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Memories of Year


Year 12. It has flown by in the blink of an eye. It seems like only yesterday we were at the Leadership Camp, held at the start of the year. We've finally come to the end of our schooling , something we've been wishing for, for 12 years only to realise that we don't in fact want it to end just yet.

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Zerubabd Yesus

Joel was a member 01 Amnesty International and the senior soccer team. He also received three consecutive distinctions in the Westpac Maths competition .

Zerubabel was a member 01 the senior basketball team for two years.

He hopes to earn money through work he enjoys.

His ambition is to succeed in every thing he does in lile.

Joel comments, "Blame th e guy who doesn't speak english".

Zerubabel comments, "8e ca refu l my friend , good th ings always come to an end".

the c[ass of 2000

The years we've spent at this school will probably end up being the best and most memorable years of our life. Actually missing school is an idea that would have produced strains of uncontrolled laughter not too long ago but the realisation that we will soon be leaving this comfort zone is fast becoming a real ity. Some of the friends we have made here will be our friends for life and to think that we can 't be seeing each other as often as we do is scary and is going to take some getting used to. Next year is definitely something to look forward to but there is a great deal of uncertainty associated with it whereas school is something we've grown used to and are comfortable with . During the course of the year we've been through some big events as a class. Some have been bad , but they are outweighed by far by the good ones. We kicked off the year with the Leadership Camp , aimed at transforming us into College leaders for the year that was to follow. Needless to say, Mr Rose 'Meyer may disagree when we claim that the camp was successful in grooming us to be outstanding leaders. The next big event of the year was the Senior Ball. It gave the students a chance to dress up and show off their partners. The majority of the students were hardly recognisable according to the teachers in attendance.

The various sports carnivals and special days like Edmund Rice Day gave the students a chance to show off their sporting abilities and be College leaders . Then there were the numerous other little incidents during the year .that made school life a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Another Significant part of Year 12 life is where students get their licences and get to show people how responsible and reliable they are. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these reliable and responsible drivers were involved in a variety of "incidents", some more serious than others. All the "incidents" were the other person 's fault of course. And who can forget the teachers of CBC Fremantle and the numerous skirmishes that erupted between them and the students, particularly from what I was witness to or involved in, in the library, Mrs D'Ascanio and Mr Rose'Meyer's class. Class suddenly became a lot more enjoyable and interesting. Years down the track, these are the things that we will reminisce over and smile about. All in all , Year 12 has been great. New friendships have blossomed throughout the year and old ones have been strengthened. The Leavers Tops, shirts filled with personalised comments and most importantly the memories, will ensure that no student forgets their time at CBC . I would like to thank all the staff at CBC for putting up with us as long as they have and trying to ensure that we have the necessary tools to survive out there in the real world. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Year 12's success in whatever they may undertake. Shagun Thakur 32

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000