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Annual Report 2018 F R O M H E R I TAG E T O I N N OVAT I O N

Largest foreign Chamber in the UK

Most dynamic Chamber worldwide





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Start-up and SMEs using our Business Support services




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Inspiring and supporting connections Established in 1883, the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain is one of the first and most successful French Chambers worldwide. With a membership of more than 530 companies, from Start-ups and entrepreneurs to SMEs, scale-ups and leading multinationals, the role of the French Chamber is to support its members in growing their visibility and business in the UK. Who we are – What we do We are part of 2 networks: • The network of 123 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad (CCI France International), which is the largest private French network in the world, present in 26 countries, with a combined membership base of more than 34,000 companies and • The Council of Foreign Chambers in the UK which counts 46 Chambers in total.

10 Forums and Clubs, Publications and Business Support Services including Company set up, Business Center, Recruitment, Accountancy and Payroll outsourcing services.

We are also a co-founder of the French Tech Hub in London.

The Board is assisted by: • An Advisory Council of 66 members, who act as ambassadors to help increase the visibility and the efficiency of the Chamber and • A Team of 27 permanent staff and 10 interns.

We count 530+ members companies to which we provide the following services: Bespoke Account Management, 50 Events per year,

Provide a platform for Franco-British companies to exchange, network and share expertise

Promote our members’ interests by creating synergies with key decision makers

Support our members in implementing and expanding their activities in the UK

Provide relevant and valuable information to our members

In terms of organisation, the Chamber’s policies are guided by a Board of 18 Directors responsible for all major decisions concerning the strategy moving forward.

Consult the French Chamber’s Accounts and Articles of Association www.ccfgb.co.uk/company-services-business-development


The Chamber’s Missions

What they say “These are turbulent times, when the convening power of the French Chamber of Great Britain is essential in helping to maintain the historic, cultural and business ties between the UK, France and Europe. As the FT is Europe’s leading business publication, I am always delighted to speak to Chamber members and to help maintain those important ties.”

Lionel Barber

“Over the past few years I have attended a few French Chamber’s events, as a guest and more recently as a speaker. I find the interaction with other participants very engaging and the events are always superbly organised. A Paul croissant is also hard to beat!”

Katherine Bennett CBE Senior Vice president, Airbus

Editor, Financial Times “The French Chamber of Commerce has given Ladurée the opportunity to develop the visibility of the brand and its products to other members. The broad range of networking events, clubs and forums, in particular the Luxury Club, has allowed us to generate new business opportunities and position Maison Ladurée as a French lifestyle destination in London.”

Romola Basu General Manager, Ladurée UK “Upon our arrival in the UK, we knew we needed to surround ourselves with the right partners to quickly penetrate this new market. The Chamber and its wonderful team have become an extremely valuable ally and they have been helping us on a wide range of topics. Joining as a member allowed us to extend our network with like-minded peers but also to be directly introduced to new commercial partners hence having a direct repercussion on our growth.”

David Odier Head of International Growth & UK MD, Crème de la Crème

“The French Chamber has been a great support to our new store launches and their networking events helped us meet interesting business contacts within our industry.”

Ludovic Blanc Founder & CEO, BLANC

“The French Chamber consistently excels in celebrating the leading examples of craftsmanship and art within the luxury sector. It is because of its exceptional network and unparalleled know-how within the industry that Patron Members are granted exclusive access to the very best the arts has to offer, through visits, breakfasts and evening events. Visiting the Antony Gormley Studio with the Artist discussing plans for his upcoming show at the Royal Academy was a priceless and unforgettable experience!”

Alice Lambert Deputy Director, Senior Researcher, Global Fine Arts, Sotheby’s



The French Chamber’s History The French Chamber initiated the project of the Franco-British exhibition celebrating the Entente Cordiale which took place in Shepherd’s Bush in 1908. The exhibition was a real success and 8 to 9 million visitors attended it.

The French Chamber of Commerce in London was founded by a few French businessmen in Great Britain.



The French Chamber thrived and reached 349 members.



Beginning of


Charles de Gaulle speaking from London on the BBC radio called for French resistance and London subsequently became a decision-making centre as well as a symbol of French resistance against German occupation.

17th June


The French Chamber started to receive demands from young French people who wanted to find a job in Great Britain. All publications of the Chamber would include in this period a section dedicated to this issue.


The monthly lunch of the Chamber was attended by Charles de Gaulle, who encouraged the Chamber to play a key role in the reconstruction of the 2 states.

6th January


The activities of the French Chamber of Commerce of London focused on aid and assistance by creating a mutual-aid committee for French refugees in the UK.

INFO, the magazine of the French Chamber of Commerce, was launched.

The French Chamber of Commerce in London changed its name into the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.



The UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC).


The Channel Tunnel was open, testimony of the strong connections between France and the UK.

20th October


François Mitterand, President of the French Republic from 1981 to 1995, attended a reception organised by the French Chamber of Commerce, during which he stressed that successes of French companies in the UK would be successes for all French individuals and for France.





The Chamber celebrated 135 years of history with a network of more than 530 members, including a remarkably high number of blue chip companies, positioning the Chamber at the heart of the Franco-British business community.



Our mission is to connect, support and develop businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to big corporates. And, in this ever evolving environment, we are keen to adapt and further improve our offering to satisfy our members.

Fabienne Viala President of the French Chamber of Great Britain


£2,278k Pre-tax profits

£53k 8

It has been a busy eight months since my appointment as the 40th President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain back in September 2018. First, I would like to thank Estelle Brachlianoff, our former President, for her commitment and hard work during her leadership. I would also like to congratulate the Board, the Advisory Council and the team, on the successes of the Chamber in 2018. Despite the challenging context, we have launched many new initiatives over the last year. Namely, we have organised a programme of Brexit dinners; we have conducted a Brexit survey in partnership with the Cercle d’Outre Manche, the UK section of the French Foreign Trade advisors, French Tech London and French Connect London, collectively polling our members on the impact and change to their businesses; we have recently launched a

new Forum dedicated to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, and we have obtained CPD certification for all of our Forums, demonstrating the evolution of these platforms for professional development, in addition to information sharing and sectoral networking. I have also had the pleasure of chairing meetings of the Women’s Business Club and President Circle Dinners, as well as attending other great events. Finally, I am proud to say that the first edition of LEBRIDGE, an event which connects large corporates with start-ups, was a great example of how the Chamber can help develop business and I am pleased to announce that there will be a second edition in 2019. Our mission is indeed to connect, support and develop businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to big corporates. And, in this ever evolving environment, we are keen to adapt and further improve our offering to satisfy our members.

That is why, following a Strategy Board Meeting in January, we decided to launch working groups involving Board Directors, Advisory Councillors and Chamber staff, and to survey some of our members to get feedback on how we can adapt our services to better serve them and to define the strategy of the Chamber going forward. Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to HE Mr Jean-Pierre Jouyet, French Ambassador to the UK, for his strong support of our activities aimed at developing Franco-British businesses. I would also like to thank our Board of Directors as well as our Advisory Councillors for their involvement in the Chambers’ activities. I would also like to acknowledge all our fellow members for their enduring trust and engagement. Last but not least, I want to express my thanks to the team of the French Chamber of Commerce for its outstanding work, and tireless commitment.


Despite challenges and the impact of Brexit on our activity, the Chamber recorded another successful year of operation.

As most of you are aware, I was on leave for the first six months of 2018. When I returned at the end of June, I was pleased and proud to see how the team, under the supervision of our Deputy President Stephen Burgin, had stepped up to the challenge and gained autonomy. I would like to thank the Directors of the Board for their support over this time, and specifically Stephen Burgin for leading the Chamber in my absence. I also wish to thank my incredible team for their excellent work. Indeed, despite Brexit uncertainty, the Chamber recorded a turnover of +£2,278k and pre-tax profits of £53K in 2018; we welcomed 109 new companies to our dynamic membership network; we celebrated our 135th anniversary; we launched the very successful LeBridge, bringing together blue chips and start-ups to generate dialogue, cooperation and business links; we launched our new website, which is easier to use and more graphically impactful. Our members can now access a dedicated ‘lounge’ where they can update their contact details and preferences, connect with each other, benefit from member offers and access all our services;

Brexit did have an impact on our activities – especially sponsorship and advertising, but we managed to expand our business support services, which assisted a total of 234 French SMEs and start-ups in their UK set-up and recruitment needs, accountancy and payroll outsourcing services. This clearly demonstrates that French companies continue to cross the Channel as they feel it is more important than ever to have a foot in both countries. The Franco-British relationship is indeed vital to the success of businesses. And the French Embassy, who has always been a key partner and who I wish to thank for their constant support, helps us in maintaining the dialogue. 2019 will not be an easy year as the new date for a potential and hopefully final outcome is now 31 October, thus prolonging the current period of uncertainty. And in such periods, companies show more prudence. According to our Brexit Survey conducted in March 2019, 42.4% of companies polled said that they had extra costs as a result of Brexit. 60 % said that the main disruptive factor was the access to skilled and unskilled labour while 26% said they were impacted by the shifts in the value of sterling.

Thanks to the working groups we have put in place further to the Strategy Board meeting in January 2019, we are not only focusing on developing services around Brexit and how we can better accompany our member companies in this context, but also on Digital UX for our members, on values and corporate purpose, and even more importantly, on always bringing more value for money for our members by analysing their needs and adapting our current offer. To help with these objectives, new functionalities will be developed on our website: online registration to events and Forum and Club sessions with automatic calendar updates; online payment; accessing CVs and Job Offers as well as a new informative Brexit section with FAQs, latest information and useful links. 2019 will also mark the 40th anniversary of INFO magazine which will be adapted to a quarterly format with an increased digital presence. Regular editions on critical business issues will be published seasonally. As we move to a new year of operations, I remain optimistic about the Chamber’s future.

Florence Gomez Managing Director, French Chamber of Great Britain

And this is thanks to all of those who support the Chamber: our French and British partners, our members, our Board and Advisory Council members, the Chairs of our Forums and Clubs who are doing an incredible job and the speakers. Finally, I would like to thank our outgoing President Estelle Brachlianoff for her service to the Chamber and her support. I wish her every success in her new role as Chief Operating Officer of Veolia Group. I would also like to extend my gratitude to our new President Fabienne Viala for her guidance and her continuing engagement with all that we do. Last but not least, I would like to thank my dedicated and hard working team, whose only objective is to better serve all of the above.



As of June 2019

We would like to thank all Directors, Advisory Councillors and Forums & Clubs’ Chairs for their commitment and dedication to the Chamber.

President Fabienne Viala Chairman BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION

Deputy President Stephen Burgin Additional Director THE FRENCH CHAMBER

Senior Vice President Peter Alfandary Head of French Team REED SMITH LLP

Treasurer Nicolas Ribollet Executive Director MAZARS BUSINESS ADVISORS

Managing Director Florence Gomez THE FRENCH CHAMBER

Vice President Katherine Bennett CBE Senior Vice-President AIRBUS

Vice President Fabrice Bernhard Co-founder and CTO THEODO

Vice President Bénédicte Duval General Manager UK & Ireland AIR FRANCE KLM

Vice President Hugo Fry Managing Director SANOFI UK

Vice President Helena Kavanagh Managing Director JCDECAUX Ltd

Vice President Olivier Nicolaÿ Managing Director UK, President of the UK and Other Americas Region CHANEL

Vice President Sadia Ricke Group Country Head for the United Kingdom, Head of Coverage and Investment Banking Division SOCIETE GENERALE

Vice President Simone Rossi CEO EDF Energy

Vice President Arnaud Vaissié Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO INTERNATIONAL SOS


Vice President Olivier Morel President of the UK chapter of the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE)

Honorary President Pascal Boris CBE Chairman and Non-Executive Director


Fabienne Viala

Chairman Bouygues Construction President

Stephen Burgin Additional Director Deputy President

Peter Alfandary

Head of French Team Reed Smith LLP Senior Vice President

Marc Bena

As of June 2019

Laurence Colchester

Aino-Leena Grapin

Quentin Michard

Mike Cooper

Alain Harfouche

Bertrand Michaud

Director Bitter Lemon Press

CEO Eurostar

Nick Crossfield

Managing Director UK & Ireland Alstom

Jean-Christophe Donnellier

Partner PwC

Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs French Embassy

Katherine Bennett CBE

Bénédicte Duval

Senior Vice President Airbus Vice President

Fabrice Bernhard Co-Founder and CTO Theodo Vice President

Jean-Pierre Bertrand CEO Colas Rail UK

Robert Carey

Strategy and Network Director easyJet

Jean-François Cécillon Co-Founder & Chairman The Universal Matrix

Victor Chavez

CEO Winch Design

General Manager UK & Ireland L’Occitane

Philippe Henry

Global Head of Corporate, Financials and Multinationals Banking HSBC Bank Plc

David Herbinet

Partner, UK Head of PIE & Global Audit Leader Mazars

General Manager UK & Ireland Air France KLM Vice President

Maxime Holder

Eric Ellul

Pascal D’hont

Senior Partner & Managing Director Boston Consulting Group

Géraldine Fabre

Partner Head of French Group Sherrards Solicitors

Hugo Fry

General Manager Sanofi UK Vice President

David Glass

Consultant Irwin Mitchel LLP

Chairman PAUL UK Ltd

Founder Eliotus Ltd

Mike Hughes

Zone President UK & Ireland Schneider Electric

Ross James Partner Deloitte LLP

Helena Kavanagh

Jeanne Monchovet Founder Olystix

Olivier Morel

President of the UK chapter of the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE) Partner & Head of International Corporate Investment Cripps LLP Vice President

Ray Newton

Advisor to the Chairman Radisson BLU Edwardian Hotels

Olivier Nicolaÿ

Managing Director and President of the UK and other Americas Region Chanel Vice President

Philippe d’Ornano Partner EY

Peter Smith

Rupert Reece

Peter Stevens

Senior Director – EMEA Office and Tenant Representation CBRE Ltd

Managing Partner Gide Loyrette Nouel

John Rees

Trade and Investment Director Government of South Australia

Nicolas Ribollet

Emmanuelle Ries Managing Partner ebl Miller Rosenfalck

Simone Rossi CEO EDF Energy Vice President

Arnaud de Saint Exupery

Catherine Palmer

Albin Serviant

Jonathan Chippindale

Brian Gosschalk

Elisabeth Markart Managing Director Barkston Consulting

Honorary President Sciences Po

Associate, French Group Manager Browne Jacobson LLP

Director Victanis Advisory Services

Chief Country Officer Head of Coverage and Investment Banking UK Société Générale Vice President

Chris Labrey

Stéphane Rambosson

Dominique Tai

Sadia Ricke

Area Vice President/ GM C/O Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

Managing Director

Partner, Business Law Department TWM Solicitors LLP

Alexandre Terrasse

Co-Founder Early Metrics

Managing Director UK & Ireland Econocom

Partner Constantin LLP

Executive Director, Head of International Desk Mazars Business Advisors Treasurer

Sébastien Paillet

Florence Gomez

Head of President’s Office Ipsos

Managing Director Hermès (GB) Ltd

Marc Reboux

Managing Director JCDecaux UK Ltd Vice President

CEO Thales UK

Chief Executive Holition

Partner & Managing Director Ekimetrics

Co-Founder & President FrenchTech London

Geoff Skingsley Chairman L’Oréal

Partner Edwin Coe LLP

Marc de Thomasson

Louise Tingström Partner Finelk

Arnaud Vaissié

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO International SOS President CCI France International Vice President

Anne-Marie Verstraeten UK Country Head BNP Paribas

Honorary Advisory Councillors: Pascal Boris CBE

Chairman & Non-Executive Director Honorary President

Elisabeth Delahaye Honorary Councillor



As of June 2019

Communications & Digital Transformation

Florence Gomez Managing Director

Noémie du Chatelier Executive Assistant to the MD

Carla Coutinho Office Manager

Marie Protat Head of Communication & Digital Transformation


Sarah Taylor Head of Membership and Forums & Clubs


David Johnson Senior Business Development Manager & Start-up Lab Manager

Ophélie Martinel Membership, Forums & Clubs Project Manager


Wassime Haouari Head of Events


Cynthia Ourizi Membership Coordinator

Sylwia Radzio Head of Recruitment

Alaïa Issany Recruitment Consultant

Suzanne Lycett Production & Advertising Manager

Katherine Millet Senior Graphic Designer

Publications & Content

Leila Hafez Events Coordinator

Lauriane Veron Events Coordinator

Jakob Von Baeyer Head of Publications

Business Support Services

Naser Nashaat Head of Finance & Administration Head of Business Support Services

Khadija Allou Assistant Accountant

Sophie Bosc Business Development Manager Business Consultancy Services

Laetitia Bochut Payroll Administrator

Laurie Chebaro Assistant Accountant

Irène Engelhardt Regnier Senior Account Manager Business Support Services

Mariam Jatta Senior Manager Accountant

Elodie Minier Assistant Accountant

Valène de Nardo Accounts receivable and Payable

Elise Porchy Administrative & Payroll Assistant

Annabelle Prost Assistant Management Accountant

Anaïs Voisard Assistant Accountant



A strong performance The financial highlights below are derived from the financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2018, which have been approved by the Directors and audited by Byrne Palmer & Co. The Chamber continued to perform well by delivering a healthy surplus in 2018, despite a number of challenges including business uncertainties resulting notably from the Brexit process. The profit before tax was £53K, thanks to all the departments of the Chamber. Nicolas Ribollet – Treasurer of the Chamber and Partner at Mazars

Turnover 2018

Turnover by Category

Cost of sales


The turnover represents the amounts receivable relating to the financial year for membership subscriptions and services provided to members and clients.

The performance of the Membership, Events and Publications departments of the Chamber was impacted by the challenging context, due to business uncertainties resulting from the Brexit process and also the austerity measures of some members in their marketing and PR.

At £213K, the cost of sales represented the equivalent of 9.3% of turnover in 2018. This is broadly in line with 2017, where cost of sales represented 9.5%.


This was partly counterbalanced by strong performance and improved results from the Chamber’s Business Support Services, with significant growth due notably to more companies looking to the Chamber to manage their payroll and accountancy.

+2% (£2,074K vs £2,033K in 2017). This increase amounts to +£41K as compared to 2017. Close management of the costs has been done in order to protect the result of the Chamber.





320 236 78 2018





112 2017

10% 2018



45% Members subscriptions Events Publications Business Support




These financial results are the outcome of the continuous support of members, partners and sponsors of the Chamber in 2018. They are also a reflection of the continued hard work and commitment of the Chamber’s staff and managers.

Reserves as at 31 December 2018:

+£1,109k Net surplus 2018:



Brexit: the conversation continues In 2018, the Chamber provided advice, analysis and case studies to its members to help them find the right information for their businesses.

Brexit Forums Six sessions were organised in 2018, focusing on the impact on HR & education, on UK regions, on investment decision and digital services. Further sessions convered: - The prospects of a deal: where are we now? - The potential outcome of business regulations within the UK: convergence or divergence? The sessions consisted of presentations by experts in their field, both members and nonmembers of the Chamber, followed by Q&A sessions and networking.

President’s Circle and Brexit Dinners Our President hosts six to ten dinners bringing together Board Directors, Patron Members and Start-up Founders as well as official representatives. The goal is to discuss topical issues, the impact of the current context on businesses (how they are preparing for Brexit)and to share best practice.

Dedicated Brexit section in INFO magazine Launched in 2017, this section expanded in 2018, with more pages and tailored insight and analysis from our member companies.

What they say

Outlook 2019 “France has always valued its close relationship with the UK. As Ambassador, I’ve had the chance to witness firsthand how deeply intertwined our interests and futures are. In 2018, the UK was the 3rd largest investing country in France! Our commitment to protecting and enhancing our economic ties with the UK is one of the main focuses of our presence here.”

HE Mr Jean Pierre Jouyet French Ambassador to the UK

“These are turbulent times, when the convening power of the French Chamber of Great Britain is essential in helping to maintain the historic, cultural and business ties between the UK, France and Europe. As the FT is Europe’s leading business publication, I am always delighted to speak to Chamber members and to help maintain those important ties.”

Lionel Barber Editor, Financial Times

The Chamber has launched four working groups on strategic priorities: Brexit; Digitalisation; Membership Segmentation & New Offer; and Corporate Purpose & Values. The groups bring together Board Directors, Advisory Councillors and Chamber staff and their objective is to define the next chapter in the Chamber’s history and to evolve services for our members. The Brexit group was created to discuss the needs of our members and how the French Chamber can support them in the years ahead in terms of Immigration, Customs & Logistics, Contracts, and Regulations.

Brexit survey: In March 2019, the French Chamber conducted a survey initiated by the Cercle d’Outre Manche (COM), jointly with COM, CCE, French Tech London and French Connect London. 2,550 French companies based in the UK were polled, representing roughly 130,000 British jobs. The results clearly showed that despite optimism regarding a potential deal, half of the companies polled had already prepared for a no deal. Among the other key findings: • 62% of companies polled say commercial activities were impacted as a result of Brexit • 44% said investment decisions were impacted • 40% of companies polled believed they had missed opportunities due to Brexit • Main disruptive factors: HR, especially access to skilled and unskilled labour (60%), and shifts in the value of sterling (26%) • Half of the companies polled (48%) have moved parts of their activities to continental Europe or are exploring the potential to do so.



One of the most active business networks in Europe Total number of member companies in 2018*




*As of end of 2018

With over 530 member companies across all sectors, including 28 of the CAC40 and a dynamic start-up community, the French Chamber of Great Britain is one of the most active business networks in the world. Our members are represented at the highest levels of management, including chairs, CEOs, C-Level executives, founders and managing directors, and our Forums bring together senior directors and managers with considerable experience in specific business functions or sectors. In 2018, our Forums and Clubs met 47 times, allowing participants to update their skills and knowledge and to exchange best practice. Many of these sessions offered practical advice on topics such as GDPR or preparing for Brexit. We have also launched a new Forum for members who manufacture and distribute Fast Moving Consumer Goods, which is led by Geoff Skingsley, Chair of L’Oreal UK & Ireland. All our


Forums are now accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPD), which reflects the value of the information shared at these meetings. In addition to our extensive calendar of networking events in 2018, members were able to attend sector-specific conferences such as our Retail Conference. Our first LeBridge event brought together 13 large corporate members with 40 start-ups to explore partnership potential. We signed up 109 new members in 2018 including Aquind, Bel UK, De Beers, Expedia, Kamet Ventures and McKinsey, and 54 new members attended one of our three ‘Welcome to the Chamber’ breakfasts with presentations by the Chamber team and current members.

In Q2 2019, we launched our Members’ Lounge on the website which gives all member representatives exclusive access to the online directory and to Member-to-Member offers. It also gives members the possibility to update their contact details and preferences. We are also reviewing our membership proposition to improve the value and relevance of our services and events at all levels of membership. This will form part of a wider strategic review involving our Board, Advisory Council and staff. We have welcomed two new members of staff in the Membership department in 2018: - Sarah Taylor, our new Head of Membership, Forums & Clubs, and - Cynthia Ourizi, Membership Coordinator. All member companies now have their own dedicated account manager to ensure that they get the most value from their membership.







Facts and figures Main representatives that are Non-French


Membership by sector of activity This graph shows the percentage of member companies who are active in each sector and is based on information collected from each member on joining the Chamber. As each member can select up to three industry sectors the total percentages are greater than 100.

Start-ups Membership (share)


Professional Services


Retail & Consumer Goods Industry, Tech, Transport, Energy


Financial Services Leisure & Tourism Education & Training

CAC40 Companies that are Members

28/40 Membership representation

81% of our Members are represented at the highest level of management

Public & Non-profit

42% 19,1% 11,7%

10,9% 4,1%



Our Start-up Ecosystem: Dynamic.Open.Connected It is a great time to be a start-up as large corporates are increasingly and actively looking to innovate and engage with new concepts, ideas and talent. As well as offering a range of tailored services to help with the development of a business, the French Chamber continues to organise events and opportunities for start-ups to grow in a supportive, informed and inspiring ecosystem.

In today’s world, every business must recognise the importance of innovation, and the multitude of ways that it can improve business; reducing costs, increasing revenue and market share, demonstrating a commitment to a sustainable future and protecting the business from the threat of disruption by embracing change. However, it is apparent that large corporates struggle to source and collaborate with innovative start-ups due to a frequent clash of business culture and mindset, and that startups face a very real challenge connecting with the relevant decision-maker at the corporates they want to be working with. As a result, in 2018, we saw the launch of LEBRIDGE, the perfect match making event between start-ups and big corporates organised by the French Chamber in partnership with Microsoft for Start-ups.

Gain recognition, visibility and support

Bespoke business support

–– Participate in LEBRIDGE –– Apply to the Start-up & SME category at the Franco-British Business Awards –– Get visibility through articles or interviews in INFO –– Gain exposure thanks to stands at the Member 2 Member Cocktail and the Franco-British conference –– Speak at one of our Events or Forums & Club sessions –– Use our dedicated Social Media channels –– Benefit from discounted fees for selected events and dedicated account management –– Share exclusive discounted rates or offers with your fellow members through the free Member 2 Member programme and explore offers from other members.

Small companies can take advantage of the Chamber’s wide range of professional services at all stages of development, for very competitive fees: –– Recruitment (special package for Start-ups) –– Registered address and company set-up assistance –– Accountancy and payroll services –– All-inclusive desk rental and Meeting Room hire

The Chamber is a founding partner of French Tech London which since April 2016 has been a growing and active community of French entrepreneurs, investors and startups at every stage of development. Its mission is to federate the community and promote France and French Businesses as leaders in technology and innovation. In June 2018, six thematic groups were launched; Corporate Innovation, AI, HealthTech, Gaming and FinTech.


Start-up Club (see p.24) This Club provides a platform to work on case studies and horizontal issues with fellow Startup founders

Outlook 2019 • Another dynamic, informed and insightful agenda of club sessions with more CLUB@ events in new venues • Building on the French Chamber’s proactive role in the UK start-up ecosystem and beyond • Organise our second LEBRIDGE in London • Develop LEBRIDGE brand globally through the CCI France International global network.

Businesses represented



Attendees that will join the next edition of LEBRIDGE19




100% What they say “I joined the French Chamber on the back of a very successful event where startups were given the opportunity to meet corporate members. It is this access to a diverse set of businesses, events and members, coordinated by a very professional and friendly team which makes it a unique proposition. We share a common goal: Qwil Messenger, aims to connect all professional firms, their partners and clients.”

2018 saw the launch of LEBRIDGE, the perfect match making event between start-ups and large corporates organised by the French Chamber in partnership with Microsoft for Start-ups. The goal of LEBRIDGE was clear, to connect large corporates directly with innovative start-ups to generate business for both sides. The result however was not limited to just this, as companies learned more about different business cultures and explored ways and methods to foster and nurture innovation.

The day’s mixed schedule of B2B meetings, workshops and presentations meant this was more than just a networking event. A collaborative event requires a collaborative approach, and LEBRIDGE would not have been possible without the support of our co-organising partners; AngelsCube, Early Metrics, French Tech London and Microsoft for Start-ups for providing Microsoft Reactor as the venue.


Co-organising partners

Laurent Guyot Chief Financial & Revenue Officer at Qwil Messenger

“As we embarked on a programme to work with young, new start-up technology businesses, the French Chamber worked to connect us with other companies in the UK to help us take our programme forward. Their passion and energy was fantastic. We didn’t realise the breadth, depth and quality of the connections they have and that we could tap into.”

Myron Hrycyk UK Partnerships and Alliances Director at Sopra Steria

Other partners



Develop and share your expertise with fellow members Our Forums & Clubs bring together business leaders and experts drawn from our membership and from the wider Franco-British business community. Forums & Clubs have had a tremendous evolution over the past year. We have created new content for social media in order to boost visibility, interest and participation. In June 2018, our Forums were granted accreditation by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. I am very proud that the French Chamber is providing this essential platform for its members to share expertise and best practice. I can only encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible.

47 Member Companies Involved

50% Guest Speakers and Experts Invited


Under the leadership of our Chairs, each Forum or Club meets four to six times per year, with guest speakers giving presentations on topical themes. Providing exclusive learning, benchmarking and networking opportunities, the Forums & Clubs deliver reliable and relevant information to attendees. Themes are proposed by the members and can be adapted to topical issues when appropriate. All our sessions are now accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. While Club participation is by invitation only, all members at the French Chamber can access the wealth of knowledge and advice that the Forums offer. There are also reports in both INFO magazine and online, which summarise the

BREXIT Climate Change & Sustainability Consumer Goods

Ophélie Martinel – Project Manager, Forums & Clubs

Forums & Clubs Sessions


Digital Transformation & Innovation most pertinent information from each session. We would like to thank all our Chairs for their time and commitment, as well as all the speakers, sponsors (ESCP Europe, EDHEC Business School and Toulouse School of Economics) and members for their involvement and contribution to the quality of the debates and discussions. We would also like to thank our departing chairs: Richard Brown CBE, Former CEO and Chairman of Eurostar, Chairman of the Department for Transport Franchise Advisory Panel (Climate Change & Sustainability Forum); Lucien Boyer, former CMO, Vivendi and Christophe Chazot, former Managing Director, HSBC (Digital Transformation & Innovation Forum), and Estelle Brachlianoff, COO of Veolia, and former President of the French Chamber (Women’s Business Club).

Finance Human Resources Retail

CLUBS Luxury Start-up & SME Women’s Business

Outlook 2019 Likes on Twitter and Linkedin

• Organisation of annual events for each Forum & Club in coordination with the Events Department


• Align the membership development strategy with the Forums and the Clubs by targeting innovative start-ups, companies in the Consumer Goods, Retail, Luxury and Tech sectors as well as female CEOs and start-up founders


• Coming soon: Online booking from the website for both events and Forums & Clubs with automatic agenda update

Forums & Clubs’ speakers included:

Imran Amed Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief, The Business Of Fashion

Samantha Brunton HR DIrector, Christian Dior Couture

Julien Callède Co-Founder, Made.com and The Entrepreneurs Partnership

Catriona Ferris Consumer Insight Director, Unilever

Simon Mercado Director, ESCP Europe Business School

Stephanie Phair Chief Strategy Officer, Farfetch

Anne Pitcher Managing Director, Selfridges UK

Gareth Pope General Manager EMEA, Lululemon

Tamara Ralph Creative Director, Ralph & Russo

Alessandro Recino Cloud Solution Architect Data & AI, Microsoft

Geoff Skingsley Chairman, L’Oréal UK & Ireland

Caroline Wilson Director Europe, FCO



Brexit Forum Launched in 2017 This Forum has been working to understand the practical implications of BREXIT and to provide advice for Franco-British businesses through the analysis of legal implications, trends and strategies. Co-chaired by Angela Hepworth, Corporate Policy and Regulation Director, EDF Energy, and Neil Sherlock CBE, Senior Adviser, PwC.

2018 Sessions Potential outcome of business regulations within the UK: convergence or divergence? Impact of BREXIT on investment decisions: a case study from the automotive industry Impact of BREXIT on HR & education Impact of BREXIT on UK regions Prospects for a deal: where are we now? The impact of BREXIT on Digital Services Sponsored by ESCP Europe Business School.

Angela Hepworth

Neil Sherlock CBE

Climate Change & Sustainability Forum Launched in 2011 The objective of this Forum is to be the very first Franco-British think tank on these topical and major issues. Co-chaired by Nidhi Baiswar, Head of Sustainable Design and Construction, Bouygues Construction, and Jean-Philippe Verdier, Founding Partner of Verdier & Co. Corporate Advisory.

2018 Sessions

Outlook 2019

BREXIT & UK environmental law: regulatory, corporate & consumer impact once we are ‘out of the European framework’

Topics include:

The health impact of air quality: causes, consequences, current action plans, what more should be done Batteries: technologies, innovation, usages and the economics Construction: looking at retrofitting & refurbishment to quickly and efficiently lower carbon footprint Transport: climate change and drilling on the use of hydrogen Cocktail event on the theme of food and carbon footprint Site visit of The Mildmay Centre (Passivhaus)

Nidhi Baiswar


Jean-Philippe Verdier

• • • • •

Behaviour economics Plastics EU ETS Sustainable business Environmental impacts

From January 2020 this Forum will focus on the theme of research & development in climate change and sustainability. It will collaborate with other organisations working on this topic and there will be joint sessions with other F&C Sponsored by Toulouse School of Economics.

Outlook 2019

New forum in 2019

Topics include:

Consumer Goods

• French consumer brands in 2019: threats and opportunities • Current & future consumer trends • Distribution and supply chain • Innovation

Chaired by Geoff Skingsley, Chairman, L’Oréal UK & Ireland In November 2018, the French Chamber organised a focus group that brought together Consumer Goods leaders to define how we can better support our members in this sector. In March 2019, the French Chamber has launched its Consumer Goods Forum, which focuses on key issues and challenges that impact the Consumer Goods sector in the UK. Aimed at: CEO’s and directors of Consumer Goods brands, brand directors, heads of strategy, chief operating officers, chief financial officers, Consumer Goods experts. Geoff Skingsley

Digital Transformation & Innovation Forum Launched in 2016 This Forum provides innovative digital case studies, expertise and tools to help members adapt to the ever-changing digital age and to implement an effective digital strategy programme.

2018 Sessions

Outlook 2019

Artificial intelligence and blockchain: how these technologies will impact businesses

Topics include:

Chaired by Fabrice Bernhard, Founder, Theodo.

Artificial intelligence: new revenue stream and product services Social media Cyber security

• • • • •

Virtual reality Artificial intelligence Employee advocacy Talents Motion design

Content management: customers’ expectations & engagement

Sponsored by ESCP Europe Business School.

Fabrice Bernhard




Finance Forum Launched in 2012 The Finance Forum provides a confidential and collaborative environment that facilitates open discussion on the financial sector. Co-chaired by John Peachey, Managing Director – CFO, Global Market HSBC Bank Plc. and David Strong, Digital Practice Director – Cloud Transformation, Sopra Steria

John Peachey

2018 Sessions

Outlook 2019

Cryptocurrency: money of tomorrow (bitcoin, blockchain, etc.)

Topics include:

The financial world: how to attract & retain talent

• • • •

Shaping the future: embracing fintech to develop and thrive The demystification of the cloud

IFRS16 Digitalisation Retail banking Customer journey

David Strong

Human Resources Forum Launched in 2009 The HR Forum has encouraged open discussion and the exchange of experience from a wide range of industries on people-related subjects. Co-chaired by Pia Dekkers, Human Resources Director, Chanel, and Melanie Stancliffe, Partner – Employment, Irwin Mitchell LLP.

2018 Sessions

Outlook 2019

Modern slavery within the workforce

The Forum celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019!

The importance of work-life balance Compliance considerations for a globally mobile workforce

Topics include:

Innovative employee engagement practices

• • • • • • •

Moving from diversity to inclusion

Brexit and immigration update Talent attraction HR digital transformation Brexit and citizens’ rights Conflicts and mediation Employment law update Leadership models

Sponsored by EDHEC Business School.

Pia Dekkers


Melanie Stancliffe

Retail Forum Launched in 2017 This Forum analyses new challenges and opportunities for member companies operating in the retail business. Co-chaired by Alain Harfouche, General Manager UK & Ireland, L’Occitane, and Catherine Palmer, former Legal & Administrative Director, Joseph.

Alain Harfouche

2018 Sessions

Outlook 2019

The future of retail: customer experience The disposal of old stock Champions of e-commerce and social media What does luxury mean? Retail Forum anniversary cocktail party.

Topics include: • • • • •

Brexit update Data protection Millennials as customers Case study of a department store Future trends

Catherine Palmer

Luxury Club Launched in 2010 The Luxury Club aims to encourage the exchange of best practice and experience, highlighting savoir-faire and excellence in the luxury sector. The Club meets in exclusive venues and welcomes key speakers from the industry. Chaired by Tom Meggle, Founder & Director, MOMENTOM 8 Ltd.

2018 Events

Outlook 2019

Luxury Club Breakfast at the Royal Academy of Arts

• Galette des rois at Ladurée • Film screening at the French Institute special tribute to Christian Dior • Thomas Pink rebranding and the challenge of creating craftsmanship and manufacturing in London • Fortnum & Mason: how to globalise a British heritage brand in the digital age • Private tour of Manolo Blahnick exhibition at the Wallace Collection

Luxury Club Breakfast at the AllBright Luxury Club at the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni Luxury Club Breakfast at the Ralph & Russo Atelier Luxury Club Lunch at the French Residence Visit to the studio of Sir Antony Gormley OBE

Tom Meggle




Start-up & SME Club Launched in 2009 This Club has provided an insightful and engaging space where entrepreneurs, founders and innovators can share, exchange and develop. It is the perfect platform for Start-ups, SMEs and other business leaders across industries to network and be inspired. Co-chaired by Jeanne Monchovet, Founder and Principal Consultant, Olystix and Advisory Councillor of the French Chamber, and Sébastien Goldenberg, CEO & Co-Founder, TheHouseShop.com.

Jeanne Monchovet

2018 Sessions

Outlook 2019

Legal workshop: from getting the right business structure to understanding intellectual property

Converting leads into real business

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Startup & SME Club, the Club will rebrand and focus on Start-ups and Scale-ups. The sessions will take place in the evening at inspiring venues with insightful high-profile speakers and there will be more Club@ sessions giving priveleged access to scaling companies.

BREXIT update tailored to SMEs

Topics include:

Club@: more informal networking events at which guests are given a behind-the-scenes tour of successful businesses Club@Theodo

• • • •

Navigating funding options Doing business with the Brits. Why is it sometimes SO DIFFICULT? Building relationships with corporates

Serial entrepreneurship International growth Corporate and Start-up collaboration Work & talent

Sébastien Goldenberg

Women’s Business Club Launched in 2015 This Club is the first networking platform for female executives drawn from the Franco-British business community. Its members meet over lunch to discuss current affairs and business topics. The Club also hosts the ‘Women, Inspiration and Leadership’ annual event, which is open to all members. Chaired by our President, Fabienne Viala, Chairman of Bouygues UK, UK Country Director of Bouygues Construction

Fabienne Viala


2018 Lunches

Outlook 2019

Ethics and truth

Lunches: With Brigitte Tainttinger-Jouyet at the French Residence With Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE at the House of Lords.

From the Kremlin to Konigswinter via Kowloon: tales of a modern diplomat Woman Up! At the French Institute

Cocktail event at Reed Smith with Mx Pips Bunce, Director, Global Markets Technology Core Engineering – Strategic Programs, Credit Suisse.


Access a networking and content sharing platform Our busy calendar of events offers our members a wide range of occasions to expand their networks, deepen their knowledge, discover new opportunities and develop their businesses. The variety of the themes tackled and the large number of sectors represented mean that member companies of all sizes and backgrounds can benefit from our events.


48 Partners and Sponsors

82 Participants

2,915 Speakers


We wish to thank: Our 26 Sponsors: AccorHotels, Baker & McKenzie, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Banque Transatlantique, Bouygues UK, Browne Jacobson, CBRE, Chanel, Crédit Agricole CIB, Cripps, Econocom, EDF Energy, Facebook, FTPA, Région Hauts-deFrance, HSBC, Irwin Mitchell, Joffe & Associés, Ladurée, London & Partners, ON5, PAUL UK, PwC, Sherrards Solicitors, Société Générale, Veolia.

Top themes in 2018 • Brexit and the Franco-British relationship • Sustainability and Diversity

• Digital Transformation • GDPR and data protection

Our 19 Food & Beverage Partners: Bonne Maman, La Cave à Fromage, Caviar Petrossian, Crus Classés de Graves, Frenchie Covent Garden, Gazette Restaurants, Hotel Café Royal, La Maison Maille, Ladurée, Laurent Perrier, Les Vins de Pessac-Leognan, Les Vins du Médoc, Myne London, PAUL UK, Pierre Marcolini, Rome de Bellegarde, Savencia, Vranken Pommery, Wine Story. Our 37 other Partners: Air France, AngelsCube, Arsenal, Belmond le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Bfast System, British Embassy Paris, Caudalie, Christie’s, Club Med, Crowe, Early Metrics, Epic, French Embassy, French Tech London, Graphiplus, Groupe Renault, HEC Paris, Hyatt Regency London The Churchill, L’Atelier des Chefs, L’Oreal Luxe, L’Atelier des Chefs, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Marcus Wareing Restaurants, Microsoft for Start-ups, Paragon Service Point, Serpentine Galleries, Sotheby’s, Steinway & Sons, The French Institute, The Hippodrome Casino London, Theodo, Tilkee, Vanessa Seward, Verdier & Co. Corporate Advisory, Vialma, Wild Yak, Your Sommelier.

Prominent Partners

Prominent Sponsors




Events’ speakers included:

Alain Afflelou Founder & Chairman, Alain Afflelou

Lionel Barber Editor, The Financial Times

Katherine Bennett CBE Senior Vice-President, Airbus

Sir Ian Cheshire Chairman, Debenhams

Helen Dickinson Chief Executive Officer, British Retail Consortium

Hugo Fry Managing Director, Sanofi

Josh Hardie Deputy Director General, CBI

Rachel Johnson Author and journalist

HE Mr Jean-Pierre Jouyet French Ambassador to the UK

Alexandre Mars Founder & CEO, Epic Foundation

Yana Peel Chief Executive Officer, Serpentine Galleries

Simone Rossi Chief Executive Officer, EDF Energy


Zoom: the retail conference

‘Adapting to the new consumer: business models, touch points and technology’ The Retail Conference gathered 180 participants and 40 speakers for a full day of speeches, presentations and debates on the overarching topic of ‘Adapting to the new consumer: business models, touch points and technology.’ This subject was examined across panel discussions on technology, the future of payment, the retail workforce, consumers and the subscriber economy. Participants


Gold sponsors

At Havas LuxHub



Panels • • • • •

Tech and retail Consumers: The future of the High Street People: The retail workforce The future of payment Subscriber economy

Silver sponsor





Lunches and dinners

Celebrating top-level initiatives and commending achievements Participants


Annual Gala Dinner

Annual Financial Lunch

Held at the Landmark Hotel on 21 June 2018, our Annual Gala Dinner welcomed Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times, as our guest of honour and speaker. The event gathered 300 guests together to network and enjoy an evening of excellent food, drinks and entertainment.

Charlotte Croswell, Chief Executive Officer of Innovate Finance, was the guest of honour of the 22nd Annual Financial Lunch, which took place at the Langham Hotel on 10 December 2018. Charlotte discussed the importance of women’s representation in financial services.

Following a silent auction led by Sotheby’s the French Chamber was able to give £12K to EPIC.

Gold sponsors



Silver sponsors

Long term sponsor


110 Partners

Franco-British Business Awards

FBBA Winners 2018

Held under the high patronage of the French Ambassador to the UK and the British Ambassador to France, the Franco-British Business Awards recognise the achievements of businesses both sides of the Channel. The festive evening brought together 130 representatives from leading French and British businesses. Participants




Corporate Social Responsibility Award:

Sustainability Award:

Start-up & SME Award:

Cross-cultural quiz & Intercultural trophy The fourth edition of this much-loved event, where Franco-British teams get to compete against each other on their knowledge of French and British culture, history, politics, etc., took place at PwC’s offices on 15 March. The dinner is also the occasion to award the Intercultural Trophy to a culturally-intelligent company, organisation or project that has successfully bridged the gap between our two cultures. Cross-cultural quiz sponsor

Coup de Coeur Award:

French Chamber Award:

Quiz winners: Mazars & Cripps

From left to right: Laura Citron, CEO of London & Partners; Olivier Morel, Partner and Head of International at Cripps LLP; Julie Barlatier, Managing Director at Barjane; Chris Labrey, Managing Director at Econocom UK; Katy Medlock, Country Manager at Drivy; Marie-Pierre Aulas, Executive Director at La Fondation Dassault Systèmes; Stephen Burgin, Deputy Vice-President of the French Chamber; Quentin Michard, Vice-President and Head of Ekimetrics London; Béatrice Bigois, Managing Director Customers at EDF Energy.

Intercultural Trophy Sponsor Main sponsor

Thanks to our Jury members:

Béatrice Bigois, MD Customers, EDF Energy; Pierric Bonnard, Managing Director for UK & Ireland, Business France; Steven Burgin, Deputy President of the French Chamber of Great Britain; Maria Corts, Senior Relationship Manager – Brexit and Key Accounts, London & Partners; Alexandre Covello, former Chief Executive Officer, AngelsCube; Jean-Christophe Donnellier, Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs, French Embassy in the UK; Sébastien Goldenberg, CEO & Co-founder, TheHouseShop; Olivier Morel, Partner, Head of International at Cripps and President, French Foreign Trade Advisors UK

Supporting sponsors

Intercultural Trophy winner: Institut Français



Debates, discussions and seminars Developing knowledge

Our content-driven events gather prestigious leaders and innovators from a variety of sectors to create meaningful conversations around key topics of interest to our members. Popular events in 2018 included:

Women, inspiration & leadership

Business stories: the entrepreneur’s journey


At the Bulgari Hotel London



Sponsored by Chanel

Hosted by Microsoft Accelerator

100 Speakers from L to R: Warwick Hill, CEO in Residence, Microsoft for Start-ups; Bernadine Bröcker, Founder and CEO of Vastari; Sasha Wilkins, Founder of LLG & Co; Alexandre Mars, CEO & Founder of EPIC.

Speakers from L to R: Yana Peel, CEO of London’s Serpentine Galleries. and Rachel Johnson, Author and journalist

Behind the headlines

Speakers from L to R: Sophie Pedder, Paris Bureau Chief, The Economist; Philippe Chalon, Director of External Affairs at International SOS and Managing Director of the Cercle d’Outre-Manche (moderator); Florentin Collomp, UK Correspondent, Le Figaro.


Cross-cultural evening debate Participants

At the French Residence


From L to R: Peter Alfandary, Senior Vice-President of the French Chamber and Head of the French Team at Reed Smith (moderator), Fabienne Viala, Chairman, Bouygues UK and President of the French Chamber; Hugo Fry, Managing Director UK, Sanofi

Breakfasts with…

Focus on seminars Seminars




For the first time in 2019, the French Chamber organised 8 seminars on a variety of topics, covering different sectors. These bespoke events are a great way for large member companies to share their expertise and for smaller member companies to launch their services or products. Themes: Breakfast with Katherine Bennett CBE, Senior Vice President – Airbus UK

At the Bulgari Hotel London

Baker & McKenzie • GDPR & Data protection Banque Internationale à Luxembourg & Cardif Lux Vie • Opportunities of the Luxembourg life insurance contract for UK residents in the new UK tax and legal environment Econocom • Thought Mixed Reality was out of reach? HoloLens just got more accessible with Mixed Reality as-a-Service (MraaS) FTPA • The changing legal landscape for doing business in France under Macron • Trust c. fiducie: combat égal? A comparative and interactive

bilingual workshop on practical and operational aspects of the English trust and French fiducie Joffe & Associés • Women network event. Play performed by Vanina Arias, Actress ON5 • People, Planet, Profit: How to generate more revenue and deploy services and products that can help people and the planet? Theodo • Digital Transformation for Corporates: co-creation with a start up, the Theodo way - Lessons learned from co-creations with Admiral, Tarkett, BNPP, Societe Generale and Safran.

Breakfast with Simone Rossi, CEO – EDF Energy



At the Sofitel London St James



Informal networking opportunities Expanding networks

From small and informal gatherings to prestigious multi-sponsored cocktails, the other networking opportunities are frequent. These regular gatherings give our members the chance to discover fellow members, expand their network and create many opportunities for new collaborations and partnerships.

Summer Champagne Reception Participants

At Serpentine Galleries


Member to Member Cocktail & Exhibition

4 Rendez-vous chez



At Bush House, King’s College



The Member 2 Member Cocktail & Exhibition is the largest cocktail event in the Chamber’s busy calendar. Year on year, member companies of all sizes and sectors come together to network or book a stand to present their expertise, products and solutions.

• L’Atelier des Chefs (60 participants) • Paul (30 participants) • Baglioni (30 participants) • Vanessa Stewart (70 participants)

The event complements the Chamber’s Member 2 Member Offers programme, an online space for members to take advantage of exclusive discounts on products and services.




Exclusive events

Creating opportunities for synergies at the highest level Our Patron and Corporate members are regularly invited to attend prestigious events, often organised exclusively for them. Combining business and pleasure, these events provide high-level networking opportunities for senior representatives of leading companies in a relaxed and informal setting. Molière’s Tartuffe

Corporate & Patron events Patron events

Corporate events



• • • • • • • • •

Two Ambassador’s briefs Business Leaders’ Mission to Paris Arsenal: The Legend Games at Emirates Stadium Two Breakfasts at Sotheby’s Corporate Cocktail at Home House Two breakfasts at Christie’s French Masterpieces with the London Philharmonic Orchestra Moliere’s Tartuffe at Theatre Royal Haymarket An Evening with Marcus Wareing

Breakfast at Christie’s

Celebrating our 135th anniversary 130 members gathered for a cruise on the Thames to celebrate our 135th anniversary. This festive evening was attended by HE Mr Jean-Pierre Jouyet, French Ambassador to the UK.

From L to R: Emmanuelle Ries, Managing Partner of ebl Miller Rosenfalck, Audrey Fleurot and George Merrylees, Partner at Irwin Mitchell LLP

An evening with Marcus Wareing

From L to R: Peter Alfandary, Fabienne Viala, HE Mr Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Florence Gomez, Laurence Colchester






Develop your business in the United Kingdom Business Support Services clients


We support French start-ups and SMEs at all stages of their development in the UK, through long-term strategies and business solutions. With a dedicated and experienced team of 13, our Business Centre, Business Consultancy, Company Set-up, Accounting & Payroll outsourcing services and Recruitment departments work in synergy to offer a diverse portfolio of business resources to 234 French and British companies.

Business Centre Companies in our Business Centre

18 Tenants

28 Occupancy rate

93% Membership converted rate


With 22 desks located in the heart of London, our business centre offers a unique springboard for French SMEs who automatically benefit from a free Active membership at the Chamber as well as a premium working environment for their employees. Our flexible desk rental service, offered for daily, weekly or monthly packages, is aimed at start-ups, entrepreneurs or SMEs that are developing their business in the UK. In 2018, we focused on providing the most tailored and flexible hosting solutions for our companies.

All inclusive offer • Free membership • Dedicated telephone line and Internet access • Unlimited access to our meeting rooms (max. 30 people) equipped with video and audio conference material • Personalised and bilingual reception with your company name displayed • Virtual office and registered address • 24/7 access to the Business Centre

What they say “Being based in central London is really useful and as most people recognize the address of the Chamber on my business card, it’s always a good way to start a conversation. Furthermore discussing with the other business developers from different companies that are based at the Chamber helped me to understand the UK market more quickly.”

Nabil Maillard UK & Ireland Market Manager, Ponant Yacht Cruises and Expeditions


Business Consultancy The Business Consultancy department assists and supports French SMEs looking to develop their activities in the UK.



In 2018, we provided a wide range of services, including:

37 20 Missions 41%

11% 15%


Learning expeditions Commercial Representation Bespoke Market Intelligence Roadshows


Louis Delasalle Sciences Po Program Coordinator

The team also went on a series of roadshows in France to promote business opportunities in the UK and inform local companies about the implications of Brexit. In 2018, 6 events were organised by local Chambers of Commerce resulting in numerous B2B meetings with French businesses.

B2B meetings with industry key players

Trade Missions

“Our Learning Trip expedition was a great success thanks to the French Chamber of Commerce professionalism.”

• Learning expeditions • Commercial representation • B2B meetings with key industry players.

Companies met in roadshows in France


What they say

Focus on the learning expeditions For over 6 years, the French Chamber has been offering companies, organisations and business schools customised learning expeditions programmes, for a complete immersion in the British corporate world. These seminars can last a day, up to a full week, on any sectoral or transversal topic. For the 6th and 3rd consecutive years, we have been organising for EDHEC their Finance seminar, and for Science Po Executive Education, their Energy & Environment Seminar. Objectives: • Understand the specificities and challenges o the British Market on the topic of your choice • Network directly with the companies’ directors during visits in the headquarters • Attend conferences animated by experts

EDHEC delegation visit at Level 39 (focus on Fintech)

Outlook 2019 In 2019, the Business Support Services team will put all their efforts to renew its corporate services according to our clients’ and members’ needs, in the current context.



Accountancy & Payroll outsourcing Services, Company set-up The Accountancy, Payroll and Company Set-Up department had a good year and realised an increase in turnover of 26 per cent against 2017. The first half of 2018 was particularly productive. The Team is ready and committed to adapt its services to meet the demands of its clients and maintain the high quality of its services. Our Services

Turnover by service

• Accountancy: bookkeeping, management accounts, sales processing and credit control, purchase and payment processing, bank reconciliation and group reporting • Payroll: processing payslips, payment and HR support • Pension management • Monthly and annual declarations (HMRC & pension providers) • Virtual office • VAT Management • CIS Management (for businesses in the construction sector).



28% Accountancy Payroll

Companies domiciled

Services Provided to 168 clients



Clients using accounting services

Clients on payroll services



Payslips generated

Clients using VAT services



Clients using pension management service




VAT management

What they say “The creation of a UK subsidiary is a more complex undertaking than it would seem at first glance, particularly when choosing partners. Numerous attractive proposals are put forward for the facilitation of the project. The French Chamber of Great Britain remains the best choice, for the quality and expertise of their service, their kindness, their reactivity and their capacity to advise on the best service providers (banks, lawyers etc) associated with this type of project.”

Pierre Yves Lamaison Director of Sport Session Agency Ltd


Recruitment: a promising year The French Chamber’s Recruitment Service is dedicated to helping companies that are either already established or looking to set up in the UK, with their recruitment needs. The year 2018 was very promising, with the Recruitment Service increasing the seniority of positions recruited for by 20%, and the number of international profiles placed by 22%, as compared to 2017. Placements

26 Candidates Interviewed


What we offer:

Twelve Partnerships with Schools

• Highly competitive fees for member companies & special rates for start-ups • 2500+ candidates in our database, from various sectors, including international profiles from top Business Schools and Universities • Dynamic and effective team of bilingual consultants with a broad expertise • The recruitment department renders its clients qualitative services by understanding their needs and culture. It allows the department to provide with the most suitable candidates • Tailored approach to each client.

We have developed close relationships with top French schools and universities. This collaboration gives us access to a wide sample of young and highly-skilled candidates. Equally, our support of alumni associations in the UK enables us to approach experienced professionals Having a recognised expertise, we are also regularly invited to conferences on the UK job market to share our knowledge and advice.

Our partners include:

HEC, Sciences Po Paris, EDHEC Business School, EISTI, EM Normandie, ESSCA, ESSEC Business School, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Arts & Métiers Paritech, INSEEC, La Rochelle Business School and NEOMA Business School.


65 What they say

Outlook 2019 “The whole French Chamber recruitment team provide a great service. Like lots of start-ups and SMEs we were perhaps hesitant to work with recruitment agencies but the Chamber provides competitive rates and a friendly, professional and smooth service; we’re very happy with our new recruit and wouldn’t hesitate to ask for their help again in the future.”

Kate Pringle Head of UK Partnerships, Tilkee


• Increase our network of both clients and candidates • Run recruitment campaigns in order to be recognised as a professional recruitment agency specialised in marketing, accounting, HR, administrative support, finance • Joblink, the bi-monthly newsletter which promotes the best profiles interviewed by our team, now targets the candidates by skills (Finance, Marketing, HR, etc.) to make sure our clients receive the right CVs according to their needs • Website: a new recruitment section will be launched where clients and candidates will be able to post/view CVs and job offers. Job applicants will also find top tips to boost their applications.



Gain visibility, learn and benchmark with others The Publications and Communications Department is focused on providing members with topical and relevant information on both Chamber activities and Franco-British business matters. Our high-quality business publications and communications offer excellent opportunities for members to increase their visibility through editorial contributions and advertising. INFO Magazine Since its launch in 1979, INFO has been a tool for the development of strong relationships between the French Chamber and its members, and also serves to broaden collaboration across the Channel. With a professional, modern look and consolidated sections, the magazine’s structure has continued to develop in 2018 with new content and visual improvements, such as our regular Brexit analysis section.

tation for the quality and relevance of information that it provides to the Franco-British business world.

Editorial committees for focus themes For each issue, an editorial committee is convened where representatives from member companies and subject matter experts discuss the content framework and ultimately contribute articles.

This complements existing sections such as ‘Five minutes with’, the Focus, Lifestyle pages and ‘At the Chamber’ sections. Published in print and online, INFO has a repu-

Editorial committees serve as a useful platform for the Chamber to hear directly from its members and provide networking opportunities for members operating within the same sector of activity.

Printed copies per issue

Overall readership per issue



Member companies featured in 2018





Outlook 2019 • Celebrating 40 years of INFO magazine • INFO becomes a quarterly magazine

WINTER: Education & Skills SPRING: Health & Wellbeing SUMMER: Sustainable Luxury AUTUMN: Climate Change

Distributed in the business lounges of Air France, Eurostar and Eurotunnel in France and the UK, INFO magazine offers members multiple and varied opportunities to be featured, whether through articles, interviews, company news, Forums & Clubs and Events reports, or contributions from experts in areas relevant to each Focus theme.

• ‘5 minutes with…’ interviews gives heads of Patron member companies the chance to talk about their company’s achievements and strategies; Fabienne Viala, Chaiman, Bouygues UK; Rob Goodhew, CEO, SPIE UK; Alexander Temerko, Director, Aquind Interconnector; Jean-Pierre Bertrand, CEO, Colas Rail UK; Vincent Tourette, Managing Director, Groupe Renault UK & Ireland; Tamara Box, Managing Partner, Reed Smith

• ‘News and analysis’ features news, interviews and profiles of companies large and small, including ‘Start-up Stories’ and ‘Success Stories’;

• ‘Brexit analysis’ offers an opportunity for French Chamber members to share best practice on how their businesses are responding to Brexit and to give their views on the latest developments in the Brexit negotiations;

• ‘At the Chamber’ provides a comprehensive review of the Chamber’s activities including reports on the topics covered in the Forums & Clubs, events and new members.

Light at the end of the tunnel: Practical reflections about the French and the British in Business Written under the guidance of the French Chamber’s Senior Vice President and crosscultural expert Peter Alfandary, this booklet contains the keys to understanding the cultural factors and differences between the French and the British in business.

• ‘Culture and lifestyle’ looks at the activities of our food, drink and hospitality members with mini articles and features; plus a look ahead at the top must-see exhibitions and cultural events in London and beyond;

The Franco-British Trade Directory

Members’ representatives who received copies:

Decision makers and opinion leaders who received copies:




Business guide

Distributed to all member representatives, the Franco-British Trade Directory is a compilation of French Chamber members’ contact details and key contacts within the Franco-British community.



Communication tools Our role is to provide our members with opportunities to gain visibility and share knowledge throughout the network. Social media Twitter followers


Engagement rate: +607% vs. 2017

LinkedIn connections


Engagement rate: +6,307%

Facebook followers

1,832 Engagement rate: +32%

Instagram followers


Our communication tools are designed to help members create awareness of their activities among our membership base and across the Franco-British community at large. In 2018, we improved our dynamic multimedia content, including videos, infographics and livestreaming of events, and have succeeded in gaining more visibility for Chamber activities. As a result, we clearly increased the number of our followers, especially on Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Our online platforms, including social media channels, newsletters and website, allow members to increased opportunities to exchange with one another and share information, creating a strong online platform of networking.

New website In 2018, we launched a new website, which includes an improved news section that allows member companies to share corporate information within the Chamber’s network. The new design and more interactive and responsive style were well received amongst the membership.

Outlook 2019

Engagement rate: +707%

Launch of new functionalities on the website:

As of March 2019

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Newsletters With a subscription database of up to 5,000 contacts, our newsletters are issued regularly throughout the year to different target audiences: all members (ACTIVE, CORPORATE and PATRON), and French SMEs/start-ups intending to do business in the UK. The newsletter is an essential source of information and offers a great digital opportunity to advertise for members.

Press relations In 2018, we grew our media coverage and published features in print and online publications, including Les Echos, Londres Mag, French Morning London, Wansquare Executives, Le Figaro, ECHO Magazine, and The Financial Times. Press releases were issued on several Chamber activities and announcements, including Le Bridge, the nomination of our new President, Brexit news, our Events, and our Forums & Clubs. Roughly 20 articles in total were published about the French Chamber over the year.

Advertising opportunities: Develop your exposure and manage your brand image The Chamber’s print and digital advertising options open doors for our members to develop their visibility, brand recognition and client base. The range of options on offer ensures that a versatile and tailored solution can be found to suit any member’s needs and budget.

Advertisers in 2018

38 Returning advertisers


Top ten: Banque Transatlantique, Chanel, Chivas Brothers, EDF Energy, ESCP Europe Business School, Haut-de-France Region, Hedios, International SOS, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, Relais & Châteaux, Others: BNP Paribas, Brann Translations, Browne Jacobson, Citizen Press, ebl miller rosenfalck, Econocom, El, HEC Paris, HSBC, INSEEC.U London, Paragon Service Point, PwC, Groupe Renault, Safran, Sanofi, SPIE UK, Vranken Pommery

In 2018, we launched the new website, including a brand new option to feature a wallpaper banner on the homepage to maximise the visual impact of your campaign. Supported by standard advertising banners and social media posts, as well as e-shot options, our digital offer has never been better. We also introduced the option to mail an insert with the direct distribution of INFO magazine, offering a far reaching dissemination of your printed promotional materials.

A new digital advertising package Introduced in 2018, this package complements the relaunch of the French Chamber’s website. Taking full advantage of the new website’s capabilities as well as the Chamber’s extensive network of contacts, this includes a wallpaper banner on the homepage of the Chamber, a dedicated e-shot and social media posts, as well as other digital insertions. An allencompassing online presence for our members!

What they say “Relais & Châteaux are proud to have collaborated with the French Chamber to recently mail our brochure and booking form with INFO magazine to our fellow members. Following up with an advert in the magazine, this was a great way for us to reach a Franco-British audience in the build up to Christmas.”

Thomas Grandcolas Sales Manager-Gift Market, Relais & Châteaux

“SPIE UK’s long term advertisement in the Trade Directory is reflective of our French roots and our continued pride as a member of the Franco-British business community. It is also a practical way to communicate on our Smart City and Smart Workspace offers to a targeted audience of French and British decision-makers.”

Jeff Evans Marketing & Communications Director, SPIE UK

New advertisers


Aquind, Bravo removals, Buzz&Go, CBRE, Collège Français Bilingue de Londres, CXB Hub, FTPA, Guerlain, Mobalpa, ON5, Sofitel, Theodo


We would like to thank all our advertisers for their support in 2018. Their trust and valuable contributions, small or large, help to sustain the high quality of our publications for the benefit of all members.


Join the most active business network in the UK Access prestigious events • Develop and grow your business • Access our professional and international recruitment department • Increase your visibility • Get total support to run your business

www.frenchchamber.co.uk Lincoln House - 300 High Holborn, London WC1V 7JH, United Kingdom T: +44 (0)20 7092 6600 • F: +44 (0)20 7092 6601 • E: mail@ccfgb.co.uk


Patron Members of the French Chamber in Great Britain

As of June 2019


ACTIVE MEMBERS Credit Limits International



Everlite Concept SA


Crème de la Crème

Bitter Lemon Press

Cross Consulting – Ambroise Conseil SAS

Evolution Coaching Europe LTD

Accuracy UK Limited

EDHEC Business School

L’Oréal UK Ltd

1001 Remedies

Biogroupe SAS


AGS360° Solutions

Edwardian Hotels London


A Sprinkle of Deco and Art

Bircham Dyson Bell LLP

ABL Recruitment Absolutely Relocation

Air France – KLM Air Liquide UK Alstom Transport UK & Ireland Andros UK LTD Atout France / France Tourism Development Agency Baker & McKenzie LLP Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Edwin Coe LLP EIFA International School

Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons Brioche Pasquier UK Ltd Bristows LLP Brittany Ferries Browne Jacobson LLP Buzz&Go Bulgari Hotel London Bulgari UK Ltd Caudwell Collection Chappuis Halder & Co. Christian Dior Couture UK Ltd Christofle UK LTD Citizen Press Coorpacademy Ltd

Nicholas Kirkwood

Emperor Design Consultant Ltd

NoveltyGroup Ltd


Orange Brand Services Limited


Blancpain - Swatch Group UK

Acorus Networks

Blick Rothenberg

ACT London Ltd

Bleu Comme Girls Limited

Dans le Noir

Boisset La Famille des Grands Vins

Delabie UK

Entrepreneurs Partners LLP ESCP Europe Business School Estée Lauder Companies Euronext London Ltd

Getlink – (Eurotunnel Group) Gett Taxi Ltd




ACTUALISE Search & Selection

Port Boulogne Calais Proman

Aditum Advisory

Brann Translations

PSA Finance UK Ltd


Bravo Removals Ltd

Publicis UK Rimilia Holdings Ltd RMP Advertising Saint Laurent

Serge Betsen Consulting Ltd

HEC Paris

Sherrards Solicitors LLP

Home Grown Home House Hyatt Hotels Corporation Impulse Partners Jardin Blanc – Official Hospitality at RHS Chelsea Flower Show Jean Paul Viguier UK Ltd Lagardère Travel Retail

Legrand Electric Ltd

De Beers Jewellers Limited

Liaigre Ltd

Les 110 de Taillevent London

Bonpoint UK Ltd

Profirst UK

Hauts-de-France Region Holition


Acuitis Optical + Hearing Ltd

Guerlain Ltd

DCG MEDIA Ltd trading as Zoo Communications

Edenred (UK Group) Limited

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe (UK) LLP

Savencia Fromage & Dairy

Laurent Perrier UK Ltd

Econocom Ltd

BKL Chartered Accountants

Ekimetrics UK Ltd

Cripps Pemberton Greenish LLP

Early Metrics

Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd

Accetis International France

Barjane International FinElk Group Limited French Touch Barnes Roffe LLP Properties Ltd Bateaux London Galeries Bartoux BDO London Bel UK

Microsoft for Startups

As of June 2019

Advention Business Partners

Bourner Bullock

Breguet – Swatch Group UK

Agence Lookiimobile Bridor Brown Shipley Alphatrad International BSG Valentine Altor UK LTD ALTYX Financial Planning

Spring Studios



Analog Way


Taylor Wessing LLP

Andjaro Ltd


The Landmark London

Angela Mortimer PLC

Caudalie UK Ltd

Vacheron Constantin Value Retail Vente-privee.com Ltd Verisure Services UK Ltd VINCI Construction Grands Projets British Isles

Caviar Petrossian Anorak Technologies UK CEI Ltd (Centre Ascential d’Echanges Asendia UK Internationaux) Assetlease Champagne Duval-Leroy Ltd Aurexia Ltd Avery UK Baglioni Hotel London Balsan SAS Bann’up Services Banque Chaabi du Maroc

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP Children of the Mekong CIC CAPITAL Citigate Dewe Rogerson Club Med

FD Platinum Finance Active

Imperator Industries Inbound Capital Ince Gordon Dadds LLP Innvino

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill

Noé Two Ltd

Assembly Limited)

The Mandeville Hotel

numberly (1000mercis group)

Saint Michel UK Ltd

The Money Cloud Ltd

M2A Assurances et Patrimoine

Nuxe UK ltd

Santander UK PLC

Maison Bonnet, Lunetier Maison Catry

Interactifs UK

Maison de la Région Occitanie – Pyrénées/ Méditerranée

OpenWork by Le Monde Après UK Ltd

Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin

Orchid Creation

Ipsos J2-Reliance Ltd

Gateley PLC

Keley Consulting



Merci Maman

Keolis UK

Meribeth Parker Consulting Ltd

Gondrand UK

La Cave à Fromage


La Maison Médicale

Government of South Australia

Ladurée UK Ltd Laguelle Ltd

Metro Health & Beauty Limited

Grands Vins de Gironde

Lalique Ltd

Michelin Tyre Plc Minco Products Limited MLV Comms Ltd

Eliotus Ltd

Greenwood Distillers

Language Matters Recruitment Consultants Ltd

Ellipse SAS EM Normandie

Grenoble Ecole de Management

L’Atelier des Chefs Ltd

Emball’iso-M2 Ltd



Emmaus UK

Guerin Systems SAS

Launchworks & Co



H3P Limited

Lester Aldridge LLP

Haynes and Boone CDG, LLP

Lewis Silkin LLP

E-Notam Ltd Entente Partners Ltd EOL Group UK Ltd Equinor UK Limited ESII (Electroniq System Informatiq Industriel)

Visconti Waddington Custot


Cofingham Ltd

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)

Wild Yak / Belka Productions


Conex SAS

Bernard Controls


ESSEC Business School

Bim! Business Accelerator



Headland Holiday Inn Nice Centre / Holiday Inn Nice Port Saint Laurent Home in London V&A Hotel Café Royal

Toulouse School of Economics

Smart Cookie Media



Treis Partners Advisory

Société des ingénieurs Arts et Métiers

Legras Industries SA

Leyton UK Limited Lifeline Language Services Ltd London International Medical Centre London School of International Communication

Meridian Currency Ltd

Mind Partners LLP Mobalpa MOMENTOM 8 Ltd

Paris Dauphine International

Toulouse Business School London Ltd


Paragon Service Point

Joffe & Associes

Downs Solicitors

Empreinte – Signalétique

Signature Communication


Medicare Français


TLScontact UK


Kalory Photo & Video



SGK Inc. (Trading as Schawk UK)

Mars Montessori & les Trois Oursons - Bilingual Nurseries

GAAM International

EISTI (Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l’Information)

Tikehau Capital


JIN Digital Influence

Doctors of the World UK

Ecole Jeannine Manuel UK

Serb Labo

Overseas Business & Development

Mediation Impact Ltd

Go Demand Ltd

TheHouseShop. com

Mariage Freres Royaume-Uni

JM Weston UK

The Universal Matrix LLP

Scutum Group

Jimmy Fairly UK Limited


ECA International Ltd

Sciences Po

Oshibori Concept International

Frenger International

Gazette Restaurants

Opus 4 Logistics Ltd

Sancheng Digital

Marechal Electric

Matter Of Form Group

Gascon Connection

OMYAGUE ON5 Company Ltd


Distech Controls


INSEEC U. London

James Cowper Fitzgerald Cole & Co. Kreston Fladgate LLP Jean Rousseau Ltd

Frenchie Covent Garden

London & Partners


F. Initiatives

Devonshires Solicitors LLP

L’Occitane LTD

Willis Towers Watson

Expat Assure

Delville Management FrenchConnect London Demarle Ltd

Barkston Consulting Ltd

Codra Software Ltd


French Morning Delahaye Moving Ltd London Delicat’s French Resources


Cabinet Wedier

Tiffany & Co.

Decathlon UK

Business France C4 Ventures

Thomas Pink






Buckles Solicitors LLP

AMA XpertEye Ltd

The Langham, London

Currencies Direct

Exane BNP Paribas



Tronico TSO Rail Limited TWID DESIGN TWM Solicitors

Pierre Hermé Paris

Sofyne Active Technology

Pierre Marcolini (Luxury Chocolate)

Solvaction Sopexa

Pinet Ltd

spot on minds Ltd

Ponant Yacht Cruises & Expeditions

Stef Le Chef

Verdier & Co. Corporate Advisory

Step Concept

Vernet SA

Stevens & Bolton LLP

Vicbag UK

Peppy Baby

Ponthier Pramex International Ltd Prodesign Parquet Promosalons UK Ltd QIMA (formerly AsiaInspection) Quarterback Quartix Qwil Messenger

Momentum Services Rathbone Results Ltd Ltd Mossessian Rawlinson and Architecture Hunter Muzéo Reals My Love Affair Reckon Digital My Wine Cabinet Reel UK Ltd MYCOOCOON Relais & Châteaux myGwork Rival Colour Ltd. Neoma Business RMM Conseil School (ReimsLimited Rouen-Paris)

U-Need Consulting Limited Vanessa Seward VDM UK

Stream Advisory

Victanis Advisory Services

Studio Harcourt Paris

Vinci Energies UK & RoI

Sutton Winson

VIP Real Estate

Swarovski UK Ltd

Vitec SA

SYS Visual


Talan Consulting UK Ltd

Vranken Pommery UK Ltd

Tax Assist Accountants


Teach on Mars

We Are Plot Ltd


Wedlake Bell LLP

Tecumseh Europe Sales & Logistics

Welsh Government

Telavox The CPD Certification Service Limited

Walstead grange

Weologix Wesley Pemberton LLP Wilmore Finance Ltd

The Hippodrome Casino

Winch Design Wine Picker

Rome de Bellegarde

The Instant Group

Wine Story Ltd

Roset UK Ltd

The International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom


Lopa Removals Ltd

Eudonet UK

Humanity and Inclusion

Neotec Equipment GB Limited

LSS Relocation


Russell-Cooke LLP

Euro Accounting Ltd

Husson UK Ltd

Lunalogic UK Ltd

NG Finance UK Ltd

Sainoo (Coaching

WSP Yooz


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