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What's on the calendar for this summer? Our valley has lots happening­—and the perfect weather for all of it. So, get out and enjoy! We do hope you'll take a few minutes to read our latest issue of REAL, and if you have a story idea, please don't hesitate to email us at

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." ~ Aesop

contents Legal Lemonade What do Treasure Valley city entities say about kids' lemonade stands?

Sweet-Tart Refreshing and lemony recipes for summer.

Remembering Bob A tribute to a special cat and how you can help others like him.

DIY-able? Things to take into consideration when planning home projects.

Market Stats Ada County is still setting records.

Ada County Homes What's for sale in Ada County?

Canyon County Homes Take a look at a sample of the homes for sale in Canyon County.

Things to Do No matter what you like to do, our valley has it going on!

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Legal Lemonade

Where Does Idaho Stand?

Many kids experience their first "job" by opening a lemonade stand in their front yard or on the sidewalk near their home. But are they breaking the law?


n the past few years kids' lemonade stands have been in the news—and not in a good way. The most recent was just this Memorial Day Weekend in Stapleton, CO, near Denver, where a stand set up by three brothers, aged 2-6 years old, was shut down by police because the family didn't have a $100 vending permit. According to area police, the city doesn't necessarily target kids, but in this case, the stand wasn't in the home's yard, but across the street near a park that was hosting a fair with food carts, and it was vendors at that event who initially complained. What might seem like a lesson in entrepreneurialism to one can apparently be viewed as unfair competition by others. It's not just in the United States, either. Last summer, a five-yearold girl in England was fined the equivalent of $200 USD for operating a stand without a permit.

So, what's the deal? Are the kids really breaking the law, or are these instances just sour grapes? It's become enough of an issue across our country that last summer Utah passed a law stating that kids can legally sell glasses of lemonade. It seems crazy that a law like this would be needed, but these are definitely different times. In the Treasure Valley, a permit and a health certificate are needed for temporary sales of food and drink, but according to various city entities, kids' lemonade stands are not typically regulated. "Enforcers" with the Tax Commission aren't searching out kid businesses, either, as not enough money is usually exchanged to cause concern or raise a red flag. Common sense practices apply in every city, however. Don't set up your stand so it blocks a sidewalk or other right-of-way, and if you

want to place it in a neighborhood park instead of in front of your home, check with your city clerk's office to be sure you stay out of trouble. A summer lemonade stand can be fun for kids, and it can be a great way to begin educating children about money and the costs involved with running a business. It can even be a lesson about helping the less fortunate if you ask them to donate a portion of their proceeds to someone in need. Don't let recent news stop you from allowing your kids the simple pleasure of setting up a corner lemonade stand. Authorities in our valley are supportive and might even be customers! Sources:, foxnews. com,, meridiancity. org,, tax.



Refreshing & Lemony Recipes

Summer is the time to celebrate all things lemony! These refreshing treats are sure to please at your next get-together. FROZEN RASPBERRY-YOGURT-LEMONADE POPS 1 can (12 oz.) frozen lemonade concentrate 1 c. water 1 c. fresh raspberries

1/2 c. plain yogurt 10 ice pop molds

DIRECTIONS: In saucepan, heat lemonade concentrate & water over medium heat just until concentrate is thawed. Remove from heat & cool. In a blender, place 3/4 c. of the cooled mixture, 1/2 c. of the raspberries, & 1/4 c. of the yogurt. Blend on medium until smooth. If you don't like the seeds, press this mixture through a small strainer to remove them. Divide mixture among ice pop molds & freeze slightly. Distribute remaining raspberries in molds. Combine remaining lemonade mixture & yogurt and spoon evenly into molds. Return to freezer until firm, about 4 hours. COLDWELL BANKER TOMLINSON GROUP


PERFECT LEMONADE 1/3 c. sugar or 2/3 c. agave 1 c. freshly-squeezed lemon juice

7 c. water

DIRECTIONS: Mix well. Serve over ice with a lemon wedge garnish.

LEMON-LIME SPRITZER 1 liter lemon-lime soda 4 limes, cut into wedges

frozen cherries fresh mint leaves

DIRECTIONS: Mix ice, soda & sliced limes. Add cherries & garnish with mint leaves. Serve immediately.

ADULT LEMONADE 1 shot El Patron Tequila 1/4 shot Grand Marnier 4 oz. beer

4 oz. lemonade ice strawberries for garnish

DIRECTIONS: Mix together and serve immediately.

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE ICEBOX PIE 1 9" graham cracker pie crust 2/3 c. frozen lemonade concentrate 1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk 1 c. heavy whipping cream

3 Tbsp. powdered sugar 1 c. strawberries 3 Tbsp. honey 1 Tbsp. water

DIRECTIONS: In blender or food processor, blend strawberries, honey, & water until pureed. Set aside. In separate bowl, mix lemonade concentrate with sweetened condensed milk until combined. Set that aside, too. With a mixer, whip heavy cream until soft peaks form. Add powdered sugar & whip until it stiffens. Gently fold into lemonade mixture. (The pureed mixture is still kept separate.) Pour half the strawberry puree on the bottom of the crust. Top with lemonade filling, smoothing evenly. Spoon on remaining puree in evenly-spaced dollops and swirl with toothpick or knife. Freeze at least 6 hours before serving. Store leftovers in freezer.


Remembering Bob

Helping "Community" Cats

Bob the cat was a special bob-tailed boy who lived a pretty good life because of caring neighbors who believe that all creatures deserve a chance to be loved.


o one knows where he came from. He just showed up one day many years ago and made himself at home in a small Southeast Boise neighborhood. Residents immediately named him Bob because he had no tail. Like his origin, nobody knew the story of Bob’s missing tail. Was he born that way, or was the tail was somehow lost during his previous life “out there”? Bob was beautiful, orange and white, with a sweet, cherubic face, but he was not friendly. Such is the way with a feral. Life on the street is rough, and it’s hard to tell who can be trusted. And who can’t. Best to be cautious and standoffish. Still, hunger is a powerful motivator, so when regular food began appearing in the same spot, Bob grew to be a bit less wary.

Being trapped was scary for him, and certainly undid whatever trust he had begun to show, but having a checkup, rabies shot, and being neutered—as well as getting the tip of his ear cropped to show he had been—was a must. He didn’t like being kept in a garage while he healed, but the soft bed and nice food weren’t horrible. Once released, Bob disappeared for a couple of days, but then returned, even becoming comfortable in the two garages that play host to the four or five other ferals in the area. Eventually, though still skittish, he allowed one special neighbor to pet him and even pick him up occasionally. For nearly fifteen years (a LONG time for a feral cat), he would be seen lounging in a flowerbed or rolling in fresh-cut grass. All

the neighbors in the little circle knew him and did what they could to watch out for him and his companions. When he’d roam, neighbors would make the rounds asking others if they’d seen Bob. He’d do his thing, and then come back. Until he didn’t. Sadly, Bob was killed by a large owl who had begun to frequent the area. Though hearts are broken, everyone who knew and loved Bob is grateful that he chose them as his neighbors. Yes, he was a feral, but even these creatures yearn for love. Not all ferals are as lucky as Bob and the others who live (or lived) here. Many become sick or are injured and live painful lives. There is a lack of education and understanding when it comes to



Bob the cat. This photo was taken a just few days before he was lost to owl attack.

these furry beings. The Western Governors’ Association even listed feral cats as a “highly invasive species,” an unfair and inhumane label at best. It has been proved time and again that species eradication programs, such as might be suggested by a title like this, are not only expensive to tax payers, but completely ineffective in the long run. By educating the public and getting neighborhoods to participate in “TNR” programs to

trap, neuter, and release these cats, they can live out their lives without reproducing, thus naturally reducing the population (and preventing more cats from moving in). Here in the Treasure Valley, SNIP (Spay and Neuter Idaho Pets) offers free traps, as well as very low-cost (or even free) spaying and neutering. Both SNIP and the Idaho Humane Society offer education and assistance with TNR and how you can help.

Bob and his friends in Southeast Boise have lived better lives because of the neighbors who chose to be proactive and kind. If you were to ask these folks, you would certainly hear that these “c o m m u n i t y cats” give joy to the people, too.



Five Things to Consider

Don't plan to tackle a home project yourself until you read these tips! Alexandra Filiaci Coldwell Banker Blue Matter


ompleting a home project DIY-style sounds like a great idea—save money, get it done exactly how you want it and on your timeline—but it's always best to know what you're getting into prior to starting. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Who doesn’t love a great TV show where they take a house that’s in shambles and turn it into a

masterpiece? For the average person, what you see on TV cannot be done in the amount of time that they claim; there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you aren’t being shown. You don’t see the 30-person team that works around the clock. More than likely, you’re tackling the projects at night after your regular day job and on the weekends. It is 100 percent OK that it takes you a

bit longer to put in a new kitchen or to finish that bathroom. And there is no better feeling than when someone walks into your home and says, “I love that!” and you get to respond with, “Thanks, I built it myself!” Time… never enough time. We all know the phrase, “there is not enough time in a day.” There’s nothing worse than when you’re feeling like the most productive


PAGE 11 person alive, dedicated to the task, nothing can stop you… to then pick up that to-do list and realize NOTHING you just did was on there. Why? Because you didn’t plan for all of the other things that needed to be done before you could do what you actually set out to do.

make a tool for every job. When you don’t have the right tool for the task at hand, it can take forever to get that one extremely simple part of the project completed. If you are going to be doing DIY projects on your home, invest in the tools you will need.

Then Murphy’s Law, which almost always plays a part when it comes to home renovation or a DIY project, shows its ugly head and derails the best-laid plans. At some point there is a chance that something is going to go wrong and when it does, it can crush your timeline (along with your plans for the rest of the day). So, when planning your next project, do yourself a favor: add in some extra time. This way, when something goes wrong, you can fix it, finish that project, and still feel good about how it progressed.

Know your skills. Whether you are doing your first project in your new home, or you’ve been moving walls, plumbing, and electrical for years, you need to know your skill set. Don’t take on a project because “they did it on TV.” Make sure you at least have a decent idea of what you want to accomplish and the steps that you would need to take to get it done. The last thing you want to do is take on a huge project, like trying to remove a wall, to realize that there is plumbing and electrical behind the sheet rock that have no idea what to do with.

Tools, I love tools. Ever wonder why Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears have so many tools? It’s because they literally

Knowing your limitations can be the difference between taking on

a project and enjoying the process and overall outcome versus taking on a project that ends in aggravation and large bills to make up for your lack of experience. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to take on a project like tiling your backsplash just because you have never tiled before. You may be surprised at the skills that you have acquired and carried over from doing other projects. And always remember: measure twice, cut once. Help! Whether you’ve grown up doing DIY projects or not, the most important thing to know is that asking for help is the best thing you can do. Whether you need an extra set of hands or you need a second opinion…JUST ASK. Admitting when you need help – and then waiting until that help arrives – could mean the difference between a successful completion and a disaster.


Monthly Market Report

Ada County Sets Another Record Driven by New Construction Sales

New construction continues to propel the Ada County real estate market.


he total sales dollar volume of all residential real estate sold in Ada County last month was at the highest level ever in a month (based on data going back to 2005), reaching $404.4 million, an increase of 30.5% over May 2017. The previous high point was in June 2017 at $371.1 million.

year-over-year bump in the median sales price. Existing home sales were up just 2% from last year, but persistently low inventory and high buyer demand pushed existing home prices up 16.1%, which further contributed to the record sales volume.

May’s jump in volume was driven by a 60.1% increase in the number The monthly volume of home of new homes that sold compared sales exceeded $400 million for to May 2017, along with an 8.7% the first time in May, due to more

newly constructed homes selling at an overall higher price point. This higher price point reflects the increasing costs of land, labor, and construction materials, but as the supply of existing homes stays well below demand, we will see some buyers shift to new construction for more options, even as prices rise. BREANNA VANSTROM Chief Executive Officer Boise Regional REALTORSÂŽ





Ada County





* Numbers reflect year-over-year comparisons. Statistics provided by Boise Regional REALTORS®






Canyon County







Ada County

Featured Homes

12326 W. Murchison SW Boise Custom built & recently updated 4 bed/2.5 bath home near golf, shopping, & schools. This updated home with new carpet, paint, landscaping, exterior lighting & more is ready to be your new home. Rustic oak kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings. Master suite with soaker tub, dual vanities & a large walk-in closet. Oversized 3-car garage.

11294 W. Napia SW Boise Beautiful patio home across from a park. Features included slab granite, gorgeous hardwoods, designer lighting, stainless appliances with gas range, & much more! Master suite that feels like a master should with large bath, tile floors, walk-in shower, & dual sinks. Great room with a fireplace. Covered front porch. Private covered back yard patio.

3417 N. Croft Way Eagle Amazing estate home with circular driveway & beautiful water fountain plus an enormous pond with another water feature. Property is just over 5 acres. Master on the main & a master suite upstairs! There are 4 bedrooms in the main home & a 1,400 sq.ft. carriage home with a master & two rooms, as well as a 600 sq.ft., 1 bedroom apartment over the garage.

119 E. Cassidy Dr. NE Meridian 5 beds, 2.5 baths, large 3-car garage, & a nice big back yard with full fence & sprinklers. Extensive covered patio upgrades. Slab granite counter tops, new carpet, well-maintained home. Kitchen with center island, GE convection 5 burner gas cook top, Broan high-air exhaust vent & corner view window sink. Large utility/ mud room, separate living & family rooms. COLDWELL BANKER TOMLINSON GROUP


Ada County

Featured Homes

2117 E. Sidewinder NE Meridian Gorgeous 4 bed plus office/3 bath, 2,838 sq.ft. home. Bonus/4th bedroom & full bathroom upstairs. Beautifully detailed millwork, coffered ceilings, crown molding, 10-ft. ceilings & 8-ft. doors. Huge great room with plenty of room to entertain. Kitchen with granite counters, SS double ovens, 5 burner gas top, microwave, plenty of cabinets, & large island & breakfast bar.

1449 E. Summerplace St. NE Meridian Beautifully maintained home with custom blinds & quality finishes throughout. Built by Ted Mason Signature Homes in the Heritage Grove, 55+ community, with a lifestyle of elegance & ease. HOA includes lawn/snow maintenance, clubhouse, two large parks, pathways, & beautiful water feature, all less than 2 miles from the Village at Meridian.

3438 N. Maplestone Ave. NW Meridian Roomy floor plan lives large, featuring great room with corner fireplace & additional separate living room. Open kitchen with center island, walk-in pantry, & wood laminate floors. Oversized master suite with separate soaker tub & shower, & walkin-closet. Convenient upstairs laundry room. Large east-facing back yard is fully fenced & offers full auto sprinklers.

1398 E. Mallory Ln. Kuna Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains & valley. Custom home on 10 manicured, irrigated, fenced acres. Expansive great room filled with large windows. Huge kitchen with slab granite counters, warming drawer, gas stove, 2 sinks. Perfect for entertaining. Storage throughout home. Wraparound deck for the beautiful sunset views.


Canyon County

Featured Homes

1629 Park Ave. NE Nampa 1930's WOW home! This home was a rental home & is being converted back to single family. Sun room, sitting room, beautiful hardwood floors, millwork throughout, master suite was added on the main level, 5 bedrooms on the upper level, 3 rooms & another bathroom in the finished below grade. Beautifully landscaped, 5-car garage.

6821 Leisure Ln. NE Nampa Enjoy a country setting with convenient freeway access. Spacious entry with private office separate from main living space. Inside has new paint, new pergo flooring & new tile. Spacious back yard with raised garden beds. 3 beds, 3 baths, 1,846 sq.ft., 2-car garage, RV parking, fully-fenced. New exterior paint & new roof in March, 2018.

34 N. Happy Valley Rd. NE Nampa Own a piece of country heaven close to the city! Single level on 2.5 acres with wrap-around front porch, barn with 4 stalls, breaking arena & shop. Great room with beautiful vaulted wood ceiling & newer wood stove (plumbed for gas). Master with wood-burning fireplace & huge bath with dual vanities. Oversized garage with pull-down attic storage.

3433 Southside Blvd. S Nampa Private & close to town! Sprawling 3 bed home with 2,248 sq.ft. Office with French doors, formal living room with bay window, large family room with pellet stove. Just over an acre with room for animals & RV parking. Split bedroom plan, plenty of space for everyone. Private deck. Home is nestled at the back of a long lane. COLDWELL BANKER TOMLINSON GROUP

Featured Homes

1619 E. Sherman S Nampa Well-cared-for older home with 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, & 2,516 sq.ft. Huge yard backs up to elementary school. Lots of space on both floors! Hardwood floors on main level. Living room with fireplace, Detached garage has opener, workshop area, & storage. Fenced back yard with deck. Fruit trees are peach, pear, apple. Garage plus carport.

1307 9th St. S. S Nampa Cute, freshly painted 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with spacious basement & 1,736 sq.ft. Welcoming front porch and large deck for entertaining. Large living room with fireplace & large windows for plenty of natural light. Fully fenced yard with auto sprinklers. 2-car garage with shop.

19 S. Duncan Middleton Gorgeous, fully-renovated home with beautiful stone work, perfect landscaping & a cozy back covered patio. Kitchen has been upgraded with tile backsplash & granite counters. Stamped concrete covered patio with tons of room for entertaining. Gardening shed, wonderful curb appeal.

23687 Lansing Ln. Parma This fabulous 23+ sprawling acreage includes a recently renovated single-level home. Gorgeous finishes that you must see to appreciate. Spacious modern kitchen. Excellent horse setup & outdoor riding arena. Enjoy beautiful sunsets from this private retreat. Lush pasture in grass hay & fully fenced w/ New Zealand fencing, safer for horses & stock.


Canyon County


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REAL Magazine, June-July, 2018  

This month's issue of REAL Magazine features lemonade stands, tart and mouth-watering recipes, some DIY tips, and a sweet story about a belo...

REAL Magazine, June-July, 2018  

This month's issue of REAL Magazine features lemonade stands, tart and mouth-watering recipes, some DIY tips, and a sweet story about a belo...