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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina


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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

Who are we? What connects us to one another? These are questions we can ask, not only of ourselves as individuals, but also of our congregations. And we have been asking these questions lately in this “beloved community” we call Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina. We believe we are loved by God to share God’s love with the world. We believe we are more faithful and effective in sharing that love because we are in community with God and each other. We are a community that stands firm on historic Baptist principles, including the affirmation of believer-priests and free churches. But we are not Independent Baptists. We are Cooperative Baptists who, like barbecue, has a North Carolina flavor. The pages of this report provide snapshots of ways this beloved community has been sharing God’s love with each other and the world during our 2015-2016 ministry year. Please read, offer prayers of gratitude, and discern how you can engage in our beloved community of mission and ministry in the months to come.



We get to be who we are and who we are going to be. CBF is not trying to change us, but celebrates with us who we are. Gil Gullick, First Baptist Church in Stantonsboro

CBFNC offers a welcoming place for us to be a local expression of the Body of Christ alongside other congregations striving to do the same. Michelle Anderson, Westwood Baptist Church in Cary


ministers received assistance in searching for ministry placement from the CBFNC Ministerial Transitions Team



in scholarships to 4 NC Divinity schools plus 4 other schools outside NC where 24 CBFNC scholars attend


ministers are CBF-endorsed chaplains and counselors serving in NC

43 60

children’s ministers participated in Practical Practices training

workshops offered at the 2016 Gathering presenters included divinity students, professors, laity, missionaries, and ministers


Peer Learning Group members learn from one another and provide encouragement and support


CBFNC is always willing to help us when we need the help, and they stand ready to serve us when we have questions, concerns, needs or praises to share. Will Watson, United Baptist Church in Winston-Salem

Divinity Students participated in CBF Days and scholar dinners




children from 37 different churches participated in Children’s Mission Days stories from missionaries and hands-on activities

7 I enjoyed hearing the kids talk about what they learned and really get engaged with how they can be missionaries.


April V. Coleman, Children’s Mission Day participant Lafayette Baptist Church in Fayetteville


Congregations received Local Mission Engagement Grants for projects to alleviate hunger, outreach to children, minister with Internationals, and more.

New Churches received financial and other support These efforts are among our best evangelistic initiatives.

churches comprise the CBFNC Hispanic Network, Companerismo Cristiano Emmanuel start new congregations each year; organize retreats for men, women, youth and children; and call out and train vocational church leaders.

There are so many of us (pastors) who are one full-time staff member churches. We are hungry for encouragement and new ideas. The fellowship is a blessing too. Thanks!

1,100+ 18

Eddie Graves, Small Church Summit attendee Cornerstone Baptist Church in Valdese

Hispanic church members participated in fellowship events

churches actively engaged in refugee ministry with Marc and Kim Wyatt in the Triangle area

Being an endorsed chaplain by CBF means I have an identity that transcends the hospital I serve. Chaplains can occasionally feel isolated, without a sense of personal moorings. Being endorsed ensures me that I have a family of faith that thinks of and prays for me ... I am enriched by CBFNC.� Buddy Corbin, Mission Hospital in Asheville

CBSF has provided me a time and place to explore my faith around peers who care about me as well as a campus minister that I trust to be a Christ-like example. Rebekah from Appalachian State University’s Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship



College Students

NC college campuses have CBFNC-related campus ministries, serving 150 students Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Asheville, UNC Greensboro, Western Carolina University, and Duke University


local congregations addressing ways to reach out to residential college students Meredith College, Wingate University, and Gardner-Webb University


s tudents participated in CBF Dawnings retreat at CBFNC’s 2015 General Assembly


students attended the CBFNC Collegiate Mid-Winter Retreat including students affiliated with CBFNC campus ministries, local congregations, and all 7 historically Baptist colleges


students attended the International Student Retreat at Camp Caswell Partnering with NC Baptist International groups and WMU

I love making friendships with people in CBFNC campus ministry and building a community with them and walking with them through my relationship with Christ. I also love learning to serve my community and my campus. Abigail from at East Carolina University’s Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship


Your Community

104,363 10,000+

website views this year

subscribers to CBFNC’s bimonthly Gathering magazine

Great articles ... Thanks so much for sharing. Very thought provoking. comment on CBFNC’s Resource Library

The Gathering of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

September/October 2015 • Vol. 20 Issue 5 Bringing Baptists of North Carolina Together for Christ-Centered Ministry

3,974 270

the community we share see story on page 8


weekly ENews subscribers

articles in CBFNC’s online resource library resourcelibrary

Facebook followers ... and growing!



310 222 25 53

youth participated in CBFNC retreats to encourage faith formation in a fun environment

children and youth participated in CBFNC choir festivals

 inisters from m outside NC were called to churches in our state

NC churches received assistance in minister search +11 churches from other states

I am excited, honored and humbled that the church felt led to call me to lead them into their future. Thanks for being there for me every step of the way. From a minister who reached out to CBFNC for help in relocating and was recently called to a church

It takes financial resources to bring about transformation CBFNC is grateful for your financial gifts. CBF of North Carolina, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and does not receive operational support from any denominational group, including CBF Global. As a result, CBFNC relies solely on your financial support.


churches gave last year to CBFNC causes

210 $ 1,290,794

individuals gave last year to CBFNC causes

was given last year for the CBFNC ministry budget

2015-2016 CBFNC Ministry Budget Missions (43%) Leadership Development (19%) Faith Formation (18%) Fellowship/Partnerships (20%) Percentages include administrative resources.



the amount churches gave through CBFNC to support ministry partners

CBFNC needs your financial support Please consider making a gift or increasing the amount of your gift as a sign of your support for CBFNC transformational ministries. How to give? Your church budget is a good start, and accounts for the vast majority of funds received. However, church giving to CBFNC is declining. Your congregation’s support is needed now more than ever! If you have questions, many answers can be found online at or you may give us a call at (336) 759-3456.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina 8025 North Point Blvd, Suite 205 u Winston-Salem, NC 27106 (336) 759-3456 u

2015-2016 CBFNC Annual Report  

Who are we? What connects us to one another? These are questions we can ask, not only of ourselves as individuals, but also of our congrega...

2015-2016 CBFNC Annual Report  

Who are we? What connects us to one another? These are questions we can ask, not only of ourselves as individuals, but also of our congrega...