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Given Here… Opened There Nothing brings more joy than seeing the delight of a person receiving a thoughtfully chosen gi!. When you give a gi! from the Hopeful Gi!s for Change catalogue, each item offers more than just delight. It travels from your heart, and offers hope and renewed life to the person who receives it. Some gi!s will be opened and enjoyed immediately. Hungry families receive food. A girl gets to go to school. Children drink clean water at school.

In other places, the true value of the gi! appreciates over a longer period of time. Pastors become equipped to lead. Marginalized women receive skills training. Local churches become empowered to transform their communities. No ma#er how long it takes, today you can offer a gi! of hope from your generosity and compassion. It’s the gi! that lasts a lifetime.

This year we are pleased to bring you an augmented reality Gift Catalogue. As you consider which gifts to give through the Hopeful Gifts for Change catalogue, you will have the opportunity to engage in a whole new way. Get the Zappar app for your phone or tablet now and see a special video any place you see this symbol. Terry Smith, Executive Director

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Hopeful Gifts for Change CONTENTS 04 Food

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06 Animals 08 Children’s Education

Receive a unique Christmas card to give to your loved one. We send your gi! to people who need it most.

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Wealth of Nations









20 Ongoing Needs 22

Group Giving

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more. Charitable registration number: 10684 3436 RR001 In the event a particular project or program is oversubscribed or where local conditions prevent implementation, CBM will redirect your donations to where it is needed most.

04 08


Hopeful Gifts


Photo: Randy Vanderveen

A Healthier L ife


Food Nutritious food is our most basic need in life. Help families struggling with hunger and extreme poverty by giving these CBM gifts that not only help ensure a healthier life, but also grow and multiply in effect.



Super Protein Mix This gift of seeds and training will help a family in Bolivia start growing a super nutritious and hardy grain such as amaranth.


Fresh Fruit & Veggies


Access to nutritious food is absolutely vital to any family. Help a family grow their own food with this gift of a variety of seeds and training in kitchen gardens and conservation farming, for a bounty of nutritious fruit and veggies. They can also be sold to provide for other needs such as medicine and school fees.

Better Farms & Gardens C


This gift keeps on giving as you help farming families in Africa and South East Asia to improve the nutritional value and yield of their small plots of land. This even reduces the impact of drought with the gift of training in conservation farming that nourishes and protects the soil, and encourages the planting of trees.

Add $5 to your order for a pack of vegetable seeds. See order form for details


Giiffts of Hopeful

Photo: Johnny Lam Photography

at e M , y e n Mo e & Manur


Animals A farm animal is like money in the bank for a family in a developing country. It’s also a gift that multiplies quickly, as animals produce offspring.

CHILDREN LOVE giving this 3-in-1 CBM gift! It provides...

Meat and other protein like eggs and milk that a body needs to grow healthy and strong

★ Manure which is used on land to


improve the soil and grow healthier, more nutritious food


Chickens (2 hens and a rooster)

★ Money, as animals produce offspring and food that can be sold to pay for important needs like school fees, clothes, medicine, and other family basics Goat


$135 D2




$230 Cow


Gifts for Hopeful

rous e p s o r P A Future

I’m Brenna and I’m in grade 6. One of my ng favourite things is getti all my school supplies ready for the year. After reading the CBM gift as, catalogue last Christm I realized I could give school supplies to help a kid in Africa who is DS. affected by HIV and AI

Opened There

seven children being raised My name is Nadine. I am one of d-working woman and I by my mother. She is a very har sick a few years ago, we love her a lot. When she became food so I had to drop out could not pay our rent or afford realize my dream of going of school. Last year, I was able to in Canada who helped back to school because of people er supplies I needed like pay for my school fees and the oth books, pencils and paper.


Send a Child to School

Children’s Education



Children living in remote tribal villages often lack access to schools. Help send a rural child to school with this gift of safe lodging, nutritious meals, spiritual counsel and care in countries such as Myanmar and India.

One of the biggest wishes of children in developing countries is the chance to go to school. Yet for so many, it remains out of reach. These CBM gifts make the dream of an education come true and fill hearts and minds with hope and a brighter future.

Help a Refugee Child Return to School Some Syrian children living in Lebanon have been forced to miss school for several years, missing the opportunity to receive an education as the crisis in Syria continues. Your gift helps a refugee child go to school.


$125 (one month of school for one child)

Kids Care: My Home Away From Home Help your children learn more about God’s heart for the refugee and other children in great need in our world through real-life stories, activities and other fun learning from Lebanon, Kenya, Bolivia and Canada. Download your free copy today at



$80 After School Care for Children of Migrant Workers

Children’s Education

Help care for a child in Asia living with a grandparent or other poor relatives while parents work far away, often for months at a time. This gift includes food, school supplies, after school tutoring, play, emotional and spiritual support.

School Fees and Materials The opportunity to receive an education is a necessity and right that many do not have access to. These gifts help orphans and vulnerable youth in Africa have the opportunity to go to school and attend classes.



Primary $ School Supplies


Secondary School Fees


Tutoring for Impoverished Children and Youth

(one term)



This gift will provide vital support to children and youth from poor and marginalized families in India who are at risk of dropping out of school. It is hope and encouragement for a better future.

Add $10 to your order to include a school uniform. See order form for details


$25 See order form for details

He is P residen t of Alla n-istan , the rul e r o f the we althies t natio n in the world. Yet he had to crush his ent ire fam ily to ach ieve it. Was it worth it Allan?

WEALTHOFNATIONS® Through this fun and challenging educational game created by CBM, your family can learn what really affects change and what hinders success in the world. How do the rich get richer? What contributes to nations staying in poverty? Is life fair? Or are the cards stacked against you?

Each game comes with complete instructions. 60 playing cards. A complete pack of WON® currency. Perfect for 4-8 players or teams, ages 10 to 110. An educational stocking stuffer! This item is not tax receiptable. 11

ifts for Hopeful G



Play A wholesome life includes time for play. But many orphans and vulnerable children do not have the opportunity to simply enjoy being a child. Provide children with the chance to try new activities, make new friends and experience God’s love and care in a very real and wonderful way. These CBM gifts provide all of this and more!

Preschool for Young Children



Help a child living in the poorer areas of a large city in Bolivia have the opportunity to go to preschool, to play and learn.


Summer Camp


Give a Syrian child traumatized by war and displacement the chance to play and be a child again, with the gift of a camp experience.

After School Play


This gift helps a child from a poor family in India have the opportunity to play sports and games, receive help with homework, and have a nutritious meal.

$170 J4

Kamp Tumaini


Help a child impacted by HIV and AIDS in Kenya have a break from a tough and often lonely life with some fun, love and acceptance at camp along with emotional and spiritual support.


Hopeful Gifts


Healthier Tomorrows


Supply a Hospital Equip a hospital in India that serves some of the poorest families unable to afford basic health care.

Health Poor families endure unsafe living conditions, ill health and preventable diseases. They lack access to affordable health care, medicine, clinics and hospitals and rely on these critical CBM gifts.

Bag Valve Mask


(Manual resuscitator)




$120 Stretcher


$240 Trauma Healing for Refugees Help to provide specialized training in trauma for counsellors working among refugee families who have had to flee their homes in South Sudan.



Reconciliation Training Support a training session on trauma, healing and reconciliation for a parent, teacher, pastor, or other community member in Rwanda.



Add $10 to your order to help pr otect a family against Chagas, a dead ly disease in B olivia. See order form for details


ul Giiffttss of Hopeffu

Photo: Johnny Lam Photography

Confidence & D ignity



Support a Women’s Entrepreneur Group

Those living in poverty in developing countries suffer the most in times of drought, climate change, rising food prices, and other challenges in life. Having alternative sources of income generation can make the difference between a family getting through times of hardship and becoming completely destitute. These CBM gifts offer support and training in entrepreneurship, small business creation, financial management, and skills training.



This gift helps women living in slum areas of Nairobi, Kenya to receive training on sack gardens, water filters and distribution, as well as literacy and business skills, to strengthen selfhelp groups among Muslim and refugee women.

Training and Social Support for Disabled Youth New Job Skills for Women and Youth

Provide training in shoemaking, tailoring, basket weaving, knitting, gardening and other vocational and life skills to help youth with physical and mental disabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo to live with dignity.

The gift of dignity and empowerment can often change a person’s life forever. Help a woman in Cuba provide for her family with this gift of skills training in embroidery, hairdressing, sewing, agriculture, etc.





(per youth)


$50 Small Business Grant for a Family Give a grant to help a family in India start an incomegenerating activity that can turn into a small family business. This gift includes business skills training.

Vocational Skills Training for Youth Adequate income needs to be earned with dignity, and this can be done through the gift of vocational skills training such as sewing, carpentry, computers, driving and mechanics. Help support youth in countries such as India and Rwanda with this gift.


$90 17

Hopeful Gift s for

Photo: Johnny Lam Photography



Leadership Spread the good news of the Gospel. Help plant and grow the global church by providing well-trained leaders who can effectively mentor and train others. These CBM gifts are critical to meeting the needs of a broken world in word and deed.

Train a Lay Leader To help disciple believers and grow church ministry, there is a crucial need for more leaders in countries such as Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Kenya, and the Philippines. Help provide a lay leader with biblical training in these places, through this valuable gift.



She Matters 3 is the next step in CBM’s campaign for gender equity, to educate, equip and empower some of the world’s most marginalized girls and women. Through this year’s campaign, you can support enhanced learning and leadership opportunities to empower women leaders who inspire, encourage and help others to develop to their God-given potential.



Your gift supports the theological training of men and women who are the next generation of church leaders in the Middle East, North Africa, India, and Thailand.

Help Translate the Bible Train leaders in the Philippines with local language Bible translation in a Muslim area.



Samar, former student at ABTS

Support a Church



Sponsor a New Pastor

Churches grow and thrive with varied skills. Help train church leaders in administration, financial management, conflict resolution, and other skills needed for effective church ministries, and support churches in countries such as South Sudan and Kenya.

I am a Master of Divinity graduate of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon. I work as a counsellor and Bible teacher at a school (grades K-12). Since the Syrian crisis started, I am also involved in my church’s ministry among refugees. We spend much time in prayer with them. A lot of healings have happened. I do discipleship training for women who have come to faith, who are now themselves leading Bible study groups, and others to faith. They pray with such fervor. The joy and transformation that you see in them is so beautiful. It is amazing to see what God is doing through the whole Middle East. It is just beautiful to be a part of it.” —Samar


Hopefu ful Gif ifts ts fo for

Ongoing Needs

We’re Wayne and Shirley. We were deeply moved when we heard about the Syrian refugee crisis. Wh ile reading the CBM gift catalogue last year, we realized tha t we could give a helping hand to a family suffering because of this tragic situation. Though we can’t be there in person to help, we can give a family a food basket that will keep them healthy and sho w them that we care.

Opened There

e forced to run from our We are the Hamid* family. We wer ause of the violence in home in Syria three years ago bec ge in the Bekaa Valley our town. We are now seeking refu It’s been such a struggle of Lebanon, just over the border. food for our family. to find work and be able to afford , oil, lentils, pasta and The box of food staples with rice month is helping to flour that the church gives us each keep us alive. *Not their real name.


Ongoing Needs In times of crisis, these CBM gifts are invaluable to help local church partners respond immediately with food, water, medicine, temporary shelter, saving lives, as well as helping people begin the longer journey of recovery and rebuilding.


Sponsor an Acre of a Growing Project

(per acre)


This gift provides a land lease, seeds, fertilizer and chemicals for a community of farmers in Canada to grow crops to sell for the purpose of raising money for overseas food relief and agricultural development. Through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, of which CBM is one of the founding members, this partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies is working together to end global hunger.

W hen you give this gift, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and G lobal Af fairs Canada wil l match your gift up to 4:1.


$100 Urgent Emergency Aid



Give a gift that enables CBM’s global network of partners to respond immediately when a crisis arises.

Where Most Needed This gift makes the greatest impact possible for people with urgent needs. It’s a great way to strengthen the response of our local church partners to better meet the needs in their midst and to ensure that all CBM programs are adequately funded.


We’re a small group from Mississauga City Baptist Church. The CBM gift catalogue gave us an idea about how we could come together to make some kind of difference in the world. By giving a family the gift of a goat, we were able to participate in a tangible act of generosity as we journey in faith togeth er.

Opened There

her with two My name is Purity. I’m a single mot me to provide for them children. It’s been a struggle for d because I’m HIVand afford the medication I nee gi" of a dairy goat, positive. Last year, I received the . The extra income seedlings and a small business loan now and afford health enables my children to go school care for a long and healthy life.


Group Giving Challenge yourself as a group, and together you can give gifts of hope this Christmas that make a significant difference.

Give a Church a Roof $2400

Youth Peace Club $360 Provide a youth peace club in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with fun learning activities to build peace.

Well $1800

Church buildings in Rwanda provide a safe place of love and healing for the entire community. CBM is helping five churches in Rwanda to complete their buildings by providing roofing materials. The congregations provide the labour, but require a hand-up to purchase the needed supplies.

Help a community build a deep well with access to fresh, clean water.

Fill an Entire Stable $450 With this gift of 1 goat, 1 cow, 1 pig, 2 hens and 1 rooster.

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CBM 2016 Hopeful Gifts for Change Gift Catalogue  

Nothing brings more joy than seeing the delight of a person receiving a thoughtfully chosen gift. When you give a gift from the Hopeful Gift...

CBM 2016 Hopeful Gifts for Change Gift Catalogue  

Nothing brings more joy than seeing the delight of a person receiving a thoughtfully chosen gift. When you give a gift from the Hopeful Gift...