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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina


annual report Bringing Baptists of North Carolina Together for Christ-Centered Ministry For more than two decades, that has been our mission ... and our passion. Last year when we celebrated our 20th Anniversary and dared to dream about the next twenty years, we asked the question, “Why?” Why do we bring folks together for Christ-Centered Ministry? The answer that came out of a process of collective discernment led to three overarching commitments:

Transformation • Engagement • Community

We bring people together to form a community that engages our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to transform it into the Kingdom of God. This brochure describes many of the ways we sought to live out these commitments by “Transforming … together” during our 2014-2015 fiscal year. Thank you for your partnership in making them a reality – through your prayers, your involvement, and your financial support. As you form your church budget for next year, we prayerfully and humbly ask that you consider increasing your gifts to CBFNC. We pledge to be good stewards of God’s resources and your trust.

CBFNC u 8025 North Point Blvd, Suite 205 u Winston-Salem, NC 27106 u (336) 759-3456 u


Transforming Leaders


ministers received assistance in searching for ministry placement from the CBFNC Ministerial Transitions Team


in scholarships to 4 NC Divinity schools plus 4 other schools outside NC where 31 CBFNC scholars attend

28 “Meeting with us twice, CBFNC gave us pointers regarding the process itself and shared insights into some of the candi-


dates we were considering, but never tried to influence nor interfere in our decision making process. Our committee will ever be grateful to CBFNC for their assistance in our church calling a pastor who we believe is God’s selection for our congregation” J.C. Boone, pastor search committee chair

18 90

persons have been certified as CBFNC coaches to help leaders and congregations in their day-to-day challenges

persons participated in the Elevating Preaching Conference to help preachers improve this important part of ministry

churches participated in 2 training events for deacons

leaders from 82 different churches participated in Children’s and Youth Ministry Summits networking, resource sharing, mutual support


 orkshops offered at the w 2015 CBFNC General Assembly presenters included divinity students, professors, laity, missionaries, and ministers


Peer Learning Group members learn from one another and provide encouragement and support


Churches responded to our challenge to issue “Invitations to Call” encouraging persons to consider God’s call in their lives


Transforming Churches

617 332 73

youth from 41 different churches participated in CBFNC retreats to encourage faith formation in a fun environment

children and youth from 27 different churches participated in CBFNC choir festivals

churches received assistance in minister search


congregations have experienced congregational coaching helping them cultivate new vision, develop plans, and manage changes

Transforming Expressions of Mercy and Justice CBFNC is

62 3

The Body of Christ A Racial Reconciliation Curriculum

A Biblically Based Curriculum by the Racial Reconciliation Ministry Team




c hurches have piloted “The Body of Christ,” a racial reconciliation curriculum developed by a racially diverse team of CBFNC church leaders. Download a copy at

participants from various organizations attended screenings of “Through the Door,” a documentary about prison ministry produced by Baptist Center for Ethics

“Our PLG is a place to acknowledge that we are all ministers called to a task that requires community and fellowship. We are not called to do this alone, but together.” Caitlin Jones Estes, peer learning group participant


Transforming College Students

“Churches in the Greenville area are grateful for the partnership with CBFNC that supports the work of Lawrence Powers, CBFNC campus minister at


East Carolina University, along with Erica Christensen, the CBFNC Collegiate

NC college campuses have CBFNC-related campus ministries Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Asheville, UNC Greensboro, Western Carolina University, and Duke University

Ministries Intern. CBFNC’s collaborative investment in collegiate ministry is laying a spiritual foundation of faithfulness and love for students during these important years of their


historically Baptist colleges have CBFNC campus ministry interns Meredith College, Wingate University, and Gardner-Webb University

educational journey in which we are excited to participate.” Greg Rogers, pastor of Oakmont, Greenville



r aised by student groups to place students in summer mission positions


students attended the CBFNC Collegiate Mid-Winter Retreat including students affiliated with CBFNC campus ministries, local congregations, and all 7 historically Baptist colleges


countries represented at the International Student Retreat at Camp Caswell Partnering with NC Baptist International groups and WMU


Transforming Missions

258 9

children from 37 different churches  articipated in Children’s Mission Days p stories from missionaries and hands-on activities centered on the theme: Keep on Working for the Good of All

Congregations received Local Mission Engagement Grants for projects to alleviate hunger, outreach to children, minister with Internationals, and more.


 ew Churches received financial N and other support, 5 more planned for 2015 These efforts are among our best evangelistic iniatives.

“What a blessing it was when we received word that we had received the CBFNC Local Mission Engagement Grant. I know that


God brought his people just in c hurches comprise the CBFNC Hispanic Network, Companerismo Cristiano Emmanuel start new congregations each year; organize retreats for men, women, youth and children; and call out and train vocational church leaders.

time to help with this ministry. Our Christian Women Job Corps life skills classes include parenting, budgeting, nutrition, self-esteem, computer skills, and


to support Mission Partnership Covenants offering mission engagement opportunities · Belize (church-to-church, construction, children) · Lebanon (evangelism celebrations, ministry with Syrian refugees) · Helena, Arkansas (children and construction) · Texas (compressed earth block homes) · Barcelona, Spain (Mission Learning Lab) · Raleigh (with Internationals)


NC-based CBF Global Missions personnel · LaCount and Anna Anderson in northeast NC · Cecelia Beck in Shelby · Marc and Kim Wyatt in Research Triangle

career readiness. Thank you CBF of NC for providing this grant which helps these participants as we provide a hand-up as well as Christian love and encouragement to our neighbors.” Pat Byrd, First Baptist Church Ahoskie, NC

It takes financial resources to bring about transformation CBFNC is grateful for your financial gifts. CBF of North Carolina, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and does not receive operational support from any denominational group, including CBF Global. As a result, CBFNC relies solely on your financial support.

319 $ 1,366,723

churches gave last year to CBFNC causes


individuals gave last year to CBFNC causes

was given last year for the CBFNC ministry budget

2014-2015 CBFNC Ministry Budget Missions (43%) Leadership Development (20%) Faith Formation (20%) Fellowship/Partnerships (17%) Percentages include administrative resources.

CBFNC believes God’s mission is best done in collaboration, not competition, with other ministries

1,415,370 was given last year through CBFNC to our 28 partners in ministry $ 1,132,958 was given to CBF National through CBFNC as undesignated gifts $ 730,608 was given to CBF Global Missions by CBFNC churches $

Endowment Funds are another means of financing transformational ministry

$10,000 1

awarded in LolleyFund scholarships including Ardmore Baptist’s scholarship

New Church Start funded from the CBFNC New Church Start Endowment Fund

CBFNC needs your financial support

Please consider making a gift or increasing the amount of your gift as a sign of your support for CBFNC transformational ministries. How to give? Your church budget is a good start, and accounts for the vast majority of funds received. However, church giving to CBFNC is declining. Your congregation’s support is needed now more than ever! If you have questions, many answers can be found online at or you may give us a call at (336) 759-3456.

CBFNC 2014 2015 annual report  
CBFNC 2014 2015 annual report