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Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup™

Wi-Fi Alliance January 3, 2007 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ makes it Wi-Fi.

Agenda • Wi-Fi Alliance Introduction • Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ • What’s Ahead for 2007: 802.11n and More

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Wi-Fi Alliance Overview •

• • • •

Non-profit international association of more than 300 member companies and growing (; 10 independent authorized test labs in 6 countries Industry/thought leader and worldwide certification body for WLAN technology Driving collaboration within the ecosystem: manufacturers, standard bodies, regulators, service providers, and carriers Broad member representation across the convergence ecosystem: silicon, manufacturers, applications, and carriers Wi-Fi CERTIFIED brings interoperability and better user experience to WLAN technology; more than 3,000 products certified to date

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Wi-Fi Industry tracking to ship more than half a billion units in 2010 •

The Wi-Fi Industry shipped 200M chipsets in 2006 802.11n and nextgeneration applications are a key growth driver

In-Stat: Worldwide Client Chipset Shipments 700 600 500 400 300 200

As new consumers enter the market, improved user experience and ease of use are a key enabler

100 0 2005




Embedded in Mobile PCs


Portable CE Devices

Digital Home

Pure VoWi-Fi Handsets

External Clients

Home/SOHO Wireless Routers, Gatew ays, APs

Enterprise APs

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup




Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup: Easing setup in home and small office networks •

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is an optional certification program designed to ease set up of security-enabled Wi-Fi networks in the home and small office environment This new optional certification program provides two easy-to-use methods to configure a network: – Push-Button Configuration – PIN / numeric code WFA Authorized Test Labs are taking orders and the first products will enter the market during Q1 2007

As more and more consumers adopt Wi-Fi, ease of setup and protecting networks is more important than ever. Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Consumers love Wi-Fi, but they want it to be easier to set up and protect •

Strong security is a requirement on Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices, but enabling it has up to now been somewhat difficult… – 2 in 5 consumers still have not activated the security on their Wi-Fi network* – 44% of consumers described activating security on a Wi-Fi network as moderately to very difficult** – Most (83%) of people think using someone else’s Wi-Fi network without their knowledge is “stealing,” but about half of people admit that they have done so***

*Jupiter Research, July 2006 ** WFA/Kelton Research, July 2006 ***WFA/Kelton Research, Oct 206 Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Wi-Fi Protected Setup has broad industry support across the value chain •

This program is based upon the first specification developed solely by WFA member companies – Broad support for a consistent, industry-wide solution led to a large and active task group – Silicon, devices, software, and service providers all participated

The Wi-Fi Simple Config Specification details Wi-Fi protected setup and is publicly available at

Later, the program will support NearField Communication and USB Flash Drive methods for activation

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


How Wi-Fi Protected Setup works • • • • • •

A consumer brings home new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Protected Setup AP and client device and turns them on The network detects their presence automatically The user pushes the button or is prompted to enter a PIN The network name and encryption information are securely transferred to the device A variety of devices can support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, from PCs and AP/routers to cameras and phones New client devices can easily join an existing Wi-Fi Protected Setup network Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Outlining PIN and Push Button methods PIN Configuration: • Unique 4- or 8-digit PIN required for each device on the network • PIN is entered into Registrar via a graphical user interface • Registrar is an entity on the network that issues and revokes credentials • WPA or WPA2 security is enabled, and the passphrase can be auto-generated or configured by the user

Push-button Configuration: • User pushes button on AP and client device(s) • Especially useful for devices without a PC-type of interface • Final result is the same as PIN method: WPA or WPA2 security is enabled, and the passphrase can be autogenerated or configured by the user Coming later this year: Near Field Communication (NFC) method, in which a user touches a token or card to a device. NFC support is expected to be added in 1H 2007

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Wi-Fi Protected Setup reduces by half the user steps to configure a network Legacy Process

Wi-Fi Protected Setup: PIN Method

Wi-Fi Protected Setup: Push-Button Method

1. Power-on AP

1. Power-on AP/registrar

1. Power-on AP

2. Access AP

2. Power-on client device

2. Power-on client device

3. Set network name (SSID)

Network name generated automatically and broadcast to client devices

Network name generated automatically and broadcast to client devices

4. Activate security

3. Access registrar

3. Push button on AP

5. Set passphrase

4. Enter PIN

4. Push button on client device

6. Power-on client device 7. Select network name (SSID) 8. Enter passphrase Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


The Wi-Fi Protected Setup Test Bed The first products to receive Wi-Fi Protected Setup certification are: • Atheros – AR5006X 802.11a/b/g Wireless Network Adapter – AR5002AP-2X Concurrent 802.11a and 802.11b/g Dual-band WLAN Access Point • Broadcom – BCM94704AGR 54g Dual-band Access Point Reference Design • BUFFALO – AirStation Wireless-A&G High Power Access Point WHR-HP-AMPGV – AirStation Wireless-A&G High Power Notebook Adapter STA: WLI-CB-AMG54 • Conexant – CX94515 ADSL2+ Gateway • Intel® – PROSet/Wireless Software Version 11.1 • Marvell – 802.11a/b/g Wireless USB Client – TopDog™ Draft 802.11n Access Point • Ralink Technology – RT5201U (802.11a/b/g USB) / Packet Overdrive™

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Look for a new Wi-Fi Protected Setup visual identifier to find products

• •

The Visual Identifier will appear on packaging, on products, and in software interfaces for enabling Wi-Fi Protected Setup Consumers should look for products that are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for Wi-Fi Protected Setup as a mark of interoperability and ease of use Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Sample Interoperability Certificate

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Learn more about Wi-Fi Protected Setup at the Wi-Fi Alliance web site, •

Wi-Fi Protected Setup: – White paper available for free download at – Full specification available for purchase at – Visit

More details regarding 802.11n certification plans

Full list of all Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED makes it Wi-Fi!


Additional Information

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ makes it Wi-Fi.

FAQ: Adding new devices to a network • What happens when I bring a new Wi-Fi Protected Setup device home to add to my existing Wi-Fi Protected Setup network? – PIN: You will access the registrar on a client device that is already on the network and enter the new device’s PIN. Then the new device will be authenticated and configured to join the network. – PBC: You will push the button on the AP and the new client device, and it will be joined to the network.

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


FAQ: Protecting against unauthorized users • How does Wi-Fi Protected Setup help ensure that my neighbor is not able to join a device to my network? – PIN: To add a device to the network, you must have access to the registrar device via an existing client on the network. A neighbor’s device will not be able to join without entering the device PIN on the Registrar. – PBC: To add a device to the network, you must have physical access to push the button on the AP, so unless your neighbor can enter your home, he or she cannot join a device to your network.

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Wi-Fi: An essential technology – at work and at play • People love Wi-Fi: – 80% say its more essential than even their home phone or their iPod – 81% would rather see their favorite team lose the big game than give up Wi-Fi for a week – More essential than coffee: 9 out of 10 Americans would rather do without their daily Starbucks than their Wi-Fi All statistics from Wi-Fi Alliance/Kelton Research, July and October 2006 Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Wi-Fi has become a must-have ingredient in the coolest consumer electronics

Nikon Coolpix

Nintendo Wii

Microsoft Zune

Sony mylo


T-Mobile MDA

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Sony PS3 19

802.11n: Next-generation Wi-Fi, coming later this year •

802.11n will bring an estimated 6x throughput and improved range for Wi-Fi networks and next-generation Quality of Service features

WFA plans to introduce a certification program for pre-standard IEEE 802.11n products in the first half of 2007 to help ensure interoperability for a baseline set of features

The Wi-Fi Alliance plans to certify products based on the final IEEE 802.11n standard when it is ratified, supporting what we expect to be a larger set of features and a fully reviewed and interoperable standards based solution

Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


What does 802.11n enable? • 802.11n takes Wi-Fi into the next generation of applications, beyond PC networking • Opens new opportunities in voice and video applications with improved quality of service and higher throughput • Helps deliver all WLAN applications with broader range and more reliable coverage • Consumer-friendly Wi-Fi CERTIFED logo will enable users to easily determine how to mix and match 802.11n and legacy equipment Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Wi-Fi Alliance members worldwide

Full list of member companies at Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup



Wi-Fi Alliance January 3, 2007 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ™ makes it Wi-Fi . • Wi-Fi Alliance Introduction • Introducing Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ • What’...

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