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and «le Val d’Oust» The privileged location of countries Malestroit, halfway between the Gulf of Morbihan and the forest of Brocéliande, makes it an ideal base for exploring Brittany on the basis of half-day or full day. At the crossing of the Nantes-Brest canal, the Mauron to Questembert greenway, many hiking trails and the St. James’ Way, you will discover the aptly named «Pearl of the Oust»: Malestroit and its medieval center, warm and genuine, city of character, millenary city ... Take the opportunity to discover the wonders around! Our region, which has a rich history since prehistoric times, will arouse your thirst for discovery: many megaliths (dolmens, menhirs, etc.), renowned chapels, castles and museums will amaze you ... Want to relax? In the country of Malestroit you find events throughout the year and many activities for everyone. Or you may just want to enjoy the tranquility of a protected environment, among rolling countryside and mysterious forest ... An authentic and welcoming region! Tourist Guid of Malestroit and “le Val d’Oust” tourist offices - edition 2014. Crédits photos : BAYON Maurice, Mairie de Sérent, BERTHIER Emmanuel / CRTB, Mairie de Lizio, ILIOUX Bernard / Bretagne Vivante, Jean HERCOUËT, LE GAL Yannick / CRTB, Musée de la Résistance Bretonne, Univers du Poète Ferrailleur, Insectarium de Lizio, Écomusée de Lizio, Brasserie Lancelot, Breizh Ocean Paddle, Camp du Dragon, Domaine du Roc, Association des Deux et Plus de Pleucadeuc, Château de la Morinais, Mairie de Pleucadeuc, AYOUL Christophe, Mairie de Bohal, Mairie de Saint Marcel, Mairie de Missiriac. Impression and creation: RIM imprimerie.


summary TO VISIT The discovery tours (in town, on the canal, in the countryside, in nature) Welcome to the land of the Dragon Museums Visits to local producers and craftsmen

p. 6-11

LEISURE Walking and hiking Our good addresses the festivities The Nantes-Brest canal: a brief history Evenings Malestroit and Val d’Oust Markets and local produce sold

p. 12-17

REMARKABLE HERITAGE The beautiful stones (Castles, mills and curiosities) religious Heritage Memory Heritage megaliths natural heritage

p. 18-26

PRACTICAL How to come? Moving For motorhomes For boats Where to sleep? Where to eat?

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This flag means that the establishment offers its entire activity in your native language. Other establishments usually offer at least a welcome in English.




Voie Ver te

SSEL Ve rs JO L'Ou


La Mine

D 174


Le val Jouin

St Méen Z.A du Clos Joubaud

La ville der




La touche Carné

D1 43

Sainte-Catherine La Ville Stéphant




GR 347




s Ve r

Saint-Ser vant-sur-Ous t


Tréviet D1 60



66 D7 D151

D76 4


D7 64






L'Ous t

Les Haies Ve rs

Les Prescles



D1 0

3 D7 66

D 1 74







Cl a

Trebiguet Les Hardys Béhélec





GR 38

La Béraudaie




D 15 1

La Ville Aly

D11 2

Ve r e Vo i

La Grandville


74 D7










UR S Ve rs LE CO




rs Ve




r Ve



Le Cours

Le B




4 / Territory map MALESTOIT & LE VAL D’OUST


Malestroit and “le Val d’Oust” rs Ve PLO

Circuit discoveries (p. 6 à 8)





Museums (p. 10)


Castles, mills, architectural curiosity (p. 18-19)







Religious heritage (p. 20 à 23)



Heritage of memory (p. 23) Megaliths (p. 24-25)

r Ve



Natural heritage (p. 26)


La Bourzaie


Le grand village Le Pâtis Saint-Gonan

ÉMIN Ve rs R


Swimming pool



D 16 6

Treetop adventure park




The Nantes-Brest canal 34

Green way





Morlaye Ve rs

GR 38 - GR 347


Tourist Information Malestroit : Open all year long, Sérent and Lizio : Opened in July and August.



Quilvin 6A




La Châtaigneraie D8



La ruaudaie


D 14

D76 4


le Houssa



St-Donat GR 347 4







La Morinais



Ca na ld en an te sà





r Ve


NBr es t

Saint-Mar tin-sur-Ous t







r Ve





-G R






The discovery




hese tours have been designed to allow you to discover the treasures of our region by yourself all year round, with explanatory panels and / or an audio trip.

In town and in our villages Malestroit The Bezants circuit About 1h30 walking through the medieval streets along the Nantes-Brest canal, discovering the ancient city: half-timbered houses or Renaissance, bridges and locks will have no more secrets for you! Translation is available on paper, but also on each site of the path with a system of QR codes. Lizio Circuit of the town, and circuit of Heaven’s Door (Chapel of St. Catherine) Lizio is a town that will charm you undoubtedly: the first tour leads you into the town and its beautiful architectural consistency, with mansions of the seventeenth century. built entirely of granite. Tour booklet of the church available in English cf. p.20). About 45min. Another circuit, rather unusual, will allow you to find the Chapel of St. Catherine (cf. p. 22) by tracking the path of the pilgrims of Saint Jacques. About 45min. Map and key of the vault also available at the town hall and at the bar in Lizio (07 77 07 96 76). Caro Classic trip and / or audio trip The municipality of Caro, inhabited since Neolithic, is traversed by a rich past. A brand new interpretive trail invites you to discover, with explanatory panels but also a sound trip, the history of Caro, and more broadly the history of Britanny. 30min Classic walk, 45min audio trip.


Maps & MP3 files can be downloaded for free on Also available at the tourist office in Malestroit, during the summer in «I» points at Lizio and Sérent, and in the places listed below.

Along the canal In the course of the water current, in the course of time, the soul of a canal: A little boy, Jean, starts from Saint-Congard to meet his grandfather, at the Forges (county of Josselin). Step by step (9 panels + 1 starting in SaintCongard over 40km towpath), he meets those who live or have lived on the canal: Jules the lock keeper in Malestroit, at the Roc-Saint-André he learns on the work of tow horses, at the Chapelle-Caro, he follows a sailor… The voices of the Nantes-Brest canal and Blavet (sound trip): Pierrick, little kid from the island of Tibidy, boarded a «Chalankou Naoned» for crossing the heart of Brittany ... Sandrine Pierrefeu, journalist and writer, leads the visitor into a story over the ages, over water. Discovery, history, legends and stories mingle amid sounds of water, bird songs, and music from Brittany. Also downloadable from (item «La Balade Sonore»).

MALESTROIT, Petite Cité de Caractère®

er ie v

°3 te N






Bezants circuit 1. Townhall 1 bis. The besieged fort 2. Place du bouffay 3. Auditoire 4. Rue aux anglais 5. Saint Anne’s gate 6. The cross of Sainte Anne 7. The hospital chapel 7 bis. Vestiges of the battlements 8. The pelican house 9. House of «la truie qui file» 10. Renaissance style building 11. Carved wooden door 12. 15th century style house 13. Hôtel particulier 14. The guards house 15. Saint Julien’s gate 16. The river Oust and canal Les Rives Saint Julien 17. The new bridge 18. The bridges gate

19. Presbetery 20. The mills of Malestroit 21. The church of Notre Dame 22. Iron age discoveries 23. The convent of the Augustins 24. The river Oust 25. A peace treaty between the kings of France and England 26. Chapelle de la Madeleine 27. The legend of the white lady 28. The canal from Nantes to Brest 29. Lock n°25 30. Augustins monastery 31. Lamennaisien school 32. La croix joubin 33. Saint Michel’ s gate 34. Golden lion fountain 35. Saint-Gilles church 36. House of the rulers 37. Saint-Gilles church 38. Lintel in the rue Huberdière VISITES MALESTOIT & LE VAL D’OUST



At the countryside Saint-Marcel the audio trip from the «Oust» to «la Claie» This new audio trip will help you discover mansions, locks, mills or calvaries through the testimonies of the inhabitants of SaintMarcel. 15km path by car (2:30), bike (3:30) or walk (4:30) - including travel time and listening. Plan also available at the townhall of Saint-Marcel. Ruffiac the pathway of yesteryear farm machinery An original combination of hiking and exploring the heritage! Follow the marked trail (9 or 16km upon your choice), you will find strange machines, but also a mill, a manor house, a chapel, etc. Map also available at the town hall of Ruffiac.

In nature LIZIO Botanical Trail Along the water near the «Val Jouin» in a small enclosed valley, following the creek or via the sunken roads, you’ll find more than 40 species of trees and shrubs. Panels will help you to identify them. You will learn a lot about their biology, their uses and properties. Some panels even allow you to test your knowledge (answer is on the back of the panel), a perfect


game for the whole family! 7.5 km (duration: about 2 hours). Wear appropriate shoes for walking in the forest. SERENT The peat bog of Kerfontaine This bog, communal natural reserve managed by the Association «Bretagne Vivante» is the last major area, in the east of Morbihan and «Landes de Lanvaux», regarding species representative of these environments (gentian pneumonante, sundew, cotton grass, sphagnum, common stonechat and many other birds, butterflies, dragonflies, etc.). It is characterized by peat moors. Free visit throughout the year with a discovery circuit (2km - wet trail, wear walking shoes or boots). During summer, guided nature walks (in French) are available for free every Friday at 15h, reservation 02 97 66 92 76. Information except July and August: 06 76 31 35 92. SAINT-NICOLAS-DU-TERTRE The wood of Grisan The wood of Grisan (59 ha) offers the opportunity to discover three interpretive trails (about 3km each) to discover this place with your eyes, your nose and your ears: «the roe deer and the red wood ant,» «the woodcock, the woodpecker and the badger» and «the rabbit and the pheasant». You can see the quaint manor of Saint-Donat at the starting point of the ride. Start from the car park of the manor of St. Donat (shown in RD8), where you will find the three maps. Please, do not enter the courtyard of the mansion.


In the countries of «Oust» at «Brocéliande», whose Malestroit, Ploërmel, Josselin, Mauron, Guer, Saint-Jean-Brévelay, Locminé and la Trinité-Porhoët are parts, the dragon is very familiar to us. The founder of Ploërmel tamed it a long time ago, and we find it very regularly on our fountains, in our churches and legends. Fascinating and scary, celtic and christian, underground or in the sky, two booklets game allow you to know it through puzzles, games, MCQ and other tests:

On the Paths of the Dragon To discover the heritage (mansion, megaliths, chapels, etc..) of La Chapelle-Caro, the «dragon village» in 13 fun stages, dotted with lucky envelopes (containing some free entries, meals in local restaurant, etc. Allow half a day to do everything.)

Booklet on sale in shops of La Chapelle-Caro (except small supermarket) for e 5. «Follow the Clever Little Dragon». In our time, taming the Dragon is an endangered art. To preserve the transmission of traditional skills, we invite you to a journey of «know-ledge» in 6 steps. «Ideal for exploring the country of Oust at Brocéliande. Logbook of the Apprentice on sale in tourist offices for e 4.




to the land of the Dragon!


The Universe of the Scrapman Poet

The Insectarium


The museum of the Brittany Resistance

This unique museum in Brittany shows you (in 1500 square meters of exhibition) the life and commitment of Britons during WW II. Outside, a construction site of the Atlantic Wall (bunkers, guns, etc..). In July and August, visit antique vehicle (except weekends). Open daily (except on Tuesday from September 16 to April). Les Hardys Béhellec – 56140 Saint-Marcel - 02 97 75 16 90 The living museum of ancient crafts

Enter the warm and authentic universe of old shops, farm interiors, craft workshops, etc. More than 100,000 antiques, furniture, toys, tools evoking 60 lost trades of yesteryear rural life. Every day from April to October. All year long for groups upon reservation. Bobhuet – 56460 Lizio 02 97 74 93 01

A fabulous and unique world is out of the ground in Lizio: the one of Robert Coudray, the junkman poet. Over 70 animated sculptures, fantastic or funny machines, movies and an «eco-lodging», shifted architectures and the waked up cathedral are there to «give happiness to people, inviting them to their own adventure, and half open the whisperings of their soul…» Every day from July 01 to September 15. On Sundays,  vacations and public holidays from April to late October. La ville stéphant – 56460 Lizio 02 97 74 97 94

The passionate and enthralling Olivier invites you to enter the magical world of insects, to observe closely its colorful richness, diversity, functioning through 5 rooms showing live animals, exceptional films and exhibitions. Can comment in English. From April to October. All year long on request. 5 rue du stade – 56460 Lizio 02 97 74 94 31 The House of water and fishing

The house of costumes from brittany

Along 3 floors in one of the oldest houses in the village of Sérent, you will travel from Finistère to Sérent, among gallo and breton, with the costumes and accessories collected and staged by their owner, David Gilles. Guided tours are available in English and Spanish when the owner is present. Every day in July and August. All year long on request. Rue du pavé – 56460 Sérent 06 63 24 96 07 -


Housed in an old wash-house alongside the canal, the house of water and fishing presents old fishing hardware, models about the water cycle and the human action on aquatic environmentsa video about the fish pass of the dam of Arzal, and also some fish tanks. From spring to autumn (various dates). Admission is free. Ecluse – 56140 Malestroit 02 97 75 26 50

Good Deal the passport of the country of Malestroit: sites of leisures to cheap rate.



hese artisans share their passion and invite you to come and observe their work in their workshop: do not forget to call before visiting them, because sometimes they are out!

Alice & Olivier Ruaud, ceramist & potter Both designs, shapes and enamel themselves all their artworks (figurative or not). If they are not in their workshop, you can meet them in their store: Terre Précieuse in Josselin. 51 rue des frères Rey 56460 La Chapelle-Caro 02 97 74 76 77 Jacques Chagnot, sculptor & image maker Recognized first by his religious art, it is now more oriented towards contemporary sculptures between surrealism and rough art. Maximum

10-15 people visiting at the same time. La Bondieuse Quilvin 56910 Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre 02 97 93 75 58 Jean-Paul Floch, bronze sculptor Self-taught sculptor, Jean-Paul Floch captures the human body in bronze without model or sketch, with his knowledge of human anatomy acquired over 30 years of physiotherapy. 12 rue du maquis 56140 Saint-Marcel 02 97 75 21 87

forms: stone andtalso all types of materials, often waste materials, figurative or otherwise, with a title ... or not. 12 rue Jules Ferry – 56460 La Chapelle-Caro - 06 70 65 03 66 Christophe Billig, sculptor a& restorer Repair an arm, a missing character hand, sculpt gargoyles, «on the granite stone are carved the memory and history of Brittany»! Z.A. du Clos Joubaud 56460 La Chapelle-Caro 06 07 25 45 22

Dominique Le Tarnec, sculptor Discrete person, Dominique Le Tarnec sculpts any and all

Brasserie Lancelot LThe brewery, established in 1990 and located in an old gold and tin mine, produces high fermentation beers, completely natural. Visits (free) are available with a film, a tour of the barrel room and beer tasting at the end (access arrangements for groups: contact brewery). All year round, every afternoon from Monday to Friday. La mine d’or - 56460 Le Roc-Saint-André – 02 97 74 74 74


/ 11


to local producers and art craftsmen


Our top


Boating Sérent swimming pool: 2 outdoor pools and a wading pool open from May to August. Served by the shuttle Ti’Bus (see p. 27). Tel. 02 97 75 91 36 ( or 02 97 75 07 97 out of opening period). Canoe-kayak rental Club de Malestroit (in July and August, or upon request) 02 97 75 29 86 ; Camping Domaine du Roc in Roc-Saint-André (open from April to October - also rents out pedal boats) Tel: 06 48 07 68 05 Ride in stand-up paddle Breizh Ocean Paddle 06 61 33 22 59 Gliding sport, fun and easy. Fishing We have beautiful fishing courses with Claie River (1st category, trout, game fish, coarse fish, etc.) Oust River (2nd category, zander, pike and coarse fish, etc.) And many other rivers, not to mention communal ponds (Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre, Sérent, Lizio, Pleucadeuc, St. Abraham Missiriac and Caro). Unless exception, it is mandatory to carry a fishing card in order to practice (on vacation:. day pass e10, e30 per week, it provides membership in an association that maintains rivers and safeguard the aquatic environment. Fishing in the canal and / or communal ponds in Malestroit, Missiriac, Saint-Marcel, Ruffiac, SaintLaurent-sur-Oust, Saint-Congard et Bohal: Call

Pierre Jan 02 97 75 00 32 Points of sale: in Malestroit at Point Air store. Fishing in the canal and / or communal ponds in La Chapelle-Caro, the Roc-Saint-André, Lizio, Sérent and St Guyomard: Call Etienne Lameul 02 97 93 48 04 Points of sale: in Sérent at restaurant Chez Cathy and the 3 other bars, in the Roc-Saint-André at the pancake house La Chaumiere. In communal ponds not connected to rivers: Pleucadeuc (fishing card available Chez Lili, Chez Emilienne and groceries Vival). Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre also offers a communal pond with fitness trail and playground for children (access card Chez Bruno and bar-restaurant Le Saint-Nicolas). Fishing in the lake of Saint-Abraham does not require a particular card. Please note! Presence of a special fishing pontoon «handipêche» for disabled in Saint-Laurent-sur-Oust on the canal bank. Carp fishing during night time is allowed in the Oust River between the bridge on trunk-road RN 166 at Le-Roc-Saint-André and the Montertelot lock. Equestrian Tourism  Association Lung-Ta in Sérent It is into small goupe (4 sea-green. Max.) that you will leave to horse strolls some in Landes de Pinieux, that you will test yourselves with the ethology or meetings

Wal ks and hiking major routes pass through our lovely country: GR 38 and GR347, Green Lane # 3 (SaintMalo/Rhuys), the Eurovélo 1 (the towpath of the NantesBrest canal), St. James’ Way, or even Equibreizh routes. loop circuits are also available, tailored to your skills: walking, riding, cycling and mountain biking. Detailed information sheets (in French) for these circuits are available in the tourist offices of the «Destination Brocéliande» priced at e 0.20 or downloadable and printable for free on our website


Bike rentals MBK in Malestroit 02 97 75 13 36 (closed in August) ; Domaine du Roc in Roc-Saint-André (from April to October) 06 48 07 68 05 Camping municipal de Sérent 02 97 75 91 98. Cy’glon in Saint Congard 06 11 87 94 57. Repair  : Brunel store at la Chapelle-Caro (on the greenway) 02 97 74 91 81 Rocaventure treetop adventure course suitable for all ages from 4 years : Domaine du Roc in Roc-Saint-André (from April to October) 06 48 07 68 05 Camp Dragon This unusual adventure cottage, in a medieval fantasy atmosphere, offers all kinds of activity : Inns evenings on Fridays at Lizio in July and August (evening meal and ambience with actors in costume, night in total immersion, etc..) weekends of full-scale Role Playing Games (suitable for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced) and custom games all year. Booking required to travel back in time! 06 64 25 99 71

Canopée Multisports Geneviève guide you in practicing several sports: martial arts, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, gymnastics, archery, or relaxing. 06 61 07 24 32 Orienteering of Roc-Saint-André the diversity of circuits, real full-scale treasure hunts, makes this hobby accessible to all ages from 4-5 years. Maps available at the town hall, in camping Roc-Saint-André, in tourist office in Malestroit and «I» points in Lizio and Sérent. Other leasures Playgrounds for children (slides, swings, etc.). Bohal: near the stadium Malestroit: at the lock Ruffiac: at the stadium Sérent: near the pond Saint-Congard: in the municipal campsite (free area for everyone) Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre: near the pond Fitness trail around the pond in Saint-Nicolas-duTertre: 3.5 km, 35 stop places for fun and get fit! Different sports facilities are also available in the area, open access (circuit cross / BMX in La Chapelle-Caro, skate parks in Malestroit and Sérent, tennis in Saint-Laurent, Caro, Missiriac and St-Abraham, omnisports stadium in Ruffiac) or paying access and / or upon reservation (tennis, sports halls, etc..). Details at the tourist office and town halls.


/ 13


based on the emotions. 06 81 98 21 08 ; l’Etrier du Val Chevrier in Roc-Saint-André 02 97 74 82 40 ; Carriage rides : Trait d’Union in Sérent 06 09 04 27 27 ; Caravans and Lives Yseult travel and makes you travel through the Morbihan by caravan from SaintCongard. Kiki, the best horse in the west (yes!), tow you for tours 2 to 7 days to discover Malestroit, Rochefort-en-Terre, etc.. Also carriage trips: Contact 06 34 69 80 41

Festivities LEISURE

take place throughout the year


alestroit and its surroundings offer its residents and visitors rich and varied events throughout the year, some of which have gained national prominence, even international!

The Rock Bridge IN Malestroit Malestroit heats up the last weekend of July to accommodate 15 000 to 20 000 spectators on two evenings with artists such Izia, Puppetmastaz, Miossec, Camille, Birdy Nam Nam...


The exhibition of craftsmen and scale model in Lizio (mid-August) Established in 1974, the show features no less than 150 craftsmen and 40 exhibitors of scale models and attracts 10,000 visitors to this village of character.

The Festival of Home Cabaret In March in Saint-Laurent-sur-Oust, doors open... Those of houses, garages, church and village halls, to each his concert, to each his cabaret! The feast of Canal A weekend of events around the canal in St.Congard (late June), some of which are magical, as the torchlight parade and fireworks on the canal or unusual, such as jousting and the famous race of UFO (Unidentified Floating Objects - they fit on the canal like floats in carnival). Festival of Tale in inhabitants home In a modest cottage or in the attic of a large castle, the recipe is simple: inhabitants welcome home storytellers, an intimate atmosphere and any audience ready for boarding on fantasy. A close festival that meets its audience where it is, in its home. At fall in Saint-Congard and around.

Art Investing Chapels In September, during Heritage Days, the chapels of Sérent host the exhibitions of contemporary artists for an always interesting mix of styles. Traditional Breton ... Breton wedding party in Saint-Guyomard, or harvest celebration in St.Nicolas-du-Tertre the third Sunday in August. The music days ... Fridays of the Canal in Malestroit and Musicals Terraces on Saturday in Sérent during July and August, Rock’in’Pleuc festival in Pleucadeuc early October. And all other activities that make this region a great place to see and experience: Medieval days in Malestroit, the black pudding of aunt Thurine in Le Roc-Saint-André, exposure and nurseries hiking in Pleucadeuc, Breton tripe in Ruffiac, Santa’s Train in the market of Bohal...

Find all the festivals and events on the calendar of the tourist office

The Feast of twins in Pleucadeuc Each 14 and 15 August, the international gathering (it has no rival except in Montreal and Pittsburgh-USA) brings together 1400 or 1500 twins, triplets, or more, from 0 to 93 years (age of deans in 2012)!


/ 15


Not to mention ...


The Nantes-Brest canal


64km in length, the Nantes-Brest canal uses the valleys of Erdre, Isac, Oust, Blavet, Doré, Hyères and Aulne rivers, and no less than eight rivers were funneled to feed the canal, or adapted to be usable. 237 locks were installed, 18 of them were submerged during the creation of the dam at Guerledan in 1923.

A bit of history ... The idea of ​​digging a Nantes-Brest canal comes from the sixteenth century, when the Duchy of Brittany was gathered to the Kingdom of France. The goal was to open up the economic center of Brittany but, for lack of funding, the project failed. In the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, the maritime blockades imposed by Louis xiv handed the project back on track, but still due to lack of funding, the first projects done ​​at that time failed. It was not until the early nineteenth century and a new blockade by the British that convinced Napoleon I of the strategic interest to unlock brittany through the hinterland, and thus allow the military cities (Brest, Lorient, Nantes and Saint-Ma-


lo) to stay connected. The worksite began shyly in 1804, experienced periods of idling specially with the fall of the First Empire in 1823, and, in 1842, the entire canal was opened.

... And plenty of activities Although barges and towing horses have not withstood the Industrial Revolution, including the arrival of the railway and road network development, the canal has managed to transform itself: this industrial and commercial tool has become a favorite place for canoeing, boating, hiking, biking or riding horses. This is even the place for unusual festivities! Giant picnics, contests and races of UFO (Unidentified Floating Objects) ...

Markets and local products LEISURE

sold directly

Producteurs The Campagnole Bakery: breads of yesteryear with chestnut flour, buckwheat, spelt wheat or bread flavored with cider, with bacon and onions or with olives ... Cooked in a beautiful stone oven with bonus explanations and visit! Monday 10h3016h30-14h and 18h, Thursday and Friday 10h30-14h, Saturday 10h30-13h and 16h-19h, Sunday 10h30-13h and 17h-19h. Le Bourg, 56460 SAINT-GUYOMARD - 02 97 93 84 40 Lancelot brewery: artisanal beers and the famous Breizh Cola (made in Brittany). Free tour (see p.11), tasting and direct sales from Monday to Friday from 14h to 17h. La mine d’or, 56460 LE ROC SAINT ANDRÉ – 02 97 74 74 74 ESAT St Marcel: outside breeding chickens, baskets of seasonal vegetables, local products (jams, organic cider, etc.) and flowers. From Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am to 12am and 2:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. (4:15 p.m. on Friday) Les Hardys Béhelec, 56140 SAINT-MARCEL - 02 97 75 20 50 Ferme du Pâtis: eggs of outside breeding hens, direct sales and delivery available from Monday to Friday upon phone call. Le pâtis, 56140 CARO - 02 97 74 65 43 Le Jardin de la Fleur de Vie: seasonal vegetables, fruits, farm sale Saturday (10h-13h, subject to change).Brancelun, 56460 SERENT – 02 97 22 60 31 Vergers Latapie: biological apples and apple juice, lambs for sale on Saturday from 10 am to 12:30 or upon request. Domaine de Ste Geneviève, 56140 SAINT-MARCEL – 02 97 73 74 79

Veaux et bœufs du limousin bio à la Ville Aly: biological veal and beef from Limousin, upon reservation – La ville Aly, 56140 BOHAL - 02 97 73 33 59 SCEA Armofil : Biological pork meat, upon order (1/8 minimum, about 8kg: ideal for barbecues) La bourzaie, 56140 CARO - 02 97 74 64 04

Markets Throughout the year (in the morning): Wednesday: Sérent Thursday: Malestroit Sunday: Le Roc-Saint-André and Sérent In summer the «Lil market in Missiriac» from 17h to 20h, always with musical entertainment

Evenings Activities

In Malestroit and Val d’Oust Bars below offer regularly (several times a month) jamsessions, game nights, concerts, etc.. Le Tono du Village in Saint-Laurent-sur-Oust 02 97 93 17 91 Le Comptoir in Sérent 02 97 75 91 50 Le Charleston in Saint-Abraham 02 97 22 40 33 Malestroit armoric cinema associative arthouse ranked cinema, it is now equipped with a digital 3D projector and offers movies for all audiences. 02 97 75 03 79 Disco L‘Alessia in Sérent 02 97 22 55 68


/ 17


beautiful stones

Castles, mills and places of interest

The medieval town center of Malestroit The city, whose center was very well preserved, is a member of the Association of Small Cities of Character in Britanny. La place du Bouffay, the heart of the city, reflects the architectural richness of Malestroit : you will admire many halftimbered houses (The house of «la Truie qui File» and the one of «Pélican» are the most famous) and Renaissance (la vieille Auberge). There is a circuit (see p. 6) to discover the treasures of the aptly named «Pearl of the Oust.»

main of the seventeenth century. which remained intact. Mr. and Mrs. Le Pallec, owners, will make you discover with passion the old kitchen, the living room, the pageantry bedroom, the tower and the latrines, with period furniture, rare carpets (one belonged to the sister of the Shah of Iran) or a fine collection of Britanny paintings. Visit outside: all year round (you will see some contemporary sculptures). Visit inside: 01/07 to 30/09 from Friday to Sunday (10am-12pm and 15h-18h). All year upon request 02 97 93 78 11 (ask for Mr. Le Pallec).

Le Pass’Temps (where the tourist office takes place) MALESTROIT Today cultural center of Malestroit, this architectural complex centered around a beautiful inner courtyard was renovated in 2010. The oldest house (XVIIth century) offers the Heritage Exhibition Room: beams and joists, painted floral decoration of the seventeenths century are really beautiful.. The renovation, completed in full respect of the architecture and materials (wood, whitewash, hemp, etc.) deserved the Heritage Ribbon Award in 2012.

Castle of La Ville Der (XVII to XIX century) LE ROC-SAINT-ANDRÉ This manor, one of the most important of township, formerly fell under the ancient lordship of Villeder, who had a right of high justice. In the seventeenth century the de Kermeno family built the present facade on an older structure. The new building will include the tower of the fifteenth century, the only vestige of the old manor. In 1878, the mansion was acquired by the de Boisbaudry, whose coat of arms is carved on the facade. Visit outside all year round. Visit of the castle from 01/04 to 30/09 on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday upon request 06 81 35 92 40 (ask for Mr. de Fenoyl). Groups throughout the year upon request.

Balangeard Manor (XVII century) RUFFIAC Le manoir de Balangeard (registered historical monument) is an uncommon example of a do-


Manor of La Touche-Carné (fifteenth to seventeenth century) LE ROC-SAINT-ANDRÉ It reflects what was the lordly life around 1440. This former seigneury had a right to high justice being exerted in the vast hall on the ground floor. The high rooms, in the attic, disappeared in the seventeenth century. The pointed arch door dates back to fifteenth century. Guided tours upon request 02 97 74 73 13 (ask for Mr. Lefevre). Mill of La Béraudaie BOHAL The first traces of the millers in La Béraudaie date back to 1701, and 11 of them will take turns until 1960, when Bernard Lanoë (Mayor of Bohal) decided to stop the production of flour. The left side of the mill (highest) dates back to the modernization in 1942. The mill is now partially renovated and converted into guest rooms (which were the subject of an article in the french newspaper L’Express in 2012!). The mill is visible from the outside all year round (feel free to join the tiny bridge, the road is public.) Park of the Castle of La Morinais PLEUCADEUC The tufa stone castle, built in 1870 on the site of a Protestant abbey (completely destroyed in the Wars of Religion), stands out among cedars and plane trees. The park is visible from afar with its giant redwoods bordering an old chapel, a charming wash house and two ponds. Free tour of the park from 11 am to 18 pm in July and August (closed Aug. 15). Map available to walkers. Access through the guards gate (warn your presence). Caution, no regular parking area. Manor of la Châtaigneraie SAINT-NICOLAS-DU-TERTRE It is a minimalist version of the noble house: ele-

gantly decorated dormer windows, putlogs and bartizans. «1634» is engraved on a dormer window but the mansion may be prior to that date (which was that of a redesign). The mansion is visible from the outside, thank you not to enter the private courtyard. At a place called the «la Châtaigneraie» continue towards «la Noë». The house of «La Tour», former home of justice (at the foot of SaintHervé ’s church) CARO The facade dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (this is probably the oldest house in Caro). One can observe, protruding from the wall of the tower, the remains of a gallows: nobody knows if someone was really hung here, but justice has been pronounced in these walls. The little house on the left, across the street, was the notary house, where the registers were kept. The milestones of the Roman road CARO When the Romans built roads to connect the cities of their empire, they marked out the milestones, not failing to include the name of the emperor and the distances between cities. The Roman road of Ahès (Carhaix-Anger), crossing the areas of Caro, Missiriac and St.-Abraham. Today, it remains two milestones in the area of Caro: - The milestone of St. Gonan, found in Crohenneuc in 1976, could have been built between 270 and 274, under Caius Pius Esuvius Tetricus Junior (engravings are almost entirely erased). It was originally 1.90 m in height. Granite come from a quarry in Lizio (8km away). The milestone is administratively in Caro but geographically at the exit of the village of Missiriac. At a place called Saint-Gonan (after the canopy of trees just leaving Caro towards Missiriac), turn left towards «Le Bois Ruault» and «La Guyondaie». The milestone is located about sixty meters away, where the road forks. - The milestone of the cemetery, probably dedicated to Caesar Maximian, was built between 293 and 305. Discovered near the Manor of «Bodel» and installed in the cemetery surrounding the church (it is described there in 1853), it was Christianized (a Christian cross mas affixed). When the cemetery was moved, the milestone was also. REMARKABLE HERITAGE MALESTOIT & LE VAL D’OUST

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Castle of La Morlaye MISSIRIAC The castle built in 1435, destroyed, was rebuilt by the last Baron of Malestroit, Louis de Sérent, who used the stones of the ramparts of Malestroit, which caused a scandal. The castle shows a typical architecture of noble houses of the eighteenth century: reception rooms on the ground floor and living rooms upstairs. Tree-lined driveway to the entrance area, moats and walls attest to the organization of space at that time. Visit outside all year (cross the cord). Inside visit upon request (06 87 24 24 03, ask for Ms. Castillon). Coming from Malestroit, follow the D776 towards Guer, the manor will be found a little further on the left.


Religious heritage

Saint-Gilles Church (XIIth to XVIth century.) classified a Historic Monument) MALESTROIT The church was built in the twelfth century. Then partially rebuilt in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. The Romanesque south transept, the Gothic double nave, the carved capitals of the southern wall, the 12 magnificent adorned stained glass windows as well as the thirteenth century outstanding animal paintings, discovered on the roof during a restoration in 2011, make it a unique building. Open every day from 9h to 17h. Saint Pierre church (XVth and XVIth century). (classified a historical monument) SERENT Beautiful stained glass windows represent the patron saints of the various chapels of the parish and the names of donors. A false gargoyle representing a kneeling washerwoman with his dog recalls the legend of the «aboyeuses» (barkers) of Josselin. Open daily from 9am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm, tour booklets are available. The visit to the church is included in the tour of the town in July and August, Tuesday at 15h (free). Notre-Dame du Lys Church (XVIIth c.) - LIZIO In the village center, this granite church was rebuilt in 1655 to replace the old building hit twice by lightning. This is an example of the seventeenth century architecture of Britanny. Open daily.


The Augustinian Monastery MALESTROIT The Augustinian nuns of Malestroit combine a search for God, personal and communal, with their hospital mission to serve the poor and the sick. You can discover the chapel (XVIIth century), the Community lobby, the cemetery where exceptional Mother Superior Yvonne Loved of Jesus rests, and the park created in 1930. Open every day (depending on mass for the chapel). Information 02 97 73 18 00 (ask the Community reception).

St André Church (XXth c.)

LE ROC-SAINT-ANDRÉ The beautiful neo-Gothic church was built between 1901 and 1903, replacing the dilapidated church of the sixteenth century. Situated on a rocky promontory, it overlooks the valley of the Oust. The pulpit and the altar are the work of two craftsmen: Trégouët & Pledran. The oil paintings of Lhermitais, classified, date from the eighteenth century and come from the Abbey of Roga (Saint-Congard), destroyed during the French Revolution. Open daily.

Parish Church (XIXth c.) SAINT-CONGARD Made of schist and granite, the neo-Gothic church of St. Congard (monk of Wales during the sixth century.) was blessed in 1881 by bishop Becel of Vannes. It is a Latin cross, but not aligned eastwest as most of the buildings of this type. Completely renovated in 1998, it offers a simple but effective aesthetic. Open daily.

SAINT-ABRAHAM The oldest item is the gate, which dates from the XIVth century. and was unaffected by the revisions. In addition to beautiful altarpieces (XVth, XVIIth and XIXth centuries), one can note the presence of a permanent exhibition about the crosses and calvaries in the municipality. Some panels will explain elements of the furniture (chalice, monstrance, etc..). Open daily. Notre-Dame de Quemper Chapel (XVIIIth c.) SAINT-CONGARD Rectangular, the chapel is built of granite covered with a coating of cement that saves two coats of arms of Du Maz family, lords of Du Brossais in Saint-Gravé, founders in 1707, readable date on a tie-beam of the framework. The modest exterior of the chapel contrast with the monumental altarpiece it houses. Open every Sunday. Notre-Dame de Lorette Chapel (XIXth c.) SAINT-CONGARD They say here that we owe this chapel to some sir Pinelli, whose vow to cure his seriously ill son was granted. Neglected, almost ruined, it is regularly restored since 1957. Observed on the west porch (consisting of lintels and jambs) an example of a simple use of local stone, the red shale. Open every Sunday. Sainte Suzanne Chapel (XVIth c) (classified a historical monument and calvary also) SERENT Remains of remarkable frescoes depicting scenes from Crusade are to be found in the chapel. Outside, the seventeenth century calvary with offering table is classified a historical monument. The faithful had in-kind donations to the parish council, gifts auctioned to contribute to the enrichment of the community. Note the presence of a remarkable yew. Open in July and August (if not, ask for the key to Mrs. David - the house next to the chapel.)

The remains of the chapel of La Madeleine MALESTROIT This former leper colony became a priory in 1129. Here, Philip VI of Valois, King of France, and Edward III, King of England signed one of the truces during Hundred Years War in 1343. Its fortified bell tower is the oldest of Morbihan. The chapel was abandoned in 1870. Chapel of Saint-Barthélémy du Gorays (late XIVth - early XVth century). PLEUCADEUC A small enclosure houses the cemetery (which still hosts today the remains of the faithful), the chapel, a small rounded menhir and towering old yews. The chapel is remarkably renovated and maintained. The green environment calls for calm and relaxation (tables picnic are available under the tall trees). Pardon on the last Sunday of August. Open Sundays from 16h to 18h in July and August. Otherwise ask for the keys to Mrs Haute (2km away in La Grand Ville near Pleucadeuc, follow the road of Bohal - 02 97 26 91 27.) Chapel and menhir of Saint-Maurice des Bois (XVth and XVIIIth c.) SAINT-GUYOMARD This building nestled in lush greenery was, as often, built on ancient place of worship, as evidenced by the menhir lying to his bedside and the nearby fountain. Only here, the altar was built AROUND the menhir! It extends outside the chapel, and it is said that lie down on the stone cure rheumatism ... Chapel visible from the outside. Calvary of Saint Marc (or of the Four Evangelists - late XVth or early XVIth c) PLEUCADEUC A calvary and a chapel (rebuilt in the early XXth c.) were built on a ridge overlooking the valley of the River Oust, offering its visitors a beautiful panorama. The top of the calvary is shaped four leaves that are the symbols of the four evangelists. In niches, sculptures of the four evangelists, the Good Shepherd, St. Jacques, St. Pierre and St. Paul.


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St. Étienne Church (XIVth, XVIIth and XIXth c.)


Chapel of St. Sebastien (named chapel Des Haies XVIIth c.) and its cemetery SERENT Found in the small chapel of the cemetery, the graves of two paratroopers from New York: Roger Vautelin and Louis Arcille (nicknamed Mariani), killed during a German patrol while they were hiding in the moors of Pinieux June 21, 1944. Other sites linked to this event: Paratrooper Cross, the Nouëtte Monument (Britanny Resistance Memorial). Note the presence of a beautiful yew. Cemetery outside the chapel visible throughout the year. Fountain Saint-Hervé (XIXth c.) CARO Several legends evoke Saint Hervé, which is often invoked to cure eye diseases. The best known is when a wolf devoured the donkey of his guide and, commanded by Saint Hervé, the wolf hitched itself to the cart. The fountain, disused due to water supply in 1963, was redeveloped in 1986. During the St. Hervé’s day, June 17, the faithfull walk from church to fountain singing the Song of Paradise, originated by him. Behind the church, follow the street of La fontaine Saint-Hervé. The fountain is at the end of this street, on the left (60 m far from the church). Butcher’s cross (XVIth c.) CARO Blue shale cross bottony, patty, on which are engraved a knife and a honing steel: these are the weapons of the quarrel that took place here between two butchers, or a butcher and thief, no one knows precisely. From the village of Caro, move toward Augan. The cross is about 600m away on the right. Cross of Lery (XVIII c.) LE ROC-SAINT-ANDRÉ This cross is one of ten ancient village cross called « croix des chemins ». It may owe its name to Saint Lery which, after evangelizing the neighborhood ended his days around 660 in the mo-


nastery he founded in the forest of Brocéliande. This monolithic cross bears the letters I. H. S., and an inscription on its base «Vous qui avez le cœur de Marie gravé ne passa N. C. DREUM AVE » 1705. From the town of Roc-Saint-André, head to Josselin and about 2km further, on the right to Quily. Take the first right (toward ZI du Bolin), the Cross of Lery is 1km further to the left on the terreplein at the crossroads. Cross of Sainte-Catheline (known as Sainte-Catherine) SAINT-MARCEL This cross dates from the Middle Ages and was rebuilt in 1924 on the square of Saint-Marcel. It owes its name to Saint Catherine of Alexandria who, along with Saint-Jacques, frames a Madonna with Child. Saint-Gildas Church and his painting «The Resurrection of the Dead» - BOHAL The church replaced the first building, but keeps its bell tower of 1612. Centerpiece of the church, the painting «The Resurrection of the Dead» (1942) is the work of Paul-Marc Chenavard (18071895). Also note the presence of a XVIIIth century beautiful rosary and silver chalice. Outside, you can enjoy the richly decorated banner-cross of Saint-Gildas, and the pillars of the former rectory with its sculpted faces. Ask for the keys to the town hall (02 97 75 14 25), a tour booklet is available in French. When the town hall is closed, ask Ms. Fox in the house facing the gate (14 rue des Tilleuls). Chapelle Saint-Charles (XVII c.) BOHAL Located in Trébiguet the chapel belonged to the manor of Portal (now disappeared). The building is surmounted by a small bell tower topped by a cross. The walls are pierced by basket handle shaped doors. Ask for the keys to the town hall of Bohal (02 97 75 14 25)

Ask for the keys and tour booklet (in French) at City Hall or bar, also in the «I» point in Lizio during July and August. Chapel of Saint-Méen (XVIIth to XIXth c.) LA CHAPELLE CARO Parts of the chapel, such as the cross or the choir, date back to the XVIIth century. Others are the result of revisions in 1753 and 1843. A small square based bell tower overlooks the gable. It houses two wooden polychrome statues of St. Méen, 1618 and XVIII c. Ask for the keys to Mrs. Trégaro, the nearest neighbor. Pardon on the last Sunday of August.

Story Remembrance Memorial of the Breton Resistance SÉRENT In 1943, near the farm of La Nouette, a base for paratroopers is approved to house the first members of the Resistance. In early June 1944, the heads of French Forces of the Interior (FFI) of the Resistance of Morbihan settled there, joined by three battalions of the FFI of Morbihan and 4th Airborne Infantry Battalion of Free France (about 2000 resistant and 200 paratroopers). June 18, 1944, these men fought 24 hours in these places they had occupied for two weeks: it was the largest maquis of Brittany, which killed 560 enemies and 42 resistants. In

1947, General de Gaulle cements the first stone of the granite tower topped with a lantern, the Memorial of the Breton Resistance. Croix des Parachutistes (Paratrooper’s Cross) SÉRENT This cross was erected in memory of the New York paratroopers Vautelin and Mariani, killed June 21, 1944, therefore three days after the battle of Saint-Marcel (see Memorial of La Nouette). The bodies rest near the Chapel of St. Sébastien.


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Chapel of St. Catherine (XVIIth c.) LIZIO Sainte-Catherine is located on the St. James’ Way. By 1200, the Templars built here a first pilgrimage chapel. A pilgrim should be able to access the chapel at any time of day or night, thanks to some codes and gestures: the «Porte du Ciel» (Gate of Heaven) circuit is available to the Office of Tourism in Malestroit, in Lizio at City Hall and, during summer, at the «I» points. Track the path of the pilgrims and understand the symbols of the chapel (duration: 30 to 45 minutes). Also, the chapel houses a oil painting on canvas depicting St. Catherine of Alexandria, 1874.


Megaliths Covered alley of Grand Village (late 3rd millennium BC) CARO 25m long and including several supports which some are still in place, it is a fine example of megalithic burial. An explanatory panel will bring you details on site. Neolithic site of Beaumont (2500 BC) SAINT-LAURENT-SUR-OUST Its location on a uneven relief overlooking the valley of the Oust explains the successive occupation of the site from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages. Research conducted between 1986 and 1992 reveal the plan almost complete of a grave, which would have contained three individuals. At 30m to the west, you will find a menhir on top of which you can see some cupules (cup shaped structures) engraved, which would be indicative of a water worship, according to some archaeologists. Follow the signage from the center of SaintLaurent to the village of Beaumont. In the woods, after about 5 minutes walk, take the third road on the right, then on the left when the road forks. You will reach the site 5 minutes later on the right (with explanatory sign).


The dolmen of «La Maison Trouvée» (3rd millennium BC) (Historical Monument) LA CHAPELLE-CARO The only remains of this beautiful dolmen is an imposing room (4.30 x 2m). The legend says that a tunnel leads from the dolmen to the rocks of St Méen (see p. 26), and is traveled regularly by «folliards»(kind of leprechauns.) These «folliards» steal babies and stand in for them in the cradles. In case of doubt, there is only one solution: throw 9 apples in a pot of boiling water ... From La Chapelle-Caro, head to Ploërmel then go straight for about 3 km towards Monterrein. You will see the 1st indications on the left. Covered alley «Les Chambrettes» (or « La Chambre des Demoiselles» (House of ladies) 3rd millennium BC) LA CHAPELLE-CARO Although many stones have fallen or have disappeared, the covered walkway is impressive, with its 16m long. From La Chapelle-Caro, head to Ploërmel then go straight towards Monterrein. At a place called Le Bignon, take the first left and park on the side of the road. Follow the path that start from garbage cans, the covered walkway is about fifty yards away.

REMARKABLE HERITAGE Le Pas de Gargantua Gargantua’s step) LA CHAPELLE-CARO Some said here that Gargantua, visiting St Abraham, have stumbled onto the menhir thus it falled down. Others think it is a gravel that he removed from his shoe ... From La Chapelle-Caro, head to Ploërmel then go straight towards Monterrein. Shortly after a place called Le Bignon, Le Pas de Gargantua is on the right side of the road.

Covered alley of Trélan (Historical Monument) SAINT-MARCEL The covered alley, 13m long, is composed of megaliths made of crimson shale and is built on conglomerate. The alley has a fairly narrow room whose supports are 1.20 m tall. From Malestroit, head to Sérent. Soon, you will cross the greenway: the covered alley is about 1km further on the left side of the road, at a crossroads.

Menhir Saint-Maurice des Bois SAINT-GUYOMARD Menhir around which was built the chapel of St. Maurice (see p. 21).

Megalith of Garets BOHAL Remains of what was to be a covered walkway. From the foot of the Saint-Gildas church, walk the the presbytery street and follow straight on. After about 15 minutes you will reach a big downhill road, the megalith is about 5 minutes further to the left.

Megaliths of Le Bois du Brétin PLEUCADEUC Le Bois du Brétin is a very surprising place, where each step allows you to discover megaliths of any shapes and sizes. This set, recently discovered, is not yet highlighted but deserves a visit. From Pleucadeuc, take the D774 to Rocheforten-Terre. Turn left at the foot of the water tower, park your car at the craft area and follow the upgoing path. You will find megaliths on both sides of the main pathway.


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natural heritage The rocks of St Méen LA CHAPELLE-CARO Strange and impressive wall of schist inlaid with quartz, which is also called «the castle of St Méen»: seen from a distance one could think of ruins. A rock slightly prominent is called «the pulpit of St Méen» where St Méen have preached during the 6th century. Another looks like a dolmen, «the cradle of the devil», beside which we see the «stoup of the devil.» Here, in 1796, the Republicans shot several people, probably royalists. Starting from the car park, cross the road to follow the path in front, then at the top of the field, take the path up to the right.

Forest of Houssa RUFFIAC and SAINT-LAURENT-SUR-OUST Having suffered a fire in 1984, the forest of Houssa (80 hectares) was almost completely burned. Since that time, the NFB manages this space by reintegrating hardwood such as oaks, sweet chestnuts, beeches, etc.. Today it is very pleasant to walk in its broad forest paths (partially accessible to strollers), and it is not uncommon to encounter animals such as roe deer. Houssa Trail (12km), booklet available at the tourist office or

Le Courtil aux fées (the enclosed garden of fairies) SAINT-LAURENT-SUR-OUST It is a place that offered natural protection to men since prehistoric times. Continuing towards the Oust river, you can admire the view over the valley. Popular tradition has deemed to this place as devilish, lair of fairies who haunt the region ... The «Courtil» sits in the forest Houssa. Follow the same instructions as for the Neolithic site of Beaumont (see p. 24). At the green text panel, take the main trail, the «Courtil» is 5 minutes away. It is a slightly raised circular area a dozen meters in diameter.

remarkable trees The yew of Notre Dame church (600 years)) – LA-CHAPELLE-CARO The oak of the presbytery (400 years) - CARO In front of the school Saint-Hervé, at number 7. Thank you not to enter the garden. The beech of Maisons Neuves - SAINT-NICOLASDU-TERTRE In the village of Saint-Nicolas, take the street of the forge and walk towards Quilvin then Ruaudaie. The beech is roadside on the right. The yew of the chapel Sainte-Suzanne (see p.21) - SÉRENT DO YOU KNOW? Our small town of Missiriac (just over 1000 inhabitants) has earned the 3th Flower (over 4) of Approval of Towns and Flowered Villages! This Approval rewards the flowering and embellishment of villages, but also more broadly, the welcoming atmosphere and quality of life found there, as well as the sustainable development in which the city council is involved. We will even see, in the months and years to come, ancient fruits and vegetables flourishing in parks and flowerbeds in Missiriac ... The 4th Flower is eagerly awaited! Also note the distinction of Bohal (850 inhabitants) which received its First Flower of the Approval.


By Car

By car, thanks to the 4-lane expressways (inheritance of Anne de Bretagne) that allow you to travel for free across Brittany. Vannes is 25 minutes away, 45 minutes to Rennes and 1:30 to Nantes. By bus with the TIM network (Long Distance Transport of Morbihan) and its 2 € tickets , which connects Malestroit to Ploërmel (link to Rennes in particular) and Vannes. Tel. 08 10 10 10 56 (cost of a local call) and (you will also find a carsharing section on the site).

By train

of Questembert: the green lane n°3 (old railway developed and booked with the modes of soft circulation) enables you to connect Questembert

By plane Rennes Airport (45 minutes drive) 02 99 29 60 00 Lorient Airport (1h): 02 97 87 21 50 Nantes Airport (1:30) 02 40 84 80 00

The website Finally a site that simplifies your journey by public transport, by combining data from all the transport services: buses

Two stations can serve Malestroit: Vannes, from where you can travel by a bus for Malestroit (cf above), or if you are in the bicycle, the station

moving The 1 € shuttle Ti’bus

You want to visit Malestroit, go swimming at the pool in Sérent, discover the museums, take a walk on the greenway, etc. ... think in the shuttle Ti’bus! Each summer afternoons from Monday to Friday, daily shuttles between Malestroit and Sérent, and from each village at least once a week.

The market line

A shuttle bus links the towns of Saint-Laurentsur-Oust, Missiriac and Malestroit Thursday morning, market day in Malestroit (information on 02 97 75 16 14 - Missiriac, or 02 97 75 02 42 - Saint-Laurent).


Taxi Beaudoux (Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre) 02 97 93 71 29 Taxi Boulvais (la Chapelle-Caro) 02 97 74 70 70 Taxi Le Talour (Lizio) 02 97 74 80 39 Taxi Marchand (Missiriac) 02 97 75 14 62 Taxi Orjebin (Saint-Laurent-sur-Oust) 02 97 75 20 94 Taxi Possémé (Malestroit) 02 97 75 21 61 Taxi Ricaud (Sérent) 06 29 33 48 80 Taxi Texier (Sérent) 02 97 75 98 85 Taxi Goujeon (Sérent – 9 places) 02 97 93 87 80 Taxi du Lac (Caro – Ability to transport bikes) 06 61 25 32 36

Bike rentals: see p. 13


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How to get there


For motorhomes

Many people say, welcoming motorhome in the neighborhood of Malestroit is exceptional!

Free parking areas: Malestroit (set up areas): at Lock and at Tanneurs street (outside the municipal campsite) Sérent: next to the municipal camping and at the farm of Quéhellec (Mr. Fordos - 02 97 75 94 88) Bohal: next to the church and behind the sports hall

Ruffiac: parking on the right in the village coming from Malestroit Saint-Guyomard: at the associations hall (with watering place) Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre: in the village on the ground indicated «camping» (direct access to the pond) Caro: stadium parking area (on designated places).

Service areas: Malestroit: at La Daufresne (near the fire station) and near the Casino supermarket (road to Vannes) Campsites also welcome you, do not hesitate to ask our accommodation guide!

For boats Du sud au nord… Pontoons (nearby towns and city centers) - Bare: Saint-Congard (1km downstream), SaintLaurent-sur-Oust (300m from the village), Malestroit near Lock and dock Roger Plisson, La Chapelle-Caro (at the Crévy, 800m from the village)

- With electric supply in municipal campsites:

- With watering place and electric supply: the Roc-Saint-André, free connection for water and electricity at the campsite Domaine du Roc (April to October)

Slipway in Saint-Congard, Malestroit and RocSaint-André (up to 6m long boats).

Saint-Congard (15 June to 15 September) and Malestroit (May to September)

Where to sleep? The tourist office publishes every year a guide of tourist accommodation, available on request or online You will find the apartments, B & Bs, the rest houses, hotels, campsites and unusual accommodation: for sure, you will find some place which fit your taste!


Crêperies Crêperie - salon de thé la Grange à Louise - 4 rue aux Anglais - 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 72 21 74 La Grange Louise is a traditional interior with exposed beams and landscaped garden where it is nice to relax in a serene atmosphere. Its sweet and savory pancakes are eaten at any time of day, and you can cool off with an ice cream or enjoy tea, coffee and juices. Continuous service up to 18h at noon Wednesday to Sunday, and also the Tuesday noon from June to September. Terrace - Wifi. Crêperie la Chaumière - 6 rue Nationale - 56460 LE ROC ST ANDRE - 02 97 74 94 09 - La Creperie La Chaumiere, in the village of Roc-Saint-André, also offers brasserie. It is open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday and evening from Friday to Sunday. Adult’s menu from E15 to E30 - children’s menu E 7. Terrace - Wifi. Crêperie la Galette Rieuse - Le bourg - 56140 MISSIRIAC 02 97 75 10 60 - -In this charming village full of flowers, Anne and Nicolas welcome you in a warm and completely renovated setting. A la carte, buckwheat pancakes from the local mill Ploërmel (Britanny: king scallops with leeks, Gascony: foie gras, smoked duck breast, onions cooked in white wine ) and pancakes (salted butter caramel and homemade almond cream), grills and salads. Lovely terrace facing the church Missiriac (XI and XIX centuries), parking with disabled access. Open year round for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. Adult’s Menu from E14 to E 25 - children’s menu E 8.50 - Terrace - Wifi.

Restaurants Restaurant bar-tabac les Bruyères - 6 rue Saint-Nicolas 56140 CARO - 02 97 74 62 41 - Les Bruyères, roadside restaurant, offers weekday a workman menu, on site or takeaway pizzas every weekend, group meals, seminars and a catering service. Also bar-tabac with a deposit of gas and bread. Open for lunch Monday to Friday and for dinner from Friday to Sunday. Adult’s Menu E 10 - Terrace. Restaurant Chez Cathy - 11 rue du G de Kerhué - 56460 SERENT - 02 97 93 81 85 - Warm room and welcome in the center of the village of Sérent. The restaurant is open for lunch from Monday to Friday (weekends on request) and every evening for groups (15 people minimum) upon reservation. Adult’s Menu E 10. al

Crêperie La Riveraine - 35 faubourg de la Madeleine - 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 75 22 22 - The creperie is located next to the remains of the Madeleine. We offer a wide selection of cakes and pancakes, as well as grill. In summer you can enjoy the quiet terrace, which overlooks the garden where children will find a playground. Open every lunchtime and evening except Wednesday, closed Thursday all day. Children’s menu E 8.80 - Children playground - Terrace. Crêperie le Galichon - Rue de la fontaine Saint-Pierre - 56460 SERENT - 02 97 93 87 92 - Mr. and Mrs. Le Sourd welcome you to their pancake grill in Sérent and also offer pizzas. When the weather permits, you can enjoy buckwheat pancakes on the terrace. Open every lunchtime and in the evening from Thursday to Sunday. 7/7 afternoon and evening in July and August. Adult’s menu from E 11.50 to E 13.50 - E 7.70 Children’s menu Terrace - Wifi. Crêperie Maël Trech - 13 place du Bouffay - 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 75 17 72 /06 99 49 06 86 - - During winter and every weekend, kig ha farz (traditional Breton dish meat, vegetables and buckwheat stuffing) E 11.50. Open for lunch Monday and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening Sunday (closed on Wednesdays). 7/7 for lunch and dinner in July and August. Adult’s menu E 10,50 to 12 Children’s menu E 7.50.

Restaurant l’Auberge du Corps de Garde 4 rue du Gal De Gaulle - 56140 MALESTROIT 02 97 74 43 31 - - - In a beautifully restored historic setting, enjoy warm welcome and quality local cuisine. Quiet and relaxing atmosphere guaranteed. The restaurant is open all year for lunch Tuesday to Sunday and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. Adult’s menu from E 20 to E 43 - children’s menu E 8 - Terrace - Wifi. Restaurant Le Grain de Sel - 1 rue Saulnerie - 56140 MALESTROIT 02 97 75 12 37 - - lgds56140@ - Au Grain de Sel, everything is homemade! Including foie gras or duck, which is smoked on site. Needless to say, here we are cooking with fresh products! The style? In the kitchen as in the dining room, tradition and modernity coexist in harmony. You can enjoy small casseroles of our grandmothers or more exotic, in a contemporary setting supported on the six


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teenth century Saint-Gilles church party wall. The restaurant is open 7/7 for lunch and dinner. Adult’s menu from E 8.50 to E 16 - Children’s menu E 8 Terrace - Wifi. Brasserie Ty Casa - 5 rue Edouard Rolland - 56140 MISSIRIAC - 02 97 93 18 30 - Ty Casa offers snack service, dish of the day, bruschetta, omelets, mixed-grill, sandwiches and burgers. In July and August every weekend, mussels and french fries! Ty casa is open for lunch every day except Wednesday and for dinner from Friday through Sunday. Adult’s menu from E 9 to E 14.90 - Children’s menu from E 5 to E 6 - Wifi. Restaurant le Jardin de Tirpen - ZI de tirpen - 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 73 78 17 - Sylvie and Bruno offer traditional home cooking for lunch from Monday to Friday (evenings and weekends for groups upon reservation). Adult’s menu from E11.50 to E 15.50 - Children’s menu E 11.50. Restaurant Le Petit Kériquel - 1 place de l’église - 56460 LA CHAPELLE CARO - 02 97 74 82 44 - 02 97 74 88 55 - Hôtel-Restaurant accredited «local cooking restaurant», «tourist restaurant», «master restaurant owner» and 3 cocottes from «Logis de France», classic cuisine of farm products, some from organic farming. The restaurant is closed on Wednesday and Sunday evenings (open on Sundays evenings in July and August). Adult’s menu from E 13,50 to E 30, children’s menu from E 9.90 to E13 - Wifi - Terrace. Restaurant Le Relais du Maquis - Le bourg - 56140 ST MARCEL - 02 97 75 17 32 - - Le Relais du Maquis is a «bistronomic» restaurant! It offers: workman meal, feast of family and marriage up to 250 guests and catering services in all places around. In summer you can enjoy a 100m2 terrace-patio. The restaurant is open everyday for lunch, Saturday for dinner and every day for groups upon reservation. Wifi - Terrace - Park. Restaurant Le Saint-Pierre - 7 rue du Gal de Kerhué 56460 SERENT - 02 97 75 94 69 - arnaudsaintpierre@ - Open everyday for lunch and upon reservation for dinner. Adult’s menu from E11.50 to E 22.50 - Children’s menu from E 8 to E 10 - Wifi. Restaurant Manoir de la Combe - La Combe d’en Haut 56140 PLEUCADEUC - 02 97 49 99 50 - - DDiscover the charm of a manor house in an exceptional green and calm setting in a 30 000 square meters park. A haven of peace, where we offer you a warm and friendly welcome, traditional cuisine, generous and refined. The products quality and the delicious flavors of the sea and the land will delight your palate. Last lunch service: 2 p.m. (high season) - 1:30 p.m. (low season). Last Supper Service: 9:30 P.m.

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The restaurant is open 7/7 for lunch and upon reservation for dinner. Adult menu from E 19,50 to E 55 . Children’s menu from E 12 to E 16. Terrace. Park. Restaurant Pont 9 - 1 rue des Ecoles - 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 72 29 53 - The restaurant «le Pont 9» is ideally located just meters from the towpath of the canal from Nantes to Brest. In a cozy atmosphere and a warm decor, «le Pont 9» offers a seasonal market cuisine along with an original map of wines direct from owners. Open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday, for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday (+ Tuesday evening in July and August). Adult’s menu from E 12.80 to E 16 (weekday lunchtime) Adult’s menu from E 20 to 27 (evenings and weekends) Children’s menu E 11. Restaurant-bar-épicerie le Tono du Village - Le bourg - 56140 ST LAURENT SUR OUST - 02 97 93 17 91 - Noémie & Tony LE GOFF welcome you every lunchtime (except Tuesday) and Friday to Sunday evening. Every Friday night you can eat the famous «fish and chips», Saturday evening and Sunday evening: formula «steak - french fries» or of the card if you prefer. Adult’s menu from E 11 to E 19.50 Children’s menu E 7 - Wifi - Terrace. Restaurant-Pizzeria Le Moulin à Poivre - 12 rue Sainte Anne - 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 75 08 76- 26 ans que «Le Moulin à Poivre»(pepper mill) feasts your taste in Malestroit since 26 years ! À la carte, daily menus, buffet at will for lunch. Open daily except Sunday. Closed on Monday and Thursday evenings - Adult’s Menu from E 13 to E 25 - Children’s menu E 8.50. Pizzéria La Piazza - 6 rue de la Saulnerie - 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 75 08 66 - Pizzeria in the medieval city center in Malestroit open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday and for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday (except Thursday evening). Adult’s menu from E 9.50 to E 23 - Children’s menu E 7.50.

To eat on the go Raoul restauration - 17bis place du docteur Queinnec 56140 MALESTROIT - 02 97 73 78 37 - - Downtown in Malestroit, Raoul welcomes you for a meal on site (terrace when the weather permits) or to take away. Open for lunch from Monday to Saturday and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday - Terrace - Wifi. Restaurant Le Bel Orient - Parc d’Activités de Bel-Orient 56140 BOHAL - 02 97 75 39 45 - The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner daily from mid-April to late October. Adult menu E 11.50. Snack-bar le Central - 1 place Alexandre Jarnigon 56140 CARO - 02 97 74 67 33 - In the small village of Caro, «Le Central» offers Saturdays and Sundays evenings snacks, steak - french fries, kebab - french fries and dish of the day. Adult’s menu from E 6 to E 10 Children’s menu from E 4 to E 6 - Terrace.

In this country, nestled in the heart of the vast brittany forest that once covered the «Poutrecoët», the country through the woods, dream and reality intertwine. From the medieval city of Bécherel to the «Landes de Lanvaux», from the mythical

Forest of Brocéliande to Nantes-Brest canal, all activities, all animations lead to enchantment. To conduct your search: ANDRÉ Annick / CIA H. GLOT

The community of municipalities of “Val d’Oust” and “Lanvaux” is part of “Destination Brocéliande”


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elect «Destination Brocéliande» is the chance to rub shoulders with the legends, browse a magical nature, make wonderful encounters.

The tourist office of Malestroit and Val d’Oust The tourist office is located in Malestroit at Pass’Temps 5-7 rue Sainte-Anne – 56140 MALESTROIT 02 97 75 45 35 Opening during school holidays (all zones) and from May to September (outside these periods, contact tourist office by mail or by phone). In July and August, also find our two Tourist Information Points: In Lizio, in front of the Town Hall - 02 97 74 99 79 In Sérent, at the house of Breton costume - 06 63 24 96 07

The tourist office is a member of the community « C’est beau ici » : you are assured of a warm welcome and every possible assistance in making your holiday très enjoyable.

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Tourist guide Malestroit and the Oust valley  
Tourist guide Malestroit and the Oust valley