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“As you go, disciple people in all nations …” Matthew 28:19, ISV Traditionally, our Baptist community has held a special affection for the verses concluding the Gospel of Matthew, commonly referred to as “The Great Commission.” Most translations render Matthew 28:19 as an imperative, “Go ye therefore…” It is not an imperative, however, but a participle. A more proper translation would be, “Going,” or, as rendered by the International Standard Version, “As you go.” Not only do we place high value on the Great Commission, we also believe strongly in the Reformation doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, laity as well as clergy. At CBFNC, we believe there is a strong connection between these two ideals. This year, as we carried out the broad portfolio of ministries represented in this report, we sought to give special attention to all of God’s people, especially the majority of them (our laity) sharing God’s love in word and deed as they go about their daily lives (work, family, civic responsibilities, recreation, etc.), not just at church on Sunday. We’ve learned much but we still have a long way to go in living out these truths. We are grateful to be making this journey together, in community as we go. Thank you for being faithful travellers, co-workers, and supporters.

as we go ... we

are embracing our neighbors through missions


mission engagement / refugee grants

38 13

CBFNC churches engaged in refugee ministry

new church starts

Welcome House is a place where refugee families live temporarily while awaiting long-term housing. Marc and Kim Wyatt, CBF Global field personnel partnering with CBFNC, work with refugee agency case workers, translators, and 36 CBFNC churches to provide a ministry of welcome and hospitality to our refugee guests. Loraine, a member of Temple, Durham, has become housemates with Marthe, a newcomer from Burundi. Marthe would not call Loraine by her first name because it was culturally disrespectful. Marthe asked her elder host if she could call her Grandmother instead.


Racial Reconciliation interns at divinity schools

Jackson Adamah is one of five Racial Reconciliation interns serving on Divinity School Campuses. He says, The local chapter of the CBFNC Racial Reconciliation Ministry at Campbell University Divinity School was tasked to raise awareness and kickstart healthy conversations on race among students and faculty. We planned a couple of lunch hours for interested students to engage in discussions on race with the goal of providing a safe space for students to share their experiences, perspectives, and also affirm each other’s differences.


Forest Hills, Raleigh, opened wide their hearts and space, inviting Iglesia Bautista La Roca, Raleigh to a covenant partnership, one of mutual respect and calling as each church takes seriously the Biblical mandate to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. churches in the Hispanic Network

Iglesia Bautista La Roca, Raleigh, a new Latino church start, led by pastors Alex Rodriquez and Juan Luis Barco, is growing quickly, with dynamic worship and meaningful ministry. People of all ages but especially young couples with children are finding a home at this new CBFNC church start.

NC Matthew response Fund

One of last year’s most impactful events was the devastation in eastern NC caused by Hurricane Matthew. Many churches and individuals responded by giving items, time, and resources for these communities. More than $65,000 has been given toward the CBFNC Hurricane Matthew Response Fund. With these funds, CBFNC engaged local churches in these communities that were helping their neighbors with relief and recovery efforts.

“Your gift has allowed me to be reassured of God’s provision and faithfulness to me,” said a recipient whose home was significantly flooded. Though she is not in her home yet, she is hopeful. These Hurricane Matthew Response funds were presented by First, Lumberton, to cover the cost of complete electrical rewiring of her home.

as we go ... we

are engaging students and young adults

Students are finding places to lead, serving their community, and discovering the rich call of God in their lives. They wrestle with what it means to be a follower of Christ and are challenged to live as Christian leaders, now and in the future. Lawrence Powers, CBFNC Campus Minister at NCSU, Duke University, UNC-CH


CBFNC Campus Ministers serving on


 state campuses


Campus ministry interns

I will take away from the Mid-Winter Retreat how much closer I have become with my Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship family! Alyssa Roberts, Junior at ECU

From the Mid-Winter Retreat, I walk away with the realization that I need to learn to open my eyes to ministry opportunities that exist “in the margins.�

Victoria Fowler, Sophomore at Appalachian

1 1

International Student Retreat with students from



Mid-Winter Retreat with



I learned that ministering in the margins is as simple as extending compassion to someone who has been cast aside or shunned by society. Jane Kelley, Sophomore at Meredith College

Some of the most significant faith formation happens when we step away from our daily routine. This year, youth and young adults have engaged in six faith formation events across our state.


Children’s Choir Festival Total Attendance

My youth all loved the messages. I even heard, “The speaker was really amazing!” Lots of positive comments from my group. Blaine Britt, First, Butner


Youth Choir Festival Total Attendance

They loved worship just as much as they loved skiing. WIN! Anita Lafoon, First, Kernersville


children in


mission days

This was the best Missions Day we have been to so far. You guys really nailed it this year! April Viverette Coleman, Lafayette, Fayetteville


was provided by congregations and individuals through CBFNC to support theological education



in-state partner schools received significant support to aid other students and underwrite additional costs of delivering quality theological education

divinity students enrolled in CBFNC partner divinity schools as well as out-of-state divinity students received direct scholarship aid


divinity students, faculty, and staff participated in CBF DAYS and Scholar Dinners on the campuses of the four CBFNC partner schools as well as out-of-state seminaries or divinity schools that CBFNC scholars attend.

My experience as a CBFNC student has been one filled with community and care. Journeying through divinity school while knowing that the CBFNC staff is praying for us, cheering us on, and supporting us makes the road easier to travel. Emily Davis, Wake Forest University Divinity Student

My favorite part of CBF Day is when students who are unfamiliar with CBF ask me about our network. I hope they hear the excitement and passion in my voice when I tell them all about what my CBF family means to me. Will Raybon, Gardner-Webb Divinity School Student


divinity students participated in the annual Divinity Student Experience at the 2016 CBFNC Annual Gathering.

as we go ... we

are equipping ministers and churches

Throughout the year, 115 lay leaders participated in four As You Go Conferences across our state. These leaders explored their call, learned more about ministering in their daily lives and enjoy connecting with others in their area.


members of 28 CBFNC Peer Learning Groups shared learnings and provided encouragement and support.


 endorsed chaplains serve CBFNC in hospital, military, Hospice, public safety, prison, business, and industrial chaplaincy. Chaplains are endorsed by CBF Global.


workshops at CBFNC’s 2016

Annual Gathering


E stimated attendance at CBFNC’s 2016

Annual Gathering

Last year


Cooperative Baptists gathered together at CBFNC-led events to learn, connect, and serve.

Two of the three workshops I attended at the Annual Gathering were led by adults under 30. They were so poised, confident and knowledgeable about their topics. Susan McConnell, lay person

From the beginning, CBFNC has been helping churches and clergy find one another. Through our dedicated reference and referral process, 89 congregations and 197 ministers were served last year.



I cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice you gave us. You made our task much easier. Search Committee member at Noble’s Chapel, Sims

197 150 77 52


Church Seeking Minister Forms


out-of-state requests

32 58

Requests for Associate Ministers

R  equests for Senior Pastor


Active resumes in our current database

Minister Seeking Church forms

official Ministerial Interviews


Minister consultations by CBFNC Ministerial Transition Facilitators

as we go ... we

are giving of time and resources

Financial Report (estimates for 2016-2017) Thank you for your generous support of the mission and ministry of CBFNC. Because of you, the love of Christ has been shown to newcomers, young leaders, struggling congregations, transitioning clergy, and many individuals across our state. Your commitment to serving God and serving others through CBFNC ministries and our ministry partners has been essential in the fulfillment of God’s mission in the world. We rely solely on your financial support and are grateful that you have chosen to partner with us again. CBF of North Carolina, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and does not receive operational support from any denominational group, including CBF Global. As a result, CBFNC is dependent on your financial support.



w  as given last year for the CBFNC ministry budget

2016-2017 CBFNC Ministry Budget Missions (43%) Leadership Development (19%) Faith Formation (18%) Fellowship/Partnerships (20%) Percentages include administrative resources.



the amount churches gave through CBFNC to support ministry partners

Your financial support is vital CBFNC continues to need your financial support. As we go into communities and serve individuals, your financial partnership is necessary for our ministry and that of our many ministry partners. Many individuals give through their church budgets but this year we saw an increase of over 100 individual donors. Continue to give through your church but also consider making an individual contribution directly to CBFNC. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference! Give online: or mail to CBFNC u 2640 Reynolda Rd. u Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina CBFNC u 2640 Reynolda Rd. u Winston-Salem, NC 27106 (336) 759-3456 u

2016-2017 CBFNC Annual Report  
2016-2017 CBFNC Annual Report