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FEATURED HOME 1480 N. Colline Bello, Eagle $ 589,900

OPEN SAT 11-3 & SUN 1-4 p.m. “The Mid Century Spanish Revival” is an original Jim Nyhof prototype design. Architectural arched hallways & beams draw you in while pulling the mountain sunlight into the home. Each space is unique and wonderful with thought put Into each room. Intimate spaces with many additional touches combine to create a home that “feels right.” Walking distance to downtown Eagle. MLS #98519959 PC#22953 DIR: Eagle Rd | W Floating Feather | N Moon Bello | W Costa Bello

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Harley Carson



North Boise

SE Boise

Boise Bench

W Central Boise W Central Boise NE Meridian

SE Meridian

3010 N 30th St $239,900 PC45153 3BR/3BA/2144asf MLS#98518414 Janeen Sanchez 870-9178

6268 S Basalt Trail Pl $234,900 PC94673 3BR/2BA/1890asf MLS#98523636 Brad Minasian 866-3254

1209 S Roosevelt St $134,900 PC34973 2BR/2BA/1768asf MLS#98518495 Dori Wick 869-0282

5486 Creswell Ave $228,900 PC97433 4BR/2.5BA/2055asf MLS#98524576 Brad Minasian 866-3254

4200 N Locust Grove Rd $330,000 PC64873 3BR/2BA/2072asf MLS#98524354 Yvonne Evans 870-1007

2075 SE 3rd Wy $306,900 PC33763 3BR/2.5BA/2380asf MLS#98522838 Margie Schroeder 941-3060

Boise Bench

W Central Boise South Boise

NW Meridian


309 S Curtis $149,000 PC66593 4BR/1BA/1760asf MLS#98512874 Ty Benham 906-5937

4950 N Hickory Twig Wy $249,900 PC92483 3BR/2.5BA/2670asf MLS#98523099 Shannon Stacey 859-1981

950 NW 11th St $189,900 PC65283 5BR/3BA/2400asf MLS#98520686 Scott Dykstra 871-1133

869 E Spartan St $159,900 PC55303 3BR/2BA/1380asf MLS#98524370 Shawn Pittman 921-7836

Boise Bench

W Central Boise SW Boise

NW Meridian


3100 W Crescent Rim #207 $184,900 PC92783 2BR/2BA/1180asf MLS#98523362 Lisa Holzer 859-2271

11986 W Rader $259,900 PC92873 5BR/3BA/3000asf MLS#98523205 Lisa Holzer 859-2271

1739 W Tumble Creek Dr $199,750 PC54873 4BR/2.5BA/1872asf MLS#98519799 Leah Morgan 859-5546

536 S Conover St $359,900 PC66513 5BR/3BA/2910asf MLS#98515664 Blair Allison 890-7377

W Central Boise SW Boise

NW Meridian


5577 S Indigo Pl $169,900 PC95203 3BR/2BA/1492asf MLS#98522321 Gae Peyron 866-8244

13055 W Picadilly St $269,900 PC64993 4BR/2.5BA/2487asf MLS#98524324 Dori Wick 869-0282

2577 W Ladle Rapids St $375,000 PC25233 4BR/3.5BA/3766asf MLS#98515369 Julia Shoemaker 870-1793

700 W Steeple View Dr $399,900 PC96973 4BR/3BA/2958asf MLS#98523765 Janis Ogawa 866-2081

SE Boise

W Central Boise SW Boise

SE Meridian


13298 W Meadowdale $280,000 PC65723 4BR/2.5BA/2585asf MLS#98523270 Russ Borgman 412-5106

2242 S Blackspur Wy $185,000 PC91543 3BR/2BA/1457asf MLS#98519707 Lynn Boyd 484-4928

1284 S Island Glenn Wy $435,000 PC34403 4BR/3.5BA/2768asf MLS#98515021 Max Boesiger 250-6234


2570 N Penny Royal Ave $309,900 PC97363 3BR/2.5BA/2750asf MLS#98524811 Shannon Stacey 859-1981

6067 S Snowshoe Ave $233,000 PC53633 4BR/2.5BA/2148asf MLS#98522590 Leah Morgan 859-5546

2226 S Gekeler Ln $229,900 PC99033 3BR/2.5BA/1969asf MLS#98524395 Gae Peyron 866-8244

SE Boise


2099 S Canonero $224,900 PC92533 4BR/2.5BA/2233asf MLS#98521642 Edenn Jablonski 869-2388

2096 S Owl Ridge Ave $277,500 PC90333 4BR/3BA/2700asf MLS#98518309 Edenn Jablonski 869-2388

2747 E Migratory Dr $539,000 PC94803 4BR/2.5BA/3100asf MLS#98521475 4221 S Danridge $170,000 PC62273 3BR/2BA/1317asf MLS#98524799 Blair Allison 890-7377

Joe Rountree 866-5450

5224 Valley $295,000 PC34723 4BR/2.5BA/1880asf MLS#98516567 Glenda Jenkins 371-2934



1853 N Bello Sara Wy $559,000 PC25213 4BR/2.5BA/3012asf MLS#98514144 Julia Shoemaker 870-1793

NE Nampa


Canyon County

New Plymouth

E Boise County

25575 Tee Dr $209,950 16822 Meadow Ln $299,900 PC47413 4BR/2.5BA/2373asf PC55333 4BR/2.5BA/2484asf MLS#98511722 MLS#98524489 Travis Adams 353-0080 Anita Corbett 713-8813

2710 Wintercrest St $169,950 PC45953 4BR/2.5BA/2032asf MLS#98518491 Travis Adams 353-0080

15821 Allendale $389,000 PC64663 3BR/3BA/3150asf MLS#98518931 Lori Stevens 794-9331

3859 Cassia Rd $449,900 PC17323 5BR/3.5BA/3612asf MLS#98509598 Lori Stevens 794-9331

61 Peregrine $479,000 PC90303 3BR/3BA/4000asf MLS#98518695 Kent Proesch 867-5144



NW Nampa

SW Caldwell




655 W Two Rivers Dr $1,185,000 PC91913 5BR/5.5BA/5742asf MLS#98523235 Ron McDonough 440-0683

25194 Elk Wy $384,900 PC66713 3BR/3BA/2657asf MLS#98518678 Al Busby 250-3039

14919 N Fitzwilliam $142,900 PC97413 3BR/2BA/1316asf MLS#98523157 Janis Ogawa 866-2081

2210 Ray Ave $254,900 2470 Lark Ln $279,900 PC64283 5BR/3BA/3012asf PC47733 4BR/3.5BA/5703asf MLS#98515894 MLS#98515781 Lee Didericksen 866-4030 Julie Sundquist 880-9247

8929 State Hwy 78 $299,900 PC57113 3BR/2BA/1700asf MLS#98523418 Paul Hudson 859-4600

723 Lick Creek Rd $289,900 PC97653 3BR/3BA/1144asf MLS#98523890 Ron McDonough 440-0683



NW Nampa

712 N Aspen Lakes Wy $235,000 PC57043 3BR/2.5BA/2235asf MLS#98523148 Julia Shoemaker 870-1793

9075 S Greenhurst Rd $495,000 PC17133 3BR/2.5BA/2745asf MLS#98495119 Lee Didericksen 866-4030

11439 W Mission Pointe Dr $159,900 PC91973 3BR/2BA/1671asf MLS#98522221 Ron McDonough 440-0683


NE Nampa

South Nampa

OPEN SATURDAY 1-4 9015 E. Pandion Ln Lovely single-level custom home in Pinecreek Sub, a gated community close to Riverside Village. Built by Zach Evans, this 2514 asf home features 3 beds + office, 2 baths & a 3-car garage w/built-in storage. Walnut flooring, spacious master retreat with oversized, tiled master bath, jetted tub/walkin shower. DIR: W State past Glenwood/S Arney Ln/E Osprey Meadows $425,000

OPEN SUNDAY 1-4 3421 N Plantation River Dr 455 S Selwood $379,900 PC65483 4BR/3.5BA/3476asf MLS#98523939 Liz Carr 866-6512

17418 N Chouteau Ave $147,900 PC44663 3BR/2BA/1513asf MLS#98521633 Larry Childers 890-2135

1633 Spruce Creek Lp $199,900 PC43043 4BR/2.5BA/2171asf MLS#98524583 Janeen Sanchez 870-9178


NE Nampa

South Nampa

1296 La Reata Wy $205,900 PC56863 4BR/2BA/2256asf MLS#98521894 Kathleen Reed 440-3567

6516 E Harrington Dr $180,000 PC94273 4BR/2.5BA/2054asf MLS#98518034 Jeni Barr 869-4171

4400 E Thomas Mill Dr $235,000 PC47603 4BR/2BA/1956asf MLS#98519563 Larry Childers 890-2135

Absolutely gorgeous property near the Boise River & Greenbelt, easy access to downtown Boise. Beautiful waterfront setting offering views of lake, golf course and mountains. Exquisite great room w/13’ ceilings & a curved radius-wall. Exceptional landscaping & pristine detail throughout. 2100asf, 3 beds, 2 baths & a 2 car garage. DIR: W State St, S on Plantation River Dr $415,000

Call Lynn Boyd 484-4928



N Boise

NW Boise

NE Meridian


SAT 11-2 & SUN 11-3 $459,000 211 E Crestline Dr. PC92173 North End lifestyle in the foothills! 3037 asf, gourmet kitchen. MLS#98513997 DIR: N 8th/E Brumback/SE Crestline Patrizia Maria Guiotto 340-7293

SAT 1-4 $425,000 9015 W Pandion Ln. PC91113 Lovely single level custom home in Pinecreek Sub’s gated community. MLS#98521656 DIR: W State (past Glenwood)/S Arney Ln/E Osprey Meadows Lynn Boyd 484-4928

SAT & SUN 1-4 $280,000 5413 N Sun Shimmer Ave. PC98193 Stunning & better than new! Move in ready. MLS#98524794 DIR: W Chinden/S Locust Grove/W Segundo/L Starry Night/R San Pedro Kent Proesch 867-5144

SAT 12-3 $425,900 5786 N Star Ridge Way PC56933 Exceptional 6 bed, 3 bath w/4700+asf on great 1+ acre view lot. MLS#98522185 DIR: W Hwy 44/State St/N Hwy 16 for 3.5 miles/W Deep Canyon Paul Hudson 859-4600

NE Boise

SE Boise

NW Meridian

SW Caldwell

SAT 2-4 $319,900 2048 S Ridge Point Way PC94133 Remodeled 5bed/2.5bath in Boise foothills w/views! MLS#98516324 DIR: E Warm Springs/L Starcrest/R Stonepoint/R Ridge Edenn Jablonski 869-2388

SAT & SUN 11-1 $184,900 1957 E Teal Ln. PC34593 Wonderful waterfront condo in prestigious River Run Subdivision. MLS#98524299 DIR: Park Center/E River Run/ Stay right/L Teal Ln Marni Stauts 867-4067

SAT & SUN 12-4 $300,000 5535 N Lolo Pass Ave. 5+ beds, great neighborhood, gardener’s dream, open plan. MLS#98522637 DIR: S Linder/W Cayuse around Circle/R Ballinger/R Anatale Peggy Washburn 859-9155

SAT 1-3 $109,900 1816 Hasbrook PC46573 New interior paint & new carpet in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. MLS#98523274 DIR: Indiana/W Cambridge/S Auburn/W Hasbrook Julie Sundquist 880-9247

NE Boise

S Boise

SW Meridian


SAT & SUN 1-3 $370,000 965 Haines PC56903 Fabulous views at the end of a cul-de-sac w/access to hiking & biking. MLS#98522156 DIR: Warms Springs/N Haines Gail Jacobs 484-1221

SAT 11-1 $177,500 5145 Dakota PC92773 Remolded home in great location. Updated kitchen w/granite counters & built-in desk. MLS#98523134 DIR: S Cole/E Colt/S Dakota Edenn Jablonski 869-2388

SAT 11-3 $439,725 3073 S Silvertip Ln. PC57163 Amazing 4 bed, 3+ bath home in gated Bear Creek. MLS#98523827 DIR: I-84/S Meridian Rd/W Overland/S Stoddard/E Silvertip Paul E. Greenfield 562-9282

SAT 12-3 $449,000 25679 Clubhouse Ct. PC22503 2.55 acres right on the historic Snake River. Views! MLS#98514843 DIR: W Hwy 55/Karcher Rd/N Hoskins Rd to Agate/W Clubhouse Doug Johnston 866-7788

NW Boise

SW Boise / Meridian


SUN 1-4 $415,000 3421 N Plantation River Dr. PC97223 An absolutely gorgeous property in Plantation near the Boise River. MLS#98524705 DIR: W State St/S Plantation River Dr. Lynn Boyd 484-4928

SAT 1-4 $309,900 12258 W Armga Dr. PC97503 Completely remodeled on nearly an acre, shop, pool, RV parking +more! MLS#98523959 DIR: Overland/S Cloverdale/W Armga Lonni McDonough 949-3845

SAT & SUN 1-5 $229,900 750 N Palmetto Dr. PC90893 Eagle Hills townhome w/stunning views. MLS#98522020 DIR: N Hwy 55/W Floating Feather/S Edgewood/W Eagle Hills/W Ranch/S Stierman Gae Peyron 866-8244



SE Boise

SW Meridian

NE Nampa

NE Nampa

SAT 11-2 $212,900 406 S 13th St. #206 It’s time to leave the suburbs for your City life! Walk to downtown. MLS#98521726 DIR: N Capitol Blvd/W Front St/S 13th St Patrizia Maria Guiotto 340-7293

SAT & SUN 12-3 $269,900 6719 Bend Ridge PC93353 By Western Construction. MLS#98511067 DIR: Federal Way/N Hwy 21/S Technology to Columbia/S Snowbird Brad Minasian 866-3254

SUN 2-5 $294,900 359 W Orso PC25383 Spring Home Festival model. Open, spacious plan w/2 masters MLS#98516064 DIR: S Meridian Rd past Overland/W Maestra/S Alfani Anita Corbett 713-8813

SAT & SUN 1-4 $202,900 10358 Fallow Field St PC91143 The LeMond by Riverwood Homes. MLS#98520769 DIR: I-84 Exit 33-B/N Midland/W Linden/S Castle Peak Brad Minasian 866-3254

SAT & SUN 1-4 $234,900 10345 McKinley PC94493 The Milan, brought to you by Eaglewood Homes. MLS#98520441 DIR: I-84 Exit 33-B/ N Midland/W Linder/S Castle Peak Brad Minasian 866-3254

N Boise

W Boise


NE Nampa

S Nampa

SAT & SUN 1-4 $299,900 412 S 13th St. #419 Close to parks & the Greenbelt, downtown & restaurants & nightlife. MLS#98520109 DIR: N Capitol Blvd/W Front St/S 13th St. Brad Minasian 866-3254

SAT & SUN 1-3 $214,900 6803 Winston Lane PC65343 Exciting new designs & an ultra-convenient location MLS#98522562 DIR: Cole Rd/E Fairview/S Allumbaugh/W Winston Sylvia Maxwell 859-0128

SAT & SUN 1-4 $249,900 2355 W Henna St. PC9261 The Jefferson by Riverwood Homes. MLS#98520434 DIR: New Ten Mile Interchange/S Ten Mile/W Ardell Brad Minasian 866-3254

SAT & SUN 1-4 $229,900 10356 McKinley St. PC93953 Welcome to the “Oakley” by Ramsey Construction. MLS#98519095 DIR: I-84 Exit 33/N Midland/W Linden/S Castle Peak Brad Minasian 866-3254

SAT & SUN 1-4 $234,900 2054 S Sandcrest Loop PC90793 The Mexclusively by Eaglewood Homes. MLS#98520399 DIR: S Midland past Iowa/W Belknap into Sands Pointe Brad Minasian 866-3254

NW Boise

NE Meridian


SAT 2-4 $399,900 6216 N Pierce Park PC27323 New home on over a half acre w/seasonal water views & no CCRs. MLS#98512252 DIR: N Pierce Park just before Hill Rd Jeni Barr 869-4171

SAT & SUN 1-4 $223,490 302 E Rio Colinas “Esprit” by Ted Mason. HOA covers lawn maintenance, rec. center w/pool. MLS#98516051 DIR: W Chinden/S Meridian Rd/E Rio Vista Yvonne Evans 870-1007

SAT & SUN 1-4 $269,900 1665 N Watershed Ave. PC91823 Photo Similar. By Riverwood Homes MLS#98513992 DIR: Hwy 44/N Star Rd/W Floating Feather/N Watershed Brad Minasian 866-3254

SE Boise

NE Meridian


SAT & SUN 12-3 $244,900 7870 S Snowbird PC9092 By Shiloh Homes. Amazing new plan. MLS#98519627 DIR: Federal Way/N Hwy 21/S Technology to Columbia/E Snowbird Brad Minasian 866-3254

SAT & SUN 1-4 $416,300 5579 N Red Hills Ave. PC64813 By Adera Homes. Open kitchen w/massive island MLS98517666DIR: Locust Grove/W McMillan/N Red Horse/W Joshua Tree Blair Allison 890-7377

SUN 1-3


345 S Winslow Bay Way PC65493 Energy Star w/upgrades thruout. MLS#98522615 DIR: Star Rd/S Highbrook Way/E Cooper Way/S Long Bay/E Barclay Bay

Michael Simis 631-7580

OPEN SAT & SUN 1-5 p.m.

25679 Clubhouse Ct. Wilder Visit us this Saturday 12-3!

750 N. Palmetto Drive, Eagle


Easy Living & Views Galore! Impeccably maintained townhome with stunning views of Eagle Hills golf course, waterways & the Boise front. Located on 5th tee box, this well designed plan features views from nearly every room. Private front courtyard & eastern exposure balcony & deck with beautiful views. Daylight walkout level offers privacy & hot tub. 4 Beds, 4 Baths, 2774 ASF. DIR: N Hwy 55, W Floating Feather, S Edgewood, W Eagle Hills, W Ranch, S on Stierman, Palmetto

2.55 acres right on the historic Snake River! Peaceful & quiet with views of the Owyhee Mtns, multiple islands, water fowl, deer & eagles. Beautiful, custom-built home with main-level master, large entertainment room w/wetbar & private deck. Wonderful outdoor living & breathtaking views from almost every room.

DIR: W Hwy 55 (Karcher Rd) | N Hoskins to Agate | W Clubhouse Ct MLS#98514843 $449,000

Proudly offered by Gae Peyron, 208.866.8244

Proudly offered by Doug & Joan Johnston 208.866.7788


4754 S. Mustang Creek Ln.


PC56893 Sophisticated & elegant, this custombuilt, single-level features 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 3312 asf on 2.23 acres in Boise. Grand entrance, soaring ceilings, Brazilian cherry floors. MLS#98521943 Kathleen Reed 440.3567

13355 Merlot Pl.


PC34583 Gated entry! Bring the toys & restored cars! 17-car/shop. VIEWS of the Owyhees, Squaw Butte, Bogus Basin & Lake Lowell! Premium 4828 asf home with 4 bedrooms & 4.5 baths. MLS#98517764 Lori Stevens 794.9331

1057 E. Rivers End Dr.


PC27493 Custom-built home on a beautiful waterfront setting. This gorgeous home includes a chef’s kitchen with granite counters, warming oven, butler’s pantry. MLS#98514200 Julia Shoemaker 870.1793

600 W. River Heights Dr.


PC93073 Amazing price reductions! Stunning home with CANYON RIM VIEWS on a riverfront property! 6 bedrooms, 8 baths, 8-car garage with RV bay. Amazing 4.5 acre rim property overlooking the Eagle Valley & Boise River. MLS#98507652 Ron McDonough 440.0683

7898 S. Saddlebag Way


4102 Blue Heron Ln.



3487 E. Adler Hof Ln.


McCarter Moorehouse home built in 2006. Amazing west-facing home on 1 acre. 4486 asf w/ expansive 8-car garage. Formal dining, Brazilian walnut flooring & cherry cabinets in kitchen. MLS#98513012 Paul E. Greenfield 562.9282

21817 Blessinger Rd.

PC29813 Rare Idaho paradise! Incredible setting & gated location offer complete privacy with spectacular views of the Boise River. Stunning custom home designed for views & entertaining. MLS#98478662 Julia Shoemaker 870.1793

PC91513 Fabulous setting! River access & dock available. Great location for a winery or for equestrian use. Stunning, custom-built home with travertine floors. MLS#98484415 Lynn Boyd 484.4928

PC65593 First time on the market & simply breathtaking! Be transformed as you arrive at this expansive, quintessential estate on just over 40 acres with unrivaled views. Palatial-sized patio with outdoor kitchen made for entertaining. MLS#9820661 Margie Schroeder 941.3060

Courtyard Homes at Alexandria by Mallon Constructon

New model under construction now! Only 4 homesites left! OPEN Thursday-Sunday, 1:00-5:00 p.m. DIR: Fairview Ave., N. Locust Grove, W. Star Lane, S. Bright Angel

Patio Home Models Available 1,200-1,800 asf Energy Star Certified Landscape Maintenance Snow Removal

People often try to think of ways they can capture a little peace & quiet in their home. Our designs break down the barriers between indoor & outdoor living & provide the luxury of privacy & a safe haven. Mallon Courtyard Homes are energy efficient &, best of all, our unique homes affordable.


Homes starting at $205,000

Call Trudy & Tim Mallon at 208- 941-9414

Beautifully-appointed homes that are sure to impress Close to shopping, dining, entertainment & I-84 DIR: Overland/S. Meridian Rd./E. Calderwood/S. Blackspur/W. Amalie/S. Dowdy

Russ Borgman

w w w. a lex a n d r i a -m e r i d i a n . c o m

Ron McDonough

Sunny Borgman



CELL: 208-440-0683



Entertainer’s Paradise in Two Rivers! 655 W. Two Rivers Dr. $1,185,000 5 BD/5.5 BA/5742 ASF MLS#98523235 Ron McDonough, 440-0683

.54 Acre NW Boise Home 6216 N. Pierce Park $399,900 4 BD/3.5 BA/3306 ASF MLS#98512252 Jeni Barr, 869-4171

We Care

Ron McDonough 208-440-0683

Lonni McDonough 208-949-3845


Shannon Stacey 208-859-1981

Jeni Barr 208-869-4171

Wonderful Family Home in the Hickories! 4950 Hickory Twig Way $249,900 3 BD/2.5 BA/2670 ASF MLS#98523099 Shannon Stacey, 859-1981 / Jessica Green, 794-1611

Service First

Sherryl Foster 208-447-6400

Nearly an Acre + Pool & Shop! 12258 W. Armga $309,900 4 BD/2.5 BA/2279 ASF MLS#98523959 Lonni McDonough, 949-3845


Clay Hall 208-830-1025

Bruce Barz 208-867-1855

Roxana Heisler 208-713-4435

Jessica Green 208-794-1611

Patrizia Guiotto 208-340-7293

211 E. Crestline Drive Boise Heights!


Offered at $459,000

Contemporary 4 bedroom tri-level with 3037 asf, 2.5 baths & terrific architectural detail. Complete renovation with no surface left untouched. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters & Bosch appliances. Huge covered deck with great views of the Foothills. Professionally landscaped back yard includes a beautiful retaining wall & fire pit. Close to Camel’s Back Park, Hyde Park & downtown. Convenience, comfort & lifestyle! Call today for your private showing. Proudly offered by Orie “Dit” Dudley 208.871.0251

61 Peregrine

4000 asf & Neverending Views! MLS#98518695

Offered at $479,000

Retreat to this Home Sweet 8� D-Log Home in an unbelievable soul soothing setting with relaxing scenic views just 25 minutes from Boise. This home features exquisite craftsmanship throughout including slab granite counters, alder cabinets with full extension, soft-close drawers, rustic maple floors, knotty pine ceiling in main living area, solid alder doors, riverrock façade & wood burning Quadra Fire fireplace. No lack of storage, quality or peacefulness. Efficient all-electric home Level Pay $161 per month.

Proudly offered by Kent Proesch 208.867.5144

10444 W. Sultana Lane

Tranquil Sportsman’s Paradise! MLS#98515385

Offered at $725,000

Extraordinary 4,508 asf custom home overlooking the pond & exquisite views of wildlife and the Boise Front. Secure & serene gated community just steps from the Greenbelt. Grand, gourmet kitchen with slab granite, SS appliances, double ovens, gas cooktop & center island. Luxurious master retreat with double-sided fireplace, oversized jetted tub, dual vanities & large walk-in shower. Heavy timber log accents, stone & stucco. Fabulous outdoor kitchen, covered patio & firepit. Proudly offered by Jim & Lori Stevens 208.794.9331

13355 Merlot Place Grand, Gated Estate!


Offered at $1,297,500

Bring the toys & restored cars! 17 Car Garage/Shop! VIEWS of Owyhees, Squaw Butte, Bogus Basin, Snake River & Lake Lowell! Premium 4828asf, 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath home with amazing detached SHOP with commercial doors. Extensive rustic hickory floors, custom alder cabinetry & finishes. Grand gourmet kitchen with slab granite, Wolf oven (gas cooktop with grill, griddles & pot filler), center island, breakfast bar, walk-in pantry. Great room with elevated ceilings, double-sided rock & granite fireplace, formal dining with built-in storage.

Proudly offered by Jim & Lori Stevens 208.794.9331

1591 Trout

Perfect Location! MLS#98514852

Offered at $350,000

Rare opportunity to own one of just a few private level acreages on a dead end street directly across from Eagle Island State Park & miles of riding, walking and biking trails. 5 acres, raised building pads have been built, septic is in and property has Artesian well, property is 330’x660’, 100 year flood plan. Free running water comes out of the ground at 58 degrees for livestock. Front pasture flood irrigated. Eagle Elementary is on the traditional school year, or students have choice of year round school at Seven Oaks.

Proudly offered by Kent Proesch 208.867.5144

11349 W. Olympus Boise, Idaho MLS#98515186 Offered at $249,900 This home features a well laid out floor plan with 2916 asf, 3 living areas, 5 generously-sized bedrooms, 3.5 baths & 3 car garage. The kitchen has granite tile counters, tons of storage & counter space. Hardwood flooring, gas fireplace in living room & crown molding make this home lovely & comfortable. It is nestled on a beautifully shaded large lot with an over sized patio for entertaining which is wired for surround sound. Meridian School District: Schools- Centennial HS or MVHS, Lewis & Clark MS, and Ustick Elementary. Proudly offered by Lisa Holzer 208.859.2271

CBTG Homes eMagazine June 8, 2013  

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