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Year 11

I was placed at Rocky Bay for INSTEP and I enjoyed working with the physically challenged. I also enjoyed cable skiing and scuba diving as part of the sports programme. Rodney Encarnacao

Year 11


We are treated like adults (most of the time). The demands of the workload are heavy. Staff and Students supported my football aspirations, especially Mr Preshaw who has helped me to improve various areas of my game. Ben Caputi

I enjoyed Work Experience. I'm looking forward to doing INSTEP next year. Great crowd of students in Year 11. AdamJeffrey

Love playing the drums in the Jazz Orchestra. It's great, you can choose your own sport subjects; heavy workload - do not like chemistry. David FoLey

The new gym is a fantastic asset. I enjoy playing indoor soccer. Lunchtime is too short. The teachers are always willing to help . There have been more family functions.

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More Gold Forms should be given-out to encourage students .. . Stephen Pratt I developed a passion for music (I play the bass saxaphone in the jazz orchestra). I received a good education ' " Stefano Santacaterina I made a lot of new friends in Year 11 .. . Leigh Martin

I had a really good year. We had a good Phys. Ed and Sports programme. The teachers helped me to achieve good academic results. Luke CoHins

I experienced a lot of stress ... too much work. Adrian Pounder

You get more freedom in Year 11 and the teachers ensure you get a good education. Mat Savy

Extensive IT facilities have been a great asset for the students. Not having girls at the school enabled me to focus on my work.

Evan Bowater

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000