife, and sporting art. Owner and curator Buddy Le works hard to promote and expose artists in this genre, as well as promoting other art forms such as performance, visual- and public art, music, and cultural preservation to make Coeur d’Alene a thriving “arts” destination. A quick walk took us to the public library where we were treated to the history and theme song and dance of the nowiconic Mudgy and Millie characters by author Susan Nipp whose dream was to fuse literature and public art to create an interactive outdoor family adventure in our city. We grabbed bag lunches provided by Pita Pit and boarded the bus to Farragut, where we reunited with Randall Butt for an in-depth history of Farragut State Park and the thousands of Navy soldiers who trained there. We toured the Brig, including the depressing solitary confinement cells, restored 1940s trucks, and an impressive sculpture and memorial garden dedicated to the men and women who called Farragut home during the war years. We finished our stint at Farragut with a friendly disc-golf competition, with Alright Alright Alright Alison coming out the undisputed champion! The final leg of our day took us to Silverwood Theme Park, where we learned how the Norton family started with an old steam engine train and—over two decades—built a sprawling, renowned Northwest attraction that boasts 600,000+ annual visitors, millions of tourist dollars spent in the area, hundreds of jobs, and substantial donations and support to area non-profit organizations. Scarywood stretches tourism into November, and the Night of Stars gives thousands of mentally or physically disabled individuals a free evening of fun at the park. Between impressive roller coasters, Water Park, and the “step back in time” atmosphere, Silverwood truly offers fun for the whole family. We finished the day sampling a few of the attractions this great park has to offer!


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - AUGUST 21, 2014 PURPOSE: To gain a better understanding of the key components of

our area’s economic well-being by focusing on specific industries and businesses that have a valuable growth impact on our local economy and are active in promoting economic growth.

LEADERSHIP: Innovative local citizens who actively work towards growth and development of businesses and commerce.


Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Jeff Mahon Brandy Davis Kirk Hobson Scott Hoover Jeff Odland Ryan DeSchryver

US Bank STCU Time Warner Cable Magnuson McHugh & Co.,CPA’s Frontier Communications Home Street Bank


Tamara Poelstra Troy Tymeson Tony Berns Charlie Nipp Pat Eberlin Jimmy McAndrew Joe Dobson John Mitchell Alivia Metts Rick Murray Jerry C. Lyon Jim Branson Alan Wolfe Shawney Le Kary Gibbs Patty Shea John Renzi Ron Nilson Dennis Staver Tim Komberec Ryan Arnold

Business Development Chair, Cd’A Chamber of Commerce City of Coeur d’Alene, Treasurer LCDC, Lake City Development Corp. Parkwood Business Properties Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty M & H Economic Consultants Idaho Department of Labor US Bank, President Community 1st Bank Washington Trust Bank, Vice President STCU Pennaluna & Co. SBA Lender, US Bank Avista, Vice Chair Jobs Plus Buck Knives Ground Force, President Esterline, President Empire Airlines, President Innovative Collective


conomics Day started at the University of Idaho Harbor House, it was a great location with a beautiful view of the river. The morning line up stared with Troy Tymeson, Acting City Administrator/Treasurer for the city of Coeur d’Alene. What a perfect presentation for the beginning of the day. He was lively, kept us engaged and involved, and had clearly done his research on us! He spoke about Economic Development within the City of Coeur d’Alene, how the city makes money, and what we have currently and in the future to look forward to. Our next speaker was Tony Berns, Executive Director of Lake City Development Corporation. He did a fantastic job explaining what “LCDC” is, how they get their funding, and what projects they have completed as well as what they are working on currently and in the future. Next up was a Real Estate Panel to discuss the state of real estate in Kootenai County. The panel included Pat Eberlin, Commercial Sales and Leasing with Kimele and Hagood; Jimmy McAndrew, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Mortgage Consultant; Charles Nipp, Principle of Parkwood Business Properties; and Joe Dobson of Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller who discussed Land and Rural Properties. Next we had a very lively and informative talk by economist John Mitchell of M&H Economic Consultants. He did a fantastic job of showing economic trends and future projections for both the Pacific Northwest and the United States. Following him was Alivia Metts who works for the Idaho Department of Labor as a regional labor economist. She spoke to Idaho specifically as it relates to the workforce economy. After lunch was a funding source panel, which was a group of bankers and broker/dealers from various size banks and companies. Included in this group was Rick Murray, Region President for US Bank, Jerry Lyon, Director, President and Chief Operation/Chief Credit Officer at Community 1st Bank. Jim Branson, Senior Vice President/Director of Retail Banking for Washington Trust Bank, Alan Wolfe, Director of Branches for Spokane Teachers Credit Union, and Shawny Le, Compliance Officer for Pennaluna& Co. This panel created a great opportunity for us to ask each of their perspectives on the world of banking and lending as it has changed over the recent years. At this point we packed up and drove out to Buck Knives. We were broken up into groups and able to tour the facility where they make the knives. After that, we went up to the conference room and got to hear Patty Shea, Vice Chair of Jobs Plus, talk about what they do at Jobs Plus and how they help companies relocate to North Idaho. The final panel consisted of John Renzi, Supply Chain Director for Buck Knives; Ron Nilson, President of Ground Force Manufacturing; Dennis Staver, Platform President of Esterline; Timothy Komberec, President Empire Airlines; and Ryan Arnold, Executive Director Innovation Collective. These gentlemen were able to speak to running a company through economic change, and how they have all been successful through good and bad times.


LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 PURPOSE: To highlight the work performed by public safety leaders in protecting and serving citizens in our community; to explore current and future challenges in public safety and the criminal justice system.


Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Keith Taylor Jeff Odland Theresa Gibbons Matt Hague Scott Hoover Trevor Frank

Kootenai County Frontier Communications bankcda PayneWest Insurance Magnuson McHugh & Co, CPA Paine Hamblen, Attorney at Law


Travis Chaney Chief Lee White Captain Curtis Kastens Sheriff Ben Wolfinger SAC Joshua Olmo Sergeant Dave Ellis Lt. Matt Street Detective Nick Lowrie Sergeant Dan O’Dell Detective Pat Cwik Deputy Rich Lyons Major Kim Edmonson Captain Andy Deak Deputy Chief Jim Washko Sandy Vonbehren Barry McHugh John M. Adams Hon. John Patrick Luster

Former Undersheriff Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Coeur d’Alene Police Idaho State Police Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office FBI Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office, SWAT, 911 Center Coeur d’Alene Police Department SWAT Coeur d’Alene Police Department SWAT Team Leader Coeur d’Alene Police Department, N I Violent Crime Division Coeur d’Alene Police Department, K-9 Unit Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Coeur d ‘Alene Fire Department Kootenai County Office of Emergency Management Kootenai County Prosecutor Kootenai County Public Defender Kootenai County District Judge


he day started at the Coeur d’Alene Police Department with a presentation by the Former Undersheriff, Travis Chaney. We then had the local law enforcement panel which included Joshua Olmo with the FBI, Captain Curtis Kastens with the Idaho State Police, Sheriff Ben Wolfinger from the Kootenai County Sheriff ’s department, and Chief Lee White with the Coeur d’Alene Police Department. We then walked over to the Coeur d’Alene Police and Fire Training Facility, where we heard from Sgt Dave Ellis of Spokane County Air 1. After he spoke we got to meet Lt Matt Street who is with the Kootenai County Joint SWAT and the 911 director. After him, we heard from Officer Pat Cwik of the Drug Task Force. After lunch, we got to witness some exciting demonstrations! There was a SWAT demonstration in which we got to stand inside the building and watch as the Joint SWAT team practiced two different scenarios. We also got to see a Fire Demonstration in which the team actually started a fire in the training building and the fire truck pulled up and we got to witness the events and processes when a truck gets to a fire scene. We also got to meet Deputy Rich Lyons and his K-9 Magnus. Next we traveled to the Kootenai County Sheriff ’s Campus and toured the jail. After the tour, we had the opportunity to hear from a panel of Fire, Rescue, EMS and Emergency Communications. This panel included Lt Matt Street (he spoke to us earlier regarding the Kootenai County Joint SWAT), Jim Washko, the Deputy Fire Chief of Coeur d’Alene, and Sandy VonBehren, the officer of Emergency Management. The final panel of the day was “Legal System in Action” and included District Court Senior Judge John Luster, Kootenai County Public Defender Mayli Walsh, and Kootenai County Prosecutor Barry McHugh.

14 14

GOVERNMENT & TRANSPORTATION - OCTOBER 23, 2014 PURPOSE: To acquaint the Leadership Class with aspects of local, state, and federal government and transportation issues.



Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Bill Greenwood Jaime Arnold Ryan Luttmann Keith Taylor Shawn Metts Jeffrey Mahon

City of Coeur d’Alene Parks Department Pacific Source Health Plans Home Street Bank City of Coeur d’Alene HMH Engineering, LLC US Bank


Mayor Sandi Bloem Mayor Ron Jacobson Steve Roberge Mike McDowell Todd Tondee Tom Malzahn Senator Luke Malek Karen Roetter Senator Risch Judy Morbeck Nancy Strickland John Pankratz Eric Stanley Kelly Browsberger Greg Delevan

City of Coeur d’Alene City of Post Falls Dalton Council President City of Coeur d’Alene Assessor Kootenai County Commissioner City of Coeur d’Alene, County Treasurer Idaho Senator Senator Crapo Sid Smith Honorable Raul Labradore City Attorney Eastside Highway District Lakes Highway District Post Falls Highway District Coeur d’Alene Airport


he Best Class Ever started the day off with a dynamic panel representing local government. We were honored to hear from former Coeur d’Alene Mayor Sandi Bloem, Post Falls Mayor Rob Jacobson, and Dalton Gardens Council President Steve Roberge. The panel shared their insights on some of the challenges of being an elected official (in the words of Ms. Bloem: “[work/life] balance is overrated”), current issues in the community, and how to get involved. All panelists emphasized the importance of listening to your constituents, being fair, building consensus, and not taking things personally. A vital component of effective public leadership is to surround oneself with a team of experts. A few of the challenges in our community include economic development and increasing livable-wage jobs. We can work toward building our economy and attracting workers and new companies through supporting both diversity and education, and valuing public spaces. For those interested in being involved in city politics and lobbying effectively, the panel suggested participating in various commissions and committees to learn process and direction. Ms. Bloem emphasized the importance of preparation and having a clear spokesperson when lobbying for a specific interest. The panel representing county government, comprised of Assessor Mike McDowell, Councilman Todd Tondee, and Teasurer Tom Malzahn, educated us on the constitutional responsibilities of county officials and a few of the projects they are working on. Some of these include land use codes, addressing overcrowded jails, equitable taxation, and the airport expansion. A challenge for these officials is educating their constituents as to what the powers (and lack thereof) of the county encompass. House Representative Luke Malek discussed some of the challenges (and massive amounts of reading) involved in passing legislation, and the rewards of serving the people’s interests in crucial matters such as education, health care, and the economy. Karen Roetter and Judy Morbeck, regional directors for senators Labrador and Crapo, respectively, related the importance of building trust and rapport with the constituency. Each travels thousands of miles each term to visit state’s districts and listen to the people’s concerns. A sure highlight of the day was the mock city council meeting, debating the legality of adult dance club permits vis-à-vis those of a church meeting house. Compassionate Cindy called on the council to consider her Christian case, Alright Alright Alright Alison was appropriately appalled with adult entertainment in her backyard, and Badass Bill brilliantly bespoke the benefits of bedazzled babes for business. Who knew our class had so many talented thespians?! After lunch we boarded the bus, then took a soggy walk down from I-90 to the Veterans Memorial Bridge. A fascinating tour of the dimly illuminated, echoing underbelly of the bridge conveyed the impressive engineering capabilities required to build and maintain the important thoroughfare. Next we headed north to the Lakes Highway District; our panel consisted of Eric Shanley (Lakes district), John Pankratz (East district), and Kelley Browsberger (Post Falls district). Each described some of the technology used and the importance of inter-district collaboration to efficiently manage the formidable task of keeping our roadways clear and wellmaintained. Our last stop took us to the Coeur d’Alene airport for a presentation from airport manager Greg Delavan. Since 1940 the airport has been an important industry for the community, and now boasts more takeoffs and landings than Spokane International and contributes millions to our local economy. Airport operations include hangar real estate, a firefighter bomber base, vintage B17 flights, aircraft club fly-ins, Empire airlines, and a thriving base for corporate jets. The airport plans to extend the runways to increase the safety area surrounding the airport and to attract larger aircraft. A cruise down the runways in the bus and a walk through the massive Empire hangar completed our tour. The work our public officials and support staff do for the community is incredible; we thank them for a fun, informative day!


EDUCATION - NOVEMBER 20, 2014 PURPOSE: To expose leaders to the values of education in our region and how lifelong learning can lead to opportunities.



Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Lita Burns Matt Hague Marcee Hartzell Mike Nelson

North Idaho College PayneWest Insurance University of Idaho Coeur d’Alene School District


Matt Handelman Jamie Esler Katie Pemberton Erin Lenz Tim Fortune Bridgit Arkoosh Jillian Carlson Dan Nicklay Brad Patzer Scott Thomson Dave Eubanks Ken Howard Jimmy McAndrews Don Soltman Peter Zao Rand Edward Janet Ackerman Hilary Mann Becky Byers Rocky Owens Sara Schmeizer Pam Pratt Don Callister Brenda Zosel

Coeur d’Alene School District, Superintendent Lake City High School Teacher of the Year Canfield Middle School Holy Family Catholic School/Winton Elementary KTEC Holy Family Catholic School, Principal Homeschool Teacher/Parent Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy, Principal Idaho Digital Learning Academy North Idaho STEM Charter School, Principal Cd’A School Board of Trustees North Idaho College Board of Trustees Excel Foundation, President Idaho State Board of Education Natural Science Division Health Professions Division Sorenson Elementary, Principal Sorenson Elementary University of Idaho Lewis-Clark State College North Idaho College Education Committee, Cd’A Chamber of Commerce Coeur d’Alene High School Leadership Cd’A, Cd’A Chamber of Commerce


n the first snowy day in November, the class of 2014 gathered at KTEC on the Rathdrum prairie for Education Day. We started with Superintendent of Schools Matthew Handelman, who introduced us to Idaho Teachers of the Year Jamie Esler (2014), Katie Pemberton (2013), and Erin Lenz (2012). Each discussed the goals of the Coeur d’Alene School District, such as individualized and multi-tiered support, and emphasis on early childhood education. Teachers and classrooms are embracing advanced and blended learning through technology and educating youth in digital citizenship. Despite a shoestring budget, we can be proud that students from our city are academically outperforming the rest of the state, thanks to community engagement and generous partnerships. We were given outstanding student-led tours of the KTEC facilities, where teens acquire work skills in construction, information technology, welding, hospitality, nursing, and vehicle maintenance. Each program emphasizes not only technical abilities but also the soft skills needed to be successful. The class braved slick roads back to North Idaho College for our next round of panelists, which represented school choice. Administrators from Holy Family Catholic School, Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy, North Idaho STEM Charter School, the Idaho Digital Learning Academy, and homeschooling options spoke passionately about their respective methods. We are fortunate to have multiple options for elementary and secondary education in our community, so students of diverse learning abilities and situations can have many opportunities to succeed. After a short break, we heard from a panel of educational officials. First, Doug Jaworski from the Excel Foundation, shared his gratification that through successful fundraising he is able to “say yes to creativity and innovation at the teacher level.” Excel grants range from $25-$9000, and it has distributed over $1 million and 900 grants during the last 7 years. Not surprisingly, grant proposals for technology have been on the rise. Delegates from the School District- and NIC Boards of Trustees and the Idaho State Board of Education spoke on the topic of supporting financial needs of education systems. It is challenging to balance funding gaps at the state and local level while keeping student needs and high standards a top priority, and maintaining fair teacher advancement. A culture shift is needed: one that values higher education and responds to demands for both technological skills and soft skills rather than just manual labor, especially in this area where economically vital industries like mining and logging are becoming increasingly automated. Education officials are striving to achieve a goal of 60% of Idaho adults receiving some kind of degree. The panel also shared concerns over the needs of under-resourced students and acknowledged initiatives trying to meet those needs, such as the backpack/food program, the locker program in collaboration with the Coeur group, and bus transportation for displaced students. Last counts showed 130 homeless students in the district, and shockingly, the average age of a homeless person in Coeur d’Alene is 6. During lunch, we played a version of “Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader?”….apparently the class of 2014 is not. At the top of the class, Meticulous Marie and Kickass Keri scored 75% (that’s only a C, folks), but others garnered laughs and prizes for very creative answers. Afterward, we toured the Meyer Health and Sciences building and experienced cutting edge professional-technical education training facilities for nursing, physical therapy, radiology, phlebotomy, and industries that benefit from dissecting cats. We participated in a rotation of nursing activities provided by students of that program. Our last stop took us to Sorensen Magnet School, where a team of confident elementary students proudly led us on a tour through their school. Evidence of the school’s emphasis on integrating art throughout learning is everywhere: murals, music, performance, and creativity abound. The final speakers of the day represented post-secondary learning opportunities. Becky Byers from University of Idaho, Rocky Owens from Lewis-Clark State College, and Sara Schmelzer at North Idaho College work together through their respective schools to achieve academic goals. They are committed to recruiting students by providing quality, valuable degree options that meet the needs of local businesses and organizations. All three colleges have seen an increase in demand for nursing, business administration, and social work in the area. Additionally, the “Education Corridor” serves a large percentage of nontraditional students. Finally, former principal and chair of the Chamber of Commerce Education Committee Pam Pratt, eloquently summarized key issues and needs in the community, and shared the Chamber’s commitment to developing learning opportunities. These include cultivating links between business and education or “college to career,” building early childhood education programs, increasing rates of college completion, and continuing to develop the higher education campus. Pratt encouraged anyone passionate about education in our community to join the Chamber Committee. We were very fortunate to meet key players in Coeur d’Alene who are dedicated to the culture of education, and lobbying for a paradigm shift that values education and is willing to pay for it in order to reap long-term opportunities. We learned of a correlation between male literacy at 3rd grade and the likelihood of incarceration by age 25, illustrating the truly fundamental importance of education. As a Sorensen teacher poignantly stated, “Educating children is how we can literally change the world.” The work of teachers, administrators, and support staff in Coeur d’Alene is crucial to building an informed and skilled community. We are appreciative of diverse choices and opportunities for learning. 18

QUALITY OF LIFE - DECEMBER 18, 2014 PURPOSE: Increase awareness of human services, the needs in our community and the organizations and volunteer opportunities that exist to help meet those needs.


Session Planners: (Class of 2013) *Chairman Bolded

Ann Johnson Carri Berglund Jeff Mahon JD Hallin Roxanne Gunther Shawn Metts

Coeur d’Alene Homes Northwest Tile & Floors US Bank Lukins & Annis, PS Kootenai Title HMH Engineering


Joyce Broadsworth Lori Dahlke Mark Haberman Mark Tucker Dan English Christina Hull Amanda Smith John Corcoran Jamie Anderson PJ Christo Nancy Cowley Jeff Conroy Carolyn Shewfelt Frances Huffman

Department of Health & Welfare Community Action Partnership Community Action Partnership United Way of Kootenai County CASA Children’s Village Anchor House Elderhelp The Village at Orchard Ridge Alzheimer’s Association Hospice of North Idaho St. Vincent de Paul Community Action Partnership TESH, CEO


midst the unparalleled natural beauty and vibrant community we call home, there lies a hard truth: for too many of our neighbors, life is an uphill battle and a constant struggle. For our final session—Quality of Life—we were privileged to hear from leaders in the community who work tirelessly to address some of these struggles. Joyce Broadsword, regional director for the Department of Health and Welfare, started us off. She discussed the role of the Department in the community, providing essential programs like TANF, SNAP/food stamps, Medicaid, vital statistics, and working in collaboration with other agencies like University of Idaho and Community Action Partnership. Joyce is a proponent of Medicaid expansion for the working poor who fall through the cracks in the Affordable Care Act and state healthcare. We then participated in a poverty simulation, wherein classmates became families with real-world situations to deal with. We went through an hour-long “month” struggling to pay bills, receive social services, stay out of jail, care for children, avoid eviction, hold a job, and so on. We experienced tangible stress and frustration, living crisis to crisis in the “tyranny of the moment.” We quickly realized how difficult it can be for under-resourced families to meet obligations, access supportive services, and plan for the future. Our class proved to be resourceful—some found it was easier to deal “drugs” (sugar packets) than to hold a steady job, but all families were at least able to stay housed. Mark Tucker, Executive Director for United Way of Kootenai County, presented next. Nonprofit organizations need foremost 1) money and 2) volunteers; United Way works to meet that need through stewarding grants and through the Volunteer Center, which connects those who want to serve with opportunities in the community. In 2013 UWKC distributed over $200,000 to community nonprofits in areas of health, education, and income/basic needs. Currently it is developing a Kindergarten Readiness program, as research shows a strong correlation between preschool preparedness and future graduation rates. United Way of Kootenai County is proud of the fact that fully 100% of donations go to local needs. It continually strives to understand our community so as to best administer funds and volunteers. Mark encouraged us to visit the Volunteer Center at www.kootenaiunitedway.org for opportunities to support our local nonprofits. The Youth Services panel welcomed Christina Hull from Children’s Village, Dan English from CASA, Amanda Smith from Anchor House/Idaho Youth Ranch, and Kip Sharbono from the Kroc Center. Each has a similar mission to serve children and young adults in need, though each works in a slightly different capacity. All share a commitment to serving the “whole child”—making sure basic as well as emotional and psychological needs are met. The delegates were recognized for working in difficult situations; when asked what drives them, they answered “Do for one what you wish you could do for all.” Wise words from a dedicated and compassionate group. After lunch, the next panel focused on Senior Services and end-of-life care. John Corcoran founded ElderHelp to provide seniors with firewood, access ramps, and other services. PJ Christo spoke passionately on the epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association offers support groups, education resources, a 24-hour hotline, and more to individuals and families dealing with this disease. Jamie Anderson, Director of Marketing and Development for Orchard Ridge—our host location for the morning—described the Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care programs that Orchard Ridge offers. As a 93-year-old institution and partner in the community, Orchard Ridge provides subsidized housing and quality care for low-income seniors. Finally, Nancy Cowley shared the support services and resources Hospice North Idaho provides to end-of-life patients and their families. The class then headed to the St. Vincent de Paul HELP Center, where multiple social service agencies operate in one location to maximize the reach of limited resources for the homeless and those in deep poverty. We toured St Vincent’s campus, including men’s and women’s emergency shelters, Family Transitional Housing, thrift store warehouse, and community art studio. St Vincent serves thousands of homeless and very low-income singles and families each year, with the goal of stabilizing those in crisis and empowering them to become independent. We trooped on to Community Action Partnership and, with Community Engagement Director Mark Haberman, toured the impressive food bank facility located in the Atlas Industrial Park. CAPS distributed over 2 million pounds of food in 2014 to nearly 1/7th of the population in Kootenai County, including 2500 Thanksgiving baskets. The majority of food goes to children and seniors, reminding us how critical food banks are as a conduit between need and resources in the community. Finally, we visited TESH, Inc., which provides occupational and life skills opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Director Frances Huffman shared how exciting her work is, meeting the participants where they are at, helping set challenges and goals, and celebrating successes. TESH boasts a Vocational Center, Activity Center, Life Skills training, a Children’s Program which includes summer day camps, and on-site job coaching. We thank the alumni for an excellent session that spotlighted some incredible humanitarians in our community, illuminated disparities, and inspired us to serve in our leadership potential. 20

CLASS RETREAT - JANUARY 22, 2015 PURPOSE: To review and evaluate the 2014 Leadership Coeur d’Alene

Program, assign session planners for the class of 2015 and to choose members to serve on the Leadership Coeur d’Alene Committee with the Chamber of Commerce.

Session Planners: (Class of 2014)


Brenda Zosel Alivia Metts Brad Rasor Mike Nelson +Craig Sumey Vicki Isakson Britt Towery Doug Jaworski

Pita Pit USA Idaho Department of Labor Bank CdA Coeur d’Alene School District First Presbyterian Church Idaho Department of Labor Kootenai Health Foundation Consultant


hough the day was gray and chilly, the class of 2014 was treated to a stunning backdrop of frosty mountains and Lake Coeur d’Alene from the Elk Point event venue for our final session together. After getting reacquainted with our dedicated planners, we dove in to the essentials of creating an unforgettable session, combing over all the best and the critiques of our year and energetically brainstorming lots of ideas for the class of 2015. Our fantastic 2013 planners kept it fresh with a Memory Madness game to see how well we remembered our classmates’ names, occupations, and nicknames. Congratulations to Meticulous Marie for a perfect score! Our own Tall Tom also won some swag—this time for the fewest correct answers. With our hard-earned fun-fine money, the class decided to join forces with alumni to throw a summer Leadership party for past graduates to be held in June 2015. Earnings from the soiree will be divided equally among the nonprofits represented in our class—Family Promise of North Idaho, Trinity Group Homes, and St Vincent de Paul. A relaxed lunch gave us time to socialize with classmates, and afterward we submitted votes for class awards and elected 2014 representatives to the Leadership Committee. Finally, we wrapped up our day with a lively trivia activity that tested our recall of key facts and tidbits learned during the year’s sessions. Our final day was the perfect culmination to the ten incredible sessions we had, and we are grateful to the outstanding team of planners who shaped our experience. We are honored to have had the opportunity to gain insider perspective in our community and to build relationships with the leaders Coeur d’Alene past, present, and future. Look out for the luminaries of Leadership class of 2014—Best Class Ever!


Introducing the

Class of 2014 Andrea Barlow UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO

Andrea is the Regional Integrated Communication Officer for the University of Idaho. Leadership exceeded all of Andrea’s expectations; it was a fantastic experience that she was honored to be a part of. She feels the best part was learning what makes Coeur d’Alene the incredible community it is, and the many opportunities to get involved to ensure it continues to be a vibrant, flourishing community for future generations. And, of course, the outstanding individuals who made up the 2014 Leadership Coeur d’Alene, the Best Class Ever, co-hort. Andrea is involved in the North Idaho Sports Commission, Heritage Health, Spokane Smiles, Lake City Triathlon Club, Bike CDA, Kootenai County United Way, UNICEF Tap Project, Great Shape Jamaica, Sunrise Rotary, and the American Cancer Society. Andrea was awarded the North Idaho Business Journal 2014 “Top 30 Under 40”, and selected for the 2015 Zoot Sports Elite Women’s Team. Having a background in journalism, Andrea is passionate about telling stories that touch lives and inspire people to get involved. She also enjoys triathlons, running, cycling, camping, backpacking, sailing, creating wedding cakes/baking, kayaking, and theater. Andrea is the proud mom of an 11 year old boy and 8 year old girl.

Juli Barton U. S. BANK

Juli is a Personal Banker at U. S. Bank. Through Leadership Juli’s best experience were the Poverty Simulation, Media Day, Crisis Simulation and Robert Singletary. Juli has served as a Board Member and Past Chair for KCYP and is still an active Committee Member; she also serves as a Board Member for the Coeur d’Alene Downtown Association. She has been a Chamber member since 2003 and volunteers for Community Action Partnership (Food Bank) and Distinguished Young Women. Juli was awarded the Star of Excellence from U. S. Bank, and The Best in US Customer Service Award (1 Gold and 4 Bronze). Juli loves music, the theatre, symphonies, attending art galleries and art museums, good food, great friends and gardening. Juli has a four legged fur ball named Jade. Juli’s parents, brother and sister in-law, niece and two nephews live locally.


Josh Burton

KOOTENAI HEALTH Joshua Burton, RN is the Employee Health and Wellness Manager at Kootenai Health. Josh’s favorite experience through Leadership was learning about all that goes on in Coeur d’Alene that most people don’t take the time to look into, such as, all the great non-profit organizations working so hard to make CDA a great place to live for EVERYONE. Josh attends Real Life Ministries and is a recipient of the North Idaho Business Journal 2014 “Top 30 Under 40”Award. His hobbies include Pickleball, Frisbee golf, hiking, camping, backpacking, pretty much anything outside. He is married to wife Michelle and has three children, daughter Kaylah 17, sons Jacob 13 and Evan 9.

Andy Boyle

KOOTENAI COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT Andy is a Patrol Division Commander for the Sheriff’s Department. Andy’s favorite topic through Leadership was history day. The presentations were excellent and he also enjoyed meeting different leaders in the community. Andy is a volunteer at Hauser Lake Fire and enjoys playing hockey. Andy likes to camp, hike, snowshoe and mountain bike. Andy is married to wife Cindy of 21 years and has a son Lane 20 who is a wildland firefighter.

Benjamin Drake PITA PIT USA

Ben is the V.P. of Research and Development for Pita Pit, Inc. Ben’s favorite experience in Leadership was learning that there was so much more to this community then he realized, the personal and professional connections that he has made, and the special events such as Media Day, Crisis Communication Simulation and Quality of Life Simulation. Ben is the incoming President for the Coeur d’Alene Library Foundation and is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE). Ben enjoys boating, playing peekaboo/dress-up/dinosaur/dance party or anything else his kids want to do, cooking, eating and traveling. Ben is married to his awesome wife Jennifer and has 2 kids Frankie 4, Simone 21 months with baby Drake #3 on the way this Spring. Completing Ben’s family are their two dogs Iggy and Kenzi.

Jesse Delavan

INTERMAX NETWORKS Jesse is an Account Manager for Intermax. In Leadership, Jesse learned about the history of Cd’A during “Setting the Stage”, things he would have never known about his hometown while growing up! Comradery built with his classmates was the best takeaway. Jesse has already been in discussion with a few members in creating a new networking group, and he would likely not have known these amazing people without Leadership Coeur d’Alene. The memorable info gained in each specific industry and how they network together to benefit our community was wonderfully insightful. As an officer Jesse was impressed with how his class assimilated and worked together to reach goals and create a vision of our town’s future through being more knowledgeable on Coeur d’Alene’s past and present. Jesse is the 2nd VP of The Coeur Group, served as Historian for Leadership Cd’A Class of 2014, is a Cd’A Vision 2030 activist, involved with Innovation Collective and KCYP, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Alumnus, University of Idaho. Jesse is a recipient of the North Idaho Business Journal 2014 “Top 30 Under 40”Award, and was re-nominated for the Coeur Group Board of Director position in 2015. Jesse enjoys skiing, boating, fly fishing, backpacking, flying, cycling, road trips, Dave Matthews Band, canine companionship, computers and stereos. Jesse’s family consists of Greg Delavan, father/ owner of Delavan’s Marina. Ellen Delavan, mother is involved with North Idaho Partnership Council (responsible to: Inland NW Community Foundation); Michaela Delavan, sister, is a University of Washington Graduate 2011 and a University of Idaho Graduate 2015.

“Krazy Fun” Katie Hunt ADVANCED BENEFITS

Katie works as the Business Development Coordinator for Advanced Benefits. Katie’s personal favorite Leadership Session was Government & Transportation Day. Government Day helped her see that Politicians are not just born, they are made when people are interested in helping make a difference. She also appreciated learning the science behind what Lakes Highway does to maintain the roads at the most economical price. Katie is involved in Kootenai County Police & Fire Memorial Foundation Board and Community Outreach Program, Hospice of North Idaho Wine Tasting Event Committee, St. Vincent de Paul Fashion Show Sub-committee, and is a founding member of The Lady d’Alenes Group - a Coeur Group inspired group. This year Katie was received her Human Resource Certificate and earned her renewal for her State of Idaho Department of Insurance Resident Producer License. Katie enjoys reading, volunteering, watching her daughters play softball and soccer, and hopes to resume playing softball and skiing herself. Katie is married to husband David for 8 ½ years and has two daughters Haley Loffer 14 and Paige Hunt 7 ½.

Todd Kiesbuy AVISTA

Todd is the Regional Business Manager for Avista. His favorite experience though Leadership was gratitude for the exposure and knowledge that was shared by all of the great organizations that help make Coeur d’Alene and Kootenai County such a great place live and raise a family. Todd’s community involvement includes Board of Directors for the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce and participates with the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee, PACE (Partners Advancing Character Education) Board Member, PACE Awards & Marketing Committee, Board Member for Kootenai County Board of Natural Resources, Member of the West Plains Chamber of Commerce, Co-Chair United Way Campaign (Avista Kootenai County 2013). Todd enjoys coaching kids sports and fly fishing. Todd is married with three children.

Trudi Kuhn

JOHN L. SCOTT REAL ESTATE Trudi is an Associate Broker with John L. Scott Real Estate. Trudi loved connecting not only with her fellow Leadership 2014 team but also with amazing business leaders in the community. She also enjoyed learning how the community works, grows, and develops; it was fascinating. Trudi is proud of where she lives and Leadership was one of the best experiences she has ever had! Trudi is active with Camp Journey Organization (for kids with cancer), Elder Help, Children’s Village and Boys & Girls Club. Trudi is proud of her two amazing daughters, raising them and their successes along with herself being a successful Broker in Real Estate. Trudi’s hobbies include quilting, reading, golf and bike riding. Trudi is married to husband Mark for 31 years and has two daughters. Dr. Kristi Kuhn who is a pediatrician at UCLA Hospital and Jessica Kuhn a U.S. Diplomat in Washington DC/Haitian Embassy.


Bill McLeod

LIEUTENANT COEUR D’ALENE POLICE DEPARTMENT Bill’s Leadership experience can be described as all of it being great, and there was no one single course or experience that rose above another. It was a great opportunity to network with other professionals outside of law enforcement, create new friendships and have the chance to learn more about the history and the “behind the scenes” of every day functions/activities/businesses that keep the Coeur d’Alene area a great place to work, live or visit. He has participated in mentorship program with Bryan Elementary students. Bill is a Medal of Valor recipient and a 2012 graduate of the 251st session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Bill enjoys photography, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and is a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan…even when they suck! Bill is married to Renata McLeod (a Leadership Cd’A graduate and current City Clerk for the City of Coeur d’Alene) and they have a 3 year old daughter, Alyssa, and a “Rent-a-Daughter”, Kahyla, who is 24 years old.

Marcus Mitzel

YOUNG CONSTRUCTION GROUP Marcus is a Project Manager and the Leadership Cd’A Media Chair. Marcus thoroughly enjoyed the people in the class whom he was able to meet and the relationships that were developed over the year. He found that the class sessions were very informative, and uncovered a lot of aspects and activities occurring throughout the community that he would not have otherwise been exposed to. One of the main things that the sessions uncovered was the deeply motivated people in our community. The passion for their cause as well as the community’s collective generosity really makes this area a great place to be. Marcus is involved in the Coeur Group and enjoys sports, hiking, time with friends and family.

Mike Nash

TRINITY GROUP HOMES Mike is a BSW and Program Director at Trinity Group Homes. Mike thought the class response to the Quality of Life day during Best of the Best was the coolest moment of the year. The interest of the class, in our community’s social problems was far greater than any interest that was generated by the year long presentations from business owners, politicians, etc.. he joined Leadership as another vessel to try to help address and correct Coeur d’Alene’s astronomical homeless, crime, mental illness, and poverty rates, and it was really cool to see the classmates be as interested as they were in the issues that drive his passion. Mike is involved in Phi-Alpha, Region 1 Homeless Coalition, Region 1 Behavioral Health Board, Kootenai County Mental Health Court. Mike’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, backpacking, camping. Mike is married to wife Lindsey of 2 years and has four kids between the two of them, Faith and Ema-Leigh both 13, Payton 11, Wyatt 9.


Marie Pengilly

UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO CDA Marie is the Community Water Resource Center Outreach Coordinator for the University of Idaho. Marie’s best experiences in Leadership were the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge tour, SWAT team demonstration, Heritage Place poverty simulation, Kootenai County jail tour, Media Day crisis simulation, and her absolute favorite experience was giving an IV to a mannequin arm during the NIC nursing program tour. Marie sits on the Stormwater and Erosion Education Program Steering Committee and volunteers with the Fernan Lake Conservation and Recreation Association. One of Marie’s accomplishments this year include a paper she co-authored in grad school being published in a peer-reviewed journal. Marie enjoys camping, hiking, yoga, crossword puzzles, and kicking butt at pub trivia. She has a golden retriever puppy named Juniper.

Angela Petersen

PRIME REAL ESTATE GROUP Angela is the Finance Manager for Prime Real Estate Group. Angela’s best experience through Leadership was learning about Coeur d’Alene and how amazing this community is and the friends that she made through the program. Angela’s biggest accomplishment is that she happily married to the man of her dreams! She enjoys cooking, running, reading and crafting. Angela is married to husband Eric a Leadership graduate of 2008.

Kellie Peterson

IDAHO INDEPENDENT BANK Kellie is the Assistant Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer at Idaho Independent Bank. Kellie’s favorite experience in Leadership was the amazing contacts she met and got to know through the program whether they were classmates or leaders in the Community. Kellie is a club volleyball coach and a member with Kootenai County Young Professionals. Kellie graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelors in Marketing Management and graduated from IIB’s Officer’s Development Program. Kellie enjoys anything on the lake-boating, fishing, paddle boarding, spending time with her family, snow skiing. Kellie is married to her husband Michael and has a son Jackson and three step-sons Ethan, Tanner and Ryan.


Tom is the Senior Vice President and SBA Manager at Mountain West Bank. Through the Leadership Program, Tom enjoyed all the visits as they are the core benefit of the program i.e. to experience the community. The speakers were also a favorite because they allowed him to learn about their speakers area of expertise within the CDA community. Tom is a member of Coeur d’Alene Kiwanis Club and currently serves as Club President-Elect. Tom enjoys guitar, hiking, and travel. Tom is married to his wife Nicole and has three grown children. T.J. Pool, son, married to Jamie and granddaughter Rielyn Rose. Jeremy Pool, son, married to Melissa and granddaughter Elaina Grace, and Amanda Pool, daughter.

Marie Price

NORTH IDAHO COLLEGE Marie is the Director for Workforce Training and Community Education at North Idaho College. Her favorite experience through Leadership was Recreation and Arts Day, media training with Laura Rumpler and Stacy Hudson and leadership training on Safety and Transportation Day. Marie is the Chair of the Cd’A Chamber Education Committee, and is involved in Kootenai Perspectives, Jobs Plus, and the Post Falls Chamber Business Education and Workforce Development Committee. Marie is also a graduate of River City Leadership Academy. Marie enjoys waterskiing, camping, snow skiing, fourwheeling and going to the gym. Marie is married to Ed and has two sons Steven 20 and Anthony 17.

Alison Robert

WINDERMERE COEUR D’ALENE REAL ESTATE Alison is a Real Estate Professional at Windermere. Alison’s favorite experience through Leadership has been meeting and getting to know her classmates. She also loved learning about historical Coeur d’Alene from Robert Singletary. Alison is involved in Opera Coeur d’Alene, Cd’A Association of Realtors Membership Committee, Windermere Foundation, Women’s Council of Realtors, Post Falls Chamber Ambassador, and is a Jacklin Arts & Culture Center Volunteer. Alison is the recipient of Cd’A Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence Award, ABR (Accredited Buyers Rep.), Resort & Second Property Specialist (RSPS). Alison enjoys skiing, boating, cooking, reading, dirt biking, tennis, golf, and sewing. Alison has two beautiful daughters Stephanie 24 and Christina 22, and a fiancé Patrick Galles, their wedding is set for September 12, 2015!

Kim Roby

IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF LABOR . Kim is the UI Regional Supervisor for the Idaho Department of Labor. Kim’s favorite Leadership session was Law Enforcement day. She found it really interesting to hear about crime in Kootenai County, and it was also cool to see how they implement training for the officers. Sid with Waste Management was a close second favorite for Kim. Kim enjoys hanging out with friends, and doing some day hiking around the local area. Kim is married is husband Mike and has a daughter Brittany.

Sarah Sears

AMENDOLA DOTY & BRUMLEY (PREVIOUS) During Sarah’s Leadership year she was an attorney at Amendola Doty & Brumley. Sarah loved learning about Coeur d’Alene history. One of Sarah’s accomplishments was passing American Bar Association and being awarded 2009 Trial Attorney of the Year. Sarah enjoys camping, boating and baking. Sarah is married to husband Todd and two beautiful girls Teagan and Norah.

Keri Stark

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL NORTH IDAHO Keri works at the Help Center at St. Vincent’s. Through Leadership Keri’s best experience was building relationships with current and future leaders of the community. She discovered integral connections between diverse industries and learned ways she can use her abilities, passions, and network to build and improve the community. Keri is involved in Region 1 Homeless Coalition Leadership, volunteers with Coats 4 Kids, Kootenai Environmental Alliance, and St. Vincent de Paul special events. This year Keri and her husband CJ became a family of 3 with son Leon. Keri is proud to have a fulfilling and challenging career working for social justice at St. Vincent de Paul and enjoys reading and drinking wine, running, family time, playing and teaching music, traveling and exploring new places.


Ann Thomas

MOUNTAIN WEST BANK Ann Thomas is the Vice President and Branch Manager of Mountain West Bank’s Ironwood branch. Ann’s Leadership experience will most be remembered for the incredible individuals in this community she was introduced to. Not only did she develop relationships with outstanding people in the class, but also had the opportunity to meet and hear from so many engaged citizens of Coeur d’Alene who work to make this city the wonderful place that it is. Getting to know so many in such a unique environment has been her favorite part of Leadership CDA. Ann volunteers at several community fundraiser events throughout the year, including those benefiting the Kootenai Health Foundation, the North Idaho Violence Prevention Center, the Human Rights Task Force, and Heritage Health. She is also an active member of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce and Kootenai County Young Professionals. Ann enjoys running, snowboarding, hiking, yoga, art, photography, reading, and golf. Ann also enjoys spending most of her free time with her 1 year old black Lab named Higgins.

Cindy Wood

FAMILY PROMISE OF NORTH IDAHO Cindy is the Executive Director for Family Promise. Through Leadership Cindy was able to get to know other women in Leadership and that taught a lot about who she wants to be and what she has to offer. She also learned that she does not have to strive for balance, just love what she does and do it well. Cindy is involved in Region 1 Homeless Coalition, Kootenai Alliance for Children and Families, Nurse Family Partnership Advisory Board, Workforce Training Advisory Board, Girl Scouts, and Church Small Group Host. In 2014 Cindy was awarded Soroptimist Distinguished Women Award for service and advocacy. Cindy enjoys dating her husband, hiking Tubbs Hill with her family, going to plays, triathlons, bike riding and tea’s. Cindy is married to her husband Mike of 20 years and has two fabulous children Grant 13 and Zoe 10.


Lea Williams

TOMLINSON SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY Lea is an Associate Broker with Tomlinson Sotheby’s. Lea’s favorite experiences through Leadership include the Waste Water Treatment Plant, The Lumber Mill and the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge Tour. Lea’s best experience was learning about the fabulous members in this community and getting to know her classmates! Lea is a Cd’A Tennis Association Board Member, Vision 2030 Board Member, Cd’A Association of Realtors Board Director, Cd’A School Long Range Planning Committee member. Lea received Entrepreneur of the Year from the Women’s Council of Realtors, she also received from the Cd’A Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence Winner and Top 1%, and Tomlinson Sotheby’s #1 Producer award. Lea enjoys tennis, boating, investing, reading and eating. Lea loves being a contributing member of her community. Lea is married to husband John for 29 years and has a daughter Dina who attends college in Austin TX and son Mitch who is attending college in Prescott AZ. Completing Lea’s family is a dog Biscuit and a cat Atara.

Jake is the Assistant Manager at Umpqua Bank. Through Leadership Jake learned the history of Coeur d’Alene as well as the intricate details that make the city run. His best experience was meeting new faces and getting involved in the community. Jake enjoys hiking, rock climbing, fishing and golf. Jake and his wife Krista are expecting their first child in March.

Class of 2014

A quality class of future leaders. 27

1985 - 2014 Graduates 1985

Allen Baldridge James (Michael) Boyd Skip Cole Jim Coleman Bill Cooper Phil Davies Marilyn Deutsch Elizabeth Doran Sandy Emerson Thomas Frazier Betty Kerr Robert McNabb David Oliveria Marlys Rogers Steve Schenk William Sims Gordon Wilcox Edward Wroe


Paul Anderson David Bobbitt Robert Castellaw Rod B. Colwell Dennis Connors Lora Davis Art Elliott Patricia Harris Paula Kellas John L. Mushlitz Sandy Patano Ramon Prohaska Dr. Karolynne Rogers Donald Soltman Joe Stanosch Roger Stewart Cathy Wagner Nancy Sue Wallace Stan Wood


Terry Backs Mary Cederblom Doug Cresswell Steve Delgado Stephen H. Flerchinger M. Kate Meidling Phil Kinzler Ken Johnson Kathryn Lange Alan McGinity Barbara Pleason David Patzer H. David Peters Jon Rolfe Q. Wayne Schneider Tom Snider Paul Stewart, Jr. Sue Thilo Pat Wheeler


Bob Boeh Lee Caires Knute Eie Nancy Flagan Rodney Frey Jack Hawkins Richard Henderson Dave Holloway Donald Holmberg Helen Hood William Jennison Kim Johnson George Krug Katie Mans Kay McGruder Brian Morris Ron Ouren Janet Robnett Patrick Smyly Marcia Souther Patty Stand


Robin Bevis Ken Boni Robert B. Burton Rob Chatters Cayle M. Crane Sandra Ward-Crow Steve Handlen Faith Holt Dave Kilburg Vicki Kok Pat Krug Len Mattei Barbara McFarland Julie McPoland Bob Myklebust JeanAnn O’Brien Ronald Ringel Kris Roby Kaye Ross Ellen Schmand Robyn Smith Muriel Stamps Brent Stinnet Lila R. Truesdell Sylvia Watterson


Lucinda Ade Larry Baker Mike Bevis Mike Boatman David Bruce Vickie Parker-Clark Karen Cook Bruce Cyr Brad Dugdale Kathleen Gans

Bernie Gurstein Jan Jesberger Chuck Kinsey James Lehner John Nagel Dave Newman Daniel Palmer DeeLaine Peterson Nancy Pohlman Paul Robnett Anna Rolphe Sharon Sorenson Rick Verneers Charles Walls


Mic Armon Jane I. Bright Carmen Brochu Larry Bryant Travis Chaney Sharon Culbreth David R. Daniel Kenneth Good Michael Hague Gayle Higgins W.L. “Hap” Hilbish Len Hodge Dave Holinka Patsy Jaspers Robert Ketchum James Lien Vern Newby Sandra Palmer Janna Robnett Ben Rolphe Joann Schneider Leise Thompson Laura Umthun Alan Wolfe


Peter Anderson Hazel Bauman John Cranney Lynne Cuddy Gary Cuff Gary Day Rebecca Dielman Jim Edwards Ann Farrar Kirk Koening Ken Korczyk Frank Kronsnicki Tom Legel Marilyn Lund Mike McDowell Steve McKenna Nancy Potratz Tom Richmond Nancy Rodgers Dean Roland

Betsy Russel Marc Schaffner Virginia Taft Andy Warren


Rayelle Anderson Amy Bartoo Chris Beck Carl Blanchette Chris Cheeley Laura Fulton Kristi Hagan Wendy Hague Denny Keim Ralph Kerr Allison Kratt Casey Krivor Jennifer Leui Patrick McGaughey Kiki Miller Stan Moore Richard Nyquist John Parry Julie Prafke Randy Rolphe Diana Thomas Karl Thompson Troy Tymesen Michele Wood


Diane Albrethsen Cheri Andriolo Warren Bakes Michael Bibin Roy Cook Mike Diehkans Don Dorsey Wayne Ellenbecker Robert Faschnact Cathleen Fellows Lee Fields Mike Fish Paul Franz Brenda Garcia Ann Isenberg Wayne Longo Mike McCoy Dona Miller Bryan Ogle Eric Paul Jerri Schaffner Mike Smith Shannon Votava Ben Wolfinger


Reid Ahlf Chuck Anderson Bill Britton

Chad Cherry Duane Cone Ray Greene Scott Hoskins Tom Kauffman Suzanne Kaderka Nancy Klein Jennifer Kosareff Maggie Lyons Katie Marcus Ronda Maxon John Miller Vickie Morris Mark Murphy Rick Murray Jamie Olson Ralph Powell Jan Scharnweber Stan Schedler Nile Shirley Ann Walker Rick Williams Jeanne Worrell


Terri Ahlf Dan Benson Sharmon Case Steve Casey Denny Davis Greg Delevan Mischelle Fulgham Leslie Gourley Tori Gray Bob Gunning Ron Hotchkiss Cheri Howell Scott Hutchins Jan Holmes Rich Nixon Catherine Parochetti David Quinn Dennie Seymour Todd Tondee Jim Walsh Steve Wilke Brad Enders Erna Rhinehart


Tracy Abrahamson Michelle Britton Mark Ellingsen Scott Fischer Laura Garrison Jerry Gee Toni Hackwith Scott Hague Kent Hall Larry Hill Jean Kelleher De Krapfl

Rodger Lewerenz Gail McGaughey Dean Moore Scot Nass Gina Parry Lynn Peterson Jim Phelps Sally Robideaux Ron Sampert Ginger Seaman Justin Thomas Marshall Thompson Dee Dee Tondee


Bobbie Albright Mark Compton Karen Corcoran Patricia Deitch Greg Gfeller David Gibbs Brad Gilbert Jack Heath Carolyn Jorgensen Mike Kennedy Gemi Larson Matt Lyman John Martin Michelle Mitchell Jonathan Mueller Sally Nowak David Rawls Kathy Reed Krystie Robbins Rob Rollins Mara d’Sjostrom Ginny Tate Jeff Thomas Larry Tucker


Joseph Anderson Roger Banks Marty Behm Mike Black Steve Briggs Jim Brown Susan Burgeson Jonathan Coe Jim Edom Janet Flerchinger Jennifer Ford Tammy Kelly Rudy Klein Ada Loper Shellie Loper James Martin Chris Meyer Peggy Polichio Mike Regan 28

Jeri Riggs Shelly Servick-Frampton Ann Siebert Alan Solderling Lanny Stein Anne Walsh Shawn Woolley


Jane Baker Eve Benedict Darlene Berkshire Mary Jo Braaten Jim Burtelow Julie Clark Chris Dal Pra Keith Dixon Robin Felton Tanya Frey Samual Grubbs Joel Hazel Malcolm Johnstone Randy Krum Margaret Lightfoot Betty Ann Nelson Valetta O’Day Dale Schuman Dave Walker Mike Ward Jim Williamson John Young


Kent Absec Ed Champagne Karen Cotton Jennifer Edwards Scott Edwards Teri Farr Kevin Glynn Nelson Gourley Curtis Gregory KJ Hackworthy Sheri Knobloch Larry La Bolle John Lynn Elaine Martin Gary Nieborsky Kelly Ostrom William Panos Connie Ripatti Terry Robinson Mandy Root Dan Soumas Bryan Taylor Tom Torgerson Trevor Watkins


Tony Berns Robert Britsch Daniel Burnham Marsha R. Cayko Melissa A. Clair John Deines Daylene Dewey 29

Curtis W. Exley Dale F. Gephart Bruce Gifford Jon Ingalls Deanna Jeffres Heather Johnson Bill Kling Connie Lovoi Renata McLeod Ken Richardson Neal Robertson Kurt Smith Joe Stringer Heather Turner Dan Whiting Cort Wilcox Kevin Zollman


Karen Alberts Harry Amend Jamie Anderson George Balback Stefany Bales Julie Buck Thomas Burke Angela Erickson Brian Goetz Steve Grourke Tami Haft Anne Hagman Mark Hampe Sherri Lionberger Linda McFaddan Rita Michalak Carrie Oja Elsie Patrick Dusty Pfennigs Victoria Roberge Shelly Romine Clay Schueman Jeffrey Smith Bill Waggoner


David R. Asher George Busch Carrie Butterfield Darrel K. Chapman Carrie Cook Jeri DeLange Dennis L. Dye Steve Griffitts Richard A. Houser Lisa Kincel Johnson Dr. Sarah Marossy Suzanne Metzger Tammie Peacock Nicci Piazza Kelly Porter Kent Propst Jason D. Salois Kevin Shute Debbi Smith Duffy Smock Russ Twardowski Edward Wagner

Marilee Wallace Rodney Wright Shelly Zollman


Lisa Aitken Michelle Brandel Victoria Bruno Jeff Conroy Mary W. Cusack Stephanie Davenport Jan DeFord Jo Ann Edmiston Kim Edmondson Mark D. Fisher Diana Gifford Cyndie Hammond Chris Holloway David McDowell Darrin Murphey Ken Nichols Ryan Nipp Jim Pierce Bradley Rasor Lisa Sayler Rhonda Seagraves Brenda Smith Mary Terra-Berns Kacey L. Wall Nancy White Brenda Young


Keith Bernhart Dwight Bershaw Russell Doumas Tim Feagan Darrin Hayes Shelly Hines Vicki Isakson Peter Job Fonda Jovick Judy Kirking Tim Martin Howard Martinson Alison McArthur Eden Moreland Erika Neff Randy Oaks Stacy Oldfield Mary Lou Piazza Mark Robitaille Hilde Shetler Rick Shipman Cheryl Shippy Tim Stoddard Randy Swick Nathan Vore Al Williams


Bette Ammon Mark Butera Tom Dorr Susan Dubois Melanie Ellingson

Lisa Fisher Steve Gibbs Shelly Gillis Alison Gonsalves Crystal Gorman Teri Grubbs Michael King Laura Little Dan Mattos Phil Morgan Chad Murray Brian Petersen Eric Petersen Wanda Quinn Heidi Rogers Chris Schenek Andy Sims Jeff Voeller Sherry Wallis Donna Wemple Heidi Wilkins Higgins


Jay Baldwin Ginger Dalvini Tifany David Gordon Dobler Tom Hamilton Mark Heckel Kyle Hendricks Drew Hodgson Matt Hutchinson Caryl Johnston Tim Kastning Daniel Klocko Eric Knudtsen Ricia Lasso Sarah Lathrop Anneliese Miller Stuart Miller Allen Naugle Marian Pelsma Pam Pratt Desiree Prohaska MaryBeth Ranum Darell Raver Patty Shea Jim Valle DeeDee Wiliams


Erik Anderson Jeremy Evans Renae Fehringer Cari Fraser Sarah Garcia Matthew P. Grupp Chris Harrison Sam Henkle John Kalb John Kamprath Angela Lemmerman Victoria Mallett Elaine Mansoor Michael Pereira Bryce Ralston Michael G. Schmidt

Chris Shelton Thomas Walls Matt Weaver Ben Weymouth Jared Wise Leza Wright Tanya Yost Dani Zibell-Wolfe


Dustin Ainsworth Kim Anderson Alivia Body Melissa Cleveland Judi Cronin Ninette Goucher Chris Harrison Dennis Grant Alex Harris Dustin Harris Darilyn Johnson Holly Knapp Brent Lyles Amanda Miller Charlie Miller Rob Newman James Norvell Jennie Pipoly Tamara Poelstra Lee Richardson Steve Roth Janie Shioya Scott Sowinski Correen Stauffer Kevin Vedder Jason Wing


Chris Bosley Steve Childers Todd Christensen Brad Coughenour Sue Donaghue Paul Good Mark Haberman Matthew Handelman Kenneth Huitt Doug Jaworski Kandi Johnson Ali Johnson-Petley Chris Kastella Jeanette Laster Christy Markham Gavin Mobraten Becky Monday April Needham Sheldon Nord Michaelle Sande Mrs. Melissa Schock Mike Schock Chris Shipley Laurie Thomas Britt Towery Kory Wilson


Mark Browning Heather Carroll Andy Cleveland Katherine Coppock Brian Dagon Andy Deak Jean-Paul Dupin Taryn Erickson J.T. Jacobsen Shawn Langenderfer Charlie Linder John McMurray Colin Meehan Tom Murn Sarah Neilsen Mike O’Brien Anthony Oss Nicole Pearson Terry Pickel Jack Reiswig Laura Rumpler Kurt Sager Barbara Smalley Candice Smith Kerri Wilfong Trevor Young Brenda Zosel


Jaime Arnold Shawn Bassham Carri Berglund Sean Brady Lita Burns Ryan DeSchryver Brandy Davis Trevor Frank Theresa Gibbons Bill Greenwood Roxanne Gunther Matt Hague J.D. Hallin Marcee Hartzell Kirk Hobson Scott Hoover Ann Johnson Ryan Luttmann Jeffrey Mahon Shawn Metts Mike Nelson Jeff Odland Brock Olson Stephanie Powers Craig M. Sumey Keith Taylor

Class of 2014 Andrea Barlow Juli Barton Andy Boyle Josh Burton Jesse Delavan Ben Drake Katie Hunt

Todd Kiesbuy Kellie Peterson Trudi Kuhn Bill McLeod Marcus Mitzel Mike Nash

Marie Pengilly Angela Petersen Tom Pool Marie Price Alison Roberts Kim Roby

Sarah Sears Keri Stark Ann Thomas Lea Williams Cindy Wood Jake Yates



Profile for Coeur d'Alene Regional Chamber

Leadership Yearbook 2014  

Leadership Yearbook 2014  


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