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Communication Effectiveness for Workplace Managers Mickey D. Best, Ph.D. Seminar Content: • How communication ‘styles’ within the workplace affect the….. workplace • Effective ways to establish communication protocol: When can you be ‘informal’ and when to use ‘formal” communication in the workplace • Approaches in workplace communication that can lead to stress and attrition • How to work to become a strong listener and how to teach others how good listening skills for the workplace benefits everyone • Communicating bad news effectively while working toward positive results • How to keep emotions under control when communicating intense messages • Learn to express support and communicate plans for improvement

What my seminars are like… Participants are asked to interact in skill building exercises Discussion-based Q & A is central to the success of the seminar Length is tailored to the needs of the organization A follow up session can be arranged as an aid to skill building

Mickey D. Best, Ph. D. 1225 East Pleasant Run Rd. #1009 Desoto, TX 75115 Cell - (575)631-5981

Communication Effectiveness for Workplace Managers  

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