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Summer 2018

A CBOQ Retiree Newsletter


play in the lives of the youth of our churches and our families to care and O my people, listen to me! Hear my pray for them. instruction; soak up every word of what I am about to tell you. I will open my I was thankful that some of you mouth in parables; I will speak of ancient chose to share your stories of God’s mysteries—things that we have heard providence in your life with me about, things that we have known, things in response to our last issue. I am which our ancestors declared to us again and looking forward to sharing them again. We will not keep these things secret more broadly through this edition of from their children; rather, we will tell the The Next Chapter. I hope that you coming generation all about the praise that enjoy these stories and that you pass is due to the Eternal One. We will tell them on the message of God’s strength all about his strength, power, and wonders. and power to those around you.

Psalm 78:1-4 I would also invite you to send in more We are called to declare the goodness stories for our next edition. This of God to the next generation just as Remembrance Day in November we received the message from those marks the 100 year anniversary of who came before us. We are called to the armistice of the first world war. share our testimony and to tell our We would like to share the stories stories. During this year’s Assembly, that have been handed down to you we had the chance to learn practical through your family and your church ways to support the next generation for us to share with each other and in their journey towards Jesus. The possibly with our wider CBOQ passage from Psalm 78 was provided family. Please send your stories both to me from our Next Generation of sacrifice and of the benefits of team as I was seeking Scripture to the peace we have had the privilege pray through for the 40 days of of experiencing since. We would also prayer. I have included it here as a welcome pictures that you may have reminder to us to pass on the love of the memorials that can be found and truth of Jesus to those around in your church as we remember the us. There is an important role we can stories behind the names.

Matt Wilkinson, Director of Next Generation Ministries with daughter, Grace


Summer 2018

LETTERS FROM OUR FAMILY GOD’S REMARKABLE LEADING By Rob Campbell Just a few words to remind the powers that be that both my wife Rhoda and I appreciate the remembrance at this time of year which comes to us as a gift from CBOQ in the amount of $50. It enables us the go out and enjoy a simple pleasure we both share, Harvey’s hamburgers. In fact we did it this evening. There is a reason we do this and I want to share it with you. As an 18-year-old teenager, I left my family home in Belleville to attend my first year of Toronto Bible College on Spadina Ave. This was shortly after I had made a commitment at a BYPU convention in Sarnia to full time Christian service. One of the options available to me was Bible college as I had not yet completed my high school

graduation. So off to Toronto I ventured. For the academic year I roomed with 6 other young men with similar aspirations on Howland Ave. My room cost me $7/week and my food cost me $5/week. As long as I could earn $12/week I could afford to continue at Toronto Bible College. I fortunately had two small jobs—one cleaning the floors of a bake shop for $5 and another loading and unloading transport trailers for $1.98/hour on a Saturday, so I easily earned almost $20/week. On Friday evening some of us from TBC would walk down Bloor St. and splurge to enjoy a Harvey’s hamburger.

old. We corresponded over three years and upon arriving in Toronto I found my way to Kingsway Baptist Church where I met Rhoda at BYPU. It was not long before we realized Harvey’s was special to both of us. We married in 1967 and still continue to enjoy Harvey’s to this day. So this is to let you know that we spent $21 of your gift to indulge ourselves today and reflect together on how we shared our sense of call to serve in ministry since we were just teenagers. There are many parts of this love story but I will not bore you with details except to say thank you for your gift that we enjoy each year in this purely selfish way.

Moving to Toronto brought me closer to the girl of my dreams whom I had met at Camp Kwasind as a 15-year-

TOGETHER AGAIN By Ron Humphries A single dad had moved into the house across the street from ours about four months before we arrived in January. That fall I invited his boys (age 13 & 15) to our church youth and have been taking them ever since. Their dad told me he used to go to youth group himself at Eden Baptist Church but had given up on God. In March I received an invitation from Rev. Andrew Brndjar to be the anniversary speaker at Eden Baptist Church the last Sunday of September. Andy had heard me preach at the funeral for a mutual friend. I had never been to Eden Baptist and was not even sure where the community of Eden is. So I asked my neighbour. He said he and his boys would go 2

with me. What a surprise and joy to see them walk into the church that afternoon. I welcomed my neighbour from the pulpit and asked where his grandmother used to sit. He replied, “Right where my aunt is sitting this afternoon.” During the supper celebration he connected with many friends from the past. His aunt came to me with tears saying she has been praying for her nephew and his children for many years. Who could have orchestrated this reunion except God! We continue to pray that God will work in his life and his boys all to the glory of God.

The Next Chapter GOD’S REMARKABLE LEADING By Dr. John F. Keith Virginia and I were on assignment in Europe, as European Liaison for Canadian Baptist Ministries. The city where we were living came under bombardment, so we moved temporarily to Slovakia, working closely with Baptist Pastor Jurai Pribula. A conversation about details of our service in Africa developed in his home and told us that when he pastored the congregation in Kosice, on the far side of the country, a young student from Africa attended his church. “Because you worked in Africa and he is from Africa I’ll phone him and buy his ticket to come by train to visit us so that you can meet him.”

ever known one person whose name was Muela. In 1959 Gabriel Muela, a student in elementary school at Cabinda Angola, cared for our little daughters Carol and Shirley.” This was so shocking to him that Joao could not handle it. He left the room immediately, quite overcome. When he came back this was his story: “Gabriel Muela is my father. After you left Cabinda the Cuban troops came. My father was an opportunist and he joined the Communist party because of the advantages. I was an opportunist like my father, and I joined the Communist Youth. Because of their scholarship I have been able to study medicine here in Slovakia. But The day arrived, a Saturday, and the my mother remained faithful to her medical student who spoke English Lord and her church. She always worwas introduced to us as Joao Muela. shiped, always prayed. Meeting you My comment to him was “I’ve only here is proof to me that God has not


CBOQ wishes a very happy birthday to these lovely people! June 3: Norma Meakes-Collett July 9: Lois Lohnes July 11: Muriel Harrington July 12: Galahad Cheung July 13: John Keith July 20: John Gill July 23: Philip Brown July 25: Norm Bullock July 30: Joy Townsend August 3: Beverly Burns August 30: Margaret McGee

removed His hand of blessing from our family.” God’s remarkable working in that situation made a profound impact on each of us who were involved. The following day the whole congregation in Miloslavov heard the story as Joao Muela gave his moving testimony and his witness about how God had sought him out and brought him back to Himself in such an improbable fashion. The Lord, whose we are and whom we serve, is an active living reality in our contemporary world. It is vital that we be alert to notice when He makes Himself known, in whatever fashion He chooses to work.


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Summer 2018


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We are grateful for the lives of service that these men and women lived for the sake of Christ. We celebrate their lives and mourn their loss with their families. Marvin John (Jack) Anderson July 13, 2018

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Margaret Gray July 5, 2018

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The Next Chapter: Summer 2018  
The Next Chapter: Summer 2018