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Art Practice Communication Design Craft & Material Studies

Ceramics Fiber & Textiles Furniture Glass Metalsmithing & Jewelry

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Animation Concept Design Digital Film Game Design

Fashion Design Illustration Interior Design Photography Product Design Transportation Design Teacher Certification Program

Art Education

Customize Your Program Choose from a variety of concentrations and minors to expand and customize your art or design major program. STUDIO MINORS Advertising Design: Digital Advertising Design: Integrated/TV Art Practice Communication Design Craft & Material Studies Craft & Material Studies: Digital Fabrication Entertainment Arts Fashion Design: Fashion Business Fashion Design: Footwear Fashion Design: Handbag Illustration Interior Design Liberal Arts: Art History Liberal Arts: Art Therapy Liberal Arts: Creative Writing Liberal Arts: Critical Theory Liberal Arts: Sustainability & Social Responsibility Liberal Arts: Visual Culture Photography Product Design

At CCS, our goal is to help you discover your artistic style, to push yourself to be the best and to create the best, so when you graduate you’ll leave with more than a diploma. You’ll leave with an excellent foundation for the inspiring and innovative work you’ll go on to create. The CCS name is known throughout the world, and your degree will distinguish you from other college graduates. Your dedication, skills, confidence and abilities will pave your way into whichever industry you choose. The work you create will define who you are as an artist or designer, just as the students who attend and graduate from CCS define who we are as a college. Our goal is to help you realize your creative potential.

CCS Alumni

Artists and designers create beautiful things but, mostly, they create change. CCS alumni are changing the world by applying the skills they’ve learned to the most pressing problems of our times. From documenting history in the making to helping keep frontline workers safe, our alumni reenvision and redefine what it means to be creatives in the 21st century.




sleeping bag coats distributed to homeless people worldwide

designers for the men’s and women’s on- and off-track competition gear for track and field athletes

films in the comic universe that CCS alumni have contributed concept designs, storyboards, CGI, production designs and more to help these iconic characters come to life

Veronika Scott Founder and CEO at The Empowerment Plan

Including shoes for Usain Bolt in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

The prestigious Whitney Biennial exhibits work from the best new artists in the country — two CCS alumni have been featured Kevin Beasley Fine Artist

Astin Davis Brand Design Manager Puma Guercy Eugene Footwear Designer Puma

Michael E. Smith Fine Artist

Two Batmobiles There are only six in the history of film, which means CCS alums have designed one third of them Tim Flattery led the design team for 1995s Batman Forever and Ed Natividad collaborated on 2016s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tim Flattery CCS Dean of Undergraduate Studies Freelance Concept Artist

Ed Natividad Conceptual Vehicle Designer

15 water bottles are recycled for every one pair of glasses designed by CCS alumnus Evan Sparrow at Genusee Eyewear

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

The Amazing Spider-Man Aquaman Avengers: Infinity War Batman Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Black Panther Captain America: The Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 The Incredible Hulk Suicide Squad Superman Returns Thor: Love and Thunder Transformers X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men

CCS alumni are designing shoes across multiple categories, countries and sports, worn by the following athletes: Kobe Bryant Dwayne Wade Mike Trout Derek Jeter Yu Darvish Mark Buehrle Glen Perkins José Bautista Kyrie Irving Miguel Cabrera


Kevin Beasley Art Practice Fine Artist Photograph by Steve Harries

Kevin Beasley returned to the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2018–2019 for his first solo exhibition in a New York museum, Kevin Beasley: A View of a Landscape — a stunning installation at the center of which is a cotton gin motor from Maplesville, Alabama, encased in a soundproof glass chamber. The exhibition received overwhelming critical praise by publications ranging from The New York Times and Artforum to Automobile Magazine, and a documentary video feature conceived and published by Art21.


Matthew Dale Entertainment Arts Matthew Dale VFX CG Artist

Working in Los Angeles (previously at Pixomondo), Matthew Dale worked directly on The Mandalorian series, which streams on Disney+. As a visual effects artist, Dale was responsible for editing the film footage after it was already shot — lighting, rendering, texturing and creating assets. Dale now works as a freelance CG Artist.

“The coolest project that I worked on, for sure, was The Mandalorian. I was a big Star Wars fan growing up, so when I heard we got the gig, I was very excited.”

‘03 ‘12

Brian Malczewski Transportation Design General Motors Lead Exterior Designer

Gary Ruiz Transportation Design General Motors Creative Designer

General Motors Lead Exterior Designer Brian Malczewski (‘12, Transportation Design) and Creative Designer Gary Ruiz (‘03, Transportation Design) played key roles in the design of the all-new 2022 GMC HUMMER EV. This HUMMER will be the first open-air, all-electric “supertruck” with zero emissions and zero limits that can go almost anywhere, on- or off-road, with a nearly silent ride.


Elizabeth Swallow Interior Design McIntosh Poris Associates Lead Designer

After years in the field and five years at McIntosh Poris Associates, which specializes in hospitality — think restaurants, hotels and pubs, and multifamily residential and commercial design — Elizabeth Swallow has taken the lead on multiple high-profile projects, including Townhouse Detroit, upscale steakhouse Prime + Proper, DuCharme Place apartments and the Detroit Athletic Club.

Swallow’s work has earned national honors and awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Detroit Home Design Awards, including an AIA Los Angeles People’s Choice Award in 2019.


Uijung Kim Illustration Freelance Illustrator

The first time you experience the work of South Korean alumna Uijung Kim, you’re struck by how vibrant and joyful it is. Her playful figures and bold color schemes are inspired by Japanese characters, including “Kogepan” — literally “Burnt Bread” — and they’re pretty addictive.

“I tried many things before illustration. But what I wanted most was to tell stories that were personal to me. I recommend doing what you love, and good things will happen as long as you don’t quit.”

‘07 57


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“My relationships “My relationships with my daughters withnow my daughters are the best are now best they havethe been.” they have been.”

“I spend more “I spend more time on my Fitbit time on my Fitbit program than on program than on social media.” social media.”

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Photography courtesy of Leeor Wild.


Cheresse Thornhill Product Design School for Experiential Education in Design (S.E.E.D.) Design Director

A Nike internship before Cheresse Thornhill’s senior year turned, after graduation, into a full-time role as a footwear designer, where for nearly a decade she created shoes across multiple categories, countries and sports — including the Jordan 16.5, worn by Dwyane Wade, and the Zoom KB24, worn by Kobe Bryant. Now, as the Design Director at S.E.E.D., Thornhill acts as a mentor and advocate for women from diverse backgrounds, creating further access into the adidas brand and sportswear industry.

“My purpose is to help educate, mentor and create community, and then use my voice and advocate in these spaces and rooms with the people who are making the decisions.”


Serge Gay Jr. Illustration Visual Artist and Creative Director

Serge Gay Jr. is a visual artist and Creative Director whose work ranges from art direction and graphic design to illustration. Levi’s recently commissioned him to create a custom Trucker Jacket that symbolizes the important fight for black and gay rights, which will live in their permanent collection.

“I titled this jacket ‘Black Movement.’ It’s like an armor I made for myself. It deals with the movements, leaders and the strong voices within the Black and Black LGBTQ communities that I look up to.”


Brett Renfer Communication Design Bluecadet Creative Director

Brett Renfer uses technology to create meaningful, personal connections between people in spaces. He has built immersive experiences for Google, Intel, JetBlue, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the Whitney Museum of Art, ZER01 and the National Building Museum.

“What I enjoy most about my career is seeing people interact with my work.”


Jeremy Levitt Craft & Material Studies Parts and Labor Design Principal

Whether it’s a boutique hotel or an edgy new eatery, Parts and Labor Design’s work stands out for its many handcrafted details, and Principal Jeremy Levitt’s own designs for custom furniture and lighting can be found in most of the interiors. The firm has designed stunning, award-winning interiors across the country and internationally, including Savannah’s The Grey; Nashville’s Thompson Hotel; Atera Restaurant in New York; and Chicago’s Pacific Standard Time, which won a 2019 James Beard Award for Best Restaurant Design.

“Clients that I’ve worked with here really go for that hardcore, industrial feeling that artists and designers from Detroit infuse into their work. This job has taught me a lot about the industry as well as given me more creative experience in a professional setting. I’ve worked my butt off, but the networking and lessons I’ve learned have been invaluable.”


Jenny Risher Photography Advertising and Editorial Photographer

What’s Jenny Risher’s proudest moment? Looking up in Times Square and seeing her photographs on five enormous billboards in one of the busiest places on earth. Risher relocated to New York City shortly after graduation to develop her portfolio and assist other accomplished photographers. Since then, her list of clients has grown. Today, she works on a freelance basis and is represented by M Represents in New York.

“Photography is an extension of who I am. From the time I started taking photography classes through an afterschool program in middle school, I never doubted my desire to pursue this career.”


Kayla Donaldson Fashion Design Nike Global Jordan Footwear Color Designer — Kids

Before even graduating from CCS, Kayla Donaldson was already being noticed internationally for her work around footwear design. She showcased her work in NYC in the prestigious CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase, was awarded the Graduate Fashion Week International Accessories Design Award for Concept Design in London, England, and was the Foot Locker x adidas x PENSOLE Design Competition winner. Now, as the Global Jordan Footwear Color Designer for kids’ footwear at Nike, she gets to help outfit the future with some of the coolest kicks imaginable.

Winner of the Graduate Fashion Week International Accessories Design Award for Concept Design, Foot Locker x adidas x PENSOLE Design Competition and had work included in the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.


Scott Mallwitz Product Design Walt Disney Imagineering Executive Creative Director Pixar Animation Studios Production Designer

Scott Mallwitz led the creative direction for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, which was completed in late 2019 and is the largest park expansion in the history of the company. Partnered with Lucasfilm, Mallwitz’s team designed an immersive guest experience — “the sights, the smells, the tastes, the textures” — that lives comfortably within the Star Wars universe yet is a completely new narrative.


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Make yourself proud

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Follow your heart.

Follow your heart.

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Built for your life with built-in GPS

Built for your life with built-in GPS

Your pace, your music, your texts, your wallet—all built into the new Versa 3.


Your pace, your music, your texts, your wallet—all built into the new Versa 3.



Marisa Lehnert Advertising Design Fitbit Creative Director of Design

Make yourself proud

Your pace, your music, your texts, your wallet—all built into the new Versa 3.



Built for your life Followwith yourbuilt-in GPS heart.


Your pace, your music, your texts, your wallet—all built into the new Versa 3.


Built for your life Follow your with built-in GPS heart.

“The things that I learned at the College were absolutely foundational for building world-renowned brands; now in my career, I’m so cross-functional. We function like our own ad agency.”

Make yourself proud

As Creative Director of Design at Fitbit, Marisa Lehnert manages a team of 30+ designers, copywriters, photographers and project managers and — in addition to her passion for collaboration and mentorship — she credits CCS with giving her the chops to do it.


Damarcus Holbrook Entertainment Arts Blizzard Entertainment Game Developer

A Game Developer for more than 15 years, Damarcus Holbrook has spent the last six years at Blizzard Entertainment building an impressive body of work as a Senior World Builder, most notably for World of Warcraft. After graduation from CCS, Holbrook and a few other alumni headed out to California to try to break into the business. It took some serious hustle to get that first internship at Big Red Pixel, which eventually led him to his first gig as a 3D and Concept Artist at Valve in Seattle working on “Half-Life 2.”

“You usually go through a long phase of being either a Concept Artist or a 3D Modeler,” Holbrook said. “Then you slowly build small scenes. Before you know it, you make a small area, which comes with a bunch of other stuff. Eventually, you get to the point where you’re in charge of a map. Then you get to where I’m at, where you’re in charge of a continent — the entire game.”

Why CCS?

For more than a century, the College has distinguished itself as one of the premier institutions of creative thinking and learning in the world. Our engaged faculty and stateof-the-art facilities will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need for a successful career at companies, galleries, museums and studios around the world.

By the Numbers

Rankings When someone tells you they’re making it happen — doing good work, finishing first or fastest or best — don’t just take their word for it. Look at the stats. Animation Career Review #1 College for Animation in Michigan Top 50 Animation Schools and Colleges in the U.S. College Factual Top Ranked for Visual and Performing Arts Top Ranked for Design Graddegree.com Best Visual & Performing Arts Master’s Degree Schools

42% of CCS students graduate with no debt

Intelligent Best Colleges in Michigan Best Photography Degree Programs Learn.org Best Visual and Performing Arts Degrees Military-Friendly School Money’s 2020 Best Colleges Niche Best Colleges for Design in America Best Colleges for Art in America Best Colleges for Film and Photography in America Safest College Campuses in America Plexuss #1 Best in Michigan for Graphic Design Programs #1 Best in Michigan for Product Design Programs #3 Best in Michigan for Design and Applied Arts Programs U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools

CCS enrolls more than 1,400 students from 31 states and 28 foreign countries

463 companies came to CCS to recruit in the last three years, 148 were international companies

$22,000 The average scholarship/grant package from all sources (money that is not repaid) for incoming students in 2020/2021

More than five million people are employed in arts and cultural industries Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, bls.gov

The arts contributed $804.2 billion to the U.S. economy in 2016, more than agriculture or transportation

9-to-1 90+ sponsored research projects (students working directly with industry artists and designers) took place between 2017—2020

Artists do better in the professional world than most people think. They’re not just finding jobs, but work that is satisfying

Student-to-faculty ratio that brings a well-rounded, global perspective to creative problem-solving, which helps push students in new directions

$56.6 billion Total sales in the global art market in 2016 Source: The Art Market 2017, Art Basel & UBS Report


Study Abroad Student Exchanges

Qualified students may study up to 18 credit hours at international institutions for transfer back to CCS. Opportunities include:

Hands-On Career Experience

Burren College of Art, Ireland Lorenzo de Medici, Italy Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany Paris College of Art, France Studio Arts College International, Italy University of the Arts, London, England Faculty-Led Programs

Experiential Learning At CCS, it’s important that we provide our students with a holistic, well-rounded experience. Through our experiential learning initiatives, our students receive real-world, hands-on career opportunities before they graduate. These opportunities come in many forms:

Qualified students work in places like Florence, Italy, and the Netherlands with well-known artists and designers, visit studios and museums, and immerse themselves in local art and culture for three undergraduate credits.

Internships, residencies and fellowships Educational partnerships with external stakeholders like industry and/or community such as sponsored projects and service learning projects Entrepreneurship courses Global experiences such as study abroad and exchange programs Research such as MFA thesis or BFA capstone projects

Student Organizations AD Club

Community Involvement

Chinese Students & Scholars Association

CCS is committed to investing in the community, and community service is an integral part of our mission. Opportunities include:

C-Project Detroit (The Creative Collaborative Community Project)

Community Arts Partnerships

Creative Corner

Alternative Spring Break in Haiti

Creativicon: CCS Project Club

Greening of Detroit

Crit Club: Contemporary Development

Service Learning Saturdays

AIGA Black People Meetup+

Cru Dungeons & Dragons Club Fighting Game 101 Friday Night Magic Global Student Club Peacock Players Political Debate Club Queers & Allies RISO Club Smash Club Soccer Club Stage Combat Club Women in Animation Yu-Gi-Oh! Club

Student benefits: • • • • •

Perspective on how art and design can positively impact a community Caring for community and people outside of their experience Giving back Developing a connection between school, life, goals and the world Increased global perspective and consciousness

Student benefits: • • • •

Learn international design aesthetics Experience working for an international audience Global experience and perspective International connections

Student Exhibition Approximately 3,000 works of art created by our students are displayed in May each year. The exhibition is the culmination of hours of hard work and dedication, and we let them shine. Student benefits: • • • • •

Opportunity to sell work to collectors Exposure Exhibition planning Installation Celebrate and acknowledge success through hard work

• = Internships

The Internship program allows qualified students to earn academic credit while gaining first-hand experience in their chosen fields. Student benefits: • • • • •

Use classroom skills in real-world situations Learn skills from professionals Gain first-hand experience prior to graduation Network with professionals Define career goals

AICAD Exchange Through the College’s affiliation with the Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD), juniors or first-semester seniors who meet the GPA requirement have the opportunity to spend a semester (usually Fall or Winter) studying at another member institution in the United States or abroad.

Your Success = Our Priority Sponsored Research Projects

CCS invites prominent fine arts and design professionals to speak at our distinct lecture series: Toyota Lecture on Design Series Creative Boost Series Alumni Lecture Series Individual Department Lecture Series Student benefits: • • •

Exposure to top designers from around the world Lecturers visit and engage with students in the classroom Gain a true understanding of working in a creative industry

Research projects are highly conceptual and allow students to participate in creative, research-based assignments in conjunction with guidance from outside designers and corporations.

3M American Chemistry Council — Plastics Division American Iron and Steel Institute Angell-Demmel North America AOL Autos


Fathead Ferrari

Olympia Development of Michigan

Ford Motor Company


Gardner-White Furniture

Osram Sylvania

GE Appliances, a Haier Company

Pittsburgh Glass Works

Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Polaris Industries

General Motors


GHSP, Inc.

Public Lighting Authority of Detroit

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., LTD

The Oakwood Group

Plastech Holdings Corporation

PVH Corp.

Reebok Renault


Royal Technologies


SABIC Innovative Plastics

Henry Ford Health System


Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Sanyo Automotive USA

Hyundai Design

Shades Optical

Ilitch Charities

Shinola Detroit

Indy Racing League

SMZ Advertising

ITC Holdings Corporation

The Somerset Collection



Johnson Controls



Kohler Company

The Suburban Collection

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC

Lacks Enterprises

Suburban Infiniti of Troy

Lear Corporation

CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center

Toyota Motor Corporation

Leo Burnett


Magna Exteriors and Interiors

Visteon Corporation

Mahindra GenZe


The Mars Agency

Ward’s Automotive Group

Crain Communications Inc

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center

Warrior Sports

Crown Equipment Corporation


Czarnowski Display Services


Daimler Trucks North America LLC

Michigan’s 36th District Court

Avanti Press, Inc. BASF Bayer MaterialScience

Brunswick Calty Design Research Campbell Marketing & Communications

Exposure to professionals Interview/presentation practice Professional feedback Internships and jobs Excitement about the profession

ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants Company

Harley-Davidson Motor Company

ASC Incorporated


• • • • •


Quicken Loans, Inc.

Bordrin New Energy Vehicle Corporation, Inc.

Student benefits:

Emagine Entertainment Inc.



Career Development invites industry representatives to CCS throughout the year to review portfolios and recruit students for internships and employment.

ecostore, USA

National Association for Surface Finishing

Hagie Manufacturing


Bedrock Real Estate Services

Student Showcase

EcoMotors International

CITIC Dicastal Co. CNH Industrial Compuware

Detroit Skate Factory Doodle Home DURA Automotive Systems

Moosejaw MotorCity Casino Motorola

Rock Ventures

Whirlpool/KitchenAid White Castle System, Inc. Wilsonart Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. World Technical Services, Inc. Xenith Yangfeng Automotive Interiors

Student Experience

Museum Day

Geek Week on the Ford Campus

CCS Roller Rink

Hanging Out

World-Class Facilities

Locations A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education Walter and Josephine Ford Campus

Shops Foundry

Glass Studio Hot shop

Metal Shop 48” 11-gauge hydraulic sheet metal bench shear Roll former 48” 16-gauge manual box and pan break 4” Beverly shear Roll-in variable-speed gravity feed metal band saw

2 500-lb. furnaces

Digital Fabrication

200-lb. color furnace

B9 Core 530 castable resin 3D printer

4 gloryholes

8 front-loading annealers

3D Potterbot 9XXL ceramic 3D printer

2 up-up kilns

2 Makerbot Sketch PLA 3D printers US Cutter 24” vinyl cutter

Weaving Studio

16-harness Louet Megado dobby loom

21 4- and 8-harness floor looms

2 color pick up warmers

4-harness 98” Cranbrook loom

Flameworking station

Knitting machine

5 top-loading casting kilns

Silhouette curio vinyl cutter

Large car, fusing and large clamshell kilns

Printmaking and letterpress studio

Shopbot CNC for plaster

Cold shop

4,000-square-foot printmaking facilities

X-Carve CNC router for graphite

2 diamond saws

Intaglio process

2 24” diamond flat lap wheels

Lithography process

Blacksmithing Studio

Letterpress/book arts/ relief process

Silicone/Urethane/ Plaster molds

14” Clausing Startrite cold cut saw

100x crucible 1,500-degree flashfire burnout kiln

Horizontal band saw

4 solid fuel forges


50T H-frame hydraulic press

2 gas forges

2 wet belt sanders

3 leg vices

Large lathe for polishing

Kent USA 14” variablespeed metal lathe

2 swage blocks

Small lathe with assorted wheels

60-lb. treadle hammer

Flex shaft diamond grinder station

Ceramic shell casting

Large variety of automatic and manual abrasive and cutting tools

Diamond core drill press

Resource computer lab/ critique space

Resin-bonded casting

Oxy-acetylene torches

30-ton hydraulic press

Sandblast cabinet

Vinyl cutter/software

Outdoor iron melting cupola 45-gallon slurry tank Fluidized silica beds 1-ton overhead hoist Casting with lost wax

75-lb. air power hammer Falcon 75-lb. pneumatic hammer

Screen print process

Takach, Charles Brand and Vandercook presses Large assortment of metal type

WO R L D Wood Shop

Miller Synchrowave TIG welder

Metalsmithing and Jewelry Studio

Fiber and Textiles Studio

Sculpture Studio

Sawstop table saws

Gas ranges and hoods

Tool rental

Portercable/Benchdog router table life

Miller Millermatic MIG welder

Neutec J2/R CE vacuum casting machine

Digital surfacing lab

8” helical powermatic jointer

Miller resistance spot welder

Stake and machine room

Plaster room: Waste molds, mother molds, Gypsum casting, dry dust ventilation

22” helical powermatic thickness planer

Hypertherm Power Max 85 handheld plasma cutter

12” Makita compound miter saw Agazzani 21 band saw Laguna 18 band saw Laguna 16 band saw

Large format Epson sublimation ink-jet printer

Electroforming/ anodizing room

Large format scanners

Downdraft ventilation table

Rofin/Starweld laser welder

Induction burners

Plastic/rubber room: Rubber molds, plastic casting




Casting, powdercoating, enameling and soldering stations

Heat presses

Ceramics Studio

Dye mixing box washer and dryer

Carving room: Cutting dust booth, 6 downdraft tables, overhead chain hoist, engine hoist, tablelifts, carts

“The Stage” shooting and production studios with cove

Buffing room

Dye lab

Electric indoor kilns

Screen printing Studio

Figure and anatomy dry studio

Plaster mold-making room

5 4-yard printing tables

Ceramic decal printer

Darkroom and light table

Multipurpose studio

Woodfire Anagama kiln

Sewing studio

Covered exterior kilns

Long arm (Handi Quilter)

Oscillating spindle sander

Digital studio with Mac desktops

Car kiln

Tabletop mill 23” x 7” bed

Studio B and sound studio

Birmingham mill 48” x 9” bed

Daylight studio

Soda, salt, reduction and Raku kilns

Industrial and table top sewing machines (Juki, Janome, Techsew)

Final cut studio

European “Blaauw” kiln

Buffing wheels

Fully equipped photography studios with cyc walls

Hand-building studio

15” drill press Radial drill press Scroll saw Combination belt/ 12” disc sander

Proto-vac 24” x 30” vacuum former 220-sq.-ft. down flow spray booth

Wheel-throwing studio Slip-casting studio Clay-mixing studio Glazing room Slab roller

Miter saw Outdoor working area Clay station: Non-sulphur, water-based, clay recycling Modeling stands Figure sculpture aids

2 professional sound-mixing rooms Linda Dresner Levy Studio Nancy and James Grosfeld Advertising Studio Danialle and Peter Karmanos, Jr. Communication Design Studios WPP Studio Keith E. Crain Transportation Design Center Jennifer and David T. Fischer Studio

Interaction lab


Large darkrooms

Center Galleries

Dry mount room Alternative processes lab Printing lab with 44” wide archival inkjet printers Mac desktops Film and flatbed scanners Black-and-white printers Gaming lab Super computers/ widescreen monitors Virtual reality capability


Alumni and Faculty Hall

24/7 student lounges on both campuses

Main Gallery

General Motors Auditorium

Student hubs

Revolving Student Exhibition Valade Family Gallery

Josephine F. Ford Sculpture Garden

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Gallery

Wendell W. Anderson, Jr. Auditorium

Libraries Art and Design Library

Imaging Center

300 periodicals from worldwide sources

On-campus print service bureau Canon imagePRESS production laser printers

Video and editing suites

5 3D printers

Premier editing software

CNC five axis mills

24/7 lab

More than 100 electronic databases for research workshop subscription

Laser cutter

15 Mac and 5 PC desktops

More than 4,000 DVDs

3D Handi Scan


A robust digital image repository of more than 95,000 images for teaching and research

Clay modeling studio

Polk Technology Center

Xerox color printer

Henry Ford II Promenade

7.1 surround sound

More than 90,000 volumes in print, 90% of which are devoted to art and design

Vicki and Tom Celani Rapid Prototyping Studio

Car-sized ventilated spray booth

Benson and Edith Ford Conference Center

Permanent Gallery Collection

Paul Farago Studio

Black-and-white printers

Bob and Ellen Thompson Gymnasium

Shared production areas

Virtual reality lab 4K monitors

Xerox Phaser color duplexing printer


Epson wide-format inkjet roll-fed printers Epson wide-format draft quality plotter Risograph two-color digital duplicator

LCD projector HD projector VHS/DVD player Blu-ray player 2 podiums with touchscreen controls and VHS/ DVD combo players

Bookstore 3,000-sq.-ft. retail space Art supplies Text books

C L A S S Fashion Design Studio Industrial sewing machines (Consew, Durkopp Adler, Juki and Seiko) Landis insole and sole stitching machines Landis sole press ATOM FlashCut EASY 222 knife-cutting table Camoga splitting machine Landis and Nuova Ginev finishing machines Campbell Randall skiving machines 5-in-1 cutter 3D scanner

Labs Stop-motion lab Computer labs with Cintiq tablets Traditional animation labs Traditional sound room Sound-contained room Recording room

Housing Art Centre Building 99 apartment-style units Located on Ford Campus Private bath Full kitchens Accommodates up to six students Taubman Center Housing 100 loft-style units Located in Taubman Center Private bath Accommodates up to four students Laundry facilities Free overnight parking Community rooms Fitness rooms Game room Student hub

Color and Materials Library

File prep and Risograph workshops

School supplies

More than 5,000 volumes focused on color, trends forecasting, sustainable materials and design

Plastic coil, metal wire binding, and stack cutting finishing services

Electronics, headphones and computer accessories

More than 30,000 physical samples of materials for design Access to WGSN and LS:N Global consumer insight and trend databases

X-Rite i1Display Pro color calibrators Audio/Visual Center Digital camera/ recorder rentals Drawing tablet rentals Lighting rentals

80 periodicals primarily focused on materials, fashion, design and the business of design

Student Success Center

Light room with essential tools for visual color assessment



Natural Colour Coloro, Pantone and Munsell color selection and specification tools

Other Facilities/

Seamless walls (for video) Oxberry Senior studio spaces

CCS apparel and souvenirs

Snacks, drinks, frozen foods and convenience products

Design Core Detroit Design Core Detroit positions Detroit as a global source of creative talent through its business growth services, public programming and stewardship of Detroit’s UNESCO City of Design designation

University Prep: Art & Design (UPAD)

Critique spaces

Middle and high school

One-drum, 9-color Risograph printer

Grades 6 — 12


Whisper room

Arts and Crafts Café

Print production tool hub

TC Café

Large-format printers

Two 24/7 markets

Photo equipment: Analog and digital systems, accessories and studios

Curriculum with a strong emphasis on art and design Ford Motor Company Fund College and Careers Transition Office

City of Makers

Detroit is home to a growing number of artists and entrepreneurs and the highest concentration of commercial and industrial designers in the nation. Our tight-knit artists’ community, affordable living and studio space, and economic opportunity inspire creatives and foster opportunity for growth and change.

Detroit: First American UNESCO City of Design

“Detroit is a giant candy store for young college graduates wanting to be their own bosses.”

Inspiring Architecture All around CCS’s campuses

CCS boasts an impressive and longstanding safety record. Your safety is one of our greatest priorities and we take pride in being considered one of the safest college campuses in Michigan. Safety & Security 24/7 campus security patrols Access cards used for entrance to dormitories 24/7 shuttle service between campus locations and off-site campus housing Safety escorts to and from vehicles Dedicated parking structures manned by security personnel Emergency notification system Emergency call boxes located throughout campus Closed-circuit camera monitoring system throughout campus First aid services

CCS Shuttles To and from campuses

Creative Spaces Anywhere you make it

Design Core Detroit Operated and housed at CCS

Open-Air Markets, Urban Gardens and Sustainable Living. This Is the Real Detroit. The physical space available in Detroit is a draw for entrepreneurs, farmers, artists and people in search of sustainable living. They use the land to create socially minded, community-oriented gardens and projects that not only benefit themselves, but the greater good. On a typical Saturday in Detroit, you will find many of these Detroiters selling their organic goods at the Detroit Eastern Market, which draws more than 100,000 people to the city every weekend during the growing season.

Veronika Scott ‘11, Product Design Founder and CEO at The Empowerment Plan

This Is the New Detroit ­— A Global Center for Innovation Detroit is building its reputation as a global center for innovation, and CCS is right in the middle of it. Located in the heart of Detroit’s Innovation District, CCS students have the ability to engage in the creative community that encompasses the campus. It seems that every day CCS learns about new, exciting changes our alumni are making in the world. They are involved in starting new galleries, art programs, collectives, businesses and initiatives, including: CAVE Detroit Design Center Fortress Studios Furnace Design Studio Ponyride

Detroit Is a City that Inspires its Inhabitants and Allows Them to Make Change Creative entrepreneurship is not only welcomed in Detroit, it’s fostered. There are more than 50 programs within our city that were developed to nurture start-ups. These programs offer assistance to new business owners as they navigate the sometimes intimidating world of business ownership. Some of these programs include: Build Institute Design Core Detroit — Operated by and Housed at CCS Detroit Soup Detroit Venture Partners Hatch Detroit Invest Detroit Sidewalk Ventures

Detroit Mercantile Co.

Eastern Market

Photography courtesy of Lamar Landers.

Creative Community

Sydney G. James ‘01, Illustration Fine Artist, Muralist and 2017 Kresge Fellow

A Vibrant and Socially Cultured Mind

Kikko Paradela ‘10, Communication Design Interactive Designer and 2019 Kresge Fellow

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Eastern Market Murals

Third Man Records

Where We Hang

King Bookstore The Majestic Theatre

Arts and Crafts Café


Avalon Bakery

Milano Bakery

Belle Isle


Biggby Coffee

The Motor Bar

Bowling Alleys

Motor City Brewing Works

The Bronx

Northern Lights Lounge

Bucharest Grill

Old Miami

Café D’Mongo’s

Old Shillelagh



Campus Martius

Random Music Venues

Cass Café

Renaissance Center

Cliff Bell’s


Comerica Park


Detroit Artists Market

Rock City Eatery

Detroit Institute of Arts

Slows Bar BQ

Detroit One Coney Island


Detroit Public Library

Taqueria Lupita

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Tim Hortons

Detroit Zen Center

Town Pump Tavern

Eastern Market

Traffic Jam & Snug

Edsel and Eleanor Ford House

Union Street

The Ferry House


The Fillmore

Hart Plaza Jazz Fest

Fisher Building Ford Field Great Lakes Coffee Greektown Greenfield Village Hart Plaza Hockeytown Café Hopcat Java Hut Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery

Avalon Bakery

Midtown Dog Park

ASHE Supply Co.

Ashe Supply Co.

Urban Garden

Fun in the City

The College for Creative Studies lives inside Detroit’s Midtown area. You’ll find yourself just steps away from iconic places like the Motown Museum, the Detroit Film Theatre and the Detroit Institute of Arts — one of the country’s largest museums. We’re surrounded by artisanal coffee shops, design boutiques, art galleries, live music venues that belt out indie, garage, EDM, hip-hop, folk, jazz, blues, and so much more.

Celebrating Creativity

The Detroit Institute of Arts

Campus Martius

Where We Rock

The Fillmore

Bohemian National Home

The Majestic Theatre

Cass Café

Max Fisher Music Center


Michigan Theater


New Center Park

Club Amnesia

Northern Lights Lounge

Comerica Park

Old Miami

The Crofoot

Orchestra Hall

Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Painted Lady

Detroit Opera House

PJ’s Lager House

Detroit Orchestra Hall

Royal Oak Music Theatre

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Russell Industrial Center

DTE Energy Music Theatre


Eagle Theatre

The Shelter

Exodus Rooftop


The Fillmore

St. Andrew’s Hall

Fisher Theatre

The Token Lounge

Fox Theatre

Town Pump

Freedom Hill

The Trumbullplex

The Gem Theatre

TV Bar

Grog Shop




Little Caesars Arena The Magic Bag

People Mover

Detroit Fireworks

Slow Roll

Garden Bowl

Great Vibes


Advertising Design


Art Practice Communication Design Craft & Material Studies

Ceramics Fiber & Textiles Furniture Glass Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Entertainment Arts

Animation Concept Design Digital Film Game Design

Fashion Design Illustration Interior Design Photography Product Design Transportation Design Teacher Certification Program

Art Education

What’s your interest? We will help you find the right path. Interested in

Interested in

Interested in

The “Big Idea” Art Direction Advertising Marketing Idea Generation Social Media

Painting Printmaking Sculpture Installation Time-Based Media

Graphic Design Web/App Design Interaction Design User Experience Motion Design Typography




Advertising Design

Art Practice

Communication Design

Interested in

Interested in

Interested in

Art Furniture Ceramics Fiber & Textile Design Glassblowing Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design Colors & Materials Handmaking

Animation Movies Video Games Cinematography Storyboarding 3D Modeling Entertainment Design Concept Design

Apparel Design Accessories Design Fashion Footwear Design Colors & Materials Fashion Trends Forecasting Fashion Business




Craft & Material Studies

Entertainment Arts

Fashion Design

Interested in

Interested in

Interested in

Drawing Sketching Editorial Illustration Graphic Novels Storyboarding Comics Character Design Entertainment Design

Colors & Materials Environment Design Furniture & Lighting Design Ergonomics of Space Forecasting Interior Decorating Architecture

Digital Photography Traditional Photography Studio Lighting Photo Editing Photojournalism Videography





Interior Design


Interested in

Interested in

Interested in

Sneaker Design Toy Design Outdoor Equipment Design Sports Gear Design Furniture Design UX/UI Design Design for Change

Cars, Boats & Planes Mass Transit Design Vehicle Interior Design Mobility Autonomous Vehicles

Teaching Art Theory Classroom Setting Art Making Museum Education




Product Design

Transportation Design

Art Education

Advertising Design

Career Choices Account Executive App Designer Art Director Brand Manager Brand Strategist Copywriter Creative Director Design Director Design Strategist Digital Ad Strategist Digital Content Manager Digital Designer Graphic Designer Interaction Designer Interactive Art Director Mobile Media Designer Motion Graphics Designer Producer Social Content Manager Social Copywriter Social Media Graphic Designer Social Media Manager TV & Radio Producer Visual Designer Web Designer

Move the Needle. Advertising is more than just the Fortune 500 company’s new campaign. It’s about innovative approaches to persuasion that stir emotion and influence cultural change. In the Advertising Design program at CCS, students devise strategies to capture popular imagination through the integration of digital and social media, content creation and user experience, and print and television. Students learn from industry leaders and begin building professional portfolios from day one. They create immersive user experiences, working in teams, using research, consumer insights and a range of technology.

Jessica Bonello and Johnny Spagnuolo

Emily Mata

Study with confidence. Powerade.

Allie Michelini

Anthony Quitos

Emily Burke

Art Practice

Career Choices Art Administrator Art Appraiser Art Buyer Art Conservationist Art Consultant Art Critic Art Educator Art Fabricator Art Handler/Installer Artist in Residence Art Therapist Color and Materials Designer Community Artist Curator Exhibition Designer Exhibit Manager Film Industry Fabricator Freelance Entrepreneur Gallery Owner or Director Independent Artist Independent Business Entrepreneur Model Designer/Maker Museum Educator Performance Artist Printmaker Prop Designer Public Artist Sculptor Set Designer Sound Artist Studio Artist Videographer

Customize your path. Art Practice (formerly Fine Arts) takes a broad perspective on the work and identity of artists, from the studio artists’ ability to produce meaningful works of art, to the role of artists as cultural producers, arts advocates, community builders and innovators in a range of creative fields. CCS Art Practice students build conceptual and critical skills that focus on materials, form, content, history, theory and process. With the freedom to create a customized path suited to particular strengths and interests, supported by individual mentoring with outstanding faculty, students are equipped to make choices that will prepare them to be versatile and nimble in an ever-changing world. Art Practice students work within and between the areas of Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Print Media, Video/Digital Media, Installation and Performance. Students have access to some of the finest resources in the country, including the latest technologies in 3D modeling and printing, an expansive printmaking area, state-of-the-art wood and metal shops, a digital print studio and a fully functioning foundry. Our newly renovated sculpture area provides increased workspace and new equipment that enhance students’ ability to make significant 3D work. Art Practice seniors and juniors have semi-private studios with 24-hour access — which allows for the development of a signature body of work as professional artists. Students begin to exhibit their work locally in the vibrant art scene in Detroit and are exposed to a global network of artists and creative professionals who provide significant models of successful careers as artists, creative entrepreneurs, educators and more.

Ana Barrera Garza

Ambrocia Grayson

Sofia Bicego

Sarah Rasmussen

Maggie Laycock

Jaime Pattison

STEM-designated program

Communication Design

Career Choices Advertising Designer App Designer Branding/Identity Designer Brand Manager Creative Director Design Director Design Strategist Digital Content Manager Digital Designer Editorial Designer Environment Designer Exhibit Designer Graphic Designer Interaction Designer Interactive Art Director Mobile Media Designer Motion Graphic Designer Multimedia Graphic Designer Social Media Digital Designer Social Media Director User Experience Designer User Interface Designer Visual Designer Web Designer Web/Mobile Media Designer

The world isn’t two-dimensional and neither are we. From your favorite books and websites to every app on your mobile phone — every day we use, touch or see something a communication designer helped create. Communication Design at CCS covers print, motion and interaction, a reflection of where the field is now and where it’s headed. First, students learn the core principles of print-based graphic design — think image, typography, color, messaging and hierarchy. Then they merge what they’ve learned with the language of code in order to build media and create interactive environments on a wide variety of platforms. Communication designers are in high demand here and abroad — CCS graduates in particular. Our students are sought after because they can think, make and innovate.

Thomas McElmeel

Elizabeth Nutting

Christopher Holdstock

Cecilia Caputo

Jessica Kuhlman

Grace Song

Will Callis

Craft & Material Studies

Career Choices Apparel Designer Art Educator Blacksmith Ceramic Artist Clay Modeler Color & Trim Designer Colorist Costume Designer Fashion Accessories Designer Furniture Designer Gallery Owner Glass Artist Independent Artist Jewelry Designer Material Designer Metalsmith Mold Maker Ornamental Architecture Fabricator Print & Pattern Designer Prop Designer Sculptor Set Designer Surface Designer Textile Designer Tile Designer

Makers of the future. The Craft and Material Studies department investigates the expressive possibilities of materials through rigorous, hands-on investigation. Students engage in disciplined making practices, including sculpture, functional objects, design and decorative arts. Craft and Material Studies students focus on the acquisition of both traditional skills and experimental approaches to develop an informed and innovative use of materials. The flexible curriculum allows students to explore a variety of materials while remaining grounded in a single material discipline: Ceramics, Fiber and Textiles, Furniture, Glass, or Metalsmithing and Jewelry. All students take classes to enhance their skill sets in professional practices, digital design and fabrication. And state-of-the-art studios help them cultivate an individualized practice that is informed by an understanding of materials and larger artistic, social and cultural contexts. A Craft and Material Studies education at CCS prepares students to thrive as independent artists, commissioned artists, production artists, studio owners, fabricators, designers, teachers, art administrators, and nonprofit managers and directors to broadly apply creativity and critical thinking to issues outside of their discipline.

Craft & Material Studies Ceramics

Ceramics teaches histories and traditions connected to clay alongside clay’s technical qualities, production processes, and the tools involved in building with it. In Ceramics, students engage with the concerns of contemporary art discourse while defining an individualized practice for themselves. Class projects encourage students to pursue notions of function, beauty, materiality, critique and narrative in their work. Ceramics offers instruction in handbuilding, wheel-throwing, slip casting and more, including designand technology-based classes. Students learn the scientific properties of clay and glaze formulation, how to build with the material, and how to fire a comprehensive range of kilns, including electric, gas, salt, soda and wood kilns. Students also work with many other materials and ideas outside of clay, engaging the resources in other departments and collaborations with other faculty and students.

Lauren Lawrence

Riley Binkow

Libba Beattie

Craft & Material Studies Fiber & Textiles

The Fiber and Textiles program encompasses art, design, craft and technology. Students in this field acquire technical and conceptual skills to create objects informed by materiality, purpose and the sense of touch. A wide range of technical processes and topics include: weaving, dyeing, screen printing, embellishment, surface design, felting, sewing, quilting, garment construction, knitting, crochet, laser cutting, digital print and pattern design. Students are encouraged to discover new ways of working through material experimentation. With the guidance of faculty, students develop an individualized language of color, pattern and texture, both planar and sculptural in form. Traditional and non-traditional methods of creation, and an interdisciplinary approach to technology (fabrication and production), are integrated into the program.

Dance Vanneste

Ardele Monkkonen

Taylor Childs

Craft & Material Studies Furniture

In Furniture, students approach object making through a deep investigation of how different materials influence form and function. Beginning with a strong foundation in technical woodworking in tandem with rigorous material exploration, students are prepared to create furniture that can fit into a range of industries — from product design to studio production and sculpture. Furniture students learn fabrication skills in wood, metal and foundry, and the curriculum allows them to take additional electives in areas that will enhance their practice, including Ceramics, Glass, Metalsmithing, Fiber and Textiles, Product Design and Sculpture.

Meg Lowe

Toomas Toomepuu

Salvatore Gulino

Craft & Material Studies Glass

The Glass program is informed by the material properties of glass and its history in decorative art, science and industry. Students develop dexterity with glass through hands-on courses that include both technical and experimental investigations. Beginning freshman year, students work in state-of-the-art facilities with individual studio space. The curriculum offers extensive instruction in freehand glassblowing, mold blowing, kiln casting, hot casting and coldworking. A rigorous technical curriculum coupled with individualized studio practice help students develop innovative and expressive approaches to glassmaking informed by a contemporary art and design context. Sculpture, functional objects, lighting, installation and vessels are among the many possibilities for student explorations.

Enrico Battan

Enrico Battan

Natalia AliAhmad

Craft & Material Studies Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Metalsmithing and Jewelry instructs students in design, bench and studio practice, digital technologies, and business and project management. Students learn to work with metal through research and project-based experimentation that challenges them to expand their material vocabulary and explore innovative ideas. Our expansive studios facilitate a range of processes, including forged iron, nonferrous metalsmithing, casting, fabrication, enamels and working with alternative materials. And CCS is one of only a handful of institutions in the United States that offers significant coursework in blacksmithing and decorative iron. Student work includes sculpture, design, architectural explorations, jewelry fabrication, home furnishings and vessels. Internships and first-hand field experiences help prepare students for success in a diverse and competitive field.

Jayson Olson

Cassidy Kaufman

Bryan Rees

STEM-designated program

Entertainment Arts

Career Choices 3D Artist 3D Character Artist 3D Modeler 3D Production Artist 3D Visualization Artist Animator Armature Builder CG Artist Character Animator Cinematics Director Cinematographer Colorist Compositor Concept Artist Creative Visualization Designer Digital Designer Digital Media Creator Digital Product Designer Director Editor Entertainment Designer Environment Artist Flash Artist FX Artist Game Artist/Designer/Developer Hair & Cloth Artist Interactive Imaging Layout Artist Level Designer Lighter Look Development Artist Maquette Builder Matchmover Matte Painter Mocap Artist Motion Graphics Artist Multimedia Specialist Rigger Stop-Motion Animator Storyboard Artist Texture Painter VFX Artist VFX Supervisor Video Game Specialist Videographer Video Producer Weapon Artist Web Artist

We put stories — and careers — in motion. Storytelling is at the heart of what artists do. The mediums may differ, but whether you’re venturing into animation, concept design, video games or digital film, it takes the best to help you become the best. Entertainment Arts (also known as Entertainment Design) at CCS prepares you to join the next generation of storytellers with Hollywood insiders who show you how to master the latest software and equipment used in the entertainment industry. Entertainment Arts students in all four emphases — Animation, Concept Design, Digital Film and Game Design — have been featured in international film festivals and competitions, and they have interned and/or worked for a wide variety of industry leaders, including: Aardman Animations LTD, Blizzard, Bluewater Technologies, Cartoon Network, Creative Time, Crush Music, Disney Feature Animation, DreamWorks Animation, Laika, NASA, Pixar Animation, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Pictures, TBS, Warner Bros. and more.

Entertainment Arts Animation

Storytelling is at the heart of Animation, and we’ll prepare you to develop character performance within a variety of 2D and 3D applications. You’ll hone skills in traditional and computer-generated (CG) animation and design, and gain experience in stop-motion, motion graphics and experimental media. Animation graduates work throughout the industry as designers, storyboard artists, fabricators, animators and visual development artists.

Eri Hall

First Fight Sponsored Project

Entertainment Arts Concept Design

Concept designers bring stories to life, envisioning every design element — from props and scenery to costumes and characters, they help design everything an audience visually experiences. With a curriculum developed by CCS’s Dean of Undergraduate Studies and veteran Concept Designer Tim Flattery (credited in films such as Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Bumblebee and The Hunger Games), Concept Design at CCS is an intimate, competitive program that takes a deep dive into the field, including conceptual skills, 2D and 3D execution, and designing hardware, architecture, characters and environments.

Madeline Pappas

Elizabeth Kachanova

Jeremy Hunter

Entertainment Arts Digital Film

Digital Film is built on a foundation of history, theory and technique, all while keeping in mind a continually evolving industry. You’ll be encouraged to explore storytelling through narrative, documentary and experimental forms, as well as personal aesthetics and technological concerns. Digital Film graduates are screenwriters, cinematographers, directors, editors, producers, sound designers, colorists, creative directors, VFX artists, studio owners, and independent filmmakers and artists.

Jeronimo Loperaan

Maddie Shubeck

Camden Crowe

Entertainment Arts Game Design

Game Design prepares you to join the next generation of storytellers while using the hottest tools in the trade. You’ll learn how to conceptualize and build 2D and 3D CGI and put these skills into action as you produce immersive gameplay experiences across platforms, including mobile, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), as well as realistic environments and assets for film. Game Design graduates work as character artists, environment and vehicle designers, technical and VFX artists, creative directors and AR/VR developers.

Jacob Deremer

Daphne Fiato

Fashion Design

Career Choices Accessories Designer Apparel Designer Buyer Entrepreneur Fashion Designer Fashion Retail Professional Footwear Designer Handbag Designer Leather Goods Designer Merchandiser Pattern Maker Production Developer Production Manager Stylist Trend Researcher

Elements of style. Fashion is a staggering $3 trillion growing global industry with a variety of exciting career paths. Unlike any other program, CCS integrates both apparel and accessories design so you gain head-to-toe preparation for the fashion industry — from daywear and couture, to footwear and handbags. Conceive, make and merchandise your original fashion apparel and accessories all in a single program. Our fashion business coursework instills a solid understanding of marketing designs and managing a fashion brand to create designers who inspire and lead. You’ll know what it takes to move from initial concept and design to the full range of fabrication techniques, and on to supply chain management and distribution.

Alore Niemi

Jac Bladow

Josie Teachout

Bradley Cannon

Ava Kaloustian


Career Choices Advertising Illustrator Art Educator Character Artist Children’s Book Illustrator Comic Book Artist Concept Artist Conceptual Illustrator for Video Games/Film Creative Director Digital Illustrator Digital Matte Illustrator Digital Painter Digital Photo Illustrator Digitec Compositor Editorial Illustrator Entertainment Designer Environment Artist Fashion Illustrator Freelance Illustrator Gallery Artist Graphic Novel Illustrator Illustrator Merchandising Illustrator Motion Illustrator/Designer Multimedia Designer Storyboard Artist Textile Pattern Illustrator Visual Artist Visual Development Illustrator Web Designer

Choose your path. Your experience in the CCS Illustration department integrates the fundamentals of visual storytelling, figure drawing, color, composition and perspective with industry-relevant coursework. Our Illustration elective course options form pathways in Visual Development, Publishing, Fashion Lifestyle and Licensing, Comics and Sequential, or Gallery Artist. Through these pathways, you will develop a portfolio specific to your career goals and creative interests. Our students and graduates work for industry leaders such as Adidas, Blizzard Games, Cartoon Network, Disney, Converse, ESPN, Ford, The New York Times, Nike and The Washington Post. Our students and graduates win awards and are regularly featured in award shows such as American Illustration, Communication Arts, Spectrum, and the Society of Illustrators of New York and Los Angeles. Our pathways will help you create a focused portfolio for freelance or studio-based careers in Illustration, and that, combined with our businesscentric courses and optional Creative Entrepreneurship concentration, will prepare you for work in a studio or opening your own.

Nate Sweitzer

Blaise Rhein

Samuel Bessiake

Gretchen Altenberger

Jocelyn Reiter

Samuel Bessiake

Interior Design

Career Choices Color & Materials Designer Color & Materials Specialist Color & Trim Designer Commercial Interior Designer Corporate Interior Designer Display Designer Exhibit Designer Facilities Design Manager Furniture Designer Hospitality Interior Designer Interior Designer Lighting Designer Residential Designer Retail Interior Designer Space Planner Virtual Reality Designer

Design for the way we live, work and play in the world. Interior Design is about more than making four walls and a floor look beautiful. Design has the power to impact our health, education, productivity and overall quality of life. CCS’s Interior Design program helps you develop a holistic approach to creating environments that function and respond effectively to the way people live their lives — at home, at work and as part of communities. Accredited by the Council for Interior Design (CIDA), the Interior Design program is an intimate experience that emphasizes how to develop concepts and master creative thinking. You’ll work collaboratively, learning how to strengthen your aesthetic point of view while paying close attention to client needs and experiences. You’ll also develop the skills to integrate research and current trends with environment function, design and sustainability.

Alexis Friedman and Meredith Knodel

Paige Scoggin

Pharm Bar

Paige Scoggin

Brooke Zeolla

Marlo Pochino

Alexis Chase

Jacob Wolenski


Career Choices Architectural Photographer Art/Photography Educator Commercial Photographer Content Creation Specialist Digital Retoucher Documentary Photographer Fashion Photographer Fine Art Photographer Forensic Photographer Freelance Photographer Image Buyer Image Collection Manager Image Stylist Ophthalmic Photographer Photojournalist Portrait Photographer Producer Sports Photographer Studio Photographer Videographer Visual Media Specialist

Another way of seeing the world. Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can be a photographer. From event photography and magazine fashion shoots to fine art images, studio portraits and candid storytelling, photographers understand the scientific and technical aspects involved in photography while embracing it as an expressive medium and exercising aesthetic judgment. Photography at CCS helps you master evolving technology and develop your creativity so you’ll be ready for whatever lies on the other side of your lens.

Anthony Patterson

Ray Underwood

Florian Bork

Patricia Luiso

Brendan Brooks

Toya Golden

STEM-designated program

Product Design

Career Choices 3D Modeler Accessories Designer Appliance Designer Athletic Equipment Designer Athletic Shoe Designer Bicycle Designer Brand Manager Color & Materials Designer Consumer Electronics Designer Consumer Wearables Designer Creative Designer Design Engineer Exhibit Designer Footwear Designer Furniture Designer Independent Design Consultant Industrial Designer Influencer Market Researcher Medical Equipment Designer Motorcycle Designer Product Designer Recreational Vehicle Designer Recreation Equipment Designer Researcher Shoe Designer Sneaker Designer Toy Designer Trend Forecaster UX/UI Designer Virtual Reality Designer Watercraft Designer

We don’t just design products, we design the future. Product Design isn’t just about products. It’s a way of thinking that enables designers to apply their knowledge and skills across a wide range of careers. At CCS, students acquire a deeper understanding of complex problems, critical thinking skills, interdisciplinary approaches, and cultural and economic changes in the world. Whether it’s athletic gear, housewares, office products or furniture, students learn to think beyond trends and styling. Product designers design experiences and, as a result, improve and expand whatever they touch. It’s not about designing a new chair, it’s about creating new ways of seating.

William Turner

Katarina Evan

Tony Zhou

Caleb Gess

Thomas Fazio

Daniel Visintainer

Harry Kaloustian

STEM-designated program

Transportation Design

Career Choices Airplane Designer Alias Modeler Automotive Color & Trim Designer Automotive Exterior Designer Automotive Interior Designer Autonomous Vehicle Designer Clay Modeler/Sculptor Concept Hardware Artist Creative Designer Design Engineer Digital Modeler/Sculptor Industrial Designer Market Researcher Mass Transit Designer Mobility Systems Designer Motorcycle Designer Recreational Vehicle Designer Surface Designer Transportation Systems Designer UX/UI Designer Vehicle Exterior Designer Vehicle Interior Designer Virtual Reality Designer Watercraft Designer

Detroit drives the auto industry. Our graduates drive the design. The CCS Transportation Design program has spent 59 years becoming the best. This century’s wave of ingenuity brought with it autonomous vehicles and mobility-forward design, and we educate the designers who are leading this charge and whose influence in the transportation industry is unmatched anywhere. CCS alumni swell the ranks of every major car design studio and nearly all the Tier 1 auto suppliers. Our graduates account for 60% of the design team at Stellantis, led by Global Head of Design and alumnus Ralph Gilles. GM Design employs more than 175 of our alumni, and our graduates are key designers at powersports company studios. It all began right here in Detroit, the heart of the U.S. automotive industry, where our faculty of award-winning, industry-savvy professionals have no rivals.

Fabrizio Orzi de Paula

Lukas Chesla

Lukas Chesla

Mohamed Outabachi

Ankit Ukil

Ryan Schlotthauer and Christopher Duff

Kai Oldman


Undecided? We can help you discover a major to fit your passion. College is about discovering who you are and what you want to become. As an artist, your interest can change based on the type of projects you’ve worked on or the career you desire. That is why CCS created a “Discovery of Your Practice” pathway for undecided incoming students. The Discovery of Your Practice path includes multifaceted class projects and insightful critiques, paired with a special First-Year Experience class. This opportunity to explore gives you insight into all the programs we offer and will help you decide which major is the best fit.

Paige Nettleingham

Madeleine Graham

Brooke Everett

Teacher Certification Program Art Education

Career Choices K-12 Art Teacher Community Arts Gallery Director Community Arts Program Director Educator in Medical Facilities Museum Educator

Teach others to do what you love — create art. Art programs are on the rise. Despite what you may have heard, the arts remain a vital part of K-12 education, and talented art educators are in demand. The CCS Art Education program is a unique, studio-based Visual Arts Teacher Certification program that combines an internationally recognized BFA degree with teacher preparation courses. Art Education is a hands-on, innovative Teacher Certification program that focuses solely on the learning and teaching of art. The curriculum combines rigorous studio and education classes with core liberal arts courses to prepare you to teach in Michigan and throughout the United States. And if you’ve already earned your BFA, you may be able to complete our 27-credit Visual Arts Teacher Certification in two years or less.

Dayana Juarez

Olivia Heron

Lindsay Valentine


Every artist and designer needs to know not only how to manipulate the physical materials and spaces they work with, but what choices are available to them. They must be able to express themselves using traditional tools as well as newer digital tools, and they must know how to critique, how to step back and analyze their work. This is what the CCS Foundation program is all about. Students at CCS will grow from the roots they develop through the Foundation program. Focused studies introduce essentials in drawing, design concepts, digital fundamentals, and materials and processes. In short, it’s the core skills students will build upon as they progress through college and that are essential for their professional careers.

Cole Williams

Marc VanNocker

Patrick Borys

Isabella Hadous

Carla Langfeldt

Katherine Sedlak

Roland Frohman III

Customize Your Program Choose from a variety of concentrations and minors to expand and customize your art or design major program.

Liberal Arts

CONCENTRATIONS Art History Art Therapy Business Creative Writing Critical Theory Sustainability & Social Responsibility Visual Culture

From the classics to the contemporary. Ever wanted to write a script? Study science fiction or avant-garde film? Maybe you’d like to study the graphic novel or create one of your own? The Liberal Arts department at CCS provides general education courses in topics like literature, classical rhetoric, art history and visual culture, philosophy, history, psychology, and the natural and social sciences. Of the 126-127 credits required to earn your BFA at CCS, 42 credits will be completed in general education classes. From learning about the latest in sustainability and environmental science to writing a working business plan for your future gallery or design studio, there’s no limit to the many ways a solid grounding in the liberal arts can enhance your work as an artist or designer.

Creative Entrepreneurship Minor COURSES Business Practices (required for all students) Creative Entrepreneurship: Branding Essentials Creative Entrepreneurship: Financial Essentials Creative Entrepreneurship: Structural Essentials Creative Entrepreneurship: Pre-Launch Essentials

The minor in Creative Entrepreneurship provides students of art and design the business skill set necessary to successfully launch a small business venture. It concentrates on foundational skills as well as branding, marketing and financial management. Students investigate and analyze emerging new markets related to the fields of art and design. The minor engages the student in research evaluation and sound application of best practices in design thinking. Students create a viable, detailed business plan. Finally, students collaborate with peers and business professionals in the spirit of collegial sharing and engage in business practicum opportunities.

Creative Entrepreneurship

Even the best artist or designer needs to know the business behind their craft.

Precollege Programs


Dual Enrollment Summer Experience Precollege Courses

Every student’s goal is to be prepared when they start at their dream college. But what if you could take that just one step further? What if you could already have college-level experience and possibly even earn credits while still in high school? You can! With preparedness in mind, we created a Precollege program to help you excel as an artist or designer. Whether you’re interested in earning college credit prior to entering college or simply taking a class to refresh or learn a new skill, our Precollege and Continuing Studies department has a program dedicated to your success.

Ryane Knight

Brooke Zeolla

Mamie Scholl

Final Exhibition

Campus Martius

Ann Arbor Field Trip

Ashe Supply Co.

Graduate Programs


Art Education Color & Materials Design Design for Climate Action Interaction Design Motion Design Systems Design Thinking Transportation Design

Why CCS Graduate Programs? CCS prepares students to enter a global economy in which creativity shapes better communities and societies. Here, creative minds can both explore and thrive. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world. The College for Creative Studies offers graduate programs providing Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees. Students participate in a unique curriculum that includes business practices, research methods and design making.

Real Examples. The images below are actual examples of CCS student work — all the way from high school portfolio through real-world alumni work.

Veronica Bayagich

‘11, Illustration

High School Work

Darby Barber High School Work

Student Work

‘16, Transportation Design

Student Work

We all start somewhere. Applying to an art college doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. At CCS, we’re proud of our accessible and supportive Admissions staff. We can walk you through the admissions process and answer questions anytime. Participate in an open house, tour or personal admissions appointment. For more information, or to schedule a campus tour visit, call 313.664.7425 or 800.952.2787.

Alumni Work

Alumni Work

Kyle Gracey

‘11, Advertising Design

High School Work

Meagan Schoenfeld High School Work

Student Work

‘11, Interior Design

Student Work

Alumni Work

Alumni Work

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Submit your transcript(s) Show us your work Either show us your work in person, or upload 8 – 12 pieces to https://ccs.slideroom.com (there is a $10 upload fee). Find links and details about our portfolio requirements on our website at collegeforcreativestudies.edu/admissions/ undergraduate-admissions, or reach out to your admissions counselor at admissions@collegeforcreativestudies.edu.

CCS Is Test Blind Test Blind for Domestic Applicants CCS does not require a standardized test (ACT or SAT) score. If a test score is submitted, it will not be used to influence admission or scholarship.

May 1

Applications will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis after February 1

Deposit Deadline

Early Action


For students who want to be considered for our highest tuition scholarships and early registration.

For students who want to ensure full consideration for generous scholarships.

English Language Test Score International applicants whose primary and/or native language is not English must submit one of the following English language test scores: TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test, SAT or ACT. The test requirement may be waived for international applicants if the primary language of instruction at their secondary school/college is English.

Winter Semester November 1

November 30

Application Due

Deposit Deadline

Financial Aid & Scholarships We believe that financial aid is a way for us to help you simplify the task of continuing with your education. Your college years will be some of the best years of your life, so planning your finances in advance will let you take full advantage of your experience at CCS. All applicants are automatically reviewed for scholarships. Students who complete their application by our December 1 Early Action deadline will be considered for our highest tuition scholarships. Merit-based scholarships are announced after December 15.

Complete the FAFSA

$22,000 was the average scholarship/grant package from all sources (money that is not repaid) for incoming students in 2020/2021.

The FAFSA now allows families to complete the application using their prior-prior year tax return. For Fall 2021, use your 2019 tax information.

All U.S. students are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year to be considered for need-based financial aid. Our school code is 006771.

October 1 FAFSA Application Available

File your FAFSA here: fafsa.ed.gov. For more information on all types of Scholarships, Grant and Loan programs available to CCS students, go to our


All applicants are considered for scholarships.

website: collegeforcreativestudies.edu/financialaidinfo. CCS also awards scholarships funded by external entities to eligible students based on criteria specified by these donors.

Tuition & Fees For the most complete and up-to-date information, visit the Tuition and Financial Aid section of our website: collegeforcreativestudies.edu/tuition.

Student Housing CCS offers two unique opportunities to live on campus. You won’t want to miss out. Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply early, demand for campus housing is high; only deposited students will be given a housing placement once all necessary applications and payments are made. Art Centre Building (ACB)

Meal Plans

Our newly renovated residence hall, the Art Centre Building (ACB), provides spacious apartment-style units on the Ford Campus. The residence includes amenities such as common areas, fitness room, vented spray room, mailroom and laundry facilities.

Taubman Center residents are required to purchase a meal plan. ACB residents and commuters may choose to purchase a meal plan.

Taubman Center (TC) The residence hall at the Taubman Center provides loft-style units with in-room bathroom. The units open to large common areas that include lounges, a game room, a fitness room, laundry facilities and workspaces where students can work on projects or socialize during their downtime.

Off-Campus Housing Midtown Detroit, Inc., provides a comprehensive list of what is happening around the CCS neighborhood, including different apartment and townhouse rentals in the Medical Center, Cultural Center, CCS, Wayne State University and New Center areas.

Fun Fact

Roommates are a great way to meet new people on campus!

Off-Campus Listings

Listings are available on the MDI website: midtowndetroitinc.org.

For complete details about on-campus housing and meal plan costs, and to apply for housing, visit collegeforcreativestudies.edu/housing.

Precollege Programs Precollege Studies at CCS offers evening, weekend and summer programs for high school and middle school students. Offerings include Dual Enrollment opportunities to earn college credit while in high school, summer residential programs for college credit, as well as short courses and free workshops that can help you get ready to apply to CCS. For more information, visit collegeforcreativestudies.edu/precollege.

Earn Credit While in High School

CCS offers the Precollege Summer Experience ­— a 3.0 credit program for high school students to begin preparation for art and design school. More information is available through CCS’s Precollege and Continuing Studies Office at pcs@ collegeforcreativestudies.edu.

Mission Statement

Accreditation Statement

The College for Creative Studies nurtures the creativity that is vital to the enrichment of modern culture. The College educates visual artists and designers, knowledgeable in varied fields, who will be leaders in creative professions that shape society and advance economic growth. The College fosters students’ resolve to pursue excellence, act ethically, embrace their responsibilities as citizens of diverse local and global communities, and learn throughout their lives. The College engages in community service by offering opportunities for artistic development and opening career pathways to talented individuals of all ages.

The College for Creative Studies is a nonprofit, private college authorized by the Michigan Education Department to grant Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. CCS is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Documents regarding accreditation are available in the Executive Office upon formal request. In order to make the accreditation process responsive to a broad range of constituents, the accrediting agencies invite the public to provide written comments about the College’s qualifications for continued accreditation. If you wish to comment, please contact either agency by letter or email.

Nondiscrimination Policy The College for Creative Studies subscribes to the principle of equal opportunity in its employment, admissions, educational practices, scholarship and loan programs, and other schooladministered programs, and strives to provide an educational environment and workplace free from unlawful harassment or discrimination. Discrimination, including harassment, because of age, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, physical attributes, marital or familial status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law is strictly prohibited.

The Higher Learning Commission

30 North La Salle Streets, Suite 2400 Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504 www.ncahigherlearningcommission.org

National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21 Reston, Virginia 20190-5248 http://nasad.arts-accredit.org

Council for Interior Design Accreditation

206 Grandville Avenue, Suite 350 Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4014 http://accredit-id.org/

Alex Alexanian ‘99, Entertainment Arts Gabriela Baginski ‘14, Photography Aaron Barton ‘18, Photography Erick Carlson ‘02, Entertainment Arts Paolo Catalla ‘12, Communication Design Patrick Daly ‘09, Photography Daniel DiRito ‘12, Photography Olivia Ezinga ‘17, Photography Katie Kunesh ‘00, Communication Design Kate Lees ‘04, Photography Justin Maconochie ‘93, Photography Christian Najjar ‘12, Photography Kelley O’Neill ‘17, Photography Micaela Ruiz ‘09, Photography Zack Skynar ‘16, Communication Design



College for Creative Studies Office of Admissions 313.664.7425 (800.952.2787) collegeforcreativestudies.edu admissions@collegeforcreativestudies.edu

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