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Gifts of $100 to $249

Gifts up to $99

Bequests, planned gifts and named endowments

Gerald Heffernan Albert & Kathleen Kimball Sylvia Kinney ‘81 Alison Kirk Cynthia & Kurtis Kling Sheila LaPerle ‘08 Darlene Larochelle Robert J. Larrabee ‘99 Sarah Lavallee Karl & Ardell Lippmann Julia Livingstone-Clarke Suzanne Lovell ‘87 Esther M. Maguire ‘90 Adele M. Miller Irene Mitchell Scott H. Mullins ‘99 Kyle Neumann Penny Nolte Roberta Noyes ‘83 Frances O’Neill ‘76 Gene Parulis Andrew Pezzulo JP & Poppy Rees Lucy Robinson Darlene Ruggles William Sacco Donna Sargent ‘76 Ann Schroeder Bradley Sleeper ‘11 Debbie Spears ‘08 Jerry Spivey Katherine Stamper Gary & Kathleen Starr Nora A. Swierczynski ‘73 Karen A. Szely ‘89 Corrie Tamburro ‘08 Erin Tittel Jacquelyn Tuxill Diego Uribe De Urbina ‘98 Michael Van Dyke Edward Vizvarie ‘01 Roger ‘85 & Wanda Webster Peggy Williams Joan M. Wollrath ‘84 Sarah Venuti Yates

IN HONOR OF Gifts in recognition of those who have made a significant difference in our donors’ lives. John & Jessica Brumsted In the name of Laurie Loveland Maria Calamia In the name of Erin Kelly Rebecca Caum In the name of Debra Grant Gerry & Ginny Couture In the name of Janice Couture Janice Couture In the names of Tim Donovan* & Gail Tisseur Bill Doyle In the name of his family

Laurie Loveland In the name of Tim Donovan* Maryellen Lowe In the name of Ken Kalb* Amy E. Stuart & Mark A. Rowell In the name of Tim Donovan* Corrie Tamburro In the name of Pamela Monder

IN MEMORY OF Gifts in memory of loved ones who have passed away. Anonymous In memory of Martha Ianelli Ghislaine Baker In memory of Martha Ianelli Janice Couture In memory of Marguerite, Alfred, Raymond, Annette, Gregory & Sister Beatrice Couture Bruce O’Rourke & Liz Cote In memory of Martha Ianelli David & Edlyn Pursell In memory of Jennifer Frey Gifts in memory of our special colleagues who have passed away in the past year. Elmer Kimball (1952-2014) Ghislaine Baker Carolyn Barnes Linda & Rich Bell Mary Bishop Jean Bonito Michael Cadwell Maria Calamia Pam Chisholm & Ted Franzeim Janice Couture Lorei J. Dawson Mica DeAngelis & Barry Mansfield Gabrielle Dietzel Tim Donovan* Ryan & Meg Dulude Janet Foster Donald & Jodi Gale Jen & Deanna Garrett-Ostermiller Glenda Gearwar Abby Gelfer Ginger Gellman Morgan & Michael Griffith Jodee & Stan Hartman Patricia Heather-Lea Gerald Heffernan Susan Henry Diane Hermann-Artim Mark & Julie Hudson Ben & Joyce Judy Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Albert & Kathleen Kimball Cindy Kimball Cynthia & Kurtis Kling Sarah Lavallee Julia Livingstone-Clarke




Mailed at 05401

THE LEGACY SOCIETY Honors the generosity of donors who make bequests and planned gifts or who have established named endowments. Anonymous (2) Joseph & Dale Boutin Joseph & Dale Boutin Scholarship Fund Gabrielle Dietzel Bob & Lois Frey Jennifer Frey Memorial Fund Janet F. Gillette The Endowment for Teaching & Learning The Endowment for Student Success Ken Kalb* & Nance Driscoll John & Jennifer Vogel Leah M. Kalb Scholarship Fund Laurie Lawrence-Pepin ‘92 Barbara Martin Susan E. Mehrtens May Munger Ann Newsmith


Gifts greater than $5,000

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Gifts of $500 to $999

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Anonymous Carol & David Buchdahl Concept2, Inc. Gerry & Ginny Couture Janice Couture Tim Donovan* Bob & Lois Frey Jerry Greenfield & Elizabeth K. Skarie Foundation, Inc. Hackett Valine & MacDonald Susan Henry & Sture Nelson Jeannie Jenkins Ben & Joyce Judy Tom Kauffmann ‘04 Cindy Kimball Tom & Charlotte MacLeay Barbara Martin National Life Group Dee Steffan & Catriona McHardy Amy E. Stuart & Mark A. Rowell Union Mutual Of Vermont Companies John & Jennifer Vogel

WAYS TO GIVE There are many meaningful ways to support CCV and our students, including a gift in honor of or in memory of a special individual.


This fund supports the overall mission of CCV by providing unrestricted resources for new initiatives as well as a variety of operational needs and projects.


From fixing a tire so a student can get to class, to buying a much-needed textbook, every dollar donated to CCV’s Student Assistance Fund provides direct support to students in your local community.


Every dollar given to this non-endowed fund goes directly

to tuition assistance for students.



Bequests and planned gifts may take many forms, including named endowments; they ensure a strong CCV for generations to come.


expenses Gift/Endowment Gains/Private Grants (2%)

State Appropriation (12%)

*Former CCV President


Bari & Peter Dreissigacker EdMap, Inc. Fountain Fund Jane Guyette / Bergeron Family Foundation J. Warren & Lois McClure Foundation Nellie Mae Foundation New England Federal Credit Union David Stiller Vermont Community Foundation

GIFTS IN KIND Non-cash donations for designated use. Ben & Jerry’s Hester Fuller Hannaford Healthy Living Montpelier SCORE, Bertill Agell Pingala Stone Soup Trader Joe’s Two Guys in Vermont Vermont Works for Women


Laurie Loveland Bette Matkowski Katie & Seth Mobley Barbara Murphy* Kyle Neumann Dianne Pollak JP & Poppy Rees Darlene Ruggles Natalie Searle Warren & Nancy Severance Nora Shattuck Dee Steffan & Catriona McHardy John & Joyce Sweeney Megan Tucker Jacquelyn Tuxill Michael & Lisa Yaeger Yasmine Ziesler John Christensen (1951-2015) Lisa Brooks Tim Donovan* Diane Hermann-Artim Jenney Izzo Mercedes Pour-Previti Eric Sakai Jerry Spivey Yasmine Ziesler

CCV gratefully acknowledges our generous donors. The gifts listed have been given in the most recent fiscal year, from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015.


Nonprofit Org. US POSTAGE


Operations (32%) Instruction (34%)

Government Grants/Contracts (25%) Tuition/Fees (61%)

Academic/Student Support (34%)

CCV is committed to non-discrimination in its learning and working environments for all persons. All educational and employment opportunities at CCV are offered without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status or any other category protected by law. CCV is an equal opportunity employer. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Graphic Design: Maggie Corbin & Josh Larkin


Anonymous (4) Banwell Architects Linda Gabrielson Pixley Tyler Hill Mark & Julie Hudson Laurie Loveland Main Street Landing Company Laura & Dave Massell Bette Matkowski Katie & Seth Mobley Dave & Kathi Rousselle Anne Segal Deborah ‘89 & Ernest Stewart John & Joyce Sweeney Margo Waite ‘75 Michael & Lisa Yaeger Yasmine Ziesler

ADVOCATES Thomas Arner John & Jessica Brumsted Michael Cadwell Pam Chisholm & Ted Franzeim Gabrielle Dietzel Ken Kalb* & Nance Driscoll


ADVOCATES Gifts of $250 to $499

Gifts of $250 to $499

Betty Dye David Ellenbogen Hubey Folsom ‘93 Jen & Deanna Garrett-Ostermiller Scott Giles & Kate Lalley Diane Hermann-Artim Joan Kaye Tiffany Keune Sara Kobylenski Julie Lee Meredith & David Liben Barbara Murphy Edlyn & David Pursell John Rosenblum ‘83 Eric Sakai Jeremy Schrauf William & Kate Schubart Meg & Bruce Seely Warren & Nancy Severance Nora Shattuck Peter Smith* Terrance Stanley ‘06 Meta Strick Mark Triller / Triller Print Source & Services Megan Tucker Gordon & Deborah Winters

Maryellen Lowe Dianne Maccario KD Maynard Bill Meyer Linda R. Milne May Munger John Neuhauser Lesli O’Dowd Ed Patterson Dianne Pollak Mercedes Pour-Previti Susan ‘94 & Robert Regier Shirley Ridgway Robert ‘94 & Denise Rodd Lucy Schumer Natalie Searle Jean E. Snow ‘77 Jerry Spivey Lee & Byron Stookey Steven Thompson ‘96 Katherine Veilleux Richard Wade ‘99 Heather Weinstein Jan Roy & Steve Young Alexander & Marguerite Zabriskie


Anonymous (7) Carole S. Bacon ‘91 Ghislaine Baker ‘88 Mary Bishop Clem & Sharon Bissonnette Joanne Blakeman Mindy Boenning Cynthia Borck ‘94 Janet & John Bossi Christine Brooks Maria Calamia Paul Capriola Rebecca Caum Patricia A. Chartrand Dave Chase ‘06 & Pam Scott ‘04 Julie Choquette ‘97 Jo Clawson ‘10 Margaret Daly Lorei J. Dawson Mel Donovan Bill Doyle Marie DuBray Nancy ‘09 & David Dulude Anne Duzinski ‘90 Martin & Sheila Fors ‘78 Ronald Gabriel Donald & Jodi Gale Glenda Gearwar Abby Gelfer Ginger Gellman Seth Gibson Edmund Harris ‘11 Jodee & Stan Hartman Jody Hayden ‘02 Patricia Heather-Lea

Kenneth & Gail Albert Ina Anderson Anonymous (2) Carolyn Barnes Linda & Rich Bell Adam & Dianne Benezra Jeanne Bernek ‘11 Jean Bonito Lennox & Art Brodeur Lisa Brooks John David Christensen Deborah Clark Bruce O’Rourke & Liz Cote Bernard & Jean Couture Allan Curtiss ‘13 Mica DeAngelis & Barry Mansfield Leora Dowling Ryan & Meg Dulude G. Richard Eisele Ruth Fish Claire Flanagan ‘85 Jerry & Judy Flanagan Pat Forbes Janet Foster Cathy & Joseph Frank Michael Griffith Joe Hudzikiewicz Mary Hulette Jenney Izzo Don & Gracie Kelpinski Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. James & Marie Kilbride Robert & Elisabeth Lehr Tom & Susan Little


CCV: Where Vermonters go to college Wh e n picking an in -s t ate college, mor e

o f t en t

han not Vermonters choose Comm

Community College of Vermont was founded on the belief that all Vermonters should have access to a high-quality college education at a fair price. Today, 96% of our student body is comprised of Vermonters and we enroll more Vermont college students than any other school in the state. These students are our friends, family members, and neighbors. They are high school graduates, small-business owners, veterans, grandparents, single parents, and everyone in between. When you support CCV you are helping a Vermonter earn a college degree, which in turn strengthens Vermont.

CCV’s presence throughout the state and our thorough understanding of the educational needs of our veterans, active duty service members, and their dependents, makes us ideally positioned to offer the most comprehensive military support network of any college in the state. Our full-time veteran and military resource advisor and our center-based veteran advisors ensure that advice and support are available to students wherever it is needed. This comprehensive support program helps these students access their federal benefits, locate community support services, and navigate college. Your support of CCV allows us to provide this resource and helps veteran students move forward during and after completing their service to our country.

Secondary Education

Veteran Services

Vermon t. We b elieve it’s beca u se we a e of g e re unity Co l l

Supporting Community College of Vermont means supporting the future of Vermont. Each year approximately 3,000 high school graduates decide not to attend college immediately. With expectations pointing to a future in which 60% of jobs in Vermont will require education beyond high school, changing this trend is crucial. Our secondary education initiatives are doing just that. Starting with the 600 high school students who experience college life through our free Introduction to College Studies course to the nearly 1,000 high school students we serve each year through dual enrollment courses, CCV is helping young Vermonters realize the importance of higher education, and your generosity will help us reach more of these students.

t he most aff ordab le, m


ermonters. Yo u r s ost local, and m st practical option for V o

Every dollar given to CCV’s General Scholarship Fund goes directly to students in the form of scholarships and tuition assistance, guaranteeing that anyone who wants to come to CCV can afford to. In a time marked by soaring student debt, CCV’s 16 scholarships and funds provide students with the chance to graduate carrying less, or in some cases, no student loan debt. CCV-Montpelier student Heaven O’Hara is the 2015 recipient of one of these scholarships: the CCV Legacy Scholarship. This award allowed her to explore interests, learn about herself, and plot a course for a successful future in Vermont. “Without CCV I never would have had these opportunities and the chance to learn what I’m really capable of. After I graduate I plan to volunteer as a victim’s advocate for abused children. This is something I have wanted to do since I was a teenager and I am very excited to be able to accomplish this.” Contributions to CCV’s General Scholarship Fund will allow more students like Heaven to study at CCV.

Service Learning Learning at CCV isn’t confined to the classroom; we believe our students should be engaged members of their communities and our service learning projects ensure this happens. Each semester our instructors incorporate community service into a number of courses at the College. Supporting CCV means strengthening local communities by helping to fund programs that have a direct impact on towns and villages across the state. These projects connect classroom learning to the real world and establish a better understanding of the value and need for civic engagement. Last year, CCV-Montpelier students raised funds to rebuild an elementary school playground and CCV-Springfield students mapped social, environmental, and economic data in the village of Bellows Falls. In total, CCV students completed 25,323 community service hours during the last academic year at an estimated value of over half a million dollars.

orts p p C u s C V ort for upp

nt. o m Ver

Workforce education


The backbone of a strong Vermont economy is a strong Vermont workforce. On a large scale, we have been able to use federal grants to expand our workforce education offerings and partner with many Vermont businesses to help them hire and train the employees they need. Your support helps us design more programs on a smaller scale at the local level. For example, a donation to CCV may help purchase a modern microscope used by our STEM degree students. From here, they may go on to Vermont Tech to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in renewable energy, ready for a career in any number of high-tech industries operating here in Vermont. Your support for CCV translates into a stronger Vermont workforce, and a stronger Vermont workforce strengthens communities and builds a vibrant Vermont economy.

Donations to our Annual Fund support CCV’s general operating costs. These contributions support our facilities and infrastructure for our 12 academic centers located throughout Vermont. Every day thousands of students, faculty, and staff access these centers, which act as economic engines in the villages and towns where they are located. Additionally, our 1,000 online courses per year allow students to study from any location through our Center for Online Learning. The Annual Fund makes all of this possible and supports the widest range of services and academic tools available to Vermonters through CCV.

CCV Annual Report 2015  
CCV Annual Report 2015  

Gatefold print annual report.