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A Cost-Effective Transceiver Solution

SFP or small form-factor pluggable is the interface between a network device mother board and a network cable. Technologies like the SFP fiber optic transceiver known as GLC LH SM, is used to connect Cisco devices such as network switches or wan interfaces. These are being added into the network switch in order to clip it in the structure of fiber optic with the Ethernet system. It is a compact optical transceiver used in optical communications for both telecommunication and data communications applications and most digital optical monitoring functions are supported by these transceivers. GLC SX MM is the short range multimode style duplex orange fiber with LC connector. It ideally has a 1000BASE-SX, with an 850nm Wavelength, Duplex LC Connector Interface Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) and is hot Pluggable. The longer range SFP's would make use of the single mode fiber as this has the same higher LC density connector on them.

Using standard simplex LC connectors for fiber cable connection, the transceivers provide a long transmission distance of up to 10 km over 9/125 micron single mode fiber (SMF) at a maximum data rate of up to 1.25 Gbps. To ensure that different users use equipment from different manufacturers and can work without worrying about errors and inconvenience, the SFP transceiver is specified and made compatible via a multi-source agreement between manufactures. The GBIC transceiver interface is the precursor to the SFP, and there is a similar transceiver called SFF, that is also the same size as the SFP. It is socket-mounted rather than slot-mounted, attached directly to the motherboard rather than plugged directly into a PCI or other expansion slot. CONCLUSION Finding a Cisco transceiver that will be compatible with your system is never easy. Nevertheless the trouble of searching for a compatible transceiver can be worked out when you know the right place to buy one. Finding a good company that can offer a compatible SFP transceiver can make things easier.

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A cost effective transceiver solution ,,,,,, SFP or small form-factor pluggable is the interface betwee...

A cost effective transceiver solution ,,,,,, SFP or small form-factor pluggable is the interface betwee...