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What are CCI Greenheart’s English Language and Culture Programs? CCI Greenheart’s English Language and Culture Programs allow teens and adults to visit the U.S. in summer or during a vacation period. Programs are available throughout the year and have durations of between 1 and 3 weeks (for groups) and 1 and 8 weeks (for individuals). Group Homestay Programs

A group of students are placed with host families in one community and have English classes and/or cultural and recreational activities arranged.

Independent Homestay Programs

Individuals are placed with host families, throughout the U.S., for a cultural immersion experience.

Summer English Academy

Individuals or groups stay at a dormitory and participate in intensive English classes as well as big city excursions and recreational activities.

Volunteer Programs

Individuals stay with host families and volunteer with a local organization 5 – 15 hours per week (group options are also available).

Specialized School Programs

Individual or groups are placed with host families and spend a few days observing American middle and high schools. *Participants travel on B-2 visitor visas; CCI GH can send letters of support if requested*

“The program was much more beyond our expectations. The students really enjoyed it and the teachers from the school highly recommend this program. All of the host families really were really nice and generous.”

—Vicky, Chinese Group Leader on the Group Homestay Program

Why choose CCI Greenheart’s English Language and Culture programs? Experience

Skilled and Dedicated Staff

Since 1985 CCI GH has been organizing high school exchange programs and now sends and receives close to 10,000 participants annually on short-term homestays, ESL camps, intern and trainee, summer work travel programs in the U.S. and programs around the world.

CCI GH’s local coordinators are fully screened and trained to work with international students and host families. Our national office staff has over 10 years of experience coordinating short term exchange programs and strives to provide our partners with outstanding customer service, from the initial consultation, through the program completion, with 24 hour support available.

Geographic Diversity

CCI GH has an extensive network of field staff living in all U.S. states. Provide your clients with various locations to choose from. Customization

In addition to our standard program options, CCI GH can arrange for the program to revolve around a specific theme, such as sports, volunteering or university tours. We are excited to work with you to create a program that meets your clients’ needs. Welcoming Host Families

CCI GH host families are all volunteer families; they do not receive any money to host a student. Families have decided to welcome their homes and hearts to an exchange student in order to learn about another culture and share their own.

95% of CCI’s partners who send students on CCI GH’s English Language and Culture programs choose to send participants again the next year on CCI’s programs.

We take student safety seriously; each staff member and host parent must submit to an extensive background check report and interview before he or she is approved to work with or host a participant. Regional Directors and National Office Staff provide additional support and oversight to local coordinators. Accreditation

Due to our high standards, CCI GH is currently granted full listing by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET). Socially and Environmentally Conscious

CCI GH is more than a cultural exchange organization. We offer opportunities to our American and international participants to make a difference in the world through active participation in environmental and social service projects.

“He enjoyed the program very much and was glad to have made many friends from the world. He liked your teachers very much. Thank you again for providing such an excellent summer camp for the students.”

—Zhang, father of Chinese participant on Summer English Academy

“One of the reasons I wanted to do an exchange is to share the daily life of an American family. This experience allowed me to improve my English and discover another culture.”

—Chrystelle, French participant on the Independent Homestay Program

Quality and Safety

Why Choose CCI Greenheart's English Language & Culture Programs  
Why Choose CCI Greenheart's English Language & Culture Programs  

A description of CCI Greenheart's short-term language and culture programs and why partners should consider offering them to their internati...