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Year 12 CoordiYlator's Re ort roles that the students would be expected to take on during the year and what this would involve. We tried to develop their sense of leadership and also tried to give them the communications skills necessary to work with and relate to others. This was done through group work and some very unusual activities. Undoubtedly, in the minds of the students the highlight of the year was the Senior Ball. Once again this involved a refresher course in Ballroom dancing - this was useful not only in improving their dancing skills but also in building new relationships and friendships .


few days before the start of Term 1 the year 12's returned to school for their leadership camp to be held at the Serpentine Baptist Camp site . At the beg inning there was a fair amount of reluctance on their part as their holidays had been brought to an abrupt end . However after the introductory session when they learnt what the purpose of the camp was and that this would not include school work the mood changed and they decided to make the best of the situation . Nine staff members together with a team from the Edmund Rice Group ran a number of sessions on the leadership 18

There was a number of meetings arranging all the odds and ends that go with the Ball. Ms Cooper's expose on "etiquette" for the occasion worked wonders. It was great to observe that on the evening the boys, sorry, young men , were perfect gentlemen. They were impeccably behaved . A more suave and debonair group of young men one couldn't wish for, suitably partnered by elegant attractive young women who looked sophisticated beyond their years. Again this year we conducted four Year 12 Retreats at Dadirri on the theme of forgiveness . Despite the usual teenage

Above Left: Mr Rose'Meyer. Above Right: Year 125 at the Athletics. Below Right: Relaxing at the Leadership Camp.

CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000