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Pauto Rocha

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Ndson Serrao

Gtenn Shddon

Paulo was a member of the senior soccer team and a member of the rugby team. He participated in Christian Service and kayaking.

Paul was a member of the ACC Athletics team, the senior basketball team , senior cricket team and guitar ensemble.

Nelson was a member of the SRC in 2000. He also played in the senior soccer team , junior basketball and the football team.

Glenn received his TL3 boating licence while at CBC Fremantle. He was a member of the senior soccer team and the ACC athletics team.

Paulo believes "life is like a drag strip. The faster you move along, the quicker you leave your past behind. That's why I am getting my SUR Torana - so I can live my life sideways".

He hopes to make a difference.

His ambition is to be the best peron he can be and to succeed in all he attempts while having fun at the same time.

Glenn's ambition is to turn his dream into reality and defeat Tiger Woods in a playoff at the US Masters .

Nelson comments, ~ Li fe is a game, so don't forget to have fun",

"Don't worry Mr Penguin, I'm one of the good guys. I'm gonna send you back to the zoo, they'll treat you rea l respectable like."

Paul comments, "You can watch th ings happen or you can make things happen".

"Top of da range!"

Ed k Surian "

Erik has been a member of the ACC athletics team for five years , the ACe swimming team , the senior soccer team, foolball team and rugby team. He received his bronze medallion and distinctions for his ESB exams. His ambition is to work hard, succeed, make lots of

money and do what makes him happy... hopefully be an Olympic champion.

Erik quotes one of Mr Rose 'Meyers favourite sayings, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars".

the ctass of 2000

Nett Tennant

Shagun Thakur

Geord[e ThuHs

S[mon Tranch[ta

Ashtey Ved nder

Neil's aim is to always look on the bright side of any situation during life.

Shagun was a member of Amnesty International, the ACC swimming and ACC athletics teams.

Geordie has conSistently been in the top three places in the biathalon.

Simon was a member of the junior and senior soccer team . He participated in Christian Service and was a member of the Senior Ball Committee.

Ash ley was a member of the SRC and the Amnesty International President.

"You couldn 't fool your mother on the foolingest day with an electrified fooling machine."

His ambition is to be successful in everything he does and to try and be modest about it.

His ambition is to take 2001 off and enjoy going out and surfing before going to university the year after.

Shagun comments, "Don't take life too seriously. You 'll never escape it alive anyway... "

Geordie comments, "He who laughs last thinks slowest"


He aims to "not marry a nagging wife ... but then again, they are all like thar. He comments , ~ If it smell s funny, don't eat it".

His ambition is to retire at 40 with immeasurable wealth and travel the world . Ashley comments, "Hard work never killed anyone.. but I'm not going to ri sk it".


CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000