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Well, we are delighted to say that after several years of being unable to source the key components to this superb, unique CC Moore product, it’s back by popular demand. This highly successful, natural, red pepper-based liquid food is a tangy, sweet, energy rich additive that supplies essential nutrients to baits and releases potent natural attractors to all layers of the water column stimulating a strong feeding response from Carp, Barbel, Chub & other species. Welcome back Red Venom! With New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract being one of the most effective Carp and coarse fish attractants known to man, it has been our quest for several years to harness and present it in the form of a concentrated liquid food. After extensive work with our colleagues in New Zealand we are excited to say we can finally do this with our outstanding new Liquid G.L.M. Extract. The moment you open a bottle of Liquid G.L.M. Extract you receive an incredible flood of mussel-rich aromas that leave you in no doubt as to its fish-catching potential; it absolutely screams fish. Hot Chorizo Extract enables anglers to dramatically enhance their baits with a powerful, smoky, meaty profile that makes their baits really stand out from the crowd. Presenting a slightly ‘fermented’ smoked sausage label and an unforgettable tangy taste, this hot, salty liquid bait additive supplies an absolute multitude of potent attractors and nutrients which together make it a superb year round liquid food option for using in and on boilies, pellets, spod mixes, loose feeds and hookbaits.

TOP OF THE POPS JAMES ARMSTRONG Single, high attractive hookbaits have long been a firm favourite for many anglers during the colder months, the instant appeal that the bait offers can often be the critical difference between catching and not. Although, with carp becoming increasingly pressured, and many anglers employing single hookbait tactics all year round, buying a bite on a standard ‘high-attract’ single in the winter can prove slightly trickier. trickie Boosting your single hookbaits by adding complementary liquid and powder additives can add an extra, advantageous dimension to your single hookbait approach. Incorporating these to your baits can greatly improve the chances of a bite from those cautious, less inquisitive winter carp. The following steps outline the process of transforming your standard pop-ups, to a super boosted bundle of attraction, in a simple & highly effective way.

The first step of the boosting process involves adding a complimentary concentrated liquid to your pop-ups. For this example, the Dairy Supreme pop-ups and matching liquid booster have been used, but this can be applied to all high-attract pop-ups throughout the CC Moore range. Start by adding a few squirts of the booster to the standard pot of pop-ups, only add a little at a time, and then shake the pot to evenly disperse the liquid. Check the pop-ups to see if they have been covered. At this stage, it is important that the baits are only lightly glazed in liquid, as too much liquid can potentially affect the pop-ups buoyancy. When all baits are evenly coated, you’ll be left with a beautifully glistening pot of super boosted hookbaits. Stage two revolves around adding a further dimension to these already power packed hookbaits. Now take a powdered additive of your choice to compliment your pop-ups.

In this case, Lactose Concentrate B+ has been chosen to add to the Dairy Supreme coated baits. Lactose Concentrate B+ mimics the naturally creamy palatants of the Dairy Supreme, but being a Supreme powdered version, it releases an instant soluble scent trail when submerged in water. The key is to add a small amount of the additive, just enough to dust the surface of each hookbait in order to form a light skin around the pop-up. Give the pot a good shake to ensure the powders are dispersed evenly. The following process can be applied to other pop-ups, but tailored to match the baits characteristics and attraction levels. For the Northern Special pop-ups, the matching booster liquid can be incorporated alongside the Fruit Zest Concentrate to deliver a potent, well rounded and extra attractive hookbait.



1. Dairy Supreme, booster and Lactose 2. Spray with a thin layer of booster 3. Shake to evenly coat pop-ups

4. Pop-ups should be lightly glazed

5. Choose a powdered additive

6. Add a small amount of additive

7. Give the pot another good shake

8. Liquid and powder attraction!

9. Taken on a high-attract single


Krill are small crustaceans, which live in the Antarctic Southern Ocean and contain both high quality protein and oil. Their protein contains essential amino acids and their oil is rich in nutritionally beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Only the purest, Antarctic krill (Euphausia Superba) is used within CC Moore products as they are from the clean and barely-polluted waters of the Antarctic, making them of superior quality. Stand out from the crowd with the new highly attractive Krill product range coming early January 2017



KRILL HOOKBAITS These highly concentrated hookbaits contain pure krill products to perfectly compliment any krill, fish and shellfish-based products. They are hand-rolled, dried and are then boosted with soluble krill protein liquid that easily disperses in all water temperatures, releasing powerful appetite stimulants that create an instant feeding response.

KRILL PELLET 2mm & 6mm These highly attractive, marine protein-based pellets release valuable nutrients with a deep flavour and aroma profile to instantly stimulate fish to feed with confidence. Packed with high levels of our renowned soluble natural fish attractors, these potent little pellets are deadly at ANY time of the year.

KRILL BAG MIX This highly attractive, moist loose feed mix contains high levels of our potent natural Krill Micromass & Krill Meal and is the perfect mix for using in PVA bags or sticks when fishing with savoury baits containing fish, shellfish and other ingredients.

THE SPOT HARVEST DAN LENEY Dan Leney takes a closer look into spot harvesting, a technique of developing a spot through observation and baiting which has recently helped him bank a duo of forty pounders in a matter of weeks! The technique can be devastating when it comes to tripping up the bigger, wiser carp that inhabit a lake. Although it sounds like a simple case of bait and wait, it isn’t, in fact, it’s far from that. Getting the right spot, in the right area is crucial and no doubt demands effort and observation to get it right. Going against the grain in order to find areas that see little attention, where the carp feel comfortable moving and grazing on natural larders has provided quick success. This mini guide outlines the techniques, factors and beliefs behind getting a spot fully primed over a period of weeks in order to target those nomadic carp.

The first and foremost important aspect of the harvest is the spot, or lack of a spot. The majority of anglers would class a spot as an area they can feel a drop and believe they can present a baited rig. If you are lucky to have the use a boat it makes the process of spot finding an easier task with the use of an aquascope. This doesn’t mean you can’t harvest a spot without the use of a boat, but it gives you a much better insight into the lakebed and surrounding features. Once a spot is found then I begin to focus on the baiting, the mix and getting the quantities right. I always plan to bait for several weeks leading up to fishing a spot. I have always been a firm believer in keeping the loose feed as natural as possible, small items, natural items and chopped baits work well.



1. Only once the spot has been found it’s time to focus on the baiting.

2. Start the mix with a good helping of Frozen Water Snails.

3. Next add a good glug of liquid Tuna Extract.

4. This is followed by a dusting of GLM Extract.

5. Then add a few handfuls of Intense Hemp.

6. Tuna L030 is added to increase the attraction and weight of the mix.

7. Chopped Creamed Tigers are the next ingredient.

8. Finally add a few handfuls of crushed Pacific Tuna boilies.

9. The perfect natural mix for harvesting the spots.

FLOATER EDGES JAMES ARMSTRONG When the temperatures are soaring and the sun is beating down on the surface, there is nothing like creeping around the lakeside with a floater rod in hand, searching for the dark shapes on the surface. It can be an exhilarating, heart-pumping type of angling, and also very frustrating. The carp will often be cute when it comes to surface feeding. They will be cautious over certain shapes and sizes so you have to get it right. Sometimes they will just pick at small items: fluff, bugs and scum, while other times they will feed with gusto on every offering you introduce. The key is getting it right and there are a few things that i do to give me an edge on the surface and ultimately it is all down to getting them feeding confidently on a bait that they want to eat. I never leave If you want to start outwitting the trickier residents of the lake then a bag of home without a bottle Pedigree mixers won’t always cut it, as they’ve no doubt seen it all of Liquid Tuna Extract before, even more so on pressured day tickets like Linear for and Smoked Salmon oil. The instance. This is where you want to be experimenting with a oil will leak attraction throughout few different shapes and sizes. There’s no doubting that the water column, drawing fish to the the smaller the floater the better and surface from all around the pond. The happier they are to feed on them. beauty of oil is that it will also give off an Consequently, i always like to feed Consequentl almighty slick. This comes into its own small 6mm floating trout when wind is ruffling the surface. By pellets. This gets the fish adding a healthy dosage of oil, you will feeding first of all. I notice that all of a sudden it calms the mix the smaller water you are fishing in, making things a whole lot pellets with some easier to see. The Liquid Tuna Extract features whole larger 11mm chunks of tuna in various sizes and buoyancies which add floating trout pellets food signals in the water encouraging carp to investigate. With and introduce both the whole mix oozing appeal I go one step further by sizes at the same time. Adding the bigger pellets will ensure introducing some Green Lipped Mussel Powder. This stuff again helps leak out in the upper layers of the surface, they feed on both and are more pumping out salty, fishy, food signals. It’s a deadly tactic! inclined to taking your hookbait.




1. 6mm & 11mm Floating Trout Pellets

2. Mix both sizes in a bucket

4. Add a dose of Smoked Salmon Oil

5. Mix well so the pellets are coated

6. Add GLM Extract to the mix

8. Use a Duo Floater Hookbait

I like to try and mimic the free offerings I’m feeding. Duo Floater Hookbaits are made from a unique pop-up mix that means you can easily trim your hookbaits to give them that added little personal appearance that can make all the difference. Give these floater di edges a go and expect action!

7. Seriously boosted floaters!

3. Add a dose of Liquid Tuna Extract

THE 3RD DIMENSION WINTER ZIG RIGS Zig rigs can be a devastating tactic at any time of the year. A small piece of foam or a Mini Bitez pop up suspended in the water column can produce bites when they are hard to come by when fishing hard on the deck. With a little extra thought towards boosting the attraction of your Zigs bites can come even during the coldest months. It can be quite difficult to get your head around, but Zigs offer a type of ‘3D’ fishing, whereby your rig is suspended up in the water column. The single most important factor is getting the Zig depth perfect in order to get bites. A slight change in depth can mean getting bites or not.

A marker float is crucial to find the depth, this means you can measure out your Zigs exactly and know precisely where they are positioned in the water column. If the bites come along on one particular Zig, you’ll know the level the carp are willing to take the bait at. Hookbait size plays an important part in the effectiveness e of Zigs. The general rule of thumb is small baits work well, as they mimic small bugs, naturals, or food particles floating in the layers. The hookbait needs to be buoyant enough to hold up a small hook and legth of Zig monofilament off the lead, so small buoyant pop ups are ideal. Mini Bitez are fantastic for the job and come in a variety of colours.

Measure up

Scale down

Mini Bitez are perfectly suited for Zigs

Boost your hookbaits

Pumping attraction

Adding extra food signals into the water column can be a significant edge when fishing small hookbaits on Zigs. Bait Booster Sprays can add a whole new dimention to a hookbait. Concentrated sprays such as the Acid Pear and Citrus Zest will be quickly absorbed by hookbaits.



1. Take a bucket of Sweet Nut Cloud Instant Spod Mix

2. Then add a small handful of Milkimin Pellets

3. Add a glug of the Sweet Response+ Cream Booster

5. When spombed over Zigs, it creates an instant cloud.

4. Finish by adding water until the mix is really sloppy Introducing attraction around the Zig hookbait itself can be used to encourage attention of passing carp; this method is perfect for slightly higher stocked venues and works simply by creating a halo of attraction around the Zig hookbait. The tactic is hugely successful during the warmer months of the year, but by tailoring the mix, it can be equally as devastating in the colder winter months. Incorporating a few extra edges into your Zig armoury will certainly help tempt a bonus fish or two on your water this winter.

THE POWER OF CRUMB A MASSIVE EDGE The humble boilie, devastating in its own right, but with a little thought and creativity, converting your baits into a fine crumb can provide a massive edge. Boilie crumb is without doubt one of the most attractive forms of loose- feed and its quite clear why, wh not only does it provide a bed of super- soluble attraction, but prolongs feeding responses, enticing fish to feed harder on the fine crumbed particles. In its basic form, a boilie contains a skin that locks in attraction, relying on water to break down the bait thus releasing the attractors held inside. Using crumb speeds up the process of those attractors being leaked from the bait, which is one of the reasons why crumb has the great power of inducing a quick feeding response. Not only is crumb one of the most successful attractors in its own right, it can be used to good effect e under certain conditions to provide neat edges in your angling armoury. A small bag of crumbed baits not only protects the hookpoint, but also if loosely compacted into a small mesh bag, will allow the rig to settle softly over any dying weed or silt that may litter the lakebed. Depending on the degree the bag of crumb is compacted will affect the speed the rig falls through the water and settles on the bottom. If the lake is extremely silty, a soft squishy bag of crumb will help the rig settle effectively on top of the silt, enhancing the rigs effectiveness ef under the given conditions.

Simple but effective bags of crumb

Ideal for protecting the hookpoint

Super fine crumb is devastating at enticing fish to feed hard on the deck, grubbing around for the small particles among the silt and debris on the lakebed. The fine crumb can often drive fish into a competitive feeding response, increasing the chance of a fish making a mistake on your hookbait. Like any particle bait or boilie size, mixing the size of the crumbed boilie you use is an edge in itself. Mixing the sizes means the carp cannot regulate their feeding pattern on certain sized baits, which means the likeliness of a successful hookbait pickup is much higher.



1. Live System crumb & sweetcorn

2. Add some Corn Sweet Syrup

3. Boost with Response+ Cream

4. Mix the crumb and liquid together

5. Attractive balls of crumb

6. Be creative and catch those carp!

In the winter months, the key is to keep things simple, soluble bait will no doubt work much more effective than a large bed of less soluble bait in any situation. A very basic but effective mixture of crumb and corn has always had a proven track record in the winter, providing a basis of easily digestible food for the carp to eat and pass through their system quickly. During the winter, the carp still need energy, but by altering the type of loosefeed you introduce will certainly help put the odds in your favour at this tricky time of year. Boilie crumb no doubt has its advantages in the winter, winte but equally throughout the entirety of the carp fishing year. Crumb can be utilised in many different ways, but a lot of it is down to your own creativity and imagination. Get on the crumb!




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