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President’s Message


Choosing a Good Condo Tenant

Anand Sharma

arbara eller


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Re-Sale U o


e o


CCI North Alberta Annual Conference & Trade Show 2014 Review


Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite, Part 2 Car e



Q&A with Robert Noce


CCI North Alberta Chapter Annual Golf Mixer 2014


Don’t Get Snowed


CCI Media Release


A Maintenance Schedule for Condos

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Insite to Condos Summer Issue 2013/2014

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PERMISSION TO REPRINT er o to repr t hereb ra te pro e Not e e to the CCI North Alberta Chapter roper re t e a ollo epr te ro I te CCI North Alberta Chapter All ht e er e Art le t be op e the r e t ret epr t the e t re I te roh b te l the CCI North Alberta Chapter a repr t the e t re e o p r ha e a t o al op e o I te o ta t the North Alberta Chapter

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Disclaimer This Publication is issued with the understanding that the CCI North Alberta Chapter is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.


Message from the president by Anand Sharma


Greeting from CCI North Alberta, I hope you are starting to enjoy the arrival of summer! It ha bee a r t al t


e I la t reporte to o

he lo a t pate Co o ropert A e e t A t ll a table or o a he ll e pe te to be ebate a pa e the all tt o the Alberta le lat re I a re o r po t o later the a a e er the o er e t A o a Co ttee eport CCI North Alberta hel t th A al Co ere e a ra e ho h ear a re or ber o ele ate atte e the e e t h h o ere top he e e t a a a or e tha part to o r po or A pe al tha o oe o t to o r ol teer o ere e or a er haro elo the a o er l pea er

pre e ter the tra e ho part pa t a a e eer or the r t tle po or h p o o r e e t

CCI North Alberta ll be o r a e to A t a Co tr Cl b r a e th e e t eep ett b loo or ar to ee a o al a et or e e t o ho to atte

ho t t A al ol at the a le o ol b CCI re tor rt er a better e er ear I o o at th o er l eta l are the a a e

he CCI oar o re tor el o e o ea to o r or a at o a a e e ber o o o re tor e el o e her e pert e a a e e t a a re tat o l e or a at o

e a r oar propert to o r

a tha to o r ollea e at CCI a toba or ho t the Nat o al pr Co ere e pe North Alberta e t ele ate to repre e t o r hapter a top ere e a e lear e a reat eal


o ho to

pro e er

e to o r

e ber h p

h ear CC I North Alberta ll be o o e pa er e that ll a al e to o r e ber h p e ll be e a e p lot pro e t a e pa o t to e o t e both o to a thro ho t North Alberta a tha to ele a th or pearhea the I ora e ot l e o hel Apr l a a o th ear e ll be o t the e ree tro tor e o that eta l ho CCI a be e t o r o o orporat o b e or al o le e o o o l all a re e t to o the e ber h p I o r or a at o be e al plea e pa the

o e a e

te to Co


er I


o to other e a t to o t e to ro a ha e o o o er re tor pro e o al a o o orporat o o o r ro o e e t o that e a e ate a a o ate e e ore e e t el o o r behal e ha e pro ra h a the a ba a or pro ra o pl e tar e ber h p tat a ell a e e ber h p ate or e h a the all b e ate or to e o ra e ro th b t e a ot ee tho t o r pport erel


Anand Sharma re e t CCI North Alberta

C o n d o

M a n a g e m e n t

office: 780.416.9098 100, 85 Cranford Way, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0H9

H E L M Property Management and Realty Ltd.

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CCI - North Alberta Chapter

welcome new members


The Canadian Condominium Institute is an indpendent, non-profit organization formed in 1982 with Chapters throughout Canada, including the North Alberta Chapter. This organization is the only national association dealing exclusively with condominium issues affecting all of the participants in the condominium community. The Chapters throughout the country provide practical comparisons to the different provincial Acts. The CCI assists its members in establishing and operating successful Condominium Corporations through information dissemination, education, workshops, courses, and seminars.

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CORPORATE MEMBERS re er A et a a e e t I CONDOMINIUMS Arl to a or Co o ealth lla e ree a or ar e a oo o er llo ree he a er INDIVIDUALS a l a e o ar l a elle ea ette A tho Chr t a ar

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PROFESSIONALS r er e - ller ho


Insite to Condos Summer Issue 2013/2014

committee reports e ber h p Co

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I o bel e e o ha e a o o ho l be o the o er o the I te a a e b t a p t re o o r Co o to lea e pro e a br e e r pt o o the o o a h o eel t ho l be o the o er erel re or Clar

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CCI - North Alberta Chapter


Choosing a good condo tenant

by Barbara Zeller

I’m sure most people reading this article could contribute hair-raising rental stories they’ve heard of trash strewn over floors, kicked-in walls, stolen appliances, sinks that have been left on causing massive water damage, wild parties, and noisy occupants. I know I could. e t e e o e o o t to a other per o a e o a la lor a a ba te a t ll a e o r ob a a la lor h ore lt tha o r te a t epe able o erate o tho e aro h her re pe t l o o r r le a the o o b -la a a all e re A a la lor o are le all a a all re po ble to the o o orporat o or a a e a e b o r te a t or e or e e t pro ee h h ht be ta e a a t the o o t relate atter here are a e o r el o or at o a UME

th o a o to help prote t e t o r relat o h p er tell e tl ob er e UR RELA


a. Rental Application o ll a t o e o r at o pro pe t e te a t ho he he a

that the he he

Insite to Condos Summer Issue 2013/2014

a pa the re t a ha a oo rep tat o o help o eter e th o a a the pro pe t e te a t to o plete a appl at o that o ta or at o h a the ll a e o a o e ho ll be l the t a l t o the pla e he he ha l e or the la t ear l o ta t or at o or la lor a h tor o h her e plo e t or the la t ear a other pa e t or h h he he re po ble or e a ple h her ar a be lea e o er e t e t at o a a thor at o or o to per or a re t he a e re a or o e o ta a tate e t b the pro pe t e te a t a thor o to o ta t a o e l te the or o o a er the tr th o the or at o et o t the appl at o L A e lb e relat o h p l a te a ba e o part e er ta the r o obl at o a ea h other e pe tat o A r tte lea e help the la lor a te a t to learl et o t the r e pe tat o a obl at o t e to the e o the propert o ho l be a are that o o re tal t ee a pe al lea e that o ta pro o pe to o o

the orporat o rt o o r a re o er e here the orporat o a e o orre po e e a ot e o eet I o re e e orre po e e ro the orporat o or t le al o el re ar o r te a t a e re o ta e a t o o t o ot ore t er a r ta e he o t to o o o o o l be er h h d. Inspection Report Co plet a pe t o report ea o e the e to the te a t o the o the lea e the t o o o al thro roo a ote the tate o ea h roo pre-e t a a e o the pe t o ER F

e ore r t a h ea h a a or


o o ha e o e to the t e a tro ble o a or a reat eal o per o al or at o ro a pro pe t e te a t o the re tal appl at o No o ee to re e t a er t er the or at o the o plete re tal appl at o a ea a o e pho e all a or a re e t ta ret r or a letter o e plo e t to o r the tate o e r a re t he a ear h the ter et or orroborat o o o e o the or at o pro e >>> continued on page 11

e e t al e a A ree e t or are a a lable at a o al o t ro a ber o or a at o l a lor a e a t A or oar the Cal ar e e t al e tal A o at o or the o to Apart e t A o at o e the A oe ot re re a part lar or o re e t al te a a ree e t la lor a te a t are ree to e hate er or be t t the r part lar ee o e er the a ree e t a ot ta e a a a o the r ht be e t or prote t o o ta e the e e t al e a e A t o

t o p le the appropr ate ba or at o re re a el er t to o r o o orporat o a o ha e a le al re po b l t to o o o t al o a e


CCI - North Alberta Chapter



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te to Co


er I


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o a lear a lot abo t o eo e he o eet h her or the r t t e I the pote t al te a t re pe t l a pol te he o eet h her he he arr e o t e o o the a l e ber pea th ea h other o the rea at ea h other o o a ta a l o rea er o r t

Innovative thinking. Practical results.


o r e all a be ra b to b t o a t to ee hether the ll top to l te to the r pare t o a al o ta e a pee at the pro pe t e te a t ar t oo hape or t poorl -ta e are o or e a ple t hea l ht a a pa e er- e rror I o that ht ate he he t are l th h her propert h h a e he he l el to be are l th o r propert It a oo lea pro a ht p or et ho ett t hea a he b e pe e o

ea to ta e a tep ba ro the e o et e o a et o tr to a te a t that o porta t t to a oo o e th a ba te a t ot t a t t o l al o ol e a t h h o ha ot pla e

(Amendments have been made to Barbara’s article by the editor, to conform to Alberta regulations) Published by kind permission of CONDOBUSINESS



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CCI - North Alberta Chapter

don’t let the bed bugs bite


part 2


HOW THE INFESTATIONS START It o te ee that be b ar e ro o here he b are e e t h t hh er a are all tra porte l a e lothe be r t re a other te he a be o ero pla e l e b e ta a are a part lar proble or hotel otel apart e t a o e theatre here t r o er o o pa t o ta t e b are all r pt a a le e ap ete t o a ter ra l to t a e bo e a belo he e are e pe all t a are all o erloo e A r e o -ha be o he a r t re a other a that the b are tra porte to pre o l o - e te ell e b al o a be arr e o a per o loth or hoe re lt a e tat o e be b are thro ho t a b l to roo or oor to per o l e o le el o lea l e e tat o r t ha e ple t o h bloo e ho t


e the o te prea he b a tra el ro roo oor e ther b ra l or a a roa he that ee o lth the ha l ttle to o th o t be b e ho e hotel a apart e t pla e a a ab a e o ar -




e b are halle pe t to o trol he h e a t pla e o pe t o a treat e t t be er thoro h I o t a e t ll be pr e t to e l t the er e o a pro e o al per e e o pa e o here to loo or be b a ha e a a ort e t o a a e e t tool at the r po al er a o pa t ll ee to a t pro e o al er porta t a b allo a e or pe t o a treat e t e eral ho e lea ea re ha a oor a r a e el o rea h the pla e here be b h e ar ete a o e te harbo ra e ho e er a help re o e o e o the b be ore treat e t e b a e pe all the e a be lt to lo e pt re lt ll be a h e e b o a rap the e o the to a alo e te area h a ea a abr ol o be a o a a the per eter e e o all-to- all arpet A ter h h po al o the a o te t a eale arba e ba e e ar a the b ll ra l o t o the a ba to the ho e





te to Co



er I




eat a ater p pe r th the all bet ee t are reat o t that b a e to tra el bet ee t he ollo e to a be ple e te to help pre e t ea a e to o r t 1. Seal all water lines and pipes with spray foam insulation. Remember to include pipes under sinks, toilet supply line, washing machine pipes that connect to the wall and heating pipes as they enter your unit. 2. Remove baseboards and silicone along the gap bet een oor and all 3. Place foam gaskets behind electrical outlets. A






he e e t o are a ere to a t o r propert a a er th the o t e e t e pla to era ate the proble a l a po ble he ore or at o o a pro e the better

PREVENTING INFESTATIONS A lt a t a be to era ate be b t a e reat e e to ta e pre a t o to a o the the r t pla e o ehol ho l be la t he a r e r t re e pe all be a o he C rb e te ho l be a o e a e o -ha art le ho l be e a e lo el be ore be bro ht to the ho e or a o e all to ether ra eller a a t to et to the hab t o he the r be hotel roo a there are a o be b ho l re e t a other roo a other part o the hotel ra eller a a t to ele ate t a e o the oor o to a l a e ta ho l o pe t that o a ha e bro ht ho e be b t o l be pr e t po ret r ho e to pla e all loth pla t ba t l the a be pla e re tl to the a her a or r er he t a e ho l be pla e lear pla t ba a e a e re larl o er the e t t o ee he e e o be b rea to the po t here la e b all a pr e t pra t e a l ar t a help to a o e tat o or at lea t pro pt earl er ter e t o

1. When did you discover the bug(s)? 2. What time of the day? 3. When you discovered the pest, was there any evidence of more? 4. When you discovered the pest, did you search the rest of your unit hat did you find 5. Did you save the pest? 6. How did you discover the pest? (making the bed, in a drawer, etc.) 7. Have you been experiencing bites or rashes? If so for how long? 8. Can you remember where you might have picked up the hitchhikers? 9. Have you had visitors? When? Who? 10. Have you visited anyone in the complex? If so what unit(s)? 11. If you have a vehicle, did you check the vehicle? 12. What have you done to control the pest? Did you use any chemical spray to help control the pests?

Professional Real Estate Management

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U E A URS e b o ot b t a o e rap l o er oor all e l a other r a e e b are a t e a l at ht he r atte e bo e e able the to t to t re e e pe all tho e a o ate th attre e bo pr be ra e a hea boar e b o ot ha e e t l e a t or bee b t o te to o re ate hab t al h pla e e b pre er to h e lo e to here the ee I e atel a ter ee the ra l o a re e el e here to e t the r eal USE EE er or ho e- eep hore re larl eep oor ept a arpet a e I o pe t be b e atel po e the a ba a o te t to a pla t ba o ot let l tter a late o r ho e o the oor lo et oor hel e boo a e or pboar o ot tore a th er be le a eale pla t o ta er o ot let be to h all or oor o ot let rta to h the oor ll r t re a a ro all o ot p t oat ba pa or ba o r t re l be or o the oor Create a area o r ho e here the e te a be h p a a ro be roo a l roo

RE E N ho e N r h N e or


FES A S p ar e

r t re or

p r ha e e o -ha ho ehol or e o r ho e a ept e ho ehol r h tora e o r ho e


o r


6912 Roper Road Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3H9 Phone: (780) 433-2345 Fax: (780) 439-2419 Email: Chester Quaife, ACM PRESIDENT/BROKER

re e t t h l re or pet to be roo to pla o ot allo o r h l re to pla be roo he t other h l re o ot let o r h l re pla o ar e r t re e l he p bl pla e re e ber be b are e elle t h t hh er E

RA ELL o ot p t t a e or loth o be or oor o ot e pt t a e o te t to ra er a people are pla the r t a eo l a e ta or the batht b he ot ea rther p tt the r t a e a lar e pla t ba

DO NOT PANIC the har e t th to o ot to pa N e a t pe o b pra pra ll prea the b thro h o r ho e a al o to atta he e hbo r t N tart leep a other roo e ll ollo o there N thro o t a r t re attre e or ar boar bo e he e te ho l be ta e a tr b the t o er or re e t to the la ll o o pla e a o the e te o r ar a th ll o ta ate the ar e l o o r e hbo r a o ot prea the e tat o

A e propert a a e e t o the t at o Care ll pe t the area here o pe t b to be horo hl a the r t re a tart to el tter the area roperl re o e arba e o ot pla e the e te other part o o r ho e be ore thoro hl he or be b e e ber e at o the be t etho to help pre e t a be b e tat o he oar o re tor o er a the propert a a er t or to ether th pro e o al to atta the proble a l a re pe t ll a po ble Carmen Zuorro, CCI Board Member and Property Manager


te to Co


er I


Questions & Answers with Robert Noce renters of units are bound by the bylaws whether or not you have read them or someone has told you otherwise. of pets per unit. I have recently discovered there is a bylaw that states there is only one A

There are other owners within the

vehicle. When I phoned the property


are questions that tend to arise fairly frequently, so Mr. Noce and E

A he boar ha a t to e or e the b la o the o o orporat o t oe ot ha e the ab l t to p a hoo e h h b la to e or e a h h o er to p r e


Robert Noce, Q.C. is a partner with M



Answers are not intended as legal opinions; readers are cautioned not

R E Robert Noce, Q.C.

a e o the a t that o ha e pro e the boar ell th t r ht to e a that a pet o er a abo e the l t o o e be re o e ro o r t It a ot ee a r b t t o l appear that o ere or e abo t the b la I there are other o er ho al o ha e ore tha o e a al the r t the boar ha a obl at o to e or e the b la a a t the a ell a re re the to re o e a a t o al pet o er the l t o o e


Helpful hint: As bylaws vary, it is important to read your bylaws in their entirety before you sign your purchase agreement. The Condominium Property Act states that all owners/

A a e o the l te a t o ha e pro e I o l a that o ha e a po ble la orth p r he rea o I a th be a e t o l appear that ba e o o r e t o the propert a a e e t o pa a a e t or the o o orporat o e abo t the e a ot ta e a a t e tep to eal th t o a re re the a ta e o a la er to help o ort thro h the le al e o l ab l t Helpful hint: When the condominium corporation or the property management company, agent for the condominium corporation, is aware of a potential danger, it is incumbent on it to take active steps to provide notice to the owners of the danger or


CCI - North Alberta Chapter

to remove the danger.

It’s a

no brainer. 16

Submetered neighbours pay for what they use. So they use less. Happy you, happy planet.

Ignoring the danger may expose the condominium corporation to liability if people suffer damages as a result of their failure to address the danger.

has replaced his dog, contrary to the bylaws, and the board has been other residents wanting to replace their dogs. What

hire a lawyer for the or does the property approval of the board


pet bylaw, which states that you cannot replace your pet when your pet

A It epe o the o tra t bet ee the o o orporat o a the propert a a e e t o pa o e o tra t allo the propert a a er to h re le al o el o erta e tho t the appro al o the boar he o o orporat o thro h the boar a e ot ate ter a o to the a ree e t to t the ee o the orporat o It ha bee e per e e that o t propert a a er ll ee the appro al o the boar pr or to h r a la er Helpful hint: No two property management company contracts need to be the same. Each party has the ability to negotiate terms and conditions to address their concerns.

A I the e e e lear that a o er brea he the b la b repla h ea o th a e o the the boar ha to or th the o er to a ol t o to the proble or t ll ha e o alter at e b t to br a a to o rt a a t the o er a the o rt to ra t a or er or the o er to et r o h o It that ple o o ot ha e the l r o p a hoo h h b la o ll a ll ot e or e I ho e er ore tha -per- e t o the o er a t a tor eel that the rre t b la t or a r the the alter at e o l be to a e o r b la to allo o er to repla e the r ea pet Helpful hint: A condominium corporation board does not have the discretion to pick and choose which bylaws to enforce. If there is evidence of a breach of a bylaw, then the board must act.

Insite to Condos Summer Issue 2013/2014

that is part of a group of 12 townhouses. When the developer built the

association. The developer

We have bylaws to

coverings. Is there anything we can do about

the original owners are also gone. Our bylaws are help. A he Co o ropert A t oe ot appl to ho eo er a o at o he a ree e t a o the o er h h all prote te a e or e b a o o e or o re trat o o o r t tle o er the relat o h p a o the o er I ra te properl the ho eo er a o at o a ree e t ho l et o t a pro e b h h the o er a a e t pro o o r a o at o o l be e t ro h r a la er to a t o that re ar Helpful hint: If a homeowners’ association is looking to amend their agreement and/or get information about how the association is to operate, any lawyer who practises real estate law should be able to assist.

however, one of the residents is an eyesore.

wears dirty clothes and

A he hort a er to o r e to o he Co o ropert A t t re lat o a o r b la ll ot allo o to eal th th part lar e Helpful hint: If you want to live happily in a condominium complex, you should be tolerant of other people, because you live in close quarters with your neighbours.

board. One has had new windows installed without approval, and another has We have no newsletters advising residents of any

beat. Is there any way of getting these people off

A At the e t a al e eral eet o ha e a opport t to ele t e people to the boar o e er a a o er t p to o to e re that people o e to the eet or o ho l obta the r pro o that o a ote o the r behal a p to o to people ho hare

o l re re e e e to pport o r po t o

o r part lar po t o e ter o ho the o o orporat o ho l be operat hat o l be the o t o t-e e t e a o eal th th e I ho e er o eel that the boar ha brea he the Co o ropert A t or the b la the o a a e a appl at o o rt alle proper o t o the part o the boar he Co o ropert A t e a e ra po er to eal th proper o t he o rt appl at o ro te a be e pe ea o

Building Envelope

Reserve Fund Studies


Helpful hint: If you do not agree with the direction of the board or how the board makes decisions, then your alternative is to find people who want to sit on the board and share your philosophy. Condominium living can be difficult if the board is not communicating effectively with the owners, or if there is a lack of interest on the part of the owners to participate in the future of the condominium corporation. Condominium living requires owners to work with each other for the betterment of the corporation.


Parkade Restoration

Roof Consulting


EXPERIENCE . PRACTICALITY . SERVICE Aegis West Engineering Inc. is an Edmonton area building science engineering firm consisting of two professional engineers with over 30 years of combined engineering and construction experience. We want to work with you! Call Garett (780.238.3418) or Joel (780.340.3681)




things to consider when buying a re-sale condominium unit BY BONNIE BOWMAN

So, you have found the perfect apartment-style condominium: great location, perfect size and the price is right. Now what? Have you done your homework before making the offer? These are aspects that you should look into before closing the deal.

AR I t oor or o t oor par I t oor t e re I t heate I t o t oor the l ht a e ate I t ear a pot here o ll be p le oe the t o e th o e par pa e or t o I t o l o e th o e pot a o ha e t o eh le o t re tal par a a lable the o t a lo at o e o t

a ot be e to epe o that a there a be lo at l t erhap o o l re t o e ro a other t o er e e ber th opt o a ha e a t ha e ha or the other o er ee ha e e tel o ot rel o be able to par tor I the par pot o e ee e to o r te or


Board of Directors duty:

te to Co


er I


to place and maintain Insurance

Insuring your Condominium can be a pleasant experience, get the advice and service you deserve.

HUB International Phoenix Insurance Brokers Dawn Mitchell FCIP, CRM, CAIB, ACCI Commercial Account Executive 10320-146 Street, Edmonton AB T5N 3A2 Telephone 780 453-8407 Fax 780 488-7077 Matt Cruikshank, CIP, BPE Commercial Account Executive 4528 – 99 Street, Edmonton, AB T6E 5H5 Telephone 780 391-2116 Fax 780 437-6768 We recognize the unique and specific loss exposures of Condominium Corporations and we will provide you with a custom-made solution that is designed by our knowledgeable and experienced staff to ensure you have the coverage you require for a premium that is competitive.

e l e e l e e par a ha e the t re Che the tor par area Are there e o h pa e I there o er ht tor par e re to at the par a lo er l e th o r te Che the o t o lo at o ea a e blt er the ber here a al o be re tr t o o otor le tr or o er al eh le o a e re to e t ate th t rele a t to o M UM FEES hat o the o er all the l eb l a te a e o re o al ra tt ater b l ra e a a e e t er e arba e olle t o a

repa r to o o ele e t roo r e a e ter or e ha al o po e t a e t e Co o ee o et e al o o er heat A C hot ater per te e t alar et I there a ater heater a ater o te er o r te Are the e re te or o e o o r heat a ool pro e a ho a ta a repa r the e te I o r h ro eparatel etere or l e hat a e t e are there a ple are a part roo pool hot t b o t oor pat o area or hop e t te l brar pla ro te o rt a e roo oo at the e area I o te to e the e a l t e be re to rea thro h the r le a pote t al

ee epo t et or the r e Che o ho the pro er a loo to pho e a ter et o t o te atell te he are ot allo e to ho e o et e the b l ha o e o the roo or all to a e RULES I the b l pet r e l or t pe all pet ree he ber o pet per tte per t a be re tr te or re tr t o a l e pet p to a erta he ht or e ht Certa bree o o a be orb e a e ot pet a ot be allo e I pet are allo e there ll erta l be r le abo t o e a lea - p Che the r le re ar o o er here a be olo r re tr t o or o et e


CCI - North Alberta Chapter


be e e ore pe a tate ert al bl o l Che r le or o por he a h h-r e the o te ot allo e e to the pote t al re ha ar Che the r le or bal o e a o te o a o l be per tte to ha e ea o al r t re a potte pla t o a ot be able to ha th o the ra l a o a or a ot be able to p t ea o al l ht or e orat o o a ot be able to ha th o the o t e o o r oor l e reath or o er o a ot be able to br real Chr t a tree to the b l here a be a r le re tr t ar a h or there a be a area et p or o o o- to r el o te RE A S la to o re o at o ha e oor a e t he or a e bathroo e re to he o the r le a pro e re to a o pl h the e th te the e pro e t t be appro e b the boar o re tor here a be re tr t o o ho a he or a be o e o a al o ha e to parta e a e t a ree e t SE Are o e t e to o e I the b l oo ra e or o rete I t a ope o ept lo t t le o ht be able to hear o r e hbo r o eep that It a be rea o able to e pe t o plete le e th o a people aro o Che o r e Are o e atel be e or abo e the e tra e or the ara e oor arba e b or r e a or

arba e tr or lar e e tral ar o to t Al o ote o r pro t to ele ator arba e h te part roo pool et A A E Che ro a o o area or o e le te repa r a poor a te a e a atte t o to hall a ele ator o ell the b l are or o te a oo at o o the o erall health o the orporat o a the ta the h re oo at the area aro the o o Are there a b l pro e t pla e erhap a other h h-r e blo o r e o pa e h h a or a b bo tore ea the o o b llet boar loo or ot e the hall ele ator p p a op o a re e t e letter a pea to o e re e t the hall or ele ator I there are proble o a o te et at o ro o er a te a t ALS

E here are the a lbo e lo ate I there a te or par el el er Ne paper el er o arba e a a e I there arba e h te a here t lo ate o re l a pa bo e ha le he ele ator o te ee to be re er e or o e here a be pe al tr e tra e a or par area o al o he o pla o ett e r t re or appl a e el ere here a be a a a e epo t re re hat per e ta e o the b l re tal o er o pe Are o lo ate ear

a er t I the b l pro e o all a a e or el - a a e I there a per te e t o the l e o te ho o o o ta t th e t o e r t Are there a era Are the at ro t oor a or par ara e e ob o a ll o re e e th o r te Ca o et e tra a at hat o t a r r e re a o le eable realtor to re e the ale re or the b l a o parable b l o r re o M S M R A L a e o r o er to p r ha e o t o al o the re e o the tat ert ate a e o r la er re e the e o e t are ll o ee to o the a al health o the orporat o the a o t o the re er e t a e ate there a pe al a e e t e t pe or propo e Are there a o t ta la t a a t the orporat o er ta the ta ar tb la a be re o ha e a e ate ra e I e t at te h a the e a other o e that are a part o o r l e t le be oreha ll a t a o r o e to the o o a happ o e Bonnie is a real estate professional in Ontario. Published by kind permission of Condo News, CCI Golden Horseshoe Chapter


te to Co


er I



21  

 

   

 


 

 

“First At Making Buildings Last”…Since 1986










TEL: (780) 486-2828




CCI - North Alberta Chapter


2014 NORTH ALBERTA CHAPTER ANNUAL GOLF MIXER Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 Eagle Rock Golf Course 50549 - RR #234 (6km East of Beaumont off of 50th Street or 5km West of HWY 21)

Limited Registration and Sponsorship Opportunities Registration Deadline: August 15th, 2014

$100 per person (plus GST) 12:00 p.m. Registration 1:00 p.m. Shotgun Start (Texas Scramble Format)


te to Co


er I


2014 CCI Golf Tournament Eagle Rock Golf Course Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 – – 1:00 PM (12:00 PM Registration) General Information Name: Company / Complex Name:




Address: Street Address

Suite #


Golfer Registration

Register as an Individual


Register as a Team

# of Golfers

Names of Players

Postal Code

x $100 + GST = $ Email Address & Phone Number

1. 2. 3. 4. Cancellation, Substitution and Refund Policy If you cancel for any reason, please notify CCI by August 15th, 2014 and your registration will be refunded. Cancellations after August 15th, 2014 and no-shows are non-refundable. Please feel free to send someone in your place if you cannot attend. All payments are due by August 15th, 2014. Sponsorship and Donations

Hole Sponsor $400

Dinner Sponsor $2000

Two free individual tournament registrations, company profiled on sponsorship poster, table setup at hole to promote business, acknowledgment at dinner

Speciality Prize Sponsor $300

Company profiled on sponsorship poster

Donate Prize

Someone will contact you to arrange pick-up or delivery.

One free individual tournament registration, company profiled on sponsorship poster, table setup at hole to promote business


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Please make all cheques payable to: Canadian Condominium Institute

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Please return completed form to: CCI - North Alberta #37, 11810 Kingsway Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5 Phone (780) 453-9004 | Fax (780) 452-9003 Email:


CCI - North Alberta Chapter


don’t get snowed By George Armstrong We may be in the midst of Summer, but now is the time to consider ‌


o t o ter a te a e o pa e are reate e all a the a e oe or the r r tte o tra t r e er e opt o a tt ll er ro o pa to o pa b t ea h o pa ll pro e a er e o tra t or a o o orporat o to he e o h h o pa to h re or o a e re o al a o o orporat o lt atel e h h o tra t to a ept here ore be properl or e a to hat a ter a te a e o tra t a a a t


para o


he o tra t ho l be h hl pe re ar to ope o the ob a ho l l e eta le a ra a e pla at o o the or that to be o plete he o tra t ho l al o e e hat o t t te a o a e e e t ho lo the o tra tor ha to re po to h o rre e a e r be ho the or to be arr e o t a o tra tor ll or all pro e real t er e a o plete lear t e b t ll


ot p t the


A o re o al a ree e t that appear to be ot h ore tha a o e or b ll o ale ll ot prote t ator e p te th the r o tra tor or the e e t o per o al r or propert a a e r

o e area here a o a e o tra t a be a e or lea It ot o o or o tra tor to o er a attra t e ba e pr e or the plo ea o h h e the t al appeara e o be a o t e e t e er e po rther pe t o ho e er the e o tra t a o t e o to e r be ho the o tra tor ha the r ht to o hat e e ar to eep the propert a e at all t e h a ea e tra er e all ot or all l e the t al la o t o the o tra t A o o orporat o e ter to UES




a o tra t h a th obl ate to pa the o the e e tra er e It re e ber that o t o re e t al propert e a o a at-rate te

le all tra tor or porta t to er al a be ote

A other porta t a tor he o par o tra t ho h o o t t te a er eable o all o e o tra tor ll plo all o e e t th o e h o o a lat o or reater h le other o t plo o all th a le tha t o or e e three he o a lat o or e a ple h tor all the reater oro to Area ha re e e a ber o l ht o all bet ee o e a t o he o a lat o e er ter he e l ht o all t ll pre e t a ha ar h h h all o all o o e h or ore ho l al a be plo e a alte ES


1) How many properties did your company clear last year? Tip: If the answer is 40 or less, the company is almost certainly a one-man show. 2) How much and what type of insurance do you have? Tip: Two-million dollars is not enough for snow removal; the answer should be $5 million or more, and the contractor must have a specific „snow services” rider in his or her policy. 3) Are all of your employees covered by WCB? Tip: Request a current issue of the company’s WCB clearance certificate. 4) How many trucks are in your fleet, and of those, how many are backup vehicles? Tip: A ratio of one backup truck per every three or four regular service trucks is excellent. 5) Do you subcontract any of the work performed? Tip: Some (typically smaller) contractors take on more work than they know they can handle and will then sell off any extra jobs to the highest bidder prior to the beginning



te to Co


er I


all e ter to a o a e o tra t that oe t thoro hl o tl e t o the er e er a a all o t o o l lea e a o o orporat o ope to a re bl lo re po e th o opt o or po ble re o r e hat oe oo a ter t top o ea A o ple o ho r e ore o o o er lea e or or the or th a a Ne er lea e a part o a o re o al o tra t ope to terpretat o er th t be pelle o t a learl a po ble or er to ara tee er e George Armstrong is the general manager of Monster Plowing Company. For more information, visit www. Published by kind permission of CONDO BUSINESS


of the snow season. 6) Do you have a 24/7 dedicated customer service person? Tip: The contractor’s answer may be: „Yeah, you can call me any time you want, I am up all night anyway!” Remember, they will be operating the plow and won’t in fact be able to speak with you. 7) Do you provide detailed diagrams and descriptions of the areas of my property you will be servicing? Tip: Avoid disputes during the service season; have all areas to be serviced laid out in writing and keep a copy. 8) Is your pricing all-inclusive and flat rate for the season? Tip: Don’t sign a contract that ultimately will leave open the possibility of extra charges, no matter how initially cheap it seems. 9) Does your company start plowing snow at an accumulation of one or two inches? Tip: A snow service should clear snowfalls at an accumulation of one inch. Otherwise, a property is susceptible to the dangers of black ice and slips and falls.


CCI north alberta 26

Annual conference & trade show 2014 review CCI North Alberta hel the r th a al tra e ho a o ere e th ear o a he e e t a hel at the Chatea o Co ere e Ce tre ea a e hel all o r e ar o e a he o ere e tarte o th a e a Chee e e e t o the r a e e h a po ore b Ca a a a a er ell atte e h ll ro ll a po e abo t the re e t ll ha e to the Co o ropert A t he o ere e tarte o t o at r a or th a el o e ro o r Cha rper o A a ha a tl ore atte ee th ear e e e to hol o r o rre t e o he l lo er th ear a e e e to ha e o r e al a el A r th t e pe al tha to o e terta la er h ll ll a o h ple e ol rth har ar er ller ho o he e at o al o po e t o the o ere e o te o the ollo

har a e a e e h per o a a l ttle r o le eable a a oberto No e top pea er


r o ere e o l the r top

ot be o e

tho t the e ept o al

he oo he a he la er ta Co o I ra e ro e o a a epa r ro e t Ne o e arra t a al oot a p a te eet e er e t e e eloper e e e a al oot a p he e t o orro o C Co t e ol t o o to a e o r Co o aleable a te a e epa r o t et the e te Colle t o or e e t e hA t l A e e t


or that the pea er p t

to prepar


pre e t

ele a th h ll o ee re Corte e ll et Nathal e Na ea arb rr Car e orro ele a th haro elo o h ple o rth r a Ne bert Al eborah o e rt al ab Car e orro ele a th Al

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Suite 204, 17707 - 105 Ave. Edmonton, AB T5S 1T1

CCI - North Alberta Chapter

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l e

#1 28

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5 year installation warranty Over 30 years experience Licensed, bonded, insured, WCB certified Comprehensive product warranty Knowledgeable staff Commercial financial solutions

ho o o t pre e tat o ere a a lable a a t ll be a e e o o r eb te o o ea h pre e ter a a e t o a re ere e to ea h atte ee at re trat o he e e t o a re ere ret r e a ll reatl a t the o ttee p o ear A pe al tha oe to o e h a o ra trator or all her har or he o ttee o l al o l e to ote the r appre at o o all the other ol teer ho a te th ear o ere e po or h p or the e e t a reatl appre ate a a te the o ere e o ttee eep the o t to a or part pa t I total e ha o er atte ee ho a e to o r e at o e e t pe al tha are e to the ollo po or Gold Sponsorship a e eer t

1-800-639-8846 |


Food Sponsorship Ca a a I ter at o al hoe I ra e ro er r el I ra e R S C a a e e t he Cooperator e t ate er a I ra e a le ealt a a e e t haro elo e er e t Co lta t Coffee Sponsorship er e Cla CCI ro p I

a el ll A re

a a e e t a or

r the e t re o ere e CCI hel the r a al tra e ho the a ballroo h a opport t or pro e o al a orporate e ber a o e ber to a e e eral pote t al l e t all o e a A al a the ra e ho o po e t o o r o ere e ell re e e a appre ate A a ta o to or at o a be lea e ro tho e ha a tra e ho table


te to Co


er I





14620-118 AVE.

# 1, 3916-64 AVE. SE

IICRC certified & Alberta certified for Asbestos abatement

CCI - North Alberta Chapter

MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release

May 7, 2014

Condominium Property Act Fails to Deliver

Edmonton - The Canadian Condominium Institute, North Alberta Chapter is voicing its concerns with Bill 13 The Condominium Property Amendment Act, introduced by the Government of Alberta on May 6, 2014.


Despite nearly five years of consultation, the legislation falls short of protecting condominium owners. CCI North Alberta says the province has ignored their call for consumer protection measures and Builder/Developer accountability. “The number one concern we’ve heard from owners over the past decade is water infiltration and building construction issues. These issues are not addressed in this legislation.” “We are concerned developers will not be held accountable, and condo owners will be left holding the bag,” said Anand Sharma, President of the Canadian Condominium Institute North Chapter. CCI has advocated for significant holdbacks against developers with deficient building practices and an independent inspection process that forces developers to build ethically and responsibly. “The province is leaving good building practices entirely in the hands of warranty providers. But warranty providers are for-profit entities backed by private insurance. Their primary goal is profit, not the public interest. Without strong language and enforcement in the Condominium Property Act, the province is letting the crisis in building deficiencies in Alberta condominiums continue,” added Sharma. Sharma said some changes to the Act proposed by consumer protection groups were ignored. At the same time, the Government included new items - such as the inclusion of an inspector to audit developer documents and accounts that were never raised in consultations. The Act also removes financial reporting requirements. It does not require annual financial statements to be prepared by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAPP). This is a clear deviation away from consumer protection, said Sharma. The Canadian Condominium Institute is also concerned that many changes have been put in the regulations, where there is little public input or oversight. “Much of the detail with the Condominium Property Amendment Act lies in the regulations, and those haven’t been shown to the public.” “Key policy issues that needed significant changes such as insurance, property manager accreditation and training, and document disclosure to owners are not detailed in legislation. These critical issues will be legislated behind closed doors and outside the Legislature where elected officials and the public have input,” said Sharma CCI North Alberta expressed support for the Act’s provisions for a tribunal that will address some issues facing condominium owners.

Edith O’Flaherty


Owner / Broker

MAYFIELD MANAGEMENT GROUP LTD. Property Management 15624 - 116 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5M 3S5 (780) 451-5192 x.212 | Office (780) 451-5194 | Fax

Billy Huet, P. Eng., Principal Department Manager, Building Science Tel 780 483 5200, Ext 1042290 Fax 780 484 3883 Cell 780 977 5437

Sylwester Zagaj, E.I.T. Building Science Morrison Hershfield Limited 300, 1603-91 Street SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0W8 Canada

Tel 780 483 5200, Ext Fax 780 484 3883


te to Co


er I


MEDIA RELEASE Condominium Property Act Fails to Deliver “We have been asking for a disputes resolutions model that would allow owners to seek resolutions outside of the court system, and we are pleased that the Alberta Government has responded with the establishment of a tribunal,� stated Sharma. CCI North Alberta will be proposing a number of amendments over the coming months, and is looking forward to improving the legislation significantly and providing input for the regulations prior to the fall legislative session. The Canadian Condominium Institute-North Alberta is a non-profit organization with a mandate to educate Condominium directors, owners and professionals in North Alberta. As the voice of condominium owners and boards, CCI North Alberta represents and advocates on behalf of its members and condominium owners to all levels of government. -30Media inquiries may be directed to: Anand Sharma, President Canadian Condominium Institute - North Alberta

CCI re e t A a abo t ll th

har a hare h o er e ber o the e a

Office - (780) 760-6197 Cell - (587) 783 9970


CCI - North Alberta Chapter


3.33 x 1.83 inches

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PRESIDENT Tel. 780.435.2833 Cell. 780.907.5554 thageman @

At HUB International, we recognize the unique and specific loss exposures of Condominium Corporations. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff to ensure you have the coverage you require for a premium that is competitive. Dawn Mitchell FCIP, CRM, CAIB, ACCI Commercial Account Executive

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HUB International provides you with a tailor-made solution that is designed by drawing upon our combined skills and expertise.


te to Co


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a maintenance schedule for condos


Regular Maintenance is the Key Inspecting your condo and common property on a regular basis, and following good maintenance practices, is the best way to protect your investment. Whether you take care of a few tasks at a time or several all at once, it is important to get into the habit of doing them. Establish a routine for yourself and your Board of Directors or building manager and you will find the work is easy to accomplish and not very time consuming.

A re lar he le o ea o al a te a e a p t a top to the o t o o a o tl proble be ore the o r I e e ar ea a era to ta e p t re o a th o ht a t to hare th a e pert or a e or to o tor or re o o a t at o later ollo the or at o ote here o ll lear abo t prote t o rb l a ho to help eep t a a e a health pla e to l e I o o ot eel o ortable per or o e o the a te a e ta l te belo or o ot ha e the e e ar e p e t or e a ple a la er o a a t to o er h r a al e per o to help o Most maintenance activities are seasonal: all the t e to et rea or the o ter h h a be the o t r ell ea o or o r ho e r ter o th t porta t to ollo ro t e a te a e pro e re b he o rb l

a o o propert are ll or a proble ar a ta orre t e a t o a oo a po ble pr the t e to a e ter a a e tart repa r a prepare or ar er o th er the o oor a ta to loo al a a he the a roo tr

er there are a ber o t oor a te a e a ter h a repa r tep pa t a h e ea e -tro h t re

While most maintenance is seasonal, there are some things you should do on a frequent basis year round in your individual unit: a e re a r e t oor a o t e ta e e ha t a or e a r are ot blo e b o or ebr Che a lea ra e hoo lter o a o thl ba e t the ro a lt r t terr pter o thl b p h the te t b tto h h ho l >>> continued on page 35

CCI - North Alberta Chapter


Over 25 Years of Trusted CONDOMINIUM & MULTI-UNIT Expertise 

Broker, General Manager 

#300, 10240–124 Street Ÿ Edmonton, AB T5N 3W6 Ÿ 780.641.0222

  

Western Canada’s largest product line for any condominium, high-rise and apartment projects Complete solutions for condominiums, high-rise and apartment projects Complete project management and coordination Take advantage of volume discounts Industry leading warranties and professional consultation and installation


Condominium and Multi-Unit Specialists A Division of Durabuilt Windows & Doors Inc. T. 780.232.6961 F. 780.481.9253 E.

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the a e the re et b tto to pop p I there are o h l re the ho e a e re ele tr al o tlet are e ppe th a et pl e larl he the ho e or a et ha ar h a a loo e ha ra l l t or b l arpet et a bathroo a r ll a re a o e ete tor a t or p er eb a pre e t the ro to e e ber o e ete tor ee to be repla e e er ear a ra ator r ll o ba o re r erator a ree er a e pt a lea r p tra Monitor your home for excessive moisture levels, for example: Co e at o o o r o h h a a e a t a a e o er t e a po e er o health proble a e orre t e a t o Che all a et or o r pp a ha e a her a ee e a et re r re e t repla e e t o a her a re re a e a et to be talle I o ha e a pl b t re that ot e re e tl h a a la r t b or pare bathroo t b or ho er tall r o e ater br e to eep ater the trap Clea ra h a her batht b a ho er tall e t pl b h t o al e to e re the are or a to pre e t the ro e a e o a oor or ea lat o or ol a r lea

I o a e a ote to repa r or repla e the pr a e repla e or oo to e a h e lea e a er e a ee e h t o a lea heat te h er a lo e the heat te h er a per o t th e tral a r o to Clea o ree a har are a repla e tor o th ree Che ree r t a repa r or repla e ee e o e t the t o e te to the r er a a l t ro t the area rro o r lothe r er a o r r er e t hoo o t e Che e r t o all ar ra l a ha ra l Che ooth to o all o a l br ate a re re I pe t o p tt o o t e o la pa e a repla e ee e br ate oor h e a t hte re a ee e


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 

Insurance rates and deductibles are increasing and coverage is decreasing. It is imperative for you to review your current coverage to ensure your insurance carrier is able to meet your needs and can adapt quickly when legislation is changed under the Alberta Condominium Property Act & Regulations. Claims Service is also an area worth consideration.

Ph: (780) 732-7129


As experts in the field of Condominium Insurance and Risk Management, we would be pleased to perform a written audit of your insurance program and insurance bylaws with no obligation. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff would be pleased to assist. References available upon request.

CCI - North Alberta Chapter

he ea o al a te a e he le pre e te here a e eral e or o to ollo he a t al t le t or o to e e a o a a t to rther e the l t o te or ea h ea o to o th FALL


a e heat ool te er e b a al e er e o pa a o te a e e ar a o o ha e a er e o tra tor to a ta the r e ha al te br ate r lat p p o hot ater heat te lee a r ro hot ater ra ator a e the or e a r heat te a belt or ear loo e e or o e lea a bla e o a rt b l - p a ter o e t the ele tr t to the otor r t Che a lea or repla e heat t a r lter ea h o th r the heat ea o e t lat o te h a heat re o er e t lator ho l be he e e er t o o th a ele tr ba eboar heater to re o e t I the heat re o er e t lator ha bee h t o or the er lea the lter a the ore a po r ater o the o e ate ra to te t t Che p p p a l e to e re proper operat o a to a erta that there are o l e ob tr t o or ble lea epla e o ree th tor o appl able e o e ree ro the e o a e e t o to allo a r ro the heat te to eep o e at o o o la re all oor to the o t e h t t htl a he other oor or ea e o e e e oor eather tr pp re re re o a l ht

lo e t htl Co er o t e o a r o t o t re that the ro aro o r b l lope a a ro the o at o all o that ater oe ot ra to the ba e e t Clea lea e ro ea e -tro h a roo a te t o po t to e re proper ra a e ro the roo Che h e or ob tr t o ha e t ra a tore o t oor ho e Clo e al e to o t oor ho e o e to a ra the ho e b b e ter or a et e e the b l ha ro t proo ho e b b ter e la ap or e a ple tore o t oor r t re prepare ar e a e e ar prote t o tree or b he or ter WINTER Che a lea or repla e heat te a r lter ea h o th r the heat ea o e t lat o te h a heat re o er e t lator lter ho l be he e e er t o o th Che a e o all re e t her re har e or repla e e e ar Che re e ape ro te oor a o lo a har are a l ht aro o t e o ho e e re a l ha oo e r t hab t Che the ba e e t oor ra to e re the trap o ta ater e ll th ater e e ar a e ea e or ro t a lat o Che roo or e a or le Che ele tr al or pl a o tlet or all oor a o t oor ea o al l ht to e re re a et I or or pl or or eel ar to the to h repla e e atel

SPRING Che a lea or repla e heat te a r lter ea h o th r the heat ea o e t lat o te or e a ple heat re o er e t lator lter ho l be he e e er t o o th a e heat ool te er e b a al e er e o pa a o te a e e ar a o o ha e a er e o tra tor to a ta the r e ha al te Clea or repla e a r o t o lter appl able pe al e to o t e ho e o e to a ter all a er o ro t ha pa e a e the o at o all or ra lea or o o t re a repa r a re re epa r a pa t e e a e e ar re p p p operat properl be ore the pr tha et re har e p pe o e te a allo ater to ra a a ro the o at o e el a e ter or tep or e h h o e e to ro t or ettl Che ea e -tro h a o po t or loo e o t a e re atta h e t to o r b l lear a ob tr t o a e re ater o a a ro o r o at o Clear all ra a e t he a l ert o ebr erta e pr la ape a te a e a e e ar ert l e o tree SUMMER o tor h t belo ro area a a o relat e h t le el abo e per e t e a eh er to a ta ae relat e h t Clea or repla e ar o to lter a a h or repla e e t lat o te lter e e ar

Insite to Condos Summer Issue 2013/2014

ee e Che or a eal o a hole e ter or la that o l be a e tr po t or all pe t h a e rrel et e o e a pla t or root that o ta t or pe etrate the or br Cl b p o o r roo or e b o lar to he t e eral o to a ote a a that o l ate tr t ral proble re r rther e t at o ro e the att Note the o t o o all h le or po ble repa r or repla e e t a e a e all roo a h h a at h e a roo o t or a o ra or lea a e eep h e o e te to a oo -b r appl a e or repla e a pe t the or e o ea o proble Che the h e ap a the a l bet ee the ap a the

h e epa r r e a a al a a ee e epa r a a a e tep that pre e t a a et proble Previously published in 2009.


Che belo ro p pe or o e at o or r pp a ta e orre t e a t o or e a ple re e h t a or late ol ater p pe Che the belo ro oor ra to e re the trap o ta ater e ll th ater e e ar eep lea arpet a r br ate ara e oor har are a e re that t operat properl br ate a to at ara e oor ope er otor ha et a e re that the a to re er e e ha properl a te I pe t ele tr al er e l e or e re atta h e t here the e ter o r b l a a e re there o ater lea a e to the b l alo the ele tr al o t Che e ter or oo a tr or o eter orat o lea repla e or re h a



Your Single Source for

Condominium Engineering 6707 Elbow Drive SW, Suite 242 Calgary, Alberta T2V 0E5 Toll Free: 1.888.348.8991


CCI - North Alberta Chapter


forms and trade directory your condo connection

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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION MEMBERSHIP TO JUNE 30, 2015 How/from whom did you hear about CCI?:

■ CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION MEMBERSHIP: Please complete all areas Condominium No.:

No. of Units:

❐ Townhouse ❐ Apartment

Registration Date:

Condominium Association Name: Management Company:

Contact Name:


Suite #:



Phone: (


Fax: (



Condo Corporation Address:

Suite #:



Phone: (


President : Treasurer : Director #3:

Fax: (

Postal Code:












Please forward all correspondence to: Fee:


Postal Code:

❐ Management Company address

❐ 2-50 Units - $200 + GST = $210.00 ❐ 201 + Units - 450.00 + GST = $472.50

❐ Condo Corporation address

❐ 51-100 Units - 250.00 + GST = $262.50

❐ 101-200 Units - $350.00 + GST = $367.50



Company: Address:

Suite #:

City: Phone: (

Province: )

Full Year Fee:

Fax: (

Postal Code:



❐ 375.00 + GST = $393.75




Suite #:

City: Phone: (

Province: )

Full Year Fee:

Fax: ( ❐ 500.00 + GST = $525.00

Postal Code:



❐ Small Business (5 employees or less) - $300.00 + GST = $315.00


Suite #:

City: Phone: (

Province: )

Fax: (


Email: Full Year Fee: ❐ 140.00 + GST = $147.00 Cheques should be made payable to: Canadian Condominium Institute - North Alberta Chapter #37, 11810 Kingsway Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5 Tel: 780-453-9004 • Fax: 780-452-9003 Email: • Website:

Postal Code:

Method of Payment: ❐ Cheque

Charge to:

Card #: Signature: HST/GST #899667364 RT002

❐ Exp Date:


CCI - North Alberta Chapter

InSite 2014/2015 Advertising Booking ISSUE 1 Fall

ISSUE 2 Winter

ISSUE 3 Spring

ISSUE 4 Summer

Aug 8, 2014

Nov 7, 2014

Feb 6, 2015

May 8, 2015


Enter the cost for each issue you wish to advertise in using the Advertising Rates 2014/2015 page. You may order advertising for one issue at a time, or for the entire year. Invoices will be sent quarterly. Submit this page and artwork, if it has changed, to:

PAYMENT Payment may be made by cheque, Visa, or MasterCard. Do NOT send cash through the mail. ** Make all cheques payable to the Canadian Condominium Institute. All ad payments must be received by CCI-NAC prior to the submission deadlines as indicated above. Choose either: ____ A) To have an invoice forwarded to you for payment by : ____ B) Pay by credit card and: mail to: CCI - North Alberta Chapter #37, 11810 Kingsway Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5



If paying by credit card, please enter the required information Card # __________-__________-__________-__________

email, or

fax (Please choose one)

fax to: CCI-NAC OfďŹ ce 780-452-9003 Visa

Mastercard Expiry Date MM/YY

Amount to be charged $____________.____ Total Payable with GST from above

Name on card: _______________________________

Signature: ___________________________

Thank you!

Revised June 2014

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Insite to Condos

Contact the InSite team to place your ad in the next issue: CCI North Alberta Chapter #37, 11810 Kingsway Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5 780-453-9004

ADVERTISING RATES 2014 / 2015 Ad Type


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Back Cover

Non-Member Pricing

$165.00 $8.25 $173.25 $357.00 $17.85 $374.85 $715.00 $35.75 $750.75 $1,072.00 $53.60 $1,125.60 $1,347.00 $67.35 $1,414.35 $1,375.00 $68.75 $1,443.75

gst Total gst Total gst Total gst Total gst Total gst Total

$330.00 $16.50 $346.50 $714.00 $35.70 $749.70 $1,430.00 $71.50 $1,501.50 $2,144.00 $107.20 $2,251.20 $2,694.00 $134.70 $2,828.70 $2,750.00 $137.50 $2,887.50

Please note: Advertising prices are subject to change at the beginning of each fiscal year. We will endeavour to notify all advertisers of any rate changes in a timely manner.

Note to Advertisers: Submit your artwork in a digital file, or provide camera-ready copy. Digital files are accepted in .EPS, .AI, .PSD formats, or high quality PDF or TIF (minimum 300dpi). All artwork must be produced in CMYK colour. *Please check the ad dimensions above to be sure your ad size is correct. If in doubt, consult with your editor or production team to be sure your files are acceptable. All advertising requests will be subject to approval and space availability. Advertising copy and payment MUST be received by CCI - NAC prior to the submission deadline

Advertising & Article Submission Deadlines ISSUE 1

August 8, 2014


November 7, 2014


February 6, 2015


May 8, 2015

Please use the form on the facing page to book your ad and provide payment details. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to provide the correct version of the ad for printing by the Advertising and Submission Deadline. If edits are required to your artwork after submission, we reserve the right to charge a nominal fee for our magazine designer to make the requested changes (if applicable).


CCI - North Alberta Chapter

Great New Benefit for Condominium Board Members & Owners! 42

In order to assist more Condominium Boards understand their role and obligations, the CCI-North Alberta Chapter will be presenting the Condo 101 seminar in Grande Prairie, AB. This three hour introductory seminar is geared to Condominium Board Members as well as Owners and will cover the basics of Board Governance, Financial and Maintenance Responsibilities as well as your Legal Obligations as a Corporation. This course is being offered in Grande Prairie, AB at NO CHARGE. Sponsored by Key Property Management Inc. Thursday, July 10, 2014 Center 2000 #217 – 11330 – 106 Street Grande Prairie, AB 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Registration must be completed and returned to the CCI office in advance as space is limited.

Condo 101 Course Registration Date: Grande Prairie, AB July 10, 2014 Condominium Name: Attendee 1 Name: E-mail: Attendee 2 Name: E-mail: Attendee 3 Name: E-mail: Attendee 4 Name: E-mail: CCI - North Alberta Chapter #37, 11810 Kingsway NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5

Daytime phone: Daytime phone: Daytime phone: Daytime phone: Ph: 780-453-9004 / Fax: 780-452-9003 Email: Website:

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trade directory Company


Full Name



Barbara L. Surry

Barbara L. Surry, B. Comm, CMA

(780) 467-0562

Colin Presizniuk & Associates

Colin Presizniuk, MBA, CGA, ACCI, FCCI, TEP

(780) 448-7317;

Luu Ho, CGA, CFE

(780) 448-7317;

Varughese Arattu, BBA

(780) 448-7317;

Rami Alherbawi, GSc., CGA

(780) 448-7317;


Gregory Blakley, BMgt., CGA

(780) 448-7317;

Kouri Berezan Heinrichs Chartered Accountants

Mohini Kumar, CA

(780) 463-8101

Lim & Associates

Cheng S. Lim, CGA

(780) 484-8803

The Alberta Bookkeeping Company Ltd.

Veronica van Egteren

(780) 439-7400

Gerrit Roosenboom, DSA

(780) 982-4355

Dan McDaniel

(780) 424-0397

Lucien Roy, ACCI, FCCI

(780) 424-0397

Yvonne Harris

(780) 750-9951

Fatima Salvador

(780) 750-9951

Alberta Property Management Solutions Inc.

Georgina MacNeil

(780) 714-8889;

AV8 Solutions

Brett Binnie

(780) 352-9277

Ayre & Oxford Inc.

Roseanne Evans, CPM, ARM, ACM, Associate Broker

(780) 448-4984

Bella Management and Realty Ltd.

Alison Pon

(780) 444-2665

Bentley Thorpe Management & Consulting Inc.

Oksanna Luchkanych Clinton

(780) 472-1821

Braden Equities Inc.

Robert Paquette

(780) 429-5956

Canwest Management & Realty Inc.

Arvind Kapur

(780) 461-2447

CasaWise Management

Doug Lane

(780) 413-0275

Celtic Management Services Inc.

Keri Ramirez

(780) 449-5655

Cornerstone Management

Carolyn Flexhaug

(780) 701-7264

CS Management Inc.

Curtis Siracky

(780) 993-4805

ARBITRATION & MEDIATION Rosetree Consulting CONDOMINIUM MANAGEMENT AIM Real Estate Corporation Alberta Condo Review & Management

CCI - North Alberta Chapter



Full Name



Economy Management 2012

Jen Martin

(780) 453-1515

Estate Properties Incorporated

Chester Quaife, ACM

(780) 433-2345

FOCHAUS Management Inc.

Corina MacKinnon

(780) 988-1947

Fort Management Ltd.

Lorna MacNeil

(855) 791-3948

Jerrica Ross

(855) 791-3948

Kathy Bowers

(855) 791-3948

Group Three Property Management Inc.

Michele Curtis

(780) 641-0222

Hallmark Management

Darcie-Lee Rea

(780) 819-2108

Harvard Property Management Inc.

Laura Sharen

(780) 413-6916

Helm Property Management & Realty Ltd.

Joel Helm, CPM

(780) 408-3082

Homestead Property Management

Shirley & Ted Appelman

(780) 203-4105

JLR Property Management Inc.

Lisa Wallbridge

(587) 521-2090

KDM Management Inc

Brian Fischer A.C.M.

(780) 460-0444

Key Investment Property Management Inc.

Karen Schoepp

(780) 833-5555

Kris Hendrickson Management Inc

Kris Hendrickson, ACCI

(780) 473-4487

Larlyn Property Management Ltd

Michael Holmes, MBA, CPM, RCM, ACCI, CMOC

(780) 424-7060

Magnum York Property Management Inc.

Ron Gauvreau

(780) 482-1644

Mastery Consulting Inc.

Alan Whyte, ACCI, ACM

(780) 482-2311

Mayfield Management Group Ltd

Edith O’Flaherty

(780) 451-5192

Helena R, Smith, ACCI, FCCI

(780) 451-5192

Midwest Property Management

Allan Carr, ACCI, RPA

(780) 420-4040

Parterre Property Services Inc.

Dwayne Ropchan

(780) 988-0221

Pinnacle Realty & Management Inc

Rick Murti, ACCI, ACM, e-PRO

(780) 758-4434

Pivotal Property Management Inc.

Jamie Shima

(780) 431-5629

Premier Asset Management Inc.

Elaine Smith

(780) 414-0297

Prince Property Inc.

Sandi Danielson

(780) 416-9098

Rancho Management Services

Jack Dodds

(780) 463-2132

Signiture Property Management Ltd.

Gwen Russell, ACCI

(780) 467-5544

Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc.

Ray Pratt

(780) 455-4111

Star Property Developments Ltd.

Dianna Morris

(780) 488-5401

Stellar Condominium Management Ltd.

Alicia Jentner

(587) 990-4583

Strategic Property Management

Diane Drew

(780) 739-6619

Stephen Crane

(780) 739-0918

TEGA Property Management Ltd.

Susan Milner

(780) 757-7828

The Property Shop Inc.

Judy Martin

(403) 346-6970

TRC Realty Management Inc.

Richard Kayler

(780) 962-9300

Universal Asset Management Inc.

Vanessa Denman

(780) 340-4360

Victorian Property Management

Brian Newbert, ACCI

(780) 463-0066

Victorian Property Management

Jules Leclercq

(780) 463-0066

Western Realty Group Inc.

Sarah Henkel

(780) 437-2900

ENGINEERING Aegis West Engineering Inc.

Garett Cochrane, B.Sc.,P.Eng.

(780) 238-3418

CCI Group Inc.

Walid Habis, P.Eng.

(403) 457-7744

Morrison Hershfield Limited

Billy Huet, P.Eng.

(780) 483-5200

Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Nick Trovato, B.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng.

(780) 452-2325

TCL Engineering

Ted Hagemann

(780) 435-2833

Insite to Condos Summer Issue 2013/2014


Full Name



Venture Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Rajesh Kaliandasani, CEI, CES, CEC, RTS, PQS

(780) 484-1974

Wade Engineering Ltd.

Allan King, P.Eng., ACCI, FCCI

(780) 486-2828

Condo Cash Program Inc.

Jim Wallace

(780) 952-7763

Pacific & Western Bank of Canada

Karl Neufeld

(604) 984-7564

William J. Rhind & Associates Ltd.

Will Pozzo

(403) 283-1378



INSURANCE BFL CANADA Insurance Services Inc.

Tony Reed & Greg Cortese

(403) 613-4415

Diverse Claims Adjusters Ltd.

Paul Whitman, FCIP

(780) 756-4222

HUB Phoenix Insurance Brokers

Dawn Mitchell, FCIP, CRM, CAIB, ACCI

(780) 453-8407

Marsh Canada Limited

Anniesa Henkel, FCIP, CRM

(780) 917-4869

PRIMELINK Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Murray Dadswell

(780) 435-3632

Renfrew Insurance Ltd.

Brenda Klassen

(403) 299-1000

Stevenson Douglas Insurance Services

Dave Douglas CIP

(780) 758-4144

Westgate Perma Insurance Ltd - The Cooperators

Gregory Clark

(780) 448-7137

Reliance Asset Consulting Inc.

Harold Weidman, ACCI, P.App., CRP, DAC


Suncorp Valuations Ltd.

Bill Doig, B.Sc., FCIP

(780) 421-7300

Dobko & Wheaton

Gerry Dobko, QC

(780) 539-6200

Field LLP

Paul H.W. Girgulis

(780) 423-3003

Jennifer Oakes

(780) 423-7662

Gledhill Larocque

Victoria A. Archer

(780) 465-4852

Melnyk & Company

Beverley Anderson, LLB

(780) 428-8900

Miller Thomson LLP

Roberto Noce, Q.C.

(780) 429-9728

Erin Berney

(780) 429-9733

Ogilvie LLP

Robert Assaly, QC, ACCI

(780) 429-6243

Politeski, Strilchuk, Milen Lawyers

Mathew R. Corrin

(780) 875-2288

Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP

Emmanuel Mirth, QC, ACCI, FCCI

(780) 425-9510

Todd A. Shipley, BA, LLB

(780) 497-3339

David van Leenen, BA, LLB

(780) 413-3100

Carly Tyson

(780) 413-3180

Shourie Bhatia LLP

Arun Shourie

(780) 438-5281

Willis Law

Hugh Willis

(780) 809-1888

Witten LLP

John M. Frame

(780) 428-0501;

Dorian Andrews

(780) 435-2214



Sharek, Logan & van Leenen LLP


CCI - North Alberta Chapter



Full Name



ABP Windows & Doors

Bob Robinson

(780) 465-7547

All Reach Glass Services Inc.

Blaine Adams

(780) 483-9561

All Weather Windows Renovation Div.

Trevor Derewlanka

(780) 451-0670

Amptec Fire and Security Ltd.

Jerry Poon

(780) 426-7878

Best Choice Painters Ltd.

Patrick Aubert

(780) 465-2378

Brookfield Homes

Chris Battochio

(780) 990.2701

Canadian Tree Care

Trevor Pihrag

(780) 485-0700

Capital Consulting & Contracting Inc.

John Setterlund

(780) 991-4908

Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre

Debbie Koper

(780) 453-6517

Christensen & McLean Roofing Co.

Phil Roy

(780) 447-1672


Bernie Winter, ACCI, FCCI, CEO

(403) 270-3164

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd..

Dennis French

(780) 468-3131

En-Pro Energy Specialists

Dan Brownsberger

(403) 815-2904

Excel Bldg. Inspection & Consulting

Eldon Schechtel

(780) 464-5634

Garland Canada Inc.

Richard Lucid

(780) 485-7612


Rafal Dyrda

(800) 274-9704

Great Canadian Sundeck & Railing Ltd.

Mike Buwalda

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Innovative Landscape Concepts Ltd.

Chris Yaremko

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ITAK Services & Solutions Inc.

Sue Hooke

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Karlen-Elecom Ltd.

Mickie Poon

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Magic Wand Cleaning & Restoration Services

Scott Utas

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Noralta Lock & Key Ltd.

Murray Harrison

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Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd.

Amber Forest

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Practica Ltd.

Esther Strubin

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Ulli Robson

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Shaw Communications Inc.

Jesica Grant

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Solution 105 Consulting Ltd.

Chris Vilcsak

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TEGA Property Management Ltd.

Carmen Zuorro

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Thermotech Environmental Inc.

John Van Ginkel

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United Parking Services

Dan Mechalchuk

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Urban Systems Surveys Inc.

Bruce Drake

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Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corporation

Cynthia Woodford

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Ye Olde Plumber Ltd.

Ken Roskell

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Capcity Realty Group Inc.

Luis Claro

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Connie Kennedy Realty Inc

Connie Kennedy, ACCI

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Edmonton Real Estate Board

Jon Hall

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First Independent Real Estate Ltd.

Jack Engel

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Liv Real Estate

Nathan Mol

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Mac’s Realty Ltd.

Liz Frieser

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Meyers Management Consulting Group

Tracy Meyers

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Pinnacle Realty & Management Inc.

Rick Murti, ACCI, ACM, e-PRO

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ReMax Real Estate Centre

Agnes Fisher

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Royal LePage/Summitview Realty

Rich Potter

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Royal LePage/The Realty Group Gr. Pr.

Angie Peters

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Insite to Condos Summer Issue 2013/2014


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Royal LePage/True North

Mark Ritchey

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Simco Developments Ltd.

Darryl Sim

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Garett Cochrane, B.Sc.,P.Eng.

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CCI Group Inc.

Walid Habis, P.Eng.

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Don Myhre, CRP

Don Myhre, CRP

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Dynamic Reserve Fund Studies Inc.

Colin Jackson

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Excel Bldg. Inspection & Consulting

Eldon Schechtel

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Morrison Hershfield Ltd.

Billy Huet, P.Eng.

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Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Nick Trovato, B.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng.

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Reliance Asset Consulting Inc.

Harold Weidman, ACCI, P.App., CRP, DAC


Reserve Fund Planners Ltd.

Richard McDonell, CPM, CRP

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Sharon Bigelow Reserve Fund Study

Sharon Bigelow

(780) 965-0965

Wade Engineering Ltd.

Allan King, P.Eng., ACCI, FCCI

(780) 486-2828


“First At Making Buildings Last”…Since 1986 TECHNICAL AUDITS:

 Building Envelope

 Parkade

 Asphalt



 Roof Systems

 Parkade Waterproofing

 Apartment

 Commercial

Wade Engineering offers consulting services throughout Alberta.

Other Services Offered: Roof Area Management Programs, Roof Condition Reports, Pre-Purchase Inspections and Building Audits P l e a se co nt a c t us f o r a f r e e S e rv i c e P ro po sa l

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15359-117 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5M 3X4

Tel: (780) 486-2828 / Fax: (780) 484-5752

InSite to Condos - Summer 2014  
InSite to Condos - Summer 2014