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HOPEful GIFTS FOR CHANGE CBM Gift Catalogue 2015

Contents When You Give... You participate in the renewal of life in a broken world. In a world broken by extreme poverty, health pandemics such as HIV and AIDS, civil conflict and other global issues, you are there to respond with God’s love and compassion. Together with church partners around the world, CBM has the community presence, commitment and local expertise to transform the lives of people most impacted by the pressing issues of our time. Your purchase of gifts from the Hopeful Gifts for Change Catalogue will give marginalized children and families what they need for fuller and healthier lives. The best way to honour your loved ones is to give someone in our world the gift of life.




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Kids Care: Christmas Dream








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Ongoing Needs

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(Photo left) See your gifts in action, just like Taylor! Through her involvement with the Convention of Atlantic Baptists’ youth event called Springforth, she financially supported and then participated in a food security short-term mission trip with CBM. This past summer she returned to Kenya to volunteer alongside Kenyan youth leaders at Kamp Tumaini, a camp for kids impacted by HIV and AIDS. Support the ongoing work of CBM through this year’s Hopeful Gifts for Change Catalogue and make your giving a gift to a broken world.

The gift of Camp is found on page 12. 2


Food Nutritious food is our most basic need in life. Help families struggling with hunger and extreme poverty by giving these CBM gifts that not only help ensure a healthier life, but also grow and multiply in effect.

H OP E F U L G i f t S F or

A Healthier life C A

Fresh Veggies

Better Farms & Gardens


Help a family grow their own food with this gift of seeds, gardening tools and training in organic farming for a bounty of healthy vegetables that can also be sold to provide for other needs such as medicine and school fees.


$60 Fruit & a Healthy Environment This gift keeps on giving with a variety of nutritious fruit such as passion fruit (pictured above), mango, banana, papaya and avocado. It also improves soil and reduces the impact of deforestation with the planting of trees. Contains: Seeds, tree seedlings, tools and training


Help farming families improve the nutritional value and yield of their small plots of land and even reduce the impact of drought with this gift of tools, materials such as irrigation kits, and training in organic and conservation farming.

GIVE A BONUS GIFT Add $5 to your order for a pack of vegetable seeds. See order form for details

Photo: Johnny Lam Photography



“I will make sure to practice the skills and knowledge in farming and meet my dream of producing enough food. I will fight the poverty that has enslaved me for many years.� Ali, farmer in a drought-prone region of Kenya


Animals A farm animal is like money in the bank for a family in a developing country. And it’s a gift that multiplies quickly, as animals produce offspring.

H OP E F U L G i f t S of

Money, Meat & Manure



CHILDREN LOVE giving this 3-in-1 CBM gift! It provides...


(2 hens and a rooster)

H Meat and other protein like eggs and milk that a body needs to grow healthy and strong

H Manure which is used on land to improve the soil and grow healthier, m ore nutritious food

H Money, as animals produce offspring D2

and food, like eggs and milk t hat can be sold to pay for important needs like school fees, clothes, m edicine, and other family basics

A Pig



A Cow

Photo: Johnny Lam Photography





A Goat E


A GREAT GROUP GIFT! Fill an entire stable with this gift of a goat, cow, 2 pigs, 2 hens and a rooster. 7

Photo: Johnny Lam Photography

H opeful G i f t S F or

A Prosperous Future Send a Girl to School

Children’s Education One of the biggest wishes of children in developing countries is the chance to go to school. Yet for so many, it remains out of reach. These CBM gifts make the dream of an education come true and fill hearts and minds with hope and a brighter future. 8

For children living in remote tribal villages in India the closest school is in town, far from home. Help send a girl to school with this gift of safe lodging, nutritious meals, spiritual counsel and care at a new hostel for young girls.



Meet some of the students. See page 11.


Children’s Education School Kit Help a child impacted by HIV and AIDS in Africa have the chance to go to school with this gift of school supplies.



After School Care for a Vulnerable Child

$30 School Fees for a Refugee Child



Help a Syrian child now living as a refugee in Lebanon have the chance to return to school. It’s the gift of a happier childhood for kids to have a chance to play and learn because they have not been able to go to school for a long time due to violence and civil war.


Help care for a child in Asia living with a grandparent or other poor relatives while parents work far away, often for months at time. This gift includes food, school supplies, after school tutoring, emotional and spiritual support, and the chance to communicate online with their parents.

Di s c i plesh i p r esou rc e

Kids Care: Christmas Dream Hi, my name is Runu. I am 7 years old and so excited to be going to school this year with my older sister, Jhunu. She is 10 years old and wants to be a nurse so that she can help people. She likes studying and playing Kabaddi – it’s one of our favourite games here in India. We are so happy that our

Help At-Risk Youth Stay in School One term (3 months)




Sponsor the secondary education of a youth from a child/youth-headed household or family impacted by HIV and AIDS in Rwanda who is not able to stay in school due to lack of fees.

can go to school. We don’t have a school in our small village.

Add $10 to your order for a school uniform. See order form for details

mom and dad agreed to send us to this new hostel so that we Being able to go to school is a dream come true for us.


Meet some of my new friends and learn more about my life at the girl’s hostel. Order your free copy of the Kids Care: Christmas Dream today at or email

Thanks so much for your gift! “My name is Jackson. I was six years old when mom died of AIDS leaving my sister and I as orphans. We went to live with grandma but she was too poor to take care of us. We lacked food, school fees, and the house was in very bad shape. I became so angry and frustrated and started to take drugs. I had no hope until CBM helped me with school fees. A mentor in this project had a big 10

impact on me. I became a Christian and joined his church. After graduating from high school, I worked hard to improve our small farm and eventually earned enough to go to university. I want to be a science teacher. I am excited about my faith and future life. I want to help other youth and am now the supervisor of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children project in my area of Rwanda.” 11


H opeful G i f t s for


A wholesome life includes time for play. But many orphans and vulnerable children do not have the opportunity to simply enjoy being a child. Provide the chance to try new activities, make new friends and experience God’s love and care in a real and wonderful way. These CBM gifts provide all of this and more! K1


Kamp Tumaini Help a child impacted by HIV and AIDS in Kenya to have a break from a tough and often lonely life, with some fun, love and acceptance at camp along with emotional and spiritual support.


Love & Hope Camps


Give a child from a Syrian refugee family a camp experience where they can recapture the joy of childhood and also receive trauma counselling, emotional and spiritual support.


Peace Camp


Send a youth who desires to be a catalyst for peace in Rwanda and DR Congo, a region impacted by genocide and civil conflict, to peace camp for fun and learning with the use of arts, sports and other innovative peacebuilding methods as well as receive trauma counselling and spiritual mentoring.



Health Many poor families endure unsafe living conditions, ill health and preventable diseases. They lack access to affordable health care, medicine, clinics and hospitals and rely on these critical CBM gifts.

Supply a Hospital Equip a hospital in India that serves some of the poorest families unable to afford basic health care.

H opeful G i f t s of

Healthier tomorrows


$35 Hygiene Kit Care for a child in Bolivia who has to work to help support the family with this gift of a hygiene kit that includes basic items such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, and comb.



Hospital gown



IV stand




Examination cot

Add $5 to your order for a bed net to protect a child from malaria. See order form for details

$5 14


“I was moved as I played with children whose lives would no longer be cut short by this disease because of CBM’s Chagas project.”



HIV and AIDS Testing


Help to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS by providing access to testing and antiretroviral medication.

One person

Rev. Adrian Gardner, Former Associate Pastor of Grand Bay Baptist Church that has raised projects funds and sent several short-term mission teams to help with house repairs.

Train a Children’s Doctor Help provide specialized training for a dedicated doctor who earns very little salary treating babies and children in a remote region of the DR Congo that lacks medical workers and clinics.



A GREAT GROUP GIFT! Protect A Family Against Chagas Disease Chagas disease is a silent killer among the poor in Bolivia. It is transmitted by a bug that thrives in adobe walls and thatched roofs. This gift provides building materials such as plaster, cement and chicken wire to help a family improve their home and eliminate the risk of catching this deadly disease.



One month of training



Livelihoods Those living in poverty in developing countries suffer the most in times of drought, climate change, rising food prices, and other challenges in life. Having alternative sources of income generation can make the difference between a family getting through times of hardship or becoming completely destitute. These CBM gifts offer support and training in entrepreneurship, small business creation, financial management, and skills training. Q

New Job Skills for Youth

H opeful G i f t S OF

Confidence & Dignity


Support a youth in Rwanda who helps provide for his or her family with this gift of vocational skills training such as sewing, carpentry, computers, driving or mechanics, to earn adequate income with dignity.

6 months of training


Literacy for a Woman R



Nearly 2/3 of illiterate adults are women. Help a woman in India to learn to read and write. It’s a gift of dignity and empowerment and a family’s potential first step out of poverty as she applies her learning.

Small Business Grant for a Family Give a grant to help a family in India start an income-generating activity that can turn into a small family business. This gift includes business skills training.



My name is Hawa. I have a young daughter. I fled war in Somalia where my mom was killed. I too was shot but survived after months in the hospital. People who helped me get to Kenya insisted that I marry a relative to show appreciation for saving my life. A few months later, pregnant with our child, my husband divorced me and remarried in Somalia. I work hard, but it was not enough. We often skip meals. CBM has really helped me in finding friendship, a group that I can belong to (self-help groups in the slums of Nairobi), and skills training. I can make scarves and diras (Somali dress). I get a share of the group business profits and am encouraged to work harder and stay committed to my group. I am also so happy that I got sponsored to do hairdressing and henna. God willing, one day I will own a salon and make enough money to provide for my child comfortably. I am especially grateful for my daughter’s scholarship. If not for CBM, she would not have had this opportunity. She loves school and likes to read. God is my inspiration.

CBM’s She Matters campaign promotes gender equity and invests in the potential of some of the world’s most marginalized girls and women – to give her equal opportunity to develop her gifts and abilities. The first phase focused on improving access to education for girls.

He always finds a way to help me. I have come from nothing and now have peace.

Participate in She Matters Too and raise funds and awareness for important initiatives such as:

3 Skills training, small business creation,

and financial management through self-help groups among Muslim refugee women in Kenya

3 Literacy, health and nutrition programs for indigenous women in India

Lend your hand. Raise your voice. Learn more at


And support for other CBM programs which seek to equip, empower and enrich the lives of some of the world’s most marginalized women.



Support a Women’s Entrepreneur Group This gift helps women living in a slum of Nairobi, Kenya to form or expand a selfhelp group to save and loan funds for the start-up of small businesses. In addition to the financial benefit, group members receive support, encouragement and accountability from their peers.


Leadership Leaders spread the Good News. Help plant and grow the global church by providing well-trained leaders who can effectively mentor and train others. These CBM gifts are critical to meeting the needs of a broken world in word and deed.

H opeful G i f t s of



Train a Lay Leader


Send a lay leader to biblical and theological training in countries such as Bolivia, India and the Philippines where the church is in crucial need of more leaders to help disciple new believers.

Sponsor a Bible Student


Support the cost of tuition for a Bible student in Kenya who seeks to become a pastor in a region that faces great challenges, from poverty to threats of violent conflict.

One month of training


Photo: Johnny Lam Photography

Support a National Field Staff


Understanding local culture and language is a crucial step in bridging the gap to share the Good News. Your gift helps support CBM’s W National Field Staff to live and work in their homeland. $

50 23

Emergency Relief In times of crisis and emergency, these CBM gifts are invaluable to help local church partners respond immediately with food, water, medicine, temporary shelter, saving lives, as well as helping people begin the longer journey of recovery and rebuilding.

H opeful G i f t s for

TIMES of CRISIS Urgent Emergency Aid


Give a gift that enables CBM’s global network of partners to respond immediately when a crisis arises.

$100 Survival Kit for a Refugee Family Help a family that has had to flee their home with this gift of essentials such as blankets, plastic sheeting for shelter, mosquito nets to prevent malaria, soap, and a jerry can to collect and store water.

One month of food

Give a refugee family in Lebanon this gift basket of vital basic food items such rice, noodles, beans, fish, oil and sugar.


When you give this gift, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank will match your gift 4:1.


Y2 Photo: ADRA

Food Basket


Amazing Matched Gift!

Nutrition Pack



Improve the health of pregnant women and young children at risk of malnutrition with this gift of nutrition.

Give 3 baskets and you help to feed a family for the entire year.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank A Christian Response to Hunger

$40 25 25

$50+ Per month for monthly support

H opeful G i f t s F OR

T h e Se a s on f or G i v i n g i s

ongoing needs

Year Round! One of the most powerful and simple ways to renew and transform life is to become a sustaining partner of CBM. Z2

Beyond this season of giving we need your regular monthly support. Please consider becoming a sustaining partner and pledge your ongoing support today. Those who donate $50 or more per month will receive this beautiful calendar as a thank you for your commitment.


Sign up online today at or see the enclosed order form for more information.

When you give a gift to where it’s most needed, your gift makes the greatest impact possible for people with urgent needs. It’s a great way to strengthen the response of our local church partners to better meet the needs in their midst and to ensure that all CBM programs are adequately funded.

Cover Photo: Johnny Lam Photography



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WHEN YOU GIVE... You participate in the renewal of life in a broken world. In a world broken by extreme poverty, health pandemics such as H...