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Catching the next wave of innovation Work starts on Performing Arts Centre Henry Kendall Group to set up Smart Work Hub Cultural Village closer after Shanghai visit Central Coast commercial property market – FY2013 overview

Science. Not Fiction. The New Generation E-Class


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Catching the next wave of innovation


New appointments at Erina Fair


New CEO at Ettalong Beach Club

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23 Central Coast commercial property market – FY2013 overview


Works starts on Performing Arts Centre


Identifying and understanding risks


Henry Kendall Group to set up Smart Work Hub


Workplace policies: Directives or Contractual Terms

8 North Wyong data centre attracts Sydney software company 9

New home for Central Coast Volkswagen


From scrap metal to everything metal


$2.3 million for e-learning through TAFE


Woolies to develop retail centre at Wadalba

11 Green light for new Aldi supermarket at Blue Haven 12

Cultural Village closer after Shanghai visit


Bringing technology into everyday living


Enter now and grow


Terrigal filmmaker wins gold in London


Erina Chamber promoting local business


Councils happy with State Budget

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Without a change of government small business just won’t survive


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16 Engineering company establishes overhaul and repair facility at Somersby 16


New insolvency firm established at Erina

Front cover: Dr Anton Kriz, Chairman, Central Coast Innovation Festival, speaking at the 2013 Central Coast Innovation Summit

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July 2013



cov e r story

Participating in Innovation Speaking at the 2013 Central Coast Innovation Summit was Director and Chief Technology Officer for BlinkMobile, and original product architect of the Blink Mobility Platform, Alan Williams. Established in 2009 BlinkMobile, based in the Gosford CBD, is one of the most advanced companies in the world and came about “as a result that popped into my head”, said Mr Williams. Mr Williams whose experience in the software industry spans more than thirty years related his experience in setting up BlinkMobile and spoke about how to participate in innovation. He gave an overview of how BlinkMobile got going as a new start-up business. “I saw my Blackberry and iPhone, both of which are computing devices, as offering an opportunity to get corporate in-house systems into a phone and from that developed a vision.” “First we had to build something that people believed in and develop the software around that. Here I was fortunate in that I could draw on the capabilities of former University of Newcastle student, Ben Thomas-Brigden, who had studied computer science at the Central Coast Campus and had previously developed software for mobile phones.”

“Next we had to position it in the market place and here we were fortunate that the University of Newcastle, Wyong Council and Central Coast Grammar School came on board first.” Then we had to build a team and again the University is providing most of our people. Of course we then needed a workspace and this proved difficult as landlords don’t take account of the needs of start-ups and how quickly they grow. “The very nature of our business means that we have a constant need for computing infrastructure and it is here that the Cloud obviated the need for high capital costs of computer hardware. We are a Cloud based company which means we can expand as fast as we wish around the world, which we are doing right now.” Mr Williams also pointed out the critical need for experienced people and the value of networking. “The team we have built up we have found, mostly, through our networks on the Central Coast. There are a lot of people here who no one really knows about and it is through these networks that we have put together a very high powered team.” “Then of course, you need money,” he said. “Getting finance to start a new business is virtually impossible through the banks and it is here where Business

Alan Williams

Angels or private investors can be most valuable.” Mr Williams is a Business Angel who invests in high-tech companies. He concluded by summarising the essential ingredients needed for a high-tech start-up business to succeed. They are: • Ideas, visions, prototypes • Money • Marketing and sales • Business planning • Team • Infrastructure • Workplaces • First customers

The Central Coast a cauldron of innovaton Mr Williams said that the Central Coast is an absolute cauldron of innovation and we need to capture that knowledge. However, we need access to advice, services, money and networks if we are to breed and encourage innovation and entrepreneurial behaviours.

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July 2013

Cover story

Catching the next wave of innovation James Bradfield Moody was the Keynote Speaker at last month’s 3rd annual Central Coast Innovation Summit held at Mingara Recreation Club and attended by over two hundred people. In opening the Summit Chairman of the Central Coast Innovation Advisory Committee, Dr Anton Kriz, in opening the Summit, said that he believes that the most competitive advantage we have compared to the rest of the world is that Australians are great idea generators. He said "what we will get from the day is a chance to think. At the end of the day its not really about the technology because it comes down people and what they do with it." The theme of this year’s Summit was Catching the Next Wave of Innovation and explored the opportunities for coupling sustainability with digital technology to create a ‘resource efficient digitally connected community’. Mr Moody is a leading thinker in innovation and sustainability and coauthored the book The Sixth Wave. In the book the authors say that since the Industrial Revolution, the tide of progress has ebbed and flowed with five distinct innovation waves: from milling and steam power to steel and electricity, from mass production to information and communication technologies. These innovation waves starting with disrup-

More than 200 people filled the Showroom at Mingara Club for the annual 2013 Central Coast Innovation Summit

tive new technologies and ending with a global depression, have transformed our industries, societies and economies almost beyond recognition. Mr Moody says, “The next wave of innovation – the sixth since the Industrial Revolution – will see us finally break free of our dependence on the unsustainable consumption of limited resources. We will evolve to a new way of life in which nothing is wasted, everything has value and economic growth is decoupled from resource consumption.”

What’s going on in our region? Dr Kriz shared the podium with Caroline Veldhuizen, Senior Researcher with the Hunter Valley Research Foundation who is doing her PhD in Regional Innovation Systems with the Central Coast as her subject. They discussed Ms Velduizen’s evidence based research working out what’s going on in our region by looking at it through a kaleidoscope and build a programme of research around innovation. As part of this research a representative Continued on page 23



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E D I TOR I A L Edgar Adams discusses local issues

Without a change of government small business just won’t survive Firstly, this month’s CCBR carries a report on the 2013 Central Coast Innovation Summit. Avid readers of these pages will say to themselves “he went on about this last month,” and so I did. But I think these articles are worth reading because we do need to get our heads around the changing world we live in and try to do business in. That means how can we do things better, how can we save on costs and more to the point how do we change our business model so that we remain relevant to our customers and profitable into the future. Savings on costs often means reducing waste or cutting out doing things that are unnecessary. It also means reading you market. The business environment that we are now in reminds me of how business was done long ago – before we had rampant inflation that guaranteed increased turnover and before the advent of the expectation of triple digit annual growth. It was also a time when money was hard to get. The banks were tough on lending even though there were more of them. Of course we didn’t have competition from countries like China but in any case our manufacturers were protected through import duties. We were very insular. The GFC and the world of the Internet and online buying has changed everything which means that more than ever before we



have to take an innovative way to how we run our businesses. In many respects we are very much part of the Global Village. Having said that, there is one sector of our economy that simply doesn’t get it. – our Federal Government! This lot have proved to be totally antibusiness. Until last month the unions were running the show and putting their strategies in place to ensure that a new Coalition Government would be totally hamstrung. NSW went through sixteen years of it and we’ve had six federally. But while the Carr Government in particular was very clever and cute how they slowly strangled business with the help of a compliant media, this Government hasn’t bothered to hide their intentions. The Prime Minister in March, having already called an election, which she must have known would frighten the pants off businesses and their customers, announced that “the Government will insert a new modern awards objective into the act to ensure penalty rates, shift loading and public holiday pay are considered by the Fair Work Commission when it sets award rates and conditions. “We will make it clear in law that there needs to be additional remuneration for employees who work shift work, unsociable, irregular, unpredictable hours or on weekends and public holidays,” she said.”

No concern for those businesses, particularly small businesses, who just to stay open have to work seven days and week and at odd hours. The plan is for unions to have Right of Entry into all businesses (even the police don’t have this power!), unfair dismissals laws will be tightened up for small business. This Government wants to take Australia back forty years. And, so far, with the help of the unions, they are achieving just that. Another bright idea of this Government has been the Carbon Tax. This has raised the cost of manufacturing and mining in particular enormously with energy costs now up around 30%. While we are saving the world Australian businesses are going broke and jobs are going to places like China. Without a change of government small business just won’t survive – and neither will the jobs that Ms Gillard and now Mr Rudd keep talking about. Edgar Adams Editor

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July 2013


Work starts on Performing Arts Centre Things are moving fast at Central Coast Grammar School. Only six months after announcing that they had received Council approval (see CCBR December 2012) to build a 750-seat Multi-purpose Performing Arts Centre (PAC), their fund raising efforts have reached a level where they have had the confidence to proceed with construction. Contracts were signed last month with local builder, Stevens Construction, who are already on site and have commenced the earthworks. As part of the deal with the builder the School has said that it wants local contractors to have the opportunity to tender for the work. “This is a $10 million project and we want as much of that to go back into our local community as is possible,” said Headmaster, Bill Low. The Centre is being built on the site of the former Erina Hotel-Motel which the school bought in 1996 for use as their present Performing Arts Centre. Seventeen years on and the school has outgrown this cramped facility which is inadequate by today’s standards. Relocation of demountable classrooms and demolition of existing tutorial rooms took place on the site of the current PAC during the April school holidays. Mr Low said that by December they expect the external building to be finished, exactly two years after the plan to

Artist’s view of CCGS’s 750-seat auditorium in the Performing Arts Centre

develop a new PAC was announced at the School’s Speech Night in 2011. Interior fitting and landscaping will continue early 2014 and the new PAC will be operational in June 2014. The Centre will comprise a 750-seat acoustically designed tiered theatre with large stage, orchestra pit and sound and lighting box, internal and external foyers to seat 250 people restaurant style, or accommodate750 people, seven learning spaces, large and medium sized rehearsal rooms, drama room, 11 music tutorial rooms, recording studio and instrument stores, catering kitchen, box office and manager’s office. Mr. Low said that the new Performing Arts Centre would be a huge boost, not only to Central Coast Grammar School,

Left CCGS Board Member Stephen Brahams, centre CCGS Headmaster Bill Low, right CCGS Business Manager Wal Hopkins, on site as ground was broken and the big machines moved in

but to the performing arts within the Central Coast community.   “I have been very encouraged by the community feedback from performing arts groups and the broader community regarding support for the project.  There has already been some interest from Sydney and interstate in the theatre.  The theatre and facilities will be primarily for school use, but as with all of the school’s facilities we do make them Continued on page 19

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North Wyong Data Centre attracts software company

Image of Henry Kendall Group’s Nexus Hub at their North Wyong facility

Henry Kendall Group to set up Smart Work Hub The Henry Kendall Group has announced that it will establish a purpose built, architecturally designed facility to enable collaboration and innovation for small business operators, entrepreneurs and teleworkers and will be known as The Nexus Hub. The announcement by HKG’s CEO, Damien Wilde, was made at the opening of Central Coast Telework Week in late May at the Wyong Race Club Smart Hub. The Nexus Hub will be a purpose built, architecturally designed facility that will enable collaboration and innovation for

small business operators, entrepreneurs and teleworkers. It is made possible by utilising presently existing infrastructure at North Wyong, namely the Infraserve Data Centre, (owned by our Henry Kendall Group) which provides fast speed internet that is equivalent to the speeds ultimately proposed by the NBN. A Smart work hub requires fast internet speeds so that workers are be able to take advantage of all the productivity tools including video conferencing. The Nexus Hub will be collocated with the Infraserve data centre.

The Henry Kendall Group’s Infraserve Data Centre at North Wyong has attracted one of Australia’s fastest growing CRM software companies, Accent Software. Accent relocated to the North Wyong facility from Macquarie Park due to the fast internet speeds that the Infraserve Data Centre is offering. Another plus for Accent was that CEO, Kerry Spero lives close by. Mr Spero established his company in 2003 and since then has achieved an annual growth rate of more than 100%. Commenting on Accent’s success Mr Spero said, “Accent’s CRM platform is unique in the market. Not even the industry’s leading players can offer equivalent levels of functionality and customisation without expensive rewrites. To support the innovations drive of our clients we roll out four new software releases a year for every new release that our major competitors provide”.

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July 2013

general News

New Home for Central Coast Volkswagen Central Coast Motor Group (CCMG) is making a significant investment in the local motor car industry with a new stand-alone facility for their Volkswagen dealership at Laycock Street, Wyoming. CCMG owners, Terry Bond and Arthur Stanley said the new facility which represents an investment of around $4.5 million will be constructed under Volkswagen’s strict corporate image guidelines and will be the newest automotive landmark on the Central Coast. Both Mr Bond and Mr Stanley said they were determined to support local business for the development of the site, working with SJH Planning of Davistown, and the construction of the building with North Construction of Gosford. “The current facilities have well and truly been outgrown therefore the new development is greatly welcomed by the VW Team,” said Mr Stanley. “We will then be able to display eight new vehicles within the showroom and forty new vehicles externally, not to mention enough parking spaces for forty-five customers. The workshop alone will be doubling its existing workshop capacity,” he said. Josh Sheather, Business Development Manager for North Construction & Building Pty Ltd said he is ecstatic with winning the contract to build Central Coast Volkswagen’s new facility. “It’s great when

Image of Central Coast Motor Group’s new Volkswagen dealership now under construction.

Central Coast businesses can come together on a project to deliver jobs for Central Coast trades. North Construction are proud to be involved with VW and Central Coast Motor Group on this project.” Volkswagen Australia is celebrating 60 years in Australia for the German brand and has seen sales double in the past six years. 2013 has been celebrated with the launch of the New Generation Golf 7. Great timing for Central Coast Volkswagen to display this all important new model alongside the recently launched new Beetle and Passat Alltrack Wagon. Phillip Stanley, Dealer Principal for Central Coast Volkswagen and Joe Caruana

General Sales Manager for Central Coast Motor Group said the new showroom should be completed before the end of the year providing service levels in an environment customers can enjoy while shopping for their new Volkswagen. Central Coast Motor Group is a family owned company based on the Central Coast. It represents nine brands and employs over 200 people. Their brands include: At Gosford - Mazda, Subaru, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Isuzu Ute and Used Cars at Gosford and at Wyong - Mazda, Nissan and Used Cars. Visit for more information

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From scrap metal to everything metal Not too many businesses survive 35 years, particularly in an industry as competitive and changing as industrial supplies but in the years since Brian John Howes went into business as B. J. Howes Pty Ltd dealing in scrap metal out of the old Lisarow Packing Shed this family business has done just that, and more. Brian Howes died in 1998 leaving a successful business to his sons Michael and David both of whom joined the business after leaving school and sticking to the ethos laid down by him right from the start which were and still are: Honesty, Loyalty, Quality and Service. They would continue to use the B.J.Howes name as the business continued to grow. During the early years Brian Howes slowly diversified satisfying the needs of his scrap metal customers. First came the supply of industrial welding materials and power tools and the Linde Gas agency which saw the business evolve into a distributor of industrial gases and then in 1999 they took on the franchise for the Metaland steel group which immediately made them a major player in the industrial steel industry on the Coast. All of this expansion was carried out from their high profile location on the Pacific Highway at Lisarow. In the two years following the death of their father and mentor the Howes brothers saw that it was time to bring in a General Manager and introduce new management systems that would ensure that the business continued to operate profitably while maintaining the sales growth they were achieving. Steve Dawson, an accountant with an engineering company got the job, releasing Michael and David to attend to day to day operations and ensuring that their growing customer base around the Central Coast and northern NSW was well serviced. It also allowed them the time to focus on promoting the Metaland brand which was gaining in profile nationally using cricket great, Big Merv Hughes, who was now the face of Metaland. Late in 2000, using Hughes as a drawcard, BJH/ Metaland took on a major promotion for their first One-day Sale advertising on Radio 2GO. “It was hugely successful,” said Michael Howes, “and we have continued to use 2GO to promote our business which has made us the No.1 brand on radio.” In 2003, as part of a new business plan and strategy the decision was taken to



B J Howes Directors, David Howes and Michael Howes with Steve Dawson (General Manager) Bob Barby (Group Product and Supply Manager) and Doug Heggie (Key Account Manager

Store interior at BJ Howes Lisarow

sell out of the scrap metal business and expand beyond Lisarow to the northern part of the Central Coast opening a store at Charmhaven. Also, in that year OneSteel, the owners of the Metaland brand, took back the franchise and in return made BJH their Authorised Dealers on the Coast. It is no surprise that OneSteel would want to retain the Howes, after all they had won a number of awards, not least the national title. In the ensuing years the Howes’ saw the regional economy plateau and they could see the opportunities for their business model to be introduced into other regional areas which were growing particularly as the drought had ended and the mining industry was expanding. In 2007 the opportunity came to buy the Avro Metaland business in Tamworth and Gunnedah and last year they opened a new Avro Metaland store in Armidale. With five locations all specialising in the supply of steel products, industrial gases, welding products and industrial gear to a broad market from the DIY home handyman to small, medium and large trade businesses and multi national

mining companies, BJH Metaland employs a staff of 41 people. Each store has a planned layout for a fast, safe, effective and easy shopping experience, with dedicated car park, undercover drive thru pick up areas, showrooms showcasing the complete product range with solutions in an easy to find layout and a range of value adding services such as delivery, cutting, cropping, drilling, oxy cutting, flashback testing, customized farm gate manufacture and galvanizing. Along the way they haven’t forgotten the community that gave them the opportunities. All BJ Howes and Metaland stores take pride in supporting local schools through sponsorships, donations, product support and providing work experience. As well as supporting local and national charities such as Westpac Rescue Helicopter and the Cancer Council, and local sporting clubs. And what is the bottom line for this very successful Central Coast company? “Our business lives by the slogan, “Don`t Drop The Ball On Quality”, providing quality products, services and advice,” say Michael and David Howes. July 2013


Woolies to develop retail centre at Wadalba Wyong Council last month endorsed a planning proposal which could lead to the establishment of a Woolworths retail centre being constructed at Wadalba. The proposal will now be forwarded on to the State Government’s Gateway Review Panel for an initial determination. The 1.5 hectare site on Figtree Boulevarde has been earmarked for a $14 million Woolworths development that will include a supermarket, speciality

shops and a petrol station. On the back of Aldi being given approval for a new store at Blue Haven and Woolworths at Lake Munmorah nearing completion, we are looking at somewhere in the vicinity of 500 jobs being created just in these three developments alone. Council expects to publicly exhibit plans for the new Woolworths Supermarket at Wadalba in the near future.

$2.3 million for e-learning through TAFE Federal Treasurer, The Hon. Wayne Swan MP paid a visit to last month’s Innovation Summit to announce that Hunter TAFE had been successful in its bid for funds to deliver innovative education pathways that will broaden the skill-set of learners and teachers by tapping into learning technologies enhanced by the high speed broadband. The funds will be accessed through the Government’s NBN Enabled Education and Skills Services Programme which is part of the Commonwealth’s Digital Economy Strategy. Hunter TAFE will receive $2.3 million that will be used to develop eLinks: Enabling TAFE Training via a virtual college with high-definition, interactive and collaborative virtual environments. Hunter TAFE Institute Director, Phil Cox, thanked the Federal Government and the Member for Robertson, Deborah O’Neill MP, for support and guidance with their submission. “This will lead to the delivery of a truly innovative learning experience, commencing with the early NBN release sites of Gosford City followed closely by additional Central Coast and Hunter sites.

“The funding will harness the opportunities available through the National Broadband Network (NBN) and deliver training across the career path areas of residential aged care, child care, tourism and hospitality,� Mr Cox said. “The project will improve education and employment prospects by addressing skill shortages and promote the usage of the NBN across the Hunter TAFE geographic footprint and beyond,� he said. Hunter TAFE was successful in receiving some funding last year to develop a business case that would broaden the scope of the e-learning project. Since the initial submission, the Hunter TAFE project has been expanded to include the development of customisable, personal environments that encourage life-long learning and education. Some of the other benefits of the project include increasing the opportunity to work remotely, improving the options for job seekers and women returning to the workforce and, in bridging the gap between regional Australia and the world. The Hunter TAFE eLinks: Enabling TAFE Training will commence in July 2013 with all courses offered in the first semester of 2014.

The move by Council to expedite the rezoning of the land via the Gateway Review Panel comes only weeks after the lodgement of a major residential rezoning of 1700 lots at East Wadalba to Council. “With the State Government fasttracking these types of developments in the Shire, it’s essential we do our utmost as a Council to keep up as best we can in providing services for the Shire’s growing population,� Mayor Eaton said.

Green light for new Aldi supermarket at Blue Haven Wyong Council has granted development consent for construction of a new Aldi supermarket and shopping centre at Blue Haven. At a total cost of $3.7 million, the new supermarket is expected to employ upwards of 20 staff, while there will also be three shops created at Roper Road and the corner of Blue Haven Way. Aldi is expected to start construction in early 2014, and open the store for trading later that year. “This will be a significant boost to local residents of the Blue Haven area,� Mayor Doug Eaton said. The new shopping centre will be constructed on two of the three proposed subdivision lots, with the remaining lot proposed for future residential development. Aldi will construct a supermarket with a floor area of 996 square metres, while the three shops – with unknown tenants at this stage – will each have a floor area of 75 square metres. In addition to the supermarket and shops, 78 parking spaces will also be provided along with landscaping and ancillary works.


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Cultural Village closer after Shanghai visit Wyong Council Mayor Doug Eaton has returned from leading a delegation of Central Coast business people on a nine day trip to China, confident construction of the Chinese Cultural Village Theme Park project at Warnervale will be brought forward. Mayor Eaton addressed a major event at the newly opened Shanghai Yacht Club where guests included Australia’s Consul-General in Shanghai Alice Cawte, Austrade’s Trade Commissioner Liu Bing, Shanghai Government officials, a representative from NSW Trade and Investment and the top 200 businessmen in Shanghai. “Bruce Zhong, from the Australia Chinese Theme Park (ACTP) company, also gave a speech and announced his organisation had signed a heads of agreement with three major business groups who had promised to support the Cultural Village,” Mayor Eaton said. “This was a big event in Shanghai, the major social event of the week, and it was attended by 250 people and received significant media coverage. “The Cultural Village was basically launched onto the world stage and it was certainly very well received. “I am confident that, following this event and the level of support, construction on the first stage can get underway next year which is a lot earlier than anticipated. “This is a momentous event in the history of Wyong Shire, with a $500 million investment in a tourism project which I’ve said before has the potential to rival the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as major attractions in this State,” said the Mayor.

Pictured (l-r) are Amanda Li (ACTP), Alice Cawte (Australian Consul-General Shanghai), Mayor Doug Eaton, Ruby Eaton, Bruce Zhong (ACTP), Cr Greg Best.

Last year, the ACTP purchased 15 hectares of land for $10 million, and has been undertaking planning work on the site since. Besides the Theme Park, Mayor Eaton said there was significant interest from potential investors in Council’s concept for a regional airport and for the establishment of an International University at Warnervale. “We have certainly forged some strong links now with the powerful Shanghai Government, which will benefit the region in the long term when it comes to major investment and economic opportunities,” Mayor Eaton said. “The Shanghai Government was particularly keen to hear about our regional airport concept especially given the proposed location close to the Cultural Village. “I got the impression they were very interested in exploring potential funding opportunities.” In Beijing, the delegation met with the Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Foundation which recently visited Wyong Shire, and Mayor Eaton said he was encouraged when it came to investment opportunities regarding the

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International University proposal. “This is still very much in the planning stage, but we are talking about 7000 students – both local and international – and staff of 1500, along with a language centre to support international students,” the Mayor said. The delegation also met with officials from the Qinjiang Government. “Qinjiang is a satellite city 100km west of Wuhan, which is the largest University City in the world with more than one million students,” Mayor Eaton said. “We signed a co-operation agreement with the Qinjiang Government and I have issued an invitation for them to visit us later this year with a view to strengthening ties and exploring economic and investment opportunities. “The cooperation agreement will see us promote each other’s cities. “We will also look at doing the same with Qingpu, where we met with six Government officials. “Qingpu has a lot in common with Wyong Shire in that it has a number of tourist attractions including lakes and an ancient water town which will be an element of the Cultural Village. “We will certainly be inviting them to the Shire as well with a view to progressing an agreement with them. “Overall, the trip was a great success, with a fantastic launch of the Cultural Village and solid support from Chinese investors and the Government for not only the Cultural Village, but the regional airport concept and the International University proposal.” Besides the Mayor, the delegation, each of whom paid their own way, included Councillors Greg Best, Luke Nayna, Adam Troy and Lloyd Taylor. Also travelling were the Shire’s Citizen of the Year Marlene Pennings, and local businessmen David Hannan (CEO of F Hannan Properties), Eric Stammer (CEO Yeramba Estates), Howard Cao (CEO Magenta Shores), John Stevens (Stevens Group) and Damien Wilde (CEO of the Henry Kendall Group). July 2013


Bringing technology into everyday living ASAP Electrical & Security Systems has been a very successful Central Coast electrical contracting business founded by Managing Director, David Freers some eighteen years ago. But like all businesses, particularly those in the building and construction industry on the Central Coast, there have been the ups and downs in recent years. So three years ago, with a passion for technology, and being an engineer, he took the decision to combine this knowledge and years of experience seeing so-called ‘automation’ companies in Sydney striving, and often failing, to satisfy the high end residential market he established a new business, Living Automation. Living Automation is a technology based company that focuses on integrating electrical, security and audio visual equipment for the residential and commercial markets. “My belief was always that our trade background, trade skills and a understanding of the building industry would allow us to provide a more complete service than those just focused on “home automation” alone,” he said. “In just three years we have become quite accustomed to designing and building electrical/electronic systems for multi- million dollar projects that focus on technology.” “Our approach is to focus on those systems that leverage off network solutions rather than those requiring their own dedicated infrastructure,” says Freers. “This is for a number of reasons but one of the main reasons is my belief that systems focused on Internet / Cloud services will

Living Automation staff, Brendan and Daniel Potts and Julia Henry with David Freers far right

become much more popular over the next few years, particularly with the NBN rolling out and the ability to tap into cloud services will become much more practical.” “Following extensive research and looking closely at all the systems that are available we came upon a system known as the Savant SmartSystem. Savant ticks all the boxes and provides the technology that I believe will become the foundation of automation and simple “lifestyle” systems of the future,” he says. “The ability to control all services in the home along with other features such as energy management facilities and remote site functionality make this one of the most amazing products in the market place. And on top of all that is the fact that Savant has leveraged off the Apple solution and made our everyday devices such as a iPhone or iPad the main interface devices for control.” Having completed basic and advanced training in the product

Living Automation has been appointed the sole Savant distributor on the Central Coast, one of the first companies in Australia. Freers says, “My vision is to become a leading supplier of technology products and services to the Central Coast.” “While we are a small area we have many projects here that either have or are considering this type of technology and yet despite the skills being available locally from companies such as ourselves and others, there is still a trend for this type of work to go to Sydney contractors. “We find ourselves very successfully competing against Sydney contractors over the years we have worked on many and varying projects from large residential houses on Sydney Harbour to commercial projects such as the development of the “Financial Energy Exchange” (FEX) to large multi million dollar residential projects on the Central Coast.”

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Enter Now and Grow An athlete trains and competes to win. It could be to win an individual event or to be a key member of a team striving to do the same thing. It doesn’t matter. In each instance, the goal is common – to win. The prize may be competition points, cash, goods or any combination. In business we have no less competition, perhaps even more, as your competition is normally for a minimum of 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. As a business we ask ourselves - why did they win? Is that the question you pose every time you see another business win an award you think you should have won or could have won had you entered? You’re not alone; far more ask that same question than actually enter the Awards. So why does one business choose to enter awards and another not? Is it the oft quoted line of time poor? Is it that you have no business plan to assist with your response to some of the questions? Is it pure laziness? Is it lack of ego? Or is it a lack of confidence in your own accomplishments? More often than not it is the latter. You see it in every-day life. People with less skill but who have far more confidence achieving better results because, put simply, they worry less. They are not afraid to challenge themselves or others. They are not afraid to win and they are not afraid to lose. It doesn’t mean they don’t like to win, it simply means they know how to deal with it, know how to keep growing whilst learning continuously to improve. They believe they can win and they have the confidence to forge on. Of course I am simplifying it here but every business should be aspiring to enter Awards

By Kerry Ruffels

Kerry Ruffels with Nathan Curtis, Fortunity Senior Accountant and Tim Cullen Director

and benchmark themselves against their peers. Past award winners have said; “the most important benefit has been the award process itself in helping identify our strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities.” “It further promotes our good reputation to our existing customers, however most importantly, it provides potential customers reassurance that they are dealing with an award winning business. When trying to establish new export markets this is one of the biggest challenges.” “Winning the award allowed us to celebrate with our staff, and to recognise our strengths that

drive us forward. The award has given us more confidence to share our success......” The wine industry is a great example of the value of awards. How many times have you been swayed by that bottle of wine proudly wearing its medals [awards] of honour? It works! It was one of the reasons we chose our Award winning wine – James Estate. Choosing to go into business was a risk, choosing to enter the Central Coast Business Excellence Awards is to engage, grow and celebrate. For more information please contact Kerry Ruffels on 0410 494999 or

Terrigal filmmaker wins gold in London

Jason van Genderen at Sundance London



Terrigal filmmaker, Jason van Genderen, has taken out first prize in the Nokia Music sponsored Sundance London competition held in London in late April with a six-minute short film ‘Red Earth Hip Hop’. Van Genderen made the film after Nokia Music and Sundance put out a global search for filmmakers to submit a 60-second trailer to pitch an underground music story from where they live. The Australian filmmaker and Glasgow’s Bartoz Madejski were selected as the two global finalists with both provided with $5,000 funding and two Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones to record their story on.

Van Genderen’s entry ‘Red Earth Hip Hop’ tells the story of how Hip Hop music is helping remote Indigenous communities reconnect with both language and local story, with a music culture seeded in the streets of the Bronx, NY. The win comes on the back of growing international exposure for van Genderen whose films have previously taken awards at Tropfest NY, Aspen Shortsfest, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Tropfest Sydney. This year he has was also recognised in his home town as Gosford’s Australia Day Ambassador for Arts, Culture and Entertainment. July 2013


Erina Chamber promoting local business Erina Chamber of Commerce is showing that it understands what chambers of commerce are supposed to do – promote business in their area. The Chamber is promoting a week long festival, Experience Erina, from the 15th to 21st August with the theme Celebrating 125 years. The brain-child of Camera House Erina Managing Director, John Ralph, the Experience Erina promotion will focus on four business sectors: Leisure and Lifestyle, Financial and Legal Services, Home Improvement and Health and Beauty. “This is not just a SALE,” said Mr Ralph, “it will offer the people of the Central Coast a chance to learn, sample and be entertained. And it’s not just retail it’s an opportunity for people to learn just what Erina has to offer. The Chamber has arranged for the week long festival to be promoted using social media in the six weeks leading up to the 15th August as well as involving Central Coast Express-Advocate, 2GO and SEA FM and NBN Central Coast television. Participants are being encouraged to run demonstrations workshops, supplier days and competitions that will add value and make positive and exciting experiences for customers and visitors. “By bringing our businesses to prominence at this time of the year we are hopeful

Erina Chamber of Commerce President, Tim Gunasinghe with Executive Officer, Sue Liptrott and Camera House owner, John Ralph

of creating goodwill and increased business all the way to Christmas,” said Mr Ralph. Erina Chamber of Commerce will be co-ordinating the promotion and engaging the media. To be part of the promotion, businesses will contribute $685 (including GST) for non Chamber members and $595 for members. Chamber President, Tim Gunasinghe, said, “while business is quiet we have a great opportunity to make our combined service offerings known to the people of

the Central Coast. It is also a chance for those businesses in the less prominent parts of Erina to promote their businesses in a positive way.” Erina’s history will be promoted as part of the festival to make it interesting. The streets forming today’s business centre were laid out in December 1888 and the town has a unique and interesting history. To be part of the promotion phone Chamber Executive Officer, Sue Liptrott on 0450 969169 or email:

Councils happy with State Budget Last month’s State Budget has got the seal of approval from the Mayors of Gosford and Wyong Councils. Wyong Mayor, Doug Eaton said, “Council welcomes the announcements made in the State Budget. It is pleasing the NSW Government and local Members have lived up to their promise of delivering money for crucial infrastructure projects.” “The State Government has made it clear they have prioritised a number of road projects that have been seemingly ignored in the past.” Recognising that Council and the recently appointed General Manager still have work to do in turning Gosford around Gosford Mayor, Laurie McKinna said, “we understand the fiscal difficulties the State Government finds itself in. With this in mind we are pleased to see the continued investment in infrastructure for our community. We also understand that we are early in our new planning phase and we July 2013

anticipate a significant improvement in funding over the next few years as we get on with the job of repositioning Gosford as the rightful capital of the Central Coast.” Meanwhile, the Coast has won: • $4 million for planning work for the upgrade of the Pacific Highway and Wyong Road intersection. • $800,000 to begin the upgrade of Wyong Road Enterprise Drive intersection. • $800,000 to begin the upgrade of Wyong Road from Mingara Drive to Tumbi Road. • $17 million to start work on the upgrade of the Central Coast Highway intersection at Brisbane Water Drive and Manns Road at West Gosford. • $7 million for the replacement of a railway level crossing on Woy Woy Road at Horsfield Bay. • $9 million to complete work on  the four lane widening of the Central Coast Highway between Matcham Road, Erina Heights and Ocean View Drive, Wamberal.

Other wins for the region are: • $10 million to complete planning and start work on a new intersection on Sparks Road to support the Warnervale Town Centre,  • $9 million will be directed towards the relocation of Gosford Public School. • Wyong Hospital has received $6.2 million to upgrade the Emergency Department, developing an Urgent Care Centre and Emergency Department Short Stay Unit. When it comes to housing growth the Coast does not get a mention. The Government has allocated $99 million to assist councils improve local infrastructure necessary to boost housing supply. But it all goes to The Hills and Blacktown and Inner Sydney and Maitland. These funds have been committed so that councils do not have to charge exorbitant developer contributions that make land development unviable for developers. Continued on page 24 CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS REVIEW


Business Briefs

Aubrey Brown Partners consolidates to new premises at Tuggerah Commenting on the Tuggerah move, Managing Director of Aubrey Brown Partners Pty Ltd, Anna Cruckshank, said, “we can now offer lots of parking, with the whole office complex on the ground floor for easy access as well as being big enough to comfortably accommodate all of our team members who presently number Kevin Pearce, Guy Sullivan, Anna Cruckshank, Ryan Finch and Rod Wicks. thirty-three.” Of that, eleven are lawyers who speOne of the Central Coast’s longest cialise in commercial law, insolvency, established law practices, Aubrey Brown conveyancing, wills, probate, family law, Partners, has consolidated all of their litigation and criminal law. operations to new offices which they Ms Cruckshank who joined the firm recently bought at 8 Reliance Drive, as a law clerk in 1990, also heads up the Tuggerah Business Park. firm’s Commercial Law Team. The move is the culmination of a She is supported by four other strategy put in place in 2004 to restrucDirectors: ture the practice so that their lawyers Rod Wicks, Estate Planning Team could specialise in various aspects of Leader who joined the firm in the 1970’s the law. As part of that strategy, offices is one of the few Notary Publics’ on the at Morisset, Toukley, Killarney Vale and Central Coast. Wyong have been progressively closed Kevin Pearce, Litigation and Criminal and lawyers and staff located together. Law Team Leader who joined the firm in The aim of the move being to provide the 1980’s after a career in the Attorney clients with the best advice in one office General’s Department that included roles as Chamber Magistrate and Coroner. and across all aspects of the law.

EXPERT ADVICE FOR EMPLOYERS Whether your business is large or small, we can help you manage your workforce, protect your trade secrets and reduce your workers comp premiums. Email Warwick Ryan Swaab Attorneys Suite 3.10, Platinum Building, 4 Ilya Avenue, ERINA NSW 2250



Ryan Finch, Criminal Solicitor and Litigation Team Leader. Guy Sullivan, Family Law Team Leader who commenced practicing as a solicitor in 1996 and joined the firm in 1999. Three Senior Associates include Donna Ham, Veronica Nash and Kate Walker. Ms Cruckshank said that the new Aubrey Brown Partners structure will allow the firm to expand its areas of specialisation and service clients across the whole Central Coast.

Engineering company establishes overhaul and repair facility at Somersby

Matthew Gepner

Finland-based wind turbine gear and industrial gear manufacturer Moventas Australia has set up an overhaul and repair facility at 72 Somersby Falls Road, Somersby. The move comes just three years after the company established a subsidiary in Australia. Managing Director of Moventas Australia Pty Ltd, Matthew Gepner, said that Australia’s demand for wind power is in a rapid growth phase while Moventas has a large installed base in mining and minerals processing industries throughout Australia. The Somersby facility presently employs twelve people servicing their equipment from all over Australia.

Business Sales


Commercial/Industrial • Real Estate Specialists


4385 8115

John Ramsay 0408 433 739

2/15-17 Forresters Bch Rd, Forresters Bch

July 2013

Business Briefs

New insolvency firm established at Erina

Amanda Lott and Tim Heesh

Insolvency practitioner, Tim Heesh, has established TPH Insolvency, his own practice, based at Erina with the aim of providing a personalised service to individuals and businesses who find themselves in strife. A Chartered Accountant, Mr Heesh has over twenty-five years in the insolvency industry most recently as CEO with SV Partners. Mr Heesh has brought a team of seven people with him from the former practice, led by Practice Manager Amanda Lott, all of whom are at the Erina office making it the only fully staffed insolvency practice on the Central Coast. He has also established a satellite office in Sydney. Ms Lott, also a Chartered Accountant, has twelve years of corporate insolvency experience and is presently studying to become a Registered Liquidator. Mr Heesh said that the TPH approach incorporates his philosophy of protection and enhancement of value whatever business he is involved in.

New CEO for Ettalong Beach Club

Bill Jackson

The Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club has appointed Bill Jackson as CEO. Mr Jackson joins the Club with thirty years club management experience most recently as Manager of Golden West Race

Club which owns two race courses, one at Bathurst and the other at Orange. Immediately prior to that he was General Manager at Woy Woy Leagues Club. Commenting on his appointment Mr Jackson said that the Club is trading well with a current membership of 17,000 which, with a new membership drive, he wants to take up to 20,000 by the end of August. He also said that he wants to take the Club back to being part of the Peninsula community. “There is a large population here on the Peninsula and we need to be more supportive of it. If we support the community they will support us,” he said. Mr Jackson also said he intended to target the northern Sydney market particularly leveraging off the Palm Beach Ferry Service. He succeeds Melissa Hamilton.


QUALITY BUSINESSES ONLY Including caravan parks/mobile home villages, motels, manufacturing, service industries.



Ph: 02 4332 6555 Fax: 02 4332 0095 We pride ourselves on selling quality businesses only and have done so for the past 33 years.

Together let’s do





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Advanced Day to Day Operations Starting a New Company Payroll GST & BAS

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Are you looking for a business banker who can deliver know-how that will save your business time and money? Local Business Banking Manager, Steve Deane, can help you with a suite of products and services that can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses. Drop into your nearest branch at East Gosford, Ettalong Beach, Kincumber, Lisarow, Wyong or phone 4337 1701. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879. (S43786) (02/13)

Call or enrol online now! l 4348 4300

July 2013




Importer buys warehouse and spare block A manufacturing and warehouse facility formerly built and occupied by Office Furniture Design at 20 – 30 Sunny Bank Road, Lisarow has sold to a local importer and distributor. The vacant property sold under instructions from the Receivers and Managers, Korda Mentha, fetching $2.3 million excluding GST. The property went to auction in March and was passed in with only two under bidders. The subsequent sale was negotiated by agents Chris Watson and Brad Rogers from LJH Commercial Central Coast. Purpose built about fifteen years ago to accommodate the office furniture business known as Office Furniture Design the property comprised a clear span factory of almost 5,000 sqm with internal clearance of 10 metres on a 1.09 Ha lot with extensive external hardstand plus an undeveloped 1 Ha lot to allow for further expansion

The building includes mezzanine office and amenities, with 12 roller doors at the front of the building and 5 roller doors at the rear. The design of the building allowed for a single occupant or for multiple tenants.

Korean pension fund buys 50% of Erina Fair

Owner occupier buys in Carnarvon Road, West Gosford

The National Pension Service of Korea, a Lend Lease Investment Management client, has bought into Erina Fair buying GPT Group’s 50 per cent investment in the shopping centre for $800 million. Australian Prime Property Fund – Retail owns the remaining 50 per cent of the asset, which is managed by Lend Lease. Erina Fair, which is the biggest centre on the Central Coast. through Simon Rooney, the head of retail investments in Australasia for Jones Lang LaSalle.

An owner occupier has paid $265,000 (GST not applicable) for Unit 3, 2 Carnarvon Road, West Gosford. The 225 sqm unit is part of a 7-unit complex built about thirteen years ago. David Tawyer from Citicoast Realty negotiated the sale.

Developer buys West Gosford industrial site A local developer has secured a 6,009 sqm industrial lot at 9 Marstan Close, West Gosford paying $720,000 excluding GST. Brad Rogers from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the sale.

Investor buys in Stockyard Place, West Gosford A local investor has paid $260,000 (GST not applicable) for Unit 6, 15 Stockyard Place, West Gosford The 144 sqm unit is part of a 10 unit complex adjacent to Bunnings built in 2005. David Tawyer from Citicoast Realty negotiated the sale. July 2013

Owner occupier buys unit in Tuggerah Business Park An owner occupier has paid $185,000 (GST not applicable) for Unit 2 at 8 Teamster Close, Tuggerah Business Park. The occupier’s Superannuation Fund was the buyer of the 108 sqm unit. Chris Watson from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the sale.

Subdivided Gosford shop sells to investor The owner of what was known as Shop 16, 153 Mann Street, Gosford has subdivided the property into two shops; 16 and 16A with Shop 16 of 114 sqm being sold to an investor for $165,000 (GST not applicable). The property sold is leased to a hairdresser for $250 per week including outgoings plus GST providing a return of around 7.0% The property was sold through Chris Watson of LJH Commercial Central Coast in conjunction with Gary Morris of LJ Hooker Gosford.

continued arti cles

Work starts on Performing Arts Centre Continued from page 7

available to approved community groups as part of the school’s commitment to engaging with the Central Coast community,” he said. He emphasised that the Centre will attract larger cultural events to the Central Coast, offering both economic and cultural benefits for the region. CCGS already has strong programs in music, drama and public speaking and this new space will provide an extraordinary space for the many and diverse interests found in all aspects of the performing arts; from production to performing, set design, sound and lighting engineering, dance, choreography, film and recording. Mr Low said the School will be pleased to receive any donation or sponsorship from individuals, local businesses, community supporters, trusts and foundations to reach its fundraising target of $2m towards this $10m project.  All donations are tax deductible and there are a range of naming opportunities available. CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS REVIEW


P RO P E RT Y commercial and industrial property for sale/lease


118m2 approx , full glass shop front, ducted a/c, quality floor covering, amenties with disabled access. Surrounded by quality retail medical and professional groups. Lease $35,000 pa net + GST





Relocate to Tuggerah Business Park’s best commercial development starting construction. This office space to be built is of the highest quality & is situated in the heart of the Business Park. Sure to be in hot demand once completed, get in early & take first pick!!


Retail / commercial property with great exposure. Approx 180m2 of combined space on 189m2 of 3a zoned land. Solid brick construction & off street parking makes this a must to inspect. SALE $350,000 + GST

TOUKLEY - AN INVESTMENT YOU CAN MOVE IN TO Approx 120m2 of partitioned office space with off street parking & great exposure. Ideal for many professions, this is a MUST TO SEE!! LEASE $1,500 per month + GST


390m2 of premier retail on Karalta Rd. Here is the chance to secure a very competitive gross rental in a well established complex anchored by The Good Guys. Exposure, parking, great neighbours. $127,000 pa gross + GST with long term leases available.

278m2 with floor to ceiling glass frontage and main road exposure. Open plan space with dedicated parking at the door. Loads of natural light and 2 street access via Karalta Lane and CCHWY. For Lease $72,836 + GST + Outs. 191m2 1st floor tenancy fully fitted out and ready for business. Individual lockable offices, boardroom, reception and waiting area + comms room, kitchen and male and female WC. Dedicated parking comes with this tenancy.  For Lease $54,000 + GST + Outs. 77m2 open plan space ground floor tenancy with floor to ceiling glass front. Lots of natural light, A/C and 2 car spaces.  For Lease $23,000 + GST + Outs.


High quality commercial office suite, regular shape, Onsite parking, lift access to first floor, 97m2 & excellent National tenants within the complex include PRP & Rivers. Available from 1st July at very competitive rental of $31,500 pa + outgoings + GST. Large commercial/bulky retail tenancy . Central Coast Hwy position directly across from Harvey Norman. 844m2 of clear, easy to work with quality Commercial premises. Available for long term lease$150/m2 on net basis + outgoings + GST


Approx 300m2 close to Tuggerah Railway Station and Westfield Shopping Town with excellent parking and quality amenities - ground floor access and great exposure. LEASE $75,000 PA Net + GST 430m2 (approx) of modern high clearance industrial space + 106m2 of mezzanine, offices with carpet, rc air conditioning, 2 container height roller shutters all on 4,296m2 approx of 4a zoned industrial land. LEASE $52,000pa net + GST









A rare find in this small convenient industrial precinct. 182Sqm, High Clearance, 3 Phase Power, Glass frontage, cat 5 cabling, Mezzanine Storage, Internal office, Fully self contained, Back to base Alarm, 3 car spaces. Prime Terrigal shop front areas from 50sqm to 130sqm plus alfresco dining areas. Brand new with capital contributions. Retail area’s from 75sqm to 390 sqm in a high profile location and neighbouring tenants, Good Guys. Approx 35,000 vehicles passing daily. Ample Parking. Ground floor retail space approx 223sqm. Floor to ceiling glass shopfront, Air-conditioned, Flexible leasing terms, Ample parking, Located in Erina CBD. An ideal location for your growing business.



High quality modern brand new development with main road exposure. Areas available from 240sqm 2,000sqm and ample secure basement parking. Lift and disabled access to all three levels.

4365 0645 Investor Opportunity: 98m2 space with a 5yr x 5yr tenant. Perfect for super fund. Current rent $26,499 + GST + Outs. Ground floor tenancy with great exposure. For Sale $350,000. 82m2 open plan, corner position, space. A great feel and atmosphere with floor to ceiling window to half the tenancy. A/C and internal WC. A premise with great exposure to Donnison Street. For Lease $25,500 + GST + Outs.

Richard Ellis 0416 072 444 Suite 4, 206 The Entrance Road, Erina

Now leasing


FOUNTAINDALE - FRONT UNIT IN A BOUTIQUE COMPLEX Front position, great access, high & wide roller door, multiple entry points, mezzanine office, clear span warehouse area & plenty of power! Handy location to Ourimbah, Tuggerah & F3 Freeway exits. SALE $365,000 + GST


Stunning factory / warehouse /showroom 173m2 GFA plus quality mezzanine, well positioned in Tuggerah Business Park. Boasts quality amenities, good height, great access and parking. SALE $245,000 + GST


Approx 600m2 factory/warehouse inc 450m2 clearspan space & approx 150m2 offices/amenities. Quality concrete 1700m2 approx of secure hardstand yard on approx 3096m2 land in freehold. Great exposure to busy road. SALE $970,000 + GST LEASE $85,000 pa net + GST VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES and MORE INFORMATION – All prices shown GST incl. unless otherwise indicated


21/1 Reliance Dr, Tuggerah • Ph: 4353 7700



Beat the NBN! 169m2 Corporate Office space – ready to go. Very well appointed with open plan workstation area and private offices throughout with a very generous boardroom opening onto a private balcony. Access to high speed internet available. For Lease $64,000 + GST + Outs

Commercialhq Office 02 4365 4566 Tim 0402 200 004 Nicole 0417 792 740

• Sites from 50m2 to 225m2 • Attractive rates • Gross leases Join Woolworths, Aldi, Best & Less, The Reject Shop and specialty stores. Exciting changes are in store at the Central Coast’s very first shopping centre.

Phone Deborah Warwick on 4324 4299 July 2013

propert y TUGGERAH 154 Pacific Highway


Email: ABN: 66 454 721 842 Phone: (02) 4342 3925 Fax: (02) 4341 5223


SALE $1,450,000



$766 PER M²

Modern high clearance concrete panel warehouse approx 1109m² with attractive glass façade. Level container access. Great value at $850,000 excl GST or lease $83,000 pa net.



Approx 83m² with huge exposure on busy York St. $440 per week gross, GST N/A.

MANNS RD IND UNIT Freehold opportunity with quad income. Mixed use zoning; contains 2x ground floor shops and 2x upper level residential units each 95sqm. Located in a very prominent position on Ocean View Road. Total land 445sqm including rear yard and 4 carp spaces. Be sure to get in quick and arrange an inspection  


SALE $310,000


Approx 222m² with level access and plenty of external space. Suit Manufacturing or sales display. Only $1750 pm gross excl GST.


Neighbours include Healthscope Medical Centre, PRP Radiology, Pathology, Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Dentist, Psycologists & more. With a variety of suites available and plenty of parking, opportunities include both ground floor and level 1 suites. Tuggerah Medical & Professional Rooms range from 13m2 to 24m2 and start from as little as $1,250 per month +GST. Level 1 accessed via lift or stairs hosts suites from 59m2 with the East Wing Professional Suites ranging from 73m2 to 103m2 there is a size to suit a variety of Professionals including Medical, Financial, Legal etc...


Other tenants include BCF, Super Cheap Auto and Romi’s Café and make this an ideal location with plenty of parking.


Level 1 acre with 5 leased showroom style industrial units. Good exposure and returning approx $110,000 pa net.

A very modern brick development, corner location with outstanding outlook. First floor 3 bedroom residence $395 pw + ground floor workshop/studio $323 pw.


Ideally located on the Pacific Highway within the established Tuggerah Straight Commercial Centre, these Specialist Medical & Professional Suites are perfectly situated.

Approx 700m² with good office space on 1 acre, $75,000 pa net; Approx 980m² ex-Aust Post Depot $85,000 pa net; Approx 1639m² on 1.1 acres Manns Road $160,000 pa net or sell $2M excl GST.


60sqm with floor to ceiling glass frontage, good signage opportunities. Under cover security parking. Close to the new Woolworths and Bunnings. Currently leased to excellent long term tenant. Genuine Vendor- Sale price negotiable.


Great value industrial units 280m² to 452m² with prices from $719 per m².

Prices shown with * are inclusive of GST.

4325 0208

Features include · Flexible lease terms · Very Competitive rentals · Excellent parking · Air-conditioning · Carpets, kitchenette · Balcony access for most suites For further details please contact

Julie Davies on 4355 5111


SALE $790,000

330 West Street Umina Beach NSW 2257

4 shops with a total land content of 670sqm. Excellent position in Empire Bay, opposite waterfront and wharf. Includes alfresco area, amenities block and 10 space car park. To be sold in one line- 4 Shops, No Strata! For all inquiries or inspections phone Madeline (02)4342 3925 or 0438 033 039

Join the Platinum business community!

Your complete office solution without the overheads Private offices Serviced desks l Virtual packages l Meeting rooms l l

Kanwal Office For Lease

Office would suit small business, medical practice, real estate etc. Opposite Wyong Hospital. Prime Location.

Call 0407 907 852 July 2013

Now available at affordable rates on a monthly basis






North Wyong warehouse unit sold

Manufacturer relocates from Hornsby leases at West Gosford

An owner occupier has paid $200,000 for a 170 sqm warehouse unit in a recently completed complex at Lot 25 Amsterdam Circuit, North Wyong. Mark Davies from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the sale.

North Wyong unit sold off the plan A local business intending to relocate their operations has paid $149,000 excluding GST for a new industrial unit now under construction at 4 Amsterdam Circuit, North Wyong. The 98 sqm unit with 24 sqm mezzanine was sold off the plan. Mark Davies from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the sale.

A skin care products manufacturer has relocated from Hornsby leasing Unit 4 and The Palms Business Park, 13 Gibbens Road, West Gosford. Terms of lease for the 305 sqm unit with 82 sqm mezzanine are 2 years with 3 year option at a rental of $33,500 per annum including outgoings and GST The lease was negotiated by Geoff Broadhurst from Chapman and Frazer Real Estate Gosford.

Downer EDI takes 2 year lease in Gosford Engineering company Downer EDI has leased Suites 3 and 4 on Level 1 and 15 Watt Street, Gosford. Terms of lease for 394 sqm of office space that includes lift access and onsite security parking are 2 years with 1 year option at a rental of $94,794 per annum plus outgoings and GST. Wendy Hancock from Citicoast Realty negotiated the lease.

Demand for businesshq Business Centre in Gosford

Wyoming take-away investment sold A take-away shop at 133 Maidens Brush Road, Wyoming has sold to local investors for $235,000 (GST not applicable). The property with Torrens Title is leased to the present tenant on a 5 + 5 year lease at $27,582.12 per annum. The shop with 125 sqm of floor space is on a 510 sqm lot. Mark Davies from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the sale.

Tuggerah industrial units sold to Sydney investors Sydney investors have bought two industrial units at 15-17 Ace Crescent, Tuggerah. Unit 13 of 171 sqm sold for $182,500 excluding GST Unit 14 of 161 sqm sold for $180,000 excluding GST. The units are part of a 14 unit complex built about seven years ago. Ty Blanch from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated both sales.



company for $6,500 per annum plus Outgoings and GST. Suite 2 (21.5 sqm) for 1 year with no options to an online human resources company for $12,500 plus Outgoings and GST. Suite 3 (18.7 sqm) for 3 years with no options to a financier for $10,500 plus Outgoings and GST.

Erina industrial space leased Precision Vision, distributor of rear view reversing systems for vehicles, has leased Unit 1C at 14 Barralong Road, Erina. Terms of lease for the 99 sqm space which includes air conditioning, carpet throughout and partitioned offices, is 3 years with 3 year option at a rental of $15,000 per annum including outgoings plus GST. Chris Watson from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the lease

DHL takes short lease at Tuggerah Business Park International carrier, DHL, has taken a 1 year lease with 1 year option on Unit 6, a 756 sqm factory/warehouse, at 1 Reliance Drive, Tuggerah Business Park. The Unit features 336 sqm of warehouse space plus 420 sqm of office fitout. Rental is $70,000 per annum plus Outgoings and GST. Brad Rogers from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the lease.

Fine food operator leases at Avoca Beach Recently created office suites in Park Plaza Gosford, known as, businesshq Business Centre Gosford have found a ready market with six of the seven suites available being leased within a month of coming on the market. The suites were created from a former shop in the Plaza and range in size from 10 to 22 sqm. Tony Myers from Oliver Myers Real Estate reports that they have leased Suite 1 (21.0 sqm) for 3 years at a rental of $12,000 per annum plus Outgoings and GST. In addition they have negotiated the leases on: Suite 5 (10.6 sqm) for 1 year with no option to a software development

interior perspective view from entry near suite 1 & 2 131-135 Henry Parry Dr, Gosford

note: perspective images are for presentation purpose only, images does not represent the true nature of the finished building product.


0670 - concept

| building design + interior |

Suite 2.08, Level 2, 4 ilya Ave, Erina N.S.W. 2250

moblie: 0416 031 668 email: web: Enzhuo Jason Gai. bachelor of design (architecture)

Coast Fine Foods has leased Shop 1 at 200 Avoca Drive, Avoca Beach. Terms of lease for the 50 sqm shop are 3 years with 3 year option at a rental of $20,000 per annum plus Outgoings and GST. Brad Rogers from LJH Commercial Central Coast negotiated the lease.

Audio visual company leases at West Gosford Audio visual company, All Sound and Light Entertainment Pty Ltd, has leased Unit 4 at 10 Enterprise Close, West Gosford. Terms of lease for the 259 sqm unit is 3 years with 3 year option at a rental of $22,000 per annum including Outgoings plus GST.

July 2013

propert y

Central Coast commercial property market – FY2013 overview By Ty Blanch, Director, LJH Commercial Central Coast

The Central Coast has commercial properties located across several main areas in addition to the diverse spread of retail, office, and industrial sectors. The sales and leasing components within these sectors of the geographic areas whilst interdependent, still have unique value ranges set by supply and demand patterns for space within those areas.

New Supply – A Burning Issue The post GFC markets have specific common denominators that are affecting the supply and creation of new stock in each of the retail, industrial and office sectors. Financial sector changes to lending criteria and loan to value ratios (LVRs) with respect to development finance, combined with the recent increases in costs (concrete, steel) have made it difficult for developers to produce new factories, warehouses, offices and retail outlets with adequate margins. Coupled with these financial restrictions are the issues of feasibility centred around valuations based on current stock prices for sales and leases. Considering the past three years have not seen prices increase and given the softening in average investment yield from approx 8% net per annum through 9%-10% net per annum; the completion values of proposed projects has also been impacted upon. Where we may be seeing current evidence of good demand for the right product in the specific market segment and location, often the banks or their credit departments are reluctant to provide the green light for finance. Developers that have had success in these markets are often ‘cashed up’ and so do not require financial sector input or may have a unique product capable of securing strong pre-lease agreements upon which lending can be secured for construction. In summary the new release of commercial property has been constrained in many market segments and locations providing opportunities for aggressive developers to introduce new property alternatives with limited competition. Whilst the flow of new stock to the market has been restricted, there have not been visible price related increases as a result of contained supply levels. Price increases that have been recorded are more often the result of increases in the costs of bringing the product to the market. Generally speaking, the demand in many of the commercial property sectors and within specific locations on the Central Coast, suggests that ‘intelligent design’ stock supply is a burning issue for many areas. July 2013

Demand Analysis – Quality Vs Quantity Over the past 12 to 18 months we have observed a general trend with enquiry that reflects the national situation and a lower rate of commercial property sales. However, where sales volumes and the total weight in dollar figures of sales is approx 10% lower than in FY2011 and FY2012 respectively, the leasing market has revealed around 15% increase in number of transactions and the value of these deals in dollar figures. Underlying demand is changing accordingly to the economy, and the focus of people in business who require business property are ‘tweaking’ their property needs to more adequately solve their requirements with capital and cash reserves that they have available and depending upon other business issues. This is typical during this part of the commercial property cycle. As commercial property agents we have certainly experienced lower numbers of calls and internet enquiries since the GFC, although the quality of these enquiries has drastically improved during the same period. Essentially we are seeing more Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) purchasers, and many more businesses looking to ‘lease with an option to purchase’. Overall, there is less pressure on people to make decisions quickly – and as a result, ‘days on market’ have increased over the past few years. Strong underlying fundamentals (particularly when compared to current conditions internationally) suggests that whilst the Central Coast Commercial Property Market may not be achieving any significant gains over the short term, our local marketplace is also not experiencing any significant downturn either. Prices are not experiencing massive increases or decreases in sale markets, and rents are not growing or falling in any general trends across the Coast. There have only been a handful of commercially based Mortgagee in Possession sales across the Coast in the past 12 months, showing that for the most part, Central Coast businesses are holding on and weathering the economic condition well. Commercial ventures of all kinds on the Central Coast still need to consider what is best for their property requirements and should focus in making a move to look at the available options while the market cycle is in the slower quarter. The next few years will no doubt see some major changes.

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survey of 300 businesses was undertaken to provide a baseline understanding of: • Innovation activity • Sources of ideas • Drivers of and barriers to innovation • Collaboration and networks • Ratings of the regional business environment, infrastructure and institutions, and • Attitudes to corporate social responsibility. Through these studies 5 policy areas to focus on were identified: Connectivity, Management, Collaboration, Leadership and Community. In terms of Leadership Dr Kriz emphasised the importance of the region’s two councils, Gosford and Wyong, to take a leadership role. “I have spoken at length with both General Managers, Michael Whittaker and Paul Anderson and they are both supportive. Its a good start,” he said. “Across the region we must take ownership of our own destiny through strong leadership and the community must take ownership in order to go to government with a real voice.” Policy objectives we need to focus on: • Enhancing education infrastructure and outcomes • Linking firms to local, national and international knowledge networks • Connecting business to community agendas • Promoting strong regional networks within and across clusters • Opportunities for people to talk to one another Finally, Dr Kriz, through the research that has been undertaken identified five key game-changes for the Central Coast region: 1. Build regional innovation and research capabilities with the University and industry working together 2. Build creative enterprise by encouraging the region’s music industry to collaboration - (Music Cluster) 3. Support a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, 4. Focus resources on internationalisation – Asia, 5. Build a regional development platform based on cross-sector collaboration to underpin clusters. CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS REVIEW


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EXPERT ADVICE Identifying andEMPLOYERS Understanding Risks FOR Whether your business is large or small, we can help you manage your workforce, protect your trade Nathan Corrigan, secrets reduce Account and Manager, InsuranceHouse your workers comp premiums.

By Warwick Ryan, Partner, SWAAB Attorneys

Workplace Policies: Directives or Contractual Terms

Identifying the risks that could impact Email Warwick Ryan upon your business can be challenging. These risks can categorised into 2 classes: Swaab Attorneys - Suites 2/3 Most employers have now implemented 1. Asset/Income Based RisksEntrance (buildings,Road, ERINA 210 The workplace policies, which address things plant/machinery, vehicles, etc) – These like discrimination, use of company vehirisks are more visual and tangible and cles or health and safety. While policies therefore more easily identified. Risks are often viewed as providing directions can originate from occurrences like fire, to employees their legal status is actually storm, theft, flood, etc. more complicated. Workplace policies 2. Liabilities Based Risks (public, prodcan have the force of contractual terms. ucts, errors/omissions, etc) - These risks This is highly significant as employers not tend to be more difficult to grasp. The just employees are bound by contractual premise being that a third party seeks terms. A breach of a contractual term by compensation from you or your busian employer can breach the contract itself ness due to your actions, services or and result in a claim by the employee for products. damages. The next consideration in understandA contractual term in a policy docuing your risk is identifying the maximum ment: Goldman Sachs JB Were Services Pty and likely exposure or impact the risk Limited v Nikolich [2007] FCAFC 120 would have on your business. Asset based Mr Nikolich brought an action on the risks can be easier to estimate the quanbasis the "Working With Us" policy docutum, e.g. fire damage would result in the ment formed part of his employment condestruction of buildings and plant and tract and that in not following its policies result in a loss of income, thieves would Goldman Sachs had breached the contract likely target items of value. Liability based and that breach had caused him a psychorisks take into considerations somewhat logical injury. beyond your control, e.g. current government legislation, potential impact upon your customers albeit from injury or financial loss. The final consideration in understandNothing for Gosford or Wyong and ing your risk is the likely frequency of the yet housing construction is absolutely occurrence. In some instances there is a vital to the Coast’s economy. greater likelihood of a theft than a fire However, Mayor Eaton did welwith respect to your assets. Your business come the expansion of the Local may have more service dealings with the public as opposed to consulting or advice Infrastructure Growth Scheme with services. $99 million allocated to fund the gap To hear Darren Hutton, Regional between what Councils can charge Manager NSW Broking Division speak developers in infrastructure levies and about this further please visit http://insurwhat it actually costs Councils to build necessary local infrastructure. We will publish the next 2 segments in “This is particularly important for the series throughout the coming months. an expanding area like ours. We have Seeking the advice of a trusted insurworked hard to create the right balance ance professional will help you to ensure between developer levies because we you are adequately protected, contact want people to invest in the Shire and Insurance House today on 1300 305 834 provide our residents with jobs and to discuss your insurance needs. Ask for affordable housing options.” Darren Hutton or Nathan Corrigan.

The Court applied an objective test in the case and concluded that while the policy requirement to take "every practicable step to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment" was contractual, the harassment and grievance sections of the document were not. Mr Nikolich's employment agreement stated he should comply with applicable policies and practices and that also imposed responsibilities on the employer. It was significant that the policy requirement regarding health and safety mirrored statutory health and safety responsibilities for employers as well as the common law contractual duty. It was also relevant that sections of "Working With Us" were required to be signed by Mr Nikolich, the document was distributed upon the offer of employment and importantly the expression "every practicable step to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment" was accepted by the majority of the Full Court as contractual in nature. What does this mean? Policies with contractual force are more difficult to amend, as employee agreement is required to amend them, unlike policies in the form of directives. It may be best for employers to maintain policies as directives and avoid giving them the force of contractual terms. One simple way to attempt to do this is to include a disclaimer in workplace policies that they are not contractual terms. It is wise for employers to seek advice when dealing with policies and contracts of employment.

Councils happy with State Budget



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Benefits for business generally More generally for business, those paying or coming close to paying Payroll Tax the threshold will be lifted from $689,000 to $750,000 from July 1, but indexation will be removed. Under the Jobs Action Plan the payroll tax rebate will be increased from $4000 to $5000 for each new job created. The Budget has allocated $13.8 million for the Office of Small Business Commissioner. A second Small Biz Bus will be launched and will visit 10 locations on the Coast next year and those visits will be managed by the Central Coast BEC. Also, the Government has announced there will be a review of the Retail Leases Act 1994 in the coming year. July 2013


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Quote of the month “Define your business goals clearly so that others can see them as you do” George F. Burns

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Central Coast Business Review July 2013  

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